Ulrich von Hutten (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 529Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityUltra Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Ulrich von HuttenDescription
Friedrich der Große-Class Battleship - Ulrich von Hutten
HP1573 Reload65
Firepower86 Torpedo0
Evasion8 Anti-air47
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
HP7074 Reload126
Firepower222 Torpedo0
Evasion26 Anti-air178
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Friedrich der Große-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
The Laurel of ProsodyWhen this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (100%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level; inflicts a minus 20.0% (30.0%) SPD debuff for 3s to enemies hit). When an enemy gets within close proximity of this ship: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level; 15s cooldown between activations).???
In Ridicule of FoolsIncreases this ship's FP and RLD by 5.0% (15.0%) . When this ship equips a Main Gun which uses HE ammo: increases this ship's DMG dealt to Light and Medium Armor enemies by 5.0% (15.0%) . At the start of the battle, if this ship is NOT the Flagship: decreases this ship's Main Gun reload time by 50.0%, but decreases her Main Gun DMG dealt by 55.0% (45.0%) .???
Revolutionary's ProsaicIncreases this ship's Crit DMG dealt by 10.0% (20.0%) . While this ship is afloat, for the first 5 battles of a sortie fought by a fleet this ship is NOT in, the following buffs apply to that fleet: 1) Decreases DMG taken by your Iron Blood ships by 5.0%; 2) Increases Crit DMG dealt by your Iron Blood ships by 1.0% (10.0%) ; 3) When an enemy gets within close proximity of your ships: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) supporting barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level; can only activate up to 6 times per battle; has a 5s cooldown between activations).???
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Ship DescriptionH级战列舰—乌尔里希·冯·胡滕H級戦艦-ウルリッヒ・フォン・フッテンH-class battleship – Ulrich von Hutten
Biography乌尔里希·冯·胡滕……只要指挥官你这么称呼我,那么我就是“乌尔里希·冯·胡滕”。所谓“名字”,不就是这样一个简单的东西么。「ウルリッヒ・フォン・フッテン」。…指揮官がそう呼ぶ限り、私はそういう存在だと定義される。名前とはそういうものだMy name is Ulrich von Hutten. So long as you call me that, that is who I am. A name is nothing more than that.
Acquisition我是乌尔里希·冯·胡滕,铁血曾经的希望与遗憾。至于对我的到来是感到欣喜还是无所谓,随你怎么想都行。当然,我也是如此。ウルリッヒ・フォン・フッテン、鉄血の希望と無念の徴。この着任を喜ぶか、何も感じないかはお前の自由だ。私もそうさせてもらうI am Ulrich von Hutten, the symbol of the Iron Blood's hopes and regrets. Whether my arrival is a cause for celebration or for despair is up to you to decide. I shall respond in kind.
Login来得正好。看到桌子上那叠厚厚的文件了吗?那便是我们今天要处理的枯燥而又无味的东西。来たか。机の上の書類の山を見たか?今日二人で片付ける必要のあるふざけた仕事の数々だYou're here. See that massive pile of paperwork on your desk? The two of us will be spending lots of quality time here until that's taken care of.
Details想要心安理得就不要太过在乎别人的想法。我们既然能生活在此世,就应当有独立的自我,不至于受到他人左右。安心したければ他人のことを気にするな。この世に生を受けてはいるが、私達のリュウコツ、魂は他人に翻弄されはしないIf you want peace of mind, just don't bother worrying about anyone else. We may be born into this world, but our keels and souls aren't at the mercy of others.
Main我的舰装?虽然可以随心所欲的活动,但是还是会有不方便的时候。この艤装のことか?ああ、思い通りに動かせるんだが、不便なときもあるなYou want to know more about my rigging? Sure, I can move it like I want to, but there are times when it's pretty troublesome.
Main 2港区里的“不可思议”么……不妨就让它在你心中保持神秘吧。这样才能让你一直对它充满兴趣。母港の不思議?…謎のまま放っておけ。そのほうが永久にお前の好奇心を刺激し続けるだろうThe Mysteries of the Port? Just leave it as it is. That's the only way it'll continue to keep your curiosity piqued, isn't it.
Main 3凡事多为自己考虑点——并非自私,而是时刻记住自己真正需要的是什么。别到了生命的尽头都不知道自己这一辈子为何而过。自分のためによく考えることだ。自己中でなくとも、己が探し求めるもののために生きねば死んでも死にきれんのさThink for yourself... Though you can't live selfishly, you need to live for the sake of something you really desire. That way, even if you die, it won't be in vain.
Main 4我有一些个人的爱好,并能从中寻找到很多快乐——这与你平时见到的冷静的我并不冲突。趣味なら持っている。こう見えても楽しんでやってんだ、お前の知ってる私とは矛盾しないIt might be a surprise for you, but I do have hobbies I enjoy. And it's not like I become a different person when I do.
Touch有话就说吧。我有求必应。思うことがあれば吐き出せ。全部受け止めてやるIf you've got something to say, spit it out. I'll hear you out.
Touch (Special)该称赞你遵从本心,还是给你一点违规的教训好呢?褒めてやるべきか、しつけてやるべきか…I'm not sure whether I should praise you or teach you your place...
Touch (Headpat)有时候真是搞不懂你呢……ちっ。わけのわからんやつHmph. You don't make any damn sense.
Mission任务么。干还是不干随你,这是你的自由。任務か。やるかやらないかはお前の好きにしろ。それがお前の自由だMissions, huh? Whether we do them or not is up to you. That is your freedom.
Mission Complete报酬来了。该放松的时候就不要忍着,即使你知道之后迎来的是空虚也无妨。報酬があるんだ。羽を伸ばせるときは我慢せず発散しろ、たとえ祭りのあとが虚しいとわかっていてもだThe rewards have arrived. Kick back and enjoy the moment. You're going to miss out on it if you don't, and all that'll be left is emptiness.
Mail新的邮件?是机密事项……这样。新しい手紙だ。機密事項か。……そうThere's some mail. Looks like it contains confidential information... I see.
Return to Port所有人都平安回来了么。嗯,干得不错。全員無事か。ふん、悪くないEveryone made it back, huh? Not bad.
Commission Complete委托的队伍回来了。做个决定——你去迎接还是我去?委託組が戻ってきた。さっさと決めろ――出迎えはお前か、私かThe fleet's returned from their commissions. Hurry up and decide whether you or I go and greet them.
Enhancement为了创造出不再需要武力的和平而追求武力。真是矛盾……不,没什么力を不要とする平和を作り出すために力を欲する。二律背反…いや、なんでもないIn order to create a peaceful world where power is not needed, what you need is power. How paradoxical... Oh, don't mind me.
Flagship非得在这些杂鱼身上浪费弹药么,真烦……算了。てめえらに食わせるには勿体ない弾だ。…ちっ!...Tsk. This ammo is wasted on you lot!
Victory…………去死吧杂鱼。一想到为你们浪费的弹药,已经足够令我恶心了。………くたばれザコども。てめえらのために費やした弾薬のことを思うと反吐が出る...Piss off, weaklings. Just thinking about the amount of ammo I've wasted on you sorry lot makes me want to vomit.
Defeat我们输了,撤退吧。不会有下次了。負けたから退いてやる。次はないI'll back off since we lost, but don't count on it happening again.
Skill滚开,别拦路。どけ、邪魔だGet lost, you're in the way.
Low HP不想被撂倒就给我保持专注!やられたくなきゃ集中しろ!If you don't plan on dying here, then focus up!
Affinity (Upset)自己弄的烂摊子,自己收拾去,别指望我会帮你。自分の撒いた種だ。後片付けを人任せにするんじゃないYou sowed these seeds yourself. It's your mess to clean up, not mine.
Affinity (Stranger)信任是致命的毒药,一旦沉醉其中,结局便是七窍流血。背上“怀疑”这块笨重厚实的盾牌,是最佳的保护手段。信頼は毒、一度飲めば身を滅ぼす。自らを守るには人を疑うことだTrust is like a poison—once it enters your body, it destroys you. The only way to protect yourself is to be wary of others.
Affinity (Friendly)为了你去做什么,和信任是两回事。你既然能同时指挥……咳,被这么多人所倾慕,不可能不理解这个吧。自分のために何かやることと、信じることは別物だ。これだけ多くのヒトを上手く従えて…そして慕われてるお前に、分からないとは言わせないWorking for you is not the same as trusting you. The fact that you can command so many people... Or rather, be adored by so many, means you of all people should understand.
Affinity (Like)又是这幅一点也不知道怀疑别人的样子……你总是这样,就像一副侵蚀我心防的毒药…迟早有一天会让你付出代价的。ヒトを疑うことを知らない腑抜けなやつめ。つくづくお前は私にとっての毒だと気付かされてしまう。……ちっ。いずれ代償を払ってもらおうYou spineless fool who doesn't even know how to doubt others... I've come to realize that you've spread deeper and deeper through me, just like a poison. Tsk... I'll return the favor, mark my words.
Affinity (Love)该到你付出代价的时候了。好了,老实点趁着毒尚未蔓延全身时,将其排除掉吧。这是你应尽的义务,也是你至今为止对我所信赖的一切所付出的责任——不过,或许已经为时已晚也说不定?呵呵呵…代償を払ってもらう。そう、毒が全身に回らないうちに吸い出す。私にそうしてきたお前にその義務も責任もある――もっとも、これは手遅れかもしれないけどな?ふふふ…I told you I'd return the favor. Yep, I'll suck the poison out of you before it has a chance to spread throughout your body. This is my duty... my responsibility, for the person who did the same for me. But maybe I'm already too late? Hehehe...
Pledge彻底沉醉其中,并接受这一切吧。就如你对我施加的诅咒一样,现在我也同样诅咒你——和我一起,被这名为信赖…名为爱的毒药侵蚀吧。どっぷりハマれ、受け入れろ。お前は私に呪いをかけたのと同じく、今私もお前に呪いをかけてやる。――信頼…愛という毒にやられてくたばっちまえ。私もお前と一緒よEmbrace it, drown in it... Just as you put the curse of trust on me, I'll place it on you. Trust... Let the poison called affection consume you. Become just like me. Don't you know? You and I are already one.
In battle with Friedrich der Große优雅的古典乐……倒也不错。奏でるものが違おうと…ふんLooks like you and I are dancing to different tunes.
In battle with Formidable既然有兴趣,大小姐为何不亲自试试摇滚?興味があるなら素直にやればいい。お嬢さまIf you're interested in something, just face it head-on, young lady.
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Ship Description怎么,连我挤出来的休息时间都要打扰吗?…呵呵,别因为我的一个玩笑就退缩了。我正巴不得有个人能来陪我解闷呢。はっ、休憩時間にも邪魔されなきゃならないのか?…ただの冗談にそう怯むな。退屈しのぎに付き合ってくれるやつでもいないかと思ってたところだ*sigh* Do you really have to bother me during my break? ...It's a joke, no need to take it so seriously. I was looking for someone to kill some time with anyway.
Acquisition怎么,连我挤出来的休息时间都要打扰吗?…呵呵,别因为我的一个玩笑就退缩了。我正巴不得有个人能来陪我解闷呢。はっ、休憩時間にも邪魔されなきゃならないのか?…ただの冗談にそう怯むな。退屈しのぎに付き合ってくれるやつでもいないかと思ってたところだ*sigh* Do you really have to bother me during my break? ...It's a joke, no need to take it so seriously. I was looking for someone to kill some time with anyway.
Login是什么风把你吹到这里来的?说来听听吧。今日はどういう風の吹き回しだ?言ってみたらどうだ?What's going on with you today? Spill it.
Main一会还是得回去啊,不过这孩子……呼...真难办啊戻らなきゃならないんだが、この子は……ふぅ、面倒だI really need to head back, but the little'un just... *sigh* what a pain in the ass.
Main 2室外的空调机,真是嘈杂啊……不过,能让人单独呆着的地方还是挺珍贵的——嗯?这些贴纸,是谁顺手贴在这里的吗?室外機がうるさくてしょうがない……いや、それでも一人になれる場所は貴重だ。ん?誰がこんなところにステッカーを貼ったんだ全く…The fan outside is so frickin' loud, but I really need my alone time... Huh? Who put these damn stickers here...?
Main 3如果有人在店里调皮捣蛋,那我就会……呵呵,你知道我会怎么做。麻烦你事先提醒下那些喜欢恶作剧的孩子们了。中で変なことをするやつがいたらどうするか、お前も知ってるだろう。…そうだ、いたずらっ子たちに予め言っておこうYou already know what I'll do to people who start shit inside, don't you? ...Yep. I'll give them their one warning.
Main 4易北吗?那家伙不会做出什么奇怪的事,不用担心——担心的应该是别的地方才对。エルベが変なことをしでかす心配はない、ああ見えて節度の分かるやつだ。…最も、心配するところはそこじゃないがI'm not really worried about Elbe causing trouble. Surprisingly, she knows when to stop. ...Well, at least she's not my main source of worry.
Touch“欢迎回来主人请问需要点些什么”……好了,这下满足了吧?「おかえりなさい、ご主人さま。何かご注文は?」…これで十分か"Welcome back, Master. May I take your order?" ...You happy with that?
Touch (Special)什么,在这种地方…你可真会给我添麻烦……ちっ。ここでか?面倒なことをしてくれる…Tsk... Again with that shit just 'cuz we're here? What a pain in the ass...
Touch (Headpat)小孩子们应该喜欢被这样摸吧。チビどもが好んでやってもらうことだなThe little'uns really like when you do this to them.
Mission你是身上带着任务出来偷闲的么?勇气可嘉啊。不过换成是我,估计也会和你一样就是了。任務を引き受けてからサボりに出たってか?…やってくれる。私も同じことをしてやろうか?So, you accept a mission and then immediately begin procrastinating...? What a piece of work you are. Want me to do the same thing to you?
Return to Port(咕嘟、咕嘟)又喝完一罐了么……正好,你顺手帮我再拿一瓶过来吧。(ごくごく)……ふぅ。ちっ、空か…すまん、もう一缶持ってきてもらえるか?*Glug, glug* ...Ahh, that hits the spot. Tsk, it's already empty... Sorry, mind grabbing me another can?
Victory看来演出效果不错。上手くいったようだな。Looks like things worked out just fine.
Defeat搞砸了啊……ちっ、やってくれる…Tsk, they got me...
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Ship Description跑得不错,下次能不能拿个第一名?…哼,嘴上怎么说都行。我知道那家伙不会屈居第二——指挥官,你也是吧?なかなかいい走りだったが、次は1位を取れるだろうか?…ふん、言葉ではなんとでも言える。あいつは2位で満足するようなやつじゃないことぐらい知っている――指揮官、お前だってそうだろ?That was a pretty good race – reckon you'll get first place next time, though? ...Hmh. Easier said than done. You know they won't settle for second place – and hopefully neither will you, Commander.
Acquisition跑得不错,下次能不能拿个第一名?…哼,嘴上怎么说都行。我知道那家伙不会屈居第二——指挥官,你也是吧?なかなかいい走りだったが、次は1位を取れるだろうか?…ふん、言葉ではなんとでも言える。あいつは2位で満足するようなやつじゃないことぐらい知っている――指揮官、お前だってそうだろ?That was a pretty good race – reckon you'll get first place next time, though? ...Hmh. Easier said than done. You know they won't settle for second place – and hopefully neither will you, Commander.
Login搞清楚了么,你是想被鼓励还是被责备?光站着什么都不做不合我的性子。お前は応援されたいのか、叱られたいのかはっきりしろ。突っ立っているだけなのは性に合わないMake it clear – do you want support, or a scolding? Standing around doing nothing isn't my style.
Details听好了?比赛时不要过分关心他人。不要想着超越别人,首先要创造出能坚持自己跑法的环境——即使输了比赛,也不要留下遗憾いいか?走る時はいちいち他人を意識しすぎるな。追い越すことを考えず、まずは自分の走りを貫ける環境を作れ。レースに悔いを残さないようになListen. Don't let other people distract you when you're on the track. Forget about overtaking others and just focus on driving the best you can drive. You'll finish with fewer regrets that way.
Main如果有空,就别在这儿呆着,去送点慰劳品来。有那么几位只要一知道你在场,就能马上涌出干劲的。手が空いているのなら、ここで突っ立ってないで差し入れでも届けてこい。お前がいることを知れば奮い立つやつだっているんだぞSeeing as you've got nothing better to do, go give the girls some refreshments. It'll cheer 'em up, knowing that you're here.
Main 2我们铁血擅长维护机械。无论是机器还是舰装,我们都惯于驯服它们。ギアの整備なら我々鉄血の得意とする分野だ。マシンも艤装も、手懐けることには慣れているからなMaintaining hardware is one thing we Iron Blood excel at. We're expert tamers, both of machinery and riggings.
Main 3庆功会的现场彩排在什么时候呢…交班后去见见欧根和希佩尔吧。祝勝会でやるライブのリハーサルをいつやるか…交代したらオイゲンとヒッパーに会いに行くかWonder when we're gonna rehearse for the victory party performance... I should go talk to Hipper and Eugen after my shift's over.
Touch你也要参加吗?我会给你些建议,为你加油的。お前も参加するか?助言と応援ぐらいはしてやるAre you gonna race, too? Then I'll at least give you some pointers and support.
Touch (Special)啧,真拿你没办法。ちっ。仕方のないやつだHmph. You're a hopeless case.
Mail来信了……不用在意这边,你去确认就好。手紙だ。……こっちのことは気にせず確認すればいいA letter... Just go check it and don't mind me.
Return to Port看来你那边也进展得很顺利。哼,亏我还担心了你一下。そっちも順調のようだな。ふん、いらぬ心配をかけさせるYou look like you're in good shape. Hmph, so I worried for nothing.
Commission Complete委托组已经回来了。快去吧,去支持那些孩子们可是你的工作。委託組が戻ってきた。さっさと行ってこい。あの子達を応援するのはそっちの仕事だThe commission team is back. Now go talk to them. Cheering them on is your job.
Victory希望这样能激励同伴们。これが仲間へのいい刺激になるといいがHope this will be a good morale boost.
Defeat希望没让来应援的孩子们失望……啧,掩饰门面也是件麻烦事。応援している子たちを失望させるようなことにならなければいいのだが……ちっ。取り繕うのも面倒だJust hope the girls rooting for us won't be disappointed by this... Tsk. I hate putting up appearances.
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Login你回来了。……但是也没你什么事了。呵呵呵,比起看着干净的桌子吃惊,不如先来猜猜我给你干了点什么吧来たか。…だがお前はもう用済みだ。ふふふ、驚くより私が何をしてやったか当ててみろYou finally showed up... but you're not needed anymore. Hehehe. Don't just stand there in shock, guess what I did for you.
Details怎么了?有什么担心的事吗?真不像你……像信赖我那样信赖其他人吧。这样不管是她们还是你都会心安理得得多。当然,我也一样。どうした?何か心配事でもあったのか?全くお前らしくない…私を信じるのと同じように他の子も信じてやれ。それでお前もあの子も安心する。もちろん、私もだWhat's wrong? Did something happen? You're not acting like yourself... Trust in others like you trust in me, that's how you'll put those girls at ease. Of course, the same goes for me.
Main明明卖卖乖就能获得好处,非要获得了好处才开始卖乖。……啧,这帮小猫在奇怪的地方倒是都挺相似的…甘えれば良くしてやるのに、良くしてやらないと甘えてこない。…ちっ。このネコたち変なところで似たものを感じるな…Even though you do so well when I pamper you, you refuse to be pampered when you're not doing well... Hmph. You're just like those little kitties in the most peculiar ways...
Main 2你要去调查所谓的“不可思议事件”?好吧,我会陪着你的。就当是忙碌之余的放松好了。「母港の不思議」、どうしても調べたいなら止めはしない。付き合ってやる。私の暇つぶしにもなるからなIf you're really dying to find out what's behind the Mysteries of the Port, I won't stop you. I'll even accompany you. It'll be a good way of spending time with you.
Main 3让我也为自己多考虑点么……说什么鬼话,正是考虑到我自己的感情,我才会为你做这么多的事自分のためによく考えろ、と?バカ抜かせ、自分のことを考えてるからこそお前のために色々してやってんだFocus more on myself? It seems like you don't understand. It's because I'm focusing on myself that I do all these things for you.
Main 4生活不规律的时候,想想你倒下的时候会因为你而悲伤的人的表情吧。我可是不想因此而消沉的。不摂生するなら、倒れたときに悲しむ人の顔を思い浮かべろ。私は悲しくなりたくないからWhen you neglect your health, think about the people who would be sad if you collapsed. I, for one, don't want to feel sad.
Touch我们都这么熟了,还有什么好扭捏的?お前との関係だ。今更何を気にしているのか…This is how our relationship together is. I don't know why you're getting all flustered about it at this point...
Touch (Special)看来你是想知道,不太擅长忍耐的人其实不止你一个?我慢が下手なやつはお前だけじゃないと知りたいのか?Do you want to find out which of us has less self-restraint?
Touch (Headpat)怎么,觉得被照顾了太多有些不甘心?甘やかされて悔しいのか?Does being pampered like this irritate you?
Mission新的任务,我能处理的部分,已经帮你处理了。新しい任務だ。手伝えるところはしておいた。あとは任せるThere's a new mission. I did the parts I could help out with. I'll leave the rest to you.
Mission Complete任务完成了。累么?累了的话就休息会儿直到精神恢复吧。任務完了だ。疲れたのか?…なら気力が戻るまで休憩したほうがいいなMission complete. Feeling a bit tired? Let's take a break until you've recovered enough energy.
Mail你的邮件。帮你拆了,没问题吧?新しい手紙だ。開封してやったけど、大丈夫か?Here's some mail for you. I broke the seals for you, is that alright?
Return to Port没受伤吧?…不是怀疑你有没有安全的把部下带回来,而是关心你自己啊。…所以真的没受伤?大丈夫だったか?…部下を無事に連れて帰れるだろうと疑ったことはない、ただお前自身のことが心配だった。…で、本当に大丈夫だったか?Are you alright? ...I don't doubt my ability to take care of my subordinates' safety, but I can't help but worry about you... Tell me, are you really alright?
Commission Complete委托组回来了。快去接她们吧。难道你不想看她们高兴的表情吗?委託組が戻ってきた。早く出迎えてこい。彼女たちの嬉しい顔を見たくないのか?Looks like the fleet is back after their commissions. Don't you want to look at their beaming smiles?
Flagship把你们通通收割……!刈り取ってみせる…!I'll mow all of you down!
Victory不知这场胜利,你还满意么?今ので満足したかどうか聞かせてくれI want you to tell me whether you're satisfied with my performance or not.
Defeat我会让所有人都安全回到港口,一个不少。無事に連れ戻す。…全員だっI was able to bring everyone back... safely.
Affinity (Love)乖乖待在我的身边,哪里也不要去,就这么简单。毕竟,我现在可是病入膏肓,对某人不可自拔了呢。如果有什么东西非得迫使我们分开……那就让它见鬼去吧。じっとしてろ、遠くに行くな。ドハマリした相手を放っておけんだろ。私たちを離そうとするやつが現れたなら……ふふふ。そうだな…クソくらえって言ってやるStay still. Don't wander away. I can't leave the one I absolutely adore alone. If someone actually tried to tear the two of us apart... Hehehe... Let's just say, I'd tell them to eat shit.