Musashi (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 217Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityUltra Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1819 Reload57
Firepower91 Torpedo0
Evasion7 Anti-air43
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck33
HP8040 Reload109
Firepower233 Torpedo0
Evasion36 Anti-air163
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck34
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Yamato-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Violet Lightning StormWhen this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (100%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level); if this ship has a Sakura Empire Main Gun equipped, this barrage is improved. This special barrage has 50.0% increased Crit Rate, and the lightning bolts from this barrage inflict a special Armor Break ailment to enemies hit, increasing their DMG taken by 5.0% for 8s; if the enemy hit has Heavy Armor, the Armor Break ailment is increased to 10.0% instead.???
Tempestuous BladeIncreases this ship's FP by 10.0% (20.0%) and ACC by 1.0% (5.0%) . If this ship has Sakura Empire gear equipped: increases this ship's RLD by 1.0% (10.0%) and Main Gun Crit DMG by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
Musashi's GuardianshipWhen the battle starts, if this ship is NOT your Flagship OR your Airspace Control status is not Air Incapability or Air Denial: reduces this ship's DMG taken by 10.0% (30.0%) in that battle. If this ship is afloat, when a fleet this ship is NOT in enters a battle: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) supporting barrage 15s and 35s after the battle starts (DMG is based on the skill's level). [Non-Exercise Only] While this ship is above 40.0% HP: grants the "Musashi's Guardianship" status to all your other Main Fleet ships. Ships with this status: 1) No longer take Ramming DMG; 2) Force Musashi to become Detected as well if they become Detected; 3) Cause Musashi to be prioritized by enemy attacks if they are both valid targets.???
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Ship Description大和级战列舰2号舰—武藏大和型戦艦2番艦—武蔵Yamato-class battleship number two – Musashi.
Biography我乃武藏,原本应为重樱力挽狂澜之人……罢了,哀叹过去并无法改变什么,亦不符合我的作风。至少此次,定要将一切守护到底,无论付出什么代价——妾の名は武蔵、かの大戦では重桜への狂瀾を既倒に廻らすべきだった存在……まあ良いわ。過去を嘆こうと何も変わらぬし、妾の流儀にも反する。せめて此度は……此度は如何なる代償を払っても全てを守り切る――I am Musashi, the existence that was supposed to turn the tides in the Sakura Empire's favor during that war... But there is no point in lamenting the past, as it is not in my nature. All I know is, this time, I shall protect all that is dear to me, no matter the cost.
Acquisition我乃大和级战列舰,武藏。要想让我认可,需得拿出驾驭海上风暴的气势才行呢。不过,对于统帅如此规模之舰队的你来说,应该不是一件难事吧?妾(わたし)は大和型戦艦、武蔵。妾に認められたくば、海を吹き荒れる雷嵐をも鎮める度量を見せよ。なに、これほどの艦隊を率いる汝(そなた)ならばそれも難しくはなかろうI am the Yamato-class battleship, Musashi. If it is my acknowledgment you seek, then quell the storms that rage across these seas with your magnificence. Hm? With a fleet as mighty as yours, even a weakling would find that task trivial.
Login指挥官,今天想从什么事开始着手?没有头绪的话,就让我来帮你统筹吧。指揮官、今日は何から始める?汝に案がなければ、妾が代わりに手配してあげるわCommander, what are your plans for the day? Should you have nothing in mind, I shall arrange your schedule in your stead.
Details庇护追随之人,乃身居上位者的责任。至于指挥官你…就让我来庇护吧,呵呵呵~従う者に庇護を与えんとするは、上に立つ者の責務なり。指揮官である汝も…この妾が守ってあげるわ。ふふふThose with great power have a responsibility to protect those beneath them. Even you, Commander, shall find protection beneath my shade. Hehe.
Main杜鹃鸣叫乃其天性,若不鸣,待之即可。呵呵…领悟到其中的道理了吗,指挥官?鳴くことはホトトギスの性、其奴が鳴かぬなら待てば良いまでのこと。ふふふ…汝には個中の道理が分かるか?It is in the cuckoo bird's nature to chirp. If it does not do so, then all you need to do is wait. Hehe... Do you understand the rationale behind my words, Commander?
Main 2有些时候,静下心来思考谁是你的朋友,比攻击你的敌人更重要呢。時に汝、心を落ち着かせて己が味方のことについて思案するのは、敵を討つことよりも大事よSometimes, it is more important to calm your mind and think about who your allies are than it is to exact vengeance on your enemies.
Main 3感到疲惫的时候尽情地入睡就好。我会在这里保护你,为你打点好一切的。疲れを感じるなら眠るが良し。妾が汝を守り、汝の代わりに所務を上手く取繕ってあげるわIf you are weary, you should not hesitate to rest. I shall protect you and take care of your duties in your absence.
Main 4闲暇之时,我喜欢泡泡脚放松。明明在享受的是离头脑最远的部位,却能缓解精神上的疲劳,真是神奇呢余暇の時は…足湯に浸るのが趣味ね。頭から最も離れた足が湯に浸かれば、頭脳も楽になる――全く、奇妙なことだわIn my spare time... I enjoy foot baths. Soaking my feet in hot water seems to clear my head, despite the fact that the two cannot be farther apart. How curious...
Main 5时常能看到信浓在港区里安稳入眠的身影呢。愿你给予她的美梦能够一直延续下去時折ここで眠っている信濃の姿が見れるわ。汝が与えた夢、永久に続くよう願うばかりよI sometimes see Shinano sound asleep here. May the pleasant dreams you give her last forever.
Touch感到不安、害怕的时候就到我身边来吧,这里是你绝对安全的港湾。不安を覚え、怖気づいたら妾の側においでごらん。汝にとってここは安全な帰る場所よShould you ever feel anxious or frightened, please come to me. Your safe haven is here.
Touch (Special)真是可爱的孩子…想要更亲密的碰触的话,不用害羞,尽管到我怀里来吧。本当に可愛い子…肌の触れ合いがお望みなら恥ずかしがらず、妾の胸の中に飛び込むがいいわHow precious... If the warmth of one's touch is what you crave, then leap into my bosom. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
Touch (Headpat)真是胆大的孩子…呵呵,这种感觉,也不坏…とんだ胆力の子ね……ふふふ、この感じも悪くないわ…A most courageous child... Hehe, I do not object...
Mission新的任务下达了?稳扎稳打的执行即可,切莫急于求成。新しい任務か?地に足をつけて、ゆっくり、そして確実にこなすが良い。功を焦るは禁物よA new mission? Take it one step at a time, and at a comfortable pace. Haste makes waste.
Mission Complete任务报酬已确认,港区的物资储备变更加丰富了呢。任務報酬を確認した。母港の物資備蓄もより潤沢になるわThe mission rewards have arrived. Our stockpiles continue to grow more and more abundant.
Mail给,有你的邮件,我帮你拿来了。受け取りなさい。汝への手紙を持ってきてあげたわI brought over this letter addressed to you. Please look it over.
Return to Port平安归来便好,先好好休息吧。人之一生如负重前行,不可急于求成,以后还有更多的事需要你去做呢。無事帰ってきたならそれで良い。まずはゆっくりなさい。己の業を背負い前へと進んでこその人間よ、功を焦って突っ走ってはならない――汝にはまだたくさんやるべきことがあるわIt is good that you have returned safely. Take your time and rest first. To be human is to trudge forward while carrying karmic burden atop your shoulders. There is no need for haste, for plenty of trials still await you in the future.
Commission Complete委托组的孩子们归来了。虽然不能亲自护送,不过能见到她们平安归来也算是安心了。委託組の子たちが帰還したわ。帰途の護衛には馳せ参じられぬが、あの子たちの無事な様子が見れただけでも喜ばしいわThe children of the commission fleet have returned. I am unable to personally escort them back, but am nevertheless glad to see them safe and sound.
Enhancement合抱之木,生于毫末。今日的点滴积累,终将成就战胜敌人、守护挚爱的利器。「合抱の木も毫末より生ず」――今日の塵のような些事とて、積もれば敵を阻み、己が愛する者達を守る巨峰になるであろう"Even the greatest trees start as small saplings." The smallest bit of effort today may one day become the weapon that shatters the enemy, the bulwark that protects what we love.
Flagship我就在这里,无需怯战,不要冒进,出击吧——武蔵ならここにいる。怯みも焦りも不要、粛々と進むが良い――Musashi has arrived. Let us rid ourselves of haste and trepidation, for we shall advance with great solemnity.
Victory可不能被胜利冲昏了头脑……勝利に浮かれてはならないわDo not allow yourself to become drunk off the nectar of victory.
Defeat不要恋战,也不用惊慌。我会保护好大家的——深入りしすぎず、慌てぬが吉。汝らは妾がしっかり守ってあげるわDo not overextend, and do not panic. I shall see to it that you are protected.
Skill时机已至!時は来たれり!Your time is up!
Low HP无论何时,我都会守护好这一切——いかなる時でも、守り切る……!No matter how dire things may be, I will always protect you!
Affinity (Upset)你若仍要一意孤行,我便不再阻拦…但是,“水可载舟,亦可覆舟”之理,望汝三思…このまま我が道を往くというのなら、汝を止めはせんが……載舟覆舟の理、よく覚えておきなさいIf you insist on continuing down this path, I will not stop you. ...However, never forget that water can either support a ship, or capsize it.
Affinity (Stranger)木秀于林,风必摧之。越是地位显赫之人,越应谨言慎行才是呢,指挥官。出る杭は打たれ、能ある鷹は爪を隠す――汝も、身分が高くなれば、言葉も行動も謹むようにするといいわThe more magnificent the tree, the more it incurs the wind's jealousy. Remember this well - the more you rise in renown and rank, the more you should watch your words and deeds.
Affinity (Friendly)很少见我生气…?呵呵,即便温顺如白兔亦有暴怒之时,从外表擅断他人可是会吃亏的哦?当然,想让我动怒的话需要的本事可不一般就是了。妾が怒る姿を見たことがない…?ふふふ、従順な獣とて牙を剥くこともあろうに、外見で相手を判断すると苦渋を飲まされよう。無論、妾を怒らすことなど並の者には叶うまいYou've never seen me get mad? Hehe... Even the most docile of creatures know when to bare their fangs. You would do well not to judge one by their appearance. Having that said, it does take some extraordinary skill to make me angry.
Affinity (Like)任何人都有感性的一面,你是如此,我亦如此……想看我更加感性的一面?呵呵,那就看你怎么努力了。ヒトには等しく繊細な一面があるわ。汝にも、そして無論妾にも……妾のそういう一面をご所望と?ふふふ、汝の努力次第…とでも言っておくわEvery person has a sentimental side - the same is true for you, as it is for me... Do you wish to see that side of me? Hehe... That all depends on how hard you work for it.
Affinity (Love)怎么了?在我的怀里难以入眠吗?仍然感到局促或不安吗?呵呵~放下所有的顾虑吧,没有任何人能从我武藏的保护中伤害到你的。いかがかしら?妾の胸の中だと眠れない?不安も焦りも忘れられぬと申すか?…ふふふ、汝の持つあらゆる疑いも恐れも全部捨てておくれ。この武蔵の胸の中にいる限り、汝を傷つけるものなど現れるはずがないわWhat's wrong? Are you still unable to find rest even within my bosom? Your anxiety and frustration are not easily set aside, you say? ...Hehe, cast your fears and doubts away and be at peace. As long as you are in Musashi's embrace, you shall be protected from all harm.
Pledge将所有的不安、迷惘与害怕都交给我,你只要注视着理想前进就好。更多、更多地依靠我吧,没有任何事物能将你从我的身边夺走的,我的指挥官——汝の不安・戸惑い・恐れを全て妾に預け、迷わず前に進むことだけ考えるが良いわ。さあ、妾をもっともっと頼りにしなさい。愛する指揮官よ、いかなる存在からも、妾から汝を奪わせはせん――Entrust all your anxieties, doubts, and fears to me, and focus your mind only on moving forward without hesitation. Come, let me become your bedrock, your foundation. My beloved Commander, nothing in existence shall ever tear you from me.
In battle with Mikasa一路走来,辛苦了。今まで苦労をかけたわ Thank you for everything you've done.
In battle with Nagato请到我的身后来…!妾の後ろにお入り…! Stand behind me!
In battle with Shinano让敌人感受大和级的力量吧!大和型の偉力を見せるが良い!Let us show them the might of the Yamato class.
In battle with Amagi有你从旁辅佐,便可全力一战!汝の補佐あらば妾も全力で戦えよう! With you supporting me, I can unsheath even more of my might!
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Ship Description“主人,欢迎回来。”我看店里的孩子们在接待你时都会这么说,据说是某种习俗?「おかえりなさいませ。主さま」と、汝相手に模擬店の子たちが口を揃えてこのような科白を言っているわね。ふふふ、もしや風情の類のものか?"Welcome back, Master." Rather, that's what all the children at the café were saying to you when they greeted you at the door. Hehe, is this some new custom?
Acquisition“主人,欢迎回来。”我看店里的孩子们在接待你时都会这么说,据说是某种习俗?「おかえりなさいませ。主さま」と、汝相手に模擬店の子たちが口を揃えてこのような科白を言っているわね。ふふふ、もしや風情の類のものか?"Welcome back, Master." Rather, that's what all the children at the café were saying to you when they greeted you at the door. Hehe, is this some new custom?
Login想要点下酒菜么?或者点心?那我来喂你吧,啊——所望するのは肴?それとも甘味?ふふふ、汝に食べさせてあげるわ。あーんして――Would you like a savory appetizer, or perhaps something sweet? Hehe, open your mouth. Allow me to feed you.
Details指挥官,要不要考虑去店里帮忙?或者就坐在这里也行。一直在视线内找不到你的话,挺让人担心的……汝も模擬店の手伝いでもしないか?ふふふ、ずっとここに居座るといいわ。汝を視線に捉えられぬとどうしても心配で……Would you also like to help out with our pop-up café? Though, I don't mind if you just stay put over there. I can't help but worry when I am unable to see you...
Main既然载功而归了,我会让人准备好点心犒劳大家。呵呵,当然是免费的。戦功輝かしき快勝ね。仲間を労う甘味なら手配してあるわ。ふふふ、祝いの品にお代は要らないわTo celebrate this great victory, I shall see to it that our friends are served the finest refreshments. Hehe, naturally, it'll all be free of cost.
Main 2下单的甜点迟迟没送达么?无妨,我大概明白什么情况了……酒匂,能过来这边一趟么?件の甘味の注文はまだ届いておらぬか?よい、状況は理解した――酒匂、こっちへ来なさいThe item you ordered was never delivered? Worry not, I think I understand the situation... Sakawa, I'd like to have a word with you.
Main 3这些孩子们都为店里付出了她们的心血,即使是偶尔有差池也并非不可饶恕。如果有人仅凭这一点就对她们胡搅蛮缠,那就不得不给这些无理者一点教训了。模擬店の子たちが尽力してくれているわ。些細な間違いならば大目に見てあげるのが道理、見逃さずにいつまでもしつこく絡んでくる無礼者がいたら教訓を与えるまでよThe girls have been giving it their all to make our pop-up café a success, and a few accidents are nothing we cannot overlook. If anyone feels aggrieved on this basis alone, then it is only fitting to teach them a lesson.
Touch有哪个孩子服务不周到么?我这就去提醒一下她……嗯?只是想追加点单么?接客ができていない子が…?今言いつけに……違う?ただの追加注文?Is someone's service unsatisfactory? I shall go remind her then... That's not it? You just need me to handle an extra order?
Touch (Special)尽管在我的怀里放松吧,在这里没有人能打扰到你的妾の胸の中で楽にしてなさい。ここなら誰も汝を邪魔できないわComfort and solace await you in my bosom. No one shall be allowed to disturb you.
Mission既来之则安之,任务的事情之后再去考虑便好。来たからには落ち着いてくつろぎなさい。任務のことは後回しで構わないわSince you're here, put your troubles aside for now. We can worry about your mission later.
Return to Port出击辛苦了,随便找个位置坐坐吧。待我手头的琐事处理完了,我会亲自来招待你的。出撃ご苦労ね。お好きな席でくつろぎなさい。妾は手元の些事をこなしたのち、汝への接客を行おう。うふふGood job on your sortie. Go ahead and take a seat anywhere you want. After I take care of the rest of my chores, I shall come serve you personally. Hehe.
Flagship肃清这些扰乱清净之所的家伙!清浄な場を穢す輩を祓除してくれよう!Let us expurgate those who would muddy this tidy place!
Defeat得先换一身衣服整理好仪表再回去了……一度この一張羅を整え直さねば………I'll have to tidy this mess up first...
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Login指挥官,今天要做的事情也帮你安排好了哦,首先是……指揮官、汝の今日の業務は既に妾が手配してあるわ。まずは――Commander, I have already arranged your activities for the day. First off...
Main有觉得难以应付的同伴么?不得不面对她们的时候,就让我随同你一起吧。若是胆敢冒犯你,那我也……不是这个意思吗?仲間の中で苦手な子がいると?ふふふ、そのような子に相対する必要があるときは妾も連れて行くといいわ。汝に楯突くというのなら妾も……そうではないと?You find some of my colleagues difficult to deal with? Just bring me along next time. I shall teach them that an insult to you is an insult to me as well... Oh, that's not what you meant?
Main 2呼……有些疲倦了呢。一起去泡泡脚吧,指挥官,你也应该休息一下了ふぅ…些か疲れたわね。妾とともに足湯でもいかが?汝とてそろそろ休憩したい頃ではなくて?Phew... What a long day. Would you like to soak in the foot bath with me? I believe you've earned yourself a break.
Main 3喜欢吃的食物?那自然是鲷鱼。尤其是鲷鱼天妇罗,真是人间美味呢~好きな食べ物?鯛ね。特に揚げたての鯛の天ぷら。まさに絶品と言えようMy favorite food? It'd have to be sea bream. Especially freshly-fried sea bream tempura. Truly a wonderful taste not to be missed.
Main 4对应酬感到疲惫的话,需要出面的事就交给我吧,放心吧,我会一如既往地,为你打点好一切的~ヒト付き合いの雑用なら妾に任せるといいわ。安心なさい。いつも通りに汝の代わりに上手く取り組んであげるIf you ever tire of petty formalities, allow me to handle the socializing for you. As always, I will make sure everything is done to perfection.
Touch膝枕已经准备好了,快躺上来吧~妾の膝はもう準備万端よ。早くここで横になるが良いわMy lap awaits you. Hurry and come enjoy your respite.
Touch (Special)喜欢这种触感的话,把头整个埋进来也无妨哦?呵呵~この感触が気に入ったなら、頭をうずめても構わないわ。ふふふIf this sensation is to your liking, you are welcome to dive in face-first. Hehe.
Return to Port已经回来了?明明和你说了准备返航的时候告诉我一声,让我亲自护送你回来的…もう戻ってきたの?帰途には妾に護衛をつけさせてほしいと申したのに……You're back already? Did I not ask you to inform me beforehand so I can escort you personally...?
Commission Complete委托的孩子们回来了。你要去迎接的话,我陪你一起。委託組の子たちが帰還したわ。出迎えなら妾も同行させてThe children of the commission fleet have returned. If you are going to greet them, do bring me with you.
Victory你只要安心享受胜利的喜悦就好,呵呵~安心して勝利の余韻だけに酔いしれなさい。ふふふRelax and bask in the afterglow of victory. Hehe.
Defeat死斗绝非上策。撤退吧,待重组阵列后再战也不迟。死闘は上策にあらず。撤退なさい。態勢を立て直してからまた戦えばいいわFighting until the bitter end serves no purpose. Withdraw for now, and come back after regrouping your forces.
Affinity (Love)忙完今天最后的事情之后,就早点回来睡觉吧。……你说“回来”是指?当然是字面意思。若是有心怀不轨之人趁熟睡之际偷袭……偷偷占你便宜时,若有我在身边坐镇,你就能高枕无忧了。本日の奉公を終えたら妾の側に戻るといいわ。……戻る、とはだと?そのままの意味であろう?汝の寝首をかく…いや、汝の寝込みを襲うような子が現れようと妾の側なら安全であろうにReturn to my embrace after finishing today's work. What do I mean by "return," you ask? Exactly how it sounds. I wish to pamper... I mean, protect you from those who would take advantage of you in your sleep.