Surcouf (JP 🇯🇵: シュルクーフ, CN 🇹🇼: 絮库夫)
Ship IDNo. 350Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull SubmarineRarityElite
NavyIris LibreBuild Time00:35:00
AcquisitionEvent: Iris of Light and Dark
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENJune 27, 2019
KRMarch 27, 2019
CNJuly 26, 2018
JPJuly 26, 2018
Voice actressManami Numakura
Surcouf Description
Cruiser submarine – Surcouf.
Shopping Time!Description
Hmm? Commander, are you shopping as well? If so, why don't you come along and take a look around? ... Huh? Of course you can't climb on. That'd be illegal.
Loisirs BalnéairesDescription
Mmmh~ Bonjour, Commander~ Nothing feels better than the waves lapping at your skin~ Oh, Commander, why don't you come lie down and experience it for yourself?
HP454 Reload28
Firepower26 Torpedo98
Evasion8 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck60
HP2113 Reload54
Firepower72 Torpedo251
Evasion22 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck63
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Improve Hunting Range
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Submarine Torpedo105%/105%/105%/115%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
2Submarine Torpedo105%/105%/105%/115%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
3Heavy Cruiser115%/120%/120%/120%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Submarine-only 550mm 24V
2Submarine-only 550mm 24V
3Submarine-mounted Twin 203mm Cannon (Mle 1924)
Fleet Tech
T7 Submarine: Surcouf-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock8 +1
Max LimitBreak16
Lv.12012 +2
Recon SupportWhen this boat is called into battle: increases the Accuracy of your Vanguard by 5.0% (20.0%) for 20s.Default Unlocked
Surface CombatIncreases the time this ship can stay in combat after resurfacing by 4.5 (12.0) s.Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Surcouf when this boat resurfaces.???
Surface Combat - SurcoufIncreases this boat's surface combat duration by 4.5 (12.0) s. When this boat fires her Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description自由鸢尾潜水巡洋舰—絮库夫巡洋潜水艦シュルクーフCruiser submarine – Surcouf.
Biography自由鸢尾所属潜艇絮库夫就是我哟~“水下巡洋舰”?是在说我这不输给巡洋舰的nicebody吗~论火力我可是不会轻易认输的哟!至于经常撞到人什么的,就不要太在意啦,啊哈哈……自由アイリス教国、潜水艦シュルクーフとは私のことよ。「潜水巡洋艦」?あら、この巡洋艦にも負けないナイスボティのことかしら~まあ、火力でも負けないわよ!よく人にぶつかるのは気にしないでね、ははは♪Submarine Surcouf of Iris Libre, that's who I am. "Cruiser submarine"? Ah, are you talking about my gorgeous body which matches that of a cruiser~? Well, my firepower matches that of a cruiser, too! I bump into people quite a lot, but don't worry about that. Hahaha♪
Acquisition你好你好,我是絮库夫!为什么巡洋体型要拿着潜艇装备?讨厌啦,人家可是正儿八经的潜艇啊!总而言之,请多指教啦~Salut~私はシュルクーフよ!なんで巡洋艦体形なのに潜水艦の装備を持ってるのかって?って、違ーう!こう見えてもれっきとした潜水艦よ!とにかく、これからよろしく~Salut~! I am Surcouf! "What's a ship with the physique of a cruiser doing with submarine equipment"? Hey! You've got it all wrong! My looks may be deceiving, but I'm a fully qualified submarine! Anyhoo, it's nice meeting you~
Login呀,指挥官,早安~Salut~指揮官、おはよ~Salut~ Good morning, Commander~
Details指挥官,来制作属于我们舰队的旗帜吧~就像我这面代表自由鸢尾的旗帜一样指揮官、私たちの艦隊の旗でも作ってみない?このアイリスの旗と同じ感じで~Commander, why don't we design a flag for the fleet? Let's make it look like the Iris Libre flag~
Main指挥官果然也是被我的身材所吸引而把我放在身边的吧,嗯?不要害羞嘛,我不会生气的~やっぱり指揮官もこの私のわがままボディに惹かれて、私を秘書艦にしたんでしょ?あらら~?そんな恥ずかしがらなくていいよ。私、怒らないから~♪You appointed me as your secretary because you were so enamored with my gorgeous body, weren't you? Spot on, aren't I~? Don't be so shy, I won't get upset with you~♪
Main 2指挥官工作也很努力呢,我也要加油~不过加油做什么好呢……指揮官は仕事頑張ってるね…私も頑張ろー♪でも何を頑張ればいいのかしら…You sure are hard at work, Commander... I'll join you and help out! Although what am I supposed to help with...
Main 3指挥官,你有看到我的“路路通”吗?啊,那是我的飞机,也是我的好朋友~指揮官、私の「パスパルトゥー」を見かけなかった?あ、私の水上機のことよ。マブダチなんだ~Commander, have you seen my darling Passepartout? Ah, that's what I call my floatplane. He's my BFF~
Touch吃好,睡好,好好战斗,其他就交给指挥官,这样的生活也不错嘛~よく食べてよく寝てよく戦う!それ以外は指揮官に丸投げ♪こういう生活もいいよね~Eat a lot, sleep a lot, fight a lot! And everything else is your responsibility♪ I think I can dig this way of life~
Touch (Special)指挥官,想碰的话,要好好跟我说才行哦?指揮官、触りたいならちゃんと先に言ってよ~Commander, if you wanna fondle 'em, just say so first~
Mission好嘞,让我来看看今天的任务都有什么奖励吧!よし、今日の任務報酬でも見てみよう!Okay, let's see what rewards we got today!
Mission Complete喔!任务奖励里发现了好东西~お!任務報酬からいいものハッケン♪Ooh! I found something nice amongst the rewards♪
Mail指挥官,新邮件!……嗯?我只是提醒你去拿,没拿来过哦指揮官、新しいメールよ!…うん?別に持ってきてないよ?取りに行ってーって注意しただけ~Commander, you've got new mail! ... Huh? No, I didn't bring it with me. I'm just saying you should go get it~
Return to Port指挥官,有帮我带点心吗?指揮官、私への差し入れとかない?Commander, did you bring anything for me?
Commission Complete指挥官,委托完成啦,我去问问她们有没有找到什么有趣的东西~指揮官、委託が完了したよ~、面白いものがなかったか聞いてくるね♪Commander, a commission's been completed~ I'll go check if they found anything neato♪
Enhancement指挥官,干得漂亮~指揮官、Bien joué Bien joué, Commander!
Flagship只不过是大点的猎物而已,上啦!ちょっとばかし大きい獲物よ!On y va!They're just slightly bigger targets! On y va!
Victory呼啊…打了个大胜仗,就有点困……呼……ふぁ…勝ったらなんかちょっと眠くなっちゃって……ふぅ……*Yawn*... Winning makes me sleepy, somehow... Mmh...
Defeat啊,输掉了…指挥官,撤退吗?あ、負けちゃった……指揮官、逃げる?Oops, we lost... Commander, think we should flee?
Skill哼哼,你们躲得开这一招吗~ふふん、これは避けられる?*Giggle* Think you can dodge this?
Low HP我可是答应过指挥官要努力战斗的!頑張って戦うって指揮官と約束したんだからっ!I promised the Commander I'd fight and give it all I've got!
Affinity (Upset)啊,指挥官,你继续工作吧,我没有指挥官在身边也比较开心哦あ、指揮官、仕事を続けて?私、指揮官がいないほうが楽しいよOh, Commander, could you get back to work? I have more fun when you're not around.
Affinity (Stranger)我的名字来源好像个挺有名的海盗,虽然听起来好像很帅的样子,不过我对那方面完全不感兴趣呢私の名前はとある海賊から来ているらしいよ?なんかかっこよさそうって聞いたけど、私、そういうのに全然興味ないからわかんないわSo apparently, I'm named after a big-shot pirate! Some say that's pretty cool, but I'm not a fan of those guys, so I don't really care.
Affinity (Friendly)嘿,指挥官,一起出去玩吗?就逛逛街,散散步,躺在草地上睡午觉什么的~Salut~指揮官、一緒に遊びに行かない?町を散歩したり買い物したり、芝生で昼寝したりして~Salut~! Wanna go have some fun, Commander? Let's take a walk around town, go shopping, then fall asleep in a grass field~
Affinity (Like)指挥官,我发现了一个超赞的午睡场所,这个地方我只告诉你哦,你可不要告诉别人,就作为我们两个人的秘密~指揮官、とっておきな昼寝の場所を見つけたから、あなただけに教えるね。あ、ほかの子に教えちゃダメよ?二人だけのヒミツなんだから♪Commander, I've found a fantastic napping place, and I'll tell you where it is. Oh, and don't tell anyone else, okay? Let's keep it a secret between just the two of us♪
Affinity (Love)嘿嘿,指挥官不觉得我们很合得来吗,步调超一致的呢,要遇到这样的人可是很难的哦,要不然我们凑一对怎么样~?ふふ、私たちって相性がいいとは思わない?こうも息がピッタリとあう人は中々見つからないんだ~いっそカップルにならない?*Giggle* Aren't we practically made for each other? It's not every day you find people as closely in synch as we are~ Say, isn't it time we become a couple now?
Pledge指挥官要用戒指把絮库夫绑在身边吗?真是贪心呢~不过是指挥官的话,好像~我也不讨厌呢~指輪でシュルクーフを側に縛り付けるつもり?もう本当に欲張りさんなんだから~でも指揮官なら…嫌じゃないかも♪So, you wanna chain Surcouf to your side with this ring? Jeez, aren't you greedy~ But, since it's you... I might be fine with it♪
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Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description哦?指挥官也是来买东西的?那和我还有这孩子一起逛逛怎么样?……嗯?指挥官当然不能坐了呀?会违反交规的呢おっ、指揮官も買い物?じゃあついでに私とこのコで一緒に回ってく?…ん?指揮官は乗れないよ?ルール違反だからねHmm? Commander, are you shopping as well? If so, why don't you come along and take a look around? ... Huh? Of course you can't climb on. That'd be illegal.
Acquisition哦?指挥官也是来买东西的?那和我还有这孩子一起逛逛怎么样?……嗯?指挥官当然不能坐了呀?会违反交规的呢おっ、指揮官も買い物?じゃあついでに私とこのコで一緒に回ってく?…ん?指揮官は乗れないよ?ルール違反だからねHmm? Commander, are you shopping as well? If so, why don't you come along and take a look around? ... Huh? Of course you can't climb on. That'd be illegal.
Login指挥官,准备好了吗,让我们向着下一家店出发吧~指揮官大丈夫?次の店に行くわよ~Commander, are you ready? Then we're off to the next stop~
Details这个摩托真的很不错呢!好骑结实价格又实惠~感谢感谢♪このバイク本当にいいよね!乗りやすいし丈夫だしコスパいいし~感謝感謝♪This scooter really is fantastic! A good buy for a good price~ Lucky me♪
Main指挥官,就算你这么盯着我,冰淇淋也不会……唔,好吧,就只能舔一口哦,真的哦?ん?ペロペロ…そんなに私をじっと見てもぉ~ペロペロ…はい、ちょっこっとだけよ♪Commander, you can give me puppy-dog eyes all you want, but I won't share my ice cream... F-fine, just one lick, got it?
Main 2路路通和连装炮今天都在休息!该玩的时候要好好放松啦~パスパルトゥーと連装砲は今日お休み!遊ぶときは思いっきり遊ばないと~♪My twin-gun turrets are also on vacation today! Gotta work hard and play hard!
Main 3唔,下次不带这个小家伙出来了…它真的很爱动欸,有一次还直接从车上跳了下去……もう今度はこの子を連れてこないことにするよ…動き回ったり、バイクから急に飛び出したりして大変だった…Uhh, I don't think I'll bring the puppy with me next time... He's way too jumpy and almost even fell off the scooter once...
Touch哦,指挥官终于注意到了吗!没错,今天的发型是兜风特战版!只有现在能看到哦?ん?指揮官ようやく気づいた?お出かけ専用バージョンのこの髪型は、今でしか見れないんだから♪Oh, you finally noticed, Commander! That's right, I put my hair up just for today's ride! This is your only chance to see it like this.
Touch (Special)真是的,人家冰淇淋都差点被你弄掉了啦!もう、アイスが落ちちゃうわよ!I can't believe you. You almost made me drop my ice cream!
Affinity (Love)指挥官这样握住控制杆,然后我从后面这样抱抱~嗯嗯,非常有情侣的感觉~我一直都想体验一下呢~♪指揮官は座ってハンドルを握ってぇ、私が後ろからこう抱きついちゃって――カップルっぽくていい感じ~ずっと試してみたかったんだ~♪Here, Commander. You drive and I'll hold onto you from behind like this~ Mmm, now it feels like we're a real couple~ I've always wanted to try it out myself♪
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description呼…啊,Bonjour,指挥官。像这样沙滩上享受海水拍打的感觉确实是挺棒的呢。你也一起躺会感受下如何?んんん~Bonjour、指揮官~砂浜でゴロゴロするといい気持ち~あ、指揮官も横になってみてはどぉ?Mmmh~ Bonjour, Commander~ Nothing feels better than the waves lapping at your skin~ Oh, Commander, why don't you come lie down and experience it for yourself?
Acquisition呼…啊,Bonjour,指挥官。像这样沙滩上享受海水拍打的感觉确实是挺棒的呢。你也一起躺会感受下如何?んんん~Bonjour、指揮官~砂浜でゴロゴロするといい気持ち~あ、指揮官も横になってみてはどぉ?Mmmh~ Bonjour, Commander~ Nothing feels better than the waves lapping at your skin~ Oh, Commander, why don't you come lie down and experience it for yourself?
Login指挥官,最近都遇到了什么好玩的事?都和我说说嘛!指揮官、最近なんか面白いことでもない?私に教えて!Hey, Commander, done anything fun lately? I wanna know!
Details虽然身为潜艇,平时都会和海水打交道,不过能和沙滩亲密接触的机会可不常有呢…所以,能享受的时候还是要好好享受才行~潜水艦だから出撃とかでいつも海の中に潜ってるけど、こうやって海辺で楽しむのもいいよね!…ふはあああ…休めるときは休まなきゃね~Sure, I go in the water all the time since I'm a submarine, but it's nice to just relax by the beach every now and then! *yaaaawn*... A girl needs her vacation time, you know~
Main指挥官,快躺下快躺下!我要用沙子把你埋起来!おっ、指揮官、ほらほら横になって!砂で埋めてやるわよ~Hey, Commander! Just lie on your back and I'll cover you with sand~
Main 2其实我包包里还装防水相机哦,指挥官,来拍张合影吧!指揮官、カメラを持ってきて~ほら、写真でも撮ろーGo get the camera, Commander! I wanna take a photo of this.
Main 3指挥官,能帮我抹下防晒霜吗~?パスパルトゥー、ちょっと日焼け止め持ってきてー。あ、指揮官、それ塗ってもらえるー?Passepartout, could you get me some sunscreen? Oh, and Commander, would you mind rubbing it on for me?
Touch被我的身材魅惑得神魂颠倒了吗?哼哼,想看的话就尽情地看吧,我不会介意的!指揮官はこのわがままボディに見惚れた?ふふん、見たければどうぞ~気にしないから♡You're head over heels for my gorgeous body, aren't you? Heheh, stare all you want, because I don't mind♡
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官——哇啊!?怎么突然来了个大浪!真是的,指挥官看到了就提醒我一下嘛…指揮官、おかえ――わああああ?!……今の波おっきいよ!もう指揮官、見たなら知らせてよぉ!プンプン!Welcome back, Comma– Whuah! Geesh, that last wave was huge! You could've warned me that it was coming! Hmph!