Lexington (JP 🇯🇵: レキシントン, CN 🇹🇼: 列克星敦)
Ship IDNo. 73Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRarityElite
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time03:40:00
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENAugust 16, 2018
KRMarch 27, 2018
CNMay 27, 2017
JPSeptember 13, 2017
Voice actressMinami Shinoda
Lexington-class aircraft carrier ー Lexington, Hull Number CV-2!
The Beauty of Spring Description
Hehe… sometimes you can completely change the way people see you with just a simple change in attire. Don't you agree, Commander~? Don’t worry, I'm still your Lexington~
HP1183 Reload41
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion13 Anti-air57
Aviation75 Cost0
ASW0 Luck35
HP5076 Reload78
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion56 Anti-air214
Aviation198 Cost0
ASW0 Luck37
Limit Break
Tier 1All fighters +1 | Dive Bomber efficiency +3%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Dive Bombers +1 | Dive Bomber efficiency +5%
Tier 3All Dive Bombers +1 | Dive Bomber efficiency +7%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Dive Bomber115%/118%/123%/130%1/1/2/30/0/0/0
3Dive Bomber115%/118%/123%/130%1/1/2/30/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1BTD-1 Destroyer
Fleet Tech
T7 Aircraft Carrier: Lexington-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock12 +2
Max LimitBreak25
Lv.12018 +1
Artillery CoverEvery 20 (10) s: provides covering fire with CA-caliber Main Guns. Covering fire DMG is based on the skill's level.Default Unlocked
Fleet CarrierWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: increases the DMG of your Vanguard by 5.0% (15.0%) for 8s. Does not stack with the same skill.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description列克星敦级航空母舰—列克星敦,舷号CV-2レキシントン級航空母艦・レキシントン(CV-2)Lexington-class aircraft carrier ー Lexington, Hull Number CV-2!
Biography我是航空母舰列克星敦。 温柔?因为算是大家的大姐姐嘛,而且指挥官在我看来也是可爱的后辈哦。 看到萨拉她那么努力,做姐姐的也就放心了,指挥官也请对她多多包涵哦あらぁ、私は航空母艦・レキシントンよ。 優しい?みんなのお姉ちゃんだからね~私からすれば指揮官もかわいい後輩くんよ。 サラトガちゃんが努力しているのを見るとお姉ちゃんも安心するわ。あの娘のことも色々見てあげてねOh my~ I am aircraft carrier Lexington. I'm gentle? That's because I'm everyone's older sister~ That means you are a cute junior too! I feel assured since I've seen Saratoga working hard. Please give some attention to her as well
Acquisition贵安~指挥官,我是列克星敦,听说,我的名字来源于白鹰独立战争中荣耀的第一枪呢。职业的偶像是需要拥有丰厚的胸怀的,你觉得我说的对么?(笑)ご機嫌よ~指揮官さん♪私はレキシントンよ。名前はかつて独立戦争での最初の戦場から来たと聞いているわ。アイドルとして心が豊かでなければならないと思うけど、あなたもそう思わない?Good day, Mr. Commander~ I am Lexington. I heard that my name was from the first battlefield of the War for Independance. As an idol, I think I need to have a big heart. Don't you agree?
Login指挥官大人~~今天我们要去哪呢?你放心,只要有我在就算是会飞的鹤都逃不出我的手掌~あらら~指揮官?今日はどこに向かう?大丈夫、私がいれば空飛ぶクレーンだって逃さないわOh my~ Where are you heading, Commander? Don't worry. As long as I'm around, even the high flying crane won't get away
Details眉头都皱成“W”字了呐,指挥官也辛苦了呢…あらぁ、眉をひそめてて、指揮官も大変ね…Aww, your frown has curled your brows. You have your share of hard work too, Commander...
Main虽然不像妹妹们那么有活力,不过作为姐姐的魅力我还是有自信的哦,你说对吗~妹たちほど活発じゃないけれど、お姉ちゃんとしての魅力に自信あるわ。そうでしょ~I'm not as lively as my younger sister, though I'm confident in my own charms. What do you think~
Main 2真是的,萨拉那孩子又跑到哪儿去了呢,真是个让人困扰的孩子あらら、サラトガちゃんったらどこに隠れたの?世話の焼ける子ね…Oh my, where is Saratoga hiding? She's such a handful...
Main 3电力十足?偶像当然要有电力十足的眼神呀~~目が色っぽい?アイドルたるものは、目も色っぽくないとね~My eyes are gorgeous? Well, for an idol, my eyes have to look like this~
Touch指挥官感觉就像是个不成器的后辈似的呢~指揮官、なんかできのわるい弟くんみたい♪Commander, you seem like a hapless little brother~
Touch (Special)呵呵,指挥官不甘心当后辈吗~あらら、指揮官は弟くんじゃ不満なの~?Oh goodness, are you unsatisfied with being the younger brother?
Mission还有一些任务没有完成呢,指挥官~あら指揮官、完成していない任務まだあるわよ~Oh Commander, there are still missions that have yet to be completed~
Mission Complete孩子们,去把任务奖励领回来给指挥官吧艦載機たち、ミッションボーナスを指揮官に持ってきてCarrier planes, bring the mission rewards to the Commander
Mail新的信件来了,指挥官要是忙的话,就由我代为回复吧?新しいメールが来たわよ。手が空かないなら代わりに私が返そうか~A new mail has arrived. If your hands are full then perhaps I should reply it for you~
Return to Port啊啦,脸上有脏东西,不要动,我来帮你擦掉~あらぁ、顔に何かが付いているわ。拭き落とすから、じっとしてて~Oh, something's on your face. I'll wipe it off, so don't move~
Commission Complete咦……哎呀,委托组的姐妹们好像回来了呢あらあら、委託組の娘たちが帰ってきたようねOh my~ The girls of the commission team have returned
Enhancement忽然有点想唱歌呢,你愿意听吗?ふふん、急に歌いたい気分なの。聞いてくれる?*giggles* I suddenly feel like singing. Wanna listen?
Flagship诸位,一起为指挥官取回胜利吧!みんな、指揮官のために勝利を取り戻すわよ!Everyone! Let's claim victory for our Commander!
Victory呵呵,Lady Lex的称呼可不只是好听哦~うふふ、レディレックスは伊達じゃないわよ~*giggles* Lady Lex is not really a title of mine~
Defeat哎呀……已经跟不上它们的节奏了,还是先撤退吧?あらぁ、向こうのペースについていけなくなったわ。ひとまず撤退しましょ?Oh my~ we can't keep up with their pace. Should we retreat for now?
Skill去吧,孩子们艦載機たち、いきなさい!Go forth, carrier planes!
Low HP我来唱支歌为大家加油吧私の歌でみんなを応援しようか~Maybe it's time to cheer everyone up with my song~
Affinity (Upset)要是以为姐姐什么都会包容那可就大错特错了唷あらら、お姉ちゃんがなんでも受け入れてくれると思ったら大間違いよ?Oh dear, you are mistaken if you think I'm going to accept everything you do.
Affinity (Stranger)所谓偶像,就是要给大家都带来欢笑的职业,其中当然也包括指挥官的笑容哟,呵呵~アイドルはみんなに笑顔をもたらす職業なの。もちろん指揮官にも、うふふ~Being an idol is a job that brings smiles to everyone. Of course, that includes you too, Commander. *giggles*
Affinity (Friendly)最近梦到珊瑚海的时候身边总会出现指挥官的身影,让人安心了许多,为什么呢~最近珊瑚海の夢を見る時いつも指揮官がいて、なんだか安心するの。なんでだろう~Recently, whenever I dream about the Coral Sea, you are there, Commander. It somehow makes me feel safe. I wonder why~
Affinity (Like)指挥官可以来当我的经纪人吗?既有能力,又了解我,还值得依赖的人,只能想到指挥官了呢~指揮官、私のマネージャーをやってみない?有能で私のことを知っていて、頼れそうなのは指揮官ぐらいしか思いつかないのよね~Commander, wanna try becoming my manager? You're capable and you know me, and I can't think of you as anything short of dependable~
Affinity (Love)个人live?呵呵,没有这样的计划哦~不过要是某人忽然送我一枚戒指的话,也许每天都会有哦,而且只有一个位置也说不定~ソロライブ?あら、そういう計画がまだないわ。でも誰かさんが指輪でもプレゼントしてくれたら、もしかして毎日開催されるかも?しかも観衆は一人だけで、ねぇ~A solo live show? Oh, I haven't had plans for that yet. But if someone were to give me a ring as a present, maybe I'll host that kind of show every day. And the audience is only a single person, you see~
Pledge哎呀,这是……呵呵,还以为指挥官要让我等多久呢~这样的话,只有一个位置的个人live就要开始售票了呢,举办时间是——永远哦~あら、あらあらあらあら~指揮官はいつまでお姉ちゃんを待たせるかなぁって思ってたのに~うふふ、じゃあ観衆が一人だけのライブはそろそろチケット発売ね~開催期間は――永遠よ~Oh, oh my oh my~ I was wondering how long I would have to wait for you, Commander~ *giggles* Well then, the private live show ticket has been sold out~ The show goes-- forever~
In battle with Saratoga萨拉,别太调皮哦サラトガちゃん、いたずらもほどほどにねSara, don't be naughty!
In battle with Yorktown结束后要一起喝杯茶吗~終わったらお茶でも一緒にどう?Should we get some tea together when this is over?
In battle with !UNKNOWN! (10)猴子军团来咯The Monkey Corps have arrived!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description呵呵…有时候换个装扮,给人的印象就完全不同呢,你说是吧,指挥官~?不用担心,列克星敦依旧是您的列克星敦哦~ふふふ、衣装を変えるだけで、与える印象がだいぶ変わる時もあるもんね。ね?指揮官~?あら、心配しなくていいわよ。あなたのレキシントンは変わらないわ~Hehe… sometimes you can completely change the way people see you with just a simple change in attire. Don't you agree, Commander~? Don’t worry, I'm still your Lexington~
Acquisition呵呵…有时候换个装扮,给人的印象就完全不同呢,你说是吧,指挥官~?不用担心,列克星敦依旧是您的列克星敦哦~ふふふ、衣装を変えるだけで、与える印象がだいぶ変わる時もあるもんね。ね?指揮官~?あら、心配しなくていいわよ。あなたのレキシントンは変わらないわ~Hehe… sometimes you can completely change the way people see you with just a simple change in attire. Don't you agree, Commander~? Don’t worry, I'm still your Lexington~
Login欢迎回来,指挥官。您对东煌的习俗了解吗?…那就跟我讲解一下东煌新年的习俗吧~我可是兴趣满满呢~指揮官、おかえり~東煌(とうこう)の風習について詳しい?…そう?「キュウショウガツ」の風習について教えてもらえないかな。結構興味があるわよWelcome back, Commander. Are you well acquainted with the customs of the Dragon Empery? Then, why don't you tell me a bit about their New Year? I'm quite curious~
Main偶像在演出时会有多种衣着服饰的变化,在舞台中扮演的角色也不尽相同…要是能为大家带来欢笑,我就感到非常欣慰了~アイドルはライブ中に色んな衣装に着替えて、色んな個性を演出しているわ。皆を笑顔にすることができれば満足よ~An idol will change her outfits and dresses several times during a performance, each one bringing forth a different character... As long as I can bring smiles to everyone's faces, I will be happy.
Main 2萨拉,就算是节日也不可以太闹腾哦,给人带来麻烦可不行呢
Main 3穿着这身衣服,使唤孩子们就特别来劲~嘻嘻,指挥官,现在的我有没有一家之主的感觉呢?この衣装を着ていると、艦載機の子たちを繰り出す時は妙にやる気になるわね。ふふ、指揮官、今の私って「イッカノチョウ」の雰囲気があると思わない?Wearing this outfit seems to have gotten the children all fired up~ Hehe, Commander, don't you think this outfit brings out my domestic side?
Touch指挥官这么喜欢我的新装吗?要不要拜托东煌的孩子们帮指挥官也做一身呢?指揮官は東煌風の衣装がお気に入りなの?じゃあ東煌の子たちに頼んで指揮官の衣装でも作ってもらおうか?Commander, do you like my dress that much? Should we ask the Empery girls to tailor an outfit for you as well?
Return to Port作战辛苦了,指挥官。来品尝一下结合了东煌和白鹰风格的列克星敦特别料理吧~指揮官、作戦お疲れ様。ユニオンと東煌、それぞれの特徴を組み合わせたレキシントン特製料理――食べてみない?A well-fought battle, Commander. Why don't you come try my Lexington-style East-West fusion cooking?
Victory呵呵,果然新装会带来新的喜悦呢~うふふ、新しい衣装に着替えるとやっぱりいいことがあるわ~Hehe, new outfits do bring new joys with them after all~
Affinity (Love)在东煌,新年象征着喜庆和阖家团圆。像现在这样,和我的指挥官在一起,和港区的孩子们在一起,不知道算不算是“阖家团圆”呢?呵呵~東煌のお正月は一家団欒してお祝いするのね~母港の皆と一緒にお祝いする私と指揮官も「一家団欒」って言えるのかな?ふふふ~In the Dragon Empery, the New Year symbolizes joy and reuniting with family. Commander, just being together with you and all the children in the port right now, counts as a "family reunion," doesn't it? Hehe~