Tosa (JP 🇯🇵: 土佐, CN 🇹🇼: 土佐)
Ship IDNo. 215Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time04:30:00
AcquisitionEvent: Crimson Echoes
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENApril 23, 2020
KRApril 23, 2020
CNApril 23, 2020
JPApril 23, 2020
Voice actressMiyuki Sawashiro
Tosa Description
Tosa-class battleship number one – Tosa.
Hometown ZestDescription
An inspection? ...You're awfully gung-ho about your work considering how hot it is outside... Surely you wouldn't have some sort of ulterior motive?
HP1335 Reload53
Firepower81 Torpedo40
Evasion7 Anti-air37
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck12
HP5984 Reload102
Firepower210 Torpedo111
Evasion36 Anti-air140
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck12
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun90%/90%/90%/90%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1410mm Mounted Gun
2Single 140mm Main Gun
Fleet Tech
T7 Battleship: Tosa-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock20 +2
Max LimitBreak40
Lv.12030 +1
Accomplish Any Feat!When this ship fires a Salvo: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a special barrage; the barrage is unaffected by this ship's position in your Main Fleet. Barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.Default Unlocked
Crush Any Contender!1) When: a) this ship is afloat, b) the fleet this ship is NOT in has a BB as its Flagship, and c) said fleet is engaging in its 3rd, 4th, or 5th battle: launches a special barrage 20s after the other fleet's battle begins. 2) When this ship is in combat and takes DMG or when an enemy comes within close range of this ship: fires a special Lv.1 (Lv.10) barrage. Barrage DMG is based on the skill's level and has a cooldown of 15s between activations.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description加贺级战列舰二番舰—土佐加賀型戦艦二番艦・土佐Tosa-class battleship number one – Tosa.
Biography加贺型2号舰土佐。虽然建造直到最后都未能完成……一会当做航母一会当做战舰,一会用来试炮一会用来当靶船,也算是被人好好使唤了一番。哼,既然我以这幅形象报道,自然是不会让你失望的加賀型二番艦の土佐だ。起工こそされたものの、最後まで建造されていなかった身だが……空母だったり戦艦だったり、兵装実験艦だったり標的艦だったり、よくもまあこき使ってくれたものだ。ふん、この姿で着任した以上、失望はさせんぞI am Tosa, the first Tosa-class battleship. My construction began long ago, but its completion never came... I have been an aircraft carrier, a battleship, a weapons testbed, and a target; they worked and reworked me to the bone. But now I am here, in this form, and I will not disappoint you.
Acquisition加贺级二号舰,土佐。我只为我看得上的服务,至于你嘛——鲁莽地下决定不是我的风格,先让我看看你的能耐吧。加賀型戦艦二番艦、土佐。仕えるに値する者にのみ従う主義だ。貴様などと――安直に判断するのも好かぬ。ひとまず貴様の力、見定めさせてもらうぞI am the nameship of the Tosa-class battleships, Tosa. I only serve those who I deem worthy. As for you... Well, I do not believe in making hasty judgments. For the time being, let me first assess your abilities.
Login给我找点有趣的工作做吧,指挥官。どれ、面白い仕事でも見つけてきてくれんか。指揮官Give me an engaging task, should you find one, Commander.
Details我最讨厌的是那些动不动就把“一直以来都是这样的”挂在嘴边上的人。难道不正是因为他们的愚蠢才让错误一直重复到了现在吗?「いつもそうしてきた」とな。ふん、そういう輩がいるからこそ間違いがいつまでも正されない、そうは思わんか?I hate the phrase, "it's how it's always been done." The same mistakes will forever be repeated as long as fools keep spouting it.
Main武力是最原始,却有最有效的语言。不过可以的话,我希望自己的敌人是个能先酣畅淋漓辩论上一番的对手呢。武力行使――なに、陳腐だが有効的な交流の仕方だ。もっとも、話が通じる相手であればそうはならんのだがなBrute force – the most primitive, but also most effective approach. That said, I much prefer fighting with words over swords.
Main 2我不反感为了自己的目的而耍一些小手段,这总比恪守规矩而失利好上十倍目的達成のために手段を選ばないのは嫌いではない。規則を守って溺死するよりマシだからなI do not shy away from using any trick required to achieve my goals. I would rather that than play by the rules and end up at the bottom of the sea.
Main 3如果你觉得自己不够强大,那也没关系,躲在后面就好了。强者行强者之义,弱者循弱者之理。――姐姐就是这么认为的強くない奴は引っ込んでいろ。強者も弱者も己を弁えるのが道理だ――姉上の持論だなStay behind if you cannot fight. The weak should know their place from the strong – this is the belief my sister holds.
Main 4我没有天城那么慎重,也没有加贺姐那么容易暴虐。…不是这样的?你是说姐姐?还是说我?天城さんほど慎重ではないが、姉上ほど熱くなりやすいこともない。…違う?姉上か?それとも私か?I am neither as forward-thinking as Amagi, nor as short-fused as my sister. What? What's incorrect? The part about my sister, or my description of myself?
Touch如果你觉得太无聊的话,来和我练练刀术如何?暇を持て余しているなら手合わせでもどうだ?Seeing as you have time to kill, why not practice your swordplay with me?
Touch (Special)你就不担心,一时的冲动,可能会导致自己身首异处吗?呵呵~一時の気まぐれで命取りになる――まさか、思いも寄らなかったわけではあるまいな?Acting on a momentary impulse can have deadly repercussions. I do hope you're not getting any outlandish ideas.
Mission指挥官,你应当选择任务,而不是让任务选择你。任務に追われるのではなく、任務を追え。それが指揮官である貴様のなすべきことだA leader chooses their mission, not the other way around. You should take this principle to heart, Commander.
Mission Complete任务完成了?那就别磨蹭,赶紧把奖励取了。任務完了か?モタモタしてないでさっさと報酬を受け取れA mission has been completed, has it? Then don't loiter around, go and claim the rewards at once.
Mail邮件?哼,如果有三成的信息是可靠的,那我就要谢天谢地了。手紙とな?三割でも有意義な情報が入っていればありがたく思うのだがA letter, eh? I would be grateful if even a third of the information in it is credible.
Return to Port遇到了什么有趣的事吗?啊,别误会,我感兴趣的不是你,是你遇到的事。面白いことでもあったか?貴様に興味がなくても、貴様が遭遇した出来事には興味があるのでなDid you see anything extraordinary on your expedition? You may find it inconsequential, but I am curious to know what you encountered.
Commission Complete该不会还要我提醒你,你才会想起来委托已经完成了吧?委託組の帰還時刻、私に注意させるつもりじゃあるまいなYou don't expect me to announce when a commission team returns, do you?
Enhancement你很有眼光嘛,指挥官。目の付け所が良いな。指揮官You have an eye for talent, Commander.
Flagship哦呀?这是准备让我大显身手吗?ふん、暴れさせてもらう…!Hah, my rampage is soon to begin!
Victory这样就结束了?哼,不过如此么。これで終わりか?ふん、所詮はこの程度かIt's over already? Hmph, I expected more from them.
Defeat看来,我偶尔也是会高估自己的呢…くっ…自惚れ過ぎたとでもいうのか…Gah, so even I overestimate my abilities at times...
Skill是时候告诉你们,优势在哪边了。どちらが上か思い知らせてやる!Bear witness to who reigns supreme!
Low HP呼呼…有悬念的战斗才有意思啊!ふふふ…危ぶまれる戦いこそ面白い!Hahaha... Battles fraught with suspense are always the most interesting!
Affinity (Upset)弱者就好好待在岸上吧。巨浪袭来的时候,我可没工夫照顾你。弱者は引っ込んでいればいい。これしきの波に負けるようでは面倒は見てやれんWeaklings belong behind the shorelines. I have no business with someone who cannot handle even a tidal wave.
Affinity (Stranger)我可是随身带着能取你性命的家伙,你就对我这么没有防备?……嗯?“信任”?哈哈,“信任”,真是一个好听的词语呢。自分の命をいつでも奪える者を相手によくそんなに無防備でいられるな。……信頼している、とな?ふふふ、「信頼」か。いい響きだなYou are brave, lowering your guard around someone that could take your life at any moment. You say it's because you trust me? Hahahah. Trust. A fine word that is.
Affinity (Friendly)在我们重樱的舰船面前也毫无惧色,指挥官你倒也是个十足的怪人…不过,跟你如此交谈也确实很愉快,所以,今天来聊些什么呢?我が重桜の艦船相手に動じないとは、貴様も随分と変わり者だな。…だからこそこうして戯言を交わすだけでも楽しいものだ。今日は何を見せてくれるのだ?You are an odd one, remaining unfazed in the presence of the Sakura Empire's ships. Still, I do enjoy exchanging stories with you. What have you in store for me today?
Affinity (Like)一个人的时候,我可以不顾任何规则,专心做我想做的事。但是一牵扯到你,我就不得不谨慎计划,步步为营。你可真是个大麻烦啊,指挥官。一人なら、規則にもルールにも縛られず、好き勝手に動くのが性分でな。…して、貴様がいればこっちも慎重に動かざるを得なくなる。ふっ、悩ませてくれるWhen I am alone, I let no rules or regulations restrain me; I push my will through. However, when you are present, I feel compelled to follow the rules and act with prudence. You are really something else, Commander.
Affinity (Love)你的志向是什么,我现在不感兴趣。我只知道,你的志向需要我的帮助,而我的计划中也少不了你的位置。我们就是“命运共同体”,谁也离不开谁……没错吧?貴様の志、夢など知ったことではないが、私の存在を必要としているのがわかる。…それならこちらも同じだ。つまり運命共同体、お互い欠かすことができない…ふ、ふふふ…そうだろ?Your ambitions and dreams are of no concern to me, but I know that you need me. Which, I admit, is also true in reverse. Our fates are intertwined, and we cannot afford to lose one another... Hahahah, isn't that right?
Pledge原本,我以为命运对我的馈赠只是一个足够大的舞台,没想到,它真正的馈赠是一个可以托付一生的伙伴…人生之路,道阻且长,能与你同行嘛,倒也不赖。生を受けるだけでもありがたいと思っていたが、まさか生涯をともに過ごす伴侶まで得るとはな…ふん、険しく長い人生だ。貴様とともに乗り越えるのも悪くないなSimply being given life in this world would've been enough for me, but now I've even been given a partner to spend said life with... Hmph, life is a long and arduous road, and I am happy that I get to walk it with you.
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Main Title
In battle with Kaga姐姐,一起上吧!姉上、合わせる!Together with me now, my sister!
In battle with Amagi还是赢不过天城啊……天城さんには勝てんな…I am still no match for you, Amagi.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description视察?…你这家伙,这么热的天居然能这么热心…莫非你是有什么别的想法?視察とな。…貴様、この炎天下でよくそんなに熱心でいられるな。よもや邪な発想に取り憑かれているのではあるまいなAn inspection? ...You're awfully gung-ho about your work considering how hot it is outside... Surely you wouldn't have some sort of ulterior motive?
Acquisition视察?…你这家伙,这么热的天居然能这么热心…莫非你是有什么别的想法?視察とな。…貴様、この炎天下でよくそんなに熱心でいられるな。よもや邪な発想に取り憑かれているのではあるまいなAn inspection? ...You're awfully gung-ho about your work considering how hot it is outside... Surely you wouldn't have some sort of ulterior motive?
Login呼…能自由玩耍固然不错,但是这身打扮感觉比平常反而更要注意别人视线啊…ふぅ…自由に遊べるのもいいが、この格好だと普段よりむしろ人目を気にしないといけないな…Whew... It's nice to get to play freely, but I must take heed of all the extra attention this swimsuit draws to me...
Details天城,身体不大好的话还是不要游太多了……明明生为舰船,真是可惜天城さん、体が弱いからあまり泳がない方が……艦船の体だと言うのに、なんと嘆かわしいことか…You should avoid swimming too much as you're so sickly, Amagi. How tragic it is, a ship such as you being so frail...
Main巫女大人和妹妹能玩的那么开心…看来这个世界上也有不少珍奇之事呢御狐様と妹君があんなにはしゃいでいる姿…珍しいこともあるものだなThe shrine maiden and her sister, frolicking in the water... A rare sight to be had.
Main 2没事的话要不要下下棋?老当姐姐的练习对手我也烦了暇なら囲碁でも打ってみないか。姉上の練習相手をしているだけだと流石に飽きるしなWe could play a round of go if you are bored. I want a new opponent after playing against only my sister for so long.
Main 3吃的?不好意思加贺姐刚给了我一些。……额,要是换一下菜品的话也没问题的……差し入れか?姉上からもらったばかりですまんな。……いや、おかず交換でも良ければだな……You're in need of a snack? Sorry, I only just got these from my sister. That said... we could exchange side dishes, I suppose...
Touch (Special)有本事你对姐姐也这样试试。…不对,好像会适得其反啊……姉上相手にやってみろ。…いや、多分逆効果か……Try this with my sister instead. Actually, don't; it would likely backfire on you...
Return to Port姐姐她还没回来?哼哼,给你的补给品就让我来准备吧姉上は戻ってきているか?ふん、貴様の分の差し入れは私が用意してやろうMy sister is still on the way here? Hmph, then I will prepare you some food.