Ryuuhou (JP 🇯🇵: 龍鳳, CN 🇹🇼: 龙凤)
Ship IDNo. 426Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time02:22:00
AcquisitionEvent: Swirling Cherry Blossoms
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENDecember 26, 2019
KRDecember 26, 2019
CNDecember 26, 2019
JPDecember 26, 2019
Voice actressJuri Nagatsuma
Ryuuhou Description
Ryuuhou-class light aircraft carrier – Ryuuhou.
Firebird's New Year DanceDescription
Commander, everyone seems to be busy with end-of-year preparations. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
HP824 Reload69
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion19 Anti-air52
Aviation59 Cost0
ASW27 Luck70
HP3706 Reload133
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion68 Anti-air196
Aviation161 Cost0
ASW69 Luck74
Limit Break
Tier 1All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Fighter efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All fighters +1 | Fighter efficiency +10%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Torpedo Bomber135%/135%/135%/145%1/2/2/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun80%/80%/80%/80%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1A6M2 Zero
2Nakajima B5N
Fleet Tech
T4 Light Aircraft Carrier: Zuihou-class Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock9 +1
Max LimitBreak19
Lv.12014 +2
Swirling Cherry BlossomsThe first 3 Airstrikes launched by this ship will heal 3 times over 3 seconds, each heal targeting the allied surface ship with lowest percentage of remaining HP. Each heal restores HP equal to 1.2% (3.0%) of Ryuuhou's maximum HP. If the fleet this ship is in enters battle with 3 ships afloat in the Main Fleet, the healing from this skill is increased by 100.0%.Default Unlocked
Dancing WavesWhile this ship is afloat: decreases your Vanguard's DMG taken from enemy SS torpedoes by 4.5% (12.0%) . When your Submarine Fleet enters the battle: heals 10.0% (20.0%) HP to each boat in your Submarine Fleet. Whenever a boat in your Submarine Fleet sinks an enemy ship: increases Ryuuhou's DMG by 1.0% (3.5%) (can be stacked up to 6 times).Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description龙凤级轻型航空母舰—龙凤瑞鳳型航空母艦・龍鳳Ryuuhou-class light aircraft carrier – Ryuuhou.
Biography从潜水母舰到轻航母,从状况频发到最后久居濑户内海……但我是不会一直驻足不前的,正如之前所说,龙凤,会为您带来胜利的潜水母艦から軽空母、数々の出航をこなし、最後は母港から一歩も出ることなく…ううん、じっとしていても何も始まりません。何度も申し上げました通り、龍鳳、指揮官に勝利をもたらしてみせます!While I was able to set sail many times during my time both as a submarine tender and as a light carrier, in the end, I was unable to take even a single step away from port... No, nothing will happen if I just sit around like this. As I have stated many times, I, Ryuuhou, will bring you victory!
Acquisition潜水母舰大鲸改装,瑞凤级轻航母,龙凤,将会为您带来胜利!没错,这回不会再屡遭挫折,只会迎来接连不断的胜利!潜水母艦大鯨改め、瑞鳳型軽空母、龍鳳、参上しました。指揮官に勝利をもたらしてみせます!はい、今度こそ苦汁を舐め続けるんじゃなく、勝利します!Remodeled Taigei-class Submarine Tender, Zuihou-class Light Carrier Ryuuhou, reporting for duty. I will strive to bring you victory, Commander! Yes, this time, I won't be held back by failures on my path to victory!
Login竟然让我等了这么久…没,没什么。这点程度都还好待たせてくださいますね……いいえ、何でもありません。これぐらいは平気ですからYou have kept me waiting... No, it's nothing. I can deal with this.
Details潜艇的强大我是心知肚明的。虽然现在说这个有点不合适,但是如果那次大战中我没有被改造成航母,在大家眼中我又会是怎样的一个存在呢……潜水艦の強さは、あの大戦で身をもって知りました。不甲斐ないことでしたが、私、空母に改造されていなかったらどんな目で見られたのでしょうかI learned the power of submarines firsthand in that great war. While it's too late to turn back now, I can't help but wonder how I would be perceived if I hadn't been remodeled into an aircraft carrier.
Main照顾潜艇的孩子们可是很辛苦的……这、这可是我的亲身体验,相信我!潜水艦の子のお世話はなかなか大変ですね…じ、実体験ですから信じてくださいっ!Looking after submarines is really rough... Th-This is from personal experience, so please believe me!
Main 2我不会在意别人对我的看法。我们是舰船,等同于出身武家,这是应有的风度人にどう見られようと気にしない性分です。私たちは艦船、つまり武家の出だから当然です It's in my personality to not care what humans may think about me. This is the attitude that us warships ought to have as warriors.
Main 3有时候也挺羡慕那些正规空母的。如果我也能有和她们一样的力量的话…時々、正規空母を羨ましく感じますね。私も…あの人たちのように強くなっていたら……From time to time, I become envious of the standard carriers... If only... I could be as strong as them...
Touch华丽而不失凛然气质,指挥官也能明白这服装的美好之处吧?美しさ、そして凛々しさを両立させたこの衣装、お分かりいただけましたか?Commander, are you able to fathom this majestic outfit that impeccably balances both beauty and dignity?
Touch (Special)必须祛除你心中的妖魔!その邪念、払って差し上げます!Wicked thoughts, begone!
Mission新的任务么……既然是上面的指令,还是尽快完成吧。新しい任務……上からの指示でしたら早くこなしましょうA new mission... If it's a directive from the top brass, let's take care of it right away.
Mission Complete有了指挥官的努力,任务才能完成得如此顺利。任務を上手くこなせたのは、指揮官の頑張りのおかげですねWe were able to handle the mission flawlessly thanks to your hard work, Commander.
Mail信件,里面会是什么样内容……很在意呢お手紙です。どんな内容か気になります…なりませんか?A letter has arrived. I'm curious about its contents... Are you not?
Return to Port辛苦了,稍微休息下好了…但也不能太过松懈,一会就来做战术研讨吧!お疲れさまです。すこし休憩しましょう。…あまり休んではダメです。このあとすぐ戦闘の振り返りがありますからっ!Good work, Commander. Let's take a short break. ...But you shouldn't rest for too long, because we're going to review some battles right after this!
Commission Complete委托完成了。我先去迎接她们了,但愿这次是个大丰收。委託が完了しました。先に出迎えてまいります。…いい報酬がありますようにThe commissions have been completed. I shall go ahead and greet them first. ...I hope their bounty is plentiful.
Enhancement承蒙厚爱,感激不尽,指挥官ご厚意誠にありがとうございます。指揮官I'm truly grateful for your kindness, Commander.
Flagship累积已久的战意和激情,全部倾泻在敌人身上!積もりに積もった我が思い、思いっきりぶつけてやります!I've been pent up for a while. You'd better believe I'm going to give you a piece of my mind!
Victory无论胜负,皆淡然处之,这才是重樱名门应有的风范勝ちにも負けにも動じることなかれ。これこそ我が重桜の矜持なり…ふふっ!Unperturbed by both victory and defeat. This is my pride as a member of the Sakura Empire... hehe!
Defeat哼,这次就让你们一局吧い、一回ぐらいは勝ちを譲って差し上げます!I-I shall let you win just this once!
Skill胜利…在我的手中!勝利をこの手に…!Victory is in my grasp...!
Low HP啧,偏偏在这种时候…くっ、こんな時に……!Ugh, at a time like this...!
Affinity (Upset)总觉得指挥官散发着一股让人不想靠近的气息呢…指揮官からなにげに、近づきがたい雰囲気が出ていますね…Commander, for some reason, you seem really unapproachable...
Affinity (Stranger)那片大海…那是个让人又怀念,又心情复杂的地方呢……不过这些都和现在没有关系了。我需要的只有努力重桜の海は懐かしくて、なんだか複雑な気持ちになりそうな場所です。…いいえ、今は関係ありません。精進あるのみですねThe sea of the Sakura Empire is nostalgic, but I also have murky and mixed feelings about it... No, that's got nothing to do with me right now. Focus, focus.
Affinity (Friendly)对于她人的批评或赞赏,指挥官是什么想法呢?没什么,我只是稍微有点好奇,不必在意…賞賛とか批判とか、指揮官は気になったりします?…い、いいえ、なんでもありません。ただの好奇心で…Commander, are you interested in things like commendations or admonishments? ...N-No, it's nothing. I was just curious...
Affinity (Like) 只要是自己切实努力得到的褒奖,我都会欣然接受,然后把它们转变成前进的动力。……所、所以指挥官,今后请给我更多出击的机会吧!頑張って手に入れた栄誉は喜んで誇りにします。そしてそれを糧に更に前進を……と、というわけで指揮官!私をもっと出撃させてください!I take pride in the honor I have earned with my two hands. And that honor becomes fuel for further progress. ...Th-Thus, Commander, I implore you to send me out on sorties more often!
Affinity (Love)正是因为在指挥官身边,我才能够有机会展示自己的实力。没有指挥官,就没有今天的我。所以在指挥官面前,就算不用压抑想法也…欸?平时就表现得很明显?是、是这样吗!?私、指揮官のそばにいたから自分の実力を発揮できました。だから指揮官の前でしたら私、本当の自分を隠さなくてもいいでしょうか…?ふ、普段から結構素が出ていましたか?そ、そうですか!?Commander, because I have been by your side, I have been able to demonstrate my true ability. Thus, would it be okay to be my true self when I am beside you...? M-My true self usually leaks out quite often? I-Is that so?!
Pledge龙凤,今后也会陪伴在你的身边,与你共同进退。……今、今后我会用真实的自己面对指挥官你的,请做好觉悟…………吧?龍鳳、これより貴方と苦楽を共にし、永遠に貴方の側にいることを誓います。……で、では、これからは自分を隠さずに指揮官と接しますから、覚悟していてください……ね?I, Ryuuhou, vow to be at your side, through thick and thin... W-Well then, from now on, I will not hide any part of myself from you, so prepare yourself... okay?
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Main Title
In battle with Hiyou这一次我们一起加油吧!共に参りましょう! Let us go together!
In battle with Hornet呃,你好像是那时候的……あなたはあのときの……You're from that time...
In battle with Houshou凤翔前辈,请多多指教!鳳翔さん、よろしくお願いします!Houshou! Let's do our best together!
In battle with !UNKNOWN! (8)啊啊啊别缠着我啊!あああ今は懐かないでください!Ahhhh, please don't hug me right now!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description年末的各种准备忙透了吧,指挥官?如果有什么我能帮上忙的请尽管吩咐我哦指揮官、お疲れ様です。年末の準備、色々お忙しいようですね。私に手伝えることがあったら教えてくださいねCommander, everyone seems to be busy with end-of-year preparations. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
Acquisition年末的各种准备忙透了吧,指挥官?如果有什么我能帮上忙的请尽管吩咐我哦指揮官、お疲れ様です。年末の準備、色々お忙しいようですね。私に手伝えることがあったら教えてくださいねCommander, everyone seems to be busy with end-of-year preparations. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.
Login指挥官,辛苦了。破魔矢的准备就交给我吧!指揮官、お疲れさまです。破魔矢の準備ならこっちにお任せください!Good work, Commander. Please allow me to prepare the hamaya!
Details舰载机的控制就靠这些符咒了…身为航母可不能冲到敌人堆里战斗呢。刀剑什么…预防万一用…吧艦載機の制御はこの御札でやってます…空母が敵の懐まで踏み込んで戦うわけには参りませんので。刀はいざという時のため、ですI control my carrier-based planes with this charm... A carrier cannot fight a foe face-to-face after all. This katana is merely a last resort.
Main隼鹰那样子…嗯,指挥官,感到困扰的时候可以找我聊聊没关系哦?隼鷹はまあ…そうですね、指揮官、困っていたら私が相談に乗りますよ?The thing about Junyou is... Well, Commander, if something's bothering you, you can consult me, you know?
Main 2时雨以前帮过我不少忙呢,所以现在我还会偶尔做点东西给她吃。别看她那样,其实是个好孩子呢時雨ちゃんにはお世話になったから、今は時々料理を作ってあげているんです。本当はいい子ですよ、ああ見えても Because I'm in Shigure's debt, I cook her some food from time to time. She's really a good girl, even if she doesn't always act like one.
Main 3指挥官要写写绘马吗?就算没能实现愿望,能写下当下的所思所想也是不错的呢指揮官、絵馬に何かお願い書いてみます?願望成就とまではいかなくても、自分の思いを書き記せるのはよいことですから Commander, would you like to write an Ema? Even if your wishes don't get fulfilled, it's still great to just be able to write down your thoughts.
Touch呼呼…指挥官也来喝点甜酒吧?不会醉的ふふ…指揮官もこの甘酒いかがですか?酔うまでは飲ませませんよ?Hehe... Commander, are you here to enjoy some sweet sake as well? Don't worry, you won't get drunk...
Touch (Special)……你、你想做什么…?……い、一体何をするつもり……?...W-What are you planning...?
Return to Port如果扶桑和山城忙不过来的话,辟邪的仪式交给我也可以哦?这方面还是有点心得的呢扶桑と山城たちが忙しいなら、お祓いぐらいこの龍鳳に任せていただいていいですよ?こういう心得はそこそこありますからYou can leave the purification to me if Fusou and Yamashiro are both busy, all right? After all, I happen to be quite knowledgeable about that subject.
Flagship为了给指挥官带来胜利,全力以赴吧!指揮官の勝利のため、全力で参ります!Full force ahead for the Commander's victory!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login居然让我等了你这么久……指挥官,是还没吃饭吗?要、要不要我做点什么?待たせてくださいますね……指揮官、もしかしてまだご飯を食べてない?お、お作りしますよ?You've kept me waiting this whole time... Commander, have you not eaten yet? Sh-shall I prepare something for you?
Main 2指挥官,偶尔在乎一下别人的看法比较好哦?个性和邋遢可不是一个意思指揮官、たまには他人の目ぐらいは気にしたほうがいいですよ?マイペースとだらしないを勘違いしちゃダメですからCommander, wouldn't it be best to ask for others' opinions every once in a while? I'm not the jealous type, you know.
Main 3我会为指挥官带去胜利的,所以请多让我出击吧!……我、我自己也想赢啊!私、指揮官に勝利をもたらしてみせますから、だからもっと出撃させてください!……わ、私自身も勝利を手に入れたいですからぁ!I pledged to bring you victory, so please sortie me more often! ...I, I also want to attain victory for my own sake as well!
Mission快点完成新的任务啦,否则别人要说我身为秘书舰监督不到位了。新しい任務をはやく片付けてください!でないと秘書艦として監督義務を果たせません!はーやーくー!Hurry up and finish the new missions. Otherwise, people will say that I'm not carrying out my duties as secretary ship.
Victory好!赢啦!!…干嘛?因为胜利而感到高兴不行吗?よし!勝ちました!…せっかくの勝利ですもの、これぐらいはしゃいでも罰は当たりませんよね?ふふっFantastic! We won!! ...What is it?! Am I not allowed to be proud of our accomplishments?