Futami Mami (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C077Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull SubmarineRarityElite
NavyIdolm@sterBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Futami MamiDescription
HP251 Reload43
Firepower9 Torpedo99
Evasion9 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck74
HP1116 Reload82
Firepower24 Torpedo253
Evasion42 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck78
Limit Break
Tier 1Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Improve Hunting range
Tier 3Torpedo efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Submarine: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Prankster's Cheer - MamiWhen this boat enters the battle: decreases the Speed of a random ship in your Main Fleet by 1 for 1s, then heals said ship for 100 HP and increases her Accuracy by 3.5% (8.0%) for 20s.???
Double Trouble - MamiAt the start of the battle: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
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Ship Description嗯哼哼~♪我是偶像双海真美!在这里也要让大家感受到真美的性感!请多指教,指挥官!んっふっふ~♪アイドルの、双海真美だよ!ここでも真美のせくちーな姿をいーっぱい見せてあげるから、よろしくね、指揮官ちゃん!Nihihi~♪ I'm the idol, Mami Futami! You'll get to feast your eyes on how alluring Mami is, so look forward to it, Commander~!
Biography我是双海真美哟,和亚美是双胞胎。如果我们弄成同样的发型,看起来就会一模一样呢~!诶,其实在这里的不是真美而是亚美?嗯哼哼~指挥官觉得到底是谁呢?双海真美だよ。亜美とは双子で、髪型を同じにしたら、ソックリになるんだ~!えっ、実はここにいるのは亜美じゃないかって?んっふっふ~、どうかなー♪The name's Mami Futami. Ami's my twin. When we do our hair the same way, we look exactly alike~! You think I'm actually Ami and not Mami? Ehehe~ Who knows~♪
Acquisition嗯哼哼~♪我是偶像双海真美!在这里也要让大家感受到真美的性感!请多指教,指挥官!んっふっふ~♪アイドルの、双海真美だよ!ここでも真美のせくちーな姿をいーっぱい見せてあげるから、よろしくね、指揮官ちゃん!Nihihi~♪ I'm the idol, Mami Futami! You'll get to feast your eyes on how alluring Mami is, so look forward to it, Commander~!
Login指挥官,还没起床吗?快点起来,不然就要在你脸上涂鸦了哟——指揮官ちゃん、まだ寝てるの?早く起きないと、顔に落書きしちゃうよーんCommander, are you still asleep? If you don't get up soon, I'm gonna doodle all over your face~
Details想知道关于真美的事情~?如果陪我玩的话,我就告·诉·你!真美の事が知りたいの~?一緒に遊んでくれたら、教えてあ・げ・る!You want to know more about me~? If you play with me, I'll show~ it~ all~!
Main港区有这么多人,真美的Pose也能在很多人面前展示了!在这里特训的话,一定能变得更加性感的吧♪母港はたくさん人がいるから、真美のポーズもいっぱい見てもらえるね!ここで特訓すれば、もっともっとせくちーになれそう♪There are so many people at the port that I can show my pose off to! If I train like this, I'll be able to become sexier in no time♪
Main 2诶,指挥官在打瞌睡?趁着这个机会~在桌上放些奇怪的照片…嘿嘿嘿あれ、指揮官ちゃん、居眠り中?だったらこの隙に~机の上にムフフな写真を……Hey Commander, are you dozing off? Heh, I guess I'll use this opportunity to put some 'special' pictures on their desk...
Main 3呀嚯~指挥官!诶,这个桶是用来干嘛的?嗯哼哼~请尽情期待吧☆やっぴょーん、指揮官ちゃん!えっ、このバケツを何に使うのかって?んっふっふ~それは後でのお楽しみだよーん☆Hiya Commander! Hm? What am I doing with this package? Hehehe~ Expect great things☆
Touch啊,指挥官!有空的话就和真美一起玩吧~!あっ、指揮官ちゃん!暇なら、真美と一緒に遊ぼうよ~!Oh, Commander! If you're free, come play with me~!
Touch (Special)指挥官也沉陷在真美的性感荷尔蒙中无法自拔了吗~?指揮官ちゃんも、真美のせくちーヘロモンで、メロメロンになっちゃった~?Commander, has my mature allure made you fall head over hells for me~?
Touch (Headpat)咋啦咋啦?指挥官也想和真美玩游戏吗?なになに?指揮官ちゃんも真美とゲームしたいの~?What is it? Do you want to play games with me, Commander?
Mission指挥官……快点做完任务,然后去休息吧?指揮官ちゃん…早めに仕事終わらせて、ラクになろうぜ?Commander... let's finish work quickly and get it over with, yeah?
Mission Complete好耶~!完成啦~指挥官!赶紧回去和真美一起玩游戏吧!やったー!終わったね~指揮官ちゃん!じゃ、帰って真美とゲームしよ!Yay! We're done, Commander~! Now, let's go back and play games together!
Mail是给指挥官的信吗?该不会是谁写的情书吧~指揮官ちゃんに手紙っぽいね?誰からのラブレターかなーLooks like there's a letter for you? I wonder if it's a love letter from someone~
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官!差不多也该到吃点心的时间了吧?お帰り、指揮官ちゃん!ねえねえねえ、そろそろおやつの時間じゃな~い?Welcome back, Commander! Hey hey, isn't it snack time yet~?
Commission Complete终于回来了!干得不错,给诸位一些赏赐吧~!よく戻った!この者たちに褒美を取らせよ~!Good job returning safely! To the victor go the spoils!
Enhancement这样一来真美的性感值也上升了吧~?これで真美のせくちーレベルも上がったっしょ~?Don'tcha think I leveled up my mature allure stat~?
Flagship要整点什么样的陷阱呢~どんなイタズラ仕掛けちゃおっかな~I wonder what kind of prank I should pull~
Victory耶~赢啦~好啦,让我们来看看掉落了什么奖励~?いえ~い、勝利~!さてさて、ドロップ報酬は~?Yay, I won~! Let's see, what are the drops this time around~?
Defeat哇哇!没听说还会这样啊~!快点撤退啦!うあうあ!こんなの聞いてないよ~!急いでたいきゃーく!Uegh! This wasn't in the job description~! Hurry up and retreat!
Skill要上了哦——性感力全开☆せくちーぱわー全開でいくよーん☆Mature allure, full blast~☆
Low HP现在是展现真美真正实力的时候……今こそ真美の真の力を……This is the part where I show off my true power...
Affinity (Upset)呜哇,明明让指挥官帮我抽卡……结果一个稀有角色都没有出啊!うあうあ、指揮官ちゃんに引いてもらったのにー、全然レアキャラ出ないじゃーん!Wowow, even though I had the Commander pull for me, I didn't get a single Rare character!
Affinity (Stranger)啊,指挥官!你看到亚美了吗?嗯,我们约好了一起吃布丁来着……あっ、指揮官ちゃん!亜美、見なかった?うーん。一緒にプリンを食べる約束してたんだけど……Oh, Commander! Have you seen Ami around? Hmm. We had promised to eat pudding together though...
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官救命!恶作剧的时候被发现了,现在在被追着——!让我躲一会儿就好~!助けて指揮官ちゃーん!イタズラがばれて、追い回されてるんだよー!ちょこっとだけで良いから、かくまって~!Save me, Commander! I got caught pulling a prank, and now I'm getting chased around! Let me hide over here for a bit~!
Affinity (Like)刚才在商店发现了看起来很美味的布丁哦~!好想和指挥官一起吃啊……诶,要给我买吗?真不愧是指挥官♪さっき売店で、美味しそうなプリンを見つけたんだ~!あ~指揮官ちゃんと一緒に食べたいなー…えっ、買ってくれるの?さっすが指揮官ちゃん♪I saw a really tasty pudding at the store earlier~! Oh, I sure want to eat some with the Commander~ ...Huh, you're going to buy some? That's the Commander for ya♪
Affinity (Love)不要吵醒指挥官,轻轻地……哇,你醒了?不,我、我不是在恶作剧哦,只是想给指挥官盖毯子而已!相信我啦!起こさないように、そーっと……って、うあうあ、起きちゃった?……い、イタズラなんてしてないよ、ブランケットを掛けようとしてたの!信じてよ、指揮官ちゃーん!Gotta be careful so I don't wake them up... quietly... Woah, you were awake? ...I-I'm not playing a prank on you, I was just trying to drape a blanket over you! Believe me, Commander!
Pledge指挥官!一直和真美一起玩,真是超级感激不尽~!今后,性感美少女真美也会继续活跃下去的,一定要好好期待哦♪指揮官ちゃーん!いつも真美と遊んでくれて、感謝・感激・アメフラシだよ~!これからも、せくちー美少女真美が大活躍しちゃうから、メッチャ期待しててね♪Commander! I'm so very terri-bully thankful that you always play with me~! The mature, alluring Mami, will continue to work hard in the future, so please look forward to it~♪
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In battle with Futami Ami一起炒热气氛吧!2人でいっぱい盛り上げちゃうよー!Let's get this party started!
In battle with Akizuki Ritsuko哇,合作一下吧~?律子酱うあうあ、ちょっとくらい、いいっしょ~?律っちゃーんUh-oh, h-how about we work together for now, Ricchan~?
In battle with Minase Iori不愧是伊织♪さっすがいおりん♪That's our Iorin for ya~♪
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Ship Description哦哦——!好大的烟花升上去了……!欸,指挥官在看哪里啊?啊~难道说…迷恋在真美穿上浴衣后的身姿里了~?おおー!おっきな花火が上がりましたなー!……って指揮官ちゃん、どこ見てるの?もしかして、せくちーな真美の浴衣姿に夢中になっちゃった~?Woah~! They're starting to send up the huge fireworks! ...Hey, Commander, just where are you looking? Did Mami's alluring yukata make you go crazy with desire~?
Acquisition哦哦——!好大的烟花升上去了……!欸,指挥官在看哪里啊?啊~难道说…迷恋在真美穿上浴衣后的身姿里了~?おおー!おっきな花火が上がりましたなー!……って指揮官ちゃん、どこ見てるの?もしかして、せくちーな真美の浴衣姿に夢中になっちゃった~?Woah~! They're starting to send up the huge fireworks! ...Hey, Commander, just where are you looking? Did Mami's alluring yukata make you go crazy with desire~?
Login指挥官,你来晚啦!从现在开始真美要征服这里所有的摊位啦!前进前进♪指揮官ちゃん、来るの遅いよー!今から屋台全制覇すんだからね!ダッシュダッーシュ♪Commander, you're such a slowpoke! We'll be hitting up every stall, so hurry hurry♪
Details为什么浴衣是及膝的?当然是为了让大家沉迷在真美的美腿里啦~诶,完全没感觉?指挥官再多感受感受嘛~何で浴衣が膝丈なのか?それはもちろん、真美のビキャクでみんなをノウサツするため……え、されないって?またまた指揮官ちゃんってば~Why is my yukata knee-length? Well, that's to bewitch everyone with my alluring legs, of course... Huh, it has no effect on you? Come on Commander, no need to lie~
Main首先用射击来一决胜负吧!如果真美赢了,指挥官就要帮我买章鱼烧哦♪まずは射的で勝負っしょ!真美が勝ったら、たこ焼き買ってね、指揮官ちゃん♪Let's see who's better at cork gun shooting first! Then when I win, you can buy me some takoyaki~♪
Main 2别发呆啦,我们去下一个摊位吧♪今天可要玩个尽兴呀!ぼーっとしてないで、次の屋台に行こ行こ♪今日はいーっぱい遊び尽くすんだかんね~!Don't die on me now, we're heading to the next stall~♪ Today, we're having fun 'til we drop~!
Main 3捞金鱼在那边……指挥官,港区的商店里也能买到那种水槽吗?金魚すくいかー…指揮官ちゃん、母港の売店って、水槽売ってる?Goldfish scooping, huh... Commander, does the store at the port sell aquariums?
Touch好像很热啊。就让真美特地用这个团扇给指挥官扇风吧!看招看招~(啪嗒啪嗒)暑そうだね、指揮官ちゃん。真美がトクベツにこのうちわであおいであげるよ!それそれそれ~(ぱたぱた)You look hot, Commander. I'll do you a favor and cool you off with my fan! Take this, and that~!
Touch (Special)嗯哼哼~指挥官好像也没能战胜夏天的炎热呢~んっふっふ~指揮官ちゃんも、夏の暑さには勝てなかったようですな~Fufufu~ Looks like the Commander can't win against the summer heat either~
Return to Port唔,强如真美也感觉有点累啦~好想喝波子汽水啊——(偷瞄)うーん、さすがの真美もちょっと疲れちゃったよ~つっめたーいラムネが飲みたいなー(ちらっ)Wow, I'm so tired~ I sure wish I was drinking some nice, cold ramune right now~ (Glance)
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Login早呀~指挥官!今天的真美,有没有非常帅气的感觉呢~?おっはよー指揮官ちゃん!見て見て、今日の真美、メッチャキマってるっしょ~?Good mornin', Commander! Take a good look! Don't I look absolutely dazzling today~?
Details冲呀,指挥官!这里来一套连击……!通关啦!指挥官挺厉害的嘛~いけいけ、指揮官ちゃん!そこでコンボ!……やったー!ゲームクリア!指揮官ちゃんも、なかなかやりますなぁ~Go go, Commander! Get the combo there! ...Yay~! We finished the game! Commander, you're not half bad~
Main指挥官,快看真美的姿势!性感荷尔蒙全开~有没有一种那啥的感觉呢~?指揮官ちゃーん!見て見てー、このポーズ!せくちーヘロモン全開で、ムフフな気分になっちゃうっしょ~?Commander~! Take a look at this pose! Don't I look totally alluring? It's going right to your head, isn't it~?
Main 2喂喂~一起去食堂吧指挥官!我会请你吃很多好吃的!ねえねえねえ~、一緒に食堂行こうよ、指揮官ちゃん!美味しいものいっぱい、ごちそうさせてあげるから!Hey hey hey~ Let's go to the canteen together, Commander! I'll treat you to a ton of tasty food!
Main 3这里就是指挥官的办公室呢~嗯哼哼~性感美少女寻宝猎人真美的探险时间就要开始了……ここが指揮官ちゃんの執務室なんだね~!んっふっふ~ではでは早速、せくちー美少女ハンター・真美がお宝探しを……So this is the Commander's office~! Nihihi~ It's time for the bombshell treasure hunter, Mami, to hunt for treasure...
Touch (Special)就、就算真美很性感,这样做也是不行的,指挥官!い、いくら真美がせくちーでも、それはダメっしょ、指揮官ちゃん!No matter how enchanted you might be by my beauty, you can't do that, Commander!
Mission工作还没结束吗?为了早点完成,真美会为你加油的~お仕事まだ終わってないっぽくない?早く終わるように、真美が応援してあげるね~It looks like you've still got some work left to do. Let's get it over with! I'll cheer you on from the sidelines~
Mission Complete真美的特别奖励——送给努力的指挥官!頑張った指揮官ちゃんを、真美がトクベツに褒めてあげる!To the Commander who worked extra hard, extra headpats!
Flagship真美队长会带领大家的~!真美隊長がみんなを引っ張っちゃうよーん!Captain Mami is here to lead the charge~!
Victory难道说,敌人被真美性感的身体迷惑住了吗?真美のせくちーな身体にノウサツされちゃった?Did you become bedazzled by my mature allure?
Affinity (Love)指挥官,我来接你了!今天约好了要和真美一起玩游戏的吧~?快点快点,出发!……啊,路上顺便去商店看看吧?指揮官ちゃん、迎えに来たよーん!今日は真美たちと一緒にゲームする約束してたっしょ~?ほらほら、しゅっぱーつ!……あっ途中で、売店寄っていこ?Commander, I'm here to pick you up! You promised to play games with me and the others today, right~? Come on, let's go~! ...Oh, and can we stop by the store on the way there?