Lützow (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 544Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattlecruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1269 Reload60
Firepower74 Torpedo33
Evasion6 Anti-air50
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck30
HP5654 Reload115
Firepower196 Torpedo92
Evasion31 Anti-air189
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck31
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battlecruiser: Derfflinger-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Bravery at SkagerrakIncreases this ship's Main Gun DMG by 1.0% (10.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) frontal barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
The Hunt is OnEvery time this ship sinks an enemy: increases this ship's FP and ACC by 1.0% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times; the final stack additionally increases RLD by 5.0% (15.0%) ).???
Marvels of History - LützowIncreases this ship's DMG dealt to BBs and BCs by 1.0% (10.0%) . When an enemy sinks within 5s of taking DMG from this ship, this ship is also treated as the one who sank that enemy. If this ship has an AP or SAP Main Gun equipped, when she hits an enemy: 1) That enemy's ACC and FP decreases by 1.0% (10.0%) for 3s; 2) After 3s, there's a 10.0% chance to inflict 3,000 DMG to that enemy.???
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Ship Description德弗林格尔级战列巡洋舰—吕佐夫デアフリンガー級巡洋艦-リュッツォウDerfflinger-class battlecruiser – Lützow.
Biography铁血战列巡洋舰吕佐夫号,曾经公海舰队的一员。话说我好想忘了自己要说什么…哈啊,算啦,说不定睡一觉就能想起来了呢。鉄血巡洋戦艦のリュッツォウだよ~。かつては大洋艦隊のメンバーで…何を言おうとしたか忘れちゃった。まあいいや、ひと眠りしたら思い出せるかもねーHey, I'm Iron Blood battlecruiser Lützow. I was part of the High Seas Fleet, and... I forgot what I was gonna say. Eh, whatever, I'll probably remember after I've had a nap.
Acquisition哈啊——嗯?你是谁?算了,能带我去港区的指挥官那里吗?……你就是?那更好,省了再去找人的功夫了。我是吕佐夫,铁血的战列巡洋舰。好了,既然已经通知到你了,那就先这样,拜~ふわぁ~。ん?あなたは?指揮官さんのところに連れて行ってくれるの?へぇ、あなたが指揮官さん?えへへ、いいね、探す手間が省けたし。私はリュッツォウ、鉄血所属の巡洋戦艦だよ。挨拶が済んだしこのへんで~*yawn*... Hm? Who are you? Can you point me to the Commander? ...YOU'RE the Commander? Heehee, all right, saves me the effort of looking for you. I'm Lützow, Iron Blood battlecruiser. Since we're done here, I'm gonna take my leave~
Login你来了啊?嗯~你的这个位置坐着还挺舒服的,我能多坐一会么?おはよー。この椅子座り心地がいいね~もうちょっとくつろがせてもらっていい?G'morning. Hey, can I sit down a li'l longer? This chair is just too comfy.
Details没什么事就别来打扰我……啊算了,我突然改变主意了。反正也没什么事,来聊聊天呗?用がないなら呼ばないでよ……まあいいや、気が変わった。用がないならおしゃべり、してよCould you NOT call me without a reason? ...You know what, on second thought... If you're bored, chat with me.
Main无论如何都不能在办公室睡觉吗?为啥嘛~会妨碍工作?嗯……这是件坏事吗?執務室で寝ちゃダメ?どうして?仕事の邪魔になる?ん…それってイケナイこと?Why won't you let me sleep in the office? Because that interferes with your work? Huh... And that's a bad thing?
Main 2啊等等,你手上这份文件给我看看——欸,只是一堆看不懂的表格和数字啊,还给你了。あ、今持ってる書類を見せてよ。…よく分からない表と数字だけね。ほら、返すよーHey, show me what you're working on... It's just a bunch of random charts and numbers. 'Kay, have it back.
Main 3指挥官,如果一会你在办公室里找不到我的话……多半是我去哪里打发时间了,也许过一会就回来了~執務室に私の姿が見当たらなかったら……多分どっかに行っちゃってるかもよ。でもすぐ帰ってくる、多分If you can't find me in the office, I'm likely out and about somewhere. Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it. Probably.
Touch想抱抱这孩子吗?喏,给你。只能抱一下下哦!この子を抱いてみたい?いいよー。はい、ちょっとだけだからねーYou wanna hug this fella? Go ahead. Only a quickie though, okay?
Touch (Special)欸——你比我想象中的要大胆嘛。有趣~ほぇ~思ってたより大胆じゃない。面白いねGeesh, you're more daring than I took you for. Imagine that.
Touch (Headpat)我没困,只是打个哈欠而已…眠くないよ、あくびしただけ…ふぁあああ…I'm not sleepy. That was just a li'l yawn... *yaaawn*...
Mission任务?听起来就好麻烦……反正你一个人也能搞定的吧?任務?めんどそう…どうせ指揮官一人でも平気でしょ?A mission? Miss me with that. You'll be fine on your own anyway.
Mission Complete任务完成了哦。……看着我干嘛,是你的任务完成了,又不是我的。任務が終わったよ。…なんでこっちを見てるの?任務をこなしたのは私ではなく、あなたでしょ?Mission complete. Why're you giving me that look? You're the one who got it done, not me.
Mail给,邮件。顺手拿的不用谢我~はい、メール。ついでに取ってきたからお礼はいいよHere's your mail. No need to thank me, I just picked it up on the way.
Return to Port终于回来了!你不在身边的时候,还挺无聊呢……戻ってきた!指揮官さんがいないとちょっと退屈だよね~You're back! It's kinda boring when you're not around.
Commission Complete哦豁,负责委托的同伴们已经回来了。不去迎接她们没关系么?委託組の子たちが戻ってきたよ。出迎えに行かなくていいの?The commission team is back. We don't have to go out and meet them, do we?
Enhancement嗯?这就变强了吗?好像什么都没发生似的…ん?強くなった?なにも起きなかったようだけどHm? Am I stronger now? Doesn't feel like it, honestly.
Flagship哈啊…居然把这么麻烦的位置丢给我…はぁ…面倒臭い仕事押し付けられちゃったじゃない…Ugh... What did I do to deserve this big-ass responsibility...
VictoryZzzz…困了…唔,战斗结束了吗…?Zzzz…眠いな~。おーい、もう戦闘は終わった?Zzz... Ahh, I'm so sleepy. Is the battle over yet?
Defeat啊~啊…居然输了…讨厌讨厌,我要收工回去了!あーあ、負けちゃった…やだな~もう帰るよーWelp, we lost... This blows. I'm heading home.
Skill随便出点力好了~適当に頑張るかーI guess maybe I'll try.
Low HP…不痛不痒!…痛くも痒くもないし!Nuh-uh, I don't feel a thing!
Affinity (Upset)哈啊……好无聊,这里实在是无聊透了。ふわぁ……つまんない。本当につまんないよね、ここUgh... I hate this place. I hate this place so much.
Affinity (Stranger)哎,今天也没什么干劲啊……指挥官,你没有干劲的时候,又是怎么样把事情坚持下来的?今日もやる気が出ないね……指揮官さん、やる気が出ないときはさぁ、どうやったら最後まで頑張れるの?Don't feel like doing a dang thing today... Hey, Commander, what do you do to get through the day when you've got no energy?
Affinity (Friendly)日程表?原来如此,你的日子是被各种计划赶着过的啊……哎,都有点同情你了。能让我看看都是些什么计划么?スケジュール?なるほど、予定に追われてるカンジね……もう同情するよ。どんなのが入ってるか見せて?You follow a schedule? It's all about getting into habits, huh... I getcha. Can you show me what yours is like?
Affinity (Like)如果日程表被工作排满了话,无视掉不就好了吗?……不行吗?哎,被计划束缚的日子多累啊,不如和我一起,想做什么就做什么~仕事がいっぱい入ってるならそのスケジュール無視したらいいんじゃない?…ダメ?予定に追われるのってきつくない?私と一緒に、やりたい時にだけやればいいよ~Can't you, you know, ignore a schedule if there's a ton of work on it? ...No? A schedule sounds pretty awful then. Just do like me and do whatever you want~
Affinity (Love)我说,干脆我们两个私奔吧?……欸,只是开个玩笑啦,不用那么大惊小怪。不过,希望你和我在一起的时候,能把那些烦恼暂时通通忘掉,好好地只看着我一个人哦~指揮官さん、私と駆け落ちしてみない?……ん?別に冗談だよ?んなことで驚かなくていいから。まあ、本当は一緒にいるときは悩みとか全部忘れて、私だけを見ていてほしいな~Hey, Commander, how about we run away together? ...I'm just kidding with you. Don't get all worked up. All I want is for you to forget all your troubles when we're alone together~
Pledge这样一来,原本自由自在的我,就被“感情”所束缚了呢。谁叫我是自愿这么做的呢~能让我心甘情愿听话,可是独属于你一个人的特权哦。你也要付出相应的代价,在生活中的各个方面好好弥补我才行~自由気ままのリュッツォウは指揮官さんに釘付けね~。まあ、私がこの指輪をもらったからだけど。リュッツォウに言うことを聞かせられるのは指揮官さんだけだから、その代わりにちゃんと色々フォローしてね~Carefree as I am, we're stuck together now~ Stuck together by means of this ring, anyway. You're the only person I'll take orders from, and I expect you to do me a few favors in return~
In battle with Queen Elizabeth皇家的小女王?好像有点印象…ロイヤルの女王様?うーん、そうね… Queen of the Royal Navy? Uh-huh, I see...
In battle with Seydlitz安全第一,安全第一~安全第一、あんぜんだいいち! You know the drill – safety first!
In battle with Deutschland名字什么的怎样都无所谓吧?名前とかどうでもいいじゃない Who cares what your name is anyway?
In battle with Elbe和易北不同,我是个好孩子哦?エルベと違って私はいい子だよ? I'm a good girl. Unlike you.
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Ship Description“人类啊,既然能来到这里,那么想必已经做好了相应的觉悟吧,呵呵呵~”…好啦指挥官,别愣着,下一句该你了!「人間め、ここにやって来たのは覚悟あってのことかしら?フフフ~」……指揮官さん、もう黙ってないで返しを頼むわよー"Have you come to accept your fate, human? Heehee~" ...Don't just stand there, Commander. Say something!
Acquisition“人类啊,既然能来到这里,那么想必已经做好了相应的觉悟吧,呵呵呵~”…好啦指挥官,别愣着,下一句该你了!「人間め、ここにやって来たのは覚悟あってのことかしら?フフフ~」……指揮官さん、もう黙ってないで返しを頼むわよー"Have you come to accept your fate, human? Heehee~" ...Don't just stand there, Commander. Say something!
Login欢迎回来,指挥官。今天的“鲜血”准备好了吗?当然指的是葡萄酒哦~おかえり指揮官さん。今日の「赤き杯」はどう?ワインのことだってば~Welcome back, Commander. Now where's my crimson elixir? As in, my daily glass of wine~
Details你不觉得,这身衣服很有礼服的感觉吗?要不,现在试着邀请我跳一支舞吧?答不答应你取决于你的诚意够不够~この衣装、パーティードレスみたいでしょ?だから、ダンスのお誘いをしてみてよ。でも、私が応じるかどうかは指揮官さんの努力次第♪This looks kinda like a ball dress, doesn't it? So make like at a ball and ask me for a dance. Whether I accept or not hinges on your ability to persuade, though~
Main大蒜?十字架?那种东西对我可没有用哦。吸血鬼都是这种设定?那我只要把这个设定吃掉就好了~にんにく?十字架?効かないよ。ヴァンパイアはそういう設定…?んーじゃあこの設定はまるっとボツにしちゃおっかGarlic? Crosses? Those don't work on me... Those are meant to repel a vampire? Well then, I'm throwing those weaknesses right out the window.
Main 2塞德利茨,所谓“扮演”只要把自己想象成那个角色就好了,不用顾忌那么多的~ザイドリッツ、役になりきるには役をイメージすることが大事だから、そこまで気にしなくてもいいからねSeydlitz, the key to acting is to fully immerse yourself in your role. You don't have to think about it too hard.
Main 3欸,人家在这里专心扮演,你怎么一副心不在焉的样子…不行,我要咬你两口让你清醒清醒!むぅ、私はここで頑張っているのに、指揮官さんはどこか上の空……パクっと気づかせてやるんだから!Hrmph. I'm trying my absolute best here, and you're not even looking, Commander... I'll just have to MAKE you pay attention!
Touch欸——我还不想起来,再让我坐会~え~ちょっと待ってよー。このままのほうが楽でいいじゃなーいAww, come ooon. I'm comfy right where I am – don't make me get up.
Touch (Special)据说,人感到最幸福的时刻,也是其血液最美味的时刻呢~人間が幸せを感じる時こそ、その血がいっちばん美味しいと聞いて♪When a human feels bliss, that's when their blood tastes sweetest♪
Return to Port兜兜转转了一阵子,最终还是回到我身边了呢。这个就是“来自吸血鬼古堡的诅咒”的设定~散々振り回された指揮官さんも結局はリュッツォウの側に戻って…ふふふ、これはヴァンパイア城の呪いって設定なの♪You're under my complete control, and will always come back to me... Heehee, I call this plot device "the curse of Dracula's Castle."
Victory哎,都怪你们,为什么要让我认真起来呢。もう、あなたたち敵さんのせいよ。どうして私を本気にさせたの?You brought this upon yourselves, opponents. Why must you make me spill blood?
Affinity (Love)指挥官,看着我的眼睛……嗯,接下来不许动,因为你被我“魅惑”了哦~我记得设定里,吸血鬼的进食是从后颈开始的。那我就开动了~啊呜——指揮官さん、私の目を見て……うん、私に「魅惑」されたって設定だから、そのままじっとしててね~。そういえばヴァンパイアが血を吸うのは首元からだっけ?んじゃいただきま~す。あーん♪Gaze into my eyes, Commander... Yeah, the script says I have you under my spell, so just keep gazing~ By the way, vampires drink blood through the neck, right? 'Cause I want a taste~ Nom♪
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Ship Description(嚼嚼)…嗯?嗯嗯?还挺好吃的?也是,东煌的菜肴肯定很好吃~我也来塞给指挥官吃,快张嘴?啊——はむはむ…ん?んん?結構美味しいかも?まあ東煌の料理は美味しいって相場が決まってるもんね~。指揮官さんの口にもぶちこんであげるから早くあーんして?あーーん?Om, nom... Hmm. Hey! This is pretty good! I mean, of course it's good – it's Empery cuisine! Commander, open wide and I'll give you a dumpling alley oop. Say "aah"!
Acquisition(嚼嚼)…嗯?嗯嗯?还挺好吃的?也是,东煌的菜肴肯定很好吃~我也来塞给指挥官吃,快张嘴?啊——はむはむ…ん?んん?結構美味しいかも?まあ東煌の料理は美味しいって相場が決まってるもんね~。指揮官さんの口にもぶちこんであげるから早くあーんして?あーーん?Om, nom... Hmm. Hey! This is pretty good! I mean, of course it's good – it's Empery cuisine! Commander, open wide and I'll give you a dumpling alley oop. Say "aah"!
Login呵欠——,怎么啦?吃完饭想睡觉很正常嘛。倒是指挥官为什么还在工作?ふぁあああー。なになに?そりゃ食べたら眠くなるもん。指揮官さんこそなんでまだ仕事してるの?*yaaawn*... Yeah, what? Eating makes me sleepy. You're not seriously gonna do paperwork today, are you?
Details下次也邀请塞德利茨她们一起?那应该不是吕佐夫,而是指挥官应该做的事吧?我想邀请的归根结底只有指挥官一个人呢~呵呵。今度ザイドリッツたちも誘ってって?それはリュッツォウじゃなくて指揮官さんがやるべきでしょう?私が誘いたいのはあくまで指揮官さん一人だけ。ふふっInvite Seydlitz and the gang next time? I mean, if you want their company, do it yourself. You're the only person I wanna invite. Heehee.
Main呜哇,塔林怎么打算配着咖啡一起吃啊~来,我来教你该怎么吃。这应该配着啤酒一起吃才对哦?呵呵♪うっわ、タリンってばコーヒーと一緒に食べようとしてるの?ほら、食べ方を教えてあげる。これはねぇ、ビールと一緒に食べるものなんだよ?ふふふ♪Eww, you're gonna drink coffee with that, Tallinn? Here, lemme educate you a little. See, you're meant to have this with a cold glass of beer. Heehee♪
Main 2我正忙着吃呢,工作的事之后再说。指挥官没做完工作前不许吃哦。知道了吗?今食べてるから仕事の話はあとー。指揮官さんは仕事が終わるまで食べるの禁止。ね?I'm eating, so save the work talk for later. No food for you until your job is done, okay?
Main 3啊哈哈,德意志那家伙是猫舌头吗??来,指挥官,帮她吹吹吧。在这期间指挥官的份就归吕佐夫啦♪あははは、ドイッチュラントのやつ猫舌なの??ほら指揮官さん、ふーふーしてあげなよ。その間にリュッツォウが指揮官さんの分を食べてあげる♪Ahahahah! Deutschland seriously can't handle hot food? C'mon, Commander, go blow on it for her. Meanwhile, I'll keep your food safe and secure in my belly♪
Touch再来一份?等会再点一单吧~おかわり?あとで注文するねーYou want seconds? I'll order some in a bit.
Touch (Special)指挥官~是想连吕佐夫也一起享用吗?指揮官さんは~リュッツォウのことも食べたいわけ?Sooo~ You saying you wanna eat me, too?
Return to Port已经凉了,要再加热下吗?还是说烤一下?不管怎么说,反正是由指挥官去做就是啦♪冷めてるから一回温める?もしくは焼いちゃう?どっちにしても、やるのは指揮官さんだけど♪Your food's gone cold. You gonna heat it up, or end up burning it? Either way, it's your move♪
Victory来,为了补充能量再来一个…啊呜!はーい、エネルギー充填にもう一個…はむっ!One more to recharge my batteries! Nom!
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Login早上好。问我要放到碎纸机里的是什么?嗯,是今天的日程表哦。马上给你个痛快♪おはよー。シュレッダーにかけようとしているもの?うん、今日のスケジュール表だよ。今楽にさせてあげるから♪G'morning. What I'm putting in the paper shredder? Just your schedule for today. We're gonna have a good time instead♪
Details有事吗?啊……现在不行,因为我有急事了,那就是来跟我聊天吧♪用があるの?あっ……今はダメ。私に急用ができたから。ねえねえ、おしゃべり、してよ♪Need something? Wait... Now's a bad time. I've got urgent business. By that I mean: chat with me!
Main不能在办公室睡觉的话,那我去指挥官的房间啦…不行?呵呵,就是因为指挥官说不行才要去呢♪執務室で寝ちゃダメなら、指揮官さんの自室に行くねー。…ダメ?ふふ、指揮官さんがダメって言ってもいいの♪Since I can't sleep in your office, I'll do it in your private quarters instead. Or is that also a no-go? Heheh, if it is, just say it♪
Main 2要我帮忙工作?可以哦。我能做的……好像没什么呢。还是去睡觉吧——仕事を手伝う?いいよ。私にできるものは……あんまりないね。やっぱり寝るかーNeed a hand there? All right. I could help you with... not much, it seems. I'll just take a nap instead.
Main 3吕佐夫现在正寻找着和指挥官约会的地方呢。哦,这里不错!下一次放假是……リュッツォウは今、指揮官さんとのデートのスポットを下見中ー。おっ、ここいいね!次の非番日は……What I'm doing? Looking 'round for places we can go to on a date. Ooh, this looks promising! Let's go there the next time you're free.
Touch (Special)呼呼……呵呵呵,这是回敬哦♪むにゃむにゃ…ふふふ、お返し♪Mrmh, mmh... Heehee, payback!
Flagship吕佐夫要大显身手了!…嗯…不用也行吧リュッツォウの活躍は!…しなくてもいっかThis is my chance to shine! ...But I don't need to take it.
Victory哈啊~指挥官,已经结束了吗?那接下来也拜托了——ふはー。指揮官さん、もう終わったよ?次もよろしくー*yaaawn*... We're finished here, Commander. Let's move on.