Odin (JP 🇯🇵: オーディン, CN 🇹🇼: 奥丁)
Ship IDNo. P016Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattlecruiserRarityPriority
NavyIronbloodBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENJuly 9, 2020
CNJuly 9, 2020
KRJuly 9, 2020
JPJuly 9, 2020
Voice actressYuki Matsuoka
Battlecruiser – Odin.
Black Strokes upon Blank SnowDescription
I thought I would never have time to pursue the fine arts, and yet here I am now. Your thoughts, Commander? Eastern as this calligraphy may be, does it not suit the connotations of my name?
HP1186 Reload63
Firepower69 Torpedo45
Evasion8 Anti-air64
Aviation0 Cost5
ASW0 Luck0
HP4293 Reload149
Firepower321 Torpedo210
Evasion21 Anti-air199
Aviation0 Cost16
ASW0 Luck0
HP Reload
Firepower Torpedo
Evasion Anti-air
Aviation Cost16
ASW Luck0
HP5286 Reload171
Firepower361 Torpedo241
Evasion36 Anti-air238
Aviation0 Cost16
ASW0 Luck0
HP Reload
Firepower Torpedo
Evasion Anti-air
Aviation Cost16
ASW Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +289/Anti-Air +16/Main gun efficiency +5%
Level 10Main gun base +1/Gains a special secondary gun attack/Limit Break ★★★★☆☆
Level 15HP +579/Anti-Air +31/AA gun efficiency +10%
Level 20Main gun efficiency +15%/Limit Break ★★★★★☆
Level 25HP +868/Anti-Air +47/Main gun efficiency +5%
Level 30Main gun base +1/Main gun efficiency +15%/Limit Break ★★★★★★
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/110%/110%/110%/110%1/1/1/1/1/1/10/0/0/0/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T8 Battlecruiser: Odin-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock48 +2
Max LimitBreak96
Lv.12072 +1
Mímir's Keen EyesChanges this ship's position and decreases its DMG taken by 5.0% (20.0%). Every 15s: commences a sonar scan, revealing the location of all enemy Submarines for 5 (10)s and decreasing your Vanguard's DMG taken from torpedoes by 5.0% (15.0%) for 5 (10)s.Default Unlocked
Herteitr's Rolling ThunderEvery 18s: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level.) Changes the Spread Angle of this ship's torpedoes.Default Unlocked
Siren Killer ⅠIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 5.0%.Strenghten Level 10 (I) / Level 20 (II) / Level 30 (III)
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description战列巡洋舰——奥丁巡洋戦艦・奥丁Battlecruiser – Odin.
Biography我名为奥丁,曾经是只存在于铁血构想中的舰船。而如今…既然命运将我带来到了你的面前,那么我的使命就是辅佐你,实现你的夙愿。戦艦オーディンだ。私は鉄血海軍の構想の中でのみ存在していた。運命が私とお前を出会わせたからには、お前を補佐し、お前の目標を実現することを我が使命としようI am the battleship Odin. I existed only within the realm of the Iron Blood navy's imagination. Destiny has brought me here to serve under you and assist in the realization of your goals.
Acquisition叫醒我的人就是你吗…?铁血战舰,奥丁,乐意为你效劳。私を呼び覚ましたのはお前か?鉄血戦艦オーディン、これよりお前の補佐をこなしてみせようAre you the one who summoned me here? I am Odin. I hereby take up post as your tactician.
Login欢迎回来,指挥官,规划好接下来要做什么了吗?よくぞ帰った。指揮官、次の計画はもう立てているのか?Excellent, you're back. Have you finished work our next plan yet, Commander?
Details奇怪,为什么港口里的大家都一副轻松的样子……妙だな。母港のみなはなぜこうもゆっくりしていられるのだ……I don't understand. Why are all the people at this base so at ease?
Main沙恩霍斯特级……有机会的话真想和那对姐妹聊聊呢。シャルンホルスト級……願わくば会ってみたいものだなOne day, I hope to meet the Scharnhorst sisters myself.
Main 2计划往往赶不上变化,指挥官,任何事情都值得再三思考。計画が現実に追いつかないこともある。指揮官、何事も実行する前に熟考するのだぞSometimes, things don't go as planned. You must think carefully before committing yourself to anything, Commander.
Main 3不要轻易地去怪罪他人,有可能只是因为你没有看清全部。人間の視野などたかが知れている。全てを見渡せないからといって人のせいにするんじゃないぞDon't blame others over things that are out of their control. Nobody can predict the future.
Touch嗯?难道计划有变动吗?うん?計画に変化があったか?Yes? Has there been a change of plans?
Touch (Special)接下来的话就等到军事法庭上再说吧。つ、続きは軍事法廷でしてもらおうか!Y-you will hear from me at the court martial!
Mission有任务,指挥官,拖延可不是明智的选择哦?任務だ。指揮官、それを放置するなど、賢明な選択だと思うまい?You have missions. Leaving them unfinished would be a foolish choice.
Mission Complete任务完成了,着手下一个任务吧,指挥官。任務完了だ。指揮官、次の任務に着手しようMission successful. Let us get started on the next one, Commander.
Mail有邮件,是新的情报吗?メールだ。新しい情報か?Mail has arrived. Could it be new intelligence?
Return to Port战争可不会给人喘息的时间,指挥官。指揮官、総力戦に休息などないはずだがCommander, we are in all-out war; we cannot afford to rest.
Commission Complete委托的队伍回来了。很好,一切都和计划一致。委託組が戻ってきたな。よし、全ては計画通りだThe commission team has returned. Excellent, exactly as was planned.
Enhancement只有实力增加了,计划的不安因素才能减少。実力あってこそ、計画の不確定要素を減らすことができるのだWith strength, one can reduce the number of irregularities in a plan.
Flagship现在逃跑还来得及——逃げられるうちに逃げおおせるがいい――Flee while you still can.
Victory这场胜利,从一开始便是我等囊中之物。この勝利、初めから我らの手中にあったのだVictory was ours since before the battle began.
Defeat不可能……我的计划不可能出现差错……ありえん……私の計画に、間違いなど……!Impossible... My plan should have been flawless...!
Skill你们已经没有回头路了!もはや帰る場所などあるまい!You wasted your last chance to turn back!
Low HP准备启动应急方案…!応急方案、実行準備……!Carry out emergency damage control plan!
Affinity (Upset)比起令我失望,我更加好奇的是,你这样的人是怎么成为指挥官的。失望というより、お前のようなやつがどうやって指揮官になったかが気になるなI am not even disappointed, I simply wonder how someone as lousy as you became a commander in the first place.
Affinity (Stranger)实力?确实,光是一个响亮的名字不足以说明战士的实力。不过放心吧,时间会证明你的这种担心是多余的。むっ、たしかに名前や肩書などが力を証明するには物足りんな。だが安心せよ。時間が経てばお前の心配など無用だと知れNames and titles are no proof of strength, that much is true. But that is fine. As time passes, you learn how futile your concerns are.
Affinity (Friendly)你会为逝去的战友悲伤吗?但是,如果大家都顾着悲伤,因此犹豫不决的话,这场战争就无法取得胜利。死にゆく戦友のことを弔うか?進む足を止めて弔うばかりじゃ戦争には勝てんよMourn for my fallen comrades? If I were to stop and mourn for every lost soul, I would never win the war.
Affinity (Like)无论是工作还是战斗,我们之间的配合都变得越来越默契了。但是这样下去的话,我会不会变得有点依赖指挥官了……仕事も戦闘も、私達のコンビネーションはどんどん良くなっているな。…いかん、このままでは私が指揮官に依存するようになってしまうのではないか……!We make a fine pair, both in the office and the war room. But that can backfire, as I may end up becoming reliant on you...
Affinity (Love)过于依赖一个人可不是一件好事。过深的羁绊在战争中往往会成为桎梏,甚至让人做出不理智的判断,破坏原本的计划。有点奇怪,我为什么要和你强调这些……誰かに依存するのは感心できないな。過ぎたる絆は戦争の中で足枷になり、人の判断力を損ね、計画に支障をもたらしてしまう……私は一体何を言っているんだ…I do not approve of being reliant on someone. Excessive intimacy is a hindrance in war, clouding one's judgment and forming obstacles to one's plans... Ah, I can't believe what I'm saying...
Pledge我明白了,我会一直在你身边辅佐你的。所以就……等等,那个难道是……这,这和说好的不一样啊?我也不是说讨厌,只是还没准备好……总之,给,给我一点思考的时间——了解した。これからはずっとお前を補佐し続ける。だから……ちょっと待て、これは……い、言っていたことと違うぞ!……嫌なんてとんでもない!ただ心の準備が……と、とにかく!考える時間を――!Understood. I shall continue to provide assistance for you, whenever– Hey, wait a minute... Th-this isn't what you said would happen! ...No, that's not to say I oppose this! I just wasn't... mentally prepared... What I'm getting at is: give me a moment to think!
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Main Title
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Login欢迎回来,指挥官。我们一起规划一下今天的任务吧?よくぞ帰ってきた。指揮官、今日の計画を立てるとするか?Excellent, you're back. Shall we begin on our plans for today, Commander?
Details大家的轻松,正是基于对指挥官的信任。嗯,现在我能够理解她们了。みんなが落ち着いていられるのは指揮官を信じているからだな。ふむ、ようやく理解できたI finally understand now. Everyone is at ease because they have faith in you, Commander. It all makes sense.
Main 2我不喜欢变化,但是局势时不时要求我做出改变。不过,我与你之间的誓言,是永远不会变的,放心吧。朝令暮改は好かんが、計画の修正ではときにそれもやむなしだ。だが安心せよ。私とお前の誓いは決して変わらぬものと知れThough I object to sudden changes, there are times when one must revise their plans. But rest assured, my pledge to you is set in stone.
Main 3有谁犯了错让你不高兴了吗?能原谅的就都原谅吧,一些小错不值得让你为之大动干戈。誰かがミスしたのか。許せるものなら、許せ。些事ごとき怒るには値せんSomeone made a mistake, did they? If it was excusable, then offer them a pardon. It's meaningless to scold someone over nothing significant.
Touch (Special)唔!不要搞突然袭击啊…ええい!き、奇襲するのをやめんか!Not again! Would you stop it with this unsolicited behavior?!
Return to Port我们毕竟并非机器,累了的话,稍微休息一会,我会帮你先顶着的。お前は四六時中働き続ける機械などではない。疲れたなら休め。私が代わりに状況を見守ってやるYou're not a machine capable of working around the clock. Rest if you need to. I will hold the fort in the meanwhile.
Affinity (Love)说实话,你那时的突然举动让我一下子脑袋一片空白……不过,现在的我已经冷静下来了。嗯,我答应你,无论在什么状况下,我都会与你一同进退。正直に言うと、指輪を渡された時、頭が真っ白になっていたが――今の私は冷静だ。どんな状況でも共に挑もう。私とお前の約束だTo tell the truth, I blanked out the moment you presented this ring to me. But now, my mind is clear. Whatever obstacles we will come to face, I vow to take them on together with you.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description没想到本应与这类“艺术嗜好”无缘的我,竟然有机会像这样尽情地挥洒笔墨…如何,虽然是东方的艺术,但也还算无损我的名字之威吧?芸術を嗜む機会などないと思っていたが、ここまで夢中になるとはな。どうだ?東洋の芸術だが、私が預かる名前に相応しい出来だろう?I thought I would never have time to pursue the fine arts, and yet here I am now. Your thoughts, Commander? Eastern as this calligraphy may be, does it not suit the connotations of my name?
Acquisition没想到本应与这类“艺术嗜好”无缘的我,竟然有机会像这样尽情地挥洒笔墨…如何,虽然是东方的艺术,但也还算无损我的名字之威吧?芸術を嗜む機会などないと思っていたが、ここまで夢中になるとはな。どうだ?東洋の芸術だが、私が預かる名前に相応しい出来だろう?I thought I would never have time to pursue the fine arts, and yet here I am now. Your thoughts, Commander? Eastern as this calligraphy may be, does it not suit the connotations of my name?
Login欢迎回来,指挥官,休息日就尽管投身于爱好之中吧。よくぞ帰ってきた。指揮官、非番の日は趣味に入れ込むがいいIt is good to see you again. You ought to dedicate your days off to your own hobbies, Commander.
Details奇怪,为什么港口里的大家都一副轻松的样子…是我平时太紧张了…吗妙だな。母港のみなはなぜこうもゆっくりしていられるのだ……いや、私が普段から張り切りすぎているからかI don't understand. Why are all the people at this base so at ease? ...No, it is simply I who is always trying too hard.
Main格奈森瑙,光是捣弄数据可体验不到艺术的乐趣啊,关于这一点你反而可以向沙恩霍斯特好好学学呢。グナイゼナウ、数字をいじることだけでは芸術を楽しめんぞ。その点はまだシャルンホルストを見習ったほうがいいなGneisenau, enjoyment of the arts will always elude you if you only think in statistics. You stand to learn from Scharnhorst in that regard.
Main 2提尔比茨,你可知俾斯麦去了哪?啊,没什么,既然你有把握我就放心了。ティルピッツ殿、ビスマルク殿はいずこへ?ああ、そなたが把握しているのを聞いて安心した。別に他意はないLord Tirpitz, whereabouts is Lord Bismarck? Forsooth, 'tis reassuring to know that thou knoweth. I shan't inquire further.
Main 3雪与梅…吗?虽然不是我见惯的风景,不过,可以肯定,眼前这美丽的风景,必将在我的记忆中长存。雪と梅、か。我にとって見慣れない風景だが、きっと記憶にずっと残り続けることになるだろうPlum trees and snow... This is an unfamiliar, but picturesque sight that I will likely never forget.
Touch (Special)不要在人集中精神的时候来打扰!ええい、人が集中しているのを邪魔するでない!Stop it! I am trying to focus here!
Return to Port全力以赴地投入到某项事物中,便是战斗——无论是在战场上倾泻火力,还是于纸上挥洒笔墨,都是如此。全身全霊で挑むことこそ総力戦――戦場で火砲を撃ち込むことも、筆で紙を芸術品にすることもだTo fight is to put one's whole being into something, be that firing volleys on the battlefield or turning a blank canvas into a masterpiece.