Bremerton (JP 🇯🇵: ブレマートン, CN 🇹🇼: 布莱默顿)
Ship IDNo. 443Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time02:00:00
AcquisitionEvent: Microlayer Medley
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENMarch 26, 2020
KRMarch 26, 2020
CNMarch 26, 2020
JPMarch 26, 2020
Voice actressYuiko Tatsumi
Bremerton Description
Baltimore-class heavy cruiser – Bremerton, Hull Number CA-130.
Scorching-Hot TrainingDescription
*pant*... *pant*... Man, it's so sunny today... Commander, or should I say, "Coach," could ya lend me your parasol? I'm starting to feel my brains melting away...
Kung Fu CruiserDescription
Stop right there, evildoers! You've managed to evade justice all this time, but the hour of judgment is finally upon you! ...Hmmm, making the perfect flashy debut is pretty tough, isn't it?
HP834 Reload68
Firepower49 Torpedo0
Evasion9 Anti-air50
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck55
HP3535 Reload130
Firepower136 Torpedo0
Evasion56 Anti-air188
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck58
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Heavy Cruiser105%/110%/120%/125%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
2Destroyer Gun65%/65%/65%/70%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun135%/135%/135%/140%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Triple 203mm Advanced Main Gun
3Twin 20mm AA Oerlikon Design
Fleet Tech
T8 Heavy Cruiser: Baltimore-Class Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock15 +1
Max LimitBreak30
Lv.12023 +1
Blazing Burst Wings1) When this ship fires its Main Guns: 15.0% (30.0%) chance to increase this ship's Main Gun DMG to 130.0% for 3s (this buff has a 5s cooldown between activations.) 2) When this ship fires its Main Guns: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a special HE barrage (this barrage has a 10s cooldown between activations.) Barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.Default Unlocked
One for the TeamAt the start of the battle, if this ship is in the frontmost position of your Vanguard: decreases this ship's DMG taken by 5.0% (20.0%) for 30s; If not in this position, increases this ship's AA by 15.0% (25.0%) until the end of the battle.Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Baltimore Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description巴尔的摩级重巡洋舰—布莱默顿,舷号CA-130ボルチモア級重巡洋艦「ブレマートン」(CA-130)Baltimore-class heavy cruiser – Bremerton, Hull Number CA-130.
Biography不少巴尔的摩级舰船诞生的时候,那场大战已经接近尾声了,所以没有什么活跃的机会,就像我一样。不过,我可是一直保持着最佳战备状态的呢,尽管放心地依赖我吧~アタシも含めて、ボルチモア級の多くの子はカンレキ的にかの大戦の末期に建造されたから、あんま活躍できるチャンスなかったの。でも今はいつでもスタンバイOKだから、安心して任せて頂戴!We Baltimore-class girls, me included, hardly got any chances to shine in combat since we were built near the end of the war. This time 'round, though, we're always on standby! You need somethin' done, hit me up!
Acquisition哟~久等啦~白鹰所属、巡洋舰布莱默顿向你报道!请多关照~啊对了对了,顺便,能把你的名字生日喜好也告诉我吗?お・ま・た・せ!ユニオン所属、重巡洋艦のブレマートンよ!よろしく~!あ、そうそう、名前誕生日好きなもの、よかったら教えてくれない?Here! I! Am! I'm Bremerton, the Eagle Union heavy cruiser! The pleasure's mine! Oh, by the way, mind telling me your name, birthday, and favorite thing?
Login指挥官,欢迎回来!今天的目标是…唔,稍等,让我先更新下今天的的状态~指揮官、おかえり!今日の作戦目標は…とその前に、指揮官が準備してる間に艦船通信を更新更新っと~Nice seeing ya, Commander! I'll list off today's mission objectives... but first, I've gotta make a post to my Juustagram!
Details稍等一下,让我回复一个信息……好了!我开了一个用来解决大家烦恼的账号,时不时会收到这样那样的问题呢。指挥官呢?也有烦恼要咨询我吗?当面问的话也是欢迎的哦?ちょい待ち、今これ返信してから……よし!実はアタシ、母港のお悩み相談室みたいなのをやってて、時々こうして相談されてるよ。指揮官はなにかお悩みとかない?書き込むの面倒なら、直接話してくれてもいいよ?One sec, gotta finish this message... There we go! You see, I offer this like, counseling service thing, so sometimes I get people messaging me like this. You need any counseling, Commander? Typing all the time's a chore, so just hit me up in-person.
Main我看你好像没什么精神啊?要不,我去帮你买点饮料?なんか元気ないね…あっ、飲み物でも買って来てほしいってカンジ?You look kinda moody... Wait, is that my cue to like, go buy you a drink?
Main 2我在想,工作之外的指挥官会是什么样子的呢?说不定工作严谨的指挥官,平时却意外地很冒失?仕事以外の指揮官はどんなカンジだろう?もしかして普段まじめなのに意外とドジっ子だったりして?What are you like when you're not working, Commander? Maybe you're one of those serious-on-the-outside, klutz-on-the-inside people?
Main 3对我的服装很在意吗?那不如~指挥官亲自来确认下,如何?指揮官はこの格好、結構気になるってカンジ?…ふふ、じゃあ、確かめてみてもいいよ?Is my outfit tickling your fancy, Commander? Heheh, if you wanna get a closer look, go ahead.
Touch哈~嗯……正好肩膀有些酸了呢。指挥官,帮我捏捏肩啦。くぅ~……肩こっちゃうなこれ~指揮官ごめん、マッサージを頼んでいい?Oof... My shoulders are killing me! Yo, Commander, mind giving me a massage?
Touch (Special)再这么随便摸的话,我要给你惩罚了哦?もうまたこんな事したらオシオキしちゃうぞ?Do that again and you'll regret it real bad, you hear?
Mission有任务把你难住了?让我看看我能不能帮上些什么。任務が難しいの?んーアタシもなんか手伝えることないかチェックしようかなAre these missions tough stuff? Hmm... Maybe I'll take a look, see if there's anything I can help with.
Mission Complete任务是完成了,但是奖励你好像还没领取呢。好啦,赶紧去拿吧!任務は完了した。でも報酬の受取はまだしてないっと。はい、早く受け取ってきて!Mission's been completed. We haven't claimed the rewards yet, though. Come on, head out and get 'em!
Mail指挥官,你的信。不是什么重要内容的话,我就帮你回了吧!指揮官への手紙よ。大したことじゃなさそうならアタシがチェックして返そうか?Got a letter for you here. If it's nothing important, I could read it for ya.
Return to Port呼…啊,指挥官是不是想偷懒了?嘿嘿,没问题啦,有秘书舰一起在的话反正也不会有人发现的~ふぅ…あっ、指揮官今、サボろうと思ってたでしょ?へへ、別にいいよ。秘書艦のアタシも一緒ならしばらく誰も気づかないっしょPhew... Hey, Commander, you're thinking about skippin' work, aren't you? Hah, I'm fine with that. It'll just be you and me taking a short break, nobody'll notice.
Commission Complete委托的大家回来了!去吧,指挥官,这是展示你魅力的好机会!委託組の子たちが戻ってきたわよ!はい指揮官、セルフアピールチャンス!That commission team's come back! This is your chance to charm 'em, Commander!
Enhancement哇哦!我好像有了一些变化!但是到底是哪里呢……なんか変わった気がする!……あれ、変わったのはどこだっけ…Hooray! It feels like I've grown in some way! Or somewhere, but I dunno where that'd be...
Flagship好!准备上了!よし!やるわよ!All right! Let's do this!
Victory哼哼,我可是巴尔的摩级,这种战斗轻轻松松啦ふふん、これでもボルチモア級だから、この程度の敵なら楽勝よ!Heheh! Lookit or not, I'm a Baltimore-class, so these chumps were easy-peasy!
Defeat哎呀…我好像把事情搞砸了呢あっ…ちょっとアタシ、やらかしちゃったっぽい…?Oops... Uhh, I think I messed up somewhere...
Skill再见啦!んじゃ、さいなら~!Say goodnight!
Low HP哎呀,有些大意了呢…ちょっと、油断しすぎたかも…I mighta been a bit too careless...
Affinity (Upset)快点找回原来的你吧。要不,我把胸口借给你哭着发泄一下?早く元の指揮官に戻った戻ったー。…………辛いなら、アタシの胸の中で泣いちゃってもいいよ?Come back to your normal self already, Commander... If you really need it, you can cry into my chest and let it all out.
Affinity (Stranger)欢迎来到布莱默顿的谈心小屋!今天又有什么烦恼了吗?欸,只是随便聊聊?…嗯~难道不是烦恼自己没有可以聊天的人?ブレマートンのお悩み相談室へようこそ!で、今日は何を悩んでいるのかな?え、ウソ!ただの雑談?…んーそれって雑談相手がほしいってカンジじゃなくて?Welcome to Bremerton's counseling corner! So, whatcha got on your mind? ...Hang on, what? You just wanna chat? So... you want counseling on how to find a chat buddy, basically?
Affinity (Friendly)战斗以外喜欢做的事情?我每天都和大家打招呼,在社交网络上解决大家的烦恼…这样想的话,大概是人际交往?啊,又有新消息了呢,我先回复一下~戦闘以外で好きなことは…挨拶とか友達との交際とか、皆の相談をなーんでも聞いてあげること――んーつまりお付き合いってカンジかな?あ、今艦船通信に書き込まれた、ちょっと待っててThings I like besides fighting? I chat people up all the time and give counseling over social media, sooo... I guess I like hanging out with people? Oh, hang on, gotta check this Juustagram message. One sec...
Affinity (Like)平时都是指挥官听大家倾诉烦恼,不过在我面前的话,指挥官可以尽情向我倾诉没关系的哦。啊,如果觉得不好意思,用文字的方式发我也是可以的哦?普段は指揮官がみんなの相談に乗ってるけど、アタシの前では指揮官がどんどん相談してくれていいわよ。あっ、恥ずかしいなら別に艦船通信でDMしてくれてもいいよ?I know you're used to listening to everyone else's troubles, but you can talk to me about whatever's on your mind. Oh, if you wanna talk through text instead, you can always DM me over Juustagram.
Affinity (Love)指挥官,收到我发的信息了吗?毕竟你一直没什么表现,所以我只能出此下策了。我可是一——直在为会收到怎么样的回复而烦恼呢~指挥官,聪明如你应该明白的吧?指揮官、アタシのDM確認してくれた?もう既読スルーしちゃうんだから~アタシさ、どんな返しされるの、ちょっと…えーと、ちょっとドキドキしてるよ?指揮官なら上手い返し方、わかるよね?えへへDid you read my DM, Commander? Don't go ghosting me; it says you've seen it~ I'm waiting for your reply with, like... Butterflies in my stomach, I guess? You know how to write a good reply, don't you? Hehehe~
Pledge那,指挥官,请你闭上眼睛。为什么?欸,就听我一回嘛,反正我又不会忽悠你的,对吧?嘻嘻~要把接下来的感觉,牢牢刻印在心里哦!んじゃ、指揮官はこのまま目を閉じて。どうしてって?まあまあそこは気にせず騙されたと思って一回アタシの言う通りにしてよ~多分こっから起きること、一生忘れないんだからさ♪Okay, now keep your eyes closed, Commander. "Why"? Come on, I'm not gonna mess with you, so just relax and do it~ I wanna remember this feeling every morning I wake up for the rest of my life♪
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Main Title
In battle with Baltimore巴尔的摩大姐,一起加油吧?ボルチモア、一緒に頑張ろ?You ready to kick some butt, Baltimore?
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description哈啊——哈啊——今天的阳光也太猛烈了……指挥官——不对,现在应该叫“教练”吧?赶紧找把阳伞帮我遮一下吧,不然我真的要热死了……はぁ、はぁ……日差しが強すぎだよ……指揮官、ごめんなさい日傘借りていい?暑すぎておかしくなっちゃう……*pant*... *pant*... Man, it's so sunny today... Commander, or should I say, "Coach," could ya lend me your parasol? I'm starting to feel my brains melting away...
Acquisition哈啊——哈啊——今天的阳光也太猛烈了……指挥官——不对,现在应该叫“教练”吧?赶紧找把阳伞帮我遮一下吧,不然我真的要热死了……はぁ、はぁ……日差しが強すぎだよ……指揮官、ごめんなさい日傘借りていい?暑すぎておかしくなっちゃう……*pant*... *pant*... Man, it's so sunny today... Commander, or should I say, "Coach," could ya lend me your parasol? I'm starting to feel my brains melting away...
Login咕嘟~咕嘟~哈——活过来了!教练,多谢你一直陪我练网球了呢!ごくごく……ぷはー生き返ったあ!指揮官、練習に付き合ってくれてありがとう!*gulp* *gulp* Phew... I'm coming back to life! Coach, thanks for practicing with me all this time!
Details啊,好热,好想回去泡个澡,然后直接倒在床上什么都不想就睡过去……啊,对了,社交网络——唉算了算了,今天就不更新了吧。やば、暑い…あー早く帰ってお風呂に入ってそのままベッドに倒れ込みたぁい!……あ、そうだ艦船通信!って今日一日ぐらい休んでもいっか……Gah, it's freakin' hot... I just wanna hit the showers and then flop around in bed until it's time to sleep... Oh, gotta update my Juustagram... Ehh, forget it, I'm not gonna bother today.
Main教练,如果你口渴的话,我可以把我的水瓶借给你的哦?不用在意,请吧!どうしてもっていうなら飲んでるこれ譲ってあげてもいいよ!ど、どうぞ!Coach, if you're thirsty, you can take a sip from my water bottle. Don't sweat the small stuff, go for it!
Main 2库珀好像在和重樱的人在隔壁场地比赛呢。教练,一会给她们送点运动饮料吧?クーパーちゃんも重桜の子とやってるね…コーチ、あとでドリンクの差し入れしてあげようよSeems like Cooper is having a match with some Sakura Empire girls over on the next court. Coach, wanna go take some sports drinks over to them in a bit?
Main 3想来一场友谊赛?不不不,还是算了吧,打网球我肯定赢不过教练你的。アタシと試合?無理無理、アタシの腕じゃ勝てっこないんだから…Wanna have a friendly match? Er, actually, scrap that. There's no way I'd be able to beat you, Coach.
Touch现在满身大汗的我,可说不出借你的肩膀靠着休息这样的话呢,啊哈哈哈…こんなびしょびしょじゃアタシもコーチも困るもんね…あははは……Now that I'm all sweaty and gross, I can't just ask to lean on your shoulder, can I? Ahaha...
Touch (Special)以为指挥官不会趁着这种时候搞偷袭的我真是太傻了…さすがにこんなときは狙ってこないって思ってた自分がバカだったわね……I was an idiot for thinkin' you wouldn't try something when my guard is down...
Mail教练,你的信。不是什么重要内容的话,我就帮你回了吧!コーチへの手紙よ。大したことじゃなさそうならアタシがチェックして返そうか?Got a letter for you, Coach. If it's nothing important, I could read it for ya.
Return to Port哈啊…哈啊…果然我还是没有巴尔的摩那样的运动细胞啊…はぁはぁ……アタシ、ボルチモアじゃないから、流石にあそこまで上手くできないよ…*pant* *pant*...Unlike Baltimore, I guess I'm really not built for this kind of exercise...
Commission Complete委托的大家回来了!去吧,教练,这是展示你魅力的好机会!委託組の子たちが戻ってきたわよ!はいコーチ、セルフアピールチャンス!That commission team's come back! This is your chance to charm 'em, Coach!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description“到此为止了,坏蛋们!在这里遇到我算你们倒霉,该到清算你们罪恶的时候了!”……唔,果然想要有个充满魄力的登场还是挺难的啊。「そこまでよ悪党ども、ここで会ったが百年目、今までしてきた悪事を全部償ってもらうわ!」……んーやっぱりビシッと決めるのは難しいわね"Stop right there, evildoers! You've managed to evade justice all this time, but the hour of judgment is finally upon you!" ...Hmm, making the perfect flashy debut is pretty tough, isn't it?
Acquisition“到此为止了,坏蛋们!在这里遇到我算你们倒霉,该到清算你们罪恶的时候了!”……唔,果然想要有个充满魄力的登场还是挺难的啊。「そこまでよ悪党ども、ここで会ったが百年目、今までしてきた悪事を全部償ってもらうわ!」……んーやっぱりビシッと決めるのは難しいわね"Stop right there, evildoers! You've managed to evade justice all this time, but the hour of judgment is finally upon you!" ...Hmm, making the perfect flashy debut is pretty tough, isn't it?
Login喝!哈!…呼……指挥官?你是来参观的吗?哈哈,先不说我这身,明石准备的这套布景还是挺厉害的吧?ふん!はぁー!…ふぅ……指揮官?見学しに来たの?ふふ、アタシはともかく、この明石が用意したセットはすごいでしょ?Hoo! Hi-yaaah! Whew... 'sup, Commander? Came to watch? Cool, cool. Never mind me though, check out this ballin' backdrop Akashi hooked me up with!
Details布莱默顿的烦恼咨询室,照常开放中♪指挥官有什么烦恼也欢迎再来找我哦~ブレマートンのお悩み相談室、普段どおり受付中よ♪指揮官も悩みがあったらなんでも聞いて?Bremerton's counseling corner's still open, like always! Got somethin' you wanna talk about, Commander?
Main居然能做出那么厉害的功夫动作,平海和宁海还真是厉害…あんなアクロバットな動きまでできちゃうなんて、平海と寧海はすごいわね…Have you seen Ning and Ping's mad acrobatic skills? The stuff they can do legit blows my mind...
Main 2喝啊啊啊!好!气势出来了!唔?哇哇哇收到新消息了!はああ!よし、うまくいった!って、わわわ艦船通信が鳴いてる!Hi-yaaah! Oh yeah, frickin' nailed it! Aw, hang on, Juustagram DM just came in!
Main 3“必杀!旋风腿!闪电五连鞭!”…啊,好疼!…唔,我的运动神经要做这么高难度的动作还是不太行啊…「必殺!スピニングバード、サンダーウィップ!」……あいたたた…運動神経が良くないアタシを恨む…"My final move! Spinning Bird: Thunder Whip!" ...Ow, ow, ow! Lesson learned: this move's too advanced for my lacking motor skills...
Touch嗯嗯~很舒服~…做这些武打动作还是挺累人的呢…んん…そこ効く~……こういうアクションは疲れが残るわね…Ooh, that's good... Your muscles get real stiff after so much action.
Touch (Special)哼哼,想尝尝这种的厉害吗?ふふん、さてはこの技を試されたいわけ~?Heheh, you really wanna taste my kung-fu fury that badly?
Touch (Headpat)虽然包子头算是约定俗成,不过还是会想换点别的发型试试呢。お団子ヘアは定番だけど、新しくアレンジしてみたいわねI know hairbuns are cliché, but I wanted to change up my style, y'know?
Mission Complete任务完成!在拍下个镜头之前把奖励给领了吧!任務完了!次のカットを撮るまでに報酬を受け取っておいてねMission donezo! Got another scene coming up, so we'd better go get those rewards now.
Commission Complete委托组的大家回来了!作为正义的一方得去迎接大家才行!委託組の子たちが戻ってきたわよ。ここは正義の味方らしく出迎えてあげないとね!Commission team just got back. You know what that means: we gotta give 'em a true kung-fu hero welcome!
Flagship放马过来吧!さあ、かかってきなさい!C'mon, show me what ya got!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description今天的战利品目前就是这些!先在这个咖啡厅休息一下,等休息好了,我们就再次出发吧!今の所戦利品はこんなとこかな。よし、ちょっとここでいい雰囲気で休憩してからもう一回回ろ♪I reckon we've done enough shopping for the moment. Let's stop and chill here for a bit, then have another look around~♪
Acquisition今天的战利品目前就是这些!先在这个咖啡厅休息一下,等休息好了,我们就再次出发吧!今の所戦利品はこんなとこかな。よし、ちょっとここでいい雰囲気で休憩してからもう一回回ろ♪I reckon we've done enough shopping for the moment. Let's stop and chill here for a bit, then have another look around~♪
Login指挥官,给我今天的服装一些评价吧!先说好,想用“好看”“可爱”这种简单的词语是行不通的哦~?指揮官、今日の服にちょっと感想くれない?あ、綺麗とか可愛いとかは普通すぎるからNGだよ?Hey Commander, on a scale from 1 to 10, how do I look today? And no wishy-washy answers like saying I look "cute" or "pretty," got it?
Details你说我的那个账号?不用担心,我已经事先写好了,“今天要休息”。好啦,指挥官,把心思放回到今天的约会里面吧!お悩み相談室の稼働が気になる?大丈夫、今日は「一日お休み」って書いてあるよ。えへへ、指揮官、お買い物デートに集中、集中~You're worried about my counseling service? Don't worry, I put up a sign saying it's closed for the day. Hehe, now that you know, focus on our date~
Main感情就是在每一次相处中一点一滴地积累的,可不要小看了每一次约会哦?好感度は少しずつ稼ぐものだから、たかがデートと侮ることなかれ、ってねAffection's somethin' that goes up bit by bit, so don't underestimate the power of dates!
Main 2你也想喝珍珠奶茶?喏,喝吧!……指挥官,你的脸好像有些红呢!指揮官もこれ飲む?あっ…ううん、飲んで!さあさあ、そう顔を赤くしなくてもいいから!You want a taste? Ah... No need to get all flustered about it, go ahead! Take a sip!
Main 3约会这种事情,自然是想走到哪就走到哪——接下来就去那家店看看吧!デートなんだし、街を歩くに決まってるじゃない?うん、次はあっちの店に行こー!Obviously we're gonna walk all around town when we're on a date! Let's head over to that store next!
Touch想多休息一会?哈哈,毕竟一直是我拉着你跑来跑去的~唔…那…要不再休息一会?もうちょっと休憩したい?はは、アタシが誘ったもんね~。んー、じゃあもうちょっとここで休もっかYou wanna rest up a bit more? Haha, I guess I am the one who invited you out~ Hmm, all right. Let's stay here for a bit longer.
Touch (Special)这是想干什么呢?これ、何か狙ってるの?What's your endgame here?
Return to Port我要一杯珍珠奶茶,不要冰只要一半糖!啊,帮拿东西的指挥官也加一杯!タピオカミルクティーもうひとつ!氷なしで砂糖はハーフで!あ、荷物持ちの指揮官、よろしく!One boba milk tea, no ice and half the sugar please! Oh wait, let me get one more for the poor Commander who's carrying my luggage!
Affinity (Love)哈啊——今天真是玩得尽兴呢。回去之后,就把这次的经历写成日志记下来吧。嗯,就记作“约会日记 1”吧!好期待“约会日记 2”和“3”会是什么样的内容呢~指挥官,你有什么想法吗?今日はいっぱい楽しんだね~よし、これは後で日記に書き込もうっと…んーこれは第一回として、第二回第三回はどんなのがいいか――指揮官、なんかアイデアある?What a fun day~ Should probably write about it in my diary later... Hmm, since this was just our first date, I wonder what we should do for the second and third ones... Got any ideas, Commander?
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Ship Description欢迎来到布莱默顿的烦恼咨询室!其实今天为了辛苦一天的指挥官……锵锵~!准备了跟我一套的居家服哦♪ブレマートンのお悩み相談室へようこそ!今日一日お疲れの指揮官のために…じゃじゃーん!お揃いのルームウェア用意してきたよ♪Welcome to Bremerton's counseling corner! Actually, I came up with this idea just for you, since you're always working so hard... Tadaaah~! I've prepared us some matching sleepwear~♪
Acquisition欢迎来到布莱默顿的烦恼咨询室!其实今天为了辛苦一天的指挥官……锵锵~!准备了跟我一套的居家服哦♪ブレマートンのお悩み相談室へようこそ!今日一日お疲れの指揮官のために…じゃじゃーん!お揃いのルームウェア用意してきたよ♪Welcome to Bremerton's counseling corner! Actually, I came up with this idea just for you, since you're always working so hard... Tadaaah~! I've prepared us some matching sleepwear~♪
Login换身衣服之后活过来了!来来,指挥官也快点换上吧~いや~着替えたら生き返ったぁ!ほらほら、指揮官も早く着替えてきて~Oh man, I feel like a million bucks in these PJs! C'mon, Commander, let's get you into some sleepwear!
Details原来如此,为这个烦恼的话下次可以试试这样做……juus响了!啊,不用在意,现在指挥官这边更重要哦!なるほど、その悩みなら今度からこうするといいかもよ…この音は…艦船通信が鳴ってる!あっ気にしないでー今は指揮官のほうが大事だから!Ah, I see. I think I've got the perfect solution for your problem... Hey, was that...? A Juustagram notif! Wait, no, helping you with your problem comes first!
Main说是烦恼咨询室,其实也就是把平时我的房间稍微装饰了下。别,别一直盯着看啦。お悩み相談室といっても、普段のアタシの部屋をちょっとアレンジしただけだから、あ、あまりジロジロ見ないでI call this a counseling corner, but it's really just a repurposed section of my own room. Hey, stop surveying the place!
Main 2不用谢哦!虽然我不像巴尔的摩那样擅长运动,但是在给建议方面不在话下的!どういたしまして!ボルチモアのように運動は得意じゃないけど、アドバイスくらいはお安い御用だよ!You're welcome! I can't do athletic stuff like Baltimore, but counseling is a piece of cake!
Main 3嗯…上传juus的最后一张照片好难决定啊……指挥官觉得哪张比较好?啊,不是那个相册啦…!うーん、艦船通信にアップする最後の一枚が決められない…指揮官、どっちがいいと思う?ってそっちのアルバムじゃなくて…!Hmm... I can't decide on the last photo to post to my Juustagram... Which do ya think looks the be– Wait, that album is off limit!
Touch呵呵,这个地毯很舒服吧?一起躺躺看?ふふ、このラグ気持ちいいよね?一緒に寝転んでみる?Heheh, pretty comfy rug, right? Whaddya say we lie down?
Touch (Special)现在是烦恼咨询模式哦。不好意思啦♪今は…相談屋モードだからねっ。ごめん♪Hey, uh... Sorry, but I'm in counselor mode right now♪
Return to Port啊,我去开下香薰加湿器!要是指挥官有喜欢的香味之类的也请告诉我,不用客气的。あっ、アロマ加湿器をつけてくるね!指揮官も香りとかの希望があったら遠慮せず教えてHang on, I'mma go fetch the aroma lamp! Lemme know if you want a particular scent.
Commission Complete委托组的大家回来了。烦恼的话等下再继续听,现在先去迎接大家吧!委託組の子たちが戻ってきたわよ。悩みの続きはあとで聞くから、ここは一旦出迎えに行こう!Yo, commission team is back. Let's go talk to 'em – we'll continue your consultation sesh after!
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Ship Description3、2、1!嘿咻!指挥官,有抓拍到扔捧花的瞬间吧?嘿嘿~下一条状态就更新这个了,指挥官,要和我同步更新哦,这也是我们俩的另一种……“爱的誓言”哦!3、2、1、はい!指揮官、ブーケトスした瞬間をちゃんと撮れた?あはは、次の艦船通信はこれに決めたから、指揮官も同じのにしてねっ。アタシたちのもう一つの…「愛の誓い」なんだから♪Three, two, one, go! Did you get a pic of me tossing the bouquet, Commander? Ahahah! I'm postin' this to Juustagram later, so you should do the same! It'll be like... retaking our pledge of love♪
Acquisition3、2、1!嘿咻!指挥官,有抓拍到扔捧花的瞬间吧?嘿嘿~下一条状态就更新这个了,指挥官,要和我同步更新哦,这也是我们俩的另一种……“爱的誓言”哦!3、2、1、はい!指揮官、ブーケトスした瞬間をちゃんと撮れた?あはは、次の艦船通信はこれに決めたから、指揮官も同じのにしてねっ。アタシたちのもう一つの…「愛の誓い」なんだから♪Three, two, one, go! Did you get a pic of me tossing the bouquet, Commander? Ahahah! I'm postin' this to Juustagram later, so you should do the same! It'll be like... retaking our pledge of love♪
Login指挥官,欢迎回来!嗯哼,更新状态,和指挥官……指揮官、おかえり!艦船通信「指揮官と一緒に…」って更新更新っとWelcome back, Commander! Just gonna update my Juustagram status to "With the Commander"...
Main这套衣服其实还挺方便运动的呢,要不要来活动活动身体?……打场网球什么的?哈哈,开玩笑的~この衣装、案外動きやすいね。これを着ながら体を動かしに…例えばテニスとかでもしてみない?あはは、なんちゃって♪I'm surprised how easy to wear this is. Maybe I'll do something physical while wearing it... like playing tennis. Ahahah! Just kidding♪
Main 2抛出捧花代表着把幸福传递下去的意思吧,要是能把幸福和希望传递给更多的人就好了呢。ブーケトスって幸せをおすそ分けするって意味らしいよ。幸せも希望も、もっと多くの人に広められたらいいねThe bouquet toss represents sharing the joy. I really wish this happiness and hope reaches many, many people.
Main 3(咔嚓)抓拍到了指挥官露出可爱表情的瞬间!保存保存~嗯?更新动态?嘿嘿,这是独享的私人回忆,才不发出去呢~(パシャッ!)指揮官のかわいい顔がうまく撮れた!保存保存っと…艦船通信を更新しないのかって?ふふん、これはアタシだけの思い出として取っとくの。みんなには見せてあげないもーん♪*click!* You look so cute in this pic! I'm so saving this... You're wondering if I'll post it to Juustagram? Heheh, nah, this one's for me to look back on fondly. My followers don't get to see it♪
Touch嗯?指挥官也想要捧花吗?我倒是还有……ん?指揮官もブーケを持ってみたいの?あるにはあるけど…Hm? Do ya wanna hold the bouquet too? I mean, I guess you can...
Touch (Special)怎么样?有什么感想吗?啊,悄悄和我说就好……どう?感想とかある?あっ、こっそり教えてね♪So, do you like what you see? Oh, and whisper me your answer♪
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官!嘿嘿,比起更新状态,先来一个大大的拥抱吧~指揮官、おかえり!艦船通信を更新する前に、ぎゅーっとハグしてほしいな~!あはは♪Welcome back, Commander! Gimme a big hug before I update my Juustagram~ Ahaha♪
Affinity (Love)不知不觉,我的社交网络上全是关于指挥官的内容了呢。嗯~想要分享幸福的心情,和想要独占这份幸福的心情在打架了。指挥官,你说怎么办才好呢~?気づけば艦船通信は指揮官のことでいっぱい…幸せを分け合う気持ちと、一人占めしたい気持ちが…指揮官、アタシどうすればいいかな~♪My Juustagram feed is going wild about you... I wanna share my happiness, but I also want you all to myself... What do ya think I should do, Commander~?
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Login指挥官,早安~今天要更新的状态是…啊,不好,得先听下指挥官的指示才行呢!指揮官、おはよー。今日の艦船通信は…あ、いけない。まずは指揮官の指示を仰ぐのが先ね!Mornin', Commander. Let's see what's new on Juustagram... Wait, no. First, it's time to hear your orders!
Details啊,指挥官要一起来帮忙倾听大家的烦恼吗?…不行不行,虽然很感谢指挥官的心意,但这可是女孩子间的问题哦あ、指揮官もお悩み相談室の手伝いしてくれるの?…ダメダメ、気持ちは感謝するけど、これは女の子同士の問題だからねOh, you here to help out with my counseling corner, Commander? Sorry, but you can't. I appreciate the thought, but girly problems require girly solutions.
Main给。(砰!)饮料和轻食便当还有大家的各种慰问品。虽然挺多的不过就当是受到大家喜欢的证明吧!ほい。(ドン!)ドリンクに軽食のお弁当にみんなからの差し入れっと。多すぎだと思うけどまあまあそこは愛されてる証拠ってカンジで!Here ya go! A drink, a small packed lunch, and some snacks from a bunch of peeps. Might be a bit much all in all, but think of it as proof of how much people love you!
Main 3巴尔的摩还是老样子忙着到处给人当帮手呢…多关注些娱乐或是女子力什么的多好啊ボルチモア、相変わらず助っ人でパタパタしてるのね…もうちょっと遊びとか女子力とか気にしたほうがいいんじゃない?I see Baltimore's out there being a hero, like always... She should take a break sometime to focus more on fashion and other stuff girls do.
Touch (Special)厚厚?指挥官很在意这里啊~想要亲手确认下吗~?ははん、ここが気になるんだ~自分でチェックしてみたいってカンジ?Hohoh! You like that, huh~ You wanted to feel it for youself, am I right?
Return to Port呼…感觉指挥官不用勉强到前方战场也没关系的…虽然每次都这么想,但是又很想和指挥官一起并肩作战…真是矛盾啊~ふぅ…指揮官は無理して戦場に出なくてもいいかな~って毎回思うけど、でもカッコいいからつい一緒に戦いたいって気もするし……んーちょっと矛盾なカンジ?*sigh*... I always ask myself if you have to go into battle every time I see you leave, but at the same time, I wish I could be styling with you on the battlefield... Guess my feelings are pretty mixed on this.
Affinity (Love)指挥官,工作结束以后要不要一起去哪里玩呀?地方…就交给你决定了~欸嘿嘿,要当好护花使者哦~指揮官、仕事が終わったら一緒にどっか遊びに行かない?場所は…お任せ♪えへへ、上手くアタシをエスコートして、がっかりさせないでね~Commander, you wanna go hang after we're done with work? Where? You decide♪ Hehehe~ Don't let me down now. Pick a good place and take me there~