Prinz Rupprecht (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P024Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattlecruiserRarityPriority
NavyIronbloodBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Prinz RupprechtDescription
HP1410 Reload55
Firepower71 Torpedo56
Evasion9 Anti-air60
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
HP6284 Reload105
Firepower260 Torpedo210
Evasion39 Anti-air224
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +344 | AA +15 | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Main gun base +1 | Limit Breaks to 4 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearns Siren Killer | Main Gun base +1
Level 15HP +688 | AA +29 | AA Gun efficiency +10% | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20Secondary Gun base +1/Main gun efficiency +10% | Limit Breaks to 5 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeImproves Siren Killer | Secondary Gun base +1 | Main Gun efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +1032 | AA +45 | Unlocks playback for: Low HP
Level 30Main gun base +1/Main gun efficiency +15% | Limit Breaks to 6 StarsImproves Siren Killer | Main Gun base +1 | Main Gun efficiency +15%
Level 35Upgrades Lindwurm - Devouring Fang to Lindwurm - Devouring Fang+
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battlecruiser: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Lindwurm - Devouring FangDuring battle, this ship gains a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special Secondary Gun; every 5 times she fires this Secondary Gun: launches a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special torpedo barrage (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level); the 8th time she fires this Secondary Gun: increases this ship's FP and TRP by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
Lindwurm - Protector's OculusWhen the battle starts, if this ship is your Flagship: decreases this ship's DMG taken by 5.0% (15.0%) ; if NOT your Flagship, decreases DMG taken by the ship above your Flagship by 3.5% (8.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (80%) chance to fire a special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
Lindwurm - Devouring Fang+During battle, this ship gains a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special Secondary Gun; every 5 times she fires this Secondary Gun: launches a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) and restores 2.0% HP to the ship with the lowest HP percentage in the fleet; the 4th time she fires this Secondary Gun: increases this ship's FP and TRP by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description战列巡洋舰—鲁普雷希特亲王巡洋戦艦--プリンツ・ループレヒトBattlecruiser – Prinz Rupprecht.
Biography我是铁血所属的特别计划舰,鲁普雷希特亲王。我想做什么就做什么。哼,我又强又伟大,就算任性也是理所应当的吧?因此我可不是听从你的命令,而是大发慈悲地帮你做事而已!鉄血所属の特別計画艦、プリンツ・ループレヒトよ。好き勝手やらせてもらうわ。ふん、わたしは強いし偉いんだから、これくらいトーゼンでしょ?あんたの命令に従っているんじゃなくて、ありがたく聞いてやってるだけよ!I'm Prinz Rupprecht, Iron Blood blueprint ship. It's my way or the highway. Hmph, obviously I get to act high and mighty because I AM high and mighty. I don't HAVE to follow your orders, they are merely suggestions to me!
Acquisition你就是自称指挥官的人啊……哼!什么指挥官嘛,那个位置是我的了!快闪一边去♪へぇ、あんたが指揮官と名乗る者ね…ふん!なにが指揮官よ、その位(くらい)はわたしが頂いてやるわ!さっさと退きなさいっ♪Ooh, so you're the self-proclaimed Commander, huh... Hmph! Commander of what, exactly? From now on, I shall be the one issuing commands around here! Now, hurry along~♪
Login好慢!让我等着是什么意思啊?果然是想要我让你辞职吗?遅い!わたしを待たせるとはどういう了見なの?やっぱり指揮官やめさせてほしいわけ?You're late! What excuse do you have to keep ME waiting? Do you WANT me to send you packing?
Details舰装的调整就像这样……啊不许乱动!听我命令!真是的……你也别在一旁看着快来帮我!这是你的分内之事吧!艤装の調整はこう…ああ暴れるな!命令を聞け!もう…あんたも見てないで手伝いなさい!トーゼンでしょ?Tuning my rigging should just take a little... Whoa, calm down! Heed my damn command! ...You! Stop gawking and help me! It's only the obvious thing to do!
Main茶会?为什么我要应酬那种东西?倒是你,比起其他孩子应该多来陪着我才是♪お茶会?どうしてわたしがそんなのに付き合わないといけないの?あんたこそほかの子じゃなくてわたしに付き合いなさい♪A tea party? Who went and decided I have to spend my time on that? If anything, YOU should be spending time with ME♪
Main 2……啊。你问这好吃的糖果吗…从驱逐舰的孩子那拿来的。不会给你的哦。…あっ。この美味しいキャンディが気になるの?駆逐艦の子からもらったわ。あんたにはあげないからね...Oh, this sweet candy? I got it from a destroyer. And no, you can't have any.
Main 3这么简单的工作也不会吗?就这样还好意思叫自己指挥官……还不如我替你当更好呢。こんな簡単な仕事もできないの?それでよく指揮官を名乗れたものね…わたしが代わったほうがまだマシよYou can't even do this no-brainer work? And you seriously call yourself the Commander? ...Things would be better if I had your position.
Touch在看什么有趣的?拿过来吧?我也想看看。面白そうなものでも見てるの?渡しなさい。わたしも見たいんだからWhat's that you're staring at? Hand it over. I want to see it for myself.
Touch (Special)呀?!别碰我!きゃぅ!?さわるな!Eek! Don't touch me!
Touch (Headpat)(吐舌头)呸——><ぺーっだ!Blep!
Mission任务啊……随你便了,跟我没关系。任務ね…勝手にやってなさい。わたしとは関係ないわMissions, eh... Do them yourself. I'm above all that busywork.
Mission Complete任务的报酬由我收下了♪。什么嘛,只是清单而已啊任務の報酬はわたしがもらうわ♪…って、リストだけじゃないMission rewards! I've claimed them in my na– What the hell! This is just a list!
Mail邮件啊……看来跟我无关。メールね。…別にわたしには関係ないようねA letter... Nothing I'd care about, it seems.
Return to Port回来了啊。看来你还有点指挥官样子的嘛♪戻ってきたのね。多少は指揮官らしいところもあるみたいね♪Look who's back. I suppose you have your moments as the Commander♪
Commission Complete委托组回来了,让我看看有什么好的贡品。委託組が戻ってきたわ。貢ぎ物はどんなのがあるのかしらThe commission team has returned. I wonder what tributes they've brought me.
Enhancement这也是应该吧?因为我是最强的♪トーゼンでしょ?わたしは最強なんだから♪It's the obvious choice, because I am the strongest♪
Flagship胜利是我的!勝利はわたしのものよ!Victory will be mine!
Victory我是MVP——太理所应当了反倒没什么可高兴的。わたしがMVPーー!トーゼンすぎて嬉しくもないわMe being the MVP is such an obvious outcome I don't even feel happy about it.
Defeat以为这就能让我知难而退的话,那就大错特错了!これで分からせたつもりなら大間違いよ!You're horribly mistaken if you think you'll get away with this!
Skill哈哈哈哈!碾碎你!はははは!轢き潰してやるわ!Hahahaha! I'll squash you like bugs!
Low HP明明我是最强的……!わたしが最強なのに…!How?! But, I'm the strongest...!
Affinity (Upset)随便哪里都好,快给我消失。你太碍眼了。どこにでも行きなさい。目障りよGet out of my sight. You're an eyesore.
Affinity (Stranger)感恩戴德吧。连你这样的无名小卒,本小姐都忍耐着叫你指挥官呢♪ありがたく思いなさいよ?あんたのような雑魚人間を、このわたしが我慢して指揮官と呼んでやっているんだからね♪You should be thankful that someone such as myself would even deign to call a complete nobody like you "Commander."
Affinity (Friendly)哼,我对你有了一点点兴趣,看得出来你还是有些努力的。不过,既然你是被我称作指挥官的人,这也是理所应当就是了。ふーん、ほんのちょっとだけ興味が湧いたわ。それなりに頑張っているじゃない。まあ、わたしが指揮官って呼んだあんたならトーゼンだけどHmph. I've taken a slight interest in you since I can see a smidge of potential within you. Then again, that much should be obvious given that I call you "Commander."
Affinity (Like)你不属于任何人,只属于我鲁普雷希特亲王。这也是当然吧,因为本小姐可是认同你为“指挥官”了——还是说有什么意见吗?你从一开始就没有拒绝权哦!あんたは誰のものでもなく、このプリンツ・ループレヒトのものよ。トーゼンじゃない、だってこのわたしがあんたを「指揮官」だって認めているんだから――それとも文句でもある?あんたには拒否権なんて最初からないんだからね!You belong to no one but me, Prinz Rupprecht. That should be obvious, seeing as how I have acknowledged you as "Commander." Do you have a problem with being mine? Too bad – you've never had and never will have the right to object!
Affinity (Love)居然还敢说让我成为你的人……?虾兵蟹将就别得意忘形了。你是属于我的。无论谁!说了什么!你都是我的!わたしにあんたのものになれとでも言いたいの…?雑魚人間が付け上がるんじゃないわ。あんたがわたしのものよ。どこの!誰が!何を言ったって!あんたはわたしのものなんだからっ!You don't want to be mine? You have some nerve, you impudent cretin. You are mine, full stop. I don't give a damn what anyone else says! You belong to me, and that's that!
Pledge誓约?你在说什么?这是你没规没矩,单方面“希望和我立下誓约”的行为,自然无论同意还是拒绝都随我……想让我怎么做的话,就再大喊1遍吧!可不准逃哦!ケッコン?何言ってるの?これはあんたが一方的にわたしに「誓いを交わしてほしい」からしてきた行動で、もちろん同意も拒否もわたしの思うがまま……どうしてほしいのか、あと1回は大声で叫びなさい!逃げるんじゃないわ!Marriage? What are you talking about? This is an act of insolence on your part, one-sidedly hoping I'll exchange vows with you. Obviously, it's my choice whether to accept or refuse... If you want my hand so badly, cry and plead for it one more time! And don't try to run away!
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In battle with Deutschland, Friedrich der Große那家伙可是我的!あいつはわたしのものなんだからね! That dummkopf is mine, you hear?!
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Ship Description这就是东煌的“春节”啊~明明还是冬天,为什么庆祝的是春天?而且指挥官也是的,为什么要配合准备这么大规模的——哇?!刚,刚才的是什么?!へぇ、これが東煌の「春節」ってやつね~。まだ冬なのに、どうして春を祝うわけ?しかも指揮官も指揮官で、こんなに大掛かりな準備に付き合って――わわ!?い、今の音は何!?Woah, so this is the Dragon Empery's "Spring Festival" that I've heard so much about. But, why are they celebrating it in the middle of winter? And you, Commander – why are you helping with such a grandiose... Whuah?! What was that noise?!
Acquisition这就是东煌的“春节”啊~明明还是冬天,为什么庆祝的是春天?而且指挥官也是的,为什么要配合准备这么大规模的——哇?!刚,刚才的是什么?!へぇ、これが東煌の「春節」ってやつね~。まだ冬なのに、どうして春を祝うわけ?しかも指揮官も指揮官で、こんなに大掛かりな準備に付き合って――わわ!?い、今の音は何!?Woah, so this is the Dragon Empery's "Spring Festival" that I've heard so much about. But, why are they celebrating it in the middle of winter? And you, Commander – why are you helping with such a grandiose... Whuah?! What was that noise?!
Login“春节”要用鲤鱼装饰,然后那个鲤鱼变成龙……真是搞不懂。说起来为什么鲤鱼会变成龙——哇?!怎,怎么回事?!「春節」は鯉を飾って、その鯉がドラゴンになって…わけがわからないわ。そもそも鯉がどうしてドラゴンに……わわ!?何事!?So for the Spring Festival, a carp is needed as decoration, which then turns into a dragon... Doesn't make any sense to me. Besides, how in the world is a fish supposed to turn into... Whuah?! What the heck was that?!
Details因为你是我的,所以你努力准备的东西也是我的!(咬咬)这是……山楂串?酸酸甜甜的,还挺好吃的嘛……あんたはわたしのものだから、あんたが頑張って準備したものもわたしのものよ!はむっ…これは…サンザシの串?酸っぱくて甘くて、なかなか美味しいじゃない…You are mine, and that means everything you make is mine as well! Nom! ...What'd you call this candied fruit thing? "Tanghulu"? It's sour yet sweet, and surprisingly tasty...
Main去看下埃吉尔说的,在天上飞的狮子好了……本小姐说在天上飞就是在天上飞!当然,你也要和我一起来!エーギルが言ってた宙を舞うライオンでも見に行こうかしら。…わたしが飛んでいると言ったら飛んでるのよ!あんたも一緒に見に行くの!トーゼンでしょ?Ägir mentioned a lion that dances in the air – I want to check it out... If I SAY it flies, then it FLIES, okay?! And you're going with me, obviously!
Main 2压岁钱?平时运营着港区结果自己却囊中羞涩吗?……嗯?是要给我的?我才不要呢!オトシダマ?普段母港の運営ができているのに自分の懐が寒いわけ?…ん?わたしにくれるの?いらないわよ!べーっだ!A red envelope? Are you that strapped for cash even though you run this place? ...Hm? You're giving it to me? I don't want it! Blep!
Main 3总是不理我的笨蛋,看招!哈哈,被爆竹吓得抱头鼠窜吧!いつまでも振り向いてくれないバカにはこうよ!ははは、バクチクにビビって逃げ回るがいいわ!Here's what happens to idiots who don't pay attention to me! Hahaha! That's right, run in fear from my firecrackers!
Touch指挥官那家伙,跑到哪里去了……呜哇!我我我刚才才没有叫指挥官你呢!不许随便搭茬!指揮官のやつ、どこに消えたのかしら…うわっ!?よ、呼んでもいないのに急に話しかけないでよ!Where did that cretin bumble off to... Hyeep?! D-don't just sneak up on me out of the blue!
Touch (Special)你、你对我这身有什么意见吗!こ、この格好がどうしたというのよ!///D-don't you dare blame it on my dress!
Return to Port明明是自己的港区却搞不懂发生了什么……指挥官也不在,早知道就不来了……呀?!指,指挥官?!自分の母港なのに何がどうなっているのか、よくわからない…指揮官もいないし、来なきゃよかった……わわ!?し、指揮官!?They've changed my port so drastically I don't know what's what anymore... I should've stayed home since the Commander's away... Whuah?! C-Commander?!
Victory哼,赢了!MVP的我肯定是有奖励的对吧!ふん、勝ってやったわ!MVPのわたしにはトーゼンご褒美があるわよね?Hmph! There's your victory! You'll obviously reward me for my efforts, yes?
Defeat输,输了?本小姐输了?不是吧……ま、負けた?このわたしが?うそ……っThey... beat us? They beat ME?! There's no way...
Affinity (Love)既然你是我的,当然有要让我开心的义务!就是这样!无名小卒要好好带鲁普雷希特小姐我逛春节的港区!牵着我的手,走在前面!这可是你的职责!あんたはわたしのものなんだから、トーゼンわたしを楽しませる義務があるわ!そうよ!雑魚人間はループレヒトに春節の母港を案内するの!手をつないで先導しなさいよ!役目でしょ?You belong to me, which obviously means you have a duty to amuse me! Understood, simpleton? You're to give me a full tour of the port's Spring Festival makeover! Hold my hand and show me around! That's your job!
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Login你这不是知道要来迎接我的嘛。回座位继续努力工作吧♪出迎えてくるなんて分かってるじゃない。席に戻って引き続き仕事に励んでなさい♪You actually came out to see me – that's nice. Now get back to your chair and work harder♪
Details连这点东西都搬不动,你也太弱了吧?……呵呵呵,不过这样才可爱就是了♪诶,不许逃!是我不好,陪我到最后吧!こんなものも運べないなんてあんた貧弱すぎない?……ふふふ、それでこそ可愛いけど♪ちょ、ちょっと逃げないでよ!わたしが悪かったから最後まで付き合ってよ!Just how weak are you if this little thing is too heavy for you? ...Heehee, I'll admit, your weakness is endearing♪ H-hey, don't go away! I'm sorry I said that, just stay with me!
Main比起去其他人的茶会,还是你开茶会招待我吧。我可是你的秘书舰,这是理所当然的吧?ほかの子のお茶会に行くより、あんたがお茶会をやってわたしをもてなしなさい。秘書艦をやってあげてるんだからトーゼンじゃないっForget going to some random girl's tea party – You should host one just for me. Obviously I deserve it for all my work as your secretary!
Main 2要不要去翻翻俾斯麦的器材放置处呢……不行?你到底站在谁那边啦!ビスマルクの機材置き場を漁ってこようかな…ダメ?あんたはどっちの味方なの?!I think I'll go part hunting in Bismarck's workshop... "Don't?" Excuse me, whose side are you on?!
Main 3今天也辛苦了,去休息吧。刚才是我在自言自语,并不是对你——对了,你是我的,所以只要我休息你就也……快停下不许工作了!今日もお疲れ様、もう休んでいいわよ。……今のはただの独り言よ。別にあんたのことは――そうね!あんたはわたしのものだから、わたしが休めばあんたも……このっ、今すぐ仕事の手を止めなさいっ!You've done well, now enjoy some time off... I was just talking to myself. I don't care if you– Actually! Since you belong to me, you must take a break with me... Impudent little...! Stop working at once, you hear me?!
Touch怎么了……明明是你叫的我却打算无视吗?どうしたの?…人のことを呼んでおいて無視する気?Yes? ...Don't call me over only to ignore me!
Touch (Special)嗯,嗯?!/////へ、へえ!?/////Wh-what?! Um... (*blushes*)
Mission Complete是任务的报酬哦。你的东西也都是我的就是了。任務の報酬よ。まあ、あんたのものもわたしのものだからねMission rewards are here. Let's not forget what's yours is mine.
Return to Port要去犒劳伙伴们?……快去快回。你可是我的,不许到处乱跑。仲間たちを労いに行くって?……さっさと行ってきなさい。あんたはわたしの所有物だから、勝手にどっか行くんじゃないわよ?Head out and thank the girls? You go do it, then come right back. You're my property, so don't wander off without my permission.
Commission Complete委托组回来了♪……快给我去迎接啦!委託組が戻ってきたわ♪…さっさと出迎えに行きなさい!The commission team is back♪ ...Now get out there and receive them!
Flagship哈哈哈!大家动手吧!ははは!やっちゃえあんたたち!Hahaha! Let them have it!
Victory本小姐是MVP哦♪看这里!……我在叫你呢!好好看着然后夸奖我啦!このわたしがMVPよ♪…こっちを見なさいよ。…あんたに言ってるの!ちゃんと見て褒めなさいよ!I'm the MVP♪ ...Look at me when I speak. Hey, I'm talking to YOU! Look at me and tell me how great I am!
Affinity (Love)既然你是我的,所以自然什么都得听我的对吧?明明我都叫你指挥官,收下你的戒指,而且还像这样陪你约会了!快牵住我的手啦!あんたはわたしのものなんだから、トーゼンわたしの言うことをなんでも聞くわよね?指揮官と呼んでやってるし、指輪も受け取ってやったし、おまけにこうしてデートも付き合ってやっているんだからね!さっさとわたしの手を取りなさい!You'll obviously do anything I tell you to since you belong to me, right? Because I've been shockingly nice by calling you "Commander," accepting your ring, and even going on dates with you! Now take my hand!