Giuseppe Garibaldi (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 559Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavySardegna EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Giuseppe GaribaldiDescription
HP749 Reload66
Firepower33 Torpedo60
Evasion31 Anti-air70
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW23 Luck88
HP3137 Reload127
Firepower92 Torpedo163
Evasion109 Anti-air258
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW60 Luck93
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Duca degli Abruzzi-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Halo of FervorWhen the battle starts: increases this ship's FP, TRP, and RLD by 5.0% (15.0%) for 60s. 3s after the battle starts, and with a 40.0% (70.0%) chance every 20s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
Easygoing ComposureIncreases this ship's DMG dealt against DDs and CLs by 5.0% (15.0%) . 20s after the battle starts: decreases the loading time of this ship's mid-reload torpedoes by 20s, then increases this ship's DMG dealt by 5.0% (15.0%) and decreases her DMG taken by 1.5% (6.0%) , but decreases her SPD by 8.???
Knock It Off...!Decreases this ship's DMG taken from AP ammo by 10.0% (20.0%) . When this ship takes DMG: 15.0% chance to deploy 2 shields that block 1 (2) enemy torpedoes (shields last 10s; 20s cooldown between activations). Once per battle, when this ship falls below 30.0% max HP as a result of DMG taken: restores 1.0% (10.0%) of this ship's max HP.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Giuseppe Garibaldi once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired. When the battle starts, if there are 3 or more Sardegna Empire ships in your fleet: fires this barrage.???
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Ship Description阿布鲁齐公爵级轻巡洋舰—朱塞佩.加里波第ドゥーカ・デッリ・アブルッツィ級軽巡洋艦-ジュゼッペ・ガリバルディDuca degli Abruzzi-class light cruiser – Giuseppe Garibaldi.
Biography是叫条约型巡洋舰的最终发展型…来着?不过由于种种原因,比起曾经那场大战中的活跃,那之后的我更加醒目就是了。那么在意我吗?是战绩?还是搭载的兵装?条約型巡洋艦の最終発展型…だっけ?だったけど、大戦での活躍より、そのあとのほうが輝いたりしてたわね。ふーん、そんなにあたしのことが気になる?それは戦績?それとも搭載兵装の話?I'm the final variant of a line of treaty cruisers... I think? Anyway, my time in the limelight was after the war rather than during it, for various reasons. You still wanna know more about me? Like what – my achievements, or the stats of my weaponry?
Acquisition心情不错?那就和港区所属撒丁的轻巡,朱塞佩·加里波第击个掌吧!啊,指挥官?我在更新状态所以先等下……好了。我么?刚刚说了我是加里波第哦?ご機嫌はいかがー?じゃあサディア所属の軽巡ジュゼッペ・ガリバルディと握手っと!……あ、指揮官?今艦船通信更新してたけどあとにして…よしっと。私?ジュゼッペ・ガリバルディだって言ったけど?Is everyone doing well? Now, let's put our hands together for the port's latest arrival – light cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi of Sardegna! ...Oh, Commander? I was just updating my shipgirl profile... And that does it! Who am I? Didn't you just hear me say Giuseppe Garibaldi?
Login你好啊指挥官。呼……今天撒丁帝国的威光也很耀眼呢~ご機嫌よう指揮官。ふぅ…今日もサディア帝国の威光がまぶしいね~Good morning, Commander. Phew... Sardegna's splendor is shining as brightly as ever today~
Details在那呆站着干嘛?放轻松啦,我又不会吃了指挥官?还是说指挥官也是会在意贵族礼仪的类型?そこに突っ立ったままでどうしたの?楽にしてよ。別にあたしは指揮官を取って食ったりはしないし?それとも指揮官も貴族のマナーとか気にしてるタイプ?What are you standing there all stiff for? Make yourself comfortable. I'm not gonna punish you for it. You're not the type who fusses over a noble's manners, are you?
Main贵族的义务责任?管他呢。我跟阿布鲁齐姐可不同哦?へー貴族の責務?ワンワンにでも食わせとけっつーの。アブルッツィ姉さんと違うわよ?あたしはMy duties as a dignitary? Ehh, don't give a rat's ass about 'em. My sis and I are worlds apart in that regard.
Main 2看上去不是那么重要的工作就随便做做呗?反正做错了也会有人帮忙订正过来的。あまり重要そうじゃないなら、適当にやれば?別に間違っても誰かが訂正してくれるだろうしIf what you're doing isn't hugely important, just wing it. If you mess up, someone will come and fix it.
Main 3茶会啊……我平时会去合得来的人那里,指挥官在意吗?お茶会ね…あたしは気が合いそうなツレのところにいっつも行ってるね~。指揮官は気になる?I usually go to tea parties with like-minded people. You interested, Commander?
TouchObbedisco!悉听尊便哦Obbedisco!はい、なんなりとってねObbedisco! Just tell me what you need.
Touch (Special)挺能干的嘛。へーやるじゃないWell, I'll be damned.
Mission有新的任务,就是需要你完成职责的那个啦。新しい任務よ。ほら、責務を果たせってやつWe've got new missions. Time to do what you signed up for.
Mission Complete任务完成了。也就是说你漂亮地完成了身份高贵之人的职责呢。任務、完了…貴き者の責務を上手く果たせたってことねMission complete... Which is to say, you've performed your duty as a dignitary.
Mail是邮件啊……确认下吧?メールか…確認して?A letter? Open and see what it says.
Return to Port回来了?在那边随便坐坐吧。问我要做什么…肯定是回顾战斗啊。你在期待什么呢?戻った?その辺で適当に座ってて。何をするかって…そりゃ振り返りでしょ。何を期待してたの?Oh, you're back. Go ahead and take a seat. What for? The after-action review, obviously. Were you expecting something else?
Commission Complete委托完成了呢。就算我忘了,指挥官也不能忘啊。委託完了ね。あたしが忘れてても、指揮官は忘れないでよ?Hey, you completed a commission. You should remember that, even if I forgot.
Enhancement挺不错的嘛?不仅没少些什么还变强了哦?主要是火力方面的。いいんじゃない?減るもんじゃないし、それどころか増えてるし?主に火力とかPretty good. Nothing to complain about and much to love. Like my new firepower.
Flagship迅速解决掉吧。パパっとやっちゃおうかLet's get this done in a flash.
Victory赢了。我叫轻巡朱塞佩·加里波第。挺好记的吧?勝ったわよ。私の名は軽巡ジュゼッペ・ガリバルディ。覚えやすいでしょ?I've won. My name is light cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi. Easy to remember, right?
Defeat哼,挺能干的嘛。我记下了。ふーん、やってくれたじゃない。覚えたわよHmph, so you got us good this time. I'll be back.
Skill要发挥本领了!本領発揮よ!Here's what I can REALLY do!
Low HP真烦人……!しつこいって…!Knock it off...!
Affinity (Upset)说是指挥官也不过就这嘛,哼。指揮官と言えど所詮は三下程度ってところか。ふんYou call yourself the Commander, but you're really just a nobody. Hmph.
Affinity (Stranger)我会依照指挥官的命令工作,不过除此之外的就不要太抱期望了哦?那样我们彼此都轻松。何况像阿布鲁奇姐那样刻板的,指挥官也不擅长应对吧?あたしは指揮官の命令通りに働くけど、それ以上はあまり求めない方がいいんじゃない?ほら、そのほうがお互い楽だし、何よりアブルッツィ姉さんのように堅苦しいのは指揮官も苦手なんでしょ?I'll follow your orders no problem, but please don't demand more of me than that. It's just easier for us both that way. Besides, you don't like being a slave to formality like Abruzzi, do you?
Affinity (Friendly)其实我也并非不擅长贵族的职责之类的……不然就显得我像笨蛋一样了嘛。指挥官没想过过得轻松点吗?貴き者の責務云々とか別に苦手じゃないんだ?…じゃあまるであたしがバカみたいじゃない。指揮官は楽して生きようとは思わないの?It's not like a dignitary's duty is too much for me or whatever. I'd look like a fool if it was. I'm just easygoing – don't you wanna be that too, Commander?
Affinity (Like)比起麻烦的礼仪礼节,引导伙伴,保护伙伴更重要。这些我都知道的,你看我不正这样保护着指挥官么。嗯,虽然是以我的方式就是了。小難しいマナーとか作法より、仲間を導き、仲間たちのことを守る方が大事ね…そんなの最初から分かってるし、こうして指揮官を守ってるじゃない。まあ、あたしなりにねLeading and protecting your friends is what's important, not petty etiquette or manners. I've known that since day one. Heck, I'm protecting you right now... Well, in my own way.
Affinity (Love)今天就和我一样放松下吧?你看,辅佐指挥官的孩子有这么多,偶尔依赖下她们也没什么吧?而且反过来想想,指挥官要是一直这么拼命,我的“作为贵族保护你的职责”不就没法完成了嘛?今日ぐらいはあたしと同じように楽してみたら?ほら、指揮官を支えてくれる子だってこんなにいるし、たまには甘えてみたらいいんじゃない?逆に考えてよ、指揮官がいつまでも働き詰めだと、あたしの「貴き者としてあなたを守る責務」を果たせなくなるでしょ?Can't you take it easy at least for today? You have all these supportive girls by your side – rely on them for once. Think of it like this: I'll never be able to fulfill my duty as a dignitary of protecting you if you're always working around the clock.
Pledge这是希望我能一直照看你的意思对吗?好啊。照看指挥官什么的,身为高贵的阿伯鲁齐的妹妹,这种事完全不在话下哦?ずっとあたしに面倒を見てほしいって意味なのね?いいよ。別に指揮官の面倒を見るぐらい、貴きアブルッツィの妹としては全然余裕だけど?I'm guessing you want me to look after you forever and ever? You got it. Simply always being there for you is a total breeze when you're Abruzzi's sister.
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In battle with Duca degli Abruzzi作为贵族就由我打头阵吧!貴き者として先陣を切りまぁーす I'll do as a dignitary and take the lead!
In battle with An Shan, Chang Chun真好啊,我也想要那个呢へーそれあたしもほしいけど? Sweet rigging. I want one like that.
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Ship Description我是坏天鹅奥吉莉亚,王子殿下现在在哪里呢—。…这不是指挥官么。先不管刚才的台词,我演得不错吧?悪いスワンのオディールよー。あたしの王子様はどこにいるのかしらー。…って指揮官じゃない。今のセリフはともかく、いい感じに決まってたでしょI am the evil swan Odile! Where oh where is my prince? ...Oh, it's you, Commander. My lines aside, pretty good performance, right?
Acquisition我是坏天鹅奥吉莉亚,王子殿下现在在哪里呢—。…这不是指挥官么。先不管刚才的台词,我演得不错吧?悪いスワンのオディールよー。あたしの王子様はどこにいるのかしらー。…って指揮官じゃない。今のセリフはともかく、いい感じに決まってたでしょI am the evil swan Odile! Where oh where is my prince? ...Oh, it's you, Commander. My lines aside, pretty good performance, right?
Login算是,穿越大风大浪终于来上班了是吧嵐を乗り越えてようやくご出勤ってことかなIt took getting through a storm to finally clock in, eh?
Main黑天鹅与白天鹅,确实应该是一个人分饰两角。这样看来我和罗马算是竞争对手……?黒鳥と白鳥、確か一人二役でやるんじゃなかった?じゃあこれってローマとはライバル役ってことだよね…?Both the white and black swan are meant to be played by the same person, right? Doesn't that make Roma and me rivals?
Main 2你说那个么?达芬奇和我不同,她是会全身心投入角色的类型。虽然那也挺开心的,不过我是做不到啦。あれね?ダヴィンチはあたしと違って役に入り込むタイプでしょ。それはそれで楽しいけど、あたしはちょっと無理かなDa Vinci's the kind of girl who really gets into her role, unlike me. Good for her if she enjoys it. Me, I just can't do it.
Main 3阿布鲁齐姐在看?呜哇,感觉如果不认真练习就会被念叨……那么在意的话自己也来演不就好了。アブルッツィ姉さんが見てる?うわっ本気で練習しなきゃいろいろ言われちゃうな…そんなに気になるなら自分でもやればいいのに…Is Abruzzi watching me? Aw crap, then I'll have to do hardcore practice or she'll chew me out. She should play a role herself if it's so damn important...
Touch要向我宣誓爱吗?呵呵~愛の誓いをしてくれる?ふふふWill you swear your love to me? Heehee~
Touch (Special)倒是没什么啦,不过总觉得……平気は平気だけど、なんだかな……It's no big deal, but something feels off about this...
Mission有新任务。是什么来着……是立下爱之约定就能得到报酬之类的任务吗?新しい任務よ。なんだっけ…愛の約束をしてくれたら何か報酬もらえたりするものかな?You've got new missions. Wonder if one of them is like, make a lovers' pact and you'll be rewarded, or something?
Mission Complete贵族不会言而无信。任务完成了。貴き者は約束を覆さないからね。任務完了A dignitary never goes back on their promise. Mission complete.
Return to Port欣赏芭蕾也不错,不过差不多该回顾战斗了。伙伴们在等着呢バレエの鑑賞もいいけど、そろそろ振り返りをやったほうがいいと思うよ。仲間たちが待ってるしWatching me dance ballet is fine and all, but I think it's time you do your after-action review. People are waiting, you know.
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Login今天也要为了弘扬撒丁的威光奋斗呢。呵呵呵~本日もサディアの威光を広めるがために奮闘せよーってね。ふふふYou know the drill – we must again strive to spread Sardegna's glory. Heehee.
Details啊,我倒不是有什么意见,不过这样站着不要紧吗?好啦,不用顾虑什么的,坐下来吧?指挥官的话,凶我也是可以的哦。开玩笑的♪あー別にとやかく言うつもりはないけど、そのまま立ちっぱなしでも平気なの?もう、変に気を使わないで座れば?あたしは指揮官になら取って食われたりしてもいいから。なんて♪Not trying to throw any shade here, but can you really handle standing up for so long? Stop fretting over appearances and have a seat. Alternatively, go ahead and punish me for being too lax. Just kidding♪
Main中午休息的时候,要来一杯特制的撒丁饮料吗?可以帮助你心情放松哦。午後の休憩にサディア特製のドリンクでもいかが?気分転換になるわよ。ふふふHow about a Sardegnian signature drink on your afternoon break? It'll reinvigorate you, I promise. Heehee.
Main 2所以说看上去没那么重要的事情,随便做就好。都说了会有人帮你订正的不是吗?比如身为秘书舰的我之类的。だから重要そうじゃないのは、適当にやってていいよ。誰かが訂正してくれるって言ったでしょ?主に秘書艦であるあたしとかLook, you can honestly just wing it if the task's not important. Didn't I tell you someone will fix any errors you make? Mainly me, your secretary.
Main 3利安德,今天的红茶麻烦多加点糖。指挥官要跟我一样加8块糖吗?リアンダー、今日の紅茶は砂糖多めでお願いね。指揮官もあたしと同じで砂糖8個でいい?Leander, put some extra sugar cubes in my tea if you don't mind. Commander, are you good with 8 for each of us?
Touch听从指挥官的命令哦~指揮官様の命じるがままに、ねYour bidding is my command and whatnot.
Touch (Special)不是吧,你还真的摸了……///うっそ、本当に触ってきちゃった…///No way, you actually just touched me...
Return to Port坐吧坐吧。我去拿些小点心来,在回顾战斗前先休息下吧おすわりおすわり。軽食持ってくるから、振り返りの前にちょっと寛いでてHave a seat. I'll go get you a quick meal, so take the chance to get comfy before it's time for the review.
Commission Complete委托完成了。你有好好记得是什么时候出击的吗?委託完了よ。いつ出撃したのかちゃんと覚えてる?Commission complete. Do you actually remember when you sent them out?
Flagship我来保护大家!ここは私が守ってあげるから!You're all under my protection!