New Jersey (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 68Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityUltra Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressTomita Miyu
New JerseyDescription
HP1594 Reload62
Firepower87 Torpedo0
Evasion9 Anti-air84
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck72
HP7046 Reload119
Firepower218 Torpedo0
Evasion38 Anti-air297
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck76
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Iowa-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Dragon's BreathWhen this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (100%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage that always deals Critical Hits (DMG is based on the skill's level). Additionally, 10s after the battle starts: fires this barrage.???
Freedom Through FirepowerDecreases the Spread Range of this ship's equipped Main Gun by 0.5 (5) . When a fleet this ship is NOT in starts a battle, and while this ship is still afloat: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) supporting barrage 20s after the battle starts (DMG is based on the skill's level); if the Flagship of said fleet is an Eagle Union ship: also increases AVI by 5.0% (15.0%) for your Eagle Union CVs and CVLs.???
Don'tcha Just Love It?Increases this ship's FP by 5.0% (15.0%) and RLD by 1.0% (10.0%) . When sortied in a fleet with other Eagle Union ships: increases AA by 5.0% (15.0%) and decreases DMG taken by 5.0% for all your Eagle Union ships, and also increases FP by 4.0% (10.0%) for your Eagle Union BBs and BCs.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description衣阿华级战列舰—新泽西,舷号BB-62アイオワ級戦艦・ニュージャージー(BB-62)Iowa-class battleship – New Jersey, Hull Number BB-62.
Biography我是白鹰战列舰,最大最强的BlackDragon—新泽西号。这可不是什么自夸哦,或者说,“世界最强”也不为过呢~只要充分认识我了,关于这个话题的疑虑你很快就会打消的~ユニオン戦艦、最大最強のブラックドラゴン・ニュージャージーよ。これは誇張ではなく、カンレキ的に本気で最強かもしれなかったわね。ふふ♪あたしのことをもっと知っていけば疑うこともなくなるはずよI am battleship New Jersey, the indomitable Black Dragon of the Eagle Union. When I say "indomitable," I'm not just tooting my own horn, hehe~♪ If you knew more about me, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about.
Acquisition白鹰战列舰,最强最大的Black Dragon,新泽西登场!见识下我的力量吧!开玩笑的~指挥官喜欢这样的感觉吗?ユニオン所属、最大最強のブラック・ドラゴン、ニュージャージー登場よ!あたしの力をよくご覧なさい!なんて♪こういうのが好きなんでしょ?The indomitable Black Dragon of the Eagle Union is none other than me, New Jersey! You're about to witness true power! Haha, just messing~♪ Don'tcha just love flashy introductions?
Login欢迎回来。需要帮忙制定工作计划吗?或者,你对此已经胸有成竹了?いらっしゃい。今日のスケジュールはもう頭に叩き込んでる?それともあたしの手伝いが必要?Glad you made it. Do you already have a plan for what you wanna do? And how do I factor into those plans?
Details装备检查完毕,各系统运转正常,辛苦你了——啊,难道是看着迷了~?我倒是不介意?反正~指挥官就喜欢这样的吧~?嘻嘻~兵装点検の手伝いご苦労さん。各システム運転よーし――あら、もしかして見惚れてる?あたしは別に見られても平気よ?あんたこそ、こういうの好きなんでしょ?Thanks for finishing the equipment inspection. All systems nominal! ...Oh my, you seem to be unable to take your eyes off me~ Not that it bothers me though? Besides, don'tcha like this sort of stuff?
Main“衣阿华对大和”么……确实是一个热门的话题呢。呵呵,人们就是热衷这样的,不是吗?アイオワ対大和か…もう定番じゃないの?ふふん、こういうの好きなんでしょ?Iowa versus Yamato, huh? A real classic. Don'tcha just love that kind of stuff?
Main 2喜欢的饮料是果汁哦。青苹果汁、橙汁我都推荐,汽水的话也OK。咖啡…感觉不太行?好みの飲み物は果物系ね~―青りんご、オレンジ、炭酸入りでもおっけー。コーヒーは…苦手かしら?I go for the fruity stuff~ green apple, orange, and soda water. As for coffee... Not my favorite, I guess?
Main 3秘书舰该帮指挥官完成多少工作呢……我个人认为,40%吧。毕竟,如果我做了太多事的话,是不是就有些喧宾夺主了?秘書艦として指揮官の仕事を肩代わりするのは…まあ四割程度でいいかしら?全部やっちゃったらあたしが指揮官みたいになっちゃうし。ふふふHow much stuff should I be doing as your secretary? ...Lemme think, how does 40% sound? If I did everything, wouldn't that make me the commander? Heh.
Main 4这件事……指挥官说的也有道理呢…那么接下来听听我的方案吧?この件は…指揮官の言ってるのも一理あるわね。じゃあ次はあたしの案を聞いてちょうだい?About that matter... I must admit that you have a point, Commander. How about taking my suggestion next time though?
Main 5航空母舰的时代啊……那可不好说。既然航空母舰会发展,谁又说得清战列舰会有什么变化呢~空母の時代になるって言うけど、それはどうかな?空母は空母で進化するなら、戦艦も戦艦で進化するかもしれないわよ?It's now the age of carriers? ...Dunno about that. If carriers are able to evolve, what's to say that battleships can't also evolve?
Main 6白鹰的“Big J”,最大最强的“Black Dragon”就是我啦!……唔,是不是有点太浮夸了?ユニオンのビッグジェイこと最大最強のブラックドラゴンとはあたしのことよ!…なんて、ちょっと誇張しすぎたかしら?They call me Big J or the Black Dragon of the Eagle Union! ...What, got a problem with talking myself up a bit?
Touch如果是有任务,我当然义不容辞。至于别的请求,可就要额外收点报酬了哦?开玩笑的~仕事ならこなすけど、ほかのリクエストはお代をいただいちゃうわね。なんて♪I'll take any work-related requests, but anything outside of that... won't come cheap. Just kidding~♪
Touch (Special)指挥官,你已经处于“被动”了哦,各种意义上的~指揮官、今度は「される」側に回っちゃうわよ。色んな意味でね♪Commander, don'tcha just love being put on the defensive? In more ways than one~♪
Touch (Headpat)摸完了吗?好,那就乖乖坐下,该轮到我摸了~気が済んだ?ふふ、じゃあ次はあたしの番よ♪座ってよし!Done having your fun yet? Hehe, now it's my turn~♪ Take a seat!
Mission你接下了这个新任务吗?好,让我们一起解决掉吧。この任務を請けた?いいわ、一緒にやろうじゃないDid you already accept this mission? Sounds good, let's take care of it together.
Mission Complete既然重要的任务已经完成了,不如就休息一下吧?凡事都分下轻重缓急,会比较轻松哦?重い任務をこなしたからには少し休も?緩急を取って仕事したほうが身体が楽になるし♪Since we already got the hard stuff out of the way, why not take a little break? It's gonna be pretty easy to prioritize whatever is left~
Mail有新的邮件哦。哈哈,果然你很期待有人来信嘛~新着メールがあるわよ。ふふ、やっぱり楽しみにしてたんだ~You've got new mail. Heh, dont'cha just love the anticipation~?
Return to Port看下刚才的战斗报告吧~谁先说~?你先就好?那我就一边吃着冰激凌一边洗耳恭听咯~バトルレポートチェック♪まずは誰から始める?あんたでいいの?じゃああたしはアイスでも食べながら清聴させてもらうわWanna check the battle results~♪ Yeah? Who do you wanna start with? Oh, you'll do it yourself? I'll listen in while enjoying some ice cream over here.
Commission Complete委托队已经在港口了。走吧,你的慰问对她们来说便是最大的鼓励哦~嘻嘻♪委託組はもう港に戻っているわよ。指揮官の労いの言葉こそ、彼女たちにとって最高のご褒美なのではなくて?ふふ♪Your commission fleet's back. Are your words of praise not the best reward you can give them? Hehe~♪
Enhancement也许战列舰会过时,但衣阿华级可不会哦。「戦艦」が時代遅れになろうとも、「アイオワ級」は違うわよSome say that the age of battleships is over. They haven't met the Iowa class.
Flagship全员,一级战备!要上了哦!全員、第一種戦闘配置!行くわよ!Everyone, Level 1 combat readiness! Set sail!
Victory我们正锐不可当地向着正确的方向航行——哼哼,大家都喜欢这样的感觉吧?方向よし、目標よし、あたしたちを止められる敵はなにもなし――ふふん、こういうのが好きなんでしょ?Course: steady! Objective: completed! Enemies who can stop us: none! Heheh, don'tcha love it when things go smoothly?
Defeat不敢相信,我们居然被敌人压制住了……在找出还击的方法之前,我是不会休息的!押されてるなんて信じられない……やり返す方法が分かるまで寝てられないっての!Unbelievable... I'm actually getting cornered?! ...I'm not gonna be able to sleep 'til I figure out how to set things straight!
Skill火控系统,瞄准目标!ファイアコントロール、頼むわよっ!Fire control, I'm counting on you!
Low HP不用慌,我已经想出控制局势的办法了。逆転策は思いついてるわよ!I know just the thing to turn this situation around!
Affinity (Upset)啊,让女孩子落泪可不行啊,指挥官。你该好好反省下自己了!あー、女の子を泣かせたりがっかりさせたりするのはどうかと思ってるわ。はい、反省してなさいAh, so you're the kind of person who makes girls cry. Yeah, you'd better feel bad about it.
Affinity (Stranger)彼此疏远的话会心生顾虑啊,或许像这样……身体上的接触能让你放下心来?哼哼~这样就能更加亲近了不是吗?よそよそしいままではお互い遠慮しちゃうから、もしかしてこうやってスキンシップしたほうがいいかも?…なんて、これで緊張がほぐれたでしょ?ふふふ♪We'll only get in each other's way if we keep an ambivalent relationship. Say, don'tcha think getting touchy-feely might help break the ice? ...Just kidding~ See, you're already not as nervous~ Hehehe~♪
Affinity (Friendly)不知不觉间,大家也熟络起来了呢~下次想聊什么?舰装技术?还是日常生活?……欸,我来选吗?おっ、お喋りに付き合ってくれるようになったわね。じゃあ話題は何にする?小難しい艤装とか技術の話?それとも普段の生活とか?…あたしに選ばせちゃう?Look at that, you're already starting to chat me up. So, what's on your mind today? Something a bit more technical? Small talk about daily life? ...Oh, you want me to choose?
Affinity (Like)嗯?你怎么一脸疲倦的样子……果然是超负荷工作了吧?来,躺这里,这次就让我照顾你吧。嗯哼…就把我的大腿当成你临时的枕头吧~”指挥官就喜欢这样的感觉吧~?あら、どうしたの疲れた顔をして…やっぱりオーバーワークだったんだ。はい、気を抜いて横になってあたしに世話をさせて――うんうん、この太ももは枕代わりでちゅよ~ふふ、こういうの好きなんでしょ?My my, look who's all run down today... I knew it, you've been overworking yourself. C'mere, lie down here and let me take care of you. Yeah, my thighs make for a pretty good pillow substitute huh? Don'tcha just love this kind of stuff~?
Affinity (Love)主动一点的新泽西和被动一些的新泽西,指挥官更喜欢哪一种呢?——停~我会在接下来的时间里慢慢确认的,所以不用急着回答~嘻嘻,指挥官就喜欢这种被吊着胃口的感觉吧~?指揮官はリードしてあげるあたしと、リードされちゃうあたし、どっちのほうが好き?はい、あたしがじっくり行動でチェックしてあげるから、言葉で答えなくてもいいわよ?焦らされるの、好きなんでしょ?Commander, would you prefer I take the lead, or would you rather do it? Hold up~ I'll see for myself when the time is right, so there's no need for you to answer in words. After all, don'tcha just love being toyed with~?
Pledge你的想法,已经全部传达给我了。如果指挥官不嫌弃的话我当然也没问题哦~?既然如此,我也要再向指挥官告白一次才对吧?嘻嘻,这才叫彼此都要多多为了对方着想嘛♡指揮官の想ってることは全部わかっているわ。まあ指揮官さえよければあたしも大丈夫だし?なんならあたしのほうからもう一回指揮官に告白してあげてもいいわよ?ふふん、それがお互い様ってことでしょ♡Commander, I can already hear everything you're thinking. As long as you're fine with it, I don't have any objections~ After all, I still owe you a proper confession, don't I? Hehe, don'tcha think that's what mutual love is supposed to look like?
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In battle with Georgia口径更大的“衣阿华”?不,好像有点不同……口径が大きい「アイオワ」?ちょっと違う…A larger-caliber Iowa? No, not quite...
In battle with Lexington, Saratoga, Yorktown, Enterprise, Hornet, Wasp, Essex, Intrepid, Bunker Hill, Shangri-La航空战就拜托你们了。空中戦は任せたわよAs if I'd lose to some carriers!
In battle with !UNKNOWN! (1)没有人能够阻挡我们的意志!自由と火力、アンストッパブルってね!Freedom and firepower: an unstoppable force!
In battle with Sovetskaya Belorussiya, Sovetskaya Rossiya哦?是意料之外的对手呢。有趣~意外な相手ってところかしら?Oh? Finally, a worthy opponent? How interesting~
In battle with Enterprise白鹰的英雄啊,一直以来辛苦你了!英雄さんには世話になってるってね!We owe a lot to you, Miss Heroine.
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Ship Description一、二、跳!嗯,这把感觉不错~指挥官,这次我能拿多少分呢?肯定是100分吧~毕竟,指挥官就喜欢这种的不是吗~?ワンツージャンプ!おっ、今回はいい感じ♪というわけで、今のあたしに何点つける?もちろん100点なんだよね~だってこういうの、好きなんでしょ?One, two, jump! Woah, think I nailed it this time~♪ So, how many points would you give me for that? Naturally, a perfect 100, right? Don'tcha just love it when things go smoothly?
Acquisition一、二、跳!嗯,这把感觉不错~指挥官,这次我能拿多少分呢?肯定是100分吧~毕竟,指挥官就喜欢这种的不是吗~?ワンツージャンプ!おっ、今回はいい感じ♪というわけで、今のあたしに何点つける?もちろん100点なんだよね~だってこういうの、好きなんでしょ?One, two, jump! Woah, think I nailed it this time~♪ So, how many points would you give me for that? Naturally, a perfect 100, right? Don'tcha just love it when things go smoothly?
Details看入迷了吗?看入迷了才正常吧?指挥官以为我是谁啊~哈哈哈♪見とれちゃってる?見とれちゃって当然よ?あたしを誰だと思ってるの~ははは♪Can't take your eyes off me, huh? Nothing wrong with that though~ Just who do you think I am? Ahaha~♪
Main哇,那边那位,挡住视线了!真是的,明明指挥官现在所处的角度是最适合看我跳舞的…うわっ、そこの子、ジャマ!もう、指揮官の今いる角度、あたしを見るのに最高だったのにHey, you over there, you're blocking the view! Jeez, I was hoping to treat you to the best seats in the house, Commander.
Main 3灯光Come on!见识下白鹰的black dragon,新泽西的热舞吧~ネオンライト、カモーン!ユニオンのブラックドラゴン、ニュージャージーのダンスを見せてやるわ!Keep the spotlight on me! That's right, keep your eyes on the red-hot dance of the Black Dragon, New Jersey!
Main 4偶像什么的,不觉得很有意思吗?像这样…我是来自兔兔星的新泽西哦!…唔,好像不太对…(气馁)アイドルとか面白いと思わない?こう…ウサウサ星からやってきたニュージャージーよ!…違うか(しょんぼりBeing a superstar sure is exciting, isn't it? After all... I didn't come all the way from Planet Bunny for nothing! ...Err, that didn't come across right...
Main 5这个舞当然是只给指挥官和伙伴们看的啦,不然我怎么会这么努力练习呢?このダンスはもちろん仲間と指揮官にだけ見せるものよ。でなきゃここまで本気にならないでしょ?ふふOf course, this dance is something I'd only show you and my closest friends, hehe~
Touch求指导求建议!直接点表达下想法就好?ご指導プリーズ!素直に感想を言ってちょうだい?Your honest feedback, please! Tell me what you really think, okay?
Touch (Special)虽然…不是禁止触摸啦…但还是稍微考虑一下时间和场合吧?お触りは…禁止じゃなけど、ちょっと時間と場所を考えてちょうだい?I never said you couldn't touch, but... try to mind the time and place, yeah?
Return to Port比起跳舞应该先看战斗报告吗?知道啦~看我旋转跳跃——哎?刚才那非常完美?今はダンスよりレポートのほうに集中したほうがいいわね?わかったわ。回ってジャンプしてっと。あら、今の完璧だったの?Shouldn't you be staring at those reports instead of at me? Alright, fine by me. Take a good look at this jump and spin. Oh, you liked that a whole lot, huh?
Skill咆哮吧!黑龙之炎!哈哈哈♪Roar forth, dragonfire! Ahaha!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description好热…Honey不要紧吗?没热趴下吧?我分你点饮料,你能帮我涂下防晒吗?呵呵,Honey喜欢这种的对吧♪あつーい…ハニーは大丈夫?へたってない?飲み物なら分けてあげてもいいけど、その代わり日焼け止めを塗ってくれない?ふふ、こういうの、好きなんでしょ♪Sooo hot... Are you alright, honey? You're not heat-exhausted, are you? I'll share my drink with you if you're thirsty, but in return, I'll need you to put my sunscreen on for me. Heheh, that's just what you like to do, right, honey~?
Acquisition好热…Honey不要紧吗?没热趴下吧?我分你点饮料,你能帮我涂下防晒吗?呵呵,Honey喜欢这种的对吧♪あつーい…ハニーは大丈夫?へたってない?飲み物なら分けてあげてもいいけど、その代わり日焼け止めを塗ってくれない?ふふ、こういうの、好きなんでしょ♪Sooo hot... Are you alright, honey? You're not heat-exhausted, are you? I'll share my drink with you if you're thirsty, but in return, I'll need you to put my sunscreen on for me. Heheh, that's just what you like to do, right, honey~?
Login好热啊——盛夏的阳光真是到哪儿都毒……Honey有涂防晒霜之类的吗?总之涂了比较放心~哈哈♪あっつー。真夏の日差しはどこもきついわね…ハニーはもう日焼け止めは塗った?塗ったほうが安心だよ~。ははは♪It's a scorcher out there... Midsummer sunlight is rough no matter where you go. Honey, did you put on sunscreen? We'd better get some on you~ Hahaha♪
Details怎么了?啊,难道这泳装打扮让你看入迷了?不过既然是我,Honey看呆了也是理所当然的♪以及~选了这件泳衣的Honey,真是非常有眼光呢♪どうしたの?あ、もしかしてこの水着姿に見惚れた?ははーん、まああたしにハニーが見惚れちゃうのも当然だよね♪それもあるし~、この水着を選んだハニーのセンスが最高なんだから♪What's up? Oh, are you taken by my swimsuit? Hahah, well, it is me you're looking at. Of course you'd be stunned! Besides, that's just proof of your superb taste, since you picked it!
Main芦荟也有防晒效果?Honey,拜托了!…呜哇,这个黏黏滑滑的感觉…呀!?アロエにも日焼け止め効果があるの?ハニー、頼むわよ!…うわっ、このぬるぬるねばねばとした感じ…ひゃぅ!?Aloe works as sunscreen, too? Then get to putting it on me! ...Whoa, it's all slippery and sticky... Hyah?!
Main 2嗯…想吃冰淇淋了…Honey也来一根吗?没事没事,白鹰的大家都带了冰淇淋来哦?んっ…アイスクリームが食べたくなった…よし、ハニーも一つどう?大丈夫大丈夫、ユニオンの艦船なら皆アイスを持ってきているわよ?Mm... I want ice cream now... Okay! Want one, honey? Don't worry– all of us Eagle Union ships brought ice cream.
Main 3之后去提康德罗加那里吧?晒晒太阳是好,不过也想在稍微凉快的地方躺着休息♪就交给Honey决定啦~あとでタイコのところに行かない?ほら、焼くのもいいけどちょっと涼しいところで横になってもいいかと思って♪ハニーが決めちゃっていいわよ?Wanna go see Ticonderoga with me later? Tanning is fun and all, but I'd love to lie down in a cool place. You decide, honey.
Touch就拜托你好好涂啦!Honey♪しっかり頼むわね!ハニー♪I'm counting on you, honey!
Touch (Special)呀!?真是的Honey,虽然我知道你喜欢这种啦…///ひゃぅ!?もうハニーったら、こういうのが好きって分かってるけどぉ…///Hyah?! Geez, honey. I know you like this stuff, but c'mon... *blushes*
Return to Port出击辛苦了!咦,Honey是不是晒黑了?哈哈开玩笑的!来,饮料给你,慢慢休息吧♪出撃ご苦労さん!お、なんかハニー焼けてない?ははは冗談だよ!ほら、飲み物あげるからゆっくり休んでていいわよ♪Good work out there! Oh, honey, you look a little burned. Hahaha, I'm kidding! Here, I'll get you a drink. Take it easy♪
Commission Complete委托组已经回来了呢!…还没涂完?诶——委託組が戻ってきたじゃない!…まだ塗ってる途中なの?えーCommission team's here! ...You're still putting on your sunscreen? Come ooon.
Flagship我是不会让别人弄哭Honey的!ハニーのこと、泣かせたりなんかさせないわよ!I won't let my honey shed a single tear!
Affinity (Love)这边结束后由我来帮Honey涂哦!慢慢地,仔细地,把凉冰冰,黏糊糊的东西都——啊哈哈♪想着Honey会喜欢这种感觉,感觉怎么样?これが終わったらあたしがハニーに塗ってあげるね!ゆっくり、じっくり、ひんやりしてヌメヌメのねばねばとしたやつを――ははは♪こういうの、ハニーは好きそうだと思ったけど、どうかな?Once we're done, I'll spread stuff on you! That chilly, slick, sticky stuff, nice and slow... Hahah! I thought you might like me doing this. Do you?
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Ship Description最强最大的…不对,是最可爱最美的婚纱装扮新泽西登场!哼哼哼~看入迷了吧?毕竟是Honey,肯定被我迷得不要不要的了~最大最強…じゃなくて、最愛最高のウエディング姿のニュージャージー、登場よ!ふふふ、見惚れた?そりゃハニーが見惚れないはずがないよね♪The indomitable Black Dragon... I mean, the adorable New Jersey makes her bridal appearance! Hehe~ Stunned, arent'cha? Of course you are, honey~♪ How wouldn't you be?
Acquisition最强最大的…不对,是最可爱最美的婚纱装扮新泽西登场!哼哼哼~看入迷了吧?毕竟是Honey,肯定被我迷得不要不要的了~最大最強…じゃなくて、最愛最高のウエディング姿のニュージャージー、登場よ!ふふふ、見惚れた?そりゃハニーが見惚れないはずがないよね♪The indomitable Black Dragon... I mean, the adorable New Jersey makes her bridal appearance! Hehe~ Stunned, arent'cha? Of course you are, honey~♪ How wouldn't you be?
Login你来啦Honey♪今天也要加油工作哦!いらっしゃいハニー♪今日のお仕事も頑張って!Welcome back, honey~♪ Let's put our best foot forward today as well!
Details♪~在津津有味地看着什么?当然是看Honey啦~难道只准你看我看到出神,不许让我看你看到发呆吗?呼呼~♡♪~なにをそんなに興味津々に見てるかって?ハニーのことに決まってるじゃない。ハニーがあたしに見惚れちゃうのに、あたしがハニーに見惚れちゃいけないってわけ?ふふふ♡Mm~♪ Hmm, what am I staring at so intently? You, of course~ Honey, even though you're always gazing so passionately at me, am I not allowed to return the favor? Ehehe~♡
Main毕竟穿着这身战斗…肯定没问题~Honey应该挺喜欢这种的吧,战斗新娘之类的♪この格好だから今日に限って戦うのは…ありね。戦う花嫁ってのもハニーは好きそう♪Because I'm wearing this outfit today, I'll totally... still be able to fight. Don'tcha just love a bride who knows how to kick ass~♪
Main 2不然让提康德罗加拿些冰淇淋过来吧~今天就决定是草莓口味的好了!Honey你也没问题吧?タイコにアイスを持ってきてもらおうかな~。今日はいちごのだといいわね!ハニーもそれでいいでしょ?Think we should have Ty bring some ice cream over? I think I'm in the mood for strawberry. You okay with that, honey?
Main 3工作很努力了呢,很了不起哦~乖孩子摸摸头~这样就能继续下一项工作了吧?お仕事がんばりましたね~、偉いですね~、よしよしいい子いい子~、これで次の仕事に進めるでしょ?You've been working real hard? Who's smart, handsome, and totally awesome~ Yes, you are~ Now, onto the next job, right?
Touch怎么啦Honey?啊,是想让我摸摸头了吗?どうしたのハニー?あ、もしかしてよしよししてほしくなった?What's the matter, honey? Oh, did you perhaps want me to give you a good head-patting?
Touch (Special)我知道的哦,你就喜欢这样的事情对吧~哈哈哈♪知ってるわよ?こういうの、好きなんでしょ――ははは♪I already know. You totally love this kind of stuff, dont'cha? ––Ahaha~♪
Mission任务任务…Honey,接下来要做的是什么?任務任務…ハニー、次にこなすものは?Work, work... honey, what's our next mission?
Mission Complete任务完成♪领取报酬交给我,Honey就休息吧!…欸,还没到休息的时候么?啊哈哈……任務完了♪報酬の受取はあたしに任せてハニーは休んでよし!…とまではいかないか…ははは…Mission complete~♪ I'll handle the rewards, so you can to take a break! ...It's not time for that yet? Ahaha...
Return to Port出击辛苦了!(啾)这是“欢迎回来之吻”哦,你喜欢这种对吧♥出撃ご苦労さん!(チュッ)はーい、これは「おかえりのキス」よ!好きなんでしょ?こういうの♥Good work out there! Mmwah~ Yup, that was a "welcome back kiss!" You totally loved that, didn'tcha~♥
Commission Complete委托组回来了哦。Honey也要一起去迎接吗?委託組が戻ってきたわよ。ハニーも一緒に出迎える?The commission fleet's back. Will you be coming with me, honey?
Flagship以双倍的速度上了哦!ダブルタイムで参るってね!Coming right at ya, double time!
Victory这是为了庆祝胜利的抛花哦♪哈哈哈,我早就想尝试一次了~勝利のためのブーケトスだよ♪ははは、こういうのを一度やってみたかったんだ~A bouquet-toss for victory~♪ Ahaha, I've been wanting to try that for a while now~
DefeatHoney才不会因为这种事情垂头丧气的…!ハニーはこんなとことではめげないわよ…!My honey won't lose faith in me over something like this...!
SkillHoney,看着我哦♪ハニー、見ていてね♪Honey, keep your eyes on me♪
Affinity (Love)主动也好,被动也好,Honey就是我最喜欢的Honey,这点是永远不会变的哦。今天会让Honey看到我不一样的魅力的~再一次迷上我吧,哼哼~あたしをリードしても、あたしにリードされても、ハニーはあたしが大好きなハニーに変わらないわよ♪だ・か・ら~今日はあたしがいつもと違う感じになって、ハニーを惚れ直させちゃうんだからね!はははRegardless of which one of us makes the first move, you'll always be the honey I know and love♪ That~ is~ why~ today, I'll show you a different side of me that'll have you falling head-over-heels for me again! Ahaha!
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Login欢迎Honey~♪今天要从哪个任务开始做起呢?いらっしゃいハニー♪今日は何から始めるの?Hey there, honey~♪ What are we going to do today?
Details♪~在津津有味地看着什么?当然是看Honey啦~难道只准你看我看到出神,不许让我看你看到发呆吗?呼呼~♡♪~なにをそんなに興味津々に見てるかって?ハニーのことに決まってるじゃない。ハニーがあたしに見惚れちゃうのに、あたしがハニーに見惚れちゃいけないってわけ?ふふふ♡♪~What am I staring at so intently? You of course, honey. You're always ogling me up and down, so what's wrong with me also being mesmerized by you? Hehe~♡
Main我也想和大和和武藏她们打一次呢。Honey觉得谁能赢呀?あたしも大和とか、武蔵とかと戦ってみたいわね。ハニーはどっちのほうが勝つと思う?Might be fun scrapping with Yamato and Musashi. Honey, who do you think would win?
Main 2就算是Honey,也不能随便插队哦?接下来是我的冰激凌,你要口渴的话就喝点果汁忍忍吧~いくらハニーでも割り込んではダメよ?次はあたしのアイスなんだから、そこでジュースでも飲みながら我慢して?Honey, I love you and all, but you can't cut in line, okay? Especially when it's my ice cream that's coming out. If you're that thirsty, I have some juice for you.
Main 3工作辛苦啦,Honey真是了不起~嘻嘻,那就开始下一个工作吧~お仕事がんばりましたね~偉いですね~よしよし、これで次の仕事に進められるでしょ?
Main 7A job well done, hooney~ You're totally amazing. All right, let's get started on the next job~
Touch正好,Honey帮我买下这个~…不行?ちょうどよかった、ハニー、これを買ってほしいけど…ダメ?I was just looking for you, honey~ See, there's something I'd like you to buy for me... pretty please?
Touch (Special)我知道的哦,你就喜欢这样的事情对吧~哈哈哈♪知ってるわよ?こういうの、好きなんでしょ――ははは♪I know, you absolutely love this kind of stuff, dontcha~ Ahaha~♪
Return to Port出击辛苦啦!首先是回家的啾?~……嘻嘻,就是这样~接下来就开始战斗总结吧♪出撃ご苦労さん!はい、ただいまのキスは?……そうそう、じゃあ振り返りから始めるわね♪Welcome back from your sortie! Wanna celebrate the occasion with a kiss? ...Yeah, yeah, I know, I'll get started on the report~♪
FlagshipHoney在看着哦!战斗开始!ハニーが見ているわ!戦闘開始よっ!Honey's looking my way~! Let's do this!