Shinjou Akane (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C082Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavySSSSBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Shinjou AkaneDescription
HP1274 Reload57
Firepower82 Torpedo0
Evasion6 Anti-air67
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck55
HP5663 Reload110
Firepower214 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air248
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck58
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Energy PulseWhen this ship fires her Main Guns: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).
Instance AbreactionEvery 20s: activates "Instance Abreaction" and launches a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike (DMG is based on this ship's FP stat and the skill's level; airstrike deals cannon-type DMG).
Ever-Burning FlameIncreases this ship's FP by 3.5% (8.0%) . Once per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 30.0% as a result of DMG taken: increases this ship's FP by 10.0% and heals this ship 4 times for 2.0% max HP per tick.
Energy Pulse+When this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (100.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
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Ship Description你好,我是新条茜。这个舰装很有机械感,非常的酷呢。要是再有点怪兽,那就完美了呢……初めまして、新条アカネだよ。この艤装ってやつ、メカっぽくてかっこいいね。あとは怪獣がいれば、最高なんだけど……Hey there, the name's Akane Shinjo. This rigging looks super cool, like it's right out of a mecha. Now if only there were some kaiju around, that'd be the best...
Biography我是新条茜。在这边算是战舰对吧?我自己没什么战斗经验,可能马上就会被干掉了……骗你的~新条アカネだよ。こっちでは戦艦ってことになってるんだっけ?自分で戦ったことってあんまりないから、すぐやられちゃうかも……うっそ~The name's Akane Shinjo. Apparently I'm a battleship in this universe? I'm not much of a fighter, so don't be surprised if I get done in... Juuust kidding~
Acquisition你好,我是新条茜。这个舰装很有机械感,非常的酷呢。要是再有点怪兽,那就完美了呢……初めまして、新条アカネだよ。この艤装ってやつ、メカっぽくてかっこいいね。あとは怪獣がいれば、最高なんだけど……Hey there, the name's Akane Shinjo. This rigging looks super cool, like it's right out of a mecha. Now if only there were some kaiju around, that'd be the best...
Login你总算来了。太慢了哦,指挥官。あ、やっと来た。遅いぞ、指揮官くんOh, hey. About time you showed up, Commander.
Details果然怪兽就是好棒啊。招式帅气,外形也……很有个性呢。指挥官喜欢怪兽之类的吗?やっぱさー、怪獣ってイイよね。技もだし、造形も……個性があってさ。ね、指揮官くんは怪獣とか好き?Kaijus are freakin' awesome. I love their moves and personalities... and I love sculpting them. Are you a fellow kaiju enjoyer, Commander?
Main看了她们的舰装,感觉无论哪个都很帅气呢。不知道战斗起来都是什么样的呢?ここの子たちの艤装眺めてるんだけどさ、どれもかっこいいね。あれでどんな風に戦ってるのかなI'm totally loving how sweet these shipgirl riggings look. I wonder how they'd look in action.
Main 2这里的小卖部里,番茄汁的种类真多啊。看上去都不错,结果买了好多呢。ここの売店、トマトジュースの種類がめっちゃ多くてさ。どれも美味しそうだから、結局たくさん買っちゃったよThe store sells like, a hundred different kinds of tomato juice. They all look so good, so I went and bought them all~
Main 3说起来这个舰装,跟以前认识的那位有点像呢。你问是怎样的人?嗯……不能算是人类…吧?それにしてもこの艤装、昔の知り合いにちょっと似てるな。え、どんな人か?んー……人間ではなかった、かな?Come to think of it, this rigging reminds me of an old friend. What kind of person were they? Mm... I dunno if "person" is the right word~
Touch这里的小卖部也卖书吗?要不要去逛逛?ここの売店って、本も売ってるの?寄っていかない?The store's got books for sale, right? Let's go check it out.
Touch (Special)真是的,不可以哦?もー、ダメだぞ?Jeez, you shouldn't do that~
Touch (Headpat)指挥官,有什么事吗?ん、何かご用かな?指揮官くんHmm... Did you need something, Commander?
Mission工作还没做完吗?这可不行呢~指挥官。まだお仕事終わってないの?いけないんだ~、指揮官くんYou know we're not done yet, right, Commander? Get back in the game.
Mission Complete辛苦了~应该说,不愧是指挥官?お疲れ様~。さすがすね、指揮官くん?Hey, not too shabby, Commander~
Mail好像是信件。不看的话我就打开了哦?手紙みたいだね。見ないなら、私が開けちゃうぞ?Your mail's still sitting there. If you're not going to read 'em, then I will~
Return to Port噢噢,你回来啦。指挥官这么努力,我要不要给你点奖励呢?……骗你的~おおっ、帰ってきた。頑張った指揮官くんに、私がご褒美あげちゃおっかな?……うっそ~Look who's back. Maybe I oughta reward you for your efforts out there... Yeah, nah.
Commission Complete大家好像回来了。迎接的话,就交给你了?みんな帰ってきたみたいじゃん。出迎えは、君にお任せするね?The girls are back in port, huh? Go say hi to them, would you?
Enhancement欸——挺不错的嘛。谢啦,指挥官へえ~、結構いいね。指揮官くん、ありがとOoh, feelin' pretty good. Thanks, Commander.
Flagship今天的对手是什么样的呢~?今日はどんな敵が相手なのかな~?I wonder what kind of enemy we'll get to fight today~?
Victory啊哈哈,这是理所当然的啦。あはは、これくらい当たり前だよAhahah! Piece of cake!
Defeat诶诶ー!怎么会有那种招数?真的莫名其妙……えええー!あんなのアリなのー?意味わかんないって……The hell? How are these guys so strong? Doesn't make any damn sense...
Skill好好的瞄准……咚!ばっちり狙って……どーん!Take aim and... fireeeee!
Low HP还能继续吧~?まだまだやれるよ~?It'll take more than that to get rid of me~
Affinity (Upset)啊哈哈,真是对你无语了呢~あはは、君ってほんとナイよね~Ahaha... Wow, you really are worthless.
Affinity (Stranger)哇!(撞到肩膀)抱歉……啊,是指挥官,不用这样低头道歉的。不过能好好反省,真了不起呢~わっ!(肩がぶつかる)ごめんなさい……あ、指揮官くん。って、そんなに頭さげなくても~。けどちゃんと謝れて、君は偉いぞ?Oops! Sorry, I didn't mean to– Oh, hi Commander. Hey, don't sweat it, we only bumped into each other. Still, I'm glad you're all polite and stuff.
Affinity (Friendly)啊,是指挥官。我正好要去小卖部,一起吗?想去买制作手办的道具ーあっ、指揮官くんだ。売店に行くところだったんだけど、君も一緒に来る?フィギュア作る道具を買いたくってさーThere you are, Commander. Want to tag along with me to the store? I need to restock my sculpting materials and all that~
Affinity (Like)指挥官,武士可不能逞能哦~?午饭可要好好吃才行。来,跟我一起去食堂吧?指揮官くん、武士は食わねど高笑い~?お昼ご飯は、ちゃんと食べなきゃダメだぞ。ほら、一緒に食堂いこ?An apple a day keeps the Sirens at bay, Commander. C'mon, you need some breakfast in your system. Let's get you to the cafeteria.
Affinity (Love)最近觉得,能来到这个世界真好呢。自己也交到了新朋友,其中指挥官可是很特别的哦……骗你的啦。诶嘿嘿最近、この世界に来れて良かったなって思うんだ。新しい友達もできたしね。中でも、指揮官くんはトクベツ……うっそ~。えへへY'know, I'm glad I got the chance to experience this universe and make a bunch of new friends. Especially you, my more-than-just-friends friend... Or are we~? Hehehe~
Pledge正因为你和这里的大家马上就接纳了我,我才能放心依靠大家。多亏了你们,感觉世界都变得更宽广了呢。指挥官,谢谢你哦。君やここの人たちがすぐに私を受け入れてくれたから、みんなの事をちゃんと頼る事ができたんだよ。おかげでまた少し、世界が広がった気がする。ありがとね、指揮官くんIt's so nice having people I can count on. People who readily wanted to get to know me. It's changed my perspective on life, honestly. Thank you, Commander.
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In battle with Takarada Rikka能跟六花一起过来很开心六花と一緒に来れて嬉しいReally glad you could make it, Rikka.
In battle with Mujina貉也喜欢怪兽吗?ムジナも怪獣好きなの?Are you a fellow kaiju enjoyer, Mujina?
In battle with Asukagawa Chise千濑的舰装好棒啊~ちせの艤装、めっちゃイイね~Dang, Chise! Your rigging looks sweet~
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Ship Description欢迎指挥官。看样子好像给我带了不少伴手礼啊。来来,别呆站在那了,快过来吧~指揮官くんいらっしゃい。なんかお土産いっぱい持ってきてくれてんじゃん。ほらほら、そんなとこに立ってないで、早くこっち来なよ~Welcome back, Commander. You sure brought a lot of goodies back for me, huh? Now then, don't just keep standing there, hurry and come to me~
Acquisition欢迎指挥官。看样子好像给我带了不少伴手礼啊。来来,别呆站在那了,快过来吧~指揮官くんいらっしゃい。なんかお土産いっぱい持ってきてくれてんじゃん。ほらほら、そんなとこに立ってないで、早くこっち来なよ~Welcome back, Commander. You sure brought a lot of goodies back for me, huh? Now then, don't just keep standing there, hurry and come to me~
Login嗯~……啊,欢迎,指挥官……ん~……あ、指揮官くんいらっしゃ~い……Huuh? ...Oh, come on in, Commander...
Details我一般不让别人进房间,你比较特殊……嗯,靠垫后面有什么?你原来会问这个啊~?私、あんまり部屋に他の人入れないんだけど、君はトクベツ……え、クッションの後ろにあるのは何かって?それ聞いちゃうんだ~?I hardly let anyone inside my room. You're a big exception, y'know~ ...Huh, what's behind my cushion? Is THAT what you want to know~?
Main这个袋子?刚才在小卖部买的。买了手工用纸,怪兽手办,还有还有~この袋?さっき売店で買ってきたんだよ。画用紙でしょ、怪獣ソフビでしょ、それからそれから~What's in the bag? Stuff I bought at the store just earlier. Paper, kaiju figs, et cetera et cetera.
Main 2这个靠垫,非常的软哦~。指挥官也摸摸看吧?このクッション、ちょーふかふかなんだ~。指揮官くんも触って触って?This cushion is super comfy. Go on, give it a feel, Commander.
Main 3别在那种角落干坐着了,到我旁边来吧。都现在了还紧张吗?そんな隅っこで正座してないで、隣にくればいいのに。今更何緊張してんすか?What'cha doing, sitting across the room like that? C'mon, there's space right here. I don't bite.
Touch嗯,总觉得肚子饿了。可以点份外卖吧?んー、なんかお腹すいちゃったな。出前でも頼もっか?Oh man, I'm starving. We should get some home delivery.
Touch (Special)啊哈哈。毕竟是……二人独处嘛?あはは。二人きり……だもんね?Ahaha... Only 'cause we're alone, all right?
Return to Port你回来啦,指挥官。作为辛苦工作的奖励,这个点心分给你~お帰り、指揮官くん。頑張ったご褒美に、このお菓子を分けてあげよう~Welcome back, Commander. I've got some snacks for you, a little reward for working so hard!
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Ship Description哎呀哎呀~指挥官怎么了~?啊,难道是被我的美貌迷住了?开玩笑的啦~おやおや~、指揮官くんどうしたのかなぁ~?あ、もしかしてこの私の美貌に酔っちゃったのかな?な~んて、うっそ~Hey, Commander, what's up~? You're not intoxicated by my good looks, are you? Pssh, lighten up, I'm kidding~
Acquisition哎呀哎呀~指挥官怎么了~?啊,难道是被我的美貌迷住了?开玩笑的啦~おやおや~、指揮官くんどうしたのかなぁ~?あ、もしかしてこの私の美貌に酔っちゃったのかな?な~んて、うっそ~Hey, Commander, what's up~? You're not intoxicated by my good looks, are you? Pssh, lighten up, I'm kidding~
Login嗯~这里可不是经常能来的地方……骗你的,指挥官的话非常欢迎哦。ん~、そう頻繁に来ていい場所じゃ…うそうそ、指揮官くんなら大歓迎Mmm~ This isn't really a place you should be visiting so often... I'm kidding. You're always welcome here, Commander.
Details没想到你会来这里,指挥官还挺大胆的呢。不过既然是你倒也没什么。我可没什么能招待你的,没关系吧~?ここまで来ちゃうなんて、指揮官くん、結構大胆だよね。ま、君なら別にいいけど。何もおもてなしとかできないけど、それでもいいのかな~?You're bold coming this far, Commander. Not that I mind as long as it's you. I don't have much in the way of hospitality... but you don't mind, do you~?
Main哼~在看什么呢?你啊,稍微有点粗枝大叶呢~ふ~ん、何見てるのさ?君、少し配慮が足りないぞ~Hmmm~, what are you looking at? You should be more careful~
Main 2这里有点乱,别在意。怎么,难道你要帮我整理吗?ちょっと散らかってるけど、気にしないで。それとも何?君が片付けてくれるのかな?It's a little bit of a mess, but don't worry about it. Or what? Do you want to clean up for me?
Main 3嗯~两个人睡的话可能有点挤哦?即使如此也想试试吗?う~ん、二人で寝るにはちょっと狭いかも知れないよ?それでも挑戦してみたい?Hmmm... There might not be enough space for two to sleep, y'know? Or do you want to try that badly?
Touch如果是要给我按摩的话,我很乐意哦?マッサージなら大歓迎だけど?Look, I wouldn't mind a massage...
Touch (Special)嗯~我好像感觉到了一丝危险的味道?ん~、ちょっとキケンな気配を感じるんだけど?Hmm~ Why do I feel a sense of danger?
Return to Port怎么了?一回来就来看我了?嗯~要是这样能消除疲劳的话也没什么啦。なぁに?帰ってすぐ私の顔見に来たの?う~ん、まぁ、それで疲れが取れるって言うならいいけどさAww, what? You came home and you just had to come to me first? If seeing me soothes your fatigue, then knock yourself out!
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Login哦,这不是指挥官嘛。我正无聊着呢——おっ、指揮官くんじゃん。丁度退屈してたんだーOh, if it isn't the Commander~ Good timing too. I was starting to get bored.
Details快看快看!这是我新做的手办!这部分的外观是我特别花了心思去弄的,指挥官觉得如何?見て見て!これ、新作のフィギュア!この辺りの造形とか凝ってみたんだけどさ、指揮官くんはどう思う?Check it out! I made a new figure! I put extra effort into the details on this one. Feel like praising me, Commander?
MainZzz……呼呼,指挥官,刚刚是不是想做什么。坦白告诉我说不定我会允许哦?……骗你的ーZzz……ふふっ、指揮官くん、今何しようとしてたのかな。言ったらさせてあげるかもよ?……うっそーZzz... Heheh... Caught you reachin', Commander. If you admit it, I might let you keep going~ Or maybe not, hehe.
Main 2指挥官也在偷懒吗?……诶,不是吗?但是从刚才开始就在发呆呢。指揮官くんもおサボり中すか?……え、違うの?でもさっきからぼーっとしてんじゃんCommander, are you working hard, or hardly working? ...The former? Really? All you've been doing is staring off into space though.
Main 3指挥官的办公室总是干干净净的,真厉害啊。诶,你问我的房间如何?那是秘密哦。指揮官くんは執務室いつも綺麗にしてて偉いね。え、私の部屋はどうかって?それは秘密だよGood on you for keeping your office nice and tidy... How's my room in comparison? Sorry, that's top-secret.
Touch (Special)欸~指挥官,对这种事情很有兴趣吗?へえ。指揮官くんは、そゆことに興味あるんすか?Ah, you're what they call a hands-on person, eh?
Mission呼——工作还没做完吗。那我在后面给你加油吧。ふーん。任務終わってないんだ。じゃあ私が後ろで応援しててあげるねLook at that. Unfinished missions. I'll be here for moral support if you need it.
Mission Complete啊,工作做完啦。了不起了不起~あっ、任務終わったんだ。えらいえらーいWhoa, you finished a mission. Real nice work.
Flagship跟大家一起,有点开心呢。みんなと一緒なのも、ちょっと楽しいかもHanging out with you all is kinda fun.
Victory好耶ー!赢了ー!いやったー!勝ったー!Aw yeah! We got 'em!
Affinity (Love)指挥官是对我而言很重要的人哦。……哎呀,难道是害羞了?指揮官くんは、私にとって大事な人だよ。……ってあれ、もしかして照れてんすか?You hold a pretty special place in my heart, Commander... Huh? Is that a blush I see~?