Kirov (JP 🇯🇵: キーロフ, CN 🇹🇼: 基洛夫)
Ship IDNo. 435Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time01:32:00
AcquisitionEvent: Khorovod of Dawn's Rime
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressUesaka Sumire
Kirov-Class cruiser—Kirov
Blend RDescription
Comrade Commander, you've come at a good time. I've recently taken a liking to this blend of coffee. Want some as well? No need to be shy.
HP710 Reload69
Firepower34 Torpedo55
Evasion36 Anti-air65
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW37 Luck52
HP2973 Reload132
Firepower94 Torpedo151
Evasion126 Anti-air241
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW94 Luck55
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Light Cruiser120%/125%/135%/150%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun110%/110%/110%/110%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Triple 180mm/57 B-1-P Pattern 1932 Naval Gun
Fleet Tech
T6 Light Cruiser: Kirov-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock20 +1
Max LimitBreak42
Lv.12032 +2
Kirov, Reporting!Bombing bays ready! Every 15s, 50.0% (100%) chance to trigger a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (Barrage DMG is based on this skill's level).Default Unlocked
Revolutionary StrikeIncreases the Eff. Range and Shell Range of this ship's main gun to 75, and increases the damage this ship deals to Light-Armored enemies by 5.0% (20.0%) . During battle, if there are other Northern Parliament ships in the same fleet as this ship, increases the shelling DMG that all enemy light cruisers take from Northern Parliament ships by 4.5% (12.0%) .Default Unlocked
EX Barrage - Kirov IIActivates EX Barrage - Kirov II every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description基洛夫级轻巡洋舰—基洛夫キーロフ級軽巡洋艦――キーロフKirov-Class cruiser—Kirov
BiographyЗдравствуй(你好),Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志),我是基洛夫,一名战士。不必纠结是轻还是重这种小事,在我们的事业面前,这不值一提。让我们一同为了红色的明天奋斗吧!同志指揮官よ、気分はどうかな。私はキーロフだ。外見や艤装の艦種など、我らの偉業にとって歯牙にもかからぬ瑣末は気にするな。赤き未来のために一緒に頑張ろうじゃないかSalutations, Comrade Commander. I am Kirov. My appearance, rigging, and class are all unimportant in the greater scheme of our ambitions. What matters is that we work together to achieve a future of red glory.
Acquisition史无前例之国与自由之子,就是我基洛夫!走吧,Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志),一起来完成我们伟大的事业吧!前例なき国と自由の申し子、それがこの私、キーロフだ!さあ、同志指揮官、共に偉業をなそうではないか!I am the child of a union between our unprecedented country and a free spirit! Now, Comrade Commander, let us achieve great things together!
LoginТоварищ Офицер(指挥官同志),你回来得正好。今天也让我们的敌人领教下,何为“Сплоченность и дружба(团结友爱)”吧!今日も我らの敵に「団結と友愛」を教えようではないかGood to see you again, Comrade Commander! Let us once more set out to teach our enemy the meaning of unity and solidarity.
Details黑暗也好,命运也好,都无法阻挡我们的事业!暗闇はおろか、運命でさえも、我らの偉業を阻むことなどできん!Neither fate nor evil can hamper our ambitions!
Main只有弱者才会一味固守,强者永远行进在进攻的路上!強き者は常に進撃し続ける。守りを固めるばかりなど弱者のすることだThe strong must always march onward. Holding the line is what the weak do.
Main 2光荣将使我们志更坚力更强,并经受住时间的考验!この栄光は私たちの意志をより強靭に、時の流れにも負けないようにしてくれるGlory is what sustains and strengthens us, and is what will leave our mark on history.
Main 3我想要保护一切,想看到所有人都欢笑着的明天。为此,我会不断前行。すべてを守り、そしてすべての人々が笑っていられるような明日を見たいがために、私は進み続けるのだI march onward in the name of a tomorrow where everyone is safe and smiling.
Touch携手共进吧,Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志)!同志指揮官、共に行こうLead the way, Comrade Commander.
Touch (Special)现在可没有做这种事情的功夫,Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志)。同志指揮官、こんなことをしている場合じゃないぞThis is no time for this sort of depravity, Comrade Commander.
Mission别磨蹭了Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志),去挑战任务吧!同志指揮官。任務に挑戦してみようじゃないIt is time to embark on a mission, Comrade Commander.
Mission Complete我就相信你一定做得到的,Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志),这是奖励。同志指揮官、君ならできると思ったよ!はい、報酬だI knew you would pull through for us, Comrade Commander! Here are the rewards.
Mail有你的信,快看看吧,同志当然是越多越好。メールだ。早く見てくれ、同志は多ければ多いほどいいに決まっているYou have mail. Read it through at once. The more comrades, the better. Always.
Return to PortХороший бой, Товарищ Офицер!(不错的战斗,指挥官同志)!你的奋斗将会点缀在港区报纸之上!いい戦いっぷりだ、同志指揮官よ!君の健闘は母港新聞に飾るのに相応しい!Well fought, Comrade Commander! Your valor warrants the front page spot in the port's newspaper!
Commission Complete委托已经完成了。一起去迎接吧,可不能怠慢了辛劳的同志们!委託が完了したようだな。ともに出迎えに行こうではないか。頑張ってくれた同志たちをなおざりにするわけにはいかんぞA commission has been completed. We must head out and greet the returnees. Our comrades deserve recognition for their efforts.
Enhancement有这股力量的话一定……!この力さえあれば…!This strength will further our cause!
FlagshipДавай, пойдём на войну(走吧,让我们大干一场)!ドンパチやろうじゃない!To arms, comrades!
Victory我们的脚步永不停歇!我らは決して立ち止まらない!Our advance will stop for nothing and nobody!
Defeat咕……在我们的事业完成之前,我基洛夫可不会轻易倒下!くっ…我らの偉業を成し遂げる前に、このキーロフ、倒れるわけにはいかないんだ…!Gah...! I cannot and will not succumb until our ambitions have been realized!
SkillДокладывает Киров! !(基洛夫报到!)キーロフ、ここにいる!Hear me! I am Kirov!
Low HPЕщё нет, ещё не закончилось!(还没呢,还没结束!)まだだ、まだ終わらないぞ!No! I am far, far from finished!
Affinity (Upset)很抱歉,我想你已经不配被称为“同志”了。すまんが、もはや同志とは呼べんIt pains me to say, but I no longer consider you my comrade.
Affinity (Stranger)不要被“如果”,“要是”这些话给蒙蔽了,指挥官同志,你所选择的,就是你的真实!「もし」「だったら」のような言葉に惑わされるでないぞ、同志指揮官。君が選んだものこそ君にとっての真実だNever let but's or if's misguide you, Comrade Commander. You alone decide what is right and true.
Affinity (Friendly)对,你做得很好,Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志),自己选择的道路就应该贯彻下去,来吧,让我们看看我们还能走多远!よくやったぞ同志指揮官。自ら選んだ道は最後まで突き通すのみ――さあ、どこまでいけるか見てみよう!Splendid, Comrade Commander. You've chosen a path of your own. Now follow it and see where it takes you!
Affinity (Like)我会一直和你在一起的,你要是陷入迷茫的话,我就会毫不客气地赏你一拳,所以尽管向前进吧,指挥官!私はずっと君と一緒にいる。同志指揮官、君が迷ったらこの拳で目を覚ましてやるから、思いっきり突き進むがいい!I will always watch over you. Should you ever lose your way, I will be the hand that shoves you back on the right path. Only look ahead, never stop advancing!
Affinity (Love)不只是为了祖国,还是为了某个特殊的人而战,这就是恋爱……原来如此,“恋爱”竟是让人如此热血沸腾的东西!有你在身旁,我感觉我什么都做得到!祖国のためではなく特別な人のために戦う、これが恋……なるほど、恋愛感情というのは闘志を沸き立たせるのだな。ふん、君のそばにいればなんだってできる気がするぞ…!To fight not just for your motherland but also for your soulmate, that is what love is... I understand it now. Passion is the fuel of my fighting spirit. And as long as I have you, nothing is impossible!
Pledge世界和所爱的人要保护哪边?лупый вопрос(愚蠢的问题),当然是两者都要。我有这个决心,也有这个能力去做到。Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志),让我们携手共进吧!世界と愛する人、守るならどっち?愚問だ。どっちも守ってみせるのが正解――我々には決意も、そしてそれを叶える力もある。同志指揮官よ、共に進もう!Only a fool chooses between protecting either the world or their lover. There is but one correct answer: protecting them both. We have both the will and the means to do just that. Come, Comrade Commander, let us march onwards!
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In battle with !UNKNOWN! (7)北方联合,进攻!北方連合、進め!Onwards, Northern Parliament comrades!
In battle with Tallinn支援我!タリン、援護する!I have your back,Tallinn!
In battle with Akashi, Queen Elizabeth你们这些布尔乔亚!…虽然很想这么说,现在还是先一起战斗吧!ブルジョワめ、と言いたかったが…共に闘おう!You may be bourgeois swine... but today, we fight together!
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Ship DescriptionТоварищ Офицер(指挥官同志),来得正好。我最近在研究咖啡,还是挺有趣的。给你也来一杯吧,不用跟我客气!同志指揮官、いいところに来たな。最近はこうしてコーヒーを楽しんでいるんだ。君も飲まないか?遠慮なぞ不要だComrade Commander, you've come at a good time. I've recently taken a liking to this blend of coffee. Want some as well? No need to be shy.
AcquisitionТоварищ Офицер(指挥官同志),来得正好。我最近在研究咖啡,还是挺有趣的。给你也来一杯吧,不用跟我客气!同志指揮官、いいところに来たな。最近はこうしてコーヒーを楽しんでいるんだ。君も飲まないか?遠慮なぞ不要だComrade Commander, you've come at a good time. I've recently taken a liking to this blend of coffee. Want some as well? No need to be shy.
Login不必拘谨,把这里当作自己的地方就行。そう堅苦しくなるな。我が家のように思ってくつろぐがいいDon't be nervous. Make yourself at home and relax.
Details暂时的停歇是为了更好的前进,不过,可别松懈过头了哦,Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志)。休息はより良い前進のためにある。気を緩めすぎないように。同志指揮官We relax only so we can march even further. Do not get too comfortable now, Comrade Commander.
Main嗯哼,这款咖啡算是完成了,下一个要试的是……ふむ、このブレンドを上手く作るには、次は……Hmm, I should find a way to improve my special blend somehow...
Main 2音乐跟咖啡搭配提神的效果应该会更好吧,哼哼,先来一首能让人燃起来的歌好了!眠気覚ましにはコーヒーだけでなく、音楽もあったほうがより効果的だな。まずは闘志が燃え上がる曲にしようじゃないか!Drinking coffee in tandem with listening to music is the most effective way to combat drowsiness. Let us start with a song that kindles your fighting spirit!
Main 3外面的天气看起来不错的样子…好!喝完这杯咖啡我们一起出去运动运动吧!…换衣服?何必那么麻烦,套双鞋就行了!今日はいい天気だ。…よし、外に出かけて運動しようじゃないか。…着替え?靴を履けば十分ではないのか?The weather is splendid today. Perfect for some outdoor exercise. ...Change my outfit? All I need put on is a pair of shoes.
Touch想聊聊咖啡的话题吗?哼哼,现在的我可是有充分的知识储备了,尽管来吧!コーヒーの話か?ふん、話のネタなら十分仕込んでおいたぞ。かかってくるがいいYou want to talk about coffee? I know countless facts and trivia about it. Go on, ask me something.
Touch (Special)你的热情应该有更值得发挥的地方吧,Товарищ Офицер(指挥官同志)?同志指揮官よ、そのやる気は他のところに使えUse your energy for more productive things, Comrade Commander.
Return to Port来,把这杯基洛夫特调咖啡一口气灌下去!我添了些伏特加,提神效果肯定会更强的!さあ、このキーロフブレンドコーヒーを飲むがいい。ヴォッカの隠し味が同志の集中力を高めてくれるぞ!Here, taste my signature blend of coffee. It has a dash of vodka to keep you on your toes.
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Ship DescriptionСтой!你们已经无处可逃了!!…干得好指挥官同志,这次算是正经活跃了一回呢!我很适合这样的工作?别这么说嘛~哈哈哈。Стой!逃げるのはそこまでだ!!…よくやったな同志指揮官、本職にも劣らない活躍だったぞ。ははは、私が本職だとか、今はそんな話は抜きにしようHalt! You have nowhere left to run!! ...Well done, Comrade Commander, what a thrilling chase we had on our hands! What, you think I'm well-suited for this job? You tease too much, bahaha!
AcquisitionСтой!你们已经无处可逃了!!…干得好指挥官同志,这次算是正经活跃了一回呢!我很适合这样的工作?别这么说嘛~哈哈哈。Стой!逃げるのはそこまでだ!!…よくやったな同志指揮官、本職にも劣らない活躍だったぞ。ははは、私が本職だとか、今はそんな話は抜きにしようHalt! You have nowhere left to run!! ...Well done, Comrade Commander, what a thrilling chase we had on our hands! What, you think I'm well-suited for this job? You tease too much, bahaha!
LoginБыстрее!还有众多妨碍革命的敌人潜伏着呢。Быстрее!革命を邪魔立てする敵はまだ山ほど潜んでいるぞBystreye! Yet more enemies of the Revolution lurk in the shadows!
Details该怎么惩罚干坏事的小家伙呢…也没什么,只是让这孩子帮点小忙而已。指挥官要不也偶尔来帮帮忙,顺便锻炼下身体?悪い饅頭への懲罰は…何、ちょっとした奉仕活動をしてもらうだけだ。指揮官も時々参加して、体を鍛え直さないか?How should I punish these naughty fellas... What, I'm just having them help me out a little. How 'bout coming by to get some exercise as well, Commander?
Main指挥官同志也想来坐上来吗?啊,现在不行,要能坐下的话得专门调整一下。同志指揮官も乗ってみるか?あ、今はできない。これに乗せるには特別なチューニングが必要だWanna take this thing out for a spin, Comrade Commander? Oh, but not right now though. Gotta make some special adjustments first before you can ride it.
Main 2塔林,这里是基洛夫,马上开始行动。指挥官同志也一起来吧。タリン、こちらキーロフ、これより行動を開始する。さあ、同志指揮官も一緒だTallinn, Kirov reporting. I'll be there shortly. Now, Comrade Commander, come with us.
Main 3喀琅施塔德已经事先先迂回包抄了吗?她很擅长这种惹眼的行动呢…クロンシュタットのほうが先に取り押さえたのか?こういう派手な行動は得意だな…Did Kronshtadt flank our mark already? She sure loves doing the flashy stuff...
Touch来,抓紧了!开始飚车了!さあ、掴まれ!飛ばすぞ!Come on, hold on tight! We're about to blow this joint!
Mission指挥官同志,来任务了。行动开始的时机就交给你定了。同志指揮官、任務の連絡だ。行動開始のタイミングは任せるComrade Commander, a new mission has arrived. I'll let you decide when to start.
Return to Port指挥官同志,现场指挥辛苦了。这下航路变得更安全了。同志指揮官、現場指揮ご苦労だった。これで航路の安全がまた一つ強固になったなComrade Commander, you've done well in leading our efforts. Our streets are much safer as a result.
FlagshipОружие на землю(放下武器)! Оружие на землю!!Drop your weapons!
Victory擦亮眼睛看清大局吧!可不能被堕落之辈蒙蔽了!刮目して大局を見るんだ!堕落した連中に踊らされてはいかん!Keep your eyes on the greater goal! Do not let our comrades' sacrifices blind you with rage!
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Ship Description…呼!…没能更新自己的纪录啊。不过指挥官同志不用担心,我会继续努力,直到展现出让你刮目相看的瞬间!…ふん!…自己記録更新叶わずか。だが心配するなよ同志指揮官、引き続き刮目されるに値するその瞬間を狙い続けるまでだ!...Hmph! Just short of a new personal best, huh? But make no mistake, Comrade Commander. Keep watching me and your patience WILL be rewarded with a breathtaking record!
Acquisition…呼!…没能更新自己的纪录啊。不过指挥官同志不用担心,我会继续努力,直到展现出让你刮目相看的瞬间!…ふん!…自己記録更新叶わずか。だが心配するなよ同志指揮官、引き続き刮目されるに値するその瞬間を狙い続けるまでだ!...Hmph! Just short of a new personal best, huh? But make no mistake, Comrade Commander. Keep watching me and your patience WILL be rewarded with a breathtaking record!
Login今天也来挑战自己吧!指挥官同志,对我基洛夫的活跃拭目以待吧!さあ、今日も自分に挑むとするか!同志指揮官、このキーロフの活躍に刮目するといい!Are you ready to challenge yourself, Comrade Commander? Then watch my maneuvers closely!
Details嗯,准备好了…指挥官同志,发号吧!然后亲眼确认我的伟业,以及我们的极限吧!よし。準備はいいな……同志指揮官、合図をくれ!そして我が偉業を、ヒトの限界を見届けるがいい!Alright, all appears in order. Comrade Commander, give me the order – then watch as I push the boundary of what is humanly possible!
Main不要过分依靠体能,应该将更多的信赖放在技术与技巧上——这也是无数前人积攒下来的经验。己の身体能力を過信するな。こういうものは技術――つまり過去の無数の人々の経験が頼りだNever overestimate your physical ability. That is a skill – one that has been built on the learnings of countless people over centuries.
Main 2艾伦也要试试吗?还有那边的…哦,是重樱的伙伴啊。我可以帮你们调整横杆的高度,不用客气,随意尝试吧。アレンもやってみないか?あとそこの…ああ、重桜の子か。バーの高さを調整するから気軽に試していいぞWhy not try this yourself, Allen? Same for you there – yes, the Sakura Empire girl. I'll reposition the bar for you so don't be scared.
Main 3多亏了平时的训练才有了这个成绩。指挥官同志要是有意向的话肯定也能做到。觉得自己做不到?还没尝试过怎么能轻言放弃!この成績も普段の訓練の賜物だ。同志指揮官もその気になればきっと同じぐらいはできるぞ。…できる気がしない?やってもいないのに諦めてどうする!This feat is the product of routine practice. You can do it too if you set your mind to it, Comrade Commander... You think it's impossible? Don't give up before you even try!
Touch哼!沉醉在我华丽的技术下吧!ふん!私の美技に酔いな!Hah! Be awed at the sight of my athletic skill!
Touch (Special)危险!呼……从这个高度撞到的话可是会受伤的哦?危ないっ!…ふぅ。この高さからぶつかると怪我するぞ?Look out! ...Phew. Be careful – a collision from this height seriously hurts.
Return to Port没想到我的新纪录会像指挥官同志的战绩一样被登在港区报纸上……嗯,这有点不敢当呢。同志指揮官の戦果と同じように私の新記録が母港新聞に載るとは……いや、これはちょっと恐れ多いな…I can hardly believe my new record made it next to your victory in the port newspaper... Actually, that is something of an affront to you...
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Login今天有哪些任务?要是能激励同伴士气的任务就让我也一起吧!今日はどんな任務だ?仲間たちを励ます任務なら共に行こうじゃないかWhat's on the itinerary today? If there's anything that requires me to uplift the spirits of our comrades, I'm all in!
Main…不过,持久战变成比拼耐力的战况也不是没有,看来还是需要随机应变的啊……とはいえ、持久戦で根性比べみたいな状況になる場合もある。臨機応変にいきたいものだ...Having that said, it isn't inconceivable that war devolves into attrition. In such cases, we must be able to adapt to changes...
Main 2我就说一句,可不要小看了北方联合的情报收集能力啊!一つだけ言わせてもらう。北方連合の情報力を侮るでないぞLet me tell you this— never underestimate the eyes and ears of the Northern Parliament!
Touch (Special)嗯…还是希望你能多遵守一点规矩啊ふーむ、節度は守って欲しかったなHmm... I would like you to be a bit more mindful of the rules.
Return to Port比起个人的领导力,表现出与伙伴并肩作战的意志才是更重要的。毫无疑问,你在这方面做得很好!個人のカリスマは重要ではない、君が仲間たちに戦うための意志を示すのが一番大事だ。そして君は間違いなく上手くやってくれているぞOne's individual leadership abilities are hardly as important as the will to stand side-by-side with one's comrades. In this regard, you have excelled without a doubt.