Friedrich der Große (JP 🇯🇵: フリードリヒ・デア・グローセ, CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P011Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityDecisive
NavyIronbloodBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENDecember 19, 2019
KRApril 18, 2019
CNApril 18, 2019
JPApril 18, 2019
Voice actressHitomi Nabatame
Friedrich der Große Description
Battleship – Friedrich der Große.
Dark Raiments of GagakuDescription
I see, so this is a "kimono" from the Sakura Empire. Exquisitely crafted, comfortable to the touch, and elegantly designed... How to wear it? ...My child, what are you talking about?
Zeremonie of the CradleDescription
Ahh, the dreamlike beauty of this variation... let us write down this movement so that it may continue forever, my sweet child.
HP1634 Reload58
Firepower87 Torpedo0
Evasion8 Anti-air45
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
HP7350 Reload111
Firepower313 Torpedo0
Evasion26 Anti-air170
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +400 | AA +11 | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Unlock playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Main gun base +1/Main gun efficiency +5% | Limit Break to 4 Stars | Unlock playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearn Siren Killer Ⅰ | Main Gun base +1 | Main Gun efficiency +5%
Level 15HP +797 | AA +22 | Anti-Air Gun efficiency +10% | Unlock playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20Secondary Gun base +2/Main gun efficiency +10% | Limit Break to 5 Stars | Unlock playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeLearn Siren Killer Ⅱ | Secondary Gun base +2 | Main Gun efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +1195 | AA +33 | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Unlock playback for: Special touch, Low HP
Level 30Main gun base +1/Main gun efficiency +15% | Limit Break to 6 StarsLearn Siren Killer Ⅲ | Main Gun base +1 | Main Gun efficiency +15%
Level 33Upgrades "Rhapsody of Darkness" to "Rhapsody of Darkness+"
Level 35Upgrades "Symphony of Destruction" to "Symphony of Destruction+"
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Battleship Gun120%/130%/140%/160%1/2/2/30/0/0/0
2Light Cruiser Gun220%/220%/220%/220%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun90%/90%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T9 Battleship: Friedrich der Große-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock56 +1
Max LimitBreak114
Lv.12086 +2
Symphony of DestructionWhen this ship takes DMG or when an enemy comes within close range of this ship: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage that ignores the enemy's Armor Type (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.) Has a 15s cooldown between activations.Default Unlocked
Sonata of ChaosWhen this ship fires an odd-numbered Salvo: increases its RLD by 30.0% (50.0%) and DMG dealt by 10.0% (20.0%) until its next reloaded Salvo. When this ship fires an even-numbered Salvo: increases its Crit Rate by 10.0% (20.0%) and Crit DMG by 30.0% (50.0%) until its next reloaded Salvo.Default Unlocked
Rhapsody of DarknessApplies a buff to this ship based on its HP remaining. When between 100% and 70%: increases FP by 10.0% (20.0%) ; when between 70% and 30%: increases FP by 4.0% (10.0%) and decreases DMG taken by 4.0% (10.0%) ; when less than 30%: decreases DMG taken by 10.0% (20.0%) .Default Unlocked
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
Rhapsody of Darkness+Increases this ship's FP by 10.0% (20.0%) and decreases her DMG taken by 10.0% (20.0%) . Once per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 30.0% as a result of DMG taken: increases this ship's Secondary Gun Shell Velocity by 15.0% and increases her Secondary Gun efficiency by 15.0% (30.0%) .???
Symphony of Destruction+When this ship takes DMG or when an enemy comes within close range of her: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage - Eins (DMG is based on the skill's level; 15s cooldown between activations). When this ship fires her Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage - Zwei (DMG is based on the skill's level). Both these barrages always fire from your Flagship position.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description战列舰—腓特烈大帝戦艦・フリードリヒ・デア・グローセBattleship – Friedrich der Große.
Biography铁血海军腓特烈大帝号战列舰,H计划的产物之一。我的孩子,如果失眠的话,就让我为你唱首摇篮曲吧鉄血海軍、戦艦フリードリヒ・デア・グローセ、H級戦艦の計画型。さあ、ボウヤ…寝付けないなら、子守唄を奏でてあげるわI am Friedrich der Große, prototype H-class battleship of the Iron Blood Navy. Come, my child... If you are unable to sleep, allow me to play you a lullaby.
Acquisition欢迎你的到来,我的孩子,你希望我赠予你什么?黄金、荣耀,还是青春?ようこそ私の元へ。ボウヤ、なにがお望み?富?栄誉?それとも永遠なる青春?You've returned to my side once more, my child. Tell me, what is it that you wish for? Wealth? Glory? Or perhaps eternal youth?
Login快拉开今日的帷幕吧,奏者们早已急不可耐了!奏者たちはもうお待ちかねだわ!さあ、今宵の戦幕を上げてごらん!The performers can wait no longer! Hurry, let us raise the curtains of battle!
Details我的孩子,若想取得彻底的胜利,必须保持绝对的理性ボウヤ、絶対なる勝利を得るには、絶対なる理性が必要よMy child, if you desire absolute victory, you must maintain absolute rationality.
Main战斗时压抑的感情,就在演奏中释放出来吧戦闘中に抑えつけた激情など、この調べを聞いて解き放つがいいわAll those emotions that you’ve bottled up through all those conflicts... Listen to my concert, and let it all out.
Main 2战场上的我理性得几近残酷?我姑且把它当做一种夸奖吧戦場の私は残酷に見える?フフフ…褒め言葉として受け取ってあげるわMy appearance upon the battlefield gives off an air of cruelty? Hehe... I’ll take that as a compliment.
Main 3即便不小心惹怒了我,只要好好道歉,我还是会原谅你的私を怒らせても、ちゃんと謝れば許してあげるわEven should you anger me, I’ll forgive you as long as you properly apologize.
Touch害怕的时候,就躲到我身后吧恐怖で身を震わせるときは私の後ろに居るべきねIf you are ever afraid, come hide behind my back.
Touch (Special)仿佛变回了小孩子呢……真可爱まるで子供みたい……可愛いわJust like a baby... how sweet.
Mission无论想要什么,我都可以帮你拿到ボウヤが欲しいものなら、何でも手に入れてあげるわMy child, no matter what it is that you desire, I can help you obtain it.
Mission Complete那么,想要什么奖励呢?では、どんな報酬がお望み?Now then, what kind of reward would you like?
Mail那么,我来唱给你听吧メールの内容、奏でてあげましょうか?Shall I sing the contents of this message for you?
Return to Port欢迎回来,无论遇到什么事,都可以向我报告おかえり。どんな報告でも聞いてあげるわよ?Welcome back. Whether it’s good news or bad news, I’d be glad to hear you out.
Commission Complete要好好欢迎认真完成了委托的孩子们哟委託をこなしてきた子たちはしっかり出迎えてあげないとダメよWe must properly praise the girls who have returned from their commissions.
Enhancement感觉能奏出更精妙的乐曲了呢より美しい調べが奏でられるわI feel as if I can bring out even more beautiful music.
Flagship聆听我的演奏,献上痛恶、深惧与绝望吧!調べを奏でよ!憎悪、恐怖、絶望を――!Let us play a requiem! Resound, o hatred, fear, and despair—!
Victory真遗憾,安可演奏还没有开始呢残念だわ。アンコールもまだ始まっていないというのに…What a pity. The encore had only just begun...
Defeat那么,请静待下次演奏吧次の演奏をご期待……Please await our next performance...
Skill第九交响曲,合唱!Sinfonie Nr. 9…合唱せよ!The 9th Symphony... in unison!
Low HP再稍微,忍耐一下喔もう少し我慢してあげるわI shall persevere yet.
Affinity (Upset)有在认真反省了吗?ちゃんと反省、しているのかしらI wonder if you’re properly repenting yet...?
Affinity (Stranger)我是本不应出现的存在,不过,既然我已存在于此,那么其中必然蕴藏着某种合理性…この身体はこの世あらざるべき 存在。しかしこうして立っていられる以上、なにかしらの理由…合理性が働いているのが必然というものよI never should have come to exist in this world... But since I am here, there must be a higher principle behind it...
Affinity (Friendly)在战场上,勇气并没有意义,谁更接近拉普拉斯的恶魔,谁就更接近胜利勇気など戦場では役に立たないわ。ラプラスの悪魔により近づく者だけに勝利の女神が微笑むのよThings such as courage have no value on the battlefield. Only those who approach Laplace’s demon shall approach victory.
Affinity (Like)比起战斗,我更喜欢像现在这样,来、张开嘴,啊~~戦闘よりこういうのが好きだわ。ボウヤ、はい、あーんして、あーーーんI do prefer this to fighting. Here, my child. Open your mouth~ ahhn~
Affinity (Love)尽情地向我撒娇吧,更多地、更多地……もっと私に甘えてちょうだい。もっと、もっと……もっとよ……Please dote upon me more. Yes, more... more...!
Pledge以后,悲伤也好、喜悦也好、痛苦也好、欢愉也好,无论发生什么,都来依靠我吧,我会一直、一直理解你、包容你、支持你的喔……悲しいことも楽しいことも、痛さも気持ちよさも、これからは全部分け与えて…ボウヤのこと、ずっと、ずっと、ずっと、包んであげるわよ……From now on, I shall share everything with you - your sorrow, your joy, your pain, and your pleasure. My child, I will always, always welcome you into my embrace...
Like Present気に入ったは~
Dislike Present悲しいは...
Main Title
In battle with Z46偶尔也来向我撒撒娇嘛たまには私にも甘えてちょうだいYou should let me pamper you once in a while.
In battle with Tirpitz我的指挥无法让你的才能淋漓尽致地展现出来吗……私の指揮では貴方の力が十分発揮できないかしらPerhaps you're unable to display your full power with me in charge?
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Ship Description这就是重樱称作“和服”的装扮吧。质地非常舒服,色调也很高雅——穿法?孩子,你说的是什么呢?この衣装、重桜の「着物」というものね。上質な素材で落ち着く着心地、それでいて色合いも上品――着付け?ボウヤ、それは……どういうことかしら?I see, so this is a "kimono" from the Sakura Empire. Exquisitely crafted, comfortable to the touch, and elegantly designed... How to wear it? ...My child, what are you talking about?
Acquisition这就是重樱称作“和服”的装扮吧。质地非常舒服,色调也很高雅——穿法?孩子,你说的是什么呢?この衣装、重桜の「着物」というものね。上質な素材で落ち着く着心地、それでいて色合いも上品――着付け?ボウヤ、それは……どういうことかしら?I see, so this is a "kimono" from the Sakura Empire. Exquisitely crafted, comfortable to the touch, and elegantly designed... How to wear it? ...My child, what are you talking about?
Login一直站在那儿很冷吧?过来吧,孩子じっとそこで立っていては寒くならない?おいで、ボウヤAren't you cold standing over there? Come to me, my child.
Details人类的欲望是无限的。没错…就像这巨大的舰装一般…追求更巨大的形态、更强大的力量…更多的炮塔…以及更伟大的荣光——人間の欲望は無限よ。そう、まるで私の艤装のように…より巨大な形を、力を、砲塔を、栄光を求めて――Mankind's ambitions know no limits. Indeed, just like these riggings of mine... they strive to expand, to become more powerful... to command more cannons, and to seize greater glory...
Main重樱的雅乐,所谓“幽玄”…究竟代表着怎么样一种感情…我非常感兴趣呢重桜の雅楽、幽玄というのはどんな感情を表すものか――興味があるわSakura Empire's classical "gagaku" is said to elicit profound and mysterious emotions... I'm quite curious about it.
Main 2感情的压抑与释放,可以是毒也可以是药。合理地控制自己的状态,对于提高效率很有帮助哦感情の抑制と解放は毒にも薬にもなるもの。自分の調子を上手く制御できてこそ効率が上がるわよThe release of repressed emotions can be both medicine and poison. The effect depends on how well you can control your state of being.
Main 3孩子,能帮我穿上这件衣服吗?ボウヤ、この着物の着付けを手伝ってもらえるかしら?My child, could you help me with putting on this outfit?
Touch与人拥抱的触感,是肌肤的温热——你明白的吧,孩子この抱擁の感触は人肌の温もり――ボウヤにはそれがわかるのかしらThe sensation of this embrace is the warmth of human contact... Do you understand, my child?
Touch (Special)你喜欢这里吗,孩子?呵呵呵ボウヤはここが恋しい?ふふふふDo you like it here, my child? Hehehe~
Touch (Headpat)这应该是由我对你做的才对吧?孩子これは私から貴方にすることじゃなくて?ボウヤShouldn't I be the one doing this to you instead, my child?
Return to Port欢迎回来。我准备了饮料,一边暖暖身子一边报告吧おかえり。飲み物を用意したわ。体を温めてから報告を聞いてちょうだいWelcome back. I've prepared a beverage for you. Come warm yourself as I read the report to you.
Flagship与虚无的交响一起消失殆尽吧——!虚無の交響とともに、跡形もなく消え去るがいい――!Turn into nothingness, along with the symphony of the void!
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Ship Description啊啊…真是如梦境一般的展开呢…让我们把这美妙的乐章永远、永远续写下去吧,我的孩子?ああ、この夢のような美しい変奏――私たちの楽章、調べが永遠に続くことを望むわ。愛しいボウヤAhh, the dreamlike beauty of this variation... let us write down this movement so that it may continue forever, my sweet child.
Acquisition啊啊…真是如梦境一般的展开呢…让我们把这美妙的乐章永远、永远续写下去吧,我的孩子?ああ、この夢のような美しい変奏――私たちの楽章、調べが永遠に続くことを望むわ。愛しいボウヤAhh, the dreamlike beauty of this variation... let us write down this movement so that it may continue forever, my sweet child.
Login今天想听我为你演奏什么呢,我的孩子?今日は何を聞きたいの?ボウヤ?What would you like to listen to today, my child?
Details希望从你那得到什么?呵…对我来说,世界上最美妙的宝物,就是现在的你哦,我的孩子?ボウヤに何を求めているのかって?ふふふ…私にとってこの世界で最も尊いもの――つまりボウヤ、あなた自身が望みよWhat I hope to get from you? Hehe... For me, the most important thing in the world... what I hope for the most - is you, my child.
Main我的孩子,遇到什么难题了吗?告诉我,我来把一切解决。なにか難しいことでもあったのかしら?教えてちょうだい。すべて解決してあげるわIs there something giving you difficulty? Please tell me about it. I shall take care of everything for you.
Main 2把冷酷的理性都留给战场上的对手,在我的面前,你无需压抑自己,只要尽情地撒娇就好了,我的孩子……理性という手綱を引き締めるのは戦場だけでいいわ。私の前では己を抑え込む必要などない――そう、思うがままに甘えて、ボウヤSave your cold rationality for your enemies on the battlefield. Before me, however, you need not hold back. Just indulge yourself to your heart's desire, my child.
Main 3累了么?那么,就在我这里躺一会吧…嗯~好孩子好孩子~尽管睡吧,无论你想睡到什么时候…我都会一直在这里的疲れたなら、ここで横になりなさい……いい子、いい子…安寧の夢に身を委ねて、ボウヤ、私がずっとここで見ていてあげるわIf you are tired, lie down right here... I will bring you pleasant dreams... Good, sweet child... I'll always be watching over you.
Touch呵呵,渴望与挚爱接触的温暖了吗?来吧,你可以再靠近一些,我的孩子愛しい存在と触れ合うのがお望み?もう少し近寄ってきてもいいわ、我が愛しのボウヤDo you wish to touch your beloved more intimately? Come closer, my dear child.
Touch (Special)呵呵,真是调皮的孩子呢,没关系,我会包容你的一切的ワガママなボウヤね…大丈夫、全て受け入れてあげるわWhat a selfish child... But no matter, I shall accept you unconditionally.
Return to Port不急着报告,先让我看看你…嗯,很好,没有什么异常~那么,有什么要和我说的吗?レポートはあとでいいわ。ボウヤ、顔を見せて…ふふ、何事も無かったようね…ボウヤは私に言うこと、あるかしらYou can leave the report for later. Let me see your face, my child... Hehe, there's nothing amiss... Is there anything you'd like to talk to me about, my child?
Affinity (Love)我会接纳你的全部,并且为你铲除挡在面前的一切…所以,尽情地向我撒娇吧,更多地、更多地…ボウヤのすべてを受け入れて、ボウヤの前に立ちはだかるすべてを滅ぼしてみせるわ。さあ、もっと私に甘えてちょうだい。もっと、もっと……もっとよ……My child, I will accept you unconditionally, and lay low anything that attempts to stand in your way. Come, allow me to pamper you more. Yes, more... more... give me more...