Asukagawa Chise (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C084Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavySSSSBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Asukagawa ChiseDescription
HP1169 Reload53
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion11 Anti-air58
Aviation77 Cost0
ASW0 Luck55
HP5196 Reload101
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion48 Anti-air218
Aviation202 Cost0
ASW0 Luck58
Limit Break
Tier 1All Dive Bombers +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +10%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Aircraft Carrier: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Ride the WindThis ship starts the battle with 1 Airstrike ready. Every battle, when this ship launches her 2nd Airstrike and onwards: launches an additional Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike (DMG is based on the skill's level).
Take to the SkiesEvery battle, when this ship launches her 1st and 3rd Airstrikes: launches a Lv.1 (Lv.10) bombing raid using the Goldburn, and spawns a shield around your Vanguard that lasts 10s, reduces your Vanguard's DMG taken by 8.0%, and can block up to 15 shots (Goldburn DMG is based on the skill's level).
Take to the Skies+Every battle, when this ship launches her 1st and 3rd Airstrikes: launches a Lv.1 (Lv.10) bombing raid using the Big Goldburn, and spawns a shield around your Vanguard that lasts 10s, reduces your Vanguard's DMG taken by 8.0%, and can block up to 15 shots (Big Goldburn DMG is based on the skill's level).???
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Ship Description呜哇,好像到了个不认识的地方……啊,我是飞鸟川千濑!貌似要暂时承蒙你关照了,请多多指教!うっわー、なんか知らないとこにきちゃったな……あっ、わたし、飛鳥川ちせです!しばらくここでお世話になるみたいなんで、よろしくお願いしまーす!Woahhh, I somehow ended up in a totally unknown place... Oh, um, my name's Chise Asukagawa! Since I might be here for a while, thanks for looking after me!
Biography飞鸟川千濑,在这里是航空母舰!海上的战斗很新鲜,也很有趣!幸好来之前戴的臂套是防水的—飛鳥川ちせ、こっちでは空母やらせてもらってます!海の上で戦うって新鮮っすけど、結構楽しいっすね!来る前に付けてたアームカバーが防水のヤツで良かったーI'm Chise Asukagawa, and I'm currently an aircraft carrier at this port! It's a completely new experience fighting at sea, but it's pretty fun! I'm so glad that my arm sleeve from my former world is waterproof~
Acquisition呜哇,好像到了个不认识的地方……啊,我是飞鸟川千濑!貌似要暂时承蒙你关照了,请多多指教!うっわー、なんか知らないとこにきちゃったな……あっ、わたし、飛鳥川ちせです!しばらくここでお世話になるみたいなんで、よろしくお願いしまーす!Woahhh, I somehow ended up in a totally unknown place... Oh, um, my name's Chise Asukagawa! Since I might be here for a while, thanks for looking after me!
Login指挥官,你看上去很困哦?工作就要开始了,快醒醒吧~指揮官さん、なんか眠そうっすね?もう仕事始まるんで、早く起きてくださーいCommander, you seem like you didn't get enough sleep? It's time to start working though, so please waaake up!
Details啊,这不是指挥官嘛~!我正在玩游戏呢,有什么事吗?あ、指揮官さんじゃないっすか~!今ゲーム中なんですけど、なんか用っすか?Oh, if it isn't the Commander~! I'm in the middle of playing a game, did you need something?
Main这里也有学校啊。问我想不想去?嗯—,可以的话其实不太想去呢。ふーん、ここにも学校ってあるんっすね。え、通いたいのかって?いやー、できれば行きたくないっすけどねHmm, so there's a school here as well. Huh, you're asking me if I want to attend? No way, I'd rather not if I don't have to!
Main 2坐下!趴下!伸手!指挥官,这些叫指挥喵的孩子们好聪明啊!我带它们出去散散步吧!お座り!伏せ!お手!あっ、指揮官さん、このオフニャって子たち、ちょー賢いっすね!…ちょっと散歩してきます!Sit! Lay down! Paw! Oh, Commander, these Meowfficers are so dang smart! I'm taking a walk with them for a bit!
Main 3指挥官好呀!呃,看着很累的样子啊……刚买的糖果,分你一个吧。おっ、指揮官さん!って、なんかお疲れっすねー……さっき飴買ったので1つあげますよHey, Commander! Huh, you look a bit tired... Here, I bought some candy earlier, so you can have one.
Touch哇~指挥官每天都在工作,好厉害啊。这就是“上班族”么。いや~指揮官さんは毎日働いて偉いっすね。これが仕事人ってやつっすかY'know~ It's pretty amazing how hard you work every day. Is this what it's like to be a professional?
Touch (Special)呜哇。你有这样的爱好吗……うーわ。そういう趣味っすか……Uegh. Is that what you're into...
Touch (Headpat)总、总觉得有点不好意思啊~……な、なんかちょっと恥ずかしいっすね~……I-I don't know why, but it's a bit embarrassing...
Mission剩下的任务我来替你完成吧?……要是能这么说就好了呀。残りの任務、わたしが代わりにやりましょっか!?……って言えたらいいんすけどねYou want me to handle the remaining missions for you?! ......Heh, as if I'd ever get to say that...
Mission Complete任务完成了呢!说起来,这个的时薪是多少啊?任務完了っすね!ところでこれ、時給いくらなんすか?Mission complete~! By the way, how much am I getting paid per hour?
Mail指挥官,来信了哦ー!莫非是恋人寄来的~?指揮官さん、手紙が来てますよー!もしかして、彼女からっすか~?Commander, there's a letter for you~! I wonder if it's from your lover~?
Return to Port出击辛苦了!下次请带上我哦!候补也行的!出撃お疲れ様です!次はわたしも連れてってくださいよ!補欠でも全然大丈夫なんで!Good work on your mission, Commander! Take me with you next time! I don't mind even if it's just as an extra!
Commission Complete看来大家都回来了呢!有带什么伴手礼吗ー?おっ、みんな帰ってきたみたいっすね!なんかお土産ありますかねー?Oh, it looks like they're back! I wonder if they brought back any souvenirs~?
Enhancement这就是power up吧!谢啦,指挥官!パワーアップっすね!あざました、指揮官さん!Chise, powering up! Thankies, Commander!
Flagship我也是能战斗的!わたしだって戦えるんですからね!I can fight too, you know!
Victory好耶好耶!我赢了哦!やったやった!わたし、勝ちましたよ!Ohmygawd, ohmygawd! Did you see that! I won!
Defeat诶诶诶,不是吧不是吧!果然只靠我不行吗ー!えええええ、嘘嘘うそうそ!やっぱわたしじゃ無理でしたかー!Ehhhh, no way, no way! I've actually been useless this whole time?!
Skill燃烧吧!煌翼炎龙!燃え上がれ!ゴルドバーン!This is my time to shine!
Skill 2Burn to ashes! Goldburn!
Low HP好戏这才开始呢!ここからが本番っすよ!The real battle starts now!
Affinity (Upset)我可不想成为指挥官这样的人啊。わたし、指揮官さんみたいな人にだけはなりたくないっすねCommander, you're the exact type of person that I don't want to become when I grow up.
Affinity (Stranger)这个臂套下面是怎么样的?当然是秘密啦~!啊,要是趁我睡觉的时候拆掉我可是会生气的哦?このアームカバーの下がどうなってるか?もっちろん秘密っすよ~!あ、わたしが寝てるときに外したりしたら怒りますからね?You want to know what's under this arm sleeve? Of course, it's a secret~! Oh, and if you try to take a peek when I'm asleep, I'll get really mad at you!
Affinity (Friendly)每当看到这个舰装,我就会想起你呢。现在的你在做什么呢,全世界最帅气的,我的朋友……この艤装を見てると、君の事を思い出すよ。今はどうしてるのかな。世界一かっこいい、わたしの友達……When I look at this rigging, I can't help but think of you. I wonder what you're up to, my friend, the coolest one in the world...
Affinity (Like)指挥官今天也很忙的样子呢……啊对了。工作,我能帮忙吗?一些小事的话我也能出一份力的吧ー指揮官さん今日も忙しそうっすね……あ、そうだ。仕事、手伝ってみてもいいっすか?ちょっとはわたしでもできると思うんすよねーLooks like you're busy as usual, Commander... Oh, right. Would you mind if I tried helping you with your work? I think I could help you out with some stuff, at least.
Affinity (Love)指挥官是我来到这个世界后交到的第一个朋友!谢谢你带我去了各种各样的地方!指揮官さんは、こっちの世界にきて一番初めにできた友達ですよ!いつもわたしをいろんなところに連れてってくれて、ありがとうございます!Commander, you were my first friend in this world! Thanks for bringing me along to all of the cool places here!
Pledge能来到这个世界,跟大家一起战斗,我很开心哦!这些都多亏了指挥官……真的真的谢谢你!この世界に来て、みなさんと一緒に戦えて、わたし、すっごく楽しいんです!これも全部、指揮官さんのお陰なんで……ほんとのほんとに、ありがとうございます!Coming to this world, fighting together with everyone else, I've had tons of fun! This is all thanks to you, Commander... I'm really, truly grateful for all you've done for me!
Present Like
Present Dislike
In battle with Minami Yume南,交给我吧!任せてください、南さん!Leave it to me, Yume!
In battle with Mujina昨日之敌今日之友对吧,貉小姐!昨日の敵は今日の友っすね、ムジナさん!Yesterday's enemy is today's ally, as they say!
In battle with Shinjou Akane很帅气吧,新条小姐!かっこいいでしょ、新条さん!You're super cool, Akane!
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Ship Description哇,放晴了!雨后天晴,感觉真舒服…啊,是指挥官。看这里!要一起在晴空下散散步吗ー?わあ、晴れてきた!雨上がりの空は気持ちいいな……あっ、指揮官さんだ。おーい!一緒に、空の散歩しませんかー!?Woaah, the sun's coming out! It feels so great outside after the rain... Oh, Commander! Let's take a stroll through the sky together!
Acquisition哇,放晴了!雨后天晴,感觉真舒服…啊,是指挥官。看这里!要一起在晴空下散散步吗ー?わあ、晴れてきた!雨上がりの空は気持ちいいな……あっ、指揮官さんだ。おーい!一緒に、空の散歩しませんかー!?Woaah, the sun's coming out! It feels so great outside after the rain... Oh, Commander! Let's take a stroll through the sky together!
Login今天的天气是雨转晴……既然雨下到刚刚停了,那之后就一直是晴天了呢!今日の天気は雨のち晴れ……さっきまで降ってたんで、この後はずっと晴れますね!Today's weather forecast said the sky would clear up after some rain... It's been raining since earlier, so it should be sunny for the rest of the day!
Details还有些小雨……咦,指挥官没带伞吗?要不一起撑这把伞?まだちょっと降ってるっすね……あれ、指揮官さん、傘持ってないんすか?これ、一緒に入ります?It's still raining a bit... Huh, don't you have an umbrella, Commander? Well, would you like to share this one then?
Main啊哈哈,飞起来了!啊,那边是之前出击过的地方对吧?あはは、飛んでる飛んでる!あっ、あそこ、この前出撃した辺りですかね?Ahaha, look at me, I'm flying! Oh, isn't that where we were deployed last time?
Main 2嗯……看不到彩虹什么的吗ー?指挥官也一起找找吧!うーん……虹とか見えないっすかねー?指揮官さんも探してください!Mmn... I don't see a rainbow... Commander, you should help me look for one too!
Main 3指挥官,再加把劲跳过来!……耶,这下坐好了!那就出发咯!指揮官さん、もうちょっと頑張ってジャンプしてください!……やった、乗れましたね!それじゃあ、レッツゴーっすよ!Commander, come on, jump a bit higher! ...Yay, you're on! Well then, let's head out!
Touch指挥官也想要糖果吗?口袋里应该还有一个……指揮官さんも飴、ほしいんすか?確かポケットにもう一個……Commander, do you want some candy as well? I think I still have one last one in my pocket...
Touch (Special)呀!要,要掉下去了啦!ひゃあ!お、落ちるじゃないっすか!Eek! I-I could fall, you know!
Return to Port欢迎回来……哇指挥官,你被雨淋湿了!我马上拿毛巾过来!お帰りなさーい……って指揮官さん、雨でめっちゃ濡れてるじゃないっすか!すぐにタオル持ってきますね!Welcome back... Wait, Commander, you're soaked from the rain! Let me bring a towel for you!
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Ship Description啊呀~被看到这么松懈的样子,我还是会害羞的啦~あっちゃ~、こんな気の抜けた格好でいるところ見られたら、さすがに恥ずかしいじゃないっすか~Aww man, I hate to be seen in such a lazy-looking outfit. It's embarrassing, y'know~?
Acquisition啊呀~被看到这么松懈的样子,我还是会害羞的啦~あっちゃ~、こんな気の抜けた格好でいるところ見られたら、さすがに恥ずかしいじゃないっすか~Aww man, I hate to be seen in such a lazy-looking outfit. It's embarrassing, y'know~?
Login啊,指挥官也在偷懒吗?あっ、指揮官さんもサボりっすか?Oh, hey! You playing hooky, too, Commander?
Details本来我就没多少衣服,一不小心就……指挥官要买给我吗?もともとそんなに服を持ってないっすから、ちょっと油断するとすぐ…指揮官さん買ってくれます?I don't have many clothes to begin with, so if I don't wash 'em right away... What's that? You'll buy me clothes, Commander?
Main啊呀呀~这是对我在意得不行的眼神呢~おやおやぁ~それは私のことが気になって仕方がないって目ですよねぇ~Oooh, you look like you just can't get your mind off me~
Main 2能够不受拘束地发呆,某种意义上来说也是一种奢侈呢……肩肘張らず、呆けてられるってのも、ある意味贅沢っすよね……Must be nice, being able to just relax with an empty mind all the time...
Main 3指挥官,不觉得自己太粗神经了吗?虽然我是不在意啦……指揮官さんって結構デリカシーないとかいわれません!?まぁ、わたしは気にしないっすけど……Commander, has anyone ever told you that you lack delicacy?! Meh, not that I care...
Touch不用担心,我不会感冒的。不过还是谢谢你的关心啦。別に風邪を引いたりなんかしないっすから大丈夫っすよ。でも心配してくれて…ありがとうございますI'm fine. It's not like I'm gonna catch a cold, or anything. But... Thank you for worrying about me, okay?
Touch (Special)我说!弄脏了这个,就没退路了哦!?ねぇ!これが汚れたら、後がないんっすよ!?Hey! I won't have anything to wear if you get this dirty!
Return to Port辛苦了。啊呀~搞得真脏呢…不过以指挥官的情况来说,是光荣的“负脏”对吧!お疲れ様ッす。あら~随分と汚れてるっすねぇ…まぁでも、指揮官さんの場合、名誉の汚れっすよね!Good work today. Whoa, you're kinda sweaty and gross... But in your case, the dirt doesn't tarnish your honor!
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Login哦哦,今天起床状态很不错呢。不愧是你啊~!おお、今日はバッチリ起きてるじゃないすか。さすがっすね~!Hey, looks like you're all chipper this morning. Good ol' Commander, you~!
Details指挥官!带我去个有趣的地方吧~!我在房间看电视都看腻了啦。指揮官さん!どっか面白いとこ連れてってくださいよ~!部屋でテレビみてるのも飽きちゃいましたCommander! Take me somewhere fun~! I'm so sick and tired of watching TV in this room.
Main指挥官也会打瞌睡啊…既然如此,那就在这个房间玩玩吧!让我看看有没有什么好玩的…指揮官さんでも居眠りするんっすね。じゃ、とりあえずこの部屋で遊ぼっかな。なにか面白そうなものは……Even the Commander dozes off from time to time, huh. Well, I guess I can slack off for a bit. I wonder if there's anything interesting here...
Main 2这个办公室明明东西很多却这么整洁。是谁在负责清扫呢?この執務室って、物は多いのにめっちゃ綺麗ですよね。掃除とか誰がしてるんっすか?This office is so clean, even though there are so many things here. Who's in charge of cleaning it?
Main 3这边周围都是海对吧?天气热了之后可以每天都游泳吗?!ここって、周りが海じゃないっすか?暑くなったら毎日泳いじゃっていいんすかね!?This place is surrounded by the sea, right? Does that mean that I could swim every day when it's hot out if I wanted to?!
Touch (Special)等等,指挥官,我叫警察了哦?!ちょ、指揮官さん、ケイサツ呼びますよ!?Wha, Commander! I'll call the police on you!
Mission赶快把任务做完,然后一起去玩吧~ちゃちゃっと任務終わらせて、一緒にどっか行きましょうよ~Chop chop, hurry and wrap up those missions, so we can go somewhere together~
Mission Complete指挥官!任务完成了,收到了好多东西呢ー!指揮官さーん!任務完了で、なんかいっぱい届いてるっすよー!Commander~! A bunch of stuff arrived because you finished those missions~!
Flagship大家上吧ー!みなさん、行っきまっすよー!Everyone, let's go get'em~!
Victory指挥官!看到了吗ー?!指揮官さーん!見ててくれましたかー!?Commander~! Were you watching~!
Affinity (Love)咦?指挥官,你的表情有点怪……是有什么烦恼吗?可以跟我说的哦,毕竟我们是朋友嘛。あれ、指揮官さん。変な顔して……なんか悩み事でもあるんっすか?わたしでよければ言ってみてくださいよ。なんたって友達ですからねHuh? Commander? What's with your expression? ...Is there something you're worrying about? If you'd like, I'd be willing to lend an ear. We're friends, after all.