Weser (JP 🇯🇵: ヴェーザー, CN 🇹🇼: 威悉)
Ship IDNo. 485Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light Aircraft CarrierRarityElite
NavyIronbloodBuild Time02:22:00
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressRimi Nishimoto
Admiral Hipper-class Light Aircraft Carrier - Weser
Obsidian EleganceDescription
I've been waiting for you, Comander. As per my sister's recommendation, I've put on this Sakura Empire kimono. It was very tricky to get into, I might add... That aside, how do I look? ...Good enough, I hope?
HP787 Reload66
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion21 Anti-air49
Aviation60 Cost0
ASW17 Luck30
HP3539 Reload127
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion75 Anti-air186
Aviation163 Cost0
ASW44 Luck31
Limit Break
Tier 1All Dive Bombers +1 | Fighter efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All fighters +1 | Fighter efficiency +10%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Dive Bomber efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Aircraft Carrier: Admiral HipperTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
The Lonesome LookoutWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to launch an additional special airstrike (DMG is based on the skill's level). At the start of the battle, if there are 3 or more Iron Blood ships in the same fleet: increases this ship's Crit DMG by 5.0% (20.0%) ; if there are no other Iron Blood ships: instead increases this ship's RLD by 1.0% (10.0%) and AA by 5.0% (15.0%) and further increases the proc chance of this ship's special airstrike by 30.0%.???
Galvanizing ShieldEvery 20s after the battle starts: deploys a shield that lasts for 6 (8) s and can block 6 shells on a randomly chosen ship in your Vanguard; if the shield is deployed on an Iron Blood ship: also increases that ship's FP by 5.0% (15.0%) for 8s and heals Weser for 1.0% (5.0%) HP.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description威悉号航空母舰航空母艦ヴェーザーAircraft carrier – Weser.
Biography无论是希佩尔海军上将级四号舰塞德利茨,还是辅助航母威悉,都因为战局而没能最终完成。不过,现在在你这里,我有足够的时间做我自己想做的事情,也算是弥补了当初的遗憾吧。かの大戦ではアドミラル・ヒッパー級の4番艦「ザイドリッツ」も、護衛空母「ヴェーザー」も、戦況のせいで結局完成に至らなかったわ。――ここなら、私のしたかったことをするのに十分な時間があるわ。これであの時の心残りも果たせそうねWhether as the 4th ship of the Admiral Hipper class, Seydlitz, or as the escort carrier, Weser, I was never completed over the entirety of that war. ...Over here, I should have more than enough time to do everything I've always wanted to do. That way, I'll be able to bury my regrets, one by one.
Acquisition重巡洋舰塞德利茨——不,辅助航母威悉,向你报到。好奇我为什么有两个名字?不着急,之后我再慢慢和你说。重巡洋艦ザイドリッツ…いや、護衛空母ヴェーザー、着任したわ。私の名前がなぜ二つあるのか気になるの?急がなくても、後でゆっくり教えてあげるわHeavy cruiser, Seydlitz... Rather, escort carrier Weser, has arrived. You're wondering why I have two names? Don't be in such a rush... I'll be sure to teach you later, slowly.
Login在急匆匆地投身工作之前,不妨先坐下享受一口咖啡的醇香如何?慌ただしく仕事に行く前に、まずは座ってコーヒーでも楽しんだらどう?Before you hurry off to do your work, why not first take a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee?
Details指挥官,莫非很闲?那来帮我做个舰载机的使用特训如何?指揮官、もしかして暇?なら私の艦載機運用の特訓を手伝ってくれない?Commander, are you free? Do you have time to help me practice with my planes?
Main铁血的航空母舰和其它阵营比起来少很多,总感觉演习对阵的时候会吃不少亏…鉄血の航空母艦はほかの陣営より少ないから、演習で戦うとき結構不利になるんじゃないかとつい思っちゃうわねThe Iron Blood doesn't have as many aircraft carriers as the other factions, so I can't help but worry that we'll be at a disadvantage during practice exercises.
Main 2“不沉战舰”?…啊,我知道你说的是哪位了。不知道以后有没有机会见到那位值得尊敬的“塞德利茨”前辈呢?「沈まぬ戦艦」?…ああ、誰のことかわかったわ。はたして今後あの立派な「ザイドリッツ」先輩に会えるのかしらね?The Unsinkable Battleship...? Oh, I know who you're talking about. I wonder if I'll ever be able to meet my renowned predecessor, Seydlitz, at some point?
Main 3希佩尔、欧根…真没想到还能像这样同她们并肩作战。这都多亏了指挥官你呢。ヒッパ―、オイゲン…こんな風に彼女らと一緒に戦えるなんて、これも指揮官のおかげねHipper, Eugen... I can't believe I'm able to fight by their side like this. It's all thanks to you, Commander.
Touch累了就尽管休息吧,有人来的话,我会叫醒你的。疲れたのなら構わず休んで。誰か来たら起こしてあげるわIf you're tired, just set everything else aside and get some rest. I'll wake you up if somebody comes around.
Touch (Special)你的勇气…也许换一种表达方式会更好。その勇ましさ…アピールするにも仕方を変えたほうがいいかもねYour spirited enthusiasm... You might want to change the way you convey it.
Mission有新任务?不急,先把手上的事情做完再看看吧。新しい任務?急がなくていいわ。先にいまやってることを済ませてから確認してNew missions? There's no need to hurry. We can check them after you finish whatever you're doing right now.
Mission Complete任务完成了。放心吧,报酬是不会跑掉的,一会记得领取就好。任務完了。安心して、報酬は逃げたりしないから、後でもらうの忘れないでいればいいわMission complete. Don't worry, it's not like the rewards will run off somewhere. You just need to make sure to collect them later.
Mail你的信件。不是紧急内容的话,晚点再看也没关系吧。あなたへのメールよ。急ぎのものでもないなら、後で見てもいいんじゃない?There's some mail for you. If it's nothing urgent, just read them later.
Return to Port指挥官可真是个忙碌活啊……稍微喘口气休息一下吧。指揮官の仕事って本当に忙しいのね……ちょっと一息ついたらどう?Being a commander truly takes a surprising amount of work... How about taking a quick breather right about now?
Commission Complete委托组回来了?放着她们不管多少有些不妥…需要我先去看看吗?委託組が帰ってきた?そのままにしておくのはちょっとね…私が先に見てこようか?The commissions team is back? We shouldn't leave them waiting there like that... Should I go ahead and greet them first?
Enhancement似乎能驾驭更强的装备了,谢谢你,指挥官。もっと強い装備を使えるようになったみたい。ありがとう、指揮官It looks like I'll get to use some more powerful equipment. Thanks, Commander.
Flagship保持冷静与耐心,胜利自然会属于我们。粘り強く冷静に――勝利はきっとこちらのものよKeep calm and persevere. Victory will surely come to us.
Victory是如同预想一般的胜利呢。予想通りの勝利だったわVictory, just as I expected.
Defeat唔,对舰载机的运用还是不够熟练么……ふぅ、艦載機の運用にまだ慣れてないのかしら……Ugh... I wonder if I'm still not used to my planes...
Skill时机已至!時が来たわ!The time has come!
Low HP还不到着急的时候…!まだ焦るときじゃないわIt's not yet time to panic.
Affinity (Upset)给你点忠告吧,指挥官。状态不好的时候就请个假,睡个回笼觉,而不是把不好的状态暴露给所有人。指揮官、ひとつアドバイスよ。調子が良くないなら休みを取ってぐっすり眠ってちょうだい。かっこ悪い姿なんて皆に見せないほうがいいわCommander, I've got one word of advice for you. If your condition isn't great, make sure to take a break and sleep soundly. It won't do to have everyone else see you in bad shape.
Affinity (Stranger)战场永远充满难以预料的变数,光靠墨守成规地遵循既定的指令,是无法抓住胜利的。予想できないことが起きるのが戦場よ。下された命令の遵守にこだわり続けては、勝利をつかめないわThe battlefield is a place where the unexpected occurs. If you simply insist on following the orders given to you by the higher-ups, you'll never be able to achieve victory.
Affinity (Friendly)彼得虽然优秀,但多少有些太紧绷了。偶尔还是要抛开“时间”、“计划”这些烦人的词语,让自己放松一下才是。ペーターは優秀だけど、時々ちょっとドライなところがあるわ。たまには「時間」や「計画」とか難しいことを気にせず楽にしてほしいわPeter is quite brilliant, but she can also be quite dreary. I wish she'd loosen up about time and planning and all, and learn to just have fun sometimes.
Affinity (Like)我一直认为,应当由我们去选择如何生活,而不是让生活来决定我们。所以,我一直尽力按照自己的节奏来生活。指挥官呢,你喜欢自己现在的生活吗?ヒトの生き方は環境に強いられるものではなく、自分で選ぶものだと思うわ。だから、ずっと自分のペースで過ごしてきたの。指揮官は自分の生き方をどう思う?I believe that the way we live isn't influenced by our environment, but rather the choices we've made. That's why I've always lived by my own tempo. What do you think about the way I live my life?
Affinity (Love)看来,指挥官已经能跟上我的步调了,或者说,是我逐渐适应了指挥官的步调?呵呵,总之,有你在身边…确实挺让人安心的。指揮官がもう私のペースについてきているのか、それとも私が指揮官のベースに合せているのかしら?それはさておき…あなたが傍にいると、なんか安心するわ、ふふHave you matched your stride to my tempo, or have I matched mine to meet yours? Putting all that aside, you know, having you by my side makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. Hehe.
Pledge誓约的仪式?不用那么着急,我没有忘记,也不会突然不见的。还是说…我就这么不被指挥官信任?呵呵,开玩笑的。在漫长的未来里,也请多多指教了哦,指挥官?この儀式は……そんなに焦らなくてもよかったんじゃない?私は突然いなくなったりしないし、約束を忘れたりもしないわ。それとも…もしかして私のことそんなに信頼できないのかしら?ふふ、冗談よ。末長く、よろしくね、指揮官This ceremony... Surely you didn't have to be in such a rush? It's not like I'll run off somewhere or forget our promises together. Or... is it that you don't have any faith in me? Hehe, I'm just messing with you. For the future everlasting, I'll be yours, Commander.
In battle with Friedrich der Große你的计划是什么?あなたの計画ってどんな感じかしら?I wonder what your plan might be?
In battle with Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper安心上吧,我会支援你们的。安心して行って、援護するわHead forth without worry, we've got you covered.
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Ship Description等候你多时了,指挥官。在姐妹舰的推荐下尝试了重樱的“和服”,不过穿法着实有些复杂…干脆就这么披着了,应该问题也不大吧,大概?待ってたわ、指揮官。姉妹艦に勧められて重桜の「着物」っていうのを試してみたけど、着方が本当に複雑でね…とりあえずこんな感じでどうかしら?多分…問題ないかも?I've been waiting for you, Comander. As per my sister's recommendation, I've put on this Sakura Empire kimono. It was very tricky to get into, I might add... That aside, how do I look? ...Good enough, I hope?
Acquisition等候你多时了,指挥官。在姐妹舰的推荐下尝试了重樱的“和服”,不过穿法着实有些复杂…干脆就这么披着了,应该问题也不大吧,大概?待ってたわ、指揮官。姉妹艦に勧められて重桜の「着物」っていうのを試してみたけど、着方が本当に複雑でね…とりあえずこんな感じでどうかしら?多分…問題ないかも?I've been waiting for you, Comander. As per my sister's recommendation, I've put on this Sakura Empire kimono. It was very tricky to get into, I might add... That aside, how do I look? ...Good enough, I hope?
Login想好今天要做什么了吗?不着急,时间女神对我们可是宽容得很。今日なにをするかはもう決めた?慌てなくてもいいわ。時の女神様ってのは寛大なのよHave you already decided what we'll do today? If not, take your time. The goddess of time is a patient one.
Details不要急躁,先坐下来,享受一杯浓茶,或是一本好书如何?慌てずここに座って。濃いめのお茶を飲んだり、面白い本とか読んで落ち着いて?Sit down and relax. Have some rich tea, or read a nice book to ease off.
Main重樱的新年宴会?我当然十分乐意参加,不过…欧根,这次你不会再喝得烂醉如泥了吧?お正月の宴会?もちろん参加したいけど…オイゲン、あなたまた飲んだくれたりしないわよね?The Sakura Empire's New Year's banquet? I'd love to go, but... Eugen, can you promise you won't get drunk out of your mind again?
Main 2冬日的和煦斜阳,确实会让人生出倦怠之意呢…我稍微…睡一会…Zzz冬ののどかな夕日って、ついウトウトしちゃうわね…少し仮眠するわ…zzzCozy winter sunsets really make you drowsy... I just take a short nap... Zzz...
Main 3所谓“正月”,就是让人暂缓脚步,休憩片刻以迎接新一年的时候,所以,你也应该稍微放松一下才是哦,指挥官。「おおみそか」って言うのは、歩みを緩め休憩を取り、気分を一新して新しい年を迎えるのよ。だから指揮官、あなたも少し楽にしてOn New Year's Eve, you're meant to put work on hold, relax, and take in the start of a new year. You should do exactly that, Commander.
Touch要去重樱的神社“参拜”吗?呵呵,我期待着能在这个节日留下与你的回忆哦。重桜の神社に「オマイリ」しに行くの?ふふ、こんな日にあなたと思い出を残せるの期待してるわOh, we're going to a Sakura Empire shrine for New Year's? Heheh. I'm looking forward to the memories we'll make today.
Touch (Special)你的执念,我已经深切地感受到了。所以,可以停手了吧?あなたの「執念」はもう十分感じたわ。これでもうやめてもらえる?Okay, you've proven just how tenacious you are. Now, could you stop it already?
Return to Port回来了么。稍等,我在书角做个记号——おかえり。ちょっと待ってね、いましおりをつけて――Welcome back. Give me a moment to put in a bookmark.
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Ship Description抱歉,让你久等了。不过,女性更衣打扮上可是要花费比你想象更多的时间的哦。那么,作为一名绅士,你愿意扶我走下最后这几层台阶吗,指挥官?あっ、待たせちゃったわね。まさかここまで身支度に時間がかかるとは指揮官も思ってなかったわよね、ごめんなさい。さて、ジェントルマンとしてこの階段を降りるのをエスコートしてもらえないかしら?Ah, I've kept you waiting. I do apologize that it took so long to get changed into this outfit. Now, Commander, won't you come show me your chivalry and escort me down these stairs?
Acquisition抱歉,让你久等了。不过,女性更衣打扮上可是要花费比你想象更多的时间的哦。那么,作为一名绅士,你愿意扶我走下最后这几层台阶吗,指挥官?あっ、待たせちゃったわね。まさかここまで身支度に時間がかかるとは指揮官も思ってなかったわよね、ごめんなさい。さて、ジェントルマンとしてこの階段を降りるのをエスコートしてもらえないかしら?Ah, I've kept you waiting. I do apologize that it took so long to get changed into this outfit. Now, Commander, won't you come show me your chivalry and escort me down these stairs?
Login宴会的时间还很充裕,你有充足的时间做你想做的事情,指挥官。パーティーが終わるまでまだ余裕があるわ。やりたいことがあればどうぞ、指揮官There's still plenty of time until the party ends. If there's anything you wanted to do with me, then go ahead, Commander.
Details我花了很长的时间耐心挑选,才选择了这身礼服。看指挥官的反应,应该是没有白花这些时间了。ドレス、じっくりと時間をかけて、選びに選んだものよ。指揮官の反応を見るに無駄じゃなかったみたいね、ふふThis dress took just about forever to pick out. Judging from your reaction though, I can see that it wasn't time wasted, hehe.
Main接受了那么多人的频繁碰杯居然还能这么精神,看来之前多少小看你了啊,指挥官。多くの人とあんなにお酒を酌み交わしていたのに、まだこんなに元気だなんて、ちょっとあなたを軽く見てたかもしれないわね、指揮官Even though we've toasted over so many drinks already, I can't believe that you're still so lively. I might have underestimated you a bit, Commander.
Main 2作为绅士,是不是应该主动邀请淑女跳只舞呢,指挥官?ジェントルマンとして、レディにダンスの誘いを積極的に行うべきではないかしら?指揮官?As my lovely knight in shining armor, Commander, don't you think you should be asking your princess for a dance?
Main 3铁血的同伴们在喊我了,指挥官,一起去打个招呼吧。鉄血のみんなが呼んでるわ。指揮官、一緒に挨拶に行かない?The girls of the Iron Blood are calling for me. Come greet them with me, Commander.
Touch觉得闷了?要我陪你到外面透透风吗?退屈になった?一緒に外で風でもあたってくる?Are you getting bored? Want to head out to enjoy the breeze together?
Touch (Special)这可不是一名绅士应该做的事情呢。これはジェントルマンのすることじゃないわThat is not a chivalrous way to conduct yourself.
Return to Port稍微喘口气吧,无论是宴会场还是外面,若需要我陪你,知会一声就好。少し気分転換でもどう?パーティー会場でも外でも、私に付き合ってほしければいつでも声をかけてちょうだいHow about doing something else for a change of pace? Just let me know if you want to spend some time together, whether it's inside the banquet hall or outside.
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Ship Description终于迎来这个季节了啊,趁现在波浪势头不错,我先出发了。指挥官,等下我会教你怎么冲浪的,保持期待吧。このシーズンを待ってたわ。早速だけど、いい波は待ってはくれないから行ってくるわね。指揮官には後でサーフィンの乗り方を教えてあげるから楽しみにしててI've been waiting forever for this season to arrive. It's a perfect time, the waves wait for nobody, so I'm off for now. I'll make sure to teach you how to surf later, so look forward to it.
Acquisition终于迎来这个季节了啊,趁现在波浪势头不错,我先出发了。指挥官,等下我会教你怎么冲浪的,保持期待吧。このシーズンを待ってたわ。早速だけど、いい波は待ってはくれないから行ってくるわね。指揮官には後でサーフィンの乗り方を教えてあげるから楽しみにしててI've been waiting forever for this season to arrive. It's a perfect time, the waves wait for nobody, so I'm off for now. I'll make sure to teach you how to surf later, so look forward to it.
Login指挥官已经会乘浪了么?要一起去练习么?指揮官はもう波に乗れるようになった?練習がてら一緒に行かない?You can already ride the waves? Then how about coming along for some practice?
Details那么在教你冲浪前,先穿上这个吧。是让明石做的“冲浪板使用姿势矫正机”。只要有这个就能让身体记住怎么乘浪了。じゃあサーフィンを教えるからこのギプスを身に着けてちょうだい。明石に作ってもらった「サーフボード姿勢矯正ギプス」よ。これがあれば波への乗り方のすべてが体で覚えられるわThe surfing lesson is about to begin, so put on these casts. I had Akashi make these "surfboard posture correction casts" for you. Once you put these on your feet, you'll be able to understand how to ride the waves instinctively.
Main跟平时出击航海不一样,冲浪这种在波浪上滑行的感觉可有趣了。艤装を使って航海するのとは違って、サーフィンの波の上を滑るような感覚が楽しいわSurfing is fun to me because, unlike cruising on the ocean's surface while using my rigging, it feels like I'm gliding through the water.
Main 2那个方向会被冲向大海,很危险,所以别往那去。可不能小瞧大自然。そっちの方は沖に流されて危ないから行かないで。自然を甘く見てはいけないわDon't head over there—you'll be washed out into the open sea. Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.
Main 3你曾经跟明尼阿波利斯一起玩过滑雪对吧?虽然状况不太一样,冲浪的时候可以回想起当时的感觉试一试。ミネアポリスとスケートボードをやったことがあるんでしょう?少し勝手は違うけど、サーフィンもその時の感じを思い出してやってみてHaven't you skateboarded with Minneapolis before? It's not exactly the same as surfing, but try to remember the feeling you had while skateboarding.
Touch从冲浪板上掉下来了呢。指挥官毕竟是新手,也没办法ボードから落ちちゃったのね。指揮官は初心者なんだし仕方ないわLooks like you fell off of your board. You're a beginner, so you shouldn't feel too bad about it.
Touch (Special)既然有胡闹的闲工夫,看来应该教得更严厉才行?ふざける余裕があるなら、もっと厳しく教えた方がいいかしら?If you're having such an easy time that you can mess around, maybe I should raise the intensity of your training?
Return to Port刚才的波浪挺大的。估计身体都被冲得冰冰凉了,去洗个澡休息下吧。いい波だったわね。体が冷えているだろうし、シャワーを浴びて一休みしてちょうだいThat was a fantastic wave. Now that you've cooled off, go take a shower and chill out for a bit.