Shimanto (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P029Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityPriority
NavySakura EmpireBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP916 Reload57
Firepower33 Torpedo81
Evasion30 Anti-air86
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW36 Luck0
HP3835 Reload110
Firepower118 Torpedo299
Evasion93 Anti-air310
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW91 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +223 | AA +21 | Torpedo base +1 | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Unlock All Out Assault I/Torpedo efficiency +5%/Torpedo charges reload simultaneously | Limit Breaks to 4 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearns Siren Killer | Torpedo charges reload simultaneously | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Level 15HP +447 | AA +43 | Main Gun efficiency +10% | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20Torpedo efficiency +10%/Main gun base +1 | Limit Breaks to 5 Stars | Main Gun base +1 | Unlocks playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeImproves Siren Killer | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +670 | AA +63 | AA Gun efficiency +10% | Unlocks playback for: Low HP
Level 30Improve All Out Assault/Torpedo efficiency +15% | Limit Breaks to 6 StarsImproves Siren Killer | Improves special barrage | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Shimanto-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Torrential WrathWith every 2nd wave of torpedoes this ship fires: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) that inflicts a special Flooding ailment to enemies hit for 6s; when this barrage activates: extinguishes all Burning ships in your fleet (does not affect special Burn ailments) and, for 3s, reduces the Burn DMG taken by your fleet by 20.0% (50.0%) . When the barrage from this skill is activated for the second time: improves this barrage until the end of battle, and fires it again after 5s.???
Divine PresenceWhen the battle starts: this ship gains a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special AA Gun (DMG is based on the skill's level). If this ship has the Prototype 150mm Type 5 High-Angle Gun Mount equipped: increases this ship's 3rd weapon slot efficiency by 30.0%. Every 10s, or when a ship in your fleet fires her AA Gun: increases your Vanguard's AA by 1.5% (6.0%) (maximum of 3 activations; can be stacked). When this effect activates 3 times: restores 4.0% of your Vanguard's max HP and, until the battle ends, decreases Shimanto's DMG taken by 8.0% (18.0%) .???
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Shimanto once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description轻巡洋舰—四万十軽巡洋艦――四万十Light cruiser - Shimanto.
Biography我是重樱所属的轻巡洋舰,四万十。作为愿望具现的特别计划舰,以及被解封的龙之传承,我将加入指挥官的舰队——嗯,那个…可以称我为龙神大人哦…?重桜所属、軽巡洋艦・四万十。願いを具現化された特別計画艦として、そして封印を解かれた龍の伝承を持つものとして指揮官、そなたの艦隊に加勢す――ええと、その…龍神さまって呼んでもいいわよ…?I am the Sakura Empire light cruiser, Shimanto. As a blueprint ship that embodies wishes given form and the unsealed dragon of lore, I shall hereby lend my assistance to your fleet, Commander– Oh, umm... You know, you're welcome to call me by my title of Dragon God...?
Acquisition不入之封已解,向觉醒的伟大龙神畏威崇敬吧——呵呵,倒也不必如此拘谨。我是四万十,是愿望具现的幻想之一。指挥官,还请多多关照了。不入(いらず)の封が解かれ、目覚めし大いなる龍神を崇め奉れよ――ふふふ、そうかしこまらなくていいの。私は四万十、願いが具現化した空想の一つ。指揮官、どうぞお手柔らかにねRelease the Seal of Denial; open your eyes and worship the great Dragon God– Heehee, don't worry about it. I am Shimanto, a fantasy given form through wishes embodied. Commander, don't be too hard on me, 'kay?
Login咳。指挥官,说出汝所祈愿之事吧…嗯?为什么不说呢?想让秘书舰闲着吗?コホン。指揮官、そなたの願い事を言うといいわ。…ん?どうして言わないの?秘書艦を暇させちゃうの?Ahem. Commander, speak your wish to me. ...Hm? Why aren't you saying it? Do you want to give your secretary a day off?
Details随意点便好。这里毕竟是指挥官你的港区,也就是说即使是龙神大人的房间,也不过是你家的——虽然不能真的当成自己家,不过还是放松点啦,不用紧张的。さあ自由にしていて。ここはあくまで指揮官の母港、つまり龍神さまの部屋も我が家と思って――とまでいかなくても、そんなにかしこまらないでゆっくりしていいからねNow then, set yourself free. This is your port– in other words, our home is now synonymous with the Dragon God's domain. Well, setting all that aside, just take it easy around me. There's no need for the formalities.
Main你问我想要什么贡品?既然你都这样说了,那就指挥官喜欢的零食…没什么。咳,什么零食都可以的。供物はなにがいいか?そこまで言うのなら指揮官が好きなおやつで…なんでもないわ。コホン、どんなものでも結構よWhat kind of offerings do I prefer? If you insist on knowing, your favorite snack will suffice... Err, ahem. I meant, anything will do.
Main 2工作还没结束吧?只剩下一点了,坚持下吧?…如果偷懒的话,我可是会降灾的哦?まだ仕事が終わっていないでしょ?あと少しだけだから我慢して?…サボったら祟るわよ?You're not done with work yet, right? There's not much left, so keep at it. If you slack off, you might invite a curse upon yourself~
Main 3我多少能理解御狐大人的烦恼。虽然多亏了指挥官我现在挺轻松的,但是为众人所尊崇真的很累…而且一直被叫做龙神大人,也是也挺难为情的。御狐さまの悩み、分からなくもないわ。こうして指揮官のおかげで楽できているけど、敬われるのは本当に疲れるのね…いつまでも龍神さまって呼ばれるのもなんだか恥ずかしいしねI can somewhat relate with the Guardian Fox's frustrations. Things are a lot better thanks to you, but being revered all the time can be kind of tiring... It's kind of embarrassing to be called the Dragon God all the time.
Main 4嗯,叠好了。啊,这个不是普通的纸飞机而是式纸……不过现在确实就和指挥官说的一样,只是普通的纸飞机呢……唔……うん。上出来ね。…ああこれは普通の紙飛行機ではなく式紙の……んー確かに今は指揮官の言う通りただの紙飛行機ね…ふむ…Perfect, all done. Oh, this isn't an ordinary paper airplane– it's a shikigami plane. Uhh, but, right now, it pretty much is just a paper airplane, just as you said... Mhm...
Touch有事相求于龙神大人?是想让我降雨吗?龍神さまに願い事?雨でも降らせてほしいの?Got a prayer you want the Dragon God to hear? Want me to make it rain?
Touch (Special)嗯——该不该降灾呢…うーん、祟ったほうがいいかな…Hmm... I wonder if this warrants a curse...
Touch (Headpat)…?…?Hmm...?
Mission要完成任务才行。指挥官,加油吧。任務をこなさなくちゃね。指揮官、頑張りなさいなDuties are to be fulfilled. Go forth and do your utmost, Commander.
Mission Complete任务完成了?这样啊,辛苦了。任務が完了した?そう。ご苦労さまAll done with the mission? I see. Well done, then.
Mail信件?会有人送来吗…お手紙?誰かが届けてくれるのかな…Mail? Will someone drop by to deliver it...?
Return to Port辛苦了,指挥官。是场不错的战斗?啊,并不是我的功劳,所以不必这么毕恭毕敬啦。ご苦労さま、指揮官。いい戦いだった?あ、別に私のおかげでもなんでもないから、そうかしこまらなくてもいいからねWell done out there, Commander. Did you have a good fight? Oh, it's not like I had anything to do with it, so there's no need for that respectful tone.
Commission Complete军事委托。原来如此?是要为我献上贡品吗?軍事委託。なるほど?供物を捧げてくれるの?A military commission? I see. For the purpose of bringing me an offering, I presume?
Enhancement要让我变强吗?那我就能毫无保留地使用这份力量了?強くしてくれるの?じゃあこの力を遠慮なく使っても?Can you make me even stronger? Then I suppose I shall use this power without reservation~
Flagship尝尝龙神的炮击吧——龍神の砲撃を喰らうといい――"Ryuujin no hougeki wo kurae––"
Victory敬畏吧,恐惧吧,狂暴汹涌的龙神之岚——式神沾上水变回纸了呢…啊哈哈哈……崇めよ、恐れよ、荒れ狂う龍神の嵐を……あはは、式は濡れて紙に戻っちゃったね…Worship me! Fear the raging Dragon God's storm! ...Ahaha, my shikigami have reverted back to soggy pieces of paper...
Defeat邪气比预想的还……咕呜……思った以上に邪気が……くっ…I've got a lot more bad vibes on me than I expected... Urgh...
Skill水龙式纸,示显神威——式紙水龍、力を示現せん――Shikigami serpent, unleash your divine might!
Low HP触我逆鳞之惩戒,就此降下——逆鱗に触れた罰、下してくれよう――Upon those who would lay hands on my scales, punishment descends––
Affinity (Upset)惹怒龙会怎样——指挥官不会为了满足好奇心特地付诸行动的…对吧?龍を怒らせたらどうなるか――好奇心だけでそれを知ろうとする指揮官じゃない…よね?Ever wonder what it would be like to get on a dragon's bad side? Surely you're not going to go out of your way to satisfy that curiosity... right?
Affinity (Stranger)你应该做的事,应该采取的态度只能二者择其一——要么不想我降灾,畏惧尊崇这龙神的力量,要么作为指挥官信任并依赖你的舰船四万十。随你选择,何种我都并不介意そなたがすべきこと、取るべき態度は次のいずれか二つ――祟られたくなくばこの龍神の力を恐れ崇めるか、指揮官として艦船の四万十を信じて頼るかよ。私は別にどっちでもかまわないわHow you conduct yourself and the attitude you exhibit towards me can only be one of two options– either you fear and revere me as the Dragon God lest I bring disaster upon you, or you trust and rely upon me, Shimanto, as shipgirl and Commander. The choice is yours; it matters not which you pick.
Affinity (Friendly)感觉你还是有些拘谨。如果你不改变,那我也会配合你,以更具威严的方式接触你——(咕噜咕噜…)这,这不是肚子叫的声音…是,是雷声啦。まだどこかかしこまられている気がするわ。そなたが改めないのなら、私もそなたに合わせてもっと威厳のある接し方をする――(ぐううう…)い、今のはお腹の声ではなく…ら、雷鳴よっYou still seem somewhat reserved around me. If you do not change your ways, then I have no choice but to treat you with greater dignity as well– (*gurgle*)... Th-that wasn't my stomach growling... it, it was the rumbling of thunder!
Affinity (Like)嗯嗯,只要平常地吃零食聊天就好了。即使我是龙神大人,现在也仅仅是和你聊天的小伙伴而已。而且,只要你希望,和你约会也是可以的……那,那个,刚刚的话我是认真的哦?そうそう、普通におやつを食べておしゃべりすればいいの。龍神さまといえど今は雑談に付き合ってる普通の仲間だし、そなたが望めばデートでもしてあげられるわ。……え、ええと、今のは冗談ではないわよ?Yes, that's right! You can chat with me and enjoy snacks with me as normal! Even if I am the Dragon God, right now, I'm just a regular friend who you can shoot the breeze with! And if you want, I can even go on a date with you! ...Umm, hey. I was totally serious about that, okay?
Affinity (Love)今天一整天的我是来和指挥官约会的,没什么威严的龙神大人哦。来,带路吧。我这是第一次,就算想摆架子也做不到呢——呵呵,多少知道该怎么和龙神大人相处了吗?今日一日は指揮官とデートする、あまり偉くなそうな龍神さまね。さあ、エスコートして。私、こういうのは始めてだから、偉ぶっても偉くなれないの――ふふふ、少しは龍神さまとの付き合い方を分かってくれた?I'm here to go on a date with you today, Commander, so there's no need to get hung up about that Dragon God thing. Come on, show me the ropes. This is my first time doing something like this, so I wouldn't be able to put on airs even if I wanted to– Heehee, you're getting a bit better at dealing with me, aren't you?
Pledge如果交换了誓约,那我们之间就是斩也斩不断的关系——这既是恩赐,也是诅咒。这样也可以吗?…是吗?呵呵,那下一步该怎么做?接吻?拥抱?还是…?誓いを交わせば、そなたとは切っても切れぬ関係に――恵みでもあるし、呪いでもあるわ。それでもいいの?…そう?ふふふ、じゃあ次は何をすればいい?キス?抱っこ?それとも…?Should we exchange vows, then an inseparable bond would form between us– indeed, this is both a blessing and a curse. Are you fine with that? ...I see. Heehee. In that case, what should we do next? A kiss? A hug? Or maybe...
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In battle with Hakuryuu刀可要牢牢握住哦。呵呵~刀はしっかり握ってて。ふふふ Keep a tight grip on that katana of yours. Heehee~
In battle with Vauquelin, Maillé Brézé, Attilio Regolo就那么讨厌青椒吗…?ピーマンがそんなに嫌いなの…? Do you hate green peppers that much...?
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Ship Description来得正好。我会为你赐下一杯龙神的会心之作——啊,我这就去烧水,稍等。喝完茶后就躺下,一起放松吧?よくぞやってきた。そなたには龍神の会心の一杯を振る舞おう――と、今お湯を沸かすからちょっと待って。お茶を飲んでから横になって、一緒にゆっくりしましょ?You couldn't have picked a better time to come. Allow me to treat you to a cup of the Dragon God's benevolence– Uhh, I'll go boil some water right now, so sit tight. After you finish the tea, shall we kick back and relax awhile?
Acquisition来得正好。我会为你赐下一杯龙神的会心之作——啊,我这就去烧水,稍等。喝完茶后就躺下,一起放松吧?よくぞやってきた。そなたには龍神の会心の一杯を振る舞おう――と、今お湯を沸かすからちょっと待って。お茶を飲んでから横になって、一緒にゆっくりしましょ?You couldn't have picked a better time to come. Allow me to treat you to a cup of the Dragon God's benevolence– Uhh, I'll go boil some water right now, so sit tight. After you finish the tea, shall we kick back and relax awhile?
Login嘿~咻。哼哼,这一杯非常完美呢。不必太在意礼仪什么的,趁热喝吧。よいっしょ。ふふん、うまく点てられたわ。作法とかあまり気にしていてもしょうがないし、熱いうちに飲みなさいなPheeew~ Hehe, isn't this cuppa a thing of beauty? Don't worry too much about etiquette or whatever. Just drink it while it's hot.
Details这个服装,我听说是用于“服侍”的,具体是要做什么呢?龙神大人对世俗之事不太了解,希望指挥官务必能多教教我~呵呵~この衣装、なにやら「ご奉仕」のためのものだと聞いたけど、具体的にどういうことをすればいいの?龍神さまも俗世のことには疎くて、指揮官にぜひいろいろ教えて欲しいな~ってね。ふふふI heard that this outfit is worn when providing a certain kind of "service," but what exactly does this entail? Even the great Dragon God finds herself ignorant of some worldly things, and your guidance would be most appreciated~ Teehee~
Main清茶似甘露……怎么样?龙神大人泡的茶也很棒吧?我可没被白白供茶呢。甘露甘露っと…どう?龍神さまのお茶もすごいでしょ?伊達に献茶されてきたんじゃないわThey say fresh tea is as nectar... So what do you think? Isn't the Dragon God's tea amazing? When things are offered to me, it isn't just for show, you know.
Main 2好,低下头……(小声)真乖,这边也暖洋洋的对吧?可以一直保持这样哦。はい、頭を降ろして…(小声)よしよし、こっちはこっちでほかほかでしょ?いつまでもこうしていていいわよNow then, prostrate yourself! (whispers) Wonderful. Isn't it nice and warm over here~? I don't mind if we keep staying like this~
Main 3吹吹……嗯,这样应该就好了。啊,不小心煮沸了……吹气调整温度真难呢……是我做错了吗?ふぅふぅ…はい、これでいいかな。あっ、間違えてぐつぐつさせちゃった…息を吹いて温度を調整するのって本当に難しいのね…違うの?Fwoo, fwoo... Here, that should do the trick. Huh? I accidentally made it boiling hot? Sorry, it's hard to control the temperature like this... Is that not the issue?
Touch向龙神大人所求为何呢?龍神さまに何を求めるのかな?What do you seek from the Dragon God?
Touch (Special)原来如此……也有这种服侍吗?呵呵~なるほど…そういうご奉仕もあるわね?ふふふI see, I see... So THIS is the kind of "service" they were talking about? Heehee~
Return to Port辛苦了。要先喝杯茶吗?还是先躺在这里休息?无论哪一边都是热乎乎的哦?ご苦労さま。先にお茶でも飲む?それともここで横になって休む?どっちもちゃんとほかほかに温めているからね?You've done well. Would you like a cup of tea first, or would you prefer to lie down? Either way, I've made things nice and comfy for you~
Commission Complete委托组回来了呢。茶点够吗?让吾妻她们再带点?委託組が戻ってきたわね。茶菓子は足りてる?あとで吾妻たちに持ってこさせようか?The commission fleet is back? Do we have enough refreshments? Shall I have Azuma and the others bring some more over?
Victory从泡茶到战斗,龙神大人可是无所不能呢。お茶沸かしから戦闘まで、龍神さまにできないことはないわよBe it boiling tea or fighting, there's nothing the Dragon God can't do.
Affinity (Love)真乖,摸摸头摸摸头……沉浸于茶的香气,耽溺于龙神大人温暖柔软的大腿,快快进入梦乡吧~呵呵,什么都不用考虑哦~よしよし、いい子いい子……お茶の香りを嗅いで、龍神さまの温かくて柔らかーい太ももを感じて、早く夢の世界に行きましょうね~。ふふふ、何も考えなくていいから~How wonderfully well-behaved you are, *pat, pat*... Enjoy the aroma of the tea, feel the warmth and softness of the Dragon God's thighs, and be whisked away into the land of sweet slumber~ Heehee. That's right, you don't need to worry about a thing~
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Login来,说出汝所祈求之事吧。我的力量将为你——停一下!如果是那个愿望的话,必须要把零食加到两倍才行哦?さあ、願いを申せ。私がそなたの力に――ストップストップっ!その願いならおやつを2倍にしないとダメだよ?Now then, make your wish. My power belongs to you– Wait, hold on a sec! If you want me to grant THAT wish, you'll have to double my snack allowance!
Details稍微把工作放下,休息一下吧。来这里的人没那么多,而且就算被发现也没关系的,只要说你在向龙神祈愿就好了。少し仕事は置いておいてゆっくりするといいわ。ここに訪れる者はそう多くないし、バレても龍神さまに祈っていた、ってことにしちゃえば平気なんだからLet's set the work aside and take it easy for now. Not many people come by these parts, and even if they do, all you gotta do is say that you were praying to the Dragon God~
Main最近太阳晒得太烈了有点热?…呵呵,那就轮到我登场了。要我帮你大降甘霖吗?最近は日差しが強すぎてちょっと暑い?…ふふん、それなら私の出番ね。とっておきの雨、降らせてあげようか?Don't you think the sun's been a bit too strong lately? ...Heehee, I guess that's where I come in. Shall I call down a bit of rain for you?
Main 2累了?如果累了的话就没办法了…在你恢复前,一起看看Juus聊聊天吧?疲れた?疲れたならしょうがないわね…調子が戻るまで二人で艦船通信でも眺めながらおしゃべりしましょ?Tired? I guess that's bound to happen eventually. Wanna scroll through Juustagram 'til you feel better?
Main 3这把刀是谁的…?啊。嗯嗯,原来如此原来如此…这下要让那孩子供奉很多很多零食才行呢。呵呵~この刀は誰の…?あっ。うんうん、なるほどなるほど…これはあの子にたっくさんおやつを供えてもらえそうね。ふふふWhose katana is this...? Oh. Mm, mm. I see, I see... I think I'll have that girl offer me a whole bunch of snacks. Ehehe~
Touch是需要我的力量吗?好,我很乐意帮忙。私の力が必要ってこと?ええ、喜んで手伝うわよDo you require my power? Very well, I'd be more than glad to assist you.
Touch (Special)想要龙神大人的各种恩泽?可以哦?龍神さまに色々恵んでほしい?いいわよ?You wish for even more wondrous blessings from the Dragon God~? I guess I can do that~
Touch (Headpat)就因为长着这个所以让人感到威严吧…?大概…これがあるから威厳を感じさせられるのかな…?一応…People are in awe of me because I have these growing out of my head... Probably...?
Mission要我帮忙做任务也无妨。毕竟龙神大人现在是秘书舰呢。別に任務を手伝っても構わないわ。龍神さまも今は秘書艦だもんねI suppose I don't mind helping you with your mission. After all, the great Dragon God is but a secretary now~
Mission Complete啊,任务已经完成了…?难得我还想去帮忙…不,你做得很好哦。あ、もう任務が完了したの…?せっかく手伝おうと思ってたのにね…ううん、よくやったわOh, done already...? And here I was finally trying to make myself useful... I mean, uh, yes, well done!
Return to Port辛苦了,指挥官。那么,有带礼物来吗?呵呵,不一定要是献给龙神大人的零食,有趣的旅途见闻也可以哦。ご苦労さま、指揮官。さて、お土産はあるの?ふふ、龍神さまに捧げるおやつとかじゃなくて、楽しい土産話でもかまわないわWell fought, Commander. Now then, got any souvenirs for me? Hehe, it doesn't have to be an offering of snacks for the Dragon God. An interesting tale or two will suffice.
Commission Complete委托组回来了呢。呵呵,龙神大人对一切都了如指掌哦。委託組が戻ってきたわね。ふふ、龍神さまは何でも知っているわThe commission team seems to have returned. Heehee, the Dragon God sees all~
Flagship龙将击碎我的敌人…开玩笑的。龍が我が敵を砕く…なんてね"Ryuu ga waga teki wo"... Haha, I'll stop now.
Victory降下胜利之雨比较好吗?呵呵,开玩笑的。勝利の雨を降らせたほうがいい?ふふふ、冗談よ?Maybe I should call down a celebratory rainstorm? Heehee, just joking.
Affinity (Love)对对。无需拘谨,也不用客气。这里最了不起的就是指挥官,所以尽管表达自己就好。我永远都是只属于你的四万十,只属于你的龙神大人哦。そうそう。かしこまるのも、遠慮するのもなしよ。ここで一番偉いのは指揮官なんだから、好きなだけアピールして構わないの。私はいつまでもあなただけの四万十、あなただけの龍神さまよYeah, yeah. Just like that. No need for reservation, no need to be polite. You're the head honcho here, so feel free to be yourself. I will always be your Shimanto, your personal Dragon God.