Nicoloso da Recco (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 506Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavySardegna EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Nicoloso da ReccoDescription
HP301 Reload73
Firepower21 Torpedo52
Evasion77 Anti-air32
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW51 Luck82
HP1383 Reload140
Firepower59 Torpedo143
Evasion260 Anti-air120
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW126 Luck86
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Navigatori-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
The Exploration SensationFor the first 3 battles of a sortie: increases this ship's AA and EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) and Speed by 5. When the fleet this ship is in defeats an enemy fleet: increases this ship's FP, TRP, and RLD by 0.5% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times).???
Navigator's IntrepidityIncreases DMG taken by enemy CLs by 3.5% (8.0%) while this ship is afloat, but also increases this ship's DMG taken by 1.0%.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault II: Navigatori Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description航海家级驱逐舰—尼科洛索·达雷科ナヴィガトーリ級駆逐艦・ニコロソ・ダ・レッコNavigatori-class destroyer – Nicoloso da Recco.
Biography可不要小看达雷科哦!我可是和许多同伴们一起并肩作战过的!而且还幸运地留到了最后哦!真不愧是我…——啊,被Q舰队袭击的那次只是意外啦!航海士であるわたしはすごいよ!このわたしはかつては様々な仲間たちと奮戦し、かの大戦を無事戦い抜いた――きゅ、Q艦隊のときはただの気まぐれだよ!I'm a navigator, and let me tell you, I'm phenomenal! I fought hard alongside lots of my friends, and even made it through the war in one piece. My run-in with Force Q though, that was just blind luck!
Acquisition噢噢!成功到达港口啦!小小航海家,尼科洛索·达·雷科向指挥官致以敬意!跟我一起,顺着航线走遍世界吧!Andiamo!母港への入港をかくにーん!リトル航海士ニコロソ・ダ・レッコ、指揮官に敬礼!一緒に未知なる海へ…Andiamo(アンディアーモ)!The port's newest arrival, that's-a me! Fun-sized navigator Nicoloso da Recco salutes you, Commander! Andiamo, towards uncharted waters!
Login噢!指挥官你回来了!快点开始我们今天的出航计划吧!お!指揮官、戻ってきたね!今日も航海計画を見てみよう!早く!Ahoy! Good to see you again, Commander! Let's have a look at today's cruising plans!
Details欸,这条航线补给跟不上所以不行吗?…那这条呢?考虑到洋流也不行…真是的,指挥官你太挑剔啦!この航路は補給を考えてないからダメ?じゃあこっちは?こっちも海流のことを考えてないからダメ?…もう指揮官って細かすぎー!This course is a no-go because there's no resupply point along it? Okay, then how about this one? ...Also a no-go; ocean currents are too strong? Stop being such a darn naysayer, Commander!
Main指挥官,还有没有多余的地图借我用用呀?我不会乱来的,只是在上面画画航线而已!指揮官、余った海図とかない?あー別に変なことはしないよ?航路をどうしようかなーってちょっと線を引いてみたいだけ!Commander, got any maps lying around? I'm not gonna mess with them, I just wanna draw some lines, plot a few courses, that sorta stuff!
Main 2指挥官,我想看看你珍藏的勋章,可以吗?…真的只是好奇啦!指揮官の勲章コレクションを見せてもらっていい?…ちょっと気になってるだけだって!Hey, could I have a look at your medal collection? I'm just curious which and how many you have!
Main 3明明大海那么宽广,为什么大家只喜欢走其中的几条航路呢?海はこーんなに広いのに、どうしてみんないつも決まった航路を行きたがるんだろう…Why does everyone just take the same exact route over and over? There's so, so much ocean to see out there!
Touch只要做完这些工作就能准备出航了?我做我做!この仕事を終わらせたら航路の下見をさせてくれるの?よーし、やるぞー!Will you check out the course I plotted after I finish this work? Sweet! I'll have it done in no time!
Touch (Special)达雷科虽然小,但还是有料的!身体が小っちゃくても育ってるところもあるよ!えっへん!I may be short, but I'm stacked! Bada bing!
Touch (Headpat)不要揪我的发带啦!リボンは引っ張らないで~!Ow! Don't pull on my hairband!
Mission指挥官,快把这些任务做完啦!不然可就没法做出航的准备了!指揮官、任務を早く完成するように!…でないと出航の準備ができないよ!Get those missions done, on the double! I'll be stuck idling in port forever otherwise!
Mission Complete任务完成了!指挥官,说好的出航!说·好·的·!任務完了!指揮官、出航の準備は?おーい、出航の準備をさせてくれるって言ったじゃありませんかーMission complete! Can we go on a voyage now? What do you mean?! I thought we had a deal!
Mail有邮件来啦!莫非是新航线开辟的通知?新しいメール!もしや、新航路開通の報せなのでは?New mail's come in! Maybe it's got info on the latest course developments?
Return to Port下一次出航的地点选在哪里比较好呢~次の航海の目的地はどこがいいだろう…Let's see, where should I plot a course to next...
Commission Complete委托完成了!下次试试走别的航线怎么样?委託が完了した!次は別の航路でも行ってみてはどうかな?A commission's been completed! What do you say we try a different course for the next one?
Enhancement向着更遥远的地方前进~遥か、遠い彼方へ……!To the horizon and beyond!
Flagship达雷科船长,出发!ダ・レッコ船長の出航よー!Captain da Recco, setting sail!
Victory碍事的家伙都赶跑了!接下来就可以安心探险啦!邪魔する敵はいなくなったし、安心して探検できるね!That's that annoying bunch dealt with! Now we can explore in peace!
Defeat呜呜,我们是不是来错地方了…あ、あれ?間違った場所にやってきた…?Err, what? Did I take us on the wrong course?
Skill风向测定完毕,开炮!風向きよーし、撃てー!Wind direction accounted for! Fireeee!
Low HP糟了糟了!好像遇到麻烦了!しまった!Oops!
Affinity (Upset)我要把你抛下,自己去航行了!指揮官を置いて出航するよ!I'm going on a voyage! Without you! Buh-bye!
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官!今天天气晴朗,适合出航哦!让我先规划一下航线…指揮官!今日はいい出航日和ね!まずはこの航路で、こう……Ahoy, Commander! Today's a perfect day to go on a voyage! First, we just have to plot a course!
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官!地图上这个空空的地方,说不定还有我们没发现的新地方哦!下次就去这里探险吧!うおお!指揮官、海図に未探索のエリアあり!もしかしたら誰も行ったことのない未知の海が――次の航海はここにしよう!By Neptune's name! Look, Commander, there's an uncharted area on our map! Who knows what secrets it holds! We should go there on our next voyage!
Affinity (Like)“如果平时多帮指挥官的忙的话就考虑一下”…?好!我答应你!普段から指揮官の手伝いをすれば一緒に出航を考えてくれるって?………うおおお!わかった!やるよ!"If you help me out enough, I'll consider taking that route"? Whoa, you mean it?! Sign me up as your assistant!
Affinity (Love)指挥官!接下来就要那个——“约会”了对吧!那么,路线的规划就交给经验丰富的我吧!首先是…欸,还是让指挥官来?唔…那,这次就交给你好了!指揮官、これはつまり「デート」ということだよね!よし、航路…じゃなくて、ルートは経験豊富な航海士であるわたしに任せて、それとも……やっぱり指揮官が決めたいの?んーじゃあ任せた!We've got a date coming up, you and I! Since I am the veteran navigator here, I'll do the course plotting... I mean, itinerary planning! ...You wanna do that yourself? Hmm... All right, I'll leave it to you!
Pledge誓约之后,我们是不是就会变得“心有灵犀”了呀?以后我无论出航去哪,就算没有指南针,也找到回指挥官身边的路!如果这么方便就好了呢,嘿嘿~二人の心をつなげるってことは、コンパスとか艤装とか使わなくても、航海中にいつでも指揮官の居場所がわかるってこと?…ってそんな便利なことあればいいよね!えへへ♪What's it mean to "link our hearts"? Will I know where you are when I'm out at sea, without even using a compass? Ahaha! If only it were so easy, am I right?
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In battle with Aurora, Sirius哇!吓,吓了我一跳…わ!びっくりした…Eep! You again...
In battle with Drake向着未知的冒险Andiamo!未知への探検へAndiamo(アンディアーモ)!Andiamo, to uncharted waters!
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Ship Description这就是重樱的打西瓜啊!资料上说西瓜应该要放到…好!指挥官,帮我把西瓜放那里——嗯?安东尼奥托,不用担心!相信我作为航海家敏锐的感觉!我来啦!これが重桜のスイカ割りってやつね!ほら、指揮官、スイカはそこに置いてー心配いらないよアントニオット!この航海士のセンスを信じて!よーし!いくわよー!I know this one! It's that Sakura Empire watermelon-smashing game! Just put the melon over there, Commander! ...Relax, it'll be fine! Have some faith in my navigator's intuition! Ready? Then let's go!
Acquisition这就是重樱的打西瓜啊!资料上说西瓜应该要放到…好!指挥官,帮我把西瓜放那里——嗯?安东尼奥托,不用担心!相信我作为航海家敏锐的感觉!我来啦!これが重桜のスイカ割りってやつね!ほら、指揮官、スイカはそこに置いてー心配いらないよアントニオット!この航海士のセンスを信じて!よーし!いくわよー!I know this one! It's that Sakura Empire watermelon-smashing game! Just put the melon over there, Commander! ...Relax, it'll be fine! Have some faith in my navigator's intuition! Ready? Then let's go!
Login今天是个出航的好天气呢…不过,达雷科船长正在海滨度假中!指挥官也一起来吧!いい出航日和だけど今日は海辺で遊ぶ日!というわけで指揮官も一緒に遊ぼう!The weather's perfect for a voyage, but Captain da Recco's seaside funtime takes precedence! Come on over and we'll play a game, Commander!
Details待会要吃西瓜哦!指挥官也一起来!あとでスイカを分けて食べるよ!指揮官も来てね!Be sure to stop by later, Commander! We'll split a melon and each have a slice!
Main啊,打西瓜之前要先蒙上眼睛来着?都说了放心啦,安东尼奥托,我一定会准确打到西瓜的,你乖乖躺好就好~んーこれをやる時は目隠しをするんだっけ?ダイジョーブ!スイカはきっちり叩き割るからね!そのままじっとしててーOh, I've gotta put on a blindfold too? No problem! I'll still nail that watermelon! Just make sure it stays in place!
Main 2东煌好像有叫做“胸口碎大石”的祈福仪式呢!欸…?不是祈福仪式吗?確か東煌では石を載せて叩き割るような儀式もあるんだよね!I remember hearing the Dragon Empery's got something similar to this, just with a rock instead of a melon!
Main 3补充水分也是很重要的哦!可不要以为在海边就不会缺水了!水分補給は大事!海だから水に困らないと思ったら大間違いよ!Remember to stay hydrated! Just because you're near the ocean doesn't mean you won't get thirsty!
Touch指挥官也想打看看吗?指揮官もやってみる?Wanna pick up a bat and try for yourself?
Touch (Special)呜哇哇哇哇,指挥官小心球棒!わわ!指揮官、バットが――!Oh shoot! Watch out – airborne bat!
Return to Port欢迎回来!指挥官也想被埋到沙子里吗?おかえり!指揮官も砂浜で埋めてもらってみる?Ahoy! Wanna join my sister here under the sand?
Victory哦哦!出击前打过西瓜真是太好了!…咦,不是祈福的仪式吗?うおお!スイカ割りしててよかった!あれ?戦勝祈願のものじゃなかったの?Woohoo! Good thing I smashed that melon! ...Huh? What do you mean it's not a ceremony to boost your luck?
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Login早呀指挥官!今天是个适合出航的好日子噢!我们赶紧出发吧!指揮官おっはよー!今日はいい出航日和だよ!早く出航しよーよー!しゅっこー!Ahoy-ahoy, Commander! Did you know? It's a perfect day for a voyage! Let's go on one right now!
Details这条航线容易遇上风暴…这条航线肯定会遇难?怎么这样!我都考虑那么久了…この航路は嵐に巻き込まれちゃう…この航路は遭難間違いなし?そんなー!わたし、頑張って考えたのに…><This course will get us caught in a storm? And this one will get us shipwrecked? Dangit, why?! I thought I had it all planned out...
Main指挥官,我买了新的地图哦!…可、可没有乱花钱哦?指揮官、新しい海図を買ってきた!…け、経費は使ってないよ?これはいつも自分で書いたりしている分だから!I bought a new map! ...No, I paid for it myself, out of my own pocket. Making maps is what I do for a hobby!
Main 2指挥官珍藏的勋章!…哦哦,真想让撒丁的其他伙伴也看看呀!指揮官の勲章コレクション!…おおこれはサディアのみんなにも見せたいね!
Main 3Nice medal collection, Commander! I've gotta show these to my Sardegnian friends!
Return to Port下次出航去哪里比较好呢…指挥官觉得呢~!次の航海の目的地はどこがいいだろう…ねー指揮官!Hmm, where should I plot a course to next... Any suggestions, Commander?
Commission Complete委托完成了!开拓新航路果然没那么容易呢…委託が完了した!新航路の開拓はやっぱり難しいね…A commission's been completed! It ain't easy, plotting new courses all the time.
Affinity (Love)“约会”的路线是…好!就这样!果然还是去稍微远一点的海域比较好呢!指挥官,给大家带土特产的任务就交给你了哦!「デート」の航路は…よし、これに決めた!やっぱりちょっと離れた海のほうがいいよね!指揮官、みんなへのお土産は任せたよ!I've worked out a course for our date! It goes to a nice, kinda remote little corner of the sea! Now it's your job to find some souvenirs for everyone!