Brünhilde (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 566Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattlecruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1235 Reload60
Firepower71 Torpedo44
Evasion10 Anti-air58
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
HP5504 Reload115
Firepower188 Torpedo124
Evasion41 Anti-air218
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battlecruiser: O-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Urd's Fate-PiercerWhen this ship's Main Guns finish loading: performs a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special attack that inflicts a minus 40.0% SPD debuff for 6s to enemies hit, after which there is a 50.0% (80.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (special attack and barrage DMG are based on the skill's level). If this ship has an HE Main Gun equipped, or if there is another Iron Blood ship in your fleet when the battle starts: increases the above barrage's activation chance by 20.0%.???
Pantheon of WarIncreases this ship's FP by 1.0% (10.0%) . When the battle starts, if there are 3 ships afloat in your Main Fleet: increases the ACC of your BBs, BCs, and BBVs by 1.0% (10.0%) . If this ship has Iron Blood gear equipped: increases this ship's DMG dealt to Light Armor enemies by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
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Ship DescriptionO级战列巡洋舰—布伦希尔德Oクラス巡洋戦艦--ブリュンヒルデO-class battlecruiser – Brünhilde.
Biography我是铁血战列巡洋舰布伦希尔德。我与你曾见过的某些铁血的同伴一样,是曾经Z计划中最终未能实现的一员。放心地把任务交给我就行,我必会尽职尽责。鉄血所属の巡洋戦艦、ブリュンヒルデ。あなたが目にしてきた他の鉄血の仲間たちと同じく、Z計画で完成することがなかった艦だ。責務を全力で果たす、安心して私に任務を任せるといいI am the Iron Blood battlecruiser, Brünhilde. I am a Plan Z ship that was never completed, just like some of my fellow ships you've met already. I shall fulfill my duties to the utmost of my abilities, so you need not worry when entrusting missions to me.
Acquisition我是铁血的战士,战列巡洋舰布伦希尔德。作为同样肩负责任之人,就让我们在接下来的日子里共勉前进吧。鉄血の戦士、巡洋戦艦ブリュンヒルデ。共に大任を背負う存在として、切磋琢磨しながら前へと進もうI am battlecruiser Brünhilde, Walküre of the Iron Blood. As fellow bearers of great responsibility, let us hone one another as we press forward.
Login今日也按时来处理事务了么。虽是应尽的义务,你的坚持依旧值得嘉许。時間通り事務作業に来たのか。義務とはいえ、その意地は賞賛に値するLooks like you showed up to work on time. Though it may be your duty, your strength of will is admirable.
Details你说这个音乐盒么?它因为太旧了已经没法发出正常的音色了。不过我还是想留着它,就这么扔掉的话实在是可惜。このオルゴールのことが気になるのか?もう音は鳴らなくなったが、捨てるには勿体なくて手元に残しているだけさThis music box? Ah, it lost its voice many years ago, but I figured it'd be a shame to throw it out, so I held onto it.
Main如果可以的话,我希望能把我用过的武器都保存下来。当我再看到它们时,就会想起那时一同奋战的同伴。できれば私が使った兵装は廃棄せず、そのまま残してほしい。次にあの子たちを目にした時、かつて共に戦ってくれた仲間たちのことを思い出させてくれるだろうI would like you to hold on to the armaments I've used instead of throwing them out. That way, when I look upon them, I will be able to remember those who fought at my side.
Main 2指挥官,我想再检查一下刚刚的清单,可不能因为一些没发现的小错误导致了最后的失败。さっきのリストをもう一回チェックさせてほしい。ちっぽけな見落としで失敗を招いてしまうのは避けたいからだLet me check that list one more time. I'd like to prevent any failures from small mistakes getting overlooked.
Main 3嗯?你桌子上的这个饰品看起来挺有年代的,是在哪里得到的?我有点感兴趣。机の上にあるそのオブジェクトは相当な年代物と見える。どこからそれを手に入れた?いや、ちょっと興味があって…That object on your desk looks like quite the antique. Where did you get it? Oh, it's no big deal, it just happened to catch my eye...
Touch直入主题吧,我喜欢直接点的交流。本題に入ろう。単刀直入のほうが好ましいCut to the chase. I prefer keeping things to the point.
Touch (Special)什么时候才能改掉你这个小毛病呢?いつになったらそのクセを直してくれるのやらI wonder when I'll be able to fix this nasty habit of yours.
Mission新的任务下发了。好好回应别人的期待吧。新しい任務が通達された。期待に背かないよう努力しようWe've been issued a new mission. Let us strive to not let the other party down.
Mission Complete任务已经完成了么?你做事的效率真不错。もう任務が完了したのか?いい効率だDone with the mission already? You work pretty efficiently.
Mail有你的邮件。呵呵,突然想试试用羽毛笔在羊皮纸上写信了呢。あなたへのメールだ。あぁ…いや、急に羽ペンで羊皮紙に何か書いてみたくなってな…Here's some mail for you. Oh... Don't mind me. I suddenly felt like putting pen to parchment for some reason...
Return to Port都平安回来了么?战场凶险,可不要因为一次的胜利就懈怠了。無事に帰還したか?戦場は残酷だ。一度の勝利で浮かれるんじゃないぞHave you returned safely? The battlefield is cruel indeed. Do not allow a single victory to make you forget that fact.
Commission Complete委托队伍回港了。去吧,既然约好了要迎接她们,就不应该食言。委託組が母港に帰還した。出迎えの約束を違えることはしない。早く行こうThe commission team has returned to port. Hurry and go see them - you made a promise, and ought not to break it.
Enhancement谢了。什么时候打算出击的话,叫上我就行。感謝する。出撃のときに声をかけてくれThank you. Call upon me for your next sortie.
Flagship硝烟的味道……战场啊,我回来了。硝煙の匂い…戦場よ!私は帰ってきた!The smell of gunpowder... Yes, I have returned to the battlefield once more!
Victory我从不辜负任何人的期待。期待には背かない。そう、誰からの期待であってもI won't let anyone down, regardless of who it may be.
Defeat还不是赴往瓦尔哈拉的时候…先就此撤退!ヴァルハラに赴くときではない……一時撤退だ!Valhalla will have to wait... For now, we retreat!
Skill这一击,将贯穿一切!刺し穿ち、突き抜ける!I'll run you through!
Low HP不足挂齿的小伤罢了。取るに足らないかすり傷など…Hardly even a scratch.
Affinity (Upset)再这么软弱下去,我只会越来越看不起你的。意気地無しのままでいるというのなら、あなたのことをますます見下すまでだFurther displays of weakness will only earn you more contempt from me.
Affinity (Stranger)我喜欢充满年代感的物件。看着它们,仿佛自己也跟着回到了过去的时代。只不过“过去”这个词,对我来说有些遥远呢。年代物が好きだ。見ていると自分も過去の時代に戻ったかのように感じる。が、私にとっては「過去」という言葉が、とてつもなく遠いものだなI love antiques. When I look at them, I feel as if I'm being transported back to a bygone era. But, for me, the word "past" refers to something far, far more distant.
Affinity (Friendly)我向往过去,是因为那是我不曾拥有过的东西。“倘若那时我便已诞生,会不会改变些什么”……会这样想,也是人之常情吧。古い物を好むのは持たざるものへの憧れに近い。「あの時もし私が生まれていたら、何か変わっていたのだろうか」……こう思いたくなるのもヒトの性かMy love for antiques is akin to a yearning for something one cannot have. "If I were born in that era, how would my life have been different"...I wonder if thinking this way is just human nature?
Affinity (Like)指挥官,你有没有过想回到过去的时候?怀念彼时的自己,想回到那个时候再经历一遍过去的事,抹平心中曾经的遗憾……你会有这样的想法么?過去に戻りたいと思ったことはあるか?若い自分への懐かしさ、もう一度体験したい出来事、あの時の無念を今度こそ晴らしたい………そんな風に思ったことはあるか?Have you ever wanted to go back in time? To feel nostalgia from your youth, experience something again, or resolve something you regret..? Do you ever think about those things?
Affinity (Love)比起过去,你更期待我们一起创造的未来么?有种“标准答案”的感觉呢。那这样吧,和我约好,在到达那个“未来”之前不要停下脚步。倘若某天你有了“放弃”的念头,就由我用今天的话来鞭策你吧。過去を懐かしむことより、未来への憧れが上回る、か。お利口な答えだ。なら約束してもらおうか――あなたが望むその未来に辿り着くまで足を止めないと。もしいつか、あなたが諦めるというのなら、その時には今の言葉を返して私があなたを立て直してあげようSo your desire for a better future outweighs your nostalgia for your past? Quite the astute answer. Then, promise me this—don't stop until you reach that future you dream of. If you ever feel like giving up, I'll be there to remind you of this promise you made with me.
Pledge也许很久之后的某一天,我看到这枚已经是充满年代感的戒指时,我会想起来当初见你第一面的时候。我们都是肩负责任之人,接下来的就让我们一起扛吧。いつか、時間のルーンが刻印されたこの指輪を目にした時、あなたを見初めたことを思い出すかもしれない。今は切磋琢磨しながら前へと進もう、同じ大任を背負う存在のあなたと――One day, when I look at this ring engraved with the runes of time, I may remember the moment we first met. Let us hone one another as we press forward, as bearers of the same great responsibility...
In battle with Ägir好啊,回去就让我们痛饮几杯吧。ふん、戻ったら飲みに付き合おうか Hmm, let's go for a drink when we return.
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Ship Description喝!这个甜甜圈,就由我布伦希尔德拿下了!接下来得尽快赶到终点……呃,指挥官?抱歉我现在没空和你打招呼,先走一步!ハッ!このパンはブリュンヒルデがもらった!よし、次はゴールまで……っ、指揮官か?すまないが今挨拶する余裕がない…行ってくる!Hah! This donut now belongs to Brünhilde! Alright, now for the finish line... C-Commander? Sorry, but there's no time for chit-chat... I'll be going now!
Acquisition喝!这个甜甜圈,就由我布伦希尔德拿下了!接下来得尽快赶到终点……呃,指挥官?抱歉我现在没空和你打招呼,先走一步!ハッ!このパンはブリュンヒルデがもらった!よし、次はゴールまで……っ、指揮官か?すまないが今挨拶する余裕がない…行ってくる!Hah! This donut now belongs to Brünhilde! Alright, now for the finish line... C-Commander? Sorry, but there's no time for chit-chat... I'll be going now!
Login回来了么?看你满头大汗的样子,你那边也不容易啊……总之先帮我把绳子解开吧?戻ってきた?その汗を見るに、そっちも苦戦していたか…とにかく、まずは腕を解いてくれOh, you're back? Judging from how much you're sweating, your battle must've been grueling as well... In any case, want to help untie this rope first?
Details绑着双手跑步就算了,还要跳起来叼住面包……这所谓的“趣味运动会”,该不会是对观众而言的吧。手が縛られたまま走るだけならまだしも、跳んでパンを咥えなければならないとはな……運動会の競技というが、観客のほうが面白いかもなNot only are we supposed to run with our hands tied behind our backs, but we're also supposed to jump and carry bread in our mouths while we're at it... This so-called "sports meet" is probably more entertaining for the crowd than for us.
Main埃吉尔,不来试试这个趣味障碍赛吗?不要急着说做不到,就当是为了指挥官努力一下吧。エーギルもこのパン食い競走をやってみるか?できないとは言わず、指揮官のためと思って一度試そうÄgir, why don't you try this bread-eating race? Don't say you can't do it, do it for the Commander, won't you?
Main 2刚刚从跑道上呼啸而过的是——五十铃和奇怪的指挥喵?这又是什么项目?さっき疾走していたのは……五十鈴とオフニャ?どんな競技だ…?Was that... Isuzu and some Meowfficers that just sprinted past us? What kind of event are they participating in...?
Main 3体育竞技也是自古以来的传统了。虽然不太能理解,为什么一个赛跑能加这么多奇怪的规则就是……競走も古くからの競技だ。最も、ここまで変なルールが追加されたものは中々解せないが……Racing is a sport that originated a long time ago. Try as I might, however, I can't understand all of the weird rules that have been added to it...
Touch很高兴你能为我递水,但我现在的状态可没法自己喝。ドリンクの差し入れをくれるのは感謝するが、この状態では口にすることができない…I'm grateful that you brought me something to drink, but I can't exactly bring it up to my mouth right now...
Touch (Special)你啊……等我解开捆绑后,有你好看的。あなたというやつは……縄が解かれたら目に物見せてあげようYou're really such a... Once you untie this binding, I'm going to give you a piece of my mind.
Return to Port(嚼嚼)这面包的口感倒是挺不错的……啊,指挥官,辛苦你补充面包了。……中々の舌触りだ。…あ、指揮官、パンの補充、感謝する...What an interesting texture. ...Oh, Commander, thanks for setting the bread up again.
Flagship全力以赴地拿下胜利吧!全力で勝利を収めろ!Victory at all costs!
Victory很好,这一分就由我收下了!ふん、この得点はもらったッ!Heh. This point now belongs to me!
Defeat没想到我也会有出洋相的一天……私にも下手を打つ日があるとは……I guess even I have my off-days...
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Main这个钢笔看起来也有些年份了……指挥官,有空的话,能和我说说有关它的故事么?我比较感兴趣。中々使い古されているペンと見た。……こほん、指揮官、よければ今度その子の物語を教えてくれないか?少し気になる…That pen looks like it's been pretty well-used... Ahem, Commander. Would you mind telling me the story behind that pen? I'd really like to know...
Main 2瓦尔哈拉是否存在,死后会到达何方……比起揣测这些,在心脏仍在跳动时握紧在意之人的双手,才是我最想做的事。ヴァルハラが存在するか?死後の魂はどこへと向かうのか――そんなことより、心臓が鳴り響く限り、意中の人の手を掴んで離さないことの方が私にとって大事だRather than questions such as, "Does Valhalla exist," or "Where do souls go after death?"... What matters to me is that I hold the hand of my beloved as long as my heart still beats.
Touch把你的心情都分享给我吧,无论喜怒哀乐都好。あなたの気持ちを分かち合ってほしい。喜怒哀楽すべてだI want you to share your feelings with me, whether they are good or bad.
Touch (Special)算了,随你喜欢好了……はぁ、好きにするがいい……*sigh*... Just do what you want...
Return to Port平安回来了啊。多次出入凶险的战场都能全身而退,你也不是一般人呢,呵呵。無事に帰還したか。幾度もの血戦を無傷で乗り越えられるとは、あなたもやはり只者ではないらしい。ふふふSo you've returned safely. The fact that you've returned from countless battles unscathed proves that you are no ordinary human. Hehehe.
Victory即使是让我出击一千次,我也不会辜负你的期待,指挥官。千度出撃しようと、期待には背かない。指揮官、あなたの期待だからだEven should I sortie a thousand times, I shall not fall short of my expectations. Because they are your expectations, Commander..
Defeat我很高兴各位抱有共赴绝路的觉悟,但现在还不是时候……就此撤退吧。共に死線をくぐり抜ける覚悟、賞賛に値する。…が、今はそのときではない。一度撤退しようI admire your determination to cross over... but our time has not yet come. Let us retreat.