Hass (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C085Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavySSSSBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP595 Reload66
Firepower26 Torpedo53
Evasion30 Anti-air65
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW35 Luck55
HP2645 Reload127
Firepower72 Torpedo146
Evasion116 Anti-air240
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW87 Luck58
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Coordinated VolleyEvery 10 times this ship fires her Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special missile barrage using the Buster Borr, and deploys a smokescreen that lasts 5s (DMG is based on the skill's level). When your ship(s) enters the smokescreen: puts out any normal Burn status ailment for that ship(s).
Amp Laser Circus5s after the battle starts, and with a 40.0% (70.0%) chance every 20s after that: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) laser barrage using the Sky Vittor, and increases this ship's AA by 3.5% (8.0%) (AA buff can be stacked up to 2 times per battle).
Coordinated Volley+Every 6 times this ship fires her Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special missile barrage using the Buster Borr, and deploys a smokescreen that lasts 5s (DMG is based on the skill's level). When your ship(s) enters the smokescreen: puts out any normal Burn status ailment for that ship(s).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description你好啊,我是莲。好像突然来到了个奇怪的地方……不过挺有趣的就不想那么多了。说起来,在这边拍视频是ok的吗?どもー、はっすでーす。なんかいきなり変なとこに飛ばされたんだけど……ま、おもしろそうだしいっか。ところでここ、動画撮影とかおっけーなん?しばらくここでお世話になるみたいなんで、よろしくお願いしまーすHello, I'm Hass. I was suddenly blown away to this strange place... But, I guess it seems interesting enough here. By the way, is it okay to shoot some videos here?
Biography我是莲,本职JK,现在是轻巡。在原来的世界里,是个有在自己发布各种视频的视频主。这边也有类似的吗?要是有神视频主的话要告诉我哦。本職JK、今は軽巡やってるはっすでーす。元の世界では、動画配信とかもしてたかな。こっちはそういうのってあるん?神配信者いたら教えて欲しいんだけどFull-time high schooler and part-time light cruiser, Hass, reporting for duty. In my original world, I used to stream for fun as well. Is that a thing here? Let me know if there are any legendary streamers around these parts.
Acquisition你好啊,我是莲。好像突然来到了个奇怪的地方……不过挺有趣的就不想那么多了。说起来,在这边拍视频是ok的吗?どもー、はっすでーす。なんかいきなり変なとこに飛ばされたんだけど……ま、おもしろそうだしいっか。ところでここ、動画撮影とかおっけーなん?しばらくここでお世話になるみたいなんで、よろしくお願いしまーすHello, I'm Hass. I was suddenly blown away to this strange place... But, I guess it seems interesting enough here. By the way, is it okay to shoot some videos here?
Login来了来了。那今天也开工吧。来た来た。んじゃ、今日も始めますかねLook who's here. Well then, guess we'll get started now.
Details嗯,想更了解我?那就先请我吃甜甜圈吧。え、ウチの事がもっと知りたい?んじゃとりあえず、ドーナツとかおごってくれHuh, you want to know more about me? Well, you'll have to bribe me with some donuts first.
Main哎呀,这边全都是神景点啊,拍照的手根本停不下来呢。いやー、ここは神スポットだらけだな。写真撮る手が止まんねぇわWow, this is such a nice spot~ I can't stop taking pictures.
Main 2奈美子和六花好慢啊。说好在中庭集合的……算了,人生地不熟的,也没办法吧。边看视频边等好了なみこも六花も遅いな。中庭に集合って言ったのに……ま、慣れない場所だし、しょうがないか。動画でも見て待ってよっとNamiko and Rikka sure are late. We're supposed to be meeting here at the central garden... Well, I guess they don't know their way around yet, so it can't be helped.
Main 3这像猫一样的东西叫“指挥喵”吗。好可爱啊……而且好软ー刚才买了点地瓜干,给你一根~へえ、この猫みたいなヤツ、オフニャって言うんか。かわいいな……しかもめっちゃ柔らけー。さっきキャンディ買ったので、1つあげますよHeh, so these cat-like things are called Meowfficers. How adorable... Super fluffy too~ I just bought some sweet potato sticks, here, take one!
Touch呀,指挥官。刚好有点闲,能带我去港区里的超稀有景点看看吗?おっ、指揮官。ちょーっと暇してたんだけどさ、母港の激レアスポットとか、連れてってくれん?Oh, nice timing, Commander. I was just starting to feel a bit listless. Why don't you take me around to some hidden gems around the port?
Touch (Special)喂?是警察吗?あーもしもし、おまわりさん?Hey, officer, over here.
Touch (Headpat)嗯?有什么的话直说呗ー(蹭蹭)ん?なんかあるなら、直接言えよー(うりうり)Hmm? If you want something, say it to my face~
Mission咦,还有工作剩着啊。先把要做的事做完吧……虽然知道你想玩啦。あれ、仕事まだ残ってんじゃん。先にやること済ませとこうぜ……遊びたいのはわかるけどOh, looks like you've still got work left to do. I know you want to hang out, but... take care of your work first.
Mission Complete只要做完工作就能收到各种东西呢。真羡慕啊,指挥官。仕事が終わるといろいろもらえるんだな。うらやましいぜ、指揮官さんYou get some pretty nice things for completing your work, don't ya. Feeling kinda jealous here, Commander.
Mail指挥官,邮件来了哦?不早点打开会被其他邮件淹没的——指揮官、メールが届いてるよ?早めに開けとかないと、他のメールに埋もれるよーCommander, you've got mail, you know. I'd suggest you take a look at it before it disappears under some more mail.
Return to Port回来啦。刚好有个想给指挥官看看的视频呢。おっ、おかえり。丁度指揮官に見せたい動画があったんだよねOh, welcome back. Perfect timing, c'mere and take a look at this video.
Commission Complete大家辛苦了。有发现什么有趣的东西吗?みんなお疲れ。なんか面白いもん見つけたりしてない?Good work, everyone. Find anything interesting while you were out?
Enhancement这就算是升级了吧?确实感觉变强了呢。へー、レベルアップってヤツ?確かになんか強くなった気がするかなHmm, this is what leveling up feels like? It's true that I do feel a bit stronger.
Flagship可以偷偷拍个视频吗。こっそり動画撮っていいかなWonder if I can record this in secret...
Victory嘛,我出手了那就是轻松取胜呢。ま、ウチにかかればこれくらい楽勝っしょSee, that's what you get for messing with me.
Defeat等等,我可没听说有这么强的。跟JK打,动什么真格嘛ー!ちょ、そんな強いって聞いてないんすけど。JK相手に本気出すなよー!Wait, nobody told me they were this strong. I can't believe they wouldn't pull their punches against a weak girl like me!
Skill拍摄准备顺利——撮影準備もばっちりだぜーAll ready to go live~
Low HP这算……胜负才开始吧?勝負はこれから……ってやつ?This is where I say... the battle starts now!
Affinity (Upset)啊ー……你原来是个很不好的人啊……あー……お前ってさ、実は結構アレな人だったんだな……Sigh... Looks like you were just another of those guys in the end...
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,这里没有咖啡店什么的吗?想吃点美味的甜点呢。诶,带我去吗?你人真好ー指揮官、ここってカフェとかないん?うまいスイーツとか食いたくてさ。え、連れてってくれんの?優しーCommander, are there any cafés around here? I was looking to snack on some sweets. Wait, you'll go with me? What a gent.
Affinity (Friendly)我说,刚才起怎么一直看着我啊……问我为什么一直戴着口罩?这个是有很多原因的啦ーちょっと、さっきからなにこっち見てんだよ……え、なんでずっとマスク付けてんのかって?ま、色々あるからなーHold up, why have you been staring at my face for so long... Eh, you want to know why I wear this mask? Well, there are a few reasons...
Affinity (Like)指挥官~?昨天晚上,和女孩子二人独处做什么了呀?……诶,我看错了?不不不,才没有呢。你就坦白吧?(坏笑)指揮官さーん?昨日の夜、女の子と二人っきりでなにをしてたんですかねー?……え、見間違い?いやいやいや、絶対いたって。ほら、正直に言ってみ?(にやにや)Commander~? What might you have been doing with that girl last night~? ...Huh? I'm mistaken? There's no way! C'mon, just tell me already~
Affinity (Love)总算渐渐习惯这里了。说实话,刚开始还想着这下该怎么办呢,结果一来二去,这边的生活其实也挺开心的ここにも大分慣れてきたかな。いや正直、初めはどうしよって思ってたんだけどさ、なんだかんだで今の生活も結構楽しんでるんだよなLooks like I'm finally used to this place. Y'know, at first I was wondering what the heck I was supposed to do here. But these days, I've been having a pretty good time.
Pledge多亏你教会了我各种关于这个世界的事,我才走到了今天。总之,为了不辜负你的期待今后我也会加油的。指挥官,那今后也请多多关照了哦?お前がこの世界のこと色々教えてくれたお陰で、今日までなんとかやってこれたわ。ま、期待に添えるよう今後も頑張らせて貰うから……改めてよろしくな、指揮官さん?I've somehow managed to make it this far in this world thanks to you and your guidance. Well, I'll keep doing my best to live up to your expectations... Let's get'em, Commander.
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In battle with Shinjou Akane有茜在我们就是无敌的!アカネいれば無敵だよ!There's nothing to worry about with you around, Akane!
In battle with Takarada Rikka六花好帅啊ー六花さん尊いーRikka is so precious~
In battle with Namiko奈美子,快点收拾掉吧ーなみこ、さっさと終わらせようぜーNamiko, let's get this over with~
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Ship Description我是莲。今天想在夜晚的港区逛逛。然后,这是本次的特别嘉宾……指挥官——!……喂,快到镜头里来!はっすでーす。今日は夜の母港を散策していきたいと思いまーす。んで、今回の特別ゲストは……指揮官さんだー!……おい、早くカメラ映れって!Hass here. Tonight, we're going to take a walk around the port at night. Aaaand, we even have a special guest– the Commander! ...Psst, hey, look at the camera real quick!
Acquisition我是莲。今天想在夜晚的港区逛逛。然后,这是本次的特别嘉宾……指挥官——!……喂,快到镜头里来!はっすでーす。今日は夜の母港を散策していきたいと思いまーす。んで、今回の特別ゲストは……指揮官さんだー!……おい、早くカメラ映れって!Hass here. Tonight, we're going to take a walk around the port at night. Aaaand, we even have a special guest– the Commander! ...Psst, hey, look at the camera real quick!
Login你终于来了。那就先说明这次摄影的流程ーやっと来たな。んじゃ、今回の撮影の流れを説明するぞーYou're finally here. Well, let me start explaining how today's shoot is supposed to go...
Details哈啊……后期剪辑也做累了。指挥官,要不去喝口茶歇歇?はぁ……編集作業するのも疲れてきたわ。指揮官、ちょっとお茶しに行かない?Sigh... I'm so tired of editing. Commander, wanna head out for some tea?
Main下一个就是最后一个了。结束后去约会吧……开玩笑的啦。你在害羞个什么嘛。次で最後かな。終わったら二人でデートしようぜ……って、冗談じゃん。なーに照れてんだよThe next shop should be the last one... After we're done, let's go on a date, just you and me... Just kidding, of course. What are you getting all flustered for?
Main 2(果然晚上还是挺冷的。早知道穿再厚点的衣服来就好了……)咦,借我外套吗?真贴心啊—(やっぱ夜は冷えるな。もうちょい厚着してくれば良かった……)あれ、上着貸してくれんの?気が利くぜーOh, you're lending me your jacket? You're good, aren't ya.
Main 3觉得我比平时还高?是错觉啦……啊,别看我鞋子啦!いつもより身長が高い気がする?またまた、気のせいだって……あ、ちょっと、足元見るなって!You think I look taller than usual? Nah, I'm telling you, you're just imagining things... Oh no, wait, don't look down at my feet!
Touch喂喂,刚才开始就一直在看下面呢。那好,指挥官,说说你到底在意什么地方?おいおい、さっきから下ばっか見過ぎだって。んじゃ、どこが気になるのか言ってもらおうか、指揮官さん?Jeez, hey. Your eyes have been glued down there for some time now. You surely wouldn't mind telling me what you've been looking at, right, Commander?
Touch (Special)等等,这样可没法播了啊ー?っちょ、配信できなくなるだろー?Wait, I'll get banned from streaming...
Return to Port先去最近成为人气话题的这家咖啡馆,还是去眼看着要火的这家餐厅呢……指挥官、你也帮忙想想嘛—先に行くのは最近話題のこのカフェか、次に来そうなこのレストランか……指揮官、お前も考えるの手伝ってくれーWhere do we head first... to this super popular café, or to that restaurant that's about to be the next big thing... Mmn, help me think this through, Commander~
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Login哦ー早上好。每天都能准时起来真了不起ーおお、おっはよー。毎朝ちゃんと起きて偉いなーYo, morning. I'm amazed you even manage to get up in the morning~
Details咦,指挥官?给我的慰劳品……啊这不是最近很火的甜点么!太好了,快到里面开吃吧。あれ、指揮官?ウチに差し入れ……ってそれ、最近話題のスイーツ!やりぃ、早く中で食おうぜHuh, Commander? You brought gifts... Wait, are those the super popular sweets that everyone's talking about?! Yay! Come on in and share the goods!
Main指挥官!这里食堂的菜单也好厉害啊!还有我从没听过的料理……拍照传到SNS上一定会火的呢。指揮官!ここ、食堂のメニューも凄いのな!ウチらが全然知らない料理あるし……写真撮ってSNSあげたら結構伸びると思うんだよなーCommander! The menu here at the cafeteria is pretty impressive! There are so many dishes I've never even heard of... I bet I'll get a bunch of likes if I upload these pictures to my socials.
Main 2怎么?难道睡着了?放着快到死线的工作不管去睡觉,指挥官胆子挺大的嘛——えっ、何?もしかして寝てんの?締め切り直前の仕事を放って寝るなんて、結構度胸あるんだなーEh? Huh?? Were you... asleep? Sleeping even though the deadline is right around the corner... you've got nerves of steel...
Main 3指挥官的办公室看着可整洁了。要是打开柜门,文件会一口气掉下来吗……并不会呢,不愧是指挥官啊。指揮官の執務室って、見た目はすごい綺麗だよね。でも戸棚を開けると書類が一気に落ちてきたり……しなかった、な。さすがっすCommander, your office might look nice and tidy, but when I open your shelf, I bet your documents are totally going to... not rain down everywhere? Welp, what was I expecting...
Touch (Special)喂喂指挥官,玩笑开过头了哦。おいおい指揮官さん、冗談きついってHey Commander, your pranks are going a bit overboard.
Mission工作就差一点了吧?我来放点音乐,振奋下心情继续努力吧ー仕事、あと一息じゃないすか?音楽かけるから、テンション上げて頑張ろうぜーYou're at the final stretch with your work, aren't ya? I'll put some music on, so let's focus and wrap things up~
Mission Complete辛苦了。那么去吃些甜食吧——お疲れ。じゃ、なんか甘い物でも食べに行こうぜーGood work. Well then, let's go and feast on some sweets~
Flagship跟着我一起冲——…随口说说的。お前らついてこーい、ってねFollow my lead, guys.
Victory和伙伴在一起就是最强的ー仲間と一緒なら最強だからなーI'm invincible with my friends around~
Affinity (Love)哦,指挥官。刚准备和大家一起去玩,一起来吗?要是你的话,大家肯定会很欢迎的。おっ、指揮官。今からみんなと遊びにいくんだけど、一緒に来る?大丈夫だって。お前なら、みんな大歓迎だと思うしYo, Commander. I'm about to head out to hang out with my friends, wanna tag along? No need to worry, I'm sure everyone would love to see you there.