Regensburg (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 592Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP630 Reload75
Firepower32 Torpedo61
Evasion31 Anti-air72
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW36 Luck46
HP2686 Reload145
Firepower89 Torpedo165
Evasion122 Anti-air263
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW91 Luck48
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: M-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Regina, the Iron EmpressWhen the battle starts, if there are 2 or more Iron Blood ships afloat in the fleet: increases this ship's FP and TRP by 5.0% (15.0%) . Every 15s after the battle starts: locks onto a random enemy (prioritizes humanoid enemies), increases the DMG dealt by Iron Blood ships to that target by 3.5% (8.0%) for 5s, and performs a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special attack; If that target is sunk, performs an additional Lv.1 (Lv.10) special attack (DMG is based on this ship's TRP and the skill's level).???
Scarlet Supernova FortressWhen the battle starts, if there are 2 or more Iron Blood ships afloat in the fleet: increases this ship's AA by 6.0% (18.0%) . Every time this ship takes 10 instances of DMG: creates a shield for 8s that can block up to 2 (6) enemy bullets (the count restarts after the shield expires). When this effect activates while an enemy is locked on by "Regina, the Iron Empress", the duration is extended by an additional 8s, and additionally creates a barrier that can absorb up to 1.0% (5.0%) of this ship's Max HP in DMG.???
All Out Assault IIEvery 8 times this ship fires her Main Guns: fires a special barrage. When this effect activates while an enemy is locked on by "Regina, the Iron Empress", the barrage will be improved.???
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Ship DescriptionM级轻巡洋舰—雷根斯堡M級軽巡洋艦-レーゲンスブルクM-class light cruiser – Regensburg.
Biography铁血所属,轻巡洋舰的雷根斯堡。虽没什么值得宣之于口的舰历,但我会证明我可不是像你这样的人能轻易操纵的!雷吉纳(Regina),向低等存在展示我们的力量吧!鉄血所属、軽巡洋艦のレーゲンスブルク。語れるカンレキこそないものの、貴様ごときに簡単に操られるような存在ではないことを証明してやるわ。レジーナ、私たちの力を下等な存在に見せなさい!(ゴォオオ!!!)Iron Blood light cruiser, Regensburg. While I have no particular history to speak of, I'll prove that I'm not so easily controlled by you. Regina, let's show our inferiors what we're made of! (Roooar!)
Acquisition我是铁血轻巡雷根斯堡,操纵黑钢龙艏之人——而我已经知道你的本领了。呵呵,别以为能像掌控别的伙伴那样轻易地掌控我。鉄血軽巡レーゲンスブルク、黒鋼の龍艤(りゅうぎ)を操りし者――そして貴様の手の内はもう知っているわ。ふふふ、この私がほかの子のように簡単に操れるとは思わないことね(ゴォオオ!!)I am the Iron Blood light cruiser Regensburg, wielder of the Darksteel Dragon— and I already know all of your tricks. Hahaha, do not think I will be so easily manipulated like the other girls! (Roooar!)
Login哎呀,真准时呢。我就不问你是守规矩,还是被谁管教成这样的了…快开始今天的工作吧。あら、時間通りね。律儀なのか、それとも誰かにしつけられたかは不問として…今日の仕事をさっさと始めなさいHey, you're right on time. I wonder if you were born dutiful, or if someone had to whip it into you... Either way, get to work.
Details哼,即使是你这样的人,也难以应付舰装呢。这份力量终究是你无法驾驭的,呵呵。あら、貴様ほどの者でも、艤装たちのことに手を焼いているようね。所詮はヒト、過ぎたる力はその身に余ると見えるわ。ふふふWell, well. So even you have a hard time handling my rigging. Unsurprising, a mere human cannot tame its great power. Heehee.
Main怎么了?雷吉纳?到喂食的时间了?喂,你也差不多该休息一下了吧?(ゴォオオ……)なに?レジーナ?そろそろエサの時間?おい、貴様もそろそろ一度休憩に入ったらどう?(Roooar...) What, Regina? Is it feeding time? Shouldn't you be taking a break as well?
Main 2关于收支平衡…你在做什么?你不会觉得放任这些浪费是指挥官该干的事吧?資金の収支は…貴様、何をやっている?まさかみすみす浪費を見逃すことが指揮官のやるべきこととでも言うつもり?Our balance sheet is... What kind of operation are you running here? Don't tell me you think it's okay to overlook such wastefulness.
Main 3阵营不同,驯服舰装的方式也千差万别。你也最好学习一下,以备不时之需。即使它们不能成为你的直接战力,也会有派上用场的时候。艤装の慣らしは陣営ごとに千差万別ね。貴様もいざという時に備えて勉強しておくといい。たとえ貴様の戦う力にならなくとも役に立つときがあるわEvery faction has its own ways of breaking in their rigging. It's something you also might want to pick up on, just in case. Even if they won't help you fight, they might come in handy some other way.
Touch你想摸摸雷吉纳吗?レジーナに触りたいのか?Want to try petting Regina?
Touch (Special)看来你很需要管教呢……しつけがほしいみたいね……Someone needs to be disciplined...
Touch (Headpat)什么?!なっ!?Wha?!
Mission高位者的我负责战斗,在这期间你就负责完成任务吧。就这么决定了。上位者たる私が戦って、その間に貴様が任務とやらをこなすといいわ。決定よLet your superior do the fighting, and in the meantime, you may do your so-called missions. It's decided then.
Mission Complete报酬?没办法变成你的积蓄可真是遗憾呢,呵呵。報酬?貴様の蓄えにならなくて残念ね。ふふふふRewards? Shame you won't get the chance to hoard them. Hahahaha!
Mail有新消息…雷吉纳,是小铁又闯了什么祸吗?不是么…連絡があるわ。…レジーナ、アイゼンがまた何かやらかした?違うか…We've got a new message. What did Eisen break this time, Regina? ...Oh, it's something else?
Return to Port啧,让我费这么多功夫…不是在说你,这是我和舰装之间的问题。っ、手こずらせやがって…貴様とは関係ないわ。これはあくまで私と艤装の問題よっTch, putting me through all this... No, I'm not talking about you. This is a problem between me and my rigging.
Commission Complete雷吉纳,安静!…什么?你说委托组回来了?(ゴォオオ!!!)レジーナ、うるさい!…なに?委託組が戻ってきた?(Roooar!) Silence, Regina! ...What's that? The commission team is back?
Enhancement呵呵,你是打算进一步巩固更居高位者的地位么?ふふふ、まさか貴様、上位者の揺るぎなさをより盤石にするつもり?Heheh. Are you sure you want to consolidate my power at the top of the food chain even further?
Flagship舰装展开!颤抖吧!艤装展開!さあ、恐れおののけ!Deploying rigging! Now, tremble in fear!
Victory到底谁在上谁在下,这下你们切身体会到了吧!(ゴォオオ!!)どっちが上でどっちが下か、これで身をもって分かったかしら(Roooar!) Now do you understand where you sit on the food chain?
Defeat我…我…居然被这样的杂鱼给击败……!この私が…この私がこんなザコたちに…くっ!How could I lose to this... trash?!
Skill咆哮吧!雷吉纳!吼えろ!レジーナ!Roar, Regina!
Low HP怎么能被低等存在打败…!下等な存在にやられるなどと…!I shall not... be defeated by lesser beings!
Affinity (Upset)终究不过是人类。比起支配别人,还是被谁支配更适合你。老实点!所詮はヒト、支配するより支配されるのがお似合いよ。そらっ!In the end, you humans deserve to be on the collar side of the leash. Know your place!
Affinity (Stranger)呵呵,没想到低等存在得意忘形的样子会如此有趣。你可别误会了,我管教舰装和你指挥我,这可是两码事。ふふふ、下等な存在が図に乗ることがこうも面白く映るとは。貴様、勘違いするんじゃないわ。私が艤装をしつけるのと、貴様が私に指示を出すのとはわけが違うわよHahaha! I never thought it would be so funny to see an inferior being pushing their luck. Do not misunderstand; me disciplining my rigging and you giving me orders are two very different things.
Affinity (Friendly)作为普通人,你干得算是不错了。我是承认这一点的,也因此听从你的命令。但那又怎么样?难道你并不打算将我作为部下,而是作为一个个体听命于你吗?貴様はヒトにしてはやる方よ。それは私も認めているし、だからこそ貴様の命令には従ってやっている。だからどうしただと?まさか貴様、私を部下としてではなく、個人的に下に置くつもり?You're not half bad for a human. Even I acknowledge that, which is why I deign to obey your orders. What of it, you ask? I hope you don't think of me as below you in anything but name only.
Affinity (Like)不…我不会承认的!你这样的人的指挥能让我发挥出更多力量什么的——什么?难道那不是我的力量,而是你的?怎么会…难道你比我更强吗?!認めない…私は認めないわ!貴様ごときの指揮で私の力を更に引き出されるなんて――なに?それは私の力ではなく、貴様の力?そんな…貴様が…私よりも強いとでも?!I won't accept it... I won't! I refuse to believe that commands from someone like YOU would draw out more of my power—What? You say this is your power, not mine? No... Do you mean to say... You're stronger than me?!
Affinity (Love)我雷根斯堡居然会输给这样的家伙,输给指挥官…!你到底是何方神圣!?如果就这样继续被你引导出更多的力量的话,我就算不输给你,也会逐渐变得隶属于你…怎么能变成这样…!この私が、レーゲンスブルクがこんなやつに――指揮官ごときに負けるなんて…!貴様は一体何なの?!このまま貴様に力を引き出されれば、貴様に負けて隷属することになってしまう…そんなのは…!To think that I, Regensburg, would lose to this... this Commander! What manner of monster are you?! If I continue to let you draw out my strength, that will make me your subordinate... This can't be!
Pledge可恶!我居然会被你这样的低等存在…无法拒绝…无法拒绝更强,更高等的指挥官——你到底是用了什么手段把我……?难道你想束缚我吗…!?くっ!この私が貴様のような下等な存在に…断れない…より強く、より上位な存在である指揮官に――貴様、一体どんな手を使って私を……まさか、私を縛り付けるというの…!?Kh! Why am I... unable to refuse a lower being such as you...? Damn it, how did you become... stronger, and more superior? ..A ring? Do you mean to tie me down?!
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In battle with Magdeburg掩护我们,雷吉纳!援護しろ、レジーナ! Support us, Regina!
In battle with Ägir不需要你的魔法!交给我就够了!貴様が魔術を使うまでもない!任せなさい! Your sorcery isn't needed. Just leave this to me!
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Ship Description想看这个吗?呵呵,否认也没用。你那微不足道的欲望我可是知道得一清二楚——快点老实承认如何?貴様はこれが見たいのか?ふふふ、否定しても無駄よ。貴様のそのチンケな欲望など手に取るようにわかる――さっさと素直になって認めるのはどう?Wanted to feast your eyes on this, didn't you? Haha, there's no point trying to deny it. All your petty desires are clear as day to me, so why not just be honest about it?
Acquisition想看这个吗?呵呵,否认也没用。你那微不足道的欲望我可是知道得一清二楚——快点老实承认如何?貴様はこれが見たいのか?ふふふ、否定しても無駄よ。貴様のそのチンケな欲望など手に取るようにわかる――さっさと素直になって認めるのはどう?Wanted to feast your eyes on this, didn't you? Haha, there's no point trying to deny it. All your petty desires are clear as day to me, so why not just be honest about it?
Login呵呵,即使是你这样的人也难以抵挡我的魅力。被自己的情感支配的存在,就像舰装一样易于控制呢。ふふふ、貴様ほどの者でも我が魅力には抗えまい。己の感情に支配されるヒトなど、艤装のように御しやすいというものよHehe, even someone like you is powerless before my allure. Those ruled by their emotions are easy to control, just like riggings.
Main?你这是…吓!?快,快把你的手从我的尾巴上移开!没听到吗?!?貴様、何を…ひゃぅ!?は、早く尻尾から手を離せ!聞こえなかったの!?Hm? What are you trying to... Hyeep?! G-get your hands off my tail this instant! Didn't you hear me?!
Main 2雷吉纳好像跑到海深处去了,希望它不要遇到什么危险。(ゴォオオ……)レジーナ、ずいぶんと遠くまで海に出ているようね。危ない目に遭わなければいいのだけれど(Rooooar...) Looks like Regina's gone pretty far out to sea. Hope it doesn't run into any trouble.
Main 3既然来到了海边,那应该有一两件特别想做的事吧?来,随你心意行动就好。海にやってきたからには、することの一つや二つあるでしょ?さあ、早く貴様の好きなようにするがいいわSince you're here at the beach, surely you have a thing or two you'd like to do? Come on, let yourself loose already.
Touch(对了…!我就顺势装个乖好了,在我面前暴露你的弱点吧…!)(そうだ…!もっと素直になって、そして私に貴様の弱みを見せるのだ…!)(That's right! Bare your weaknesses to me as I pretend to be subservient...!)
Touch (Special)…!?为,为什么对我的弱点…!…!?な、なぜ…私の弱いところを…!?Huh?! Wh-why do you know where my weak spot is...?!
Mission任务啊。现在除了享受大海之外,什么任务都不存在吧?任務、今は海を楽しむこと以外に何があるというの?A job? What job could be more important than enjoying your time off at the beach?
Mission Complete报酬永远不嫌多。无论哪种形式的报酬都是这个道理呢。報酬はいくらあっても足りないわ。どんな形のものだろうとねOne can never get enough rewards. Same is always true regardless of what form they come in.
Return to Port雷吉纳好像在和朋友玩耍。你也差不多该休息下了吧?你该不会是想试试看,以你这疲惫的身体能撑多久吧?レジーナが友達と楽しんでいるようね。貴様もいい加減休んだら?まさかその疲れた体がどこまで持ちこたえられるかを試してるわけじゃないでしょうね?Looks like Regina's having a good time with its friends. Why don't you take a break as well? Surely you're not trying to test the limits of your weary body.
Commission Complete是委托组回来了吗?(ゴォオオ……)委託組がもどってきたか?(Grooooowl...) Oh, is the commission team back already?
Defeat如果雷吉纳在这里,我才不会被你们这种的给…!レジーナさえここにいれば貴様らなど…っ!If only Regina were here, I wouldn't be bested by... the likes of you!
Affinity (Love)(不是看我,而是在看别的伙伴?不可能,我雷根斯堡才是指挥官的第一——等等,我在想什么?!我该不会……是在吃醋吧?!)(私ではなくほかの子を見ている?ありえないわ。私が…レーゲンスブルクこそが指揮官にとって一番の――くっ!?なにを考えているの!?まさか私が…嫉妬しているとでもいうの!?)(You're looking at girls other than myself? Impossible! I'm clearly best-suited to be your... Huh?! What the hell am I thinking? How could I be... experiencing jealousy?!)
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Login正等着你呢。我早就知道你很守规矩了。来,着手下一份工作吧。(ゴォオオ!!)待っていたわ。貴様が律儀なことはとっくに把握済みよ。さあ、早く次の仕事を進めなさい(Roooar!) I've been waiting. I already know how dutiful you are. Go on; get to your next job.
Details我不需要你的帮助。再继续依赖你的话,本雷根斯堡的名声将不复威光——也不允许你自作主张地帮忙!貴様の手助けなんて不要よ。これ以上貴様に依存するようではこのレーゲンスブルクの名がすたる――勝手に手伝うのも許さないわ!I don't need your help. Relying on you any more would soil the name of Regensburg– stop trying to help without my permission already!
Main怎么了?那些小小舰装们又怕你了?哼,雷吉纳,明明你这幅模样才正象征了高位者的威严呢…(ゴォオオ……)なに?また小さな艤装たちに怖がられた?ふん、レジーナ、貴様のその見た目こそ上位者の威厳を象徴するものでしょうに…(Roooar...) What? Did you get spooked by the smaller riggings again? Hmph. Regina, you ought to know that your appearance is meant to symbolize the might of a superior being...
Main 2看来存钱罐又满了。哼,可别小看它。积少成多,持续存起的零钱终将成为自己的财宝。貯金箱がまた満杯になったようね。ふん、侮るでないわ。塵も積もれば山となり、小銭も蓄え続ければいずれ己の財宝をなせるわLooks like my piggy bank is full again. Hmph, don't underestimate savings. Every little bit counts, and every penny saved is a penny earned!
Main 3(总有一天我要找到指挥官的弱点,让指挥官再次承认我才是身居高位的存在……在那之前要忍耐才行…!)(いつか指揮官の弱みを見つけ、私が上位者だと再び認めさせてやる……それまでは我慢しないと…っ!)(Someday, I will find the Commander's weakness and prove my superiority... Until then, I'll have to cope with this!)
Touch雷吉纳居然亲近指挥官了…!?(ゴォオオ……)レジーナが指揮官に懐いている…だと?!(Roooar...) Regina? You've... taken a liking to the Commander?!
Touch (Special)可恶…!好不甘心…可是…!くっ…!くやしい…でも…っ!Kh...! This frustrates me to no end, but...!
Mission是任务吗?哼,我来帮你吧。因为这也会成为我的力量。任務か?ふん、手伝ってやろう。これは私の力にもつながるわMissions? Hmph, I'll help you. It'll make me stronger, too.
Mission Complete(那么多的任务报酬…指挥官到底比我强了多少…?!)(あんな数の任務報酬が…指揮官、一体どこまで私を上回っているの…?!)(So many mission rewards... Commander, just how far have you surpassed me?!)
Commission Complete委托组好像回来了,到你履行职责的时候了。委託組が戻ってきたようね。貴様の責務を果たすときよThe commission team is here. It's time to do your job.
Flagship来,发挥出更多的力量吧!さあ、力をもっと引き出しなさいっ!Good. Draw out even more of my power!
Victory这种兴奋感和充实感…这就是指挥官带来的胜利感触吗…!(ゴォオオ!!)この高揚感と充実感…これが指揮官がもたらす勝利の感触というのか…?!(Roooar!) This elation, this sense of fulfillment... Is this the feeling of a victory wrought by the Commander?!
Affinity (Love)(如果指挥官现在下令的话,我肯定会毫无疑问地服从…我怎么如此大意…!明明看上去像是随时都能碾压的人,却拥有着名副其实能驱使我的力量……!)(今、もし指揮官が命令したら、私はきっと何も疑わずにそれに従う…くっ、なんたる不覚…!いつでも捻り潰せそうなやつに見えるというのに、まさか私を文字通り使役できる力を有するなんて……!)(If the Commander gave me an order right now, I'd obey without protest... Rgh, what shame! I ought to be able to crush the Commander between my fingers at a given moment, but I'm like a mere servant!)