Kuybyshev (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 577Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP748 Reload72
Firepower33 Torpedo0
Evasion30 Anti-air63
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW36 Luck73
HP3132 Reload138
Firepower91 Torpedo0
Evasion107 Anti-air234
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW91 Luck77
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Chapayev-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Unyielding PathfinderOnce 3s after the battle starts, and with a 40.0% (70.0%) chance every 20s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
Hope is Calamity's HandmaidenWhen the battle starts: increases this ship's FP and ACC by 5.0% (15.0%) and, if there are any other Northern Parliament ships in your fleet, decreases this ship's cannon DMG taken by 1.0% (10.0%) . Once per battle, when this ship has lost a total of 25.0% of her max HP in a battle: restores 3.5% (8.0%) of this ship's max HP. Increases your Northern Parliament Vanguard ships' Crit DMG dealt by 15.0% (30.0%) .???
All-Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Kuybyshev once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description恰巴耶夫级轻巡洋舰—古比雪夫チャパエフ級軽巡洋艦・クイビシェフChapayev-class light cruiser – Kuybyshev.
Biography我是68-k型,恰巴耶夫级古比雪夫。在参与曾经那场大战前,因为建设被中止,失去了活跃的机会。不能说没有遗憾,因此相应地,我想成为你的力量。请多关照,指挥官68-k型、チャパエフ級のクイビシェフ。かの大戦に参加する前に建造が中止され、活躍する機会を失ったわ。悔いがないと言えば嘘になるけど、その分あなたの力になれればいいと思う。指揮官、よろしくProject 68-K, Chapayev-class cruiser Kuybyshev, at your service. My construction was halted before the war, robbing me of my opportunity to contribute. I have to admit that I have my regrets, but I plan to do all I can now to make up for it. You have my full support, Commander.
Acquisition指挥官,见到你很高兴。我是北方联合所属的轻巡洋舰古比雪夫。让我们更加坚强起来,度过这场战争吧。指揮官に会えて嬉しいわ。私は北方連合所属・軽巡クイビシェフ。心を強くして、一緒にこの戦争を乗り越えようIt is an honor and a joy to meet you, Commander. I am Kuybyshev, light cruiser of the Northern Parliament. Let us steel our hearts to weather the war ahead.
Login(呼气)…啊,指挥官,早上好。要是冷的话就靠近一点吧。我的舰装会让你更暖和些的。ふぅ…指揮官、おはよう。寒かったらこっちにおいで。私の艤装で温めてあげるわAhh... Good morning, Commander. If you find yourself cold, come to me. I can warm you with my rigging.
Details我不怕受伤。即使受伤,只要保护了指挥官和伙伴们,我也心甘情愿。呵呵。傷つくのは怖くないわ。私が傷ついても指揮官と仲間たちのことを守ることができたら、それでいいと思う。ふふふI'm not afraid of being hurt. If it means protecting you and the others, I'll take that bargain every time. Heehee.
Main嗯……没问题。今天审查文件的检查也没有疏漏。一直以来辛苦了。んっ……大丈夫。今日の審査書類のチェックも抜かりないわ。いつもお疲れさまNnh... I'm fine. Today's document review is another behemoth. Thank you for all you do.
Main 2呼,呼…应该差不多了。指挥官,咖啡端过来了。趁还没凉,用这个暖暖身吧。ふぅふぅ…これでいいかな。指揮官、コーヒーよ。冷めないうちにこれで体を温めて*blows*... That should do it. Here's your coffee, Commander. Warm yourself while it's still hot.
Main 3相信自己。为了碧蓝大海的和平,你至今的作为肯定有其相应的价值的。自分のことを信じていて。青き海の平和のためにあなたがしてきたことは、きっとそれに相応しい価値があるわBelieve in yourself. Your accomplishments in bringing peace to these blue seas are more than worthy.
Touch别担心,有我在。大丈夫、私はここにいるわWorry not. I am here for you.
Touch (Special)“略式处罚”……听说过吗?「略式処罰」……聞いたことがある?Tell me, are you familiar with the phrase "summary offense?"
Touch (Headpat)没事的,谢谢你担心我。大丈夫よ。心配してくれてありがとうI'm fine. Your concern is much appreciated.
Mission未完的任务…有什么我能帮上忙的尽管说。未完了の任務…私に手伝えることがあったら何でも言ってUnfinished missions await. If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate.
Mission Complete看来任务完成了。喝个罗宋汤稍作休息吧?任務をこなしたようね。ボルシチでも飲んで少し休もう?Back from another mission? Why don't you rest with a warm bowl of borscht?
Mail信到了。趁读完心情还未冷却时,把回信写了吧?手紙が来たよ。気持ちが冷めないうちに返信をしたためたら?Your mail has arrived. Why don't you reply to it while the feelings behind them still burn?
Return to Port欢迎回来。由于刚才的战斗,你的衣服有些湿了…以防感冒还是换身衣服比较好。把手给我吧。おかえり。さっきの戦闘で少し濡れてしまったようね…風邪を引くから一度着替えたほうがいいと思う。手を貸してWelcome back. You got a little wet during that last battle, didn't you? Best change your clothes before you catch cold. Here, give me your hand.
Commission Complete听说委托的伙伴们要回来了。我去给她们领路吧。委託組が戻ってくるそうね。母港まで案内してくるわThe commission team has returned. I'll escort them back to port.
Enhancement为下次战斗做好准备吧。次の戦いに備えましょうWe must be ready for our next battle.
Flagship畏惧我!然后随我共进吧!恐れよ!そして続け!Fear me! Then, follow my lead!
Victory是美妙而温暖人心的胜利呢。呵呵。素晴らしく、そして心温まる勝利ね。ふふふWhat a wonderful, heart-warming victory.
Defeat我倒下没关系,只要伙伴们还……!私は倒れてもいい。でも仲間だけは……っ!It doesn't matter if I fall, as long as my comrades make it out!
Skill融化吧!融けなさい!Can you take the heat?!
Low HP呜…!撑下去…!くっ…!持ちこたえて…!Ugh! I must... withstand this!
Affinity (Upset)……果然还是像恰巴耶夫一样,调教一下比较妥当呢。…やっぱりチャパエフのように躾けてあげたほうが適切なようねPerhaps I must discipline you as Chapayev would.
Affinity (Stranger)夜晚的港区很冷。特意在这时的港区外出走动的指挥官,我想一定有什么特别的理由。方便的话…告诉我好吗?夜の母港は寒いわ。そしてそんな夜の母港をわざわざ歩く指揮官には、きっと何かワケがあるのでしょうね。よかったら…私に教えて?The port is chilly at night. You must have some reason for being here at this hour. Would you be willing to share why?
Affinity (Friendly)又在这遇见了呢。不要紧吗?不冷吗?不仅是身体,我希望指挥官的心也一直都温暖健康呢。呵呵。またここで会えたわね。大丈夫?寒くない?体のことはもちろん、指揮官の心のことも、ずっと温かいままで、健やかなままでいてほしいわ。ふふふFancy meeting you here again. Aren't you cold? I don't just mean your body; I want your heart and mind to be warm and healthy evermore... Heehee.
Affinity (Like)好孩子,摸摸头。早上醒来后,再变回大家可靠的指挥官吧。在那之前…可以一直待在我身边哦。よしよし、いい子いい子。朝目覚めたら、また皆の頼れる指揮官に戻ってね。それまでは…私のそばにずっといていいからThere, there. You can go back to being the Commander everyone leans on tomorrow. Until then... You may stay here with me.
Affinity (Love)今晚的月色真美…这种内心变得暖呼呼的感觉,好像只有和指挥官在一起时才能体会到呢。把烦恼和弱处展现给我的指挥官,如果能像这样一直看下去就好了…呵呵,再待一会儿吧。现在比起我,多欣赏下月色吧?今夜の月は綺麗ね。…この心がぽかぽかする感触、指揮官と一緒のときだけみたい。悩みも弱みも見せてくれた指揮官のことを、ずっとこうして見ていてあげたいな…ふふふ、もう少しだけこのままで。今は私より、月を見ていてIsn't the moon beautiful tonight? You know... I only feel this heartwarming sensation when I'm with you. You've shared your worries and vulnerabilities with me... I don't want to take my eyes off of you. Heehee, but don't turn to me; keep your eyes fixed on the moon for just a while longer.
Pledge指挥官,请勿忘记。即使人生背叛了你,也不要悲伤,不要愤怒。我会一直在你身边,温暖你的心,直到雪息天晴为止——指揮官、心に銘じて。人生があなたを裏切っても、悲しんだり、怒ったりしないで。私はずっとあなたのそばにいて、雪が止み、空が晴れるまで、あなたの心を温め続けてあげるわ――Take this to heart, Commander. If humanity ever betrays you, do not be saddened or angered. I will stay by your side and keep you warm until the snow stops and the sky is clear.
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In battle with Chapayev由我上前!恰巴耶夫!先導する!チャパエフ!Chapayev, I'll take the lead!
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Ship Description…演奏到此结束。算是为东煌的春节献上了绵薄之力…指挥官也是来听演奏的吗?那…刚才曲子的感想如何?呵呵~…これにて一曲終わり。東煌の春節に微力ながらも協力させてもらったわ。…指揮官も聞きに来たの?じゃあ…今の曲の感想はどうだった?ふふふ...Thus marks the end of this tune. The Dragon Empery has graciously allowed me to perform in their Spring Festival celebration. Are you here to listen, Commander? In that case... How did you like the song? Heehee.
Acquisition…演奏到此结束。算是为东煌的春节献上了绵薄之力…指挥官也是来听演奏的吗?那…刚才曲子的感想如何?呵呵~…これにて一曲終わり。東煌の春節に微力ながらも協力させてもらったわ。…指揮官も聞きに来たの?じゃあ…今の曲の感想はどうだった?ふふふ...Thus marks the end of this tune. The Dragon Empery has graciously allowed me to perform in their Spring Festival celebration. Are you here to listen, Commander? In that case... How did you like the song? Heehee.
Login说是春天,天气还很冷呢。小心别感冒了哦?春とは言ってもまだ寒いわよ。風邪を引かないよう注意して?Though they say spring has come, the wintry wind has not yet left. Be careful you don't catch a cold, okay?
Details还是很在意绷带啊。抱歉,这个是准备装饰的时候不小心撞到的…让你担心了。包帯のことがやっぱり気になるのね。ごめんなさい、お飾りを準備した時にちょっとぶつけちゃって…心配をかけてしまったわねOh, you're curious about my bandages? I hit my head while I was decorating... Sorry to worry you.
Main赐予冬日悠远绵长的生命之息,点缀春天的灿烂明亮的团圆之趣——东煌的音乐正好表现出了这一层寓意呢。享耳福指的就是这种事吧。悠々たる命の息吹を冬に、燦々たる団らんの趣を春に――東煌の音楽は風情がよく表現されているわ。耳が幸せとはこういうことかなThe subtle serenity of life as winter, the radiant merriment of fellowship as spring... The Dragon Empery's music is so delightfully expressive.
Main 2深雪,迷路了吗?不要紧,我们会送你回宿舍的。对吧,指挥官?深雪、道に迷ったの?大丈夫よ、私たちが寮まで送り届けるわ。ね?指揮官?Are you lost, Miyuki? Don't worry; we'll see you home to your dorm, isn't that right, dear Commander?
Main 3忘记战斗,慢慢享受诗歌和音乐——今天只要专注于此便好。指挥官也好好休息吧?戦うことを忘れてゆっくりと詩と音楽を楽しむ――今日はこれだけやっていればいいわね。指揮官もゆっくり休んで?Today, we forget the fighting and savor song and music instead. Commander, you should try and relax, too.
Touch点个曲子吧。呵呵♪リクエストがあれば言ってごらんなさいな。ふふふ♪Speak up if you have any requests, okay? Heehee!
Touch (Special)说了不能触摸的呢,指挥官。お触りは禁止って聞いたよ。指揮官No touching allowed, Commander.
Return to Port边听音乐边悠闲度过吧?今天不用精神紧绷也可以的哦。音楽を聞きながらゆっくりしましょ?今日はそんなに張りきらなくてもいいわWhy not kick back and enjoy the music? There's no need to overwork yourself today.
Flagship打起精神来! 这可是战场!気を引き締めなさい!ここは戦場よっ!Tighten up! This is a battlefield!
Victory是与盛宴相衬的胜利,太好了。宴にふさわしい勝利でよかったわI'm glad this victory was worthy of celebration.
Affinity (Love)睡不着吗?喝个热牛奶后,听听古典音乐,躺下来应该能马上入睡吧。我有点担心你,要不一起陪你躺着?今天可是作为家人一起团圆的日子对吧?呵呵♪眠れないの?温かい牛乳を飲んでから、クラシックでも聞いて横になったらすぐ寝付けるんじゃないかな。心配だから私も横に一緒にいてあげようか?今日は家族で団らんする日なんでしょ?ふふふ♪Can't sleep, hm? Have some warm milk and put on classical music, and I'm sure you'll drift right off. Today is a day to be with family, so why don't I stay here with you until you're sound asleep? Heehee♪
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Login(呼气)…指挥官?是你帮忙开了空调吗?谢,谢谢你…ふぅ…指揮官?エアコンを付けてくれた?あ、ありがとう…Phew... Commander? Did you turn the AC on? Th-thank you...
Details疼…抱歉,让指挥官帮我缠绷带…没事的。演习还是认真对待比较好,而且这种程度我已经习惯了。いたた…ごめんなさい、指揮官に包帯を巻いてもらって…平気よ。演習は真剣にやったほうがいいし、この程度はもう慣れているからOuch! Sorry for making you wrap these bandages for me... Don't worry about me. It's better if we go all-out during these exercises. I'm used to this, anyway.
Main在想什么复杂的事吗?我来帮你…啊,只是在走神?这样啊…難しいことでも考えてる?私が…あっ。上の空になってただけ?そっか…(しゅんIs something on your mind? I could... Oh. You say you're just daydreaming? I see... *sigh*
Main 2把背挺直!站好!抬起头!…呵呵,这才是能出门的样子♪背筋を伸ばして!姿勢を正しく!顔を上げなさいっ!…ふふふ、よし、おでかけの感じになっているわね♪Back straight! Fix that posture! Head up! Heehee, there! Now this feels more like an outing.
Main 3呼,呼……糟了。忘了把茶从保温杯里倒出来…没,没什么。并不是怕烫的猫舌什么的…ふぅ、ふぅ……しまった。魔法瓶からお茶を移すのを忘れてしまってた…う、ううんなんでもないわ。別に猫舌とかじゃ…*blows*... Ack! I forgot to move the tea out of the thermos... O-oh, ignore me! I don't burn that easily, I swear, haha...
Touch这是来自可靠指挥官的求救信号吗?呵呵~頼れる指揮官様からの救援信号ってとこかな?ふふふIs this a distress signal from our poor, dependable Commander? Heehee~!
Touch (Special)指挥官的手,好暖……指揮官の手、温かいな……Your hands are so warm, Commander...
Touch (Headpat)没事的…啊,不是那个意思?呵呵…抱歉,有点误会了呢。大丈夫…あ、そういう意味じゃないの?ふ、ふふふ…勘違いしてごめんねI'm fine... Oh, that's not why you're touching me? H-heheh... My mistake.
Mission Complete任务报酬有点少呢。看来要调查下了。任務報酬がちょっと少ないわね。…調査が必要、かなThis is a rather paltry reward... Perhaps I should look into this?
Return to Port指挥官,来这边。你总算回来了。来,喝个热腾腾的罗宋汤吧?指揮官、こっちよ。ようやく戻ってきたのね。はい、熱々のボルシチでも召し上がってCommander, over here! You're finally back. Come enjoy some piping-hot borscht.
Flagship指挥官在看着我们!全舰挺进!指揮官が見ている!全艦挺身せよ!The Commander is watching! All shipgirls, with me!
Victory气氛很热闹呢。已经不能用温暖而要用热烈形容了。呵呵♪盛り上がっているわね。温かいを飛び越してお熱いこと。ふふふ♪Such a passionate celebration. It's beyond warm—why, I'd call it downright fiery! Heehee.
Defeat…我不会后退!我们就是最后的防线!…後退はしない!私たちが最後の砦よっ!...We mustn't retreat! Ours is the final line of defense!
Affinity (Love)解决指挥官的烦恼,帮指挥官暖被窝都是我的职责…开玩笑的♪做这些并不是因为职责,而是我真心想这么做…指挥官想问的不是这个意思吗?这样啊。指揮官の悩みを解決するのも、指揮官の布団を温めるの私の責務…なんて♪冗談よ。責務じゃなくて、私がしたくてやっているから。…聞きたいのはそっちじゃなかった?まあ…Solving your problems and warming your bed are both my responsibilities... Haha! I'm kidding. I do it all because I want to, after all. Oh? That's not what you expected the punchline to be? Well...