Tamaki (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C069Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattlecruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyVenus VacationBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1353 Reload63
Firepower77 Torpedo0
Evasion9 Anti-air58
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck87
HP6121 Reload121
Firepower203 Torpedo0
Evasion40 Anti-air218
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck92
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battlecruiser: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Fitting TimeWhile this ship is afloat: decreases all enemies' FP and TRP by 3.5% (8.0%) . Every 16s: spawns a barrier (lasts 8s; can negate up to 3.0% of the recipient's max HP in DMG) around 2 random Venus Vacation collab characters. Sets this ship's Secondary Gun Range to 80 and, when she fires her Secondary Guns: decreases a random enemy's SPD by 20.0% (40.0%) for 3s (8s cooldown between activations).???
lisianthus HalationIncreases this ship's Main Gun efficiency by 1.0% (10.0%) and increases her FP and ACC by 1.0% (10.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (80%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) barrage that inflicts Armor Break to enemies hit (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
lisianthus Halation +Increases this ship's Main Gun efficiency by 1.0% (10.0%) and increases her FP and ACC by 1.0% (10.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (100.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) barrage that inflicts Armor Break to enemies hit (DMG is based on the skill's level). The first time each battle that this ship fires her Secondary Guns: also fires the above special barrage.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description嗯?这是哪里?这样啊…是不是昨天喝多了…啊哈哈…没什么♪可爱的女孩子有这么多,看起来都很开心呢♥我是环。请多关照啦,指挥官♥んー? ここ、どこ?ふーん、そうなんだ…昨日、飲み過ぎたかなぁ…あはは…ま、いっか♪可愛い女の子がいっぱいで、楽しそうね❤わたしはたまき。よろしく、指揮官くん❤Hmm? Where am I? Ohh, I get it now... I drank way too much yesterday... Ahahah. Oh well♪ There's tons of cuties here to keep me entertained❤ My name's Tamaki. It's a pleasure, Commander❤
Biography我是环。以前是模特,现在是服装设计师和“维纳斯”。出于职业,我喜欢漂亮的东西…尤其喜欢可爱的女孩子♥其他的话…如果是边喝酒边聊的话,告诉你也无妨♥名前は「たまき」。元モデルで、今は服飾デザイナーとヴィーナスをやってまーす。仕事柄、綺麗な物…特に、カワイイ女の子が好きかな♥あとは…飲みながらだったら、教えてあげてもいいよ♥My name is Tamaki. I'm an ex-model turned fashion designer, and I do Venus work. My favorite things about my job are the pretty clothes, and moreover, the cute girls, I suppose♥ If you want to know more... I'll tell you after a few drinks♥
Acquisition嗯?这是哪里?这样啊…是不是昨天喝多了…啊哈哈…没什么♪可爱的女孩子有这么多,看起来都很开心呢♥我是环。请多关照啦,指挥官♥んー? ここ、どこ?ふーん、そうなんだ…昨日、飲み過ぎたかなぁ…あはは…ま、いっか♪可愛い女の子がいっぱいで、楽しそうね❤わたしはたまき。よろしく、指揮官くん❤Hmm? Where am I? Ohh, I get it now... I drank way too much yesterday... Ahahah. Oh well♪ There's tons of cuties here to keep me entertained❤ My name's Tamaki. It's a pleasure, Commander❤
Login早上好,指挥官。嗯?看上去有点困呢?要我帮你清醒清醒吗?おはよう、指揮官くん。あら?ちょっと眠そうね?目、覚ましてあげよっか?Good morning, Commander. My, you look rather tired. Need something to wake you up?
Details指挥官,有空的话去喝几杯吗?想让你带我去能喝到美酒的地方呢♥ね、指揮官くん、時間があるなら飲みに行かない?美味しいお酒が飲めるとこ、案内して欲しいな❤Commander, if you're free, how about grabbing a few drinks? Take me to a place that serves some good liquor♥
Main哎呀指挥官,在休息吗?我也喜欢悠闲的时光呢。对了,一起去散个步吗?あら指揮官くん、休憩中?私ものんびりとした時間は好きよ。そうだ、一緒にちょっとさぼっちゃおっか?Oh, enjoying a break, Commander? I enjoy a bit of downtime as well. I know – how about we get comfortable together?
Main 2海风虽然舒服,但对皮肤可能说不上好…有没有什么好的护肤方法呢?海風はきもちいいけど…お肌には大敵かもね。いいお手入れ方法ってないのかしら?The sea breeze feels nice, but it's pretty terrible for your skin. I wonder if there's some sort of remedy to it?
Main 3嗯…天气太好都要犯困了…这之后当做放假,睡个午觉…不行吗?ううん…いい天気過ぎて眠くなっちゃう…この後お休みにして、お昼寝しちゃ…ダメかな?Mmgh... This warm sunshine is making me sleepy... Don't you think we could have a nap after we finish this work?
Main 4感觉今天挺热的…诶?你说要不要去茶会上享用些冰凉的?太好了!不愧是女仆小姐,真贴心!今日は暑そうね…え?お茶会で冷たいものでも?やったー!さすがメイドさん、気が利くぅ!Sure is hot today... Hm? A tea party to cool off? Sounds perfect! You're so considerate, Ms. Head Maid!
Main 5好厉害的剑技…而且十分的可爱♥要来这边,和我一起喝一杯吗?すっごい剣技ね…それに、とってもカワイイ♥ね、こっちにきて、わたしと一緒に飲まない?Incredible swordsmanship, Takao... Dare I say, you're also pretty hot♥ Why don't you sit down and enjoy a drink with me?
Touch嗯?怎么了?有事找我的话,不用客气直说就好♥ん?どうかした?わたしに用があるなら、遠慮なんかいらないから、何でも言って♥Hm? What is it? If you need something, you can tell me anything that's on your mind♥
Touch (Special)呀!真是的,指挥官…?还是工作时间呢?要忍耐,好吗?きゃ!もう、指揮官くん…?まだ仕事中でしょ?我慢、ね?Eep! Commander, please... We're still on the clock. Control yourself.
Touch (Headpat)哎呀,你要摸我的头吗?不过,如果是给我奖励的话,我想要别的呢♥あら、撫でてくれるの?でも、ご褒美なら他のがいいなぁ♥Oh, a pat on the head? If this is my reward, I'd like something... different♥
Mission指挥官,好像还有工作没完成…要帮忙吗?指揮官くん、まだお仕事が残ってるみたいだけど…手伝おうか?You've still got a lot of work to do... Want a hand?
Mission Complete好像有工作已经完成了。看,要好好确认才行哦?終わってる仕事があるみたいね。ほーら、確認はしっかりね?Seems you've finished a job. Be sure to claim your rewards.
Mail好像来信了?看来是写给你的…是谁寄来的?手紙が届いてるみたいよ?あなた宛みたいだけど…ね、誰から?There's a letter here. And it's for you, it seems. Who could it be from?
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官。工作辛苦了,要不帮你按摩一下?おかえり、指揮官くん。お仕事お疲れ様。ねぇ、マッサージでもしてあげよっか?Welcome back, Commander. Good going out there. Now how about I give you a massage?
Commission Complete出去工作的伙伴们好像回来了?来,去迎接她们吧♪お仕事に出てた子たちが戻って来たみたいよ?さぁ、迎えに行きましょ♪Looks like those girls are back from their errand. Come on, let's go greet them♪
Enhancement呵呵♪谢谢♥多亏了指挥官,我才能变得更漂亮哦?ふふっ♪アリガト♥指揮官くんのおかげで、まだまだ、綺麗になっちゃうわよ?Heehee♪ Thanks♥ You're helping me become even more beautiful.
Flagship来吧,要加油了—!さぁ、張り切っていくわよー!Let's show them what we're made of!
Victory啊哈哈,是我的活跃让你看入神了吗?あはは、私の活躍、見とれちゃったかな?Ahahah! I put on a captivating show, didn't I?
Defeat嗯,有点力不从心呢…うーん、ちょーっと力不足ってカンジね…Hmm. I guess I was in over my head...
Skill让你看看我能干的一面吧!いいところ見せて上げる!You'll want to see this!
Low HP好戏才刚刚要开始呢!まだまだこれからが本番よ!You've seen nothing yet!
Affinity (Upset)嗯?抱歉,现在有点忙…有事之后再说,好吗?ん?ごめーん、今ちょっと忙しくて…。またあとで、ね?Hm? Sorry, I'm busy right now. Come back later.
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官还在工作?真辛苦。可别太勉强哦?指揮官くんはお仕事中?大変ねー。あんまり無理しちゃ、ダメよ?Are you on the clock, Commander? You poor thing. Don't overwork yourself now, okay?
Affinity (Friendly)啊,指挥官♪刚好♥我有点寂寞…可以稍微陪陪我吗?あっ、指揮官君♪ちょうどよかった♥少し寂しかったんだ。…少しだけ、一緒にいてくれる?Oh, Commander♪ Perfect timing♥ I missed you, you know. Stay for a while, will you?
Affinity (Like)在那个地方做什么呢…?也不跟我搭话…啊,难道看我看入迷了?呵呵,既然是你,我就特别网·开·一·面·吧♪声もかけずにそんなところでどうしたの…?あ、もしかしてわたしのこと見とれちゃってた?ふふ、あなたなら特別に許してあ・げ・る♪Why are you standing there all speechless? Don't tell me... you're stunned by my beauty? Heehee. I'll make an exception for you – stare all you want♪
Affinity (Love)这里是个好地方呢。我很喜欢这里,有好多可爱的女孩子…呵呵,还有可爱的指挥官……开玩笑的♥ここって、いい所ね。すっかり気に入っちゃった。可愛い女の子はいっぱいいるし…ふふっ、可愛い指揮官くんもいるし。……なんて、ね♥I'm in love with this wonderful place. There's all these cute girls... and they're led by a cute Commander. Oops, you didn't hear that♥
Pledge(喝醉的状态下)啊——指挥官,快过来,我在这呢!真是的,让我等这么久。你是打算让我一个人喝醉吗?不会让你说不负责之类的话哦♪呵呵♪干杯♥あー、指揮官くん、ほら、こっち!もう、こんなに待たせて。わたしを一人で酔わせる気?ほーら、責任、取らないとか、言わせないんだから♪ふふっ♪カンパーイ♥Heeey! Commander! C'mere! Way to make me wait. Did you want me to get drunk all alone? You've gotta make up for this, and I won't take no for an answer♪ Heehee♪ Cheers♥
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In battle with Yorktown, Yorktown II听说你也挺能喝的!不如下次一起…为什么大家都来阻止了?いける口って聞いたわ!今度一緒に…ってなんでみんな止めるの? I've heard you can hold your liquor! Let's get drunk someti– Hey! Why are you stopping me?
In battle with Kaga听说你藏着美味的梅酒!让我也稍微尝尝看…美味しい梅酒を隠してるって聞いたわ!わたしにも少し味見を… Word is, you're hiding some exquisite plum liquor! Let me have a taste!
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Ship Description呵呵,等你很久了指挥官♪不用害羞哦♥。接下来我会好好地治愈你的…做好觉悟吧♪ふふっ、待ってたわよ指揮官くん♪ふふっ、恥ずかしがらなくてもいいよ♥これからたっぷり、キミのこと、癒やしてあげるんだから。…覚悟してね♪Heehee~ I've been waiting, Commander♪ Come on, there's no need to be shy♥ I'm going to show you a lovely time, darling, so you'd better get ready♪
Acquisition呵呵,等你很久了指挥官♪不用害羞哦♥。接下来我会好好地治愈你的…做好觉悟吧♪ふふっ、待ってたわよ指揮官くん♪ふふっ、恥ずかしがらなくてもいいよ♥これからたっぷり、キミのこと、癒やしてあげるんだから。…覚悟してね♪Heehee~ I've been waiting, Commander♪ Come on, there's no need to be shy♥ I'm going to show you a lovely time, darling, so you'd better get ready♪
Login早上好,指挥官♪洗个澡头脑也清醒了!今天也要加油哦♪おはよ、指揮官くん♪シャワー浴びて頭もスッキリ!今日も一日頑張ってね♪Morning, Commander♪ That shower really cleared my head. Now let's get to work♪
Details嗯——泡澡的时间最棒了♥治愈疲劳,同时费点功夫变得更美…不觉得是个很特别的时间吗?うーん、バスタイムって最高ね♥疲れを癒やして、美しさを磨く…とってもスペシャルな時間だと思わない?Aahh, bath time is a gift from god♥ It's not just energizing, but also beautifying. Quite the special time, wouldn't you agree?
Main像泡澡这样可以忘记一切,尽情放松的时间是很重要的♪让思路变得清晰的话,也能提升工作效率呢♪バスタイムみたいに何もかも忘れてリラックスできる時間って大切よ♪思考がスッキリすれば、仕事の効率もあがるしね♪You need to appreciate times like this when you can forget everything and just relax♪ You'll be more productive at work with a clear mind, too♪
Main 2呵呵,不如邀请你来我的秘密沐浴时间♪要是我这么说的话,就算是你也会想体验看看对吧?嗯,这么坦率真不错♪ふふっ、秘密のシャワータイムにご招待♪そう言われるとキミだって体験してみたいと思うでしょ?はい、正直でよろしい♪Heehee~ If I said, "You are cordially invited to a private shower time," you'd want to experience it, wouldn't you? Good, I appreciate the honesty♪
Main 3指挥官…你的感想是?嗯,这样啊…呵呵,虽然是我自己问的,不过还是有点害羞呢。ねえ、指揮官くん…ご感想は?ふーん、そっか…ふふっ、自分で聞いておいてなんだけど、ちょっと照れちゃうなSo, Commander... What do you think? ...Ahh, I see... Heehee~ I know I asked for your opinion, but actually hearing it feels a bit awkward.
Main 4伊丽莎白,公主入浴时是将洗漱全盘都交给女仆们的吗?呀♥一次也好,我也想体验看看呢♥ねぇ、エリザベスちゃん、お姫様の入浴ってメイドさんたちに全部洗ってもらえるの?きゃぁ♥わたしも、一度ケイケンしてみたーい♥Hey, Elizabeth, do your maids wash your whole body as part of your queenly baths? Oh gosh♥ Now I want to try it for myself♥
Main 5连正宗的桑拿都有吗!罗西亚,这是真的吗?!我很有兴趣呢本格的なサウナもあるの!ロシアさん、それホント!?わたし、すごく興味があるわThere's even a full-fledged sauna?! Is that really true, Rossiya? I SO want to go in that!
Touch嗯♪很在意这里啊♥我懂的。你的心情我懂的哦,不过…怎么办呢♥ふーん♪ここが気になるんだ♥わかる。その気持ち、わかるけど…どうしよっかなぁ♥Well, well♪ Drawn to this, hmm? I get it. Really, I can sympathize... but that's still naughty♥
Touch (Special)指挥官,不可以再继续了…因为你还没有做好觉悟…呢♥指揮官くん。それ以上はダーメ。…覚悟ができてないなら…ね♥Commander, go any further and you'll cross a line. But maybe... you're ready for the consequences♥
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官♥哎呀呀,看起来弄得比较脏呢…姐姐来帮你洗一下吧♥おかえり、指揮官くん♥あらら、だいぶ汚れちゃったみたいね。…お姉さんが、洗ってあげよっか♥Welcome back, Commander♥ Oh dear, you're covered in dirt. Come here, let your spiritual big sis clean you up♥
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Login指挥官,早上好。今天要做什么?当然,是指我们一起哦♪指揮官くん、おはよ。今日は何しよっか?もちろん、一緒にね♪Morning, Commander. What are we doing today? The both of us, of course♪
Details景色也美,酒也好喝。这样的话,和你一起,两人悠闲地度过也不错呢風景もいい、お酒も美味しい。となれば、あなたと二人、ゆっくり過ごすのも悪くないわねGreat scenery and even better liquor. I imagine we're going to have a lovely time together.
Main指挥官,太拼命可不行。多少还是要保重身体哦?对了,来休息,和我一起喝酒吧❤指揮官くん、あまり根詰めちゃダメよ?少しは身体を大事に、ね?そうだ、休憩して、わたしと一緒に飲も♥Don't burn yourself out, Commander. Practice at least a little self-care, okay? For instance, by taking a break to drink with me♥
Main 2这里真是到处都是可爱的女孩子呢。虽然眼福不浅很是幸福…我说,指挥官,一脸色眯眯的样子呢?ほんっと、ここはかわいい子ばかりね。目の保養が出来ていいけど…こーら、指揮官君、鼻の下が伸びてるわよ?It's ridiculous how many cuties live here. While I love eye candy as much as the next person... everyone can see you staring, Commander.
Main 3海风真舒服…今天的工作结束了吗?就这样在露台上一起享用晚餐,之后就是二人的时间…好吗?海風が気持ちいいわ…ねぇ、今日の仕事は終わった?このままテラスで一緒にディナーして、そのあとは二人で…ね?What a lovely breeze... Hey, is your work done yet? Let's have dinner on the terrace, and then, when we're all alone... You know what comes.
Main 4你的状态之佳,连我都看入神了…你都用什么护肤品之类的?わたしだって見とれちゃうプロポーションだわ…ねぇ、スキンケアとか何使ってるの?Even I find myself hypnotized by your curves, Atago... Say, what kind of skin care do you do?
Main 5你的打扮真是豪华又美丽!可以让我为你整体搭配下吗?啊,指挥官不能看哦❤その着こなし、スゴくゴージャスで素敵だわ!ねぇ、私に少しコーディネイト、させてくれない?あ、指揮官くんは見ちゃダメよ♥Your outfit is eye-poppingly gorgeous, Taihou! Hey, do you mind if I take a little inspiration from you? Oh, and Commander, no peeping♥
Touch (Special)怎么了?要是有什么想知道的…要我慢慢地、仔细地教你吗?なぁに?知りたいことがあるなら…じっくり、教えてあげよっか?Yeees? If you want to learn more about me... I'll tell you all you want to know.
Mission哎呀,指挥官还在工作?我来帮忙,快些结束去喝酒吧♥あら、指揮官くんはまだお仕事中?手伝ってあげるから、早く終わらせて、飲みに行きましょ♥Oh, you've still got work to do? Let me help you wrap it up quickly so we can go drinking♥
Mission Complete这边已经做完了是吧。不错不错~こっちはもう終わってるのね。感心感心This mission's already finished. Impressive work.
Flagship来,要上了!可别错过哦?さぁ、行くわよー!ほら、見逃しちゃダメよ?Go get 'em! Don't let them out of your sight!
Victory好,为了庆祝胜利,今晚两人一起干杯吧♪よーし、勝利を祝して今夜は二人で祝杯ね♪Alright! Let's have some drinks tonight to celebrate this victory♪
Affinity (Love)呵呵♥来这里之后发生了很多事…不过没想到会在这待这么久。但是…和你一起,看着那美丽的水平线…仿佛有那么一小会儿,忘记了时间呢うふっ♥ ここに来て、色々あったけど…こんなに長く居ることになるとは、思わなかったわ。でも…あなたと、あの綺麗な水平線を見てると…ちょっとだけ、時間、忘れちゃいそ。Heehee♥ A lot's happened since I came here, and I didn't expect I'd stick around THIS long. But... when I'm with you, gazing at the gorgeous horizon... time just starts to fly.