Hai Tien (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 531Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavyDragon EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP522 Reload55
Firepower19 Torpedo47
Evasion26 Anti-air30
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW19 Luck31
HP2186 Reload105
Firepower51 Torpedo131
Evasion85 Anti-air114
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW48 Luck32
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Secondary gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Auxiliary gun base +1 | Secondary gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Secondary gun efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Hai Chi-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Scrollbearer of Turbulent SeasWhen the battle starts: increases this ship's EVA by 10.0% (25.0%) ; if there are other Dragon Empery ships in your fleet: also increases this ship's DMG dealt by 4.5% (12.0%) . Every 3rd time this ship fires her Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) and increases your Dragon Empery ships' FP and TRP by 4.5% (12.0%) for 8s.???
Wanderer of Azure MistsWhile this ship is inside a smokescreen: decreases this ship's SPD by 8, and increases DMG dealt by 4.5% (12.0%) ; While this ship is not inside a smokescreen, decreases this ship's DMG taken by 4.5% (12.0%) .???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault II: Hai Tien-class once every 16 times the Secondary Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description海天级防护巡洋舰—海天海天級防護巡洋艦・海天Hai Tien-class protected cruiser – Hai Tien.
Biography我是来自东煌的海天级防护巡洋舰,海天。关于我的过去…多少有些一言难尽。我想,“时运不济”便是最合适的诠释了吧——東煌所属、海天級防護巡洋艦の海天です。過去に関しては、多少言い表せないところがありまして…多分、「時勢に恵まれず」という表現が妥当でしょうI am Hai Tien, a Hai Tien-class protected cruiser from the Dragon Empery. There's not much to say about my past except perhaps... that fate was unkind to me.
Acquisition你好,指挥官。我是海天,东煌的海天。小女子初来乍到,对此处尚不熟悉,若有失礼之处,还请多多包涵了。初めまして、指揮官さん。東煌所属、海天(ハイテン)と申します。右も左もわからない新参者なので、失礼があればご容赦くださいませPleased to meet you, Commander. I am Hai Tien of the Dragon Empery. As a newcomer who knows not the customs of this place, please bear with me should I make any blunders.
Login一寸光阴一寸金,指挥官,若再不开始工作,今天可就要一事无成了。「光陰一瞬、寸金一封」――指揮官さん、そろそろ仕事を始めないと、今日を無為に過ごしてしまいますよ"Time is worth its measure in gold." Commander, if you don't start your work by now, you'll end up wasting the entire day.
Details比起群芳争艳的美好,百花凋零的萧瑟与悲伤似乎更容易让人共情…也许是我过于感性了吧。「妍を競う芳華(はな)の艶やかしさを愛すも、凋み落つ落花(はな)の寂しさに心打たれる」…感性が豊すぎる、ですか?"It is easier to relate with the despair of a wilting flower than the beauty of a blooming flower." ...Do you think I'm being too sentimental?
Main海圻还是那么精神奕奕的呢,她没有给指挥官添什么麻烦吧?海圻(ハイチ―)は相変わらず元気なようですね。あっ…指揮官さんにご迷惑をおかけしていませんか?Looks like Hai Chi is just as energetic as always. Oh... Is she a bother to you, Commander?
Main 2我在办公室放了一些诗词抄本,指挥官若是闲暇之时,也不妨看看吧。執務室に詩の写本を置いておきました。指揮官さんにはお手すきの際にでも、ご一読いただきたくI left a manuscript of poetry on your desk, Commander. If you would please peruse it when you have the time.
Main 3晚上吃什么好呢…要不…我做个麻婆豆腐?夕餉はいかがしましょう?そうですね…マーボー豆腐でもどうでしょう?What shall we do for dinner? Hmm... How about some mapo tofu?
Touch啊,抱歉,在回味刚才看的诗集内容,稍微有些走神…有什么事吗?あっ。申し訳ありません…さっき読んた詩の本のことを考えていました。はい、なんでしょうか?Oh, my apologies... I was thinking about the book of poems I was reading earlier. What can I do for you?
Touch (Special)不、不知廉耻!れ、礼儀を知らない方には…っ!H-how shameless of you...!
Touch (Headpat)嗯?我的身体无恙哦?あら…?体に不調はありませんよ?Hm? I feel perfectly fine though?
Mission指挥官,今天的任务也要坚持完成哦。指揮官さん、今日の任務も忘れずやり通してくださいねCommander, please make sure you remember to complete all your missions today.
Mission Complete任务完成了。嗯,想必这次也会有不错的收获吧。任務が完了しました。今回もきっとよい報酬となるでしょうGood work completing your missions. I'm sure the rewards will be great as well.
Mail落于纸上的一字一句,都是来自远方的深切思念…紙に書き留められた一字一句、彼方より伝えられし深き思い…Every word and letter written on this paper is a deep thought from far away...
Return to Port出击辛苦了,指挥官,我准备了滋补的银耳汤,不嫌弃的话请用——欸,太甜了…?指揮官さん、出撃お疲れ様です。滋養ある白キクラゲのスープを用意しましたけど、よければぜひお召し上がりに…あら?甘過ぎました…?Commander, good work in your operation. I have prepared some nutritious tremella lotus soup for you. Please dig in... Um, did I make it too sweet...?
Commission Complete委托组已经顺利归来,可不要忘了给远行归来的她们一些慰劳呢。委託組の皆さんが無事帰ってきましたよ。戻ってきた彼女たちをちゃんと労ってあげてくださいねIt looks like the girls have returned from their commissions. Make sure you show them your gratitude.
Enhancement工欲善其事,必先利其器…非常感谢,指挥官。「工、その事をよくせんと欲せば、必ずその器を利とす」――ありがとうございます、指揮官さん"To do a good job, a craftman must first have the right tools." Thank you very much, Commander.
Flagship唯有以战止战了吗…戦(いくさ)を以て戦を止めるしかないのでしょうか…Is the only way to end war... through more war?
Victory赤地千里,硝云弹雨,何时才能罢战息兵……「赤地千里、弾雨硝煙」……終戦息兵、いつ叶うのかしら…"War stains the land for a thousand miles, bullets salting the earth in its wake." ...When will the flames of war finally be snuffed out?
Defeat马失前蹄…了呢。「優駿も失脚す」…ですねI see... "Even horses can stumble."
Skill精诚所至,金石为开!「精誠至れば、金石阻まれることなく」――"Even mountains will move before an unbreakable spirit!"
Low HP起雾了!?霧が…?!The fog's rolling in...?!
Affinity (Upset)请不要打扰我,让我一个人静静吧。どうか話し掛けないで、一人にしてくださいPlease do not talk to me. I wish to be alone.
Affinity (Stranger)诗词之美,不仅在于押韵与对仗,更在于其寥寥数语间抒发的万千情感。指挥官,对于诗词之道也感兴趣吗?詩の美しきたるは、押韻や対句だけでなく、行間に潜む万感の思いにあり…指揮官さんは詩の道に興味はありますか?The beautiful part about poems is not only their rhymes and coupling, but also the many thoughts hidden between the lines... Do you have an interest in the path of poetry, Commander?
Affinity (Friendly)诗词风格万万千千,既有豪迈不羁的壮阔波澜,也有温婉含蓄的小家碧玉。指挥官更喜欢哪种呢?千差万別な作風に、豪胆不敵に波瀾万丈を引き起こすこともあれば、情緒纏綿(じょうしょてんめん)で悠悠自適に抑え込むことも…指揮官さんの好みはどちらでしょう?There are many forms of poetry, including the bold and uninhibited "Boundless Waves" style, as well as the gentle and reserved "Country Jade" style. Which do you prefer, Commander?
Affinity (Like)呼…啊,抱歉指挥官,我没什么事的。只是…最近读到了几首写得非常好的关于的“思念”的诗,有些共情而已,不必放在心上。ふぅ…あ、ごめんなさい指揮官さん。大したことではありません。ただ……最近読んだ「偲ぶこと」についての詩には些か共感したというか…どうぞお気になさらず。はぁ…*Sigh*... Oh, my apologies, Commander. I'm perfectly fine. It's just that... I recently read some excellently-composed poems about "reminiscence." I suppose I found them to be... extremely relatable.
Affinity (Love)作为指挥官,也许有朝一日您不得不征战远方…无论您将来去往何方,每当夜幕降临时,请不要忘记,我总在这里,与您共赏一轮明月。指揮官さんがいつか水平線の向こうに征く日も訪れることでしょう…どんなに遠く離れていようと、海天がここにいることをお忘れなきよう――「海天一色、月下同酌」、どうか…As a commander, the winds of war may one day take you far, far away... But no matter where you are, please remember –– we will always be together under the same night sky.
Pledge能在时间的长河中觅得一知音,便是人生最大的幸事了。…不止是知音?欸…那、那个…我也很乐意…不…啊…请、请稍等片刻,让我稍微整理一下思绪,片刻就好!「流るる時の川、導きの知己得れば憾まず」――知己にとどまらない、とすれば…え、ええと…喜ばしきも…あ、いいえ、すみません、心の整理をさせてください…ちょ、ちょっとだけです///"Being able to find one's soulmate in the flowing river of time is the greatest blessing in life." Wait, um, that means we're more than just good friends.... Err, umm, I'm okay with that too... I mean, wait, give me a second to sort out my thoughts... P-please, just a moment!
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In battle with Hai Chi不用担心我的哦。私の心配はしなくても大丈夫ですよDon't worry, I'll be fine.
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Ship Description真是巧遇呢,指挥官。我正准备找处好地方欣赏这些诗词抄本。相遇即是有缘,指挥官若是有空,不妨与小女子同行一阵?指揮官さん、奇遇ですね。ちょうど詩の写本をゆっくり読み込める場所を探していました。「出会いは縁の導き」、お時間がありましたら少しご一緒にいかがでしょうか?What a serendipitous meeting this is, Commander. I was simply searching for a place where I could leisurely enjoy my poetry manuscript. Since fate has brought both of us here, why don't we accompany each other for a while?
Acquisition真是巧遇呢,指挥官。我正准备找处好地方欣赏这些诗词抄本。相遇即是有缘,指挥官若是有空,不妨与小女子同行一阵?指揮官さん、奇遇ですね。ちょうど詩の写本をゆっくり読み込める場所を探していました。「出会いは縁の導き」、お時間がありましたら少しご一緒にいかがでしょうか?What a serendipitous meeting this is, Commander. I was simply searching for a place where I could leisurely enjoy my poetry manuscript. Since fate has brought both of us here, why don't we accompany each other for a while?
Login指挥官,你来了呢。时间还早,不如就在亭台边上稍微坐会吧。指揮官さん、来ましたのね。まだ日が早いですし、しばし休んではいかがでしょう?Good morning, Commander. It's still early in the morning; why not rest a bit more?
Main各色的鲤鱼在池塘中活跃的样子,生机勃勃,充满活力,让人不禁心情都愉快了几分。池で生き生きとしている鯉の様子を見ていると、なんだかこちらまで嬉しくなってきますねJust looking at all the carp in the pool, full of vigor and vitality, seems to uplift my spirit as well.
Main 2春联已经构思好,交给应瑞誊写了。她好像还说,“这样不就不好麻烦肇和了嘛”。看来她们姐妹俩关系不错呢~春節の対聯、考案は済んでおりまして、今応瑞が書く手筈となっています。何やら彼女、「肇和に任せずに済んだ」と言っているようで…姉妹仲睦まじいことですI finished writing my couplet for the Lunar New Year, and Ying Swei is preparing to transcribe it. She even said, "We made it through without relying on Chao Ho." Looks like the two get along well.
Main 3春节的晚宴…我也来准备几道好菜吧?嗯~糖醋鱼、红烧肘子,东坡肉…好像都挺不错的呢~春節の宴、私もとっておきの料理を用意しましょう。魚の甘酢あんかけ、豚もも肉のしょうゆ煮、東坡肉…うーん、どれも良さそうですねI've prepared some splendid dishes for the upcoming Spring Festival banquet. Sweet and sour fish, braised pork feet, and dongpo pork... Yep, they all look good!
Touch要帮我拿着这些吗?那就恭敬不如从命了。これを持ってくださるのですか?ではお言葉に甘えてお願いしますYou'll hold this for me? Why, thank you very much.
Touch (Special)“醉翁之意不在酒”呢~あら、「酔翁(すいおう)の意は酒にあらず」ですねMy, it looks like this drunkard has set their sights on something other than alcohol.
Return to Port“清池荷花,云蒸雾绕,有一飞仙,秉琴乐舞”…呵呵,海圻的舞蹈还挺好看的呢,指挥官若是感兴趣,就一起去看看吧。「清い池に蓮咲きたり、霧雲たなびきたる。仙人空より降りて、楽曲に伴ひて舞ふ」…ふふ、海圻の舞いはなかなかのものですよ。指揮官さんもしご興味ありましたら、共に見に行きましょう"Lotus flowers blooming in a clear pond, clouds flowing through the air, a sage descends from their dwelling, playing music and dancing about." ...Hehe, Hai Chi's dance is something worth appreciating. If that sounds interesting to you, why don't we go watch her together?
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Ship Description绫罗飞彩,飘然欲仙……只是一点现学现卖,不知指挥官觉得如何?如果您能喜欢的话,也就不枉海圻与我的一番功夫了。綾羅錦繍、天女の如く舞い立つ…少々学んだばかりのものですが、いかがでしたか?お気に召していただけたのなら、海圻も私も頑張った甲斐がありましたThrough dance of gossamer silk, the apsaras' grace soars... Oh, I'm simply reciting something I just happened to pick up on. What do you think, Commander? If I've captured your attention, I suppose this was worth our while~
Acquisition绫罗飞彩,飘然欲仙……只是一点现学现卖,不知指挥官觉得如何?如果您能喜欢的话,也就不枉海圻与我的一番功夫了。綾羅錦繍、天女の如く舞い立つ…少々学んだばかりのものですが、いかがでしたか?お気に召していただけたのなら、海圻も私も頑張った甲斐がありましたThrough dance of gossamer silk, the apsaras' grace soars... Oh, I'm simply reciting something I just happened to pick up on. What do you think, Commander? If I've captured your attention, I suppose this was worth our while~
Login指挥官,那个,接下来请让小女子为您献舞一曲……抱歉,还,还是感觉放不太开……指揮官さん、その、次は私が一曲踊らせていただきたく…すみません、ま、まだちょっと緊張して…Commander, umm... Next, I would like to humbly offer you a dance... Sorry, but, umm... I'm still a bit nervous about this...
Details我对琵琶算是略知一二吧。不过,要保持这个姿势弹的话,还是有点难……而且很害羞……琵琶なら少しかじったことがあります。しかし、この体勢のまま弾き続けるのはちょっと難しくて……(小声)恥ずかしいですね……I know a thing or two about playing the pipa, but holding this position is rather difficult... not to mention, embarrassing...
Main欸?还,还能做到这个动作吗?呜,海圻,但对我来说实在是力不从心……要不还是换个简单点的吧?え?そ、そんな動きもできるのですか?うぅ、海圻、さすがにそれは無理ですよ...もっと簡単なものにしませんか?Huh? Y-you want me to try making this pose as well? Um, Hai Chi, I'm not sure about that... Can't we go with something a bit easier?
Main 2要是海天能像真的仙子一样自由飞翔就好了。嗯……也许“飞机”就是在这样的执念下诞生的?本物の天女のように自由に空を飛べたら……あっ、もしかすると「飛行機」はそういう願いの元に生まれたのかもしれませんねIf only I were a real apsaras who could fly freely through the skies... Hmm, maybe those are the kinds of wishes that gave birth to airplanes.
Main 3阿嚏~呜,怎么会突然有冷风偷袭……仔细想想,这仙子的服饰也挺“清凉”呢……///へ、へっくしゅん!うぅ、急に風が...よくよく考えたらこの天女の衣装はなかなか「風通しがいい」ですね...///Eep! Why'd the wind pick up all of a sudden?! ...Come to think of it, this apsaras outfit is rather... breezy... *blushes*
Touch啊,没事的,我还不累。如果指挥官认同海天不是弱女子,就暂时顺应一下我的任性吧。あ、大丈夫、まだ平気ですよ。海天をか弱い子ではないと認めてくださるのでしたら、このまま少しだけ海天のわがままに付き合ってくださいねUmm, I'll be alright. I can endure this. If you agree that I'm not a weak little girl, please put up with my wilfulness a bit longer.
Touch (Special)趁,趁人之危可不是君子所为……よ、弱みにつけ込むのは君子の行いではありません…I-it's not very courteous of you to take advantage of another's vulnerability...
Touch (Headpat)发饰也是花了不少心思才弄好的哦。好看吗?髪飾りにもかなり手を加えたんですよ。綺麗…ですか?I put quite a bit of time and effort into making these hair ornaments. They're pretty, aren't they?
Return to Port海圻的“舞蹈速成班”,应该还是有点效果的吧。指挥官,您觉得呢?海圻の「舞踊特訓」、少しは成果が出ていればよいのですが。指揮官さんはどう思いますか?Hai Chi's special dance lessons should've helped out a little bit... What do you think, Commander?
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Ship Description让您久等了。准备衣服和灯笼花了一些时间……嗯,您说要“夜游”,我便仿照着古人做了一点点准备。我们出发吧?お待たせしました。服と提灯を用意するのに少し時間がかかりました……ええ、「夜遊び」と仰っていましたので、先人に倣って少しばかり準備をしました。ええと、もう出発しましょうか?Sorry to keep you waiting. It took quite some time to prepare my dress as well as this lantern... Yes, when you said we would go on a "night stroll," I made some preparations in accordance to what my ancestors once did. Now then, shall we set off?
Acquisition让您久等了。准备衣服和灯笼花了一些时间……嗯,您说要“夜游”,我便仿照着古人做了一点点准备。我们出发吧?お待たせしました。服と提灯を用意するのに少し時間がかかりました……ええ、「夜遊び」と仰っていましたので、先人に倣って少しばかり準備をしました。ええと、もう出発しましょうか?Sorry to keep you waiting. It took quite some time to prepare my dress as well as this lantern... Yes, when you said we would go on a "night stroll," I made some preparations in accordance to what my ancestors once did. Now then, shall we set off?
Login今夜景色不错呢。趁着港区那边热闹非凡之时,我们二人出来独享清闲……有、有种幽会的感觉?今宵の風景は素晴らしいですね。母港の賑わいから離れて、二人で静かな時間を楽しむ…まるで、「あいびき」のような感じだと思いませんか…?The scenery tonight is wonderful, is it not? The two of us sneaking off under the hustle and bustle of the festivities to enjoy some alone time... Doesn't it feel a bit like a tryst?
Details“传闻在林中出现了一白衣女鬼,四处飘荡,伴有诡异的风声。”真是奇怪的传闻……那个,指挥官,您为什么一直盯着我?「林の中に白い服の女のおばけがあちこち浮いていて、それに妙な風の音も…」変な噂…。その、指揮官さん、どうしてじっと見つめているのですか…?Strange rumors seem to have surfaced that "a ghostly woman has appeared in the forest, floating upon a strange-sounding wind"... Um, Commander, why are you staring at me like that...?
Main“水中藻荇交横,盖竹柏影也。”不论鬼神之事,能在如此夜晚出游,本身就是难得的体验。更何况是与您一起……「交錯する藻なんぞや、竹柏の影以外何もなし」鬼神の話はさておき、こうして夜中に散策すること自体が貴重な体験です。ましてや、指揮官さんと一緒だなんて…"Upon the water's surface, algae intersects with shadows of bamboo and cypress." Gods and ghosts aside, an outing during a night like this is certainly an experience to remember. And what's more, you're here too...
Main 2吸血鬼、科学怪人、还有女巫……无论是何处,关于鬼怪的传说都如此丰富,真有趣呢。吸血鬼、フランケンシュタイン、魔女…どこにいっても、この手の志怪(しかい)は豊富で面白いですねVampires, Frankenstein, and witches... No matter where you go, there will always be so many legends of oddities and monsters. Isn't that interesting?
Main 3您的意思是,如果那些孩子们对我说“不给糖就捣蛋”的话,我就把这些糖分给她们吗?我明白了……烧饼可以么?「お菓子をくれないとイタズラしちゃうよ」と言われたら、これらのお菓子を分け与えるという意味ですね?わかりました……焼餅(シャオビン)でも大丈夫ですか?So basically, if the kids say "trick or treat" to me, I have to give them candy? I see... Do you think these shaobing will suffice?
Touch要、要挽着手吗…?手、手を繋ぐんですか…?H-hold hands...?
Touch (Special)该,该不会这才是您的真正目的吧!し、指揮官さんの真の狙いはこれだったのですか…!?S-so this is what you were after the entire time, Commander?!
Mission既然是纵情欢闹之日,任务稍微搁置一下也无妨吧?羽根を伸ばす日なんですから、任務は少し後回しにしても大丈夫ですよ?Today is a day to rest our weary wings, so why don't we set aside work for the time being?
Return to Port指挥官,要补充些体力吗?这里有些之前顺手做的烧饼——欸,太甜了…?指揮官さん、体力補充はいかがですか?先程作っておいた焼餅(シャオビン)が——あ、甘すぎましたか…?Commander, need a little pick-me-up? I happened to make some extra shaobing earlier–– Oh, they're too sweet?
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Login今日事今日毕,我们要一起努力,成为不依赖明天的人哦,指挥官。「今日のこと、明日には持ち越さず」――指揮官さん、共に明日に頼らない人間に目指しましょうLet what should be done today not burden you tomorrow. Commander, let's both strive to reject procrastination.
Main东煌许多描绘爱情的诗句,亦产生了像“红豆”“鸳鸯”等等美好的意向…呼呼,要不要一起来读几首情诗呢,指挥官?東煌には恋を描く詩が数多く、相思を表す「小豆」や名高い「鴛鴦」のような、美しい願いの名作もまた多く…共に恋の詩を詠ってみませんか?指揮官さん?The Dragon Empery has produced countless beautiful works that evoke the imagery of love, such as red beans symbolizing fidelity, and the ever-famous mandarin ducks... Hehe, maybe we should recite some love poem together, Commander?
Touch无论是一起品诗,还是只是闲聊,我都可以哦~詩の鑑賞でもただの雑談でも、お相手いたしますよWhether you'd like to discuss some poetry or simply chat for a bit, I'd love to spend some time with you.
Touch (Special)至,至少给我一点心理准备……せ、せめて心の準備だけはさせてください…Ah, um, at least let me prepare myself...
Touch (Headpat)呣…我已经不是小孩子了呀…むぅ…もう子供ではありませんのに…Hmph... I'm not a child anymore...
Victory多少有些“春风得意“的感觉了呢,呵呵~「順風満帆、意気揚々」というようには、少し浮かれているのでしょう。ふふふIt would appear that the winds of fortune favor us today. Hehe~
Affinity (Love)我的气色看起来不错?那是自然。相思之人就在身旁,我的心中早已满溢着幸福了,何须愁眉苦脸呢?希望指挥官在我身边时,也能保持笑容满面~海天の気色がよく見えるのは至極当然です。思い人が隣で寄り添ってくださっていて幸せが溢れんばかり、苦い顔を作ることなどあるはずもなく。指揮官さんも私が傍にいる限り、ずっと笑顔のままでいてくださいませ♪It is quite natural for me to be in high spirits. After all, my beloved is by my side, your warmth imbuing me with a happiness that overflows without cessation. What cause could I possibly have to be displeased? And just like me, I hope that as long as I remain by your side, your precious smile will never fade away~♪