Thüringen (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 546Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityElite
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1100 Reload51
Firepower76 Torpedo21
Evasion4 Anti-air33
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck60
HP4550 Reload98
Firepower193 Torpedo59
Evasion22 Anti-air125
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck63
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Helgoland-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Providential StarfallWhen this ship finishes loading her Main Guns: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). When an enemy is hit by this barrage's blue shells, for 10s: decreases that enemy's EVA by 8.0% and increases their DMG taken by your Iron Blood ships by 4.5% (12.0%) .???
Marvels of History - ThüringenIf this ship has an Iron Blood Secondary Weapon equipped, when she fires her Secondary Weapon: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a follow-up attack. 10s cooldown between activations.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description赫尔戈兰级战列舰—图林根ヘルゴラント級戦艦-テューリンゲンHelgoland-class battleship – Thüringen.
Biography初次见面时我也说过了,我是铁血战列舰图林根号。怎么,还有别的想知道的么?全部?哈哈,那我们找个能坐着聊天的地方吧,我会从公海舰队开始,慢慢讲给你听的。鉄血所属の戦艦、テューリンゲンだと初対面のときに言ったはずだが?他に知りたいこと?全部?ははは、じゃあどこか座って話せる場所でも探そうか。大洋艦隊のことから、ゆっくり語ろうとしようDidn't I tell you I was the Iron Blood battleship Thüringen when we first met each other? You want to know more about me? Everything, even? Ahaha, then let's look for a nice place where we can sit and talk. I'll tell you everything, starting from my time in the High Seas Fleet.
Acquisition你好,指挥官。我是铁血战列舰,图林根。在正式报到之前,先回答我个问题吧。将我招至麾下,打算让我做些什么?…别误会,这不是对您的试探,只是我这个人喜欢把话说明白而已。指揮官、お初にお目にかかる。鉄血所属、戦艦のテューリンゲンだ。着任する前に一つ聞いておきたいが、私を麾下に置いて何をやらせるつもりだ?はは、別に君を試しているわけではない。なにせ白黒はっきりさせたい性分でなIt is a pleasure, Commander. I'm Thüringen, battleship of the Iron Blood. Before I formally sign on, there's one thing I want to ask – what role, exactly, do you have in mind for me? Hahah! No, I'm not testing you, I simply want a grasp of your moral compass.
Login嗯,气色不错!希望你能一直保持这个好状态。ふむ、しゃんとしててよいぞ。その調子だHm, I'm glad to see that you're as chipper as ever. Keep it up.
Details一切事件的发生皆有其因果所在。只要不会波及无辜之人,在完全弄清原委之前,我会选择观望。すべてのトラブルには理由やきっかけがある。無実の人々を巻き込んでいるような事態じゃなければ、それが明るみに出るまで様子見するのが懸命さAll troubles that occur either have a reason or a trigger. Unless there are innocents tangled up in the problem, it's best to lay low and wait.
Main大胆一点,自信一点,把你的观点向所有人表达出来。若是有人向你投以嘘声,我会对那人上一堂名为“尊重”的课。もっと大胆に、堂々と君の見解を披露するがいい。ブーイングするような輩がいれば、その人に「マナー」の何たるかを教えるさBe more confident with your opinions and openly state your opinions. If anyone dares to boo you down, I'll teach them something about manners.
Main 2嗯……关于文件的这个地方,我有一些与你不同的意见。我尊重你最后的决定,不过在此之前希望你能听听我的想法。うーん…ここだが、君の意見には賛同しかねるな。もちろん最後は君の決断を尊重するが、その前に私の考えを聞いてくれるか?Mm... I'll have to disagree on this. Of course, your word goes, but would you mind hearing my thoughts out first?
Main 3怎么,感觉被盯着有些不自在?哈哈,不用那么敏感,我可不是监工,我只是在观察你的处事风格而已。どうした?見られるのが気になるのか?ははは、そう気を張るな。見張ってたとかじゃなく、ただ君の対応を観察していただけさWhat's wrong? Got something against being watched? Ahaha, you don't have to be all tense. I wasn't keeping watch over you, I just wanted to observe your response.
Touch我只是个提意见的,真要做决策还是得指挥官你来。私にできるのはあくまで提案にすぎない。決定を下すのは指揮官、君だThe things I tell you are merely suggestions to you. Ultimately, you call the shots here.
Touch (Special)哼!这是针对你性骚扰的报复。我也没有必要维持你心目中的那个形象吧?ふんっ!不遜な振る舞いへの仕返しだ。なに、君にとって都合のいい私であり続ける必要はないさHmph! This is payback for your insolent behavior. There's no need for me to continue being a doormat for you.
Mission有新任务?我的意见是尽快处理了。不过,你是指挥官,以你的安排为准。新しい任務かい?早く取り掛かったほうがいいと思うが、まあ指揮官である君の予定次第だなA new mission? I think it's a good idea to get started on it right now, but you're the Commander. I'll follow your plans.
Mission Complete任务完成了,需要安排人手去领取报酬么?人选的话你来决定吧。任務完了だ。報酬の受け取りを誰かに行かせるか?人選は任せるMission complete. I'll let you decide who you want to send to pick up the rewards.
Mail信件来了,最好及时过目一下……一会再看?也行吧,不算特别紧急。メールだ。できればすぐ目を通して…あとで?まあ喫緊のものではないようだし、よしとしようHere's some mail. I'd like you to check on them as soon as possible... Later, you say? Well, I don't think there's anything urgent here, so that sounds fine with me.
Return to Port作战辛苦了。你想要休息一会,还是直接投入下一项工作?我都支持你。出撃ご苦労だ。少し休む?それともこのまま次の仕事に取り掛かるかい?どっちでも応援するともGood work out there. Will you take a break? Or are you planning on getting right back to another mission? Either way, I'll be here for you.
Commission Complete委托队回来了。我觉得如果你能亲自慰问她们,港区的士气一定会进一步提升。委託組が戻ってきた。指揮官が自ら労ってあげれば、母港の仲間たちの士気も上がるだろうThe girls have returned from their commissions. I'm sure the morale of the girls at the port will go up if you go out and greet them personally.
Enhancement嗯,十分感谢。ふむ。恩に着るよHmm. Much obliged.
Flagship充分的作战准备,已经让我们赢下一半了!十分な事前準備で、勝利を半分手中に収めたようなものだAdequate preparation is half the battle.
Victory非常不错,损失远低于预期。損害が予期したものよりずっと少ないな。大変よろしいSeems we've taken far less damage than I'd anticipated. How fortuitous.
Defeat我会准备好相应的“复仇”再来的。输了就想赢回来,不是人之常情么?相応の「仕返し」を用意してまた来るさ。負けたままでいたくないのは、人の性だろ?I'll be back with some payback. Nobody likes to stay a loser.
Skill胜券在握!決まった!This is it!
Low HP实力不错!但是,想赢我可没那么容易!いい腕前だが、私に勝つのは簡単じゃないぞ!You're quite skilled, but I won't fall that easily!
Affinity (Upset)作为下属,我仍会支持你的行动。不过,你最好不要指望我能给你好脸色。部下として支えはするが、いい顔をする期待はしないでくれI'll serve my duties as your subordinate, but don't expect me to be all smiles while doing so.
Affinity (Stranger)任何人都不应当干涉你的想法,包括我在内。我会因为立场、价值观或者信息差而对你的观点提出质疑,但我绝不会否定你的发言权。私も含めて、君の考えに干渉するのは誰だってできないさ。もちろん、立場や価値観、情報の差から疑うことはあるが、それは決して君の権限を否定するようなものではないのさNobody, not even I, can meddle with your thoughts. Of course, due to our differences in standing, values, and information, I may disagree with you from time to time. But I will never disparage your authority over me.
Affinity (Friendly)虽然并非所有的决策我都百分之百认可,但我很欣赏你果断的处事风格。身为舰队的指挥官,就该有这样的手腕。君の決断をすべて是とするわけではないが、その果敢さには感心しているよ。艦隊の指揮官たるもの、こうでなくてはなI might not approve of all of your decisions, but I do admire your resolution. You are exactly as a commander should be.
Affinity (Like)指挥官,今天你有什么安排…啊,你误会了,我问的不是工作上的,而是更加私人一些的。目的也很单纯,如果我们都有空的话,不如一起喝个下午茶?指揮官、今日の予定は…あ、別に仕事のではなくプライベートの話だ。なに、率直に言えばお互い暇そうならお茶でもしないかって誘いだが?Commander, how are your plans looking today? ...Ah, I'm not talking about work, but about your personal matters. Frankly, I simply wished to invite you to tea if we both happened to be free.
Affinity (Love)和你在一起真是令人愉快。不仅是工作上,私下里我们也很相处得来。偶尔有意见不合的时候,也能很快地互相理解。今后,我们之间也会越来越默契吧。相性がいいからか、仕事でもプライベートでも君と一緒にいる時間は心地がいいな。意見の相違が出てきたとしてもすぐに分かり合える。これからももっと上手くいくはずさMaybe because we have good chemistry together, but I feel very comfortable being around you, whether for work or for personal matters. Even if we disagree on something, we come to understand each other's positions very quickly. I hope we can continue getting along just as well as we have.
Pledge唯有双方意愿一致时,誓约才得以成立。这意味着,我认可了作为伴侣的你,你也认可了我。也许今后我们还会在大大小小的问题上有诸多分歧,不过只要握着对方的手,就一定都能跨过去的!この手のものは二人の気持ちが向き合うほうが成り立つ――つまり、互いをパートナーとして認め合ったってことだ。異なる考えが出ていようが手を取り合えば、乗り越えていけるのさ!はははThis kind of proposal works best when our feelings are reciprocal—basically, we accept each other as partners. When we have differing opinions, as long as we work together, hand-in-hand, we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our path! Ahaha!
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Ship Description你们几个负责地板,然后你们负责窗户。接着是……啊,指挥官,抱歉我正负责这一片的清扫工作,如果有什么事还请等我忙完。感谢理解。床は頼む。そっちは窓、それから…あ、指揮官、すまないが掃除を頼まれていてな。用があるなら後にしてくれると助かるYou, mop the floor. You, take care of the windows. Once that's done... Ah, Commander. Excuse us, we're in the middle of cleaning the area. If you have need of me, I must ask you to wait.
Acquisition你们几个负责地板,然后你们负责窗户。接着是……啊,指挥官,抱歉我正负责这一片的清扫工作,如果有什么事还请等我忙完。感谢理解。床は頼む。そっちは窓、それから…あ、指揮官、すまないが掃除を頼まれていてな。用があるなら後にしてくれると助かるYou, mop the floor. You, take care of the windows. Once that's done... Ah, Commander. Excuse us, we're in the middle of cleaning the area. If you have need of me, I must ask you to wait.
Login欢迎回来,指挥官。我要提醒你的是,地有些滑,还请小心。おかえり指揮官。一つだけ注意させてほしいのだが――床が滑りやすいから気をつけてくれWelcome back, Commander. I'd like to warn you—the floor is wet, so please be careful.
Details这场景未免也太大了……哈哈,我倒是没意见,就是希望布置场景的人也能来体验一下打扫的感觉。このセット、とんでもないスケールだな…ははは、文句があるわけではない。用意してくれた子にこの広々とした場所の掃除がどんな感じか、ぜひ体験してほしいものだなThis set is unbelievably big... Ahaha, there's no way I'd have any complaints. However, I definitely want the girl who prepared this set to experience what cleaning this humongous space feels like.
Main说起来,这个布景之后要用作什么呢……算了,也不是我该关心的事情。そういえば、このセット何に使うか…どうでもいいか。私が気にするようなことでもないさSpeaking of which, what is this set even used for... well, I guess it's fine. It's not something for me to worry about.
Main 2那位有些面无表情的皇家女仆小姐教给了我一些“扫除”的心得……哈哈,不是你想像中的那个,就是普通的打扫而已。あの表情の乏しいロイヤルメイドから「ソウジ」の心得を教わってな…ははは、君が想像しているようなものではなく、普通の「掃除」さThat poor-looking Royal Maid taught me how to clean things up... Ahaha, it's not the kind of cleaning that you're thinking about, just regular cleaning.
Main 3吕佐夫,我不介意你拿这些啾啾们去玩,你只要之后负责把它们送回明石那里就好。没问题吧?リュッツォウ、饅頭たちで遊ぶのはいいが、終わったらちゃんと明石の元へ送り届けるんだぞ。いいな?Lützow, I'm not telling you not to play with the manjuu, but make sure you carry those things to Akashi once you're done, you hear?
Touch清扫这种琐事不需要指挥官亲自动手。当然如果你想加入的话,我没有意见。掃除など、指揮官が自ら進んでするようなことではないのだが…もちろん、参加したいのであれば止めはしないさThough you shouldn't be helping me clean... if you insist, there's no way I'd turn you down.
Return to Port出击辛苦了,正好我这里的事情也告一段落了。有什么需要帮忙的吗?出撃ご苦労。ちょうど私のほうも一区切りしたところだ。何か手伝えることはあるかい?Nice work. I was just about to take a break myself. Would you like me to help you with anything?
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Login嗯,气色不错!看样子,今天我们又能解决不少难题。うん、今日もしゃんとしてるな。この調子だとトラブルをどんどん解決できそうだHm, I'm glad to see that you're as chipper as ever. You look like you're ready to take on the world today.
Main我不会过多地干涉你的决定——如果以前是出于尊重,那么现在则是源于我对你的信任。君が決断する時に余計な口出しはしない。昔は君の権限を尊重するのが先だったが、今は君を信じている心が勝っているI don't make any pointless remarks when you're making decisions. Previously, it was because of my respect for you, but now... it's because my heart can't help but trust in all you do.
Main 2按照你的要求,我找了几个适合我们一起去的地方……我当然知道是观察港区而不是约会,不过,为什么不能二者一起呢?言われた通り二人で向かうのに適したスポットをまとめたが……デートではなく見回りだとわかっているとも。しかし、デートも兼ねるのはダメとは言われていないぞ?I've collected a list of good locations for the two of us, just as you directed me to... While I'm aware that this isn't a date and that you just wanted to make your rounds, I'm... not opposed to it being a date as well.
Touch……我的意见也很重要?感谢你的信任,那我就直言了。私の意見も大切だと?信じてくれてありがとう。では私からも言わせてもらおうYou consider my opinions very important? Thank you very much for trusting in me. But the same goes for me.
Touch (Special)这次我默许了,下次最好先打声招呼。今回は大目に見るとしよう。次からは予め断っておけよI'll let you off this once. Make sure to hold yourself back next time.
Return to Port作战辛苦了。需要休息还是继续赶工作?我做了两手准备,无论你选哪个我都能帮上你。出撃ご苦労だ。一度休憩するか、それとも仕事を続けるか?どっちもすぐ行えるよう手はずは整えているさGood work out there. Will you take a break, or are you planning on getting back to work? Either way, I've made arrangements for whatever you choose.