Soobrazitelny (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 537Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressHanai Miharu
HP388 Reload73
Firepower25 Torpedo43
Evasion65 Anti-air31
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW50 Luck84
HP1805 Reload140
Firepower69 Torpedo120
Evasion220 Anti-air118
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW125 Luck89
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: StorozhevoyTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
The Genius MechanicEvery 15s: 15.0% (30.0%) chance to deploy a smokescreen that increases Evasion Rate by 20.0% (40.0%) for all your ships in it (smokescreen lasts 5s; Evasion Rate buff does not stack with other smokescreen skills). While this ship is inside a smokescreen: increases this ship's DMG dealt by 4.5% (12.0%) and, once per battle, increases her LCK by 1 (8) until the battle ends.???
A Genius Keeps Things Simple!Every 20s: 70.0% chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage and, if there is at least 1 other DD originating from the Northern Parliament in your fleet: restores 1.0% (5.0%) HP of a randomly chosen DD originating from the Northern Parliament in your fleet (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level; healing effect can only activate up to 2 times per battle; if the healing recipient is Tashkent, the amount of HP restored is increased by 50.0%).???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Minsk once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description7U型前哨级驱逐舰—灵敏7U型駆逐艦-ソオブラジーテリヌイProject 7U-class destroyer – Soobrazitelny
Biography前哨级驱逐舰兼天才机械师灵敏,同时曾是黑海舰队的一员哦!我总能凭借着自己天才的灵光一现,以及一点点的运气,从敌人的猛攻之中全身而退呢!ストロジェヴォイ級駆逐艦兼天才メカニック・ソオブラジーテリヌイ、かつては黒海艦隊の一員でもある!この天才的な閃きと少しの幸運で、敵の猛攻をいつも見事に潜り抜けてきたぞ!I am Storozhevoy-class destroyer Soobrazitelny, present mechanical mastermind and former member of the Black Sea Fleet! I've survived battles against numerous relentless adversaries, all through my sheer ingenuity and just a hint of luck!
Acquisition哇哈哈哈~指挥官同志!北方联合超级天才机械师灵敏来了!不管什么样的机械,全部交给我就好啦!あーはっはっはー!同志指揮官!我こそは北方連合所属、天才メカニックのソオブラジーテリヌイだ!どんなメカでも、ぜーんぶ任せるがいい!Ahh-ha-ha-haah! Comrade! I am Soobrazitelny, the Northern Parliament's genius mechanic! Look no further than me for all matters related to machinery!
Login指挥官同志,欢迎回来!……刚刚指挥室里有些吵闹?啊,不用担心,那是我在做一些机械的调整哦!よくぞ帰ってきた同志指揮官!…執務室がちょっと騒がしい?あー心配無用!それはこの天才メカニックが機械の改造をしているからだ!Splendid – you're back, Comrade! ...What's that noise you're hearing? Oh, it's nothing! I'm just giving your office machinery some ingenious upgrades!
Details灰尘是机械的大敌!为了不让我的机械车间被可恶的灰尘入侵,我每天都会仔细清理一遍!真不愧是我,哈哈哈哈!ホコリはメカの大敵なり!作業場に忌々しいやつらに侵入されないよう、毎日隅々まで掃除しているぞ!さすがわたしだ!がーはっはっはっはー!Dust is a mechanic's mortal enemy! But, I have managed to prevent its spread by cleaning every nook and cranny of my workshop daily! My foresight is impeccable! Mwah-ha-ha-haah!
Main听,轴承在转动,拉杆在牵引,舰装在规律地轰鸣着……那便是机械最迷人的心跳声啊!耳をかっぽじってよく聞いておけ!このベアリングの回転、レバーの引っ張り、艤装が刻むリズム!惚れ惚れするメカの鼓動を!Strain your ears and listen closely! The rotations of the bearings, the tension in the levers, the rigging's rhythmic ticking! The beat of an enchanting machine!
Main 2塑料?绝对不行!那种远没有金属可靠的材料怎么可以用来制作零部件呢?プラスチック?却下だ却下!金属より全然信頼性のない素材なんかパーツ作りに使えるものか!Plastic? Absolutely NOT! Who in their right mind would make components out of a material with zero reliability compared to metal?!
Main 3虽然指挥室表面上很干净……但是,本天才已经发现了隐藏在其中的灰尘!清理时间要开始了,指挥官同志!一見綺麗な執務室だが、この天才にはもう隠れたほこりが見えている!お掃除の時間だ!同志指揮官!Clean though your office may seem at a glance, I can tell there is dust hidden all over! It's time to do some cleaning, Comrade!
Touch不用客气,尽管摸就好了!……嗯?你说的难道不是我的舰装吗?遠慮するな!思う存分ナデナデするがよい!…ん?艤装のことじゃないのか?Don't be shy! Pet it to your heart's content! ...What? You weren't talking about my rigging?
Touch (Special)再,再怎么说我也是女孩子啦……///こ、これでも女の子だぞ…///Th-this is no way to treat a girl...!
Touch (Headpat)天才机械师灵敏特制护目镜,能够在机械加工时有效保护双眼哦!この天才メカニック・ソオブラジーテリヌイの特製ゴーグルは、加工作業のときでも両眼保護がバッチリだ!Being a genius mechanic, I of course made these safety goggles myself! They provide flawless eye protection while I'm building!
Mission有新任务来了!指挥官同志,难关当前,可不能退缩啊!新しい任務だ!同志指揮官、大変だからって怯むんじゃないぞ!We've received new missions! Listen, Comrade - they may look hard, but that's no excuse to put them off!
Mission Complete呼,任务完成了!真不愧是身为天才的我呢,哈哈哈哈!ふぅ、これにて任務完了ぉ!さすが天才のわたし!はっはっはー!Whew! That's that mission completed! All thanks to my peerless genius! Hah-ha-haah!
Mail新的邮件~♪ 诶…我之前预定的零部件怎么还没送过来?!新しいメール♪ぬおお?!この前頼んだパーツ、まだ届いてないって!?New mail has arrived! ...WHAAAT?! The parts I ordered are STILL in transit?!
Return to Port出击辛苦了!有没有谁想把刚刚经历硝烟而破旧舰装让我来改造一下呢?保证变得崭新无比!出撃ご苦労!戦いで破損した艤装をついでに改修してほしい子はいるかー?ピチピチでピカピカにすると保証するぞー!Exemplary work, everyone! Is anyone in need of rigging repairs, by any chance? I'll fix and improve it so it works as good as new – guaranteed!
Commission Complete委托物资到手了!我来看看——嗯,这个铁箱子看来很结实,应该能为我所用!哈哈哈哈!委託の物資だ!どれどれ…ふむ、この鉄の箱は頑丈そうだな…多分使えるぞ!はっはっはー!Commission supplies! Let's see what we have... Hmm, this steel container looks strong... I could find some use for it! Hah-ha-haah!
Enhancement舰装强化成功!我真不愧是天才,哈哈哈哈!艤装強化成功!さすが天才のわたしだ!はっはっはー!Rigging upgrade: complete! My genius knows no bounds! Hah-hah-haah!
Flagship是时候让敌人知晓,哪边的装备更胜一筹了!今こそどっちの装備が上か、思い知らせるときだ!Now we shall all find out whose equipment is superior!
Victory哇哈哈哈!解决你们就像拧螺丝一样轻而易举!あーはっはっはー!お前らを片付けるのはネジを締めるのと同じくらいラクショーだあ!Ahh-ha-ha-haah! Dispatching you cretins was as easy as tightening a screw!
Defeat为、为什么没有反应了……动啊,舰装!为什么动不了了啊!ど、どうして動かなくなった…艤装、動け!何故動かん!?How come I've stopped moving?! Come on, rigging! Why aren't you working?!
Skill把你们都炸上天!まとめて吹っ飛ばす!Prepare to be blown away!
Low HP这这这这已经超出正常机械的范畴了吧!?ここここれはもう、メカ的にありえないのでは!?Th-th-this is mechanically impossible!
Affinity (Upset)坏掉的机械可以由别人修理,但做错事的指挥官同志必须要自己认真反省才行!壊れたメカは他人に直してもらえるが、犯した過ちは同志指揮官、自分でちゃんと反省すべし!Others can fix your machines when they break, but only you can make up for the mistakes you've made, Comrade!
Affinity (Stranger)与自然之美不同,机械之美是人类上千年的科技发展,在这个世界上留下的独特印记!正是这种独特之美深深吸引了本天才啊!大自然の美しさと違って、メカの美しさは人類が千年かけて発展させてきた技術が成し遂げた、唯一無二の印!だからこのわたしも心酔しているのだ!In contrast to the beauty of Mother Nature, the beauty of machinery lies in its unique status as the culmination of millennia of humanity's technological development! That is why I'm so in love with it all!
Affinity (Friendly)嘿,我敲!你问我在做什么…我在调整我的舰装哦!磨损的部分不用担心,一会再抛光就好了!哈哈哈哈!ふん、そいやー!!何をしているかって艤装の調整だぞ。摩耗した部分はあとでバフで磨いて仕上げるから心配ない!あーはっはっはー!Hmgh! Hurmph! ...What am I up to? Working on my rigging, obviously. Don't worry about the parts rough around the edges – I'll just sandpaper those down later! Ahh-ha-ha-haah!
Affinity (Like)指挥官同志!有兴趣的话,要不要来试试做个机械道具?……啊,不是说舰装维护那些的啦!是做一个属于自己的小道具!本天才在旁边手把手指导你哦!同志指揮官よ、興味があるなら小さいガジェットでも作ってみないか?あ、艤装のメンテ用とかじゃなくて自分用に使える何かだぞ!この天才のわたしが手取り足取り指導してやろう!Would you be interested in building a small device, Comrade? I don't mean rigging repair tools, I mean something practical you yourself could use! Of course, you'll have a genius to teach you every step of the process!
Affinity (Love)那个,指挥官同志,虽然我天天把机械挂在嘴边,对机械也是爱不释手,但这绝对不是说我希望自己的恋人是个机器人什么的……你,你懂我的意思吧?た、確かにわたしは毎日メカの事ばっかり口にしているし、メカばっかりいじってるけど、それはメカフェチというか、好きな人がメカだったらいいなぁって思ってる意味ではなくて……わわわ分かるだろう!?It's true I talk about machinery all day, and yes, I build and tinker day in and day out, but that doesn't mean I'm a mechaphile or that I want to date a robot... Y-you see what I'm getting at, right?!
Pledge我就知道,指挥官同志一定会主动的!嘿嘿,指挥官同志,我也喜欢你哦。希望我们的感情能像最坚固,最稳定的金属一样长久!……比喻有点奇怪,意思到了就行了,哈哈哈哈!同志指揮官のほうから積極的に来るだろうとは丸ごとお見通しだ!フフフ、同志指揮官のことは、わたしも大好きだ!つまり…願えばこの愛は最も硬い金属の如し!――例えがよくわからなくても、これで言いたいことはちゃんと伝わったはず!ははは!My prediction was spot-on – I knew you'd make the first move! Heheheh! I love you too, Comrade! One might say... My love for you is as strong as the hardest steel! ...Maybe that analogy doesn't make sense, but you know what I'm trying to say! Hahahah!
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In battle with Ingraham一起来做点什么吧?一緒に何か作ってみないか?What do you say we build something together?
In battle with Minsk, Sovetskaya Belorussiya唔哦!天才的灵光一现!?ぬお!天才のひらめき!?Whoa! A spark of ingenuity!
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Ship Description这个数值和实验结果……嗯嗯,原来如此…完全看不懂!毕竟我是天才机械师而不是学者嘛!哈哈哈哈!この数値と実験結果は…ふむふむ、なるほど…なに、全然わからん!このわたしが天才メクでも、学者ではないのだ!あーはっはっはー!Yes, these data and results are quite interesting... Though they mean nothing to me! I am a genius mechanic, not an analyst! Ahh-ha-ha-haah!
Acquisition这个数值和实验结果……嗯嗯,原来如此…完全看不懂!毕竟我是天才机械师而不是学者嘛!哈哈哈哈!この数値と実験結果は…ふむふむ、なるほど…なに、全然わからん!このわたしが天才メクでも、学者ではないのだ!あーはっはっはー!Yes, these data and results are quite interesting... Though they mean nothing to me! I am a genius mechanic, not an analyst! Ahh-ha-ha-haah!
Login怎么了,机械啾啾小子?啊,指挥官同志!呀,我等你好久啦!どうしたメカ饅頭ボーイ?同志指揮官か!おーい、待ってたぞー!What is it, Mechajuu? ...Ah, Commander! I've been waiting for your arrival!
Details唔哦?!把给指挥官同志泡的咖啡弄洒了?!这下糟糕了,非常地糟糕!ぬおお!?同志指揮官に淹れたコーヒーをこぼした!?これはまずい!かなりまずいぞ!Nuoooo! I spilled your cup of coffee, Comrade! This is bad! Terrible, even!
Main这个水槽还挺管用的嘛……一般这时候不叫水槽应该叫水族箱?还是……应该叫啥来着…この水槽は使えるな…んーこの場合は水槽ではなくアクアリウム?…なんて名前だっけQuite the useful fish tank we have here... Or, is it technically an aquarium? I confuse the two sometimes...
Main 2这幅打扮,可以说是充满了知性的魅力呢。真不愧是我呢!哈哈哈哈!この姿、知的で魅力に満ち溢れているぞ。さすがわたし!がーはっはっはー!This outfit makes me look both intelligent and sexy at the same time. What an ingenious combination! Mwah-ha-ha-haah!
Main 3这个显示屏怎么又黑掉了!嘿呀!!啊疼疼疼?!今天忘了戴平时的手套了!このモニターまた映らなくなった!ならば……ソイヤー!!いたたた!?いつもの手袋じゃなかったのを忘れていたー!The screen went black again! So be it... Hurmph! Owwww! I forgot I'm not wearing my regular gloves!
Touch有什么在意的地方吗?需要说明吗?只要是我懂的都没问题!気になるところでもあるのか?説明するぞ?わたしに分かることならな!Has anything got you stumped? I can give you a lesson – assuming it's within my sphere!
Touch (Special)嗯啊♡我,我才没有勉强啦……んはぁん♡……む、無理してないって……Mhaahh♡ I-I told you, I won't do anything crazy!
Return to Port“你回来啦~今天可以陪我一起做实验吗~♡”……你这表情会让我很受伤的欸…「おっかえり~。今日の実験につきあってもらえるかしら~♡」………その顔は傷つくぞWelcome back, hun~♡ Could you give me a hand with this experiment? ......That cold stare of yours is hurting my feelings.
Flagship机械啾啾小子们,出发啦!行くぞメカ饅頭ボーイども!Go forth, my Mechajuu minions!
Victory该让我来收集下数据啦!嗯…该怎么做来着?データを採集してやる!んー、どうやってやればいいんだ?Time to gather data! ...Um, what exactly am I meant to do?
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Login指挥官同志,欢迎回来!对了,小心地上的零件!不知不觉已经把指挥室当成自己另一个机械小车间了呢~おかえり、同志指揮官!あっそうだ、床に転がってるパーツに気をつけよ!気がついたら執務室をこの天才の作業場にしてしまったぞ。わーはっはっはー!Welcome back, Comrade! Oh, mind your step around the components on the floor! Without really thinking, I turned your office into a second workshop. Hah-ha-ha-haah!
Details唔哦!?这里也有灰尘?指挥官同志,快开窗!显示屏…快不行了!ぬおお!?ここにもホコリが!?同志指揮官、早く窓を開けてくれ!モニターが…死ぬぅ!WHAT?! Dust is upon us! Comrade, open the window at once! Or else your screens will be ruined!
Main齿轮的咬合声,转子的风声,都响彻在我的胸中…哇啊啊指挥官同志你在摸哪里!?歯車の噛み合い、ローターに通る風、このわたしの胸に響く……わわわ同志指揮官、どこを触ってる!?The grinding of gears, the whizzing of a propeller, the ringing that tickles my heart... Whuh?! Hey! What are you touching me for, Comrade?!
Main 2塑料的另一个缺点是不便修理。为什么?你看,嘿呀!!和金属不同,这样做的话塑料一般就坏掉了对吧?プラスチックのもう一つの欠点は修理に不便であることだ。なぜって…こう、ソイヤー!!としたら金属と違って普通に壊れるだろ?Another one of plastic's shortcomings is the difficulty in fixing it. How so? Well, if I were to WHACK it, it would simply break – unlike metal.
Main 3(新增)指挥官同志!我做的“自动关门装置”怎么样?有了它就不会忘记关门了!——门上的伤痕我之后会处理的!同志指揮官!ソオブラジーテリヌイ作の「自動戸締装置」はどう?こいつがあればもう戸締りは心配ないさ。取付時に付いた傷はあとでキッチリ処理しておくよ!Comrade! What are your thoughts on the Soobrazitelny-brand Automatic Door Closer? Now you'll never need to close the door manually again! I'll fix the frame damage caused during installation later!
Touch和金属的厚实与光滑相比,指挥官同志的接触,有一种不一样的安心感呢……金属のがっしりとしてすべすべする感じと違って、同志指揮官はほっこりとした安心できる触り心地だね…Whereas metal is tough and sleek, your touch is soft and calming.
Touch (Special)呼诶?!ふへぇ!?Fweh?!
Mission新任务来了!指挥官同志,有本天才坐镇,什么难题都不在话下!新しい任務だ!同志指揮官、天才であるわたしがついてるからなーんにも困ることはないのだ!We have new missions! Comrade! With me by your side, you have nothing to fear!
Mission Complete有指挥官和身为天才的我在,这种任务完成起来轻轻松松啦~同志指揮官と天才であるわたしがいればこんな任務、朝飯前だ!With your commanding and my ingenuity, we could finish these missions with our eyes closed!
Return to Port要开始维修指挥官同志的座舰了!顺便问一下你有什么要求嘛?比如装个按摩椅之类的?同志指揮官の乗艦の修理を行うぞ!ついでに聞くが、なんかリクエストある?マッサージマシンを入れるとかみたいなAllow me to fix up your escort ship, Comrade! While I'm at it, do you want any new additions? Like a massage chair, for instance.
Flagship该被处分的家伙们,吃我一记手刀!処分されるべきやつらにソイヤー!!Brutes like you deserve brutish answers – punches!
Victory赢了!哈哈哈哈!是本天才大机械师的胜利!やったぁ!ふははは!この天才ビッグメカニックであるわたしの勝ちぃ!Success! Hoh-ha-ha-hah! Victory for the galaxy-brained mechanic!
Affinity (Love)放心吧,指挥官同志。虽然我平时和机械形影不离,但绝对不会忘记同志你的!……要不,今天约会的地点就定在新开的那家小玩具店吧,听说里面有很多有趣的小机械玩具呢!心配いらないぞ同志指揮官!普段はメカにぞっこんでも恋人である同志指揮官のことを忘れるわけがない!…というわけで、今日新しくオープンしたトイショップでデートしないか?面白そうなメカのおもちゃが沢山置いてあると聞いてな!You needn't worry, Comrade! I may be obsessed with machinery, but I could never forget about you, my dear lover! On that note, why don't we go on a date to that toy store which opened just today? It supposedly has tons of mechanical toys on offer!