Peter Strasser (JP 🇯🇵: ペーター・シュトラサッサー, CN 🇹🇼: 彼得·史特拉塞)
Ship IDNo. 482Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time04:35:00
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressYumi Hara
Peter StrasserDescription
Graf Zeppelin-class Aircraft Carrier - Peter Strasser
Chronos's KalendaeDescription
Eugen, you said that this was is a ceremonial outfit from the Sakura Empire? Surprisingly, it does seem to suit me rather well. Oh, I'm supposed to offer my well-wishes for the New Year at this time, yes?
HP1317 Reload51
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion14 Anti-air58
Aviation81 Cost0
ASW0 Luck45
HP5446 Reload98
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion49 Anti-air218
Aviation210 Cost0
ASW0 Luck47
Limit Break
Tier 1All Dive Bombers +1 | Dive Bomber efficiency +5%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Fighter efficiency +10%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Torpedo Bomber efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Aircraft Carrier: Graf ZeppelinTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Iron Blood FalconWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: 50.0% (100%) chance to launch an additional Torpedo Bomber airstrike (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
Paralyzing AdvanceDecreases the Speed of all enemies by 8.0%. Once every second: 1.0% (10.0%) chance to set the Speed of all enemies to 0 for 3s (7s cooldown between activations).???
Iron Wings, Blood PinionsFor each Iron Blood ship in the same fleet: increases this ship's AVI by 1.0% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times); if there are 4 or more Iron Blood ships in the same fleet: reduces the time needed for your Iron Blood CVs and CVLs to reload their first 3 Airstrikes by 1.0% (10.0%) .???
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Ship Description齐柏林伯爵级航空母舰—彼得·史特拉塞グラーフ・ツェッペリン級航空母艦・ペーター・シュトラッサーGraf Zeppelin-class aircraft carrier – Peter Strasser.
Biography命运多舛的齐柏林伯爵级航母之一,未能经历下水便遭拆除的“B航舰”,就是我。至于“彼得·史特拉塞”这个名字…总比“B航舰”好听,不是吗?数奇な運命を持つグラーフ・ツェッペリン級空母の一隻、進水することなく建造中止された「航空母艦B」とは私のこと。「ペーター・シュトラッサー」という名は…「航空母艦B」よりずっと耳触りのいい響きではなくて?I am Aircraft Carrier B, one of the Graf Zeppelin-class carriers that suffered an unfortunate fate, having had my construction halted without ever getting to set sail. But... doesn't the name "Peter Strasser" have a much nicer ring to it than "Aircraft Carrier B"...?
Acquisition我是未曾真正面世的齐柏林级“B航舰”,如今作为“彼得·史特拉塞”降生于此。时间有限,而需要完成的事情还有很多,让我们直接开始正题吧。かの大戦では建造されなかったグラーフ・ツェッペリン級「航空母艦B」こと、ペーター・シュトラッサーはここに。限られている時間に対してやるべきことが山積み、と…さっさと本題を始めるわIt is I, the never-completed Graf Zeppelin-class "Aircraft Carrier B," otherwise known as Peter Strasser. There is much for us to do and little time to do it... No time to waste. Let's begin.
Login来了吗?好,今天也请加油,高效地完成工作吧。今来たのかしら?ふふん、今日も効率よく、職務に励んでなさいDid you just get here? Heheh. Make sure you work efficiently on your duties today, as always.
Details时间乃无形之物,却能通过“钟表”这一精密的机械得以让人有直观的认知,确实是件很妙的事情,不是吗?時の流れと共に、時計の針を進めていくヒトの発想――面白いと思わない?The expression of the passage of time as the hands of a clock ticking—don't you think it's just fascinating?
Main将计划精确到每分钟,就能有效减少在犹豫与抉择中浪费的时间了吧,要试试吗,指挥官?計画を緻密にすれば、選択をためらったり時間を浪費することもなくなるわ。卿も試してみてはどうかしら?The more precise your plan is, the less time you'll have to waste hesitating on what you need to do. Why not give it a try, Officer?
Main 2海因里希,你的训练计划在这里,下次可别再忘了ハインリヒ、訓練計画の書類ならここよ。次は忘れるでないわHeinrich, your documents for your training program are here. Make sure not to forget them next time.
Main 3看着事情在预定的时间内一件一件地完成,确实是件令人愉快的事情呢,呵呵~タスクが予定通り次々とこなされていく様子、見ていて愉快だわ。ふふふIt's so nice to see all of the tasks be completed, just as planned. Hehehe.
Touch还未到休息的时间哦,指挥官?なに?休憩時間はまだよWhat is it? You've still got time left until your break ends.
Touch (Special)若是这样就能提高你的工作效率的话,这也算是有意义的时间花费了吧…卿の効率を上げられるというのなら、時間の無駄ではなかろうOfficer, if this helps raise your efficiency, I don't consider it time wasted.
Mission新任务来了,花点时间规划任务吧,会比一股脑地去做要有效率得多。新しい任務よ。がむしゃらに首を突っ込むことより計画を立てることに時間を使いなさいHere are the new missions. Instead of rushing to finish everything at once, use your time wisely and plan out your endeavors properly.
Mission Complete呼呼,任务的报酬也算对得起我们在任务上所花费的时间了。任務の報酬、かけた時間相応で嬉しいわ。ふふふI'm glad the rewards for the missions correspond to the amount of time it took to complete them. Hehehe.
Mail有你的信件,尽快看了吧,指挥官。卿へのメールよ。早めに確認しておきなさいOfficer, there's mail for you. Make sure to check it at your earliest convenience.
Return to Port越是精密的仪器,越容易因为维护不当而陷入停摆,人更是如此。别忽略了应有的休息,指挥官。精密な機械ほど時間をかけた整備が欠かせないわ。人間なら尚更よ。休憩、忘れないようにThe more complex the machine, the more time it takes to maintain it. All the more for humans. Make sure you don't forget to rest up.
Commission Complete委托已经完成了,伙伴们的高效率值得赞赏呢。委託が完了したわ。ええ、卿の部下にしては効率がいいと褒めてやるわThe commissions have been completed. Yes, I'll have to praise them for their efficiency considering their station as your subordinates.
Enhancement强化完成,呼呼,度过了一段意义非凡的时间呢。強化完了よ。ええ、有意義な時間を過ごさせてもらったわStrengthening complete. Yes, it seems as if I've spent my time wisely.
Flagship好,就先试试这步棋如何吧。この一手を試させてもらうわLet me test this tactic on you.
Victory嚯?比预计的结束时间还要早一些呢。は!思ったより早く片付いたじゃないHah! Took care of them faster than I thought.
Defeat花点时间寻找失败的原因,总比因重复犯错浪费更多的时间要好。時間を費やすなら、勇ましく挑んで砕けるより、砕けないように反省するほうがマシよ…!Time is far better spent contemplating how to avoid being destroyed, rather than foolhardily charging into destruction again and again.
Skill时机到了!時は満ちた!Your time is up!
Low HP事态…还在可控范围之内。くっ...この程度は手の内よ...!Everything... is still under control.
Affinity (Upset)你…不值得我花费时间。卿は私の時間を費やすに値しないわOfficer, you're not worth my time.
Affinity (Stranger)时间宝贵,指挥官,有什么事请尽量简洁地阐述吧。時間は貴重なものよ。用事は簡潔に述べなさいTime is a precious commodity. State what you need me to do as concisely as possible.
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,你房间的时钟慢了两分钟。不过没关系,我已经把它拆卸下来修理好了。可不能拿“时钟慢了”做迟到的理由了哦?呵呵~卿の寝室の時計、2分遅れていたわね。…ああ、案ずることはない、すでに私が修理しておいた。もはや時計の時刻がズレているなんて言い訳はさせないわOfficer, the clock in your bedroom was off by two minutes. ...Oh, there's nothing for you to worry about, I've already taken care of it. You can't use the excuse that your clock is off anymore
Affinity (Like)将大量时间倾注在另一个人身上,是一种极大的“浪费”。无论怎么看,这都是件收益与付出极不对等的行为……是吧?一人の人間に心血を注ぐのは時間の浪費よ。ふさわしい見返りを得られない限りは……卿もそう思わないかしら?Devoting your time to one person is a waste of time. That is, unless you get something worth it in return... Don't you think so too, Officer?
Affinity (Love)两人都将时间倾注于彼此身上,就能达到相对的“收支平衡”…吗。真是有趣的算法啊。姑且先认可你这种说法吧,呼呼。私がかけた時間のバランスを取れるよう卿が見返りをしてくれる、と…?面白いじゃない。ひとまず卿の言い分を認めてやるわ、ふふふOfficer, you'll pay me back for all of the time I've spent for you...? Interesting. Let me check the details first, hehe.
Pledge为了不让彼此的时间投入化作泡影…既然你都说到这份上了,这个信物,我就收下。未来还很长,就让我们继续在彼此身上投入更多的“时间”…以及“感情”吧,呵呵~かけた時間を無為にしないための儀式…そうね、卿にこれほど言われたからには、誓いの印としてもらうとするわ。お互い、「時間」をかけて「感情」をいくらでもぶつけてくつもりだから…ふふふA ceremony to ensure the time I've spent doesn't go to waste... well, since you've said this much, I'll take your words as proof of your vow, Officer. We still haven't spent as much time and emotions on each other we want to after all, right...? Hehehe.
In battle with Graf Zeppelin比起毁灭世界,先考虑如何毁灭眼前的敌人如何?世界を滅ぼすより、眼の前の敵を滅ぼすのが先よBefore you go and destroy the world, destroy the enemy in front of you first.
In battle with Prinz Heinrich不要冒进,按原定战术行动…喂!突っ走るんじゃないわよ。……こ、コラ!Don't just rush in. ...H-hey!
In battle with Gneisenau呵呵呵,合作愉快~お手柔らかにね。ふふふGently now. Hehehe.
In battle with Formidable咳…稍微静静,别太激动コホン…じっとしていなさいッ!Ehem... Time is not on your side.
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Ship Description据欧根说,这是东方的重樱的节庆正装,上身后意外地感觉还不错呢,呼呼,这种时候,应该说“新年快乐”,没错吧~オイゲンが言うには、この格好が重桜の新年の正装だそうね。まあ、意外といい感じだわ。確か…こういうときは「あけましておめでとう」と言うのかしら?Eugen, you said that this was is a ceremonial outfit from the Sakura Empire? Surprisingly, it does seem to suit me rather well. Oh, I'm supposed to offer my well-wishes for the New Year at this time, yes?
Acquisition据欧根说,这是东方的重樱的节庆正装,上身后意外地感觉还不错呢,呼呼,这种时候,应该说“新年快乐”,没错吧~オイゲンが言うには、この格好が重桜の新年の正装だそうね。まあ、意外といい感じだわ。確か…こういうときは「あけましておめでとう」と言うのかしら?Eugen, you said that this was is a ceremonial outfit from the Sakura Empire? Surprisingly, it does seem to suit me rather well. Oh, I'm supposed to offer my well-wishes for the New Year at this time, yes?
Login节庆时刻也不忘应做的工作,指挥官,值得表扬。非番の日も励んでいるじゃない。褒めてやるわSo you're working over the holidays. How commendable of you.
Details分分秒秒的时间,积累成了年岁的变化,岁月沉淀,终会成就名为“历史”的财富,呼呼,有意思,真有意思~時間の砂が積み重なって山となり、時の流れはやがて歴史となる。ふふふ、全く面白いわThe sands of time pile up to become a mountain; The passing of time eventually becomes history. Hehehe, how interesting.
Main重樱的习俗里,这时候是要发“压岁钱”的吧,指挥官,你是希望收到我的,还是发给我呢?この時期なら「お年玉」を配るのが風習だわね。お年玉を配る方と、配られる方、卿はどっちがいい?I hear this is the time of year when New Year's gifts are handed out. Officer, would you rather be the one handing out the gifts or receiving them?
Main 2即便是节庆,闹腾也要适可而止哦,欧根、海因里希。オイゲン、ハインリヒ、はしゃ…いや、からかうのもほどほどにしたほうがいいわよEugen, Heinrich, there's a limit to how much rucku... teasing you should do.
Main 3齐柏林,一起去重樱的神社参观参观如何?即便不“参拜神明”,尝试下重樱的“甜酒”也是挺好的。グラーフ・ツェッペリン、重桜の「ジンジャ」とやらを見学してはどう?神を拝まずとも、おみくじも面白そうよGraf Zeppelin, why don't you try studying the Sakura Empire's shrines? Even if you don't pay your respects to their gods, the Sakura Empire's amazake seems quite interesting.
Touch之前定制的工作计划中已经将这些节日也计算进去了,所以稍微休息一下也无妨哦,指挥官?計画は祝日のことも織り込み済みよ。卿も少し休んでいてかまわないわThe plan already takes the holidays into account. There won't be a problem even if you take some time off to rest, Officer.
Touch (Special)这样就把持不住了可不太行哦,指挥官。卿はこの程度でもう抑えきれないとでもいうのかしら?Officer, are you telling me that this much is enough for you to not be able to hold back?
Return to Port战术总结交给我就好,后面的事情就不需要你烦恼了。振り返りを私に任せて休んでなさい。ここからは卿の出る幕がないわGo take a break, and leave the deliberation to me. It's not yet time for you to make your appearance, Officer.
Commission Complete委托完成了。让我去迎接她们吧,不需要用上你的时间。委託が完了したわ。出迎えは任せなさい。卿の時間を使わせるまでもないわThe commissions have been completed. Please leave their reception to me. There's no need for you to waste your time, Officer.
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Ship Description你要知道,为了换上这身衣服,可是占用了我不少宝贵的时间…就拿你的那份时间来清掉这笔账好了。我会充分享受的,呵呵~卿はわかっているんでしょうね、ドレスに着替えるがために私の貴重な時間をこんなに費やした意味を…ふふふ、その帳消しに卿の時間をたっぷりいただくとするわよ。ふふふYou already know, don't you? Since I spent so much of my precious time changing into a dress for your sake... Heh, I'll be taking plenty of your time in return. Hehehe.
Acquisition你要知道,为了换上这身衣服,可是占用了我不少宝贵的时间…就拿你的那份时间来清掉这笔账好了。我会充分享受的,呵呵~卿はわかっているんでしょうね、ドレスに着替えるがために私の貴重な時間をこんなに費やした意味を…ふふふ、その帳消しに卿の時間をたっぷりいただくとするわよ。ふふふYou already know, don't you? Since I spent so much of my precious time changing into a dress for your sake... Heh, I'll be taking plenty of your time in return. Hehehe.
Login今晚就由你来负责我的护卫任务了。来,快牵起我的手吧。今夜は卿がエスコートして。さあ、早く手をとりなさいI'll have you escort me tonight. Quickly now, come take my hand.
Details有空的话就看看书吧。以这种方式去浏览,并体验那些铭刻在时间中的记忆,就如同得到了时间本身一样。暇なら本を読みなさい。過去の時間に刻まれた記憶を読み取って体験するのは、時間を手に入れたのと同じよIf you have nothing else to do, go read a book. Much can be learned from the experiences of people past—in essence, earning time.
Main“魔女”么……好好看着我。我不会让她夺走你的视线与时间的。「魔女」ね…私の方を見なさい。そいつには卿の視線も時間も奪わせないわよ。The "Unhulde," you say? ...Officer, keep your eyes on me. I shan't let her steal your attention or your time.
Main 2Z46,如果要找齐柏林的话就在那边哦。呵呵~真是令人会心一笑的场景呢,你不这么认为吗?フィーゼちゃん、ツェッペリンならあっちよ。ふふ、微笑ましいわね。卿もそう思わない?Viersechs, Zeppelin is over there. Hehe, how cute. Don't you think so, too?
Main 3我去拿些饮料。…你也别太摆架子啦,去和别人打打招呼吧。飲み物を取ってくるわ。…見栄を張るのでないわ。卿は挨拶をするのが先でしょうにI'll bring some drinks over. ...Are you trying to show off? Go make your rounds with the others first.
Touch呼…(小声)在晚宴上喝啤酒,果然还是有些奇怪吧………ふぅ。(小声)パーティーでビールを飲むのはやっぱり変なのかしら…...Phew. (whispers) Umm, drinking beer at a party is a bit out of place, isn't it...
Touch (Special)确实像是你会做的事呢,呼呼♪いかにも卿らしいわね。ふふ♪How very like you. Hehe♪
Mission好像有新的任务了。抓紧把它们处理掉吧。新しい任務のようね。全速力で片付けてきなさいYou have new missions. Hurry up and take care of them.
Mission Complete呵呵、这报酬的份量……与所花费的时间相比,还挺让人高兴的不是吗?ふふふ、この報酬…費やした時間と比べたら嬉しいでしょ?Hehe. These rewards... Well worth the time spent, right?
Return to Port想要我帮你打起精神?这样…那借你膝盖躺一躺?亦或者,胸口借你靠一靠更好?少し癒やしがほしいって?そうね…膝を貸す?それとも胸を貸したほうがいいのかしら?You need some rejuvenation? Hmm... Should I lend you my lap? Or would you prefer my chest, instead?
Commission Complete委托好像完成了呢。我让海因里希去迎接了,那家伙在这里可闲不住。委託が完了したようね。ハインリヒのやつに出迎えさせたわ。あいつ、こういう場所にじっとさせたほうがおかしいしThe commissions are complete. I sent Heinrich to go welcome them back. After all, she'd be out of place here.
Flagship来吧,开始我们的歼灭吧——始めよう――我らの殲滅をCome–– The time of our destruction is nigh.
Defeat即使铭刻上你的失败,时间也不会因此停止流动。時間は流れるわ。卿の敗北が刻まれてもTime waits for no one. Not even for you.
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Login好好工作吧,无论是你的时间还是我的时间,都不是可以轻易浪费的呢。仕事に励みなさい。卿の時間も、私の時間も、無駄にするんじゃないわFocus solely on your work. I don't want to see my time nor your time squandered.
Main我没有打扰你深思熟虑的意思,不过注意下,距离下一个预定计划,只有不到一分钟了哦?卿の熟考を邪魔するつもりはないが、時間には気を使いなさい。そう、次の予定まで1分切っているわI don't meant to disturb your train of thought, but do keep an eye on the clock. The next thing on our schedule is less than a minute away.
Main 2战斗中的加贺,简直像一只野兽呢。不过我也挺喜欢那样子的戦う時の加賀、まるで獣ね。好きよ。その姿もKaga fights very much like a beast. I quite like how she looks when doing it.
Main 3我不止是齐柏林,也是你的伙伴哦,否则的话,我怎么会在你身上花费我宝贵的时间呢?グラーフ・ツェッペリンだけでなく、私も卿の味方よ。そうでなければこの私の大事な時間を、卿のために使わせるとでも思って?I consider not just Graf Zeppelin to be my ally, but you as well, Officer. Do you think I would give you my precious time if I didn't?
Touch (Special)这样似乎也能让我的效率更高呢,呵呵…ええ、私も卿のこの行いで高揚しているわ。ふふふOh, what a thrill it is to do this with you, Officer. Heheh.