Yat Sen (JP 🇯🇵: 逸仙, CN 🇹🇼: 逸仙)
Ship IDNo. 257Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavyDragon EmpireBuild Time00:40:00
AcquisitionEvent: Lunar New Year
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressYuu Asakawa
Yat Sen Description
Cruiser, Yat Sen.
Coronal AfterglowDescription
Commander, thank you for waiting for me. Though I am unworthy of this honor, thank you so much...
HP328 Reload67
Firepower22 Torpedo0
Evasion24 Anti-air66
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW13 Luck64
HP1374 Reload129
Firepower61 Torpedo0
Evasion90 Anti-air243
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW33 Luck67
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Tier 2AA gun base +1 | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Light Cruiser120%/122%/125%/130%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
2Light Cruiser110%/112%/115%/120%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun70%/72%/75%/80%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Single 150mm Main Gun
Fleet Tech
T2 Light Cruiser: Yat Sen-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock10 +1
Max LimitBreak20
Lv.12014 +1
Dragon Empery BondWhen sortied with Ning Hai, Ping Hai, or both, Yat Sen and the aforementioned ship(s) receive the following buffs: decreases DMG taken by 8.0% (20.0%) and increases Evasion Rate by 15.0% (30.0%) .Default Unlocked
For The Dragon EmperyIncreases this ship's DMG to enemy Sakura Empire ships by 5.0% (25.0%) .Default Unlocked
Plum Flower in the Cold NightIncreases this ship's SPD by 3 (8) . Every 12s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). If this ship has the "Plum-Petal Poetry" gear equipped: improves this barrage, decreases all your other Dragon Empery Vanguard ships' DMG taken by 1.0% (5.0%) , and decreases your Dragon Empery Main Fleet ships' DMG taken by 1.0% (10.0%) .???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ once every 12 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description逸仙号巡洋舰軽巡洋艦・逸仙Cruiser, Yat Sen.
Biography东煌海军第一舰队,逸仙号。听说姐妹们也都在这里,这一次,逸仙绝对不会再离开指挥官的身边了東煌海軍第一艦隊所属、逸仙と申します。みんなもここにいるとお聞きしました。今度は絶対、指揮官のお側から離れたりはしませんわYat Sen of the First Fleet of the Dragon Empery, reporting in. I heard that my sisters have already arrived. This time, I promise that I will not leave your side.
Acquisition终于等到了这一刻……东煌所属第一舰队,逸仙号,请再次让我为您效劳この時をずっと待ち望んでいました……東煌第一艦隊所属、逸仙、あなたのために全力を尽くしますThis is the moment I have long waited for... I am Yat Sen, from the First Fleet of the Dragon Empery. Please allow me to be at your service once more.
Login又见面了,指挥官。请不用担心,我会如约陪伴在您的身边また会えましたね、指揮官。どうか心配しないで、逸仙はずっとお側で仕えさせていただきますWe meet again, Commander. Do not worry, I shall stay by your side as promised.
Details关于逸仙,有什么想要了解的吗,指挥官?この逸仙について何か知りたいことはありますか?指揮官?Is there anything else you would like to know about me, Commander?
Main宁海蒸的包子?嗯……还是以前熟悉的味道。寧海ちゃんの包子(バオズ)?うーん……懐かしい味ですね~Ning Hai's steamed buns? Mm... they still have the same nostalgic flavor.
Main 2勿忘昨日,才能更好的向明日迈进……歴史を忘れないことこそ、より前に進めますわOnly by remembering the lessons of the past can we move towards a brighter future.
Main 3有时候,我也会想起那些和姐妹们一同训练的日子……時々、みんなと一緒に訓練していた日々を思い出します……Sometimes, I miss those days when I used to train together with all my sisters...
Touch怎么了?可不要对我有什么奇怪的期待哦なんでしょうか?変な期待を抱かないでくださいねWhat's wrong? Please don't have any strange expectations of me.
Touch (Special)对女性做出这样的举动,想必指挥官也做好承担后果的心理准备了吧?女性に対してこのような行いをするなんて、指揮官は心の準備ができているのでしょうねTo do such a thing to a woman... Surely Commander is prepared to suffer the consequences.
Touch (Headpat)逸仙,早已经不是那个时候哭哭啼啼的小女孩了逸仙はもうあの時の泣き虫じゃありませんよI am no longer the crybaby that I once was.
Mission新的任务已经下达,逸仙准备完毕,随时听候您的差遣新しい任務が通達されました。はい、逸仙は準備万端です。いつでもご指示くださいNew missions have been assigned! I have finished preparations and am awaiting your orders.
Mission Complete任务奖励统计完毕,请您查阅……我?不,并没有什么想要的东西任務報酬の集計は完了しました。ご確認を……私…ですか?いいえ、特にこれといったほしいものはありませんよMission rewards counted and ready for your review... me? No, there's nothing I want...
Mail邮件吗?已经放到您的桌子上了メールですか?机に置いてきましたThe mail? It's on your desk, Commander.
Return to Port家,真是个温暖的地方啊お家、心温かい場所ですAhh, home is such a warm place.
Commission Complete负责委托的姐妹们已经回来了,不去看看她们吗?委託担当のみんなが戻ってきました。様子を見に行きませんか?The girls have already returned from commission. Aren't we going to greet them?
Enhancement如果能够早些变强,或许……もっと早く強くなっていれば、もしかしたら……If only I was able to become this strong sooner, then perhaps...
Flagship前辈们,现在逸仙也扛起了这副担子先輩たち、この大任は今、逸仙が担っていますわAncestors... Yat Sen shall now do her part as well.
Victory当风重新吹起的时候,我才能够再次感受到自己的存在……この風が吹く時だけ、自分の存在をはっきりと感じることができますわ……As the wind blows anew, I can feel my presence once more.
Defeat放弃吗?怎么会呢,我早已不是那个脆弱的逸仙了諦める?いいえ、そんなことはしません。もう昔のか弱い逸仙じゃありませんわGive up? Why would I do that? I am not the same fragile Yat Sen as before.
Skill到此为止!ここまでです!It ends now!
Low HP真正的地狱,我已经见识过了本当の地獄は…もう経験済みです!I have already witnessed true hell.
Affinity (Upset)指挥官……似乎不是我在等的那个人呢指揮官は……私が待っていた「あの人」ではないようですね…Commander... You don't seem to be the one I've been waiting for...
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官……那个人,会是您吗?指揮官……「あの人」は…あなたのことですか?Commander... Could you be... *that* person?
Affinity (Friendly)能够回到指挥官身边,真的是太好了指揮官のお側に戻れて、本当によかったですI am overjoyed to be able to return to your side once more, Commander.
Affinity (Like)以前的事吗,那可是……只能讲给指挥官一个人听的故事哟昔のこと、ですか……?はい、指揮官にだけ…あの時の話をしましょうか?My past? Those... are stories for your ears only, Commander.
Affinity (Love)看着指挥官的脸,有时会忘记呼吸......真是奇怪的感觉指揮官の顔を見ると、時々呼吸さえ忘れてしまいます……変な感じ、ですね…When I look at your face, I sometimes forget to breathe... What a strange sensation.
Pledge这……就是羁绊的力量吗?与您在一起的每时每刻,就好像是在做梦一样,生怕梦醒来就会……不,没什么,今后逸仙也会一直陪伴在您的身边これは……絆の力……夢のように、いつしか覚めてしまうかもしれなくて、怖くて……ううん、大丈夫…逸仙、これからもずっとお側にいますThis... is the power of our bond? Every moment we are together is like a dream, one that I am afraid of waking up from. No... it is no matter. From now on, I shall always be by your side.
In battle with Ning Hai, Ping Hai能像以前那样和大家在一起,我已经很满足了昔のように皆と一緒にいられるだけで、もう満足ですI'm so glad I can be with everyone again, just as before.
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Ship Description值此佳节,有幸与指挥官共赏一片风景,实属逸仙之幸。嗯…并非客套,只是难得有这样的机会,稍微有些受宠若惊而已。めでたい良辰に、指揮官と同じ美景を眺めることができて、光栄の至りに存じます。えっと…お世辞ではなく、ここまでよくしていただいたので、少々恐れ多いくらいでして…I am truly honored to be able to share this wondrous scenery with you on such a festive occasion, Commander. Umm... I'm not just saying that out of courtesy. We rarely get opportunities like this, so I'm somewhat flattered...
Acquisition值此佳节,有幸与指挥官共赏一片风景,实属逸仙之幸。嗯…并非客套,只是难得有这样的机会,稍微有些受宠若惊而已。めでたい良辰に、指揮官と同じ美景を眺めることができて、光栄の至りに存じます。えっと…お世辞ではなく、ここまでよくしていただいたので、少々恐れ多いくらいでして…I am truly honored to be able to share this wondrous scenery with you on such a festive occasion, Commander. Umm... I'm not just saying that out of courtesy. We rarely get opportunities like this, so I'm somewhat flattered...
Login指挥官,新年快乐~我也是刚到不久,请坐这边吧。指揮官、明けましておめでとうございます。私も先ほど着いたばかりです。どうぞこちらにおいでくださいCommander, Happy New Year. I arrived not too long ago, so please take a seat right next to me.
Details说来难堪,无意中被镇海知道与您有约后,她不由分说拉着我换了一套梳妆……您觉得合适吗?お恥ずかしいですが…この格好は、指揮官と会うことを鎮海に知られ、彼女に流されるまま着させられたもので…どう、でしょうか?This is rather embarrassing, but... Chen Hai somehow found out that I'd be meeting with you, so she made me change into this outfit... S-so, how does it look on me?
Main与同伴们共同度过的和平时光,温馨而幸福。与您一起静静度过的时光,应该算是……另一种幸福吧?仲間たちと一緒に過ごす平和の時間は温かくて、幸せを感じるものです。指揮官と共に過ごす時間は…またひと味違う幸せを感じるかもしれませんBeing able to spend peaceful days with my friends fills me with warmth and happiness. Spending time with you... is yet another special kind of happiness.
Main 2托您的福,港区的春节一年比一年热闹了。不过需要您关照的孩子也越来越多了……这大概也是一种幸福的烦恼吧?おかげさまで母港の春節は年々賑やかになってまいりました。その分、面倒を見る子も増えて…嬉しい悩みというのは多分こういうことですよね?Thanks to you, the port's Lunar New Year celebration has become more and more lively each year. As a result, there are more and more kids we have to keep an eye on... I suppose that's one of the downsides of being too blessed?
Main 3…………啊,您刚刚是在看我吗?我没有责怪您的意思,因为我有时也会这样呢…………あ、今逸仙のことを見ていたのですか?ううん、指揮官のことを咎めるとかそういうのじゃなくて、私だって時々はこう、見とれちゃうときはありますから…Um... Commander, were you staring at me just now? Oh, umm, I wasn't trying to blame you or anything. Actually, I find myself doing the same thing every now and then...
Touch仅仅是把手叠在一起,就能感到一股暖流呢。こうして手を重ね合わせているだけで、ぬくもりが伝わってきますねJust by putting our hands together like this, you can already feel the warmth spreading.
Touch (Special)要是有同伴从此路过的话……もし仲間が通りかかったら……///Wh-what if one of our friends passes by...?
Touch (Headpat)对我的发型很在意吗?髪型が…気になりますか?Do you find my hairstyle... appealing?
Mission还有任务吗?如果急的话,让我来帮您吧。まだ任務が残っていますか?急なものでしたら私にも手伝わせてくださいDo you still have missions left to do? If it's urgent, please allow me to help.
Mission Complete任务的报酬已经送到港区了,指挥官不用担心。任務の報酬はもう母港に届いています。ご心配なさらなくても大丈夫ですよThe mission rewards have already arrived safely at port. There's no need to worry yourself.
Mail邮件?鞍山说,有新的邮件的话,她会帮忙送到指挥室的。メールですか?新しいのが来たら、執務室に届けてくれると鞍山が言っていましたよThe mail? An Shan said that if anything new arrives, she'll drop by to bring it over.
Return to Port辛苦了。正好手边有现成的茶具,我来帮您泡一杯吧?お疲れ様です。ちょうどいいところに茶道具が一通り揃っていますし、よかったら逸仙が粗茶でもお淹れしましょうか?Thank you for your service. I happen to have my tea set with me, so if you don't mind, I can steep some tea leaves for you.
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Ship Description您能在百忙之中应邀而来,逸仙感到十分荣幸……不用那么客气吗?呵呵,正好茶也要泡好了,请坐到逸仙身边来吧?お忙しい中お誘いに応じてくださって、大変光栄に存じます…そんなにかしこまらななくてもいい、ですか?ふふ、ちょうどお茶も淹れたところですし、逸仙の隣にお座りくださいませI am honored that you could make time in your busy schedule to accept my invitation... Hmm? There's no need to be so formal? Heehee. Well, the tea happens to be ready now, so please sit down next to me~
Acquisition您能在百忙之中应邀而来,逸仙感到十分荣幸……不用那么客气吗?呵呵,正好茶也要泡好了,请坐到逸仙身边来吧?お忙しい中お誘いに応じてくださって、大変光栄に存じます…そんなにかしこまらななくてもいい、ですか?ふふ、ちょうどお茶も淹れたところですし、逸仙の隣にお座りくださいませI am honored that you could make time in your busy schedule to accept my invitation... Hmm? There's no need to be so formal? Heehee. Well, the tea happens to be ready now, so please sit down next to me~
Login指挥官,茶马上就好,稍等一下。指揮官、お茶はもうすぐ出来ますので、もう少々お待ちくださいCommander, the tea is almost ready. Please wait just a bit longer.
Details潺潺的流水声,与大自然的气息,令人心旷神怡……啊,稍微发了会呆,还请不要见笑……せせらぎの音と大自然の匂い、心が癒されますね…あっ、ついぼーっとしてしまいました。すみませんお見苦しいところを…The whispers of a babbling creek and the soft breath of nature– indeed, they put one's heart at ease... Oh my, I totally spaced out just now. Please forgive me...
Main有的人喜欢浓郁,有的人喜欢淡香。指挥官,您更喜欢哪一种口味呢?濃ゆい味とあっさりとした味、人の好みはそれぞれです。指揮官はどんな味がお好みですか?Everyone has different tastes– some prefer a richer fragrance, while others prefer a lighter aroma. What do you prefer, Commander?
Main 2哈尔滨她……要不是同行的伙伴劝住,怕是要把整个店的茶叶都买下来了。下次是不是拜托定安会好一点……ハルビンは…仲間が止めていなければ、お店の茶葉を全部買い占めてしまうところでした。次回は定安にお願いする方が良いかもしれませんね…That Harbin... Had my friends not stopped her, she would've bought up all the tea leaves in the store. Maybe I should ask Ting An for help the next time...
Main 3看您这杯子已经见底了,再帮您斟一点?这一杯是刚沏好的,小心烫哦。指揮官、茶杯が空になっていますよ。注いであげましょうか?あ、淹れたてですから、熱いのでお気をつけくださいCommander, I see you've finished your cup of tea. Shall I fill it back up for you? Oh, please be careful, as this is freshly brewed.
Touch要帮我斟一杯吗?那就恭敬不如从命了。指揮官が注いでくださるのですか?では、お言葉に甘えて…You want to help pour a cup for me? Then, I shall graciously take you up on that.
Touch (Special)等,等一下,我还在泡茶……ちょ、ちょっと待ってくださいっ。今お茶を淹れているところです…////P-please wait a moment... I'm still trying to finish brewing tea... *blushes*
Mission有新的任务?不用着急,按照平时的步调来就好了。逸仙会一直等着你的。新しい任務ですか?焦らなくても大丈夫ですから、いつも通りのペースで進めてください。逸仙はずっと待っていますからMore work to take care of? There's no need to rush things. Just work at your usual pace. I'll still be here when you're done.
Mission Complete任务顺利完成了。指挥官,要劳逸结合哦。任務が無事終了しましたね。指揮官、労働と休息、うまくバランスを取ってくださいねI see you've finished your missions without a hitch. Commander, I do hope you strike a proper balance between work and leisure.
Mail听说有新的邮件送到港区了,等回去后再一起查看吧。お手紙が港区に届いたと聞いています。帰ったら一緒に確認しましょうI heard that the mail just arrived back at the port. Shall we head back shortly to check on it?
Return to Port指挥官公务在身,不得不暂离片刻,逸仙理解的。您也不必自责,先喝一杯茶休息一下吧?公務の忙しい指揮官が一時席を外さねばならないこと、分かっております。申し訳なさを感じる必要はありませんよ。まずはお茶でも召し上がって一息ついてくださいませI understand very well that your work must be handled expeditiously. There is no need to blame yourself; please enjoy this cup of tea, as well as this moment's respite with me.
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Ship Description呼…让您久等了,指挥官。逸仙不才,烦请指挥官多多包涵了——指揮官、おまたせしました。不束者ですが、何卒よろしくお願いいたします――Commander, thank you for waiting for me. Though I am unworthy of this honor, thank you so much...
Acquisition呼…让您久等了,指挥官。逸仙不才,烦请指挥官多多包涵了——指揮官、おまたせしました。不束者ですが、何卒よろしくお願いいたします――Commander, thank you for waiting for me. Though I am unworthy of this honor, thank you so much...
Main执子之手,与子偕老,便是逸仙最大的心愿子(なんじ)の手を執りて、子と偕(とも)に老いん――逸仙の一番の願いですFor us to walk hand in hand until we become old... is my greatest wish.
Main 2如今的逸仙,已经能更坚定地往前迈进了,这都是因为指挥官今の逸仙は、迷わずに前に進めます。全ては貴方のおかげですI am now able to move forward without doubts... and it's all thanks to you, dear.
Main 3以前不曾仔细想过,像这样在指挥官的身边,看着平海宁海,和东煌的孩子们胡闹…竟是这般让人感到幸福的事情…貴方のそばで、平海ちゃんと寧海ちゃん、そしてほかの東煌の子たちが一緒に団らんしているのを眺めること……こんなに幸せだなんて、思いもしませんでしたわI never realized it before, but being by your side like this, watching Ping Hai and Ning Hai grow, and seeing the merriment of the other Dragon Empery children... makes me see that I am truly blessed.
Touch怎么了,指挥官?逸仙在此处,无论何时,逸仙都在此等着您貴方、どうかしました?逸仙はここにいます――ええ、ずっと、ここにいますよIs something the matter, dear? Yat Sen is always there for you. Yes, no matter what.
Touch (Special)指挥官,请不要操之过急…至少等回到房间…貴方、そう焦らないで…せ、せめて閨(ねや)に戻るまでは……P-Please don't be so hasty, dear... at least, wait until we get back to our room...
Return to Port等待良人归来…亦是一种别样的温暖良人の帰りを待つのは…温かい気持ちですAwaiting the return of a loved one... is a warm feeling.
Flagship有您陪伴身旁,逸仙便无所不能貴方さえいれば、逸仙は何でもできましょうAs long as you're with me, there's nothing that Yat Sen cannot do.
Affinity (Love)身无彩凤双飞翼,心有灵犀一点通。指挥官对逸仙,也是这样的感觉吗?呵呵…身に綵鳳双飛(さいほうそうひ)の翼無きも、心に霊犀(れいさい) 一点の通ずる有り――貴方の逸仙への気持ちも、こんな感じでしょうか?ふふふEven if we are to be separated, our hearts will always beat as one. Do you feel the same way about me, my dear? Hehe~
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Ship Description不用担心,指挥官,我并无大碍。请允许逸仙以全新的姿态,再次为您效劳吧。指揮官、心配はいりません。私はなんともありませんわ。新しい姿の逸仙として、改めてお仕えさせてくださいませThere's no need to worry, Commander. I will be fine now. Please allow me to serve you once more in this new form.
Acquisition不用担心,指挥官,我并无大碍。请允许逸仙以全新的姿态,再次为您效劳吧。指揮官、心配はいりません。私はなんともありませんわ。新しい姿の逸仙として、改めてお仕えさせてくださいませThere's no need to worry, Commander. I will be fine now. Please allow me to serve you once more in this new form.
Login指挥官,欢迎回来。和往常一样,我会陪在您身边的。也愿今日的一切都能一帆风顺。指揮官、お帰りなさいませ。逸仙はいつも通りお傍についています。今日も全てが順風満帆でありますようにCommander, welcome back. I am by your side, just as always. May all your endeavors proceed smoothly today.
Details如果我说对指挥官还有一些想了解的地方……您会介意吗?もし指揮官について、まだ知りたいことがあると言ったら……気になりますか?ふふふIf I told you that there's much I still want to learn about you... Would you entertain my request? Heehee~
Main应瑞和肇和……若是不知晓详情的人见了她们俩,也许会将她们误认为一对冤家。至于知情者,自然就只是会心一笑了。応瑞と肇和…事情を知らない子からすれば仲が悪いように見えてしまうかもしれませんが、事情を知っていれば二人のやりとりも微笑ましく見えます。ふふYing Swei and Chao Ho... To outsiders, those two girls might seem like they don't get along very well. But, people who understand them will find their antics delightful and amusing. Heehee.
Main 2新时代的挑战,不能完全照搬昨日的经验。指挥官,您有一双慧眼,相信您一定能明辨是非,做出自己的判断的。新しい時代への挑戦に、昔の経験のまま臨むわけにはいきません。慧眼を持つ指揮官なら、善し悪しを見分け、自分なりの判断ができることと信じていますWe cannot rely on the same old set of experiences when facing the challenges of a brand new era. I believe that with your keen judgment, Commander, you will be able to distinguish between right and wrong, and arrive at your own conclusions.
Main 3过去我祈求自己能更加坚强。如今,我希望自己能够更加理解世间的冷暖……呵呵,当然是为了能更好地陪在您与大家身边。ただただ強くなりたいと願っていた私ですが、今は世間の風をもっと知ろうとしています…ふふふ、もちろん指揮官やみんなともっと一緒にいるため、ですよIn the past, I used to pray that I would become stronger. Now, I pray that I may understand both the warmth and coldness of this world. Naturally, I would like to experience those things to better accompany you and my other friends, heehee.
Touch有什么事吗?不妨和逸仙说说吧。なんでしょう?よかったら逸仙が相談に乗りますよDid you need me? I am willing to hear you out at any time.
Touch (Special)不合时宜的举动,是要承担相应责任的哦?場違いな行動は、それ相応の責任を負うことになりますよ?All inappropriate conduct will be held to account.
Return to Port最能让人感到温馨的地方,便是家了吧。やはりお家は一番、心が安らぐ場所ですよねIndeed, home is the place that truly makes your heart feel at ease.