Namiko (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C086Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityElite
NavySSSSBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP670 Reload66
Firepower44 Torpedo40
Evasion8 Anti-air39
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck55
HP2977 Reload127
Firepower122 Torpedo111
Evasion39 Anti-air148
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck58
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Calibur EndEvery 20s: executes a Lv.1 (Lv.10) Gridman Calibur slashing attack and spawns a shield that lasts 8s and can block up to 10 shots (slashing attack DMG is based on the skill's level).
Tanker CannonEnhances this ship's Secondary Guns using the Battle Tracto Max. Every 15s: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).
Tanker Cannon+Enhances this ship's Secondary Guns using the Battle Tracto Max. Every 15s: 50.0% (100.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description我是奈美子!说起来,这难道就是流行中的异世界穿越…好像也不是…算啦,怎样都好!总之请多多关照ー!なみこでーす!ってか、もしかしてこれ、流行りの異世界へ転生するアレ……ではないのね。ま、なんでもいっか!とりあえずよろしくー!Heyyo, it's Namiko! Uhh, wait, is this that whole getting-reincarnated-in-another-world thing that's been super popular? ...It's not, huh. Well, in any case, nice to meet you!
Biography我是奈美子。在原来的世界,是和莲她们一个学校的。隶属茶道部……诶,看着不像?好,请正坐在那里!这就让你看看我的茶道技术!なみこだよ。はっすたちとは、元の世界で同じ高校に通ってたんだ。部活は茶道部で……え、それっぽくない?よろしい、そこに正座!ウチのお点前、見せてあげる!Hey, it's Namiko. In my original world, I went to the same high school as Hass and the others. I was also in the Tea Ceremony Club... Wh-what do you mean that's hard to believe? Sit over there, right now. I'll show you not to judge a book by its cover!
Acquisition我是奈美子!说起来,这难道就是流行中的异世界穿越…好像也不是…算啦,怎样都好!总之请多多关照ー!なみこでーす!ってか、もしかしてこれ、流行りの異世界へ転生するアレ……ではないのね。ま、なんでもいっか!とりあえずよろしくー!Heyyo, it's Namiko! Uhh, wait, is this that whole getting-reincarnated-in-another-world thing that's been super popular? ...It's not, huh. Well, in any case, nice to meet you!
Login指挥官早上好ー!差一点就要迟到了呢おっ、指揮官おはよー!遅刻ギリギリじゃんsup, Commander, good morning! Just barely beat the bell, huh?
Details指挥官!你知道什么有趣的事吗?比如谁喜欢谁之类的ー……おっ、指揮官!なんか面白い話とか知らない?例えば、誰が誰を好きとかー……Yo, Commander! Got some juicy gossip for me? Like, any news on who's into who~?
Main咦,好奇怪啊。约好集合的地方不是这里吗…唔,指挥官,你有看到莲和六花吗?あっれ、おかしいな。待ち合わせ場所、ここじゃなかったっけ……あっ指揮官、はっすと六花、見なかった?Huh, that's weird... I thought we were supposed to meet over here... Oh, Commander, have you seen Hass and Rikka?
Main 2呜哇!桌上积压的工作量也太可怕了。指挥官这职位原来这么辛苦的啊ーうっわ!机の上の仕事量、マジやべえな。指揮官ってのも結構大変なんだねーWoah! That's a crazy amount of paperwork you've got on your desk, Commander. Your job's pretty rough, isn't it?
Main 3这边的学校根据舰船的种类不同,学习的内容也不一样啊。虽然有些兴趣,但是学习这事……指挥官,你要带我去哪里?!へえ、こっちの学校って艦種ごとに授業が分かれてんだね。興味はあるけど、勉強は……って指揮官、どこ連れてくんだよ!?Huh, so this academy offers different classes for different ship types? That's pretty neat, but I'm not exactly the studious–– Ehh? Commander, where are you taking me?!
Touch这边也有类似SNS的东西啊。嗯,这家店的甜点看上去不错呢。指挥官,下次去去看吧?へー、こっちにもSNSっぽいヤツあるんだね。おっ、この店のスイーツおいしそう。指揮官、今度行ってみん?Ooh, you even have your own social media-looking thing over here. Woah, this shop's sweets look freakin' amazing. Commander, wanna come with?
Touch (Special)性骚扰,绝对,不行(斩钉截铁)セクハラ、ダメ、絶対(ビシッ)Nope! No touching! Hands off!
Touch (Headpat)哼哼,看来很在意我嘛~?ははーん。さてはウチの事が気になるんだな~?Heh~ heh. Got me on your mind~?
Mission还有剩下的工作?先做完它们比较好吧?まだ仕事残ってるんっしょ?先に終わらせといた方がよくね?You still have work you haven't finished, right? Shouldn't you go take care of it first?
Mission Complete指~挥官,工作辛苦啦ー!しっきかーん、任務完了お疲れー!Great job, Commander! You're all done with work!
Mail给指挥官的信……不不不,再有趣也不能随便打开才是。指揮官宛の手紙……いやいやいや、いくら面白そうでも勝手に開けるのはアレだしねA letter addressed to the Commander... No, no... No matter how juicy it looks, I can't just go through somebody else's mail...
Return to Port辛苦了ー!那么赶快去咖啡店之类的地方吧ーお疲れー!んじゃ早速、カフェとか行こうぜーWelcome back! Let's hurry on over to the café~
Commission Complete大家辛苦了~!报酬的数目也好厉害啊。みんなご苦労ご苦労~!ってか報酬の量もすっげえなGreat job out there, everyone! Wow, that's an equally impressive haul of rewards!
Enhancement好,感觉干劲涌出来了!谢啦!よっし、なんかやる気出てきた!ありがとな!All right, now I'm all fired up! Thanks a bunch!
Flagship可别小看在校JK!現役JKなめんなよ!Don't underestimate a high-school girl!
Victory耶ー!我也挺能干的吧?よっしゃー!ウチも結構イケんじゃね?Booyah! Pretty badass, aren't I?
Defeat停停!我举白旗了,别再攻击了ー!ストップストーップ!白旗あげとくから、もう攻撃してこないでー!Stop! Time out! I give up, so stop firing at meeee!
Skill先给它们来一招!一発、いっときましょうか!Let's take 'em out in one shot!
Low HP才不会在这里结束!ここで終わるわけにはいかないしっ!As if I'd let you stop me here!
Affinity (Upset)(嗯ー那家伙有点……哇哇!指挥官走过来了!)找我有事吗~?(んー、あいつってなんかちょっとさー……って、うわうわうわ!指揮官こっち来たーっ!)ウチに何か用~?H-hey, need something from me?
Affinity (Stranger)看呀指挥官!这个帕菲好厉害啊!这家店是这边的孩子告诉我的呢ー見て見て指揮官!このパフェ、マジやばくない?ここの子に聞いた店のヤツなんだけどさーLook, look, Commander! Doesn't this parfait look absolutely wild? The girls here recommended this amazing place to me!
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官有SNS账号之类的吗?有的话就告诉我呗!我来点个关注~指揮官はSNSとかやってないん?やってんならアカウント教えてよ!ウチがフォローしたげるからさ~Commander, you on Juustagram as well? If so, gimme your ID so I can follow you~!
Affinity (Like)指挥官,现在有空吗?食堂的新菜单好像很厉害,我非常感兴趣呢。陪我一起去试试吧?ねえ指揮官、今って暇?食堂の新メニューが神らしいから食べに行きたいんだけどさ、ちょっと付き合ってくれん?Hey Commander, got some free time? There's a new set meal at the canteen that looks totally god-tier. Wanna join me?
Affinity (Love)想喝茶?红茶的话刚才……是指茶道那种吗?那下次邀请大家一起开个茶会吧!お茶が飲みたい?紅茶ならさっき……え、それじゃなくって茶道の方?なら、今度みんなも誘ってお茶会しよ!You'd like some tea? You could've gotten black tea at the club... Huh, you're not talking about that? Well, we can always throw a big tea party with the others next time!
Pledge什么港区啊舰船啊之类的,一开始我完全不知道是怎么回事呢。多亏了指挥官,我在这里过得很开心。今后我也会作为JK兼重巡继续派上用场的,请多多关照啦!母港とか、艦船とか、最初マジ訳わかんなかったけど、指揮官のお陰で結構楽しく過ごせてるわ。これからもJK兼重巡としてじゃんじゃん役に立つ予定だから、改めてよろしくな!At first, I seriously had no clue what this port was all about, or what shipgirls were. But thanks to you, I'm having a blast here. I look forward to living it up over here, being the best heavy cruiser that I can be!
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In battle with Hass莲,结束后去咖啡店吧!はっす、終わったらカフェ行こうよ! Hass, let's head to the café after we're all done here!
In battle with Minami Yume梦芽,莫非不说敬语?夢芽さんって、もしかしてタメ?Yume, we cool?
In battle with Takarada Rikka六花,拜托啦ー!六花さーん、頼んだよー!Rikka, I'm counting on you!
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Ship Description噢,你来了!怎样?这个集合地点还是很好找的吧?那就出发吧!おっ、来た来た!どう?この待ち合わせ場所、分かりやすかったっしょ?んじゃ早速しゅっぱーつ!Woo, you're here! So, how was it? This meeting spot was pretty easy to find, right? Welp, let's get going then!
Acquisition噢,你来了!怎样?这个集合地点还是很好找的吧?那就出发吧!おっ、来た来た!どう?この待ち合わせ場所、分かりやすかったっしょ?んじゃ早速しゅっぱーつ!Woo, you're here! So, how was it? This meeting spot was pretty easy to find, right? Welp, let's get going then!
Login指挥官,等等我ー!已经决定好今天去哪了吗?指揮官、待ってたよー!今日はどこへ行くか、もう決めてる?Commander, I've been waiting for you! Got any plans on where we're going today?
Details在意这个小包里的东西?指挥官,可不能问女孩子的包包里装了什么这种问题哦。嗯,像钱包肯定会放里面的啦ーこのポーチの中身が気になる?指揮官さん、女のカバンの中身は聞くもんじゃないって。ま、サイフくらいは入ってるかなーCurious about what's in my bag? Commander, you should know better than to ask that to a lady. Well, it's pretty much just my wallet?
Main这个……是叫,电脑来着?在六花家里也看过几次这样的东西呢。この……パソコン?なんだっけ?六花の家でこういうヤツ何度か見たことあるなIs this... some kind of PC? I thought I saw something like it over at Rikka's place on several occasions.
Main 2指挥官,我肚子有点点饿了……诶,你请客吗?不愧是你!指揮官さん、ウチ、ちょーっとお腹がすいてきたんだけどさー……えっ、おごってくれんの?さっすがー!Commander, I'm feeling a bit peckish... Huh? You're gonna treat me? Thanks a bunch!
Main 3呜哇?!为什么这里会有喷漆罐子……谢谢你指挥官。差点就要摔倒了呢……うわあっ!?なんでこんなとこにスプレー缶が……ありがと指揮官。あとちょっとで転ぶとこだったよ……Woah! Why's there an empty spray can lying around here? Thanks for the heads up, Commander, I nearly tripped and fell...
Touch我说你是不是太紧张了点?又不是第一次约会……诶,难道被我说中了?ちょ、緊張しすぎじゃない?初デートじゃあるまいし……え、もしかして図星?Wh-why are you acting all nervous? It's not like this is your f-first date or anything... Huh? It is?!
Touch (Special)就,就算周围没人,也不能这样堂而皇之地……!い、いくら周りに人がいないからって、そんな堂々と……!J-just because there aren't a lot of people around... doesn't mean you can do that...!
Return to Port这个插图,我肯定看过。是在哪看到的来着……このイラスト、絶対知ってる気がするんだよね。うーん、どこで見たんだか……This mural... I swear I've seen it somewhere before. Mm, yeah, I'm sure of it...
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Login哦?今天来得很早嘛!有什么好事吗?あれっ、今日は早いじゃん!なんかいいことでもあるん?Huh, you're pretty early today. Did something good happen?
Details指挥官肯定有喜欢的人吧?……诶,没有吗?又来了,我不会说出去的,你就告诉我实话嘛?指揮官ってさ、絶対好きな人とかいるっしょ?……え、いない?またまた、正直に言いなって。ここだけの話にしといてやるからさ?So, Commander, you definitely have someone you're crushin' on, right? ...Seriously, you don't? C'mon, don't be like that. Just between the two of us, I swear I won't tell anyone?
Main喂,指挥官快起来ー!工作还堆在那里呢,怎么有空闲睡觉呢!こら、指揮官さん起きろー!仕事たまってんのに、寝てる暇なんてねえぞー!Oy, Commander, wake up! Do you really have time to laze around when you still have so much work left?
Main 2诶,想让我帮忙工作?好啊。不过工作做完后要请我喝果汁哦ーえ、仕事を手伝って欲しい?いいよ。その代わり、終わったらジュースおごってねーHm? Need me to help with your work? Sure, but you owe me juice afterwards~
Main 3这边的小伙伴都很好相处啊。约好了下次休息的时候跟大家一起去玩,真期待呢ーここの子たちって、いい奴ばっかだよね。今度の休みもみんなで遊びにいく約束してさ。超楽しみだわーThe girls here are all such pearls, you know that? I promised to go on vacation with them the next time we have time off. I'm really looking forward to it~
Touch (Special)等,等,等等!你知道刚才自己做了什么吗?!ちょ、ちょ、ちょ、ちょーっとまったぁ!お前、今何したか分かってんの!?W-w-w-wait a minute! Do you have any idea what you're doing?!
Mission啊嘞,工作还没做完吗?我来帮忙,快快搞定它吧~あれ、まだ仕事終わってないん?手伝うから、ちょっぱやで終わらせようぜ~Huh? You're still not done with work? I'll lend a hand, so let's tackle this one step at a time.
Mission Complete工作辛苦了ー!来,用果汁干杯吧!任務お疲れー!ほら、ジュースでカンパーイ!We're finally done! Now, go get me that can of juice you promised!
Flagship来个全力的进攻ー!いっちょ全力で行きますかー!Let's go all out~!
Victory刚才的攻击有没有很厉害!今の攻撃、マジで最高だったっしょ!That attack... was TOTALLY BADASS!
Affinity (Love)啊,指挥官!下次休息有茶会,可别忘了哦ー?哼哼,好好看看我的茶道技术吧!あっ、指揮官!次のお休みはお茶会だから忘れんなよー?ふふん、ウチのお点前、しっかり見ててね!Oh, Commander! You'd better not forget to come to the next tea party! Heh heh, I swear I'll show you why I'm awesome!