Kronshtadt (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 539Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Super CruiserRarityUltra Rare
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressHondo Kaede
HP1247 Reload62
Firepower54 Torpedo0
Evasion11 Anti-air42
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
HP5350 Reload119
Firepower148 Torpedo0
Evasion38 Anti-air160
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun efficiency +5% | Equips special secondary gun
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Secondary Gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Super Cruiser: KronshtadtTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Indomitable IceIncreases this ship's FP and EVA by 3.5% (8.0%) . Every 8 times this ship fires her Main Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level; if this ship has a large-caliber Main Gun equipped: decreases the shot requirement to 4 and improves this barrage).???
Tempered PrudenceDecreases the DMG this ship takes from AP ammo by 3.5% (8.0%) . Every 4 times this ship fires her Secondary Guns: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage that decreases the FP of enemies hit by 5.0% (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level). When this ship equips Northern Parliament gear: increases this ship's Secondary Gun efficiency by 25.0% (45.0%) and, instead of reducing AP DMG taken, decreases all DMG taken by 3.5% (8.0%) .???
Strong-Willed SupportDuring a battle, when this ship's HP falls below 10.0% as a result of DMG taken:decreases this ship's Burn DMG taken by 50.0% and recovers 1.0% of her max HP every second for 1 (10) s. While this ship is afloat, when a fleet this ship is NOT in starts a battle: 1) if that fleet's Flagship is a BB: decreases the Main Gun Spread of all your BBs by 2; 2) 20s after the battle starts: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage that decreases the SPD of enemies hit by 40.0% for 5s (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description69型重巡洋舰—喀琅施塔得69型巡洋艦-クロンシュタットProject 69-class cruiser – Kronshtadt
Biography69计划重巡洋舰,喀琅施塔得。能赢下战斗靠的不是盲目的战斗,而是脚踏实地的情报收集工作。哼哼,可不要小看了我和同志们的力量哦。69計画巡洋艦のクロンシュタットよ。戦いに勝つには、ただがむしゃらに戦うのではなく、地道に情報を集め工作を行ってこそ。私の力も、そして同志たちの力もなめてもらっては困るわよ?I'm Kronshtadt of the Project 69 cruiser designation. Bravery alone does not win battles – gathering intel while denying your enemy it does. And, just as your fleet's power is not to be underestimated, neither is mine. Understood?
Acquisition北方联合所属,“超级巡洋舰”喀琅施塔得。哼,强大的火力并不是我唯一的价值,在并肩作战之后,相信你会有更深刻的了解的,指挥官同志。北方連合所属、巡洋艦のクロンシュタット。まぁ、私の真価はこの火力だけじゃない。一緒に戦っていくうちに身をもって分かってもらえるはずよ。同志指揮官I'm Kronshtadt, Northern Parliament cruiser. Firepower isn't my only merit – I have many more than that. I'm sure you'll discover them for yourself as we clash with our enemies, Comrade.
Login早啊,指挥官同志。我一向欣赏守时的人。唔,还没到工作的时间?おはよう同志指揮官、時間を守る人なら大歓迎よ。むっ、勤務時間はまだ?Morning, Comrade. I always warmly welcome one who practices punctuality. Hmm? The workday hasn't begun yet?
Details到时间了,同志留下来的联络频段是——嗯?没反应?……指挥官同志,进来之前还是先敲门比较好哦?……欸,已经敲了?是、是吗?時間か。そろそろ同志からの定時連絡が来るからチャンネルを……ん?動かな……って同志指揮官、入る前にドアをノックするのは常識だと思うけど?もうノックしたと?そ、そう…?My comrades should be contacting me soon. Let me open my– Huh? Don't move! ...Comrade?! Don't you know to knock before you enter? ...You already knocked? Oh. I see...
Main指挥官同志,工作日程我已经写成便条贴在你桌上了。什么,字看不懂?这……那我当面给你解释一遍好了。唔,这是……同志指揮官、今日のタスクは便箋に書き留めて机に置いておいたわ。なに?字が読めない?じゃ、じゃあ説明してあげる……むぅ、これは…I left a note on your desk with a summary of all of today's tasks, Comrade. What? You can't read my handwriting? Fine, then I'll read it out for you. Let's see... This says...
Main 2好奇平时我联络的“友人们”是谁吗?不用心急,等到合适的时机你自然会知道的。いつも連絡している仲間のことが気になるって?焦らないで、そのうち分かるからWho am I making such frequent calls to, you ask? Be patient – you'll learn in due time.
Main 3能一遍就解释清楚的事情,我一般都不会说第二遍。毕竟,重复的讯息可是会增加情报泄露风险的。一度説明したことは二度は言わない。繰り返しは情報の漏洩につながってって……なに?今ので分からなかったの?ほら、まずは…I never repeat something I've explained before. The more information is repeated, the greater the risk of leaks... Hmm? You didn't catch that? Okay, as I was saying...
Main 4话说回来,这台通讯器…这样下去和同志们的联系就…还是用武力解决吧!…怎、怎么冒烟了?!おかしいわね、この通信機…このままでは同志たちとの連絡が…ちっ、やっぱり武力行使して…け、煙が!?Strange... My transceiver isn't working. How am I supposed to contact my comrades now? Screw it, brute force it is... Gah! It burst into smoke!
Main 5潜入任务里重要的是不要留下你的痕迹,也就是说,只要在开炮之前整出点更大的骚动就没事了…嗯?有哪里不对吗?潜入任務に重要なのは痕跡を残さないこと、つまり派手に主砲をぶっ放す前にそれよりも派手な騒ぎを起こせば…違う?どこが?What's essential during stealth missions is that you leave no trace. What this means is: before you go in, cannons booming, you should first create an even bigger boom to distract from– Huh? That's not how you do it?
Touch指挥官同志,有什么需要帮助的,尽管和我提就好!同志指揮官、手伝えることがあったら、何でも言ってみなよIf you need my assistance, just come forth and ask for it, Comrade.
Touch (Special)我可不会因为你是指挥官同志就手下留情的……还不打算停下来吗?!同志指揮官だからって私を甘く見るのは…やめないかっ!I will not tolerate you – or anyone else – mistreating me... Stop that, right now!
Touch (Headpat)指挥官同志,你这是…慰劳的抚摸?嗯…相当简单的做法呢。那下次我也这么做好了。同志指揮官、なにを…労いのスキンシップ?ふ、ふむ?随分とシンプルなやり方ね。次からはこっちもさせてもらうわよComrade, what are you... "Returning my efforts with intimacy?" I, I see... You've quite the straightforward methodology. I'll be doing the same the next time.
Mission任务清单已经准备好了。指挥官同志,完成任务后记得在对应的位置用笔做个标记。任務の一覧表はできているわ。さぁ同志指揮官、任務が完了したら表にマークをつけておいてI've compiled a list of all available missions. Strike them through one by one as you complete them, Comrade.
Mission Complete任务执行得挺不错的,指挥官同…已经完成了吗?!任務をこなしていく同志指揮官、中々やるわね。…言ってるそばからもう完了した?!Your efficiency in completing missions is quite admirable, Comrade... Goodness, you completed another just as I said that!
Mail新邮件啊……如果是机密邮件的话,看完之后我立刻帮你销毁吧。保证不留一点痕迹。新しいメッセージね……機密情報なら確認したあとの処分は任せるがいいわ。私にかかれば何の痕跡も残さず、よYou have a new message. Read it, and I'll dispose of the letter aftewards, if it's of a confidential nature. I'll ensure there's no trace left of it.
Return to Port…!是指挥官同志啊…提醒你一下,贸然从背后接近我比较危险,保险起见记得先和我打个招呼……并不是被吓到了!…!同志指揮官か。この私に後ろから急に近づくと危険なので、せめて予め声をかけるのが身のためだけど……別に驚いているわけではないわっ!Huh?! ...Oh, it's just you. You put yourself in great danger by suddenly approaching me from behind. At least call out to me first... Don't be ridiculous! You didn't startle me!
Commission Complete和我的情报完全一致,委托组恰好在这个时间回来了呢。委託組の帰還か。こっちが握ってる情報と同じねSo, the commission team has returned. Exactly when the report said they would.
Enhancement没有人会嫌弃更强的火力吧?より強い火力になって嫌がる者もいないわよねWho could pass on more firepower, am I right?
Flagship同志们,高歌猛进吧,胜利正在朝我们招手!同志たち、勝利に向けて、高らかに進撃せよ!Comrades! We march towards victory, heads held high!
Victory我们的胜利绝非偶然,而是由各个阶段的不懈努力铺就的必然!ふふん。勝利はたった一回の偶然ではなく、積み重ねてできた必然によるものよHahah! Victory is determined not by random chance, but by a cascade of certainties.
Defeat因为我的失误让同志们陷入危险了啊…!抱歉,我会深刻反省的!私のせいで皆をピンチに……!くっ、猛省しています…!It's all my fault this happened! Dammit... I apologize for my poor judgment!
Skill弱点就是这里吧!弱点はここか!I've found your weakness!
Low HP不要慌,现在正是要保持冷静的时刻!慌てるなっ、今は冷静に、冷静に…!Do not panic! Focus! Focus!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官同志,想要重新争取我的信任的话,你恐怕得下点功夫了啊。同志指揮官、私の信頼を勝ち取りたいなら、努力がちょっと足りないんじゃない?If you hope to gain my trust, you're putting in quite a lackluster effort, Comrade.
Affinity (Stranger)不瞒你说,在来到港口之后,我悄悄对指挥官同志做了一些调查。…哈哈,我还能在这里和你聊天,称呼你为“同志”,自然说明结果是好的。母港に着任したときに既に同志指揮官の素性について調べさせてもらったわ。……なぁに、あなたとこうしてお喋りしていて、しかも「同志」と呼んでるんだから、結果など伝えなくても分かるはずよSo, I did some research into your past before coming here, Comrade... Oh, please. You can infer what I found based on the fact I'm conversing with you right now and addressing you with the word "Comrade."
Affinity (Friendly)一个人的力量是有限的,因此我有很多能帮我处理各种各样事务的“友人”。指挥官同志,我也是你的友人,有什么觉得自己难以做到的,就来依靠我吧。一人でできることには限りがある。私がここまでできるのも「仲間」がいるおかげ。同志指揮官、一人でできないことがあったら、「仲間」である私のことを頼りにしてもらっていいわOne person can only do so much alone. I have my comrades to thank for having made it this far. Likewise, Comrade, if you need my assistance, I'm absolutely willing to give it.
Affinity (Like)若是指挥官同志这般值得信任的人,把更多东西托付给你应该也没问题吧。不过,指挥官同志,知道的秘密越多,自己也就越危险。你做好心理准备了吗?同志指揮官のような信頼に値する相手には、情報以上のものを渡しても問題ないわね。……一度受け取ったら身に危険を及ぼすものだとしても、受け取る覚悟はあるかしら?I have no issue giving something greater than intel to those I consider as trustworthy as you, Comrade. But, by accepting it, you may be inviting danger into your life. Are you prepared for that, hmm?
Affinity (Love)哼,我们之间的关系早已不止是“互相信赖”这么简单了,指挥官同志。我对你的感情,远比普通的“信赖”要深厚得多。这满溢的感情,毫无疑问就是“爱”!……有,有什么好笑的吗?!同志指揮官も知っての通り、私たちの関係はもはや「信頼」だけでは留まらない。だからこれを渡すわ…コホン。信頼よりも熱く、尊く、満ち溢れる疑いようのない「愛」を!……そ、そこで笑う?!Our relationship goes beyond mere "trust," as I'm sure you know, Comrade. So, ahem... Allow me to give you something purer, more intense, and unquestionably greater than my trust – my love! ...Wh-why are you laughing?!
Pledge誓词?仪式?我可没法为那种冗长的事一直等待下去!既然已经戴上戒指了,要做的事情就只有一件了。指挥官同志,把眼睛闭上吧,你只需要,把接下来的感觉铭刻在心就好——誓い?儀式?長々と無駄な時間は不要よ。指輪を嵌めたならすることは一つ。さあ同志指揮官、目を閉じなさい。これから起きることを心にしっかりと刻んでおくがいいわ!Oaths and ceremonies? I've no need for such grand wastes of time. We have but one thing to do once you've slid on this ring. Close your eyes, Comrade, and forever memorize what I am about to do!
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In battle with Dunkerque, Kongou, Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau我的火力,不会输给任何人!私の火力は誰にも負けないわ!Your firepower still does not trump mine!
In battle with Kirov秘密行动就交给我吧!隠密行動は任せなさい!Covert missions are my forte!
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Ship Description里面的人听好,你们已经被包围了!我是北方联合所属,特别行动小组组长,喀琅施塔得!现在你们只有一个选择——那就是举手投降!中にいる奴、よーく聞きなさい!あなたたちはもう包囲されているわ!こちらは北方連合所属、特別行動チームリーダーのクロンシュタット!今あなたたちに残された選択肢はたった一つ――両手を挙げて投降しなさい!!Listen up, assholes! We have you surrounded! I'm Kronshtadt, squad leader of the Northern Parliament Special Forces! You have only one option: come out with your hands in the air and surrender!
Acquisition里面的人听好,你们已经被包围了!我是北方联合所属,特别行动小组组长,喀琅施塔得!现在你们只有一个选择——那就是举手投降!中にいる奴、よーく聞きなさい!あなたたちはもう包囲されているわ!こちらは北方連合所属、特別行動チームリーダーのクロンシュタット!今あなたたちに残された選択肢はたった一つ――両手を挙げて投降しなさい!!Listen up, assholes! We have you surrounded! I'm Kronshtadt, squad leader of the Northern Parliament Special Forces! You have only one option: come out with your hands in the air and surrender!
Login指挥官同志,我已经完全控制住现场了。状况是由我来说明还是你亲自确认?同志指揮官、もう現場は完全に抑えているわ。状況は私が説明する?それともあなた自身で確認する?The perimeter has been secured, Comrade. Should I brief you on the situation, or do you want to see for yourself?
Details啾啾们成为了人质?没办法,只能动用最终手段了…所有人,做好突击的准备!饅頭が人質に?ちっ、仕方ない最後の手に出るか……全員、突入準備を!They've taken Manjuu hostages? God dammit, then we've no other choice... Squad, prepare to storm the building!
Main只要制造点大动静,然后干脆利落地解决掉目标就行了吧?很好,这可比情报工作简单多了~派手にやって目標を片付ければいいじゃない?うん、情報工作の仕事よりやりやすいわねWhat's wrong with using indiscreet methods as means to an end? I quite like how much simpler this job is than information warfare.
Main 2事先在这里设卡是正确的选择呢~就算有漏网之鱼,应该也会被基洛夫她们给逮住吧。ここにバリケードを設置していて良かったわ。これなら逃したやつがいてもキーロフたちがうまく確保してくれるでしょIt was a smart move to set up a barricade. This way, Kirov's squad can catch any suspects that try to flee the scene.
Main 3嗯,好的,我明白了…阿尔汉格尔斯克开始行动了,看来我们的任务很快就要结束了呢。分かった。…アルハンゲリスクが動いたわ。……ここに長くいることにはならなそうねCopy that... Arkhangelsk is on the move. It won't be long before this is over.
Touch扩音喇叭的话,按住这里的键就可以用了。指挥官同志试试吧?拡声器ならここを押せば使えるわよ。同志指揮官もやってみる?You turn the megaphone on with this button. Want to try it, Comrade?
Touch (Special)正好,就由指挥官同志来帮我试试这副手铐够不够坚固吧?哼哼哼~ふぅん、同志指揮官にこの手錠がどこまで頑丈かテストさせてもらおう。ふふふふWell, well. Time to test how sturdy these handcuffs are... by trying them on you. Heehee...
Victory确保控制嫌疑人!快点!容疑者を確保する!急げ!Arrest the suspects! Move!
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Login总算来了啊,指挥官同志,等你好久了。…为、为什么在这里等…?因为这里没人看得到、吧?やってきたわね同志指揮官。待ち遠しかったわ。…こ、ここで待ってたのはその…人に見られない、から?Good to see you, Comrade. I've been waiting for you. Th-the reason I waited here was, uh... so nobody would spy on me. That's it.
Details定时联络结束,哼,今天也收集了不少情报呢。放心吧,指挥官同志需要的那份我会亲自送去的。定時連絡完了。今日も望ましい成果だったわね。同志指揮官に必要なものはあとで送るわI just received a call from my comrades. It was all good news. I'll send you the important details later, Comrade.
Main我的字很难看懂?…哼,这样正好,指挥官你都看不懂,就说明保密性够强,哈哈哈!私の書いた字が読みづらい?……同志指揮官でも分からないというのなら、それだけ解読されにくいということよね。あははは!You struggle to read my handwriting? Well, if even you can't parse it, that means it's a well-encrypted message. Ahahahah!
Main 2谢了,罗西亚,只要把这个螺丝按上去的话……那个螺丝是哪里来的?ありがとうロシア、このネジを入れたら…そのネジ、どこで手に入れたの?Thanks, Rossiya. I'll put this screw back where it... Wait, where did you find this?
Main 3同行?嗯,虽然不是很想承认,不过这座港区里好像有几位比我更擅长潜入任务呢。同業者?ふぅん、認めたくないけど、この母港の何人かは潜入活動においてこの私よりも一枚上手のようねMy peers? Hmh, it pains me to admit, but this port is home to a number of people one cut above me when it comes to espionage.
Touch (Special)你,你这下弄得比我还夸张啊……わ、私も及ばぬ大胆さね…Y-your boldness is a league above even mine...
Mission任务情报收集完毕,让我们大干一场吧!任務情報の収集が完了よ。派手にやろうじゃない!I've compiled all the pertinent mission info. Get out there and knock them out of the park!
Mission Complete任务结束,辛苦了~欣赏指挥官同志工作时的模样真是令人愉快~哈哈任務完了よ。ふぅん、同志指揮官の頑張っている姿を眺めるのも中々愉快じゃないMission complete. It delights me to see you giving it your all.
Return to Port指挥官同志?哦,提前打招呼么…没关系,我已经熟悉了你的气息,所以不用再担心这个了,大概?哈哈哈!同志指揮官?挨拶するだけで身の危険を感じる必要などない。なぁに、あなたが後ろから急に近づいてくる習性はもう把握済みよ。あはは!Ah, Comrade? There's no reason to fear for your safety just over saying hello. By now I've grown used to you approaching me from behind. Ahahah!
Victory哼,这次的胜利绝非偶然,而是指挥官同志带来的必然!この勝利は偶然ではなく、同志指揮官がもたらした必然よOur victory wasn't a stroke of luck – it was a certainty, thanks to Comrade Commander.
Defeat唔,是不是动静整得太大了…くっ、派手にやりすぎたかしら…Dammit, I must've gone overboard...
Affinity (Love)指挥官同志,这个通讯器给你。我为它设置了一个只有我们两个知道的,绝对安全的秘密频道。我不在的时候,无论求助也好,约会也好,或者单纯的想见我,都可以用这个联系我哦!この通信機を同志指揮官に預けるわ。私とあなたしかわからない、しかも絶対に安全な通信チャンネルでつながっているわ。つまり私がいないときに――助けが欲しいとか、悩みがあるとか、デートがしたいとか、おしゃべりしたいとかがあったら、いつでもどこでも連絡できるってことよ!Take this transceiver. It connects to a highly secure channel no one but you and me knows about. Use it whenever I'm not around and you need help, have something on your mind, want to go on a date, or just have a chat. I'll be there for you anytime, anywhere!