Bailey (JP 🇯🇵: ベイリー, CN 🇹🇼: 贝利)
Ship IDNo. 263Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityRare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
AcquisitionLight ship Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressEri Suzuki
Benson-class Destroyer - Bailey, Hull Number DD-492!
Trickster Black RabbitDescription
Hey, did you notice that ghost hovering around Bailey? The Black Witch from Planet Rabbit—— this is the new Bailey!
Bailey (Retrofit)Description
The day has finally arrived~! Bunnies, are you ready? Bailey's debut show is about to begin! Commander, sisters, come and see my bunny magic!
HP294 Reload75
Firepower16 Torpedo60
Evasion60 Anti-air32
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW47 Luck70
HP1368 Reload145
Firepower44 Torpedo163
Evasion203 Anti-air121
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW117 Luck74
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun110%/115%/125%/130%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun120%/120%/120%/125%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Single 127mm Main Gun
Fleet Tech
T7 Destroyer: Benson-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock6 +1
Max LimitBreak12
Lv.1209 +1
SmokescreenAfter the battle begins and 15.0% (30.0%) chance every 15s after that: deploys a smokescreen that increases Evasion Rate by 20.0% (40.0%) for all your ships in it. Does not stack with other smokescreen skills. Smokescreen lasts 5s.
InterferenceEvery 20s: 25.0% chance to pick one enemy at random (prioritizes humanoid enemies) and decrease their Fire Rate and DMG for 5.0 (10.0) s. Does not stack with the same skill.
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Benson Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description本森级驱逐舰—贝利,舷号DD-492ベンソン級駆逐艦・ベイリー(DD-492)Benson-class Destroyer - Bailey, Hull Number DD-492!
Biography贝利是兔兔星来的贝利,和姐姐们一样都是兔兔!最擅长的是火力支援,还受过嘉奖哦!嘿嘿,贝利可是很厉害的!ベイリーは、ウサウサ星から来たベイリーだよ!姉たちと同じウサウサなの!火力支援が一番得意で、それで褒められたこともあるの!えへへ、ベイリーはとても強いよ~I'm from Planet Bunny. I'm a bunny, just like my sisters! I'm super good at giving providing fire support. I've even earned awards for it, believe it or not! Hehe, I'm super strong!
Acquisition贝利是本森……不对,兔兔星来的贝利!指挥官有见到姐姐们吗?ベイリーはベンソンきゅ……じゃなくてウサウサ星から来たの!指揮官、姉たちを見た?I'm Bailey, a Benson-cla... Wait, no, I'm a bunny! Commander, have you seen any of my sisters?
Login指挥官今天有精神吗~让贝利来给你点兔兔能量吧!指揮官元気~?ベイリーがウサウサパワーを注入してあげる!Are you feeling good today, Commander? Let me inject some bunny power into you!
Details唧……吱……嗷……唔,兔兔的叫声好难学!ギー……キー……アゥ……ブ、ブー…?うぅ…ウサウサの鳴き声、難しい…Giiiy... Kiiie... Uh... Bwuuuh...? It's hard to speak like a bunny...
Main最好吃的萝卜,永远是下一个!一番美味しいニンジンは、次のニンジンだよ!The most delish carrot is always going to be the next one!
Main 2收到了兔兔星的电波,要贝利帮指挥官工作,嗯嗯,指挥官不要客气,尽管交给贝利吧~ビビビ…ウサウサ星から受信…「ベイリーは指揮官に全力で協力すべし」指揮官も遠慮しなくていいから、全部ベイリーに任せて〜I've received a transmission from Planet Bunny telling me to help you with your work. No need to thank me, just leave it to me!
Main 3贝利将来要成为偶像,超级,超~级受欢迎的那种!ベイリーの夢はアイドル!すごく、すーごく人気のアイドルなの!I'm going to become a superstar one day! The most popular in the universe!
Touch指挥官的手好暖哦指揮官の手、温かいな~Your hands are so warm, Commander~!
Touch (Special)好奇怪的感觉……ヘンな感じ……What a... strange feeling...
Mission指挥官,虽然储存萝卜是好事,但储存任务可没有好处哦指揮官、ニンジンを貯めるのはいいけど、任務を貯めても何も出ないよ?You should definitely stock up on carrots, but you shouldn't stock up on unfinished missions!
Mission Complete指挥官,看,贝利把奖励拿来了,厉害吧!指揮官、ほら、ベイリーが報酬を持ってきた!スゴイでしょー!Look, Commander! I brought the rewards we got! Aren't I great~?
Mail指挥官,有邮件!是兔兔星来的吗?指揮官、メールよ!ウサウサ星からのものなの?Commander, new mail arrived! Is it from Planet Bunny?
Return to Port辛苦啦,就让贝利特制点心来抚慰指挥官的心灵吧!お疲れちゃん!ベイリーが特製クッキーで指揮官の心を癒やしてあげる!Good work, Commander! Want to try some of my handmade cookies?
Commission Complete指挥官,委托组的姐妹们回来啦,走啦去接她们,不动动会生锈的!指揮官、委託に出かけたみんなが帰ってきたよ!迎えにいこうよ~ずっと動かないと錆びついちゃうよ~!Commander, the girls who were out on a commission have returned! Let's give them a warm welcome! If we don't have regular exercise then we'll start to rust!
Enhancement兔兔力提升了,yeah!ウサウサパワー、さらにレベルアップ!Yeah!My bunny level has gone up even higher! Yeah!
Flagship贝利才不怕你们呢!ベイリーはあんたたちが怖くないもん!I'm not afraid of you!
Victory哼哼,兔兔可是很厉害的!ふふん、ウサウサはとっても強いから!Haha! Bunnies are just super strong!
Defeat呜呜,兔兔星不会放过你们的……うぅ……ウサウサ星は許してあげないんだからね!*Sob*... Planet Bunny won't let you off so easily!
Skill看招,兔兔无限……いっくよーウサウサ暗黒無限破ッ!Here I go! Bunny Boosted Bane Blaster!
Low HP兔兔生气了……也会咬人的!ウサウサだって…怒ったら人を噛んじゃうぴょん!Bunnies bite when they're angry...!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官是兔兔的敌人!指揮官はウサウサの敵だぴょん!You're the enemy of the bunnies, Commander!
Affinity (Stranger)贝利虽然是兔兔,也会好好加油的~ベイリーはウサウサだけど、ちゃんと頑張るよ~!I'll do my best, even though I'm just a bunny!
Affinity (Friendly)本森姐姐说贝利是兔兔星来的,贝利又不是小孩子了……但是但是,圣诞老人一定是存在的!ベンソン姉はベイリーがウサウサ星から来たって言うけど、ベイリーはもう子供じゃないから別に……でもでも、サンタさんは絶対にいるよ!Benson told me that I'm from Planet Bunny... Does she think I'm still a kid or something? But... but... I know for a fact that Santa is real!
Affinity (Like)指挥官,和兔兔去那边玩嘛~工作?哼哼哼,指挥官再看看?不用感谢贝利也没关系哦~指揮官~ウサウサと遊んでよ~仕事?ふふふ、もう一度見てみて?ベイリーに感謝しなくてもいいよ?C'mon, Commander, play with me~! Busy with work? Hehe, look again, Commander. No need to thank me!
Affinity (Love)姐姐说兔兔太寂寞会死翘翘的,所以贝利就来找指挥官啦~指挥官……不希望贝利来吗?姉はウサウサは寂しすぎると死んじゃうと言ったから、指揮官に会いに来たの~指揮官は……ベイリーに来てほしくないの?My sister told me that bunnies die if they get too lonely! That's why I came to see you~! Do you... not want to visit me, Commander?
Pledgeshi……yue?虽然不太明白,这样指挥官也变成兔兔星人了吗?……太好啦,这样就能一直和指挥官在一起了!ケッコン……?よくわからないけど、指揮官もウサウサ星人になったってことよね?……よかった!これで指揮官とはずっと一緒よ!Pro...mise? Promise what? I don't really get it. Do you wanna become a bunny too? ... Great! That means we can be together forever!
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Ship Description哼哼,看到贝利身旁的幽灵了吗?来自兔兔星的黑色魔女——这就是今天的贝利!となりのオバケさんが見えた?ふっふっふー、ウサウサ星からやってきた黒い魔女――それが今日のベイリーだよ!Can you see the ghost next to me? Hehehe— the black witch from Planet Bunny is none other than me, Bailey!
Acquisition哼哼,看到贝利身旁的幽灵了吗?来自兔兔星的黑色魔女——这就是今天的贝利!となりのオバケさんが見えた?ふっふっふー、ウサウサ星からやってきた黒い魔女――それが今日のベイリーだよ!Can you see the ghost next to me? Hehehe— the black witch from Planet Bunny is none other than me, Bailey!
LoginTrick or Treat!不给糖的话,贝利就要和兔兔们一起捣乱了!トリック・オア・トリート!キャンディをくれなきゃベイリーとウサウサたちがいたずらしちゃうぞー!Trick or treat! If you don't hand over the candy, Baily and the Bunnykin will play a trick on you!
Details兔美,兔吉,听好了!今天我们的任务是从指挥官那里要来很多很多的糖果!ウサ美、ウサ吉、よーく聞いてね!今日の任務は指揮官からキャンディをたくさんもらうこと!Cutie, Lucky, listen closely! Today's mission is to extract a whole bunch of candy from the commander!
Main贝利要把从指挥官那里得到的糖分给兔兔星的大家!嘿嘿~指揮官からもらったキャンディはウサウサ星のみんなに分けるの!えへへ☆Commander, your candy contribution will be distributed among the residents of Planet Bunny! Ehehe~☆
Main 2有没有胡萝卜味的糖果?贝利想多拿一点!ニンジンのキャンディとかないかな?ベイリーはニンジンのキャンディがほしい!Don't you have any carrot candy? Bailey craves carrot candy!
Main 3今天的贝利是黑色的兔兔,和平时白色的兔兔可不一样!今日のベイリーは黒いウサさんだよ?普段の白いウサさんとは一味違うよーBailey's a black bunny today. Don't mistake it for a regular ol' white bunny!
Touch送出去的糖果,是没法要回来的呢!あげちゃったキャンディは取り戻せないよ~Candy given away can never be reclaimed~!
Touch (Special)这个奇怪的感觉,不是兔兔星的电波……このヘンな感じ、ウサウサ星の電波じゃないよね……This strange sensation... Could it be EM waves from Planet Bunny...?
Return to Port贝利不会做南瓜派,不过贝利做了好吃胡萝卜饼!ベイリー、パンプキンパイは作れないから、代わりに美味しいキャロットケーキを作ったよ! Bailey doesn't do pumpkin pie, but you can have this delicious carrot cake instead!
Flagship兔美,兔吉,坐稳咯!ウサ美、ウサ吉、しっかり捕まって~Cutie, Lucky, hold on tight~!
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Ship Description圣诞兔兔来了!没错,不是圣诞老人,而是圣诞兔兔哦!因为圣诞老人太忙了,所以兔兔星的贝利变成圣诞兔兔来帮忙了!ウサウササンタさんが来たよ!そう、サンタさんじゃなくて、ウサウササンタさん!サンタさんが忙しいから、ウサウサ星からやってきたベイリーが代わりに手伝ってあげてるんだ!Your Bunny Santa has arrived! That's right – not regular ol' Santa, but Bunny Santa! The real Santa's busy, so Bailey from Planet Bunny is here to help out!
Acquisition圣诞兔兔来了!没错,不是圣诞老人,而是圣诞兔兔哦!因为圣诞老人太忙了,所以兔兔星的贝利变成圣诞兔兔来帮忙了!ウサウササンタさんが来たよ!そう、サンタさんじゃなくて、ウサウササンタさん!サンタさんが忙しいから、ウサウサ星からやってきたベイリーが代わりに手伝ってあげてるんだ!Your Bunny Santa has arrived! That's right – not regular ol' Santa, but Bunny Santa! The real Santa's busy, so Bailey from Planet Bunny is here to help out!
Login指挥官,你终于来了!快帮帮贝利!礼物太多,圣诞兔兔一个人要拿不下了……指揮官、ようやく来たのね。早くベイリーを手伝って!プレゼントが多すぎて、ウサウササンタさん一人じゃ持ちきれないよ…There you are, Commander. Get over here and help me out! There are way too many presents here for one bunny to carry...
Details对了对了,指挥官,要不你也一起来当圣诞兔兔吧!把礼物送到人们手上,也是一件非常开心的事情哦!ところで、指揮官もウサウササンタさんになってみる?プレゼントをみんなに配るのは、とっても楽しいことだよ!Commander, why don't you be a Bunny Santa, too? It's really fun to give out gifts to all the good boys and girls!
Main圣诞老人当然是存在的!因为兔兔星有圣诞兔兔,所以人们居住的地方也有圣诞老人!嘿嘿~サンタさんはいるよ!ウサウサ星にはウサウササンタさんがいるから、この星にもサンタさんはいるはず!えへへSanta is real! Planet Bunny has Santa, so this planet has to have one, too! Heehee!
Main 2科尔克,我觉得辣椒不适合做礼物?还有霍比,指挥官现在和我一起在做圣诞兔兔,等会才能做你的驯鹿哦~カーク、チリペッパーをクリスマスプレゼントにするのはどうかと思うよ?ホビー、指揮官は今ベイリーと一緒にウサウササンタさんをやっているから、トナカイさんをやるのはまた後でね!Kalk, you can't give people chili peppers for Christmas! And Hobby, the Commander's helping me out right now, so you can play reindeer later!
Main 3兔美,兔吉,礼物都送到了吗?嗯嗯,那就好~ウサ美、ウサ吉、プレゼントは届けてきた?うんうん、偉い偉い!Cutie and Lucky, did you deliver the presents like I asked? Aww, thank you!
Touch重的交给指挥官就好吗?谢谢!圣诞兔兔会感谢你的~重いのは指揮官に任せていいの?ありがとう!ウサウササンタさんからの感謝だよ~Can you carry the heavy stuff for me? Thank you! Bunny Santa rates you nice this year!
Touch (Special)好冷!……不,不对,不只是冷的问题!冷たい……あわわ、冷たいだけの問題じゃないよ!Brr, that's chilly... Uh, but that isn't the only problem here!
Return to Port既然指挥官回来了,那圣诞兔兔贝利就继续去送礼物了!……不用担心,圣诞兔兔是不怕冷的!指揮官が戻ってきたから、ウサウササンタさんは引き続きプレゼントを配りに行くよー!大丈夫、ウサウササンタさんは寒さなんてへっちゃらだから!Now that you're back, it's time to get back to delivering presents! Don't worry; the cold is nothing to Bunny Santa!
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Ship Description终于等到了这一天呢~兔兔们,准备好了吗?贝利的出道秀就要开始了哦。指挥官,姐妹们,都来看贝利的兔兔魔术吧!ようやくこの日がきたね~ウサウサたち、準備はいい?ベイリーのデビューステージが始まるよ!指揮官、みんな!ベイリーのウサウサマジックを見に来てね!This long-awaited day has finally come. My bunnies, are you all ready? Bailey's debut shall now begin! Commander, my sisters, let's all come see Bailey's bunny magic!
Acquisition终于等到了这一天呢~兔兔们,准备好了吗?贝利的出道秀就要开始了哦。指挥官,姐妹们,都来看贝利的兔兔魔术吧!ようやくこの日がきたね~ウサウサたち、準備はいい?ベイリーのデビューステージが始まるよ!指揮官、みんな!ベイリーのウサウサマジックを見に来てね!This day has finally arrived~ Are you ready, Rabbits? Bailey’s new debut is about to begin. Commander, sisters, come and witness Bailey’s rabbit magic!
Details兔美,兔吉,装备方面就麻烦你们了哦~ウサ美、ウサ吉、装備は任せたよ~Cutie, Lucky, I'm leaving the equipment to you two~!
Main最闪耀的贝利,永远是下一秒的贝利~一番輝くベイリーは、次の瞬間のベイリーだよ!Bailey will always be shining brighter in the next moment~!
Main 2指挥官指挥官,贝利可爱吗~……欸嘿嘿,被夸奖了~指揮官指揮官!ベイリー可愛い~えへへ、褒められちゃった♪Commander, Commander! Is Bailey cute? Ehehe... you can praise Bailey some more~!
Mail指挥官,有邮件!有贝利的粉丝来信吗?指揮官、メールよ!ベイリーへのファンレターあるの?Commander, there's mail! Is there any fanmail for Bailey?
Return to Port辛苦啦,就用贝利最棒的笑容来抚慰指挥官的心灵吧!お疲れちゃん!ベイリーが最高の笑顔で指揮官の心を癒やしてあげる!Good work! Bailey shall use her brighest smile to soothe Commander's heart!
Flagship兔兔魔术可是超~强~的!ウサウサマジックはちょーつよいぞー!Bunny magic is suuuuper strong!
Victory贝利是来自兔兔星的贝利,请大家多多支持~ウサウサ星から来たベイリーだよ!みんなよろしく~!It's Bailey from Planet Bunny! Everyone, please give me your support~