Kitakaze (JP 🇯🇵: 北風, CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P009Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityPriority
NavySakura EmpireBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENDecember 19, 2019
KRApril 18, 2019
CNApril 18, 2019
JPApril 18, 2019
Voice actressSakura Tange
Kitakaze Description
Destroyer – Kitakaze.
Celebration Conquest!Description
All the preparations are now complete... Commander, let us sally forth and conquer these festival grounds! ...But before that, can we get something to eat first?
HP454 Reload82
Firepower16 Torpedo75
Evasion72 Anti-air37
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW49 Luck0
HP1936 Reload157
Firepower60 Torpedo274
Evasion238 Anti-air139
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW121 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +111 | AA +9 | Main Gun base +1 | Unlock playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Unlock All Out Assault I/Main gun efficiency +5% | Limit Break to 4 Stars | Unlock playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearn Siren Killer Ⅰ | Learn All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main Gun efficiency +5%
Level 15HP +221 | AA +18 | Main Gun efficiency +10% | Torpedo preload +1 | Unlock playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20AA gun efficiency +10% | Limit Break to 5 Stars | Unlock playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeLearn Siren Killer Ⅱ | Anti-Air Gun efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +333 | AA +27 | Unlock playback for: Special touch, Low HP
Level 30Improve All Out Assault/All weapons' efficiency +5% | Limit Break to 6 StarsLearn Siren Killer Ⅲ | Learn All Out Assault Ⅱ | All weapons' efficiency +5% | Hits needed to activate All-Out Assault halved
Level 35Upgrades "Kitakaze Style - Lotus Torpedoes" to "Kitakaze Style - Lotus Torpedoes+"
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun85%/90%/100%/105%1/2/2/20/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun120%/120%/130%/135%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T9 Destroyer: Kitakaze-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock14 +1
Max LimitBreak28
Lv.12021 +1
Kitakaze Style - Horizon SplitterThis ship's Main Guns ignore the enemy's Armor Type and its Main Gun DMG increases based on the skill's level (Lv.1 (Lv.10) .) While equipping a Sakura Empire Main Gun: increases this ship's Main Gun efficiency by 5.0% (15.0%) .Default Unlocked
Kitakaze Style - Lotus Torpedoes10s after the start of battle, if this ship is in the frontmost position of your Vanguard: fires a special torpedo barrage (Lv.1 (Lv.10) .) After every 10 hits with this ship's Torpedoes (barrage torpedoes do not count): fires this same barrage.Default Unlocked
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Kitakaze once every 16 times the Main Guns are fired.???
Kitakaze Style - Lotus Torpedoes+10s after the start of the battle: fires a special torpedo barrage (Lv.1 (Lv.10) ) and decreases this ship's DMG taken by 1.5% (6.0%) for 50s. After every 8 hits with this ship's Torpedoes (barrage torpedoes do not count): fires this same barrage.Strengthen Level 35
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description驱逐舰—北风駆逐艦・北風Destroyer – Kitakaze.
Biography超秋月级驱逐舰、北风…就是我。以前没能活跃在战场上,不过现在展示自己的实力还来得及。就让大家好好见识下如今北风的装备性能和绝佳机动性吧超秋月型一番艦…それがこの北風である。かの大戦では戦場で活躍し得なかったが、まだ遅くはない。今一度北風の兵装と速力をご覧に入れようぞLead ship of the Super Akizuki-class... That is I, Kitakaze. During the war, I was not able to display my prowess upon the battlefield, but it is not too late to do so here. Bear witness to my agility as well as the strengths of my armaments.
Acquisition北风已经准备就绪……今后由我来协助作战指挥的话,指挥官就可以清闲一些了うむ、準備万端――この北風が作戦指揮の補佐に加わったからには、指揮官も枕を高く寝られようぞ。ふっふん!Indeed, the preparations are complete... Now that I, Kitakaze, shall be assisting you with your operational command, you can now sleep more soundly at night, Commander. Heheh!
Login刚好指挥官回来了…北风正要训练刀柄上的小家伙,要让它的站姿具有大将之风才好指揮官、よく戻った。北風は今、このコと訓練中ぞ。うむ、将官らしく立ってもらわないとなCommander, you’ve come. I am currently training this little one. Indeed, I must teach it to stand like a general.
Details指挥作战的将领都会配备一把适合自己的刀…所以放心吧,这柄刀一点都不沉戦の指揮を取る者は刀を持参すると聞く…うむ、この子は重くない、安心するが良いぞThose who lead upon the battlefield must also carry their own blade... Worry not, this one is not heavy at all.
Main经常受到秋月级姐姐们的照顾,北风会好好回报她们的期待,也会努力保护好大家。秋月型のみなに世話になっているな。北風はみなの期待に応え上手く守ろうぞMy Akizuki-class sisters have always taken good care of me. I, Kitakaze, swear to meet their expectations, and will work hard to protect everyone.
Main 2相比于浴血奋战,坐镇后方运筹帷幄的感觉好像更棒…不过请相信北风的实力,就算是直接出击作战,北风也是很强的直接戦うことより、指揮を補佐するほうがいい気分になるな。…ちょ、直接戦っても北風はほかの子に引けをとらないぞI prefer strategizing and leading from the rear over fighting in the frontlines... B-but I’m perfectly capable of fighting head on.
Main 3真正的实力,源于内心的勇气。可不要小看了北风的能耐真の力は己の勇気が源。北風の力、侮るでないぞTrue power comes from the strength of one’s convictions. It would behoove you to not underestimate my abilities!
Touch身体娇小也是有好处的…哼哼,要玩躲避球的话,指挥官别想击中我小さい体にも利点がある…ふっふん、この「どっじぼーる」で北風に当てられるとは思わないことぞBeing small has its advantages... Heheh. For example, don’t even try to hit me in a game of dodgeball!
Touch (Special)虽然不知道该不该阻止指挥官……总之,请停止无礼的举动うむ、指揮官を止めるべきか思い悩んでいるが……無礼なことはだ、ダメぞHmm... The responsibility of cleaning up your conduct weighs heavily upon me, but... please cease your crass behavior.
Mission指挥官,振作起来,不能丢下这些任务不管指揮官、しっかりぞ。任務をほったらかすわけにはいかないからなShape up, Commander. You can’t afford to just leave these missions sitting there.
Mission Complete有付出就会有回报。指挥官这么努力,奖赏也自然不会溜走努力は報われよう――指揮官の頑張りへのご褒美は逃げたりしないぞEffort is rewarded in kind. Given how hard you’ve worked, Commander, your rewards won’t be disappointing.
Mail快查看下邮件吧,北风预感到会有好事发生メールを確認しようぞ。北風、良いことが起きる予感…!Let’s check the mail. I have a feeling that something good has happened...!
Return to Port指挥官辛苦了……接下来的事就交给北风来处理吧,不会辜负指挥官期许的指揮官、ご苦労ぞ。残った仕事はこの北風に任せてもらおう。ご期待どおり、良き働きをさせてもらおうGood work, Commander. Please leave the rest of the work to me. I shall not disappoint you.
Commission Complete委托组的大家应该带回了很多好东西,指挥官去看看吧…委託組の子たちは良いものを多く持ち帰ってきた模様。指揮官、検品に参ろうぞThe commission fleet must have returned with a lot of goodies. Commander, you should take a look.
Enhancement希望力量增强后,北风也能保持清醒的头脑力を得ても、頭脳は冴えたままのほうが望ましいぞEven after gaining power, I, Kitakaze, shall keep a clear head.
Flagship北风已经预料到敌人的动向了…大家,快跟在北风身后前进敵の動き、見切ったり!皆、北風に続け!The enemy’s movements... are clear as day! Everyone, follow me!
Victory一场胜利不足以骄傲,准备下一场吧一回の勝利などでは驕るに値しない。次の戦いの準備をしっかり行おうぞA single victory is nothing to be proud of. Let us prepare for the next battle.
Defeat这不可能…一定哪里计算有误…そんな…ど、どこが間違っていたの……Impossible... h-how did I miscalculate...?
Skill看招!会心一击!会心の一撃、受けてもらおうぞ!My single strike shall seal your fate!
Low HP知难而进,不是明智之选…不过现在也只能拼了!激流に逆らうなんて無粋…けど、今は仕方ない!It’s not wise to swim against the current... but we have no choice now!
Affinity (Upset)如果指挥官非要荒废自己的才能,那么很快就会变成废材吧…己の才能を無駄に捨てつづけるなら、指揮官も、いつか……Commander, if you continue to squander your talents, then one day...
Affinity (Stranger)想让我展示一下刀法?以后有机会,会给指挥官演示的ぬっ、この子が気になる…?うむ、いつかこの北風がじきに華麗に振って見せようぞHmm, you’re curious about the little one...? Very well, perhaps I will give you a demonstration when I get the chance.
Affinity (Friendly)秋月级的姐姐们每次见面都会给北风很多零食。分一些给指挥官也可以的…秋月型から常々駄菓子をもらっているぞ。し、指揮官に少し分けても……むぅ……My sisters always give me lots of candy whenever they see me. I, I suppose I can share them with you, Commander...
Affinity (Like)有点怕黑……就让北风慢慢跟在指挥官的身后吧(扯住衣角)暗いのが、苦手ぞ……き、北風は指揮官をゆっくり追従する!I’m not... good with the dark. I, Kitakaze, shall slowly follow behind you!
Affinity (Love)哈……(打呵欠)现在北风有些困了,指挥官不会袖手旁观的……嗯,北风的直觉一向很灵验,指挥官一定会把我抱回床上ふはぁ……北風、眠気の限界…指揮官は見ぬふりをしないはず……うむ、指揮官、北風をベッドに運んでくれる…北風の直感がまた当たったぞ…ふっふっふ…*yawn*.... I am getting a bit sleepy... and the Commander probably won’t ignore that... Indeed, the Commander would probably carry me back to bed... My intuition is seldom wrong... Hehe...
Pledge只要在指挥官身边,心情也会变得安稳起来…所以,北风想一直待在指挥官的身边…可以的话就拉钩?秋月级的姐姐们教我的,像指挥官这样出众的人,只要拉钩就会一直信守承诺指揮官の側にいると、北風の心も穏やか…だから北風、指揮官の側にずっといたい…いい?いいならゆ、指切りする?秋月型のみなが教えてくれたぞ、指揮官のような素晴らしい人は約束を違えるはずがないってMy mind is at peace whenever I am by your side, Commander... so can I always keep you company? Can we pinky swear on it then? My sisters told me... that this is enough to form a vow with a person of integrity.
Like Present指揮官の気持ち、北風がありがたく受け取って、お返しはしっかり行うぞ
Dislike Present指揮官の気持ちは...北風、断るんぞ
Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description北风,准备就绪——指挥官,和北风一起制霸祭典吧!…不过在那之前,可以先吃点东西吗?北風、準備万端――指揮官、一緒にこの会場でも制覇しようぞ!…の前に、ちょ、ちょっと小腹を満たしておくのはどうかな…?All the preparations are now complete... Commander, let us sally forth and conquer these festival grounds! ...But before that, can we get something to eat first?
Acquisition北风,准备就绪——指挥官,和北风一起制霸祭典吧!…不过在那之前,可以先吃点东西吗?北風、準備万端――指揮官、一緒にこの会場でも制覇しようぞ!…の前に、ちょ、ちょっと小腹を満たしておくのはどうかな…?All the preparations are now complete... Commander, let us sally forth and conquer these festival grounds! ...But before that, can we get something to eat first?
Login小家伙也等不及了,我们这就出发吧,指挥官,祭典可不会等我们呢。この子も待ちきれないみたい。指揮官、時間が惜しいからそろそろ出発ぞThe little ones are getting restless. Let us make haste, Commander. The festival will not conquer itself.
Details苹果糖!章鱼烧!…呣呣…竟然还有炒面!指挥官,帮我拿一下…啊,那个我也要!りんご飴にイカ焼き…焼きそばも…!指揮官、ちょっとこれを持ってて…あ、たこ焼きも!Takoyaki! Grilled squid! ...Mmm... they even have yakisoba! Commander, help me hold onto some of this... Ah! I want that too!
Main只要提前预测到金鱼的运动方向,捞金鱼也就没有什么难的了金魚の動きを予測できれば、金魚すくいなど余裕ぞAs long as you predict the movements of the goldfish in advance, there is nothing difficult about this game.
Main 2难得的祭典,今天就稍微放松一下好了…不过,明天开始就要更加努力了呢,指挥官せっかくのお祭りだから、今日はちょっと気を緩めようか…でも、明日からまた頑張るのだぞ。指揮官Since it's a holiday, we can afford to take it easy today... But starting tomorrow, we'll have to redouble our efforts! Got it, Commander?
Main 3看在指挥官陪我来逛祭典的份上,就分你一点吃的吧。喏,要苹果糖吗?还是章鱼烧?お祭りに付き合ってもらうだけじゃ悪いし、指揮官には食べ物を少し分けてやろう。りんご飴、それともこのたこ焼き、どっちがほしい?Commander, since you've been kind enough to explore the festival with me, I'll share some of my food with you. Would you like some candied apple? Or how about some taiyaki?
Touch哼哼,指挥官想要在祭典游戏上挑战北风吗?尽管放马过来吧。ふふん、ゲームでこの北風に挑むのか?かかってこい!Heheh... Did you want to challenge me at one of these game stalls? Very well, bring it on!
Return to Port射击、捞金鱼…这些对北风来说都是小菜一碟呢。指挥官也觉得北风很厉害吧!射的も金魚すくいも、北風にかかれば楽勝ぞ。ふふん、この北風の凄さに感服するが良い!Archery and goldfish scooping... these activities are nothing before my skills. Commander, I'm pretty awesome, aren't I!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description嗯,状态不错!照这个感觉,北风一定能在正式的演出上大获成功!小家伙,你也表现得很棒哦!指挥官,觉得北风的彩排表演如何?うむ、準備万端――この調子なら、きっと本番でも大盛況間違いないぞ。鳩たちもよく頑張ったな。指揮官、北風の手品はどうだった?Mm, preparations complete. If I keep it up, the production will surely be a great success. The doves have been on their best behavior too. Commander, what do you think about Kitakaze's magic show?
Acquisition嗯,状态不错!照这个感觉,北风一定能在正式的演出上大获成功!小家伙,你也表现得很棒哦!指挥官,觉得北风的彩排表演如何?うむ、準備万端――この調子なら、きっと本番でも大盛況間違いないぞ。鳩たちもよく頑張ったな。指揮官、北風の手品はどうだった?Mm, preparations complete. If I keep it up, the production will surely be a great success. The doves have been on their best behavior too. Commander, what do you think about Kitakaze's magic show?
Login指挥官,你来得正好!快帮我抓住这几只乱飞的魔术鸽!……呼,怎么突然就不听话了呢……指揮官、ちょうどいいところに!一緒に飛び回ってる鳩たちを捕まえてくれないか?…はぁ、どうして急に言うことを聞かなくなったんだろう…Commander, you've come at just the right time! Want to help me catch all these doves that are flying around? *sigh*... Why did they decide to act up all of a sudden?
Details指挥官,来配合我试试这个从大家面前消失的戏法吧!单、单人表演的话,舞台暗格有点…我怕黑…指揮官、姿を消す手品を手伝ってくれないか?ひ、一人だと、「ぼっくす」が暗くて…苦手ぞ…Commander, do you wish to assist me in my disappearing act? I, I do not enjoy being in that dark box, alone...
Main这个魔术箱……我知道的!就算把里面的人锯成两半,也能完好如初地拼回来。指挥官,你躺里面,我们来试试吧!…唔,不是这样的吗?この「まじっくぼっくす」は知ってるぞ!中に人を入れて切っても平気なやつだな!指揮官、早速中に入って試してみようぞ!…ん?違うのか?I am well versed with this magic box! You put a person inside, and then it is totally fine to chop it to pieces! Commander, hop inside and let us give it a try! ...Hm? That's not quite right?
Main 2花月,接下来从这几张扑克里面选一张就好……那个,都只是普通的扑克牌,不用纠结的哦?花月、ここにある「とらんぷ」から一枚選ぶがよい…あの、皆ただの「ぽーかー」だから悩まなくてもいいぞ?Hanazuki, please select one of these cards... Um, these are just regular poker cards, so there's no need to be so nervous...
Main 3鸽子魔术大家都见过不少了,有没有其它小巧的适合用来表演的……我想到了!指挥官,我们去找凉月借她的噗太一用吧!鳩の手品だとちょっとありきたりだな。同じく小さくて手品に向いてるのは…そうだ!指揮官、涼月のプー太を借りて来ようぞ!Magic tricks with doves are a dime a dozen. I wonder if there's anything else small enough for me to use in my performance... Oh, I got it! Commander, I'm going to see if Suzutsuki will let me borrow Pooky!
Touch指挥官,有没有什么新的魔术点子?快和北风说说——指揮官、新しい手品の閃きはあるか?北風に早く教えてKnow of any new magic tricks, Commander? Hurry up and tell me!
Touch (Special)等、等一下?!这里可变不出什么东西吧?!不对你就是故意的!ま、待って!?ここには仕掛けは入っていないぞ!指揮官さてはわざとだな!Wait, hold on! I'm not hiding anything over there! I bet you're doing this on purpose!
Return to Port在后台觉得无聊的话,要不要来和北风玩海盗桶游戏?哼哼,北风是不会输的。楽屋が退屈だったら、北風と危機一髪をやらないか?ふっふん、北風は負けないぞIf you are getting bored backstage, how about playing a game of pop-up pirate with me? Heh heh, Kitakaze does not intend on losing!
Flagship哼哼,看北风怎样华丽地扰乱敌人的视线吧。ふふ、華麗に敵をかき乱す北風を見るがいいぞHeheh, behold the elegance with which I run circles around my enemies.
Victory就用北风准备好的彩带来庆祝吧!うむ、北風が用意した「くらっかー」で祝おうぞ!Very well! Let us celebrate by pulling some party poppers!
Defeat完,完了,这下全穿帮了……し、しまった…これでは種明かしになるんじゃ…C-crap... Now everyone will see through my tricks...