Centaur (JP 🇯🇵: セントー , CN 🇹🇼: 半人马)
Ship IDNo. 356Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time03:00:00
AcquisitionSpecial Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENJuly 24, 2019
KRAugust 20, 2019
CNAugust 20, 2019
JPAugust 20, 2019
Voice actressAya Uchida
Centaur Description
Centaur-class light aircraft carrier – Centaur.
Beachside Undine Description
Even though I see the ocean every day, changing into this swimsuit gives me a totally new outlook on it. How about you, Commander? Don't you feel at ease?
Sprightly Spring WindDescription
I never imagined you would give me such a splendid dress, Commander... I think it's called a "qipao..." is it? I'll try it, revealing though it is. Wh- what do you think...? Do I look... nice?
HP1105 Reload59
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion19 Anti-air50
Aviation80 Cost0
ASW31 Luck73
HP4912 Reload113
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion69 Anti-air189
Aviation209 Cost0
ASW78 Luck77
Limit Break
Tier 1All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All fighters +1 | Fighter efficiency +10%
Tier 3All Torpedo Bombers +2 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
3Torpedo Bomber120%/125%/125%/140%1/2/2/40/0/0/0
Default Equipments
3TBF Avenger
Fleet Tech
T7 Light Aircraft Carrier: Centaur-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock16 +2
Max LimitBreak32
Lv.12024 +1
Swordfishes, Attack!When this ship launches an Airstrike: launches an additional special Swordfish airstrike (DMG is based on the skill's level) and decreases Speed by 40.0% for 6s for all enemies hit by it. Increases this ship's DMG to BBs (BCs and BBVs are unaffected) by 4.0% (10.0%) .Default Unlocked
Airspace DominanceWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: increases your Main Fleet's AVI by 5.0% (15.0%) and FP by 4.0% (10.0%) for 8s.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description半人马级航空母舰—半人马,舷号R06セントー級航空母艦・セントー (HMS Centaur)Centaur-class light aircraft carrier – Centaur.
Biography我是半人马级的命名舰,半人马。由于大战结束,我们的降生颇为坎坷,不过也拜此所赐,我们度过了和平的时光……对我来说,舰队的各位,即使是驱逐舰,都是我的前辈,还请多多指教セントー級航空母艦のネームシップ、セントーと申します。大戦の後に建造されただけあって、色々ありましたけど…お陰様で平和な日々を過ごしていました。私にとって艦隊の皆、ええ、駆逐艦の子たちだって先輩です。何卒よろしくお願いいたしますI am called Centaur, name ship of the Centaur-class aircraft carriers. As I was constructed only after the Second Great War, I lived a peaceful life, in spite of it all. And so to me, all the ships of the fleet, even the little destroyer girls, are my Elders. I am at your disposal.
Acquisition这里就是参与了大战的前辈们聚集的地方吗……您好,指挥官,我是半人马,请多多指教ここはかの大戦に参加した先輩たちが集まっている場所……はじめまして、指揮官、セントーと申します。何卒よろしくお願いしますSo this is the place where all my Elders who fought in the Second Great War gather... Greetings, Commander, I am Centaur, at your service.
Login指挥官,今天我也会向前辈们学习,好好加油的~指揮官、今日も私、先輩たちを見習って精一杯頑張ります!Commander, I swear to follow the examples of my Elders and strive for greatness once more today!
Details服装风格?唔,大概是因为我的名字来自神话,所以比较幻想风……吧?外見…ですか?そうですね、名前の元が幻想の生物ですから、ファンタジーっぽく…ねえ?My... appearance? Right, well, my name derives from a mythological creature, so that's why I look rather... fantastical?
Main说起来,我如果真的长了马的半身,感觉说不定也挺有趣的,指挥官觉得呢?そういえば、もし私が本当に「セントー」のように半人半馬の体になったら、それはそれで面白いと思いますけど…指揮官的にはどう思いますか?By the way, supposing I really was a "Centaur," like a half-man, half-horse? Wouldn't that be funny...? What do you think, Commander?
Main 2和平的时候非常无忧无虑,不过也是因为这样,偶尔也会怀疑,自己到底是为了什么而诞生的呢平和な日は悩むことなく過ごせるので良いですけど、たまになぜ自分は生まれたのだろうかって不安になっちゃいますねPeaceful, carefree days certainly are lovely, and yet I can't help but wonder from time to time, why was I even born?
Main 3担任秘书舰时每天能和许多前辈们接触,对我来说也是非常好的学习机会呢,谢谢指挥官秘書艦として先輩たちとたくさん触れ合うことができるので、勉強するには結構いい機会ですよね。指揮官、ありがとうございますServing as your secretary ship gives me so many chances to interact with the Elders. I can learn so much from them. Thank you, Commander!
Touch指挥官想试试我的弓吗?用起来意外的还挺难的哦この弓を引いてみたい、ですか?ふふ、意外と難しいですよ?You want to try pulling my bowstring? Hehe, it's harder than it looks, huh?
Touch (Special)指挥官,好害羞……指揮官、恥ずかしいです……Commander, you're embarrassing me...
Mission指挥官,要去完成任务了吗?我也来一起吧指揮官、任務を完遂しに行くのですね?私もご一緒しますCommander, shouldn't you head out to complete this mission? I'll accompany you.
Mission Complete指挥官,任务奖励要怎么处置比较好呢?指揮官、任務報酬はどうしましょう?Commander, how should we handle the mission rewards?
Mail指挥官,好像有新的邮件到了,我去取吧指揮官、新しいメールが来たようです。取ってきますねCommander, some new mail has come in. I'll go fetch it for you.
Return to Port指挥官和前辈们的战斗让我也获益匪浅呢指揮官と先輩たちの戦闘はいつも勉強になりますねI'm learning a lot from how you and the Elders fight, Commander.
Commission Complete我听到了,微风的低语……嘻嘻,开玩笑的,是委托组的各位回来了哦聞こえていますわ。風の囁きが……ふふ、今のは冗談ですよ。ええ、委託組の皆が帰ってきましたI can hear it. A whisper on the wind... Hehe, just kidding. Huh? The commission team has returned.
Enhancement感谢指挥官,我会继续向着前辈们努力的指揮官、ありがとうございます。先輩たちを目指して引き続き頑張りますThank you, Commander. I continue to strive toward the examples of my Elders.
Flagship前辈们,让我们一起努力吧!先輩たち、一緒に頑張りましょう!Elders, let us strive together for victory!
Victory指挥官,我有稍微追赶上前辈们的脚步了吗指揮官、私、少しは先輩たちに追いつくことができたのでしょうか…?Commander, I think I'm catching up to the Elders, maybe, just a bit...?
Defeat对不起,前辈们……先輩たち、ごめんなさい……Forgive me, Elders...
Skill我会努力重现前辈们的英姿的!先輩たちの勇姿、再現してみせます!I've learnt from the Elders, I'll show you their courage!
Low HP我也要和前辈们一样坚持到底!先輩たちと同じように持ちこたえます!Just as the Elders do, I shall hold fast!
Affinity (Upset)我所憧憬的舰队,不该是这样的……憧れた艦隊はこんなはずでは……How could my beloved fleet turn out like this...
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,能给我介绍一下舰队的前辈们吗?我一个人总是鼓不起勇气……指揮官、艦隊の先輩たちをご紹介していただけないでしょうか?私、一人ではやっぱり心細くて……Commander, would you mind introducing me to some of the fleet Elders? I don't much like being alone...
Affinity (Friendly)欸,对驱逐前辈们也使用敬语吓到她们了吗……唔,但是对我来说,果然还是值得尊敬的前辈呢く、駆逐艦の先輩たちに敬語を使ったせいで驚かせた…ですか?で、でも私にとってあの子たちも尊敬すべき先輩なんですよ??It, it isn't really that shocking that I use polite language with the destroyer Elders... is it? B- but to me, those girls are also my Elders, worthy of respect!
Affinity (Like)和前辈们相处之后,才知道大家在生活中都有另外一面呢。就好像指挥官虽然很伟大,工作时也会打瞌睡一样,嘻嘻指揮官や先輩たちと触れ合ってから、みんな意外な一面があることを知ってしまいました。例えば…指揮官は偉い人なのに、たまに仕事をサボったりしていますよね。うふふSpending so much time with the Commander and my Elders has shown me a side of you I never expected to see. For example... Admirable person though you are, Commander, you do sneak away from your duties from time to time. Hehehe.
Affinity (Love)现在我明白了,大家和我是一样普通的人,但这样的大家同样值得我去尊敬……当然,不是以后辈的身份,而是以同伴的身份みんなは私と同じ普通の人であることがわかりましたけど、それでも尊敬すべき方々ということに間違いありません。……後輩としてだけじゃなく、仲間としても、ですI understand now that the others are ordinary people, just like me. But it's still not wrong to treat them with respect. ...Not only as their Childe, but also as their sister-in-arms.
Pledge我不会说能和大家共同作战是我的荣幸,因为大家都向往着和平……但是能和指挥官相遇,能加入这支舰队,真的是太好了平和な世界に生まれた身として、「戦えてよかった」と言うのはなんとも言えない気持になりますけど……それでも指揮官と出会えて、そしてこの艦隊に配属してもらうことができて、本当に良かったと思いますHaving been born into a world of peace, I certainly can't say I am glad to fight... But to meet you, Commander, and to be assigned to your fleet, these are the things that truly make me glad.
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Main Title
In battle with Hermes大前辈,能一起作战是我的荣幸!先輩、一緒に戦えて光栄です!Elder One, it is an honour to fight by your side!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description虽然大海每天都会见到,换上泳装时总觉得心情变得不太一样了呢……指挥官呢,有没有觉得放松了一点?海は毎日眺められますけど、いざ水着に着替えてみると気持ちも一新されますね。指揮官もどう?気分は楽になったりしていますか?Even though I see the ocean every day, changing into this swimsuit gives me a totally new outlook on it. How about you, Commander? Don't you feel at ease?
Acquisition虽然大海每天都会见到,换上泳装时总觉得心情变得不太一样了呢……指挥官呢,有没有觉得放松了一点?海は毎日眺められますけど、いざ水着に着替えてみると気持ちも一新されますね。指揮官もどう?気分は楽になったりしていますか?Even though I see the ocean every day, changing into this swimsuit gives me a totally new outlook on it. How about you, Commander? Don't you feel at ease?
Login指挥官,一起在沙滩上走走吧?指揮官、砂浜での散歩でもいかがでしょうか?Commander, what would you say to a stroll on the beach?
Details前辈们都夸我的身材非常的匀称,总觉得有点不好意思呢…スタイルがいいとよく先輩たちに褒められていますけど、本当はちょっと恥ずかしいですね…The Elders haven't been shy about complimenting my figure, though I can't help but feel a little bit embarrassed...
Main看着大海,吹着海风,听着海浪声,总觉得,整个人都平静了下来呢海を眺めて、潮風を当て、波音に耳を傾けると…落ち着いた気持ちになりますTaking in the ocean, feeling the sea breeze, letting the sounds of the waves lap against my ears... I feel completely at peace here.
Main 2能和前辈们还有指挥官一起在海边度过假日,我真是个幸福的人呢休みの日に先輩たち、そして指揮官と海辺で過ごせるなんて、私なんて幸せなのでしょうかComing to the beach with my Elders, and of course with the Commander, to spend a day off is so delightful.
Main 3指挥官,竞技神前辈似乎在那边举办夏日决斗大会的样子,去看看吗?指揮官、ハーミーズ先輩が「夏のデュエル大会」なんていうものを開いていますけど、一緒に見に行きませんか?Commander, Elder Hermes has been talking about this "Summer Duel Tournament" that's about to begin. Why don't we go watch together?
Touch指挥官,这个姿势和表情可以吗…?嘻嘻,那么请把我拍得好看些哦指揮官、このポーズと表情は大丈夫ですか…?ふふ、ではキレイに撮れるようにお願いしますねCommander, is this pose okay? How about my expression? Hehe, all right then, make sure you get my good side.
Affinity (Love)指挥官,晚上一起来海边看星星吧,就我们两个人。我来给你指代表半人马的星座,然后……一起聊聊天吧指揮官、日が沈んだら二人で海辺に行ってお星さまを眺めましょう?私の星座を指し示してあげますよ。それで……おしゃべりでも……ね?Commander, let's go to the beach together after sunset and watch the stars. I'll show you my constellation. And then we'll have... a chat.... sound good?
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description没想到能从指挥官那里收到这么华丽的服装…这个是叫做“旗袍”…吧?虽然有点害羞,还是试着穿上了,怎、怎么样…指挥官好看吗?指揮官からこんな華やかな衣装をもらえるなんて思いませんでした…これは「チーパオ」という名前…ですか?少し恥ずかしいですけど着てみました。ど、どうでしょうか…?キレイ…ですか?I never imagined you would give me such a splendid dress, Commander... I think it's called a "qipao..." is it? I'll try it, revealing though it is. Wh-what do you think...? Do I look... nice?
Acquisition没想到能从指挥官那里收到这么华丽的服装…这个是叫做“旗袍”…吧?虽然有点害羞,还是试着穿上了,怎、怎么样…指挥官好看吗?指揮官からこんな華やかな衣装をもらえるなんて思いませんでした…これは「チーパオ」という名前…ですか?少し恥ずかしいですけど着てみました。ど、どうでしょうか…?キレイ…ですか?I never imagined you would give me such a splendid dress, Commander... I think it's called a "qipao..." is it? I'll try it, revealing though it is. Wh-what do you think...? Do I look... nice?
Login东煌的各位似乎正在筹备春节的庆典呢,不知道有没有什么我能帮得上忙的地方……東煌(とうこう)の皆さんは春節のパーティーの準備をしているようですね。私が役に立てることはないのでしょうか…Looks like everyone from the Dragon Empery is in the midst of preparing their Spring Festival celebrations, but I'm not sure there's anything I could help with...
Details想要欣赏我的舞姿吗…?虽、虽然还不太熟练,不过指挥官想看的话……私が踊るのを見たい、ですか?…あ、あまり上手ではありませんけど、指揮官が見たいと仰るのなら……You want to see me dance...? W-well, I'm not very practiced, but if that's what my Commander wants...
Main新的一年,我会继续努力向前辈们学习的!新しい一年でも、先輩方を見習って勉強させていただきます!In the coming year, I'll be trying even harder to learn from my Elders!
Main 2从东煌的前辈那里学到了特别的舞蹈,要是也能让指挥官和前辈们喜欢的话就太好了呢。東煌の先輩からちょっと特別な踊りを学びました。指揮官と先輩方が気に入ってくれればいいですねI learned a special dance from the Elders of the Dragon Empery, I do hope it pleases the Commander and the other Elders.
Main 3指挥官要是累了的话,不如让我给您捶捶背,放松一下? お疲れのようでしたら、セントーが背中をたたくので、少し休憩なさってはどうでしょう?Commander, if you're feeling stressed, I could massage your back for you, help you relax a little?
Touch这个扇子和围巾摸起来手感都很舒服哦~指挥官也想摸摸看吗?この扇子とファーのショール、みんないい触り心地です。指揮官も触ってみませんか?These fans and my shawl are so soft to the touch~ Commander, would you like to feel?
Touch (Special)前,前辈们都在看着呢……せ、先輩たちが見ています……Th-the Elders are all watching...
Return to Port像这样,舰队的大家热闹而又融洽地相处在一起…这样的氛围真好啊艦隊の皆でこうして仲良く盛り上がっていて……いい雰囲気ですねIt really looks like the whole fleet is having a good time and getting along so well... This season is truly delightful.