Giulio Cesare (JP 🇯🇵: ジュリオ・チェザーレ, CN 🇹🇼: 朱利奥·凯撒)
Ship IDNo. 412Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityElite
NavySardegna EmpireBuild Time04:15:00
AcquisitionEvent: Empyreal Tragicomedy
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENSeptember 11, 2019
KRSeptember 11, 2019
CNSeptember 11, 2019
JPSeptember 11, 2019
Voice actressAyaka Shimizu
Giulio Cesare Description
Conte di Cavour-class battleship – Giulio Cesare.
Fitness MasterDescription
Both exercise and war are at their core about willpower! Now, get ready, Commander! We're not finished until you're dripping with sweat!
HP1172 Reload55
Firepower66 Torpedo28
Evasion7 Anti-air35
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck65
HP5212 Reload105
Firepower171 Torpedo77
Evasion36 Anti-air132
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck68
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Destroyer Gun150%/150%/150%/150%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun70%/70%/70%/70%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Triple 320mm Main Gun (M1934)
2Twin 120mm Main Gun (M1933)
Fleet Tech
T4 Battleship: Conte di Cavour-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock24 +2
Max LimitBreak50
Lv.12036 +1
Sardegnian CoercionWhen this ship fires a Salvo: 20.0% (50%) chance to fire a special barrage. Barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.Default Unlocked
Fading Memories of Glory10s after the battle starts: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) torpedo barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level and this ship's TRP stat.) 5s after this ship fires its first Volley: for the rest of the battle, increases this ship's FP by 5.0% (15.0%) , DMG dealt to enemy CLs by 10.0% (20.0%) , and sets this ship's TRP stat to 0.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description加富尔伯爵级战列舰—朱利奥·凯撒コンテ・ディ・カブール 級戦艦・ジュリオ・チェザーレConte di Cavour-class battleship – Giulio Cesare.
Biography印象最深刻的事情么……那还用说吗?当然是在庞塔斯提洛海战中,让我不得不撤出战斗的那一炮了。要是那个时候,我的炮击能先命中她的话…記憶に残った出来事……あの戦い以外にないわ。プンタ・スティーロ海戦で私を一発で戦線離脱させたあの一撃…あの時、私が先に相手に命中させていれば…!Memories that haunt me? None but that dreaded battle. I had to retreat from the Battle of Punto Stilo after taking a single hit... Things would've gone differently, had I only gotten to strike first...!
Acquisition朱利奥·凯撒,撒丁帝国所属战列舰。让我见识一下,你是如何统领舰队的吧。ジュリオ・チェザーレ、サディア帝国所属の戦艦よ。艦隊統率の腕前をこの私に見せなさい!I'm Giulio Cesare, battleship of the Sardegna Empire. Prove to me your talent in commanding a fleet!
Login每一天都如此准时……真不愧是指挥官呢。这一点我也要向你学习才行。時間通り…さすがは指揮官ね。こういうのだけはあなたに学ばなきゃならないわYou're right on time... Naturally. I'll admit your timeliness is the one thing I could learn from.
Details厌战…终于能够与她面对面一决胜负了吗。这天我等了很久了!ウォースパイト、対等な条件でようやく再戦できるのね。待ってたわ!At last I can have a rematch with Warspite on equal terms. I've been waiting for this!
Main文书处理?加富尔比较擅…唔…现在我是秘书舰,还是我来帮你吧。事務処理?カブールのほうが得意だけど…ううん、やってあげる。今は私が秘書艦だからOffice work? Cavour is better at it than me... but I'll still do it. As any secretary should.
Main 2指挥官,做决定时要果断一点。犹豫之中失去的时间可是追不回来的。指揮官、決断は果敢にやったほうがいい。躊躇って無駄にした時間は取り戻せないからCommander, be decisive. Hesitation wastes time, and wasted time is gone forever.
Main 3比起钜细靡遗的解释和调停,果断而决绝地下达命令分配任务才是一个领导者真正需要做的,你也是这么觉得的吧,指挥官?事細かく連絡や調停するのではなく、命令を下し決断をするのが指導者のなすべきことよ。指揮官もそう思わない?A good leader doesn't micromanage or mediate, they issue clear orders and make firm decisions. Isn't that right, Commander?
Main 4加富尔,在指挥官面前说话口吻不要那么文绉绉的!你也不想让指挥官觉得像个老人家吧カブール、指揮官の前ではもっと普通に話しなさい!さすがに指揮官にお年寄りとは思われたくないわCavour, don't be so overly formal around the Commander! No one wants to be treated like an old-timer!
Touch唔……欸?对不起,刚刚发了会呆。指挥官,莫非是看出来了,特地提醒我…ん……え?すまない、ちょっとぼんやりしてた…指揮官、もしかして私に気を使ったの?Mh... Mm? Sorry, I zoned out for a bit... Were you worried about me, Commander?
Touch (Special)故意拿我消遣的话,就别怪我对你抱有偏见了。これで私をからかってるつもりなら、バカにされても文句言うんじゃないわよIf you plan on toying around with me, don't blame me when you get burned.
Mission如果不想做的任务能跳过就好了呢。やりたくない任務は飛ばせられればいいわねYou can honestly skip missions you'd rather not take on.
Mission Complete完成这些任务,真的会对战局有什么帮助吗?任務をこなしたところで、戦況に影響があるのか?On the topic of completing missions, does it even affect the war situation?
Mail有你的信件。不是私人消息的话,不介意我帮你拆开吧?手紙よ。プライベートのものじゃなければ、私が開封しても構わないわね?There's a letter for you. Assuming it's no private matter, you don't mind if I open it, do you?
Return to Port看你的表情,这次应该是一如既往的大胜吧。いつも通りの勝利だったわね。あなたの顔がそう言っているわTriumphant once again, yes? It's written all over your face.
Commission Complete远处走过来的是委托队吧。指挥官,不和她们打个招呼吗?あっちにいるのは委託組か?指揮官、あの子達に挨拶してみない?Isn't that the commission team? Why not go say hello to them, Commander?
Enhancement我的极限,不止于此!私の限界はこの程度じゃないわ!I've yet to hit my own limits!
Flagship遵循指挥官的命令,出征!指揮官の命により、出陣せよ!As per the Commander's orders, we depart for the front!
Victoryveni,vidi,viciveni,vidi,vici(ウェーニー・ウィーディー・ウィーキー)Veni, vidi, vici.
Defeat是我的力量还不够吗……力不足、か……!Am I out of my depth...?!
Skill折服于我吧!この力、全てを平伏させるものなり!All shall bow before my might!
Low HP这点程度还不足以让我屈服!この程度ではくじけないわ!You won't break my spirit so easily!
Affinity (Upset)你没有能与指挥官之位相匹配的魄力呢。指揮官の席にふさわしい気迫を持ち合わせていないようねSeems you lack the mindset to be a worthy commander.
Affinity (Stranger)加富尔总是强调与别人沟通的技巧。我觉得只要把自己的意思表达清楚就好,有那么多需要顾忌的东西吗?建前も社交辞令も大事だとカブールはいつも主張しているけど、私は自分の思ってることを伝えてこその言葉だと思う。意思疎通を気にしなければならないなんて窮屈だと思わない?Cavour always stresses the importance of courtesy and diplomatic discourse, but I believe in simply speaking one's mind. Doesn't it sound dreadful to obsess over some idea of formality?
Affinity (Friendly)如果有人不服从命令的,给她一点教训就会懂事了吧。…不能这么简单粗暴吗?我还以为这会是个好建议来着…命令に従わないやつは痛い目に遭わせて教訓を与えるに限るわね。…そんな単純なものじゃない、って?別に悪くないことだと思っていたけど…A little bit of harsh discipline is the right medicine for slouches who can't obey orders. "It's not that simple"? Well, I thought I was making a good suggestion...
Affinity (Like)听说你过几天有休假。我弄到了两张歌剧的门票,有空的话不妨陪我一起?尝试点新事物,对你而言没有坏处的。休暇があると聞いて、オペラのチケットを二枚買ってきたけど、よかったら一緒に見ない?新しいものを見聞きするのはあなたにとっても悪いことじゃないわよA little bird told me you're free, and I've got two tickets to the opera, so what do you say? I'd say you're due for something you haven't experienced before.
Affinity (Love)指挥官,放心吧。只要我仍是你的后盾,你就只需要考虑怎么前进就好。其他的一切就交给我了!指揮官、安心して。この私があなたの背中を守っている以上、あなたはもうそのまま前に向かって進むことだけ考えていればいいわ。ほかのことは全て私に任せなさい!You can rest easy, Commander. For as long as I have your back, you can keep your eyes on the path ahead and continue moving forward. I'll take care of everything else for you!
Pledge原本我已经把双人休假旅行的线路规划好了,实在是可惜…和谁一起去?当然是和你了!下次先问问你的意见?我这难道不是为了你…我,我知道了啦。はあ…準備しておいたカップル旅行ツアーが無駄になったわね…誰と行くって?あなたと行くに決まってるじゃない?…次から先に言ってって?そもそもこれ、私があなたのために準備してて……わ、分かったわよ…*Sigh*... The romantic vacation I booked was all for nothing... "With who"? With you, shouldn't that be obvious?! ... "Just ask me next time"? But I booked it just for you in the first place... F-fine, I will...
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Main Title
In battle with Warspite我们之间胜负未分!まだ勝負は決まってないわ!Our battle isn't over yet!
In battle with Conte di Cavour不必担心我,还是多对自己上点心吧。カブール、自分のことでも心配してなさい!Cavour, worry about yourself instead!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description运动和战斗一样,最重要的是气魄!来吧,指挥官,在出满满一身汗之前可不能停下来!運動も戦いも、大切なのはやる気よ!さあ指揮官、やりなさい!汗だくになるまで止まるんじゃないわ!Both exercise and war are at their core about willpower! Now, get ready, Commander! We're not finished until you're dripping with sweat!
Acquisition运动和战斗一样,最重要的是气魄!来吧,指挥官,在出满满一身汗之前可不能停下来!運動も戦いも、大切なのはやる気よ!さあ指揮官、やりなさい!汗だくになるまで止まるんじゃないわ!Both exercise and war are at their core about willpower! Now, get ready, Commander! We're not finished until you're dripping with sweat!
Login那边的跑步机空着哦,要用的话自便就好。ランニングマシンが空いているわ。鍛えたいなら適当に使ってなさいThe treadmill is free right now. Do use it if you plan to work out.
Details要我帮你制定一个锻炼计划吗?唔,我想想,首先是一百个俯卧撑,然后一百个仰卧起坐,接着……欸,不用了吗?为什么啊?筋トレの計画でも作ってあげようか?……「チェザーレの鍛え方だと、栄養が筋肉に吸収されて脳に入らなくなる」って?カブールがそう言ったの!?Want me to make a training plan for you? ... "Cesare's training methods send nutrients to your muscles and away from the brain"? Did Cavour really say that?!
Main“运动是一切生命的源泉”……好像有谁这么说过来着?「運動してこそ命つながる」……誰が言ったっけ?"Inaction saps the vigor of the mind"... Who said that, again?
Main 2“慢跑模式”“减脂模式”“登山模式”……这跑步机这么复杂的吗?算了,先挑个看起来最难的模式试试吧。「ジョギングコース」「脂肪燃焼コース」「ローリングヒルコース」……こんなに複雑なものか?とりあえず一番難しそうなのを頼むわJogging courses, fat-burning courses, rolling hills courses... Is it really this complicated? I'll just start with whichever seems the toughest.
Main 3心情不好的话,就去那边沙袋打几拳发泄一下。我试过了,效果还挺不错的呢。ストレスが溜まったら、あっちにあるサンドバッグで発散してみるといいわ。いい気分になれるって私自身で実証済みよIf you feel stressed out, just let it all out on that sandbag over there. I can attest that it does wonders for the mood.
Touch这就坚持不住了吗?指挥官,你不行啊。この程度でもうへばってる?指揮官はまだまだだわAre you out of breath already? You've still got a long way to go, Commander.
Touch (Special)你在干啥呢?喂,别装糊涂!何やったの!こら、誤魔化すんじゃないわよ!What was that for?! Don't ignore me, answer!
Return to Port接好了!指挥官,别忘了及时补充水分。ほら、これでも受け取りなさい!水分補給、忘れないでHere, take this! Don't forget to rehydrate.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description玩累了?真是的,露出这么一副靠不住的样子可不行啊。虽然说今天可以放开了玩,但玩得太疯也不好哦。遊び疲れた?全く、頼りないやつに見えるじゃない。今日は思いっきり遊べるからと言って、はしゃぎすぎるのは良くないわよTired already? For goodness' sake, I thought you'd be more reliable than this. Don't go burning all your energy at once, we still have a whole day of recreation ahead of us.
Acquisition玩累了?真是的,露出这么一副靠不住的样子可不行啊。虽然说今天可以放开了玩,但玩得太疯也不好哦。遊び疲れた?全く、頼りないやつに見えるじゃない。今日は思いっきり遊べるからと言って、はしゃぎすぎるのは良くないわよTired already? For goodness' sake, I thought you'd be more reliable than this. Don't go burning all your energy at once, we still have a whole day of recreation ahead of us.
Login欢迎回来,指挥官。这点程度就累了的话可不行哦。おかえり、指揮官。この程度で疲れたら頼りなく見えてしまうわよHey, Commander. I hope you're not tired already, or else you'll be branded as unreliable.
Main厌战参加了沙滩排球大会…?为什么不早点告诉我!ウォースパイトがビーチバレー大会に参加している…!?なぜ早く教えなかったの!Warspite's taking part in the beach volleyball tournament? You should've told me so sooner!
Main 2指挥官,你是不想被特伦托和波拉她们缠上才躲到这里的吧?不是吗?指揮官、さてはトレントやポーラたちに捕まらないようにここにやってきたでしょ?違う?Trento and Pola are out for you, so you came here to lie low, didn't you? ...No?
Main 3加富尔,这里可不是你的战场!要打水仗的话……指挥官,稍等片刻。我去教训教训对面那些家伙!カブール、ここを戦場にするんじゃないわ!水鉄砲合戦がやりたいならよそで……指揮官、ちょっと待って。今向こうの連中を懲らしめてくるわ!This is not a playground, Cavour! Take your watergun fight elsewhere! ...I'll be right back, Commander. I'm going to have a word with that wannabe commando!
Touch没有维内托那么时髦呢,这件泳装。ヴェネトほどオシャレじゃないけどね、この水着I do like this bikini, though it doesn't quite match up to Veneto's.
Touch (Special)干出这种事会有什么后果,你应该心里清楚吧こんなことしておいて何をされるか、分かってるでしょうねSurely you know what consequences await you for doing that.
Return to Port撒丁利口酒,要加冰吗?一口气把冰的灌下去更舒服吧?サディア・リキュール。氷はいる?冷たいのでグイっといったほうが気持ちいいでしょ?Want some ice with your Sardegnian liqueur? It's best downed in one gulp when it's this cold.
Victory是被我的战斗姿态迷住了,还是别的什么?呵呵~見惚れたのは戦いっぷりか、それとも別の何か?ふふっAre you charmed by my prowess in battle, or just me? Haha~