Kumano (JP 🇯🇵: 熊野, CN 🇹🇼: 猁)
Ship IDNo. 469Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityElite
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressAzumi Waki
Mogami-class Heavy Cruiser - Kumano
Fancy WavesDescription
It's time for Kumano's sexy swimsuit debut~! Just kidding~☆ Hey Commander, just where~ are~ you~ staring~? Ahaha~♡
HP712 Reload68
Firepower44 Torpedo39
Evasion14 Anti-air40
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck10
HP3035 Reload131
Firepower122 Torpedo109
Evasion82 Anti-air152
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck10
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | AA gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: MogamiTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Veil of NightAfter this ship takes DMG 3 times in battle: decreases this ship's DMG taken by 3.5% (8.0%) until the battle ends. During the 2nd, 4th, and 6th battles of a sortie this ship fights in: heals this ship for 4.0% (10.0%) HP 60s after the battle starts. If there are 2 (or more) Sakura Empire ships in the same fleet as this ship: improves this ship's All Out Assault.???
AP ProtectionDecreases the DMG this ship takes from AP by 10.0% (20.0%) .???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Suzuya-class once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description最上级重巡洋舰四番舰—熊野最上型重巡洋艦四番艦・熊野Mogami-class heavy cruiser number four – Kumano.
Biography我是最上型重巡洋舰熊野!在大战中曾经作为第七舰队的一员努力过哦!怎么说呢,虽然在那个岛,以及最后的时刻发生过不少事情…算啦,这次会和小伙伴们全力以赴加油努力的,还请多多关照啦!最上型重巡洋艦の熊野よ!かの大戦では第七戦隊のメンバーとして、マジで頑張った!まああの島、そして最後は色々あったけど……今度こそ仲間たちと一緒に全力で頑張っちゃうから、よろしくぅ!Name's Kumano, Mogami-class heavy cruiser! Back in the war, I was Cruiser Division 7, workin' my ass off! Shame about what happened at the island in you-know-where, though... Welp, no point crying over spilt milk. Just gotta do better this time.
Acquisition锵~!重巡熊野,来报道啦~!指挥官,多多指教~じゃーん!重巡熊野、参上したよー!指揮官、よろしく~Bam! Heavy cruiser, Kumano, ready for action~! Commander, pleased to meetcha~!
Login哦哦指挥官来啦!所以~今天要做什么?和熊野一起去哪玩玩?啧,要工作吗…おお指揮官来た来た!んで?今日はどうする?熊野と遊んでくれる? 仕事かぁ…There you are, Commander! Nice, nice! So, what's up today? We hangin' out together? Just work? Figures...
Details指挥官,和熊野一起玩嘛~啊!要给我糖吃吗?那不用一起玩也没事啦!啊~呣!しきかーん、熊野と遊んでぇ~あ!アメさんくれんの?じゃあ遊ばなくていいや!はむ!Yo, Commander! Hang out with me, now! Oh, is that a lollipop for me? 'Kay, some other time then! Nom!
Main噢,战斗的时候很认真?那是~熊野可是该干的时候就能好好干的类型呢。おっ、戦闘の時はしっかりしてるって?熊野はやる時はやるタイプだからねHuh? Me takin' the battle seriously surprised you? Well, yeah, I get serious when the situation demands it.
Main 2指挥官~喜欢什么类型的女孩子呀?难道…熊野也有机会…?啊哈☆指揮官さあ、どんな子がタイプ?ま・さ・かー熊野もワンチャンあったりして?あは☆So, Commander, what kinda girls do ya like? Wait, lemme guess, I'm your type, aren't I? Ahah!
Main 3超闲…指挥官,我叫铃谷过来好不好?想商量下下次出门买东西的事~マジ暇……しきかーん、鈴谷呼んできてくんない?今度買い物に行くときの相談したいからさ~Soooo bored... Hey, could ya get Suzuya up in this place? I wanna chat with her about my next shopping trip.
Touch啊哈~刚才指挥官偷偷看我了吧?呼呼呼,不用这么藏着掖着,正・大・光・明地看就好了嘛♡はぁ~ん、今ここをチラッと見たでしょ?ふふふ、そう隠さなくていいって、ガン見してもい・い・わ・よ♡Well, well! Caught you admirin', Commander! Hehehe, you don't gotta act innocent. If you wanna stare, stare all ya want!
Touch (Special)哼~果然指挥官也喜欢这样啊~没关系哦,只是这点程度的话,随便你~♡ふーん、やっぱこういうのが好きなんだ~いーよ、そんぐらいは好きなだけ触らせてあげる~♡Weeeell, someone's feeling frisky, huh? Totes fine with me. Go on, touch me 'till you're content~♡
Mission任务啊…应付这种还是铃谷更拿手啊…任務か…こういうの鈴谷のほうが得意ね…Ugh, missions? You're probs better off hittin' up Suzuya...
Mission Complete好困……呜哇糟糕,任务奖励来啦!喂~!ねむーい…うわやばっ、任務報酬来てんじゃん!おーい!Sooo tireeed... Oh, crap! Hey, unclaimed mission rewards! C'mon, man!
Mail私信…不对,是邮件来啦!指挥官,不可以假装已读哦!DM…じゃなかった、メール来たよ!指揮官、既読スルーはなしだからね!You've got a new DM– Err, I mean, new mail! And don't go ghosting whoever sent it!
Return to Port战斗反省?挺好的,去吧~?欸,要熊野来做吗?戦闘の振り返りをすんの?いーよ、やってー?えっ、熊野がやるの??You gonna review that last battle? Aight, cool, go ahead. Wait, I'm the one who's gotta do it?
Commission Complete委托组回来了哦~不赶紧去迎接她们可不行啊~!委託組帰ってきたよー出迎えに行かないとダメっしょ!Commission team's back, yo. Don't got time for rhymes, but let's go!
Enhancement哦哦!搞不好出击的机会要变多了?おお!ワンチャン出番が増えたり?Sweet! This'll get me more time in the limelight, yeah?
Flagship发现敌舰!这下只能干一架了吧!敵艦見ゆ!こういうの戦うしかないっしょ!Enemies spotted! Guess we're rollin' up our sleeves and squarin' off!
Victory熊野,MVP!嘿嘿~快夸我快夸我~!熊野、MVP!よっしゃー褒めて褒めてー!MVP, baybee! Hell yeah! Give it up for Kumano!
Defeat这还怎么打呀~やってらんないよーPayback's-a comin', ya hear?!
Skill我可要认真揍你了哦!マジボコってやるよ!It's ass-whoopin' time!
Low HP一定要…回到港区…!母港には…絶対に戻る!I'll return to port if it's the last thing I do!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官…不太行啊感觉~啊不是批评你啦,只不过我也有点小想法而已~指揮官ってイケてないね~いやまあ、別に責めてるわけじゃないけどさぁ~ほら、私も色々と考えることがあるじゃん?You're lame, you know that? Not tryin' to be mean, or anything, just saying. Listen, I've got a couple ideas for how to unlamify you.
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官~好闲啊~做点什么嘛~真是的,有什么关系嘛!又不会少块肉~啊,好疼!しきかーん、ひまー、なんかやって~もう、別にいいじゃん!減るもんじゃないしさあ~あいたっ!Commandeeeeer, I'm boooored, let's do somethiiiing. Yeah, it's candy, so what? Not like I'll turn into a lardo from a single– Hey, oww!
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官~熊野一个人好寂寞啊~什么都行来玩玩吧~ 找别人?好过分!熊野就是想找指挥官玩嘛~来啦来啦!しきかーん、熊野寂しくなったー、なんでもいいから遊んで~ほかの人にしてって?ひどっ!指揮官のほうがいいんだもん!ほらほら!Commandeeeer, I'm lonelyyyy. We can do whatever, just hang out with meeee. "Find someone else?" Wow, rude much? I wanna hang with you! C'mooon!
Affinity (Like)能陪熊野一起玩?太棒了!一开始就这么说不就好了~于是去哪玩呢?就我们两・个・人♡熊野と遊んでくれるの?やったぁ!最初から素直になりゃよかったのに~んで?どこ行く?ふ・た・り・で♡You'll finally hang with me? Hell yeah! Wish you would've just said so from the beginning! Anyway, where we goin'? Y'know, just the two of us~♡
Affinity (Love)指、指挥官喜欢熊野吗!?是这样啊……其实熊野也喜欢指挥官哦…?诶,是说正经的啦!く、熊野のことが好きなの!?そうなんだ……実は熊野も指揮官のことが大好きだよ…?ま、マジだってば~!Y-you really like me?! Really, huh... Thing is, I actually love you, Commander... Seriously, though! I do!
Pledge呃,“互相信赖,互相帮助……”后面是什么来着?啊啊这东西又长又不好记,而且在别人面前说也太羞耻了吧!跳过这个直接回房间去吧?亲爱的也没问题吧!ええと、「お互いを信じあって、支え合って…」あとはなんだっけ?もう長くて覚えられないし、こういうの人の前で恥ずしすぎてやってられないってばー!もうすっ飛ばして部屋に戻ろ?ダーリンもそれでいいよね?Uhh, "I take you, to have and to hold, from this day forward"... How'd the rest go? Agh, screw it, it's too long and I'm makin' a fool of myself in front of everyone! You don't mind if we bail and go straight to our room, right, darling?
In battle with Mogami最上姐,和熊野玩啦!最上姉さん、熊野と遊んで―Yo, Mogami, let's hang out later!
In battle with Suzuya铃谷,那边就交给你了!鈴谷、そっちは頼む!Suzuya, you take that one!
In battle with Fiji这个妆画得不错嘛!そのメイク結構イケてるじゃん!Hot damn, your makeup game is on point!
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Ship Description熊野~以泳装之姿闪亮登场!开玩笑的☆ 那边的指挥官~眼睛盯·在·哪·里了~?哈哈♡熊野の水着姿、新登場!んなんちゃって☆あそこにいる指揮官は~ど・こ・に目を釘付けにしてんのぉ~あは♡It's time for Kumano's sexy swimsuit debut~! Just kidding~☆ Hey Commander, just where~ are~ you~ staring~? Ahaha~♡
Acquisition熊野~以泳装之姿闪亮登场!开玩笑的☆ 那边的指挥官~眼睛盯·在·哪·里了~?哈哈♡熊野の水着姿、新登場!んなんちゃって☆あそこにいる指揮官は~ど・こ・に目を釘付けにしてんのぉ~あは♡It's time for Kumano's sexy swimsuit debut~! Just kidding~☆ Hey Commander, just where~ are~ you~ staring~? Ahaha~♡
Details露出度太高?没感觉哦~你看潜艇小伙伴们的衣服不是更危险~露出度が高いって?別にぃ~だって潜水艦の子たちとかもっとアブないのもいるじゃんさ~This is too revealing? Meh, not really~? I've seen submarines wearing more risqué stuff than this.
Main指挥官,在那边愣什么呢?快来这边啊!喂~しきかーん、なにやってんの?早くこっちに来ようよ!おーい!Commandeeeer, what're you up to? Get over here already, c'mooon!
Main 2最上姐的泳装…想看哦!想看对吧?熊野可是很想看的!指挥官呢?嗯?最上姉さんの水着姿…見たい!見たいよね?熊野は見たいけど!指揮官は?ね?I wanna see Mogami in a bikini! Don't you? I do, at least! And you? Same, right?
Main 3累死啦~指挥官快给我揉揉肩揉揉脚~对不起那个地方不用揉啦!疲れたぁ~しきかーん、足揉んでぇ肩揉んでぇ~スミマセンそこは揉まなくていいからぁ!Phew, I'm tired! Commandeeeer, massage my feet and shoulders! ...Err, I didn't ask you to massage THOSE!
Touch糖果?这是熊野自己拿到的,不给你!哈哈哈!アメさん?これ熊野がもらったんだからあげないもーんだ!ははは!Candy? Nuh-uh, this is mine, and I ain't givin' it away! Hahahah!
Touch (Special)果然指挥官很在意这・里・呢♡真像个小孩子~やっぱ気になるんだ~こ・こ♡ もう子供っぽいんだから~Hah, I knew this would catch your eye! You're like a little kid~
Affinity (Love)指挥官~熊野的泳装你觉得怎么样?再靠近一点看也没问题哦?嘿嘿嘿,呼…熊野这回可是玩真的哦♡しきかーん、熊野の水着姿はどぉ?もっと近くで見てもいーよ?ほーら、ひゅー…熊野はマジで魅せてるつもりよ?Yo, Commandeeer, how'd ya like my bikini? Come closer if ya need a better look~ Yeah, you bet I'm tryin' to hit on you.
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Ship Description快快,轮到到指挥官了哦!要抽哪张牌呢~哦~?选这张牌真的好吗?等等铃谷,不可以报牌给指挥官!ほら、指揮官の番だよ!どれを引くのかな~~ってそのカードで本当にいいのー?って鈴谷!指揮官に教えないでってば!Now it's your turn, Commander! Which one's it gonna be~? You suuuure you wanna pick this card? ...I hear you, Suzuya! Stop tellin' the Commander what the cards are!
Acquisition快快,轮到到指挥官了哦!要抽哪张牌呢~哦~?选这张牌真的好吗?等等铃谷,不可以报牌给指挥官!ほら、指揮官の番だよ!どれを引くのかな~~ってそのカードで本当にいいのー?って鈴谷!指揮官に教えないでってば!Now it's your turn, Commander! Which one's it gonna be~? You suuuure you wanna pick this card? ...I hear you, Suzuya! Stop tellin' the Commander what the cards are!
Login铃谷,指挥官也来了哦~!哼哼哼,这次一定要认真赢一场♪鈴谷、指揮官も来てるよー!ふふふ今回こそマジで勝ってやるんだからね♪Psst, Suzuya! Commander's here! Hahah! Let's see you try to beat me this time, man!
Details唔~糟了,被指挥官把最好的牌抽走了!…你是不是作弊了啊指挥官,为什么总能抽到好牌的?んんん~やば、指揮官にいっちばんいいの抜かれちゃう!…むぅ、指揮官ってさもしかしてイカサマしてない?なんでいつもいいカードあたってんのさーAw, for real?! You lucked out and chose the best possible card! Hrmm... Hang on, are you cheating, Commander? You ALWAYS pick out the good cards!
Main铃谷,饿了吗?要不要叫些外卖什么的?鈴谷、お腹減った?なんか出前で頼む?Hungry, Suzuya? Wanna order home delivery?
Main 2哦?你在看哪呢~?呼呼,比起牌更在意这边?おっ、どこガン見してんの?カードよりこっちのほうに気を取られちゃってる感じ?Whatcha lookin' at, Commander? You more interested in me than the cards, or what?
Main 3又要想这么久?…困了…呼啊……マジ長考?…んー…ふぅ…はああ…Taking your sweet time, huh. Mmh... Meh... *yaaawn*...
Touch啊哈♡要抽这张吗?あは♡これにするの?Ahah! Is that your final answer?
Touch (Special)是不是很羡慕啊~铃谷?哈哈♡鈴谷、羨ましがってんの分かる?はは♡You jelly, Suzuya? 'Cause you sure look it! Haha~
Return to Port啊哈♡继续吧~指挥官,接下来要选哪一张呢?あは♡つ・づ・き、しようよ指揮官~さぁどっちにするかなー?Ahah~ Back where we left off, Commander! So, which card are you gonna pick?
Flagship真不爽!看我揍扁你们!ムカつくー!ボコってやんよ!Now I'm PISSED! I'm gonna beat the crap outta you!
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Ship Description锵!熊野的……舞女?打扮感觉怎么样呀?啊哈哈♡指挥官…为什么要移开视线呀?莫非以为熊野没发现吗?じゃーん!熊野の……踊り子?の格好、どうかな?あはは♡指揮官さぁ…なーに目をそらしてんの?まさか熊野が気づかないとでも思った?Tadah! Get a load of my... dancer outfit! So, whaddya think? Ahaha~♡ Hey, Commander, where are those eyes wandering? Did ya see something ya like?
Acquisition锵!熊野的……舞女?打扮感觉怎么样呀?啊哈哈♡指挥官…为什么要移开视线呀?莫非以为熊野没发现吗?じゃーん!熊野の……踊り子?の格好、どうかな?あはは♡指揮官さぁ…なーに目をそらしてんの?まさか熊野が気づかないとでも思った?Tadah! Get a load of my... dancer outfit! So, whaddya think? Ahaha~♡ Hey, Commander, where are those eyes wandering? Did ya see something ya like?
Login欢迎来到熊野的演出!看看指挥官能抵抗诱惑到第几首曲子呢~哈哈哈♡熊野の演目へようこそ!さぁて、指揮官は何曲まで熊野に魅了されず耐えられるかな~?あはは♡Welcome to my unveiling! Now let's see how many songs you can last before you fall for me~ Hahahah♡
Details在期待着熊野之后的谁呢?啊哈哈☆我并没有吃醋哦?毕竟是指挥官嘛,估计可以报上二、三十个名字吧~熊野の次は誰に期待してんの?あはは☆別に妬いたりしていないよ?指揮官のことだし?あと二、三十人名前上げたりしても別にいいし~Who else are ya excited to see, besides me? Ahahah☆ Hey, I'm not jelly in the slightest. I know you, Commander. Just name like, 20 or 30 other people~
Main三隈…姐?三隈姐是那样帅气漂亮的吗?哇…熊野心跳得好快哦!三隈…姉さん?三隈姉さんってあんなにカッコよくてキレイなの?ヤバっ…ドキドキしてきたじゃん!That's... Mikuma? When'd she become so damn hot and stylish? Sheeeesh... Even I'm swooning over here!
Main 2指挥官要先看整场彩排吗?还是想等到正式演出?指揮官はリハーサルを一通り見てく?それとも本番までお預けにする?Wanna see a rough rehearsal, Commander? Or are you gonna wait 'til the real deal?
Main 3这个舞,是第二天会腰疼的那种呢~明天会没法起床的,真不想跳啊~问我要做什么,当然是跟指挥官玩耍啦?啊哈☆このダンス、次の日腰が痛くなるんだよね~。明日はベッドから起きらんないからマジ勘弁だよ~。何をするって別に指揮官と遊ぶだけだよ?あは☆This dance is like, murder on your back. I'm gonna be recovering in bed tomorrow, so go easy on me~ "What're we gonna do then?" Hang out, duh! Ahah☆
Touch啊哈♡动起来会更壮观哦~あは♡動くともっとスゴイんだからね~Ahah♡ Wait 'til I start shakin' it around~
Touch (Special)指挥官…把手放在哪里呢…?♡指揮官さぁ…どこに手当ててんの…?♡Commander... Where's that hand of yours wanderin'...? ♡
Mission Complete是任务报酬~指挥官想要什么?任務報酬だよ~。指揮官はどんなのがいい?We've got mission rewards~ Anything catch your eye?
Mail糟了,是邮件!指挥官,快把手机扔给我!ヤバっ、メールじゃん!指揮官、ケイタイこっちに投げといて!Aw crap, got an e-mail! Commander, pass me the phone!
Return to Port坐吧坐吧~熊野来给累坏了的指挥官按摩!嘿嘿,从肩膀开始吗?还是从脚开始?挠你挠你咯吱咯吱♪座って座って~。疲れた指揮官に熊野がマッサージしてあげる!へへへ、肩から?それとも足?コチョコチョ~♪C'mon, take a seat~ I'mma give those weary bones a nice massage! Heheh, where should I start? Your shoulders, or your feet? Tickle tickle tickle♪
Flagship华丽地避开所有攻击,向敌人——阿疼疼疼!全ての攻撃を華麗に避けて敵を――あいたた!I'm gonna evade all their attacks and dance around the– Oww!