Shimakaze (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 268Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityUltra Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP381 Reload82
Firepower14 Torpedo116
Evasion86 Anti-air30
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW52 Luck41
HP1772 Reload158
Firepower39 Torpedo297
Evasion285 Anti-air114
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW128 Luck43
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: -ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Upon the Wind's Edge When this ship fires her Torpedoes: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage and executes a slashing attack. Enemies hit by this slashing attack take 3.5% (8.0%) increased DMG from this ship for 3s, and inflicts a unique Flooding ailment (lasts 6s) to enemies hit by her torpedoes (Flooding deals 179 DMG per tick; 1 tick occurs every 3s; barrage DMG is based on the skill's level). ???
Before the Lightning's FlashAt the start of the battle, and when this ship's Torpedoes finish reloading: for 10s, decreases this ship's DMG taken by 5.0% (15.0%) , increases her DMG dealt with Torpedoes by 4.5% (12.0%) , and increases your Vanguard's Speed by 3 (these effects cannot be stacked; overlapping activations will simply refresh the effect timers if possible).???
Within the Thunder's RoarIncreases this ship's Accuracy by 5.0% (15.0%) and decreases her torpedo DMG taken by 10.0%. While this ship is afloat, when a fleet this ship is NOT in starts a battle, that fleet gains the following buffs: 1) 30s after the battle starts: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) supporting torpedo barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level); 2) If the fleet Shimakaze is NOT in has 1 or more DDs: increases your DDs' TRP by 1.0% (10.0%) until the battle ends.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Shimakaze once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description岛风号驱逐舰島風型駆逐艦・島風Shimakaze-class destroyer – Shimakaze.
Biography岛风级驱逐舰岛风,拥有着最快的速度和最强的雷击火力,是舰队驱逐舰中当之无愧的头牌!哼哼,无论什么样的战斗,都交给岛风我吧!島風型駆逐艦の島風は、最高峰の速力と雷撃力を誇り、水雷艦隊の要である艦隊型駆逐艦の中でも花形です!ふっふん、どんな戦闘でもこの島風に任せてください!I'm Shimakaze, the sole Shimakaze-class destroyer! I boast the highest speed and best torpedo capabilities of all fleet destroyers – a pivotal part of any torpedo squadron! No type of operation is beyond my capabilities! Ha-hah!
Acquisition全世界唯一的岛风级驱逐舰——岛风前来报到!你就是指挥官对吧~以后就作为伙伴一起朝着目标前进吧!世界でたった一隻の島風型駆逐艦、島風、参上しました!あなたが指揮官殿ですね!これからは仲間として一緒に目標に向けてがんばりましょう!I am Shimakaze, the world's one and only Shimakaze-class destroyer! You must be the commander! Let us join forces and work towards our goals, together!
Login看来指挥官也不喜欢拖拉呢。今天也一起努力工作吧!指揮官殿もだらだらするのはお嫌いなのですね!よし、今日も一緒にがんばりましょう!Commander, you're not the type to dilly-dally around, are you? That makes two of us! We'd better begin our work for the day!
Details凤翔前辈做的胡萝卜蛋糕,好想再吃一个啊~鳳翔さんの作ったにんじんケーキ、また食べたいですな~Houshou's carrot cake is just divine! I hope to taste it again sometime.
Main舰装处于最佳状态,今天也是随时能出击的完美模式!艤装がいい調子…今日はいつでも万全な状態で出撃できます!My rigging calibration checks out. I'm fully prepared to sortie at your command!
Main 2我的鞋子?哼哼,多亏有这双鞋,我才能比大家跑得更快哦~この靴?実はこれを装備しているおかげで、みんなより速く走れるんですよ!ふふん!My shoes? They're quite special. In fact, these shoes are what allow me to go faster than everyone else! Ha-hah!
Main 3重樱很多人都有自己的佩刀呢……有机会的话,我想都借来试一试!重桜の中で刀を持ってる方は多くいます……機会があればぜひお借りして振ってみたいですなThe Sakura Empire is home to many sword-wielding shipgirls... If I ever get the chance, I'd love to borrow and swing someone else's sword for myself.
Main 4我一直都相信着,只要能认真倾听对方的话语,任何人都是可以互相理解的!耳を傾けて話を聞いてあげれば、きっと誰とでも分かり合えます!島風、ずっとそう信じてきました!Any two people can come to an understanding as long they're both willing to listen! That's what I've always believed!
Touch欸,我,我不小心弄错什么了吗?えっ、私が何かミスをしましたか?Huh? Have I done something incorrectly?
Touch (Special)呀!你在做什么啊!真是的……算了,这次就原谅你好了。きゃっ!なにをするんですか!まったくもう……まあ、今回だけ許してあげますよEek! What has gotten into you?! If I didn't know any better, I'd think... Well, just this once, I'll turn a blind eye to it.
Touch (Headpat)呀啊啊啊,耳、耳朵不能随便碰……!身,身体没力气了……ふみゃああぁぁぁ……み、ミミはさわっては……!力が入らにゃい……あああぁぁぁ……Mweeehhh... Please, d-don't touch my ears! It makes me shooo weak... Aaaahh...
Mission还有任务没完成哦!为了奖励,全力以赴吧,指挥官!おお未完了の任務がありますな!報酬のために、全力で参りましょう!ね、指揮官殿!Aha! I spy with my little eye incomplete missions! Full speed ahead for those rewards! Right, Commander?
Mission Complete任务完成啦!快快快!快看看奖励有什么!任務完了ですな!ささ、早く報酬に何があるか見てみましょう!Mission completed! Quick, let's check what rewards we've earned!
Mail指挥官,最好确认一下新的邮件哦~そうだ、新しいメールを確認したほうがいいですよ?Apropos of nothing, I think you should check your latest mail.
Return to Port欢、欢迎回来,指挥官!……没什么啦!只是有一些担心而已……お、おかえりなさい指揮官殿!……なんでもないですよ!少し心配しただけで……W-welcome back, Commander! ...No, it's nothing, really! I was just wondering when you'd return...
Commission Complete唔唔,委托的路上不会遭到袭击什么的吧?むむ…委託に出かける時は襲撃に遭ったりしませんよね…?Hmm... Commission teams don't run into ambushes out at sea, do they...?
Enhancement我还能变得更快…更强!もっと速く…強くなれますよ!I can become even faster... even stronger!
Flagship这场战斗由我来指挥吗?没问题,交给我吧!指揮はこの島風がするのですか?大丈夫!任せてください!Shall I assume command? Understood! I won't disappoint you!
Victory好的,这次的第一也由岛风拿下了!よし、今回も一位をいただきました!All right! Another first-place finish!
Defeat我,我会好好反省的……は、反省しますぅ……I-I'll reflect upon my errors...
Skill这里说成是什么奥义比较好呢!なんと奥義にしたほうがいいですね!Maybe I should turn this into one of my secret moves!
Low HP轮机部,请再坚持一下……拜托了!機関部、もう少し持ちこたえて……お願い!Don't die on me now, engines... Please hang in there!
Affinity (Upset)只要你能够改正错误的话,我还是能原谅你的!間違いを正すのでしたら、許してあげなくもないですよ!If you manage to right all your wrongs, then maybe you'll earn my forgiveness!
Affinity (Stranger)我一直坚信,岛风是最强的驱逐舰!为了能够达到最强,无论训练还是出击我都会全力以赴的!島風は駆逐艦にて最強!と、信じていますけど、やっぱり本当の最強になるには訓練も出撃も、全力で挑まなければなりませんな!I am THE strongest destroyer! Or, so I'd like to think. But to truly become the strongest, I'll have to hone myself through my training and sorties!
Affinity (Friendly)虽然经常被说太鲁莽…不过,有冲劲不也是一件好事吗?如果在战斗中没有全力以赴的话,反而很容易留下遗憾不是吗?嘿嘿~せっかちってよく言われますけど、でも敢闘精神があるのはいいことじゃありませんか?あと、余力を残したら、あとで悔しく思うこともあるとは思いませんか?ふふーん!People often say I'm too hasty, but isn't swift decision-making supposed to be a good thing? Plus, if you don't fight with all you've got, it could come back to haunt you! Hehehe!
Affinity (Like)指挥官是为了什么而一直奋战到现在的呢?只是有点好奇啦…不过,无论遇到什么麻烦,岛风都会尽力帮忙的!…这次不会冲过头的啦!指揮官殿はこれまで何のために戦ってきたのですか?ちょっとだけ気になりまして…あ、でもどんなことだろうとこの島風、全力でお手伝いしますよ!……今回は前に出過ぎないってば!Commander, what things motivate you to keep fighting? I'm just asking out of curiosity. Whatever they are, I will fight for them alongside you! ...Yes, I know, I swear not to get ahead of myself this time!
Affinity (Love)今天工作结束以后,一起去哪里转转吧?……因、因为工作的时候没法和指挥官独处…啊啊,真是的!我就是想和指挥官单独待一会嘛!可以…吗?今日の執務が終わったら一緒にどこかに行きませんか?……だ、だって仕事中はあまり指揮官殿と二人っきりになる時間はありませんし…ああもう、指揮官殿との二人だけの時間がほしいです!いい……ですか?Could we go somewhere together after finishing our work today? B-because, well, we hardly get any time for ourselves during office hours... Okay, look! I'm saying I want some alone time with you, Commander! Would you... oblige?
Pledge—啊啊啊,不是说有紧急任务要集合吗!?—欸,这个戒指是……被骗了!指挥官没必要骗我嘛…直接说出来我也不会拒绝啦!――えええ!緊急任務で集合するのではなかったのですか!ってこの指輪は……騙されたー!直接話してくれても断らないのに、どうしてこんなことするんですかもう!What is THIS?! Wasn't this meant to be an emergency mission briefing?! Wait, what's this ring...? I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker! But why trick me into coming? I would've agreed to it if you'd just told the truth!
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In battle with Le Triomphant, Le Malin比我更快?真的吗!?私より速い?本当!?You can go faster than me?Really?!
In battle with Fubuki, Shirayuki, Ayanami, Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, Inazuma, Shiratsuyu, Yuudachi, Shigure, Yukikaze, !UNKNOWN! (31017), Shiranui, Nowaki, Hatsuharu, Wakaba, Hatsushimo, Ariake, Yuugure, Kuroshio, Oyashio, Kamikaze, Matsukaze, Mutsuki, Kisaragi, Uzuki, Minazuki, Fumizuki, Nagatsuki, Mikazuki, !UNKNOWN! (30142), Umikaze, Yamakaze, Kawakaze, Kiyonami, Niizuki, Harutsuki, Yoizuki, Urakaze, Isokaze, Hamakaze, Tanikaze, Asashio, Ooshio, Michishio, Arashio, Uranami, Hatakaze, Makinami, Kasumi, Hanazuki, Naganami, Suzutsuki, Oite, Kazagumo, Yuubari, Isuzu, Yura, Kinu, Abukuma, Mogami, Mikuma, Sendai, Jintsuu, Naka, Agano, Noshiro, Furutaka, Kako, Aoba, Kinugasa, Chikuma, Myoukou, Nachi, Ashigara, Takao, Atago, Maya, Choukai, Suzuya, Kumano, Kashino, Ibuki, Kitakaze, Azuma速战速决吧!一気に畳み掛けますよ!Let's rush them down!
In battle with Bailey贝利,兔兔星是真的吗!?ウサウサ星?本当にあるのですか!?Is Planet Bunny a real place?! I must know!
In battle with Suruga骏河!我先上了哦!駿河、島風は先に行くよ!I'll scout ahead, Suruga!
In battle with Laffey, Javelin, Z23, Ayanami诶?我也是主角之一吗…?好像没什么感觉……あれ?私も主人公だって…?びみょーに身に覚えがないというか…!I'm... a starter ship, too? That's weird, because I don't really feel like one...
In battle with Takao高雄!岛风今天的表现也很棒吧!高雄殿!今の島風はどうですか??Takao! Do you think better of me now?
In battle with Nagato长门、长门大人!?遵命!能和长门大人一队…岛风不胜惶恐!な、長門様!?おお畏れ多くもご一緒します!はい!L-Lady Nagato?! I-i-it's an honor fighting alongside you!
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Ship Description岛风来啦——!一起碰一杯吧!哎呀,这身精致的衣服穿起来有些费劲呢~不愧是指挥官,眼光真棒!うっさっさー!祝いの一杯でもどうぞ!いやぁ、この衣装に着替えるのは難儀でした~。さすが指揮官殿、お目が高うございますな!Hippity hoppity! Grab a glass and have a sippity! Whew, I must say, this outfit was tricky to get into. Still, you made an exquisite pick, Commander!
Acquisition岛风来啦——!一起碰一杯吧!哎呀,这身精致的衣服穿起来有些费劲呢~不愧是指挥官,眼光真棒!うっさっさー!祝いの一杯でもどうぞ!いやぁ、この衣装に着替えるのは難儀でした~。さすが指揮官殿、お目が高うございますな!Hippity hoppity! Grab a glass and have a sippity! Whew, I must say, this outfit was tricky to get into. Still, you made an exquisite pick, Commander!
Login今天也是干劲十足呢!指挥官,一起好好享受吧!今日も気合は十分です!指揮官殿、全力で祝いましょう!I'm positively brimming with energy! Tonight, let us "party hard," Commander!
Details舰船悬赏令发布啦!指挥官不来参加一下吗?这可是能够获得各种各样宝物的机会哦!求ム艦船たち!指揮官殿もイベントに参加しませんか?色々とお宝をもらえるチャンスですよ!Commander! Why not play a round of Shipgirl Bounty Hunter? There are many nice prizes you can win!
Main阿武隈邀请我一起去钓鱼!我现在就去……这、这个打扮太显眼了吗?阿武隈殿に釣りに誘われました!今行きま…こ、この格好では悪目立ちするのですか?Abukuma invited me to go fishing with her! So, I'm going out to meet– Y-you think it's best if I change clothes first?
Main 2骏河也试穿一下兔女郎吧?就、就算死也不穿?这么严重吗!?駿河殿もバニーガールのコスチュームを着てみてはいかがですか?し、死んでも着ないってそんな、深刻すぎませんか!?Suruga! You should try a bunny girl costume too! ...Y-you wouldn't be caught dead in one? Isn't that a little extreme, even for an aversion?!
Main 3耳罩的松紧度正好呢!再紧一点的话…感觉就会没力气了…耳カバーがいい感じでぴったりですね!もうすこしきつくすると力が出なくなりますよ…These frills fit around my ears perfectly! Which is good, because I'd become lethargic if they were too tight...
Touch指挥官,要再来一杯吗?指揮官殿、おかわりでもいかがですか?Would you like a refill, Commander?
Touch (Special)即便不用担心衣服被掀起来也…啊真是的!めくられる心配ないと言われましても…もう!There being no danger of skirt-flipping doesn't make this tolerable behavior!
Return to Port指挥官辛苦了!想看岛风的表演吗?什么都可以哦~如果岛风能做到的话…嗯…お疲れさまでした!余興の出し物、何がいいですかね…島風にできることなら…むむむ…Outstanding work! I will provide tonight's entertainment act! As soon as I come up with something entertaining... Hmm...
Flagship兔兔装备,大显身手!兎装備で、本領発揮です!I'm truly in my element in this outfit!
Victory岛风不仅是最快的,而且是最强的哦!島風、最速にして最強…ですよ!I'm the fastest, strongest destroyer... And that's a fact!
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Ship Description啊呀!又是这个地方?!明明刚才开始已经连着跑了1小时了……指挥官?!呜哇幸好~!!请救救岛风吧!TOTはわわわわ!またこの場所!?さっきから1時間は走り続けてるのに……指揮官殿?!うわあああ助かったああ~!!島風をどうか助けてくださあああい!(涙Whoa-whoa-whoa! Why'd I end up here again?! Even though I've been running for a whole hour! ...Commander?! Waaaah, I'm so glad to see you! Please, help me get out of heeeeeeere!
Acquisition啊呀!又是这个地方?!明明刚才开始已经连着跑了1小时了……指挥官?!呜哇幸好~!!请救救岛风吧!TOTはわわわわ!またこの場所!?さっきから1時間は走り続けてるのに……指揮官殿?!うわあああ助かったああ~!!島風をどうか助けてくださあああい!(涙Whoa-whoa-whoa! Why'd I end up here again?! Even though I've been running for a whole hour! ...Commander?! Waaaah, I'm so glad to see you! Please, help me get out of heeeeeeere!
Login仔细想想,岛风不是爱丽丝而是怀表兔呢!会迷路误入这里不是很奇怪吗??よくよく考えたら島風、アリスではなく時計うさぎですよね!ここに迷い込んだ事自体おかしいと思いませんか??After much thinking, I've realized that I'm not Alice, but rather the White Rabbit! So isn't it weird that I'm lost in here?
Details话说这个布景也太大了~岛风都跑成这样了还完全找不到出口……诶,我只是在不停地原地打转吗?それにしてもこのセット、とんでもない大きさですな~。島風があんなに走り回ったのに出口が一切見つからないなんて…同じ場所をぐるぐる回っていただけ、ですか!?The sheer scale of this set is staggering! I've run around all over the place and still found no sign of the exit... What?! I've been going in circles all this time?!
Main哦哦!在那样的地方竟然有蛋糕!诶嘿嘿……哎呀不行指挥官!已经说了现在重要的是从这里出去—!おお!あんな場所にケーキが!えへへへ…ってダメですよ指揮官殿!今はここから脱出するのが先ですよー!Whoa! There's cake over there! Heehee... No, Commander! Finding the exit comes first, like I told you before!
Main 2要是骏河在这里……奇怪?如果是骏河会怎么出去呢?岛风,完全想不到呢!ここに駿河殿がいたら…あれ?駿河殿ならどうやって脱出するのでしょうか?島風、まっっったく思いつきません!If Suruga was here, how would she... Wait, COULD Suruga even find a way out of this place? Because I am completely out of ideas!
Main 3出口在那边是吧!好的岛风会尽全力……啊好疼!这,这不是镜子么!出口はあっちですね!よぉし島風、全力で…あいた!か、鏡じゃないですかー!There's the exit! Watch, I'm going to make a mad dash for– Owie! Th-this is just a dang mirror!
Touch嗯嗯,岛风会带你走向正确的方向哦——えぇえぇ、島風が正しい行き先を案内しますよーMhm! Allow me to show you the right path to your destination!
Touch (Special)只要不是耳朵……就算不是耳朵也很害羞啦!真是的!耳じゃなければ…耳じゃなくても恥ずかしいですよ!もう!At least it's not my... No, ears or not, it's embarrassing when you touch me like that!
Mission换做拉菲的话,应付场合应该没问题吧……啊!来新任务了!ラフィーならこの場所でも平気ですよね…あわわ!新しい任務のお知らせが来ました!Laffey could find a way out if she were here... Whoa! Word of a new mission just came in!
Return to Port啊,指挥官!诶嘿嘿,这是岛风刚才发现的很好喝的茶哦!一起稍作休息吧!あ、指揮官殿!えへへ、島風がさっき見つけたすごく美味しい紅茶ですよ!一緒にちょっと休憩しましょー!Ah, Commander! Heehee~ I stumbled across this delicious tea just earlier! Join me on a break and we'll drink it together!
Commission Complete委托组回来了!不能再这样下去了!委託組が戻ってきました!ここには持ってこられませんよね…!The commission team has come back! But as it stands now, we can't meet them!
Victory别小看了岛风的力量哦!うっさー!島風の力を侮ってはいけませんよー!Hippity hoppity! That's what happens when you underestimate me!
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Ship Description也不能一直在海上跑呢,差不多该恢复恢复一下体力啦。如果指挥官要遮阳的话,就请用这把伞吧!いつまでも海を走るわけにはいきませんね。そろそろ体力も回復回復っと。…指揮官殿も日よけにどうぞ、この傘をお使いください!You can't keep sprinting across the sea forever. Sometimes, you need to rest and recover your strength. Speaking of, you may use my parasol if you like, Commander!
Acquisition也不能一直在海上跑呢,差不多该恢复恢复一下体力啦。如果指挥官要遮阳的话,就请用这把伞吧!いつまでも海を走るわけにはいきませんね。そろそろ体力も回復回復っと。…指揮官殿も日よけにどうぞ、この傘をお使いください!You can't keep sprinting across the sea forever. Sometimes, you need to rest and recover your strength. Speaking of, you may use my parasol if you like, Commander!
Login指挥官请在这休息!岛风,这就再去转转!指揮官殿はここでお休みください!島風、もうひとっ走り行ってきます!Please sit over here and relax, Commander! I'm going for a quick run around!
Details指挥官,快去海里玩吧!这可是尽情享受的好机会哦!うっさー!指揮官殿、早く海に行きましょう!思いっきり楽しむチャンスですよー!Hippity hoppity! Let's go for a swim in the sea! It'll be a boatload of fun, Commander!
Main长波的尾巴在游泳的时候很不方便呢……岛风的耳朵也一样就是了。長波殿のしっぽ、泳ぐときは大変ですな…島風の耳もそうですけどNaganami must surely hate getting her tail wet... One could say the same about my ears, I suppose.
Main 2好啦好啦,纪伊也不用硬要邀请骏河的……诶?岛风可以代替她参加沙滩排球大赛吗?!まあまあ紀伊殿、駿河殿を無理に誘わなくても…え!島風が代わりにビーチバレー大会に参加していいんですか!?Now, now, Kii, please don't try to pressure Suruga into... Wow! You'll really let me take her place in the beach volleyball tournament?
Main 3不用抹防晒霜的!看岛风在阴影里快速移动吧!咻咻!日焼け止めを使うまでもなく陰りから陰りへと移動してみせます!サッサッ!I don't need sunscreen – I can simply dart in and out of the shade! Fwoosh, fwoosh!
Touch有什么事都可以找我的哦!用ならなんでもお聞きしますよWhatever it is you need, I'm all ears.
Touch (Special)大庭广众之下做什么啦!真是的!白昼堂々と何をしているんですか!もう!Do you think this is acceptable in broad daylight?! Please!
Return to Port欢迎回来指挥官!岛风也刚刚从长距离游泳回来哦!おかえりなさい指揮官殿!島風も今遠泳から帰還したばかりでした!Welcome back, Commander! I just got back as well – from a long swim, in my case!
Flagship即使是穿着泳装,也能发挥本领!水着姿でも、本領発揮です!I fight at peak performance even in this swimsuit!
Defeat比起敌人,感觉被鲨鱼追更可怕……敵よりサメに追われたほうが怖いと言うか…I'm almost more scared of being pursued by sharks than the enemy...
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Login亲爱的早上好~首先是一个啾…嘿嘿~应该叫你指挥官才对,现在还是工作时间啦~おはようございます!旦那様~♡えへへ、まずはちゅーっと…あ、今は仕事中だから指揮官殿、ですね!Good morning, my sweetheart! Hehehe♡ Time for your morning kiss, just... Oh, sorry, we're at work! As you were, Commander!
Details想要保护什么时,最重要的不是武器,而是守护的决心呢。指挥官也是这么想的吧?守るために大切なのは武器ではなく、守ろうとする心です。指揮官殿もそう思いませんか?To protect what's dear, what matters isn't the weapon in your hands, but the will in your heart. Wouldn't you say that's true?
Main舰装和我都处于最佳状态!感觉今天能大显身手呢!艤装の調子も最高です!島風、今日は大活躍する予感!My rigging is in tip-top condition! I feel like I could take on the world today!
Main 2岛风不是速度最快的,而是最快的之一才对!得时刻保持谦虚之心才行。最速ではなく、最速の一隻、ですね!常に謙虚な心を持たなくてはI'm not THE fastest – I just happen to be the fastest ship! After all, one should not ever outrun humility.
Main 3岛风更擅长的战术其实是远距离的鱼雷攻击…这也是没办法的事情呢。島風、本当は遠距離の魚雷攻撃が得意戦法なんですが…致し方ありませんねLong-range torpedo strikes are my specialty, but... I don't suppose there is any way this fleet can leverage that.
Touch指挥官,需要岛风帮你做什么吗?指揮官殿、島風がお役に立てることはありますか?How can I be of assistance, Commander?
Touch (Special)耳朵也被碰到就危险了…呜呜…耳も触られたら危ないところでした…うぅ…At least you didn't touch my ears. The outcome wouldn't have been worksafe... Ugh...
Touch (Headpat)哈啊啊啊……!はにゃあああ………Mweeehhh...
Mission Complete任务完成!岛风提前把奖励拿来啦!任務完了です!島風、一足先に報酬を持ってきました!Mission completed! I went ahead and brought you the rewards!
Return to Port欢、欢迎回来!一直担心着你呢~お、おかえりなさい指揮官殿!心配していましたよ~W-welcome back, Commander! I was wondering when you'd return.
Commission Complete岛风看到委托组平安回来啦!和平无事是最好的!島風、委託組の無事を確認しました!平和なのが一番、ですね!I've confirmed the commission team's safe return to port! A peaceful journey is always best!
Flagship就算输了也请大家别生气哦!負けたからって怒らないでくださいね!In the event we lose, please don't take it out on me!
Victory岛风舰队,无所不能!不可能も可能にしちゃう、島風艦隊ですよ!The Shimakaze Fleet can make even the impossible happen!
Affinity (Love)工作结束后,和亲爱的一起吃饭、逛街…这样二人独处的时间,怎么样都不嫌多呢。诶嘿嘿~以后也请多多关照啦♪執務が終わったら一緒にご飯して、お買いものをして……旦那様と二人っきりになる時間、いくらあっても足りませんよ。えへへ、島風のこと、よろしくおねがいしますね♪Sweetheart? I'd love to have dinner with you after work, then go shopping together. I wish we'd have more time for ourselves, even if I'd always want more of it. Hehehe~ Got to make the most of what we can get, though, right?