Vestal (JP 🇯🇵: ヴェスタル, CN 🇹🇼: 女灶神)
Ship IDNo. 80Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull RepairRarityElite
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time02:00:00
AcquisitionHonor medal exchange, Explore Stage7-3, Light/Special Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENAugust 16, 2018
KRMarch 27, 2018
CNMay 25, 2017
JPSeptember 13, 2017
Voice actressMaia
Repair ship ー Vestal, Hull Number AR-4!
Revigorating Hestia Description
Listen, everyone~! Playing by the beach is fun, but please keep safety in mind! If you begin to feel ill, come see me~!
HP771 Reload62
Firepower9 Torpedo0
Evasion6 Anti-air28
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck79
HP3428 Reload119
Firepower25 Torpedo0
Evasion43 Anti-air107
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck83
Limit Break
Tier 1Strategy: Emergency Repair chances +1 | AA gun efficiency +3%
Tier 2Team ammo +1 | AA gun base +1 | AA gun efficiency +5%
Tier 3Strategy: Emergency Repair chances +1 | AA gun efficiency +7%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
2Anti-Air Gun85%/88%/93%/100%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun85%/88%/93%/100%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Repair Toolkit
Fleet Tech
T5 Repair: Vestal-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock8 +1
Max LimitBreak16
Lv.12012 +1
Damage ControlOnce per battle, when one of your ships' HP falls below 20.0%: heals them for 10.0% (20.0%) of their max HP. If the recipient is Enterprise, the healing's potency is increased by 50.0%.
Regular MaintenanceWhen sortieing with this ship: receive 3 Emergency Repairs. You cannot level this skill.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description维修舰—女灶神,舷号AR-4工作艦ヴェスタル(AR-4)Repair ship ー Vestal, Hull Number AR-4!
Biography我是专职负责维修的女灶神号,曾经给企业做过一阵子的专属保姆,要是哪里不舒服就来问我吧。 不过,要是以为我是后勤就小看我可是要吃亏的哦修理メンテナンス担当のヴェスタルです。エンタープライズちゃんの専任世話役をやっていましたから、どこか具合が悪いなら言ってください。でも、私が後方担当だからって見くびっては痛い目に遭いますよ?I am the one in charge of maintenance, Vestal. I was tasked to look after Enterprise exclusively, so if there's anything up, please say the word. But if you underestimate me just because I'm a 'support', you'll have another thing coming, you know?
Acquisition指挥官好,我是维修舰女灶神,曾经给企业做过一阵子的专属保姆,只要大家都健健康康的,我就很开心呐~指揮官、初めまして。工作艦ヴェスタルです。エンタープライズちゃん専属のお世話係をしていたんですよ。みんなが元気に過ごせることが私の幸せで~すGreetings, Commander. I am repair ship Vestal. I worked exclusively for Enterprise. I'm happy if everyone is healthy~
Login指挥官,女灶神可以随时待命治愈那些受伤的姐妹哦ヴェスタルは、いつだって傷ついた子たちを癒やしてあげますI, Vestal, am always ready to heal wounded people
Details指挥官,我想申请补充药品和医疗器材指揮官、薬品と医療機材の補充をお願いしますCommander, I'm leaving the resupply of medical drugs and equipment to you
Main要是继续发呆的话我就丢下指挥官你去和企业一起玩了哦?(笑)指揮官、ずっとぼんやりしてるなら、指揮官をほっといて、エンタープライズちゃんと一緒に遊びに行っちゃいますよ!Commander, if you keep daydreaming, I'll leave you alone and go play with Enterprise!
Main 2指挥官,出击之前要不要先确认一下舰队的状况呢?指揮官、出撃の前に艦隊の状況をチェックしませんか?Commander, have you checked your fleet's condition before sending them out?
Main 3企业有好好吃饭么?真是担心啊……エンタープライズちゃん、ちゃんとご飯食べてるかな?本当に心配です…Has Enterprise been eating properly? I'm really worried...
Touch我、我不知道为什么心跳有些快……ど、どうしてこんなに心臓の鼓動が早くなるんだろう…Wh-why is my heart beating faster...
Touch (Special)啊,不要……好、好难为情……あ、やだ…は、恥ずかしい…Ah, no...I-It's so embarassing...
Mission指挥官……那个……任务还是再确认一遍的好……指揮官…あの…やっぱりミッションをもう一度確認したほうが…Commander... um... I think we should check the missions one more time...
Mission Complete任务奖励来咯~ミッションボーナスが来ましたよ~Your mission rewards are here~!
Mail指挥官,有新邮件哦指揮官、新しいメールよCommander, there are new mails
Return to Port指挥官,要是有受伤的话记得告诉我指揮官、怪我したら言ってくださいCommander, please tell me if you are hurt
Commission Complete委托组的孩子们回来了呢……不知道她们有没有受伤委託チームの娘たちが帰還しましたね。怪我は大丈夫かしら…The girls of the commission team have returned. I wonder if they got injured...
Enhancement能更好地照顾姐妹们真是太好了~前よりもっとみんなのお世話ができて本当に良かったです~It's so good that I can take better care of everyone now~
Flagship能成为大家的维修舰真是太好了みんなの工作艦になれることが、とっても幸せですI'm very happy to have become everyone's repair ship
Victory放心吧,有我在的地方,可以边战边修ご安心を。私がいれば、戦いながら修理できますDon't worry. With me, the fighting damages can be repaired.
Defeat我不会丢下大家的,一起回去吧みんなを決して見捨てませんよ。一緒に帰りましょう。I will not abandon everyone. Let's all return together.
Skill好了,现在是修理时间~はいはい、修理の時間で~すYeah yeah, it's time for repairs~
Low HP糟了,要赶紧接受治疗大変!すぐ治療しないと!Oh no! I have to treat the injuries!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官,作为让姐姐生气的代价,这一针会很痛哦指揮官、お姉さんを怒らせた罰として、この注射ちょっと痛くするわよCommander, as punishment for angering me, this injection will be painful
Affinity (Stranger)说起来指挥官有好好注意健康状况吗?——都交给我?真是的,虽然我不介意,不过还是要自己保重哦そう言えば指揮官?ちゃんと健康状況を気にしてます?私に一任?まったく、私はかまいませんけど、体は大切にするものですよ?That reminds me. Commander, have you been paying attention to your health? I'm in charge of it? I don't mind, but please take care of it yourself, alright?
Affinity (Friendly)来了来了~总觉得指挥官最近越来越依赖我了,虽然被人信任是很高兴,不过要是把指挥官变成废柴就不好了……はいは~い、最近指揮官私に頼りすぎですよ~まあ信頼されるのは嬉しいですけど、指揮官がヘタレになっちゃったらダメじゃないですか・・・Yes, yes~ It seems you're too reliant on me recently~ Well, I'm happy that I'm so trusted, but Commander, you might become totally useless at this rate...
Affinity (Like)嗯~虽然身为白衣天使要一视同仁,不能对指挥官偏心,不过从个人来说,可以给可爱的指挥官一些特、殊、服、务哦~うーん…白衣の天使としてみんな平等視しないといけませんから、指揮官ばかり世話するのはダメです~でも、個人的には、ちょっと特別なサ・ー・ビ・スを、提供できなくはないですよ~♡Hmm... As a guardian angel, I have to treat everyone equally, so I can't just take care of you, Commander. However, personally speaking, I cannot say I can't provide you some extra~ spe~cial~ ser~vice~
Affinity (Love)所谓的私人医生差不多就是这种感觉了吧……24小时全天陪护,负责指挥官的一切生活起居——欸,有点过头了?是这样吗……かかりつけ医とはこういうものですね…!24時間フルタイムケア、指揮官の身の回りの世話全般!ーーえ?やりすぎですか?そうかな……This is what a personal doctor is like...! 24-7 full-time care, and taking care of your well being! --Eh? That's too much? Is that so...
Pledge嘻嘻,这样的话指挥官就没有理由拒绝我的照顾了吧?真是的,在害羞什么呢,全都交给我就好了~うふふ、これなら指揮官も私の看護を断れませんね~何をそんなに恥ずかしがってるのですか~全部、私にまかせてもいいですよ?Hahaha, now you'll never be able to reject my nursing, Commander~ What are you getting embarrassed for~ It's alright to leave everything to me, you know?
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Main Title
In battle with Enterprise企业,不要莽撞哦エンタープライズちゃん、うっかりしてはダメですよ~Enterprise, don't get careless!
In battle with Glowworm有姐姐在,放心撞吧お姉ちゃんがいるから、安心してぶつけちゃって~Old Vestal is here. Everything will be fine!
In battle with !UNKNOWN! (10)小猴子们,可别受伤唷~Don't get hurt, my little monkeys!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description各位,在海边虽然玩得开心,但也要注意安全哦,要是觉得哪里不舒服的话就来找我吧~みんな~海で遊ぶのはいいけど、安全には気をつけてくださ~い!具合が悪かったら私に聞いてね~!Listen, everyone~! Playing by the beach is fun, but please keep safety in mind! If you begin to feel ill, come see me~!
Acquisition各位,在海边虽然玩得开心,但也要注意安全哦,要是觉得哪里不舒服的话就来找我吧~みんな~海で遊ぶのはいいけど、安全には気をつけてくださ~い!具合が悪かったら私に聞いてね~!Listen, everyone~! Playing by the beach is fun, but please keep safety in mind! If you begin to feel ill, come see me~!
Login指挥官,在海边小心中暑哦指揮官、海辺では熱中症に気をつけてくださいねCommander, please be aware of the risk of heatstroke when at the beach.
Details虽然夏天对大家来说是假期,不过我的工作是全年无休的呢~夏はみんながバカンスに行く季節ですけど、私はお仕事的に年中無休です♪Although summer is a vacation period for many, Doctor Vestal is in all year round♪
Main指挥官,你去玩吧,我还要留在这里照看大家呢~别露出那种表情,你连我的份一起玩掉就好啦私はここでみんなの面倒を見るから、指揮官は海に行っちゃって~~あ、そんな顔しないで、私の分も遊んじゃっていいですよ~I'll stay here and watch over everyone, so you go on ahead into the ocean, Commander~ Now, now, don't be disappointed, you can enjoy yourself on my behalf~
Main 2指挥官,我来帮你涂防晒霜吧~不要客气,我的手法可是专业的哦指揮官、日焼け止めオイルでもどうですか?さあさあ遠慮しないで、私、こう見えてもプロですよ~Commander, would you like me to apply some sunscreen to your skin? There's no need to be hesitant, I'm actually quite good at it~
Main 3企业,南达科他,你们两个不要又在海边比赛上头把大家卷进去了哦エンタープライズちゃん、サウスダコタ、勝負するのはいいけど皆を巻き込まないでね~Enterprise, South Dakota, it's all right to have a showdown, but don't drag others into it~
Touch一起去海里玩吗?……唔,难得指挥官邀请我,那就玩一会儿好了,只有一会儿哦一緒に海に行きたいって?……ふぅ、せっかくのお誘いですし、少しだけサボっちゃいましょうか。少しだけですよ~You want to go in the ocean with me...? Hmm, I suppose I should accept your invitation and take a quick dip. But just a quick one, okay~?
Mission指挥官,要不要我也给你发布一些夏日养生小任务呢~指揮官、夏の養生クエスト、という任務でも任せちゃおうかな~Commander, I'm thinking about giving you the "Hygiene in Summer" mission~
Return to Port指挥官,外面回来记得换衣服哦,穿着出过汗的衣服会感冒的指揮官、お家に戻ったら着替えるのを忘れないでくださいね。汗を吸った服を着続けると風邪になりやすいですよ?Commander, please don't forget to change clothes once we get back home. Otherwise, you may catch a cold from wearing wet clothes.
Commission Complete感觉经常出委托的姐妹皮肤也晒黑了一点呢~よく委託に出ている子たち、ちょっと肌が焼けたような気がしますねI think those girls are starting to develop tans from going on so many commissions.
Flagship夏日的海风果然很舒服呢潮風はやっぱり気持ちいいですねーThe sea breeze is so refreshing, isn't it~
Affinity (Love)作为专属医生,无论什么时候我都会守在你身边的~欸,服装可不像医生?嘻嘻,这是我的一点小小私心,毕竟我也想和你在海边约会呢かかりつけ医として、どんな時でもあなたの側に――うん?格好がお医者さんらしくないって?ふふ、これぐらいは大丈夫ですよ♪私だって指揮官とデートしたいですもの~As your personal doctor, I will always be by your side, ready to– Hm? Doctors don't usually dress like this? Aha~ It's fine though, isn't it~? I want to go on a date with you, after all~