U-73 (JP 🇯🇵: U-73, CN 🇹🇼: U-73)
Ship IDNo. 387Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull SubmarineRarityElite
NavyIronbloodBuild Time00:11:00
AcquisitionEvent: Scherzo of Iron and Blood
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressRimo Hasegawa
Iron Blood Type VIIB submarine – U-73.
Science Rules!Description
It's time for science class with U-73! Now, Commander, let's try out an exhilarating and positively fascinating experiment!
HP202 Reload31
Firepower8 Torpedo101
Evasion7 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck35
HP938 Reload59
Firepower22 Torpedo258
Evasion37 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck37
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Improve Hunting range
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Submarine Torpedo110%/115%/115%/125%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
2Submarine Torpedo105%/110%/110%/120%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
3Destroyer Gun85%/85%/85%/85%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1G7a Submarine Torpedo
2G7a Submarine Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T6 Submarine: Type VIIBTech Points and Bonus
Unlock6 +2
Max LimitBreak14
Lv.12010 +1
Carrier HunterIncreases this ship's DMG to CVs by 5.0% (15.0%) .
Wolf Pack TacticsFor each Iron Blood SS in your fleet: increases this boat's TRP, RLD, and Accuracy by 1.5% (6.0%) .
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: VIIB-Type Submarine immediately after entering the battle.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description铁血VIIB型潜艇U-73鉄血ⅦB型潜水艦U-73Iron Blood Type VIIB submarine – U-73.
Biography铁血潜艇U-73号,我可是执行过很多次巡逻任务,战绩出色的“群狼”之一呐~鉄血潜水艦U-73、数々の出撃任務をこなしてきた、鉄血の狼たちのリーダーよ!I'm U-73, the Iron Blood submarine that completed lots of missions and served as the leader of several wolfpacks!
Acquisition铁血所属,U-73向您报告!有什么需要我做的事情,就尽管提吧,包在姐姐身上~鉄血所属、U-73が着任した!さあ命令困り事なんでも言ってごらん、お姉ちゃんにお任せあれ!U-73 of the Iron Blood, reporting for duty! If there's anything that needs doing, just leave it to me!
LoginYahoo~指挥官,又见面啦。我已经整装待发,随时可以出击~就等你一声令下了やっほー指揮官、また会ったね!こっちは準備万端、いつでも出撃可能!――あなたの命令一つで、ね♪Howdy-do, Commander! Welcome back! I'm all good to go and ready to sortie! Just give me the order.
Details指挥官,不要太烦恼啦~凡事总有解决的办法まあまあ指揮官、あまり悩むなって~何事もきっと上手くいくからNow, now, Commander, don't stress over everything~ I'm sure it'll all go fine.
Main在水下待久了,有时候也会想要享受下在水面疾驰的感觉呢…啊!指挥官,让我带你去海上飙一圈吧~?ずっと潜航してると、たまには水面でぶっ飛ばしたくなるわね…あ!指揮官、海でひとっ走りしてこよっか?When you're underwater all day, sometimes you just wanna resurface and smash through the waves! ... Hey, Commander, wanna go for a quick dive in the ocean?
Main 2比起港区里待着,还是在各种海域悄悄接近敌人更让人感到兴奋啊……母港でじっとしているより、海域で潜航して敵に近づくほうがスリルがあっていいよね……I'd rather be diving in the ocean and feeling the thrill of being near the enemy than stuck at port staring into space all day...
Main 3倾听烦恼,为大家解忧其实还挺有意思的。开个“烦恼咨询室”之类的说不定也不错…指挥官有什么烦恼么?みんなの悩みを聞いたりそれを解決したりするのは面白いよね。お悩み相談室…?とか開いてみようかしら。指揮官って悩みとかあるの?Isn't it fun to hear what's on somebody's mind and help them with it? ... Maybe I ought to open a psychiatric booth. Anyway, Reichspfennig for your thoughts, Commander?
Touch嗯?还有什么事需要求助吗?尽管说吧。うん?私が助けになれることはある?なんでも言ってごらん?What is it? Got something I could help with? C'mon, tell me something.
Touch (Special)哼~指挥官看来是想吃几颗鱼雷了啊?ふーん、さては指揮官、魚雷を何発もくらいたいのかな?Uh-huh. So, Commander, how many gut-punch torpedoes do you want for dessert?
Mission任务来了,指挥官,一起来完成吧!任務が来たのね。指揮官、一緒にこなそう!So, we've got a mission. Let's do it together, Commander!
Mission Complete有我在支援,任务当然很快就完成啦~私のサポートがあれば、任務などチョチョイのチョイなんだかんね!With my support, we could finish these missions with our eyes closed!
Mail邮件来了~要不要我来帮你处理掉?メール来たよ~あ、私が代わりに確認したほうがいい?Mail's just arrived~ Oh, do you want me to read it on your behalf?
Return to Port欢迎回来~哈哈,好好休息下,有什么另外要忙的都交给我吧~おかえり!ふふん、任せられるものは私に任せて、ちゃんと休めよ~Good to see you! Let me handle things for you while you get some rest~
Commission Complete委托完成了,大家干得真不错!委託完了!みんな、よくやったよ!Commission complete! Great job, everyone!
Enhancement这下能更好地实施精准打击了!嘻嘻~これでもっと正確に打撃を与えられるようになったね~。ふふ~ん♪Now my shots will be even more on point! Heh heh~
Flagship现在的我,是群狼之首!狼を率いるもの、それが私!The leader of wolfpacks, that's me!
Victory哼哼!见识到我的厉害了吧~ふっふん!私の力、見ててくれたかな?Heheh! Did you see how strong I am?
Defeat啊哈哈……哈哈,居然会失败……いやあ……あはは…まさか負けちゃうなんてぇーOh nooo...! Ahaha... How the heck could we lose...
Skill“狼群战术”启动!Wolfsrudeltaktik(ウォルフスルタクティク)、発動ッ!Wolfsrudeltaktik, commence!
Low HP唔啊——好像需要回避一下了……わああ!これは回避行動を取るべきね……Mein Leben! Better perform emergency maneuvers...
Affinity (Upset)嗯…其他的伙伴还在等我,指挥官,我先告辞了——ん…みんなが待ってるから、指揮官ごめんね、先に行ってくる――Uh... My friends are waiting for me, so sorry, gotta scamper.
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官终于闲下来了,要不要一起逛逛?お、指揮官ようやく一息つけた?少し一緒に散歩しない?Oh? Finally managed to catch a break, Commander? Then let's go for a quick stroll, shall we?
Affinity (Friendly)悄悄潜伏,等待机会,然后奇袭命中,哈哈,抓住你啦,指挥官!ひっそり近づいて、じっくりチャンスを待ち、いざ奇襲を!――ははは、指揮官、捕まえた♪The wild U-73 approaches quietly, waiting for her chance, and then POUNCES! ... Hahaha, I caught you, Commander!
Affinity (Like)现在开始感受到姐姐的魅力了吧?指挥官,一直待在我身边吧!お姉ちゃんの魅力、そろそろ気づいてくれた?指揮官、ずっと私のそばにいてね!I suppose you've fallen for me at last? Then stay by my side forever, Commander!
Affinity (Love)指挥官,虽然坐骑的速度不敢保证……不过就算你跑得再快,也会被我俘获的~主要是内心呢~哼哼!指揮官、確かに私は潜航するとスピードを保証できないけど……指揮官のことは絶対に捕まえるわよ!特にココロ、ね!ふふん!True, I can't guarantee I'll be speedy when I dive... but no matter what, you'll be mine, Commander! Especially your heart! Hahah!
Pledge嘻嘻,没想到这一天那么快就到了。从今往后,你就是我的人了。说好咯,一切包在我身上~我会好好照顾你一辈子!ふふっ、こんなに早く来るとは思わなかったけど、これから指揮官はもう私の一部ってことね!いいよ、お姉ちゃんに全部任せてちょうだい!一生面倒見てあげるから♪Ahah, I didn't think this would happen so fast, but now you're a part of me! Relax, just let me handle everything for you! I'll take care of you for the rest of your life~
Like Presentあぁ...
Dislike Present
Main Title
In battle with U-81, U-556, U-47, U-557接下来,该是我们U艇飒爽登场的时候了。次は私達Uボートの出番よ!U-boats, it's our time to shine!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description好~U-73的理科实验时间要开始咯~指挥官,一起来进行快乐又有趣的科学实验吧!U-73の理科実験タイム、始まるよ~!指揮官、一緒に楽しく面白く、科学実験をやってみよう!It's time for science class with U-73! Now, Commander, let's try out an exhilarating and positively fascinating experiment!
Acquisition好~U-73的理科实验时间要开始咯~指挥官,一起来进行快乐又有趣的科学实验吧!U-73の理科実験タイム、始まるよ~!指揮官、一緒に楽しく面白く、科学実験をやってみよう!It's time for science class with U-73! Now, Commander, let's try out an exhilarating and positively fascinating experiment!
Login把这个加进这里,然后再——哇!指挥官不要突然出现啦,差点就手抖出大事了!これをこれぐらい入れて、こう――わ!指揮官急に出てこないでってば~大変なことになるところだったよ?Now we add some of this, then– Whuah! Don't surprise me like that, Commander! You nearly just caused an accident!
Main这里需要加热一下……呜哇啊啊啊,火、火太大了啊啊啊!!!ここはちょっと加熱して……あわわわ!も、燃えちゃってるよ!!Now we raise the heat slightly, then... Oh, God! I-it's on fire!
Main 2实验的精度可是很重要的,差0.01毫升都可能得出完全不一样的结果呢実験は精度が肝心ね。百分の一ミリリットルでも違えば結果が変わっちゃうんだからExperiments necessitate preciseness. Being even one 100th of a milliliter off affects the result!
Main 3白衣正是实验室的浪漫!——诶?这个不叫白衣?啊哈,啊哈哈……理科室のロマンはこの白衣!――え?これ白衣じゃないって?あは、あははははは……The glamor of this lab coat drew me to the science room! ... Huh? This ISN'T a lab coat? Aha, ahahahaha...
Touch啊,不要在这时候碰我啦指挥官,剂量要不准了都……えー指揮官?スキンシップはちょーっと後でね?今は試薬の調整で大変だから……Hey, Commander? No intimacy right now, okay? I'm fine-tuning this compound, you see...
Touch (Special)……加了特殊燃料的鱼雷,指挥官想要试试吗?特殊燃料が充填された魚雷、試してみたいの?You wanna be the target of my experimental fuel-powered torpedoes?
Flagship就拿你们来做实验吧!お前たちで実験したろうかー!Time for an experiment on you numskulls!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description让姐姐来教你,怎么做出让祛除春寒的热茶变得更美味的药剂吧!嘻嘻,说笑的而已~指挥官试喝下这个看看?让姐姐来教你,怎么做出让祛除春寒的热茶变得更美味的药剂吧!嘻嘻,说笑的而已~指挥官试喝下这个看看?In today's chemistry lesson, we'll learn how to make a warming cup of tea and an optional concoction to enhance its flavor! Will you do the honor of taste-testing it, Commander?
Acquisition让姐姐来教你,怎么做出让祛除春寒的热茶变得更美味的药剂吧!嘻嘻,说笑的而已~指挥官试喝下这个看看?早春の寒さを凌げるお茶、それに入れればもっと美味しくなるケミカルポーション、その作り方をお姉ちゃんが教えて差し上げましょう!なんてね、指揮官、ちょっと試しに飲んでみない?In today's chemistry lesson, we'll learn how to make a warming cup of tea and an optional concoction to enhance its flavor! Will you do the honor of taste-testing it, Commander?
Login想学习调制方法?OK!首先把这个先这样…哎呀?手在抖哦,难道是紧张了?有我在没事的啦!作り方を知りたいって?オッケー!まずはこれをこうセットして…おや?手が震えてるね。あはは、緊張してるの?私が付いてるから大丈夫よ~!You wanna learn the formula? Sure thing! First you mix the contents of these beakers, then... Wait, are your hands shaking? Hahaha! Come on, it'll be fine – I'm right here!
Details我的打扮?试着往东煌的风格靠了靠~怎么样?合适不?嘿嘿~この格好?ちょっと東煌風にアレンジしてみたんだ♪どう?似合ってる?えへへDecided I'd try on this Dragon Empery dress, in light of the season! Does it look good on me? Hehehe~
Main看好啦?最后要像这样加热一下…就和实验一样,精确性是很重要的~いい?最後はこうやってちょこっと加熱して…そう、実験と同じ、精確さが大事なのAnd for the last step, we raise the heat a few degrees. See, brewing tea is like doing science – it takes precision.
Main 2化学饮料,换个说法,能不能当做是更科学的茶?…嗯~不过这样好像就少了茶的感觉了…有点难办欸…ケミカルポーション、言い換えれば科学的なお茶にしたりできる?…んーでもなーんかそれだとお茶って感じがしなくなるよね…難しい…Might it be possible to make tea from a chemical concoction? Hmm... It wouldn't really feel like tea if you made it that way... So that's tricky...
Main 3诶?我看上去比平时成熟好看?哼哼!说明我的目的达到了♪え?普段より大人っぽく見えて素敵?ふふん!狙い通りってことよ♪You think I seem more ladylike than usual? Heh! That's exactly what I set out to do!
Touch嗯?想要再来一杯茶吗?交给我吧——なになに、お茶のおかわりが欲しいの?任せてーYou'd like a refill? Coming right up!
Touch (Special)看来你想体验下特别的“药剂”呢。どうやらあなた、スペシャル「ポーション」をご所望のようだねSeems you desire a "special" kind of concoction, huh.
Flagship药剂的材料,就决定从你们这里取了!ポーションの材料は、これで決まりね!Looks like I've found the ingredients for my concoction!