Kala Ideas (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C096Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Super CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyAtelier RyzaBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1099 Reload60
Firepower52 Torpedo0
Evasion7 Anti-air43
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck59
HP4887 Reload115
Firepower143 Torpedo0
Evasion37 Anti-air162
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck62
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Secondary gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Super Cruiser: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Dark SpiritEvery 6 times this ship fires her Secondary Gun, if your fleet has 10 or more AP: consumes 10 AP and activates "Dark Spirit" Lv.1 (Lv.10) . When the battle starts, if this ship is in the frontmost position of your Vanguard and there are other ships afloat in your Vanguard when "Dark Spirit" activates: adds a Dark Element to the ship in the rearmost position; if this ship is NOT in the frontmost position when "Dark Spirit" activates: adds a Dark Element to the ship in the frontmost position. A ship with a Dark Element takes 50 DMG and deals 3.5% (8.0%) more DMG for 5s.???
Holy TrailIncreases this ship's AA and EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) . When the battle starts, if this ship is in the frontmost position of your Vanguard and there are other ships afloat in your Vanguard: adds a Light Element to the ship in the rearmost position of your Vanguard whenever an Item attack hits an enemy; if this ship is NOT in the frontmost position: adds a Light Element to the ship in the frontmost position whenever an Item attack hits an enemy. A ship with a Light Element recovers 5.0% of her max HP. This skill has a 12s cooldown between activations.???
Luna JudgmentEvery 4 times this ship fires her Main Guns: your fleet gains 10 AP. Increases this ship's DMG dealt against Sirens by 4.0% (10.0%) .???
Luna Judgment+Every 2 times this ship fires her Main Guns: your fleet gains 10 AP. Increases this ship's DMG dealt against Sirens by 4.0% (10.0%) . The third time this ship's "Dark Spirit" skill activates: activates "Fatal Drive - Luna Judgment" Lv.1 (Lv.10) (DMG is based on the level of this ship's "Luna Judgment" skill) and adds a Luna Element to all "Atelier Ryza" collab characters excluding this one. Within 3s of gaining a Luna Element, if that character takes DMG that would sink her: that character does not sink, recovers 3.0% of her max HP, and evades all attacks for 3s.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description嗯,将妾身召唤了出来,看来这里存在着有趣的人类呢。妾身乃奏波氏族的首领卡菈・伊迪亚斯。应汝之愿,妾身会暂时停留在这个世界。ふむ。わらわを呼び出すとは、面白き人間がいたものじゃ。わらわは奏波氏族の長カラ・イデアス。お主の望みに応じ、しばしの間この世界に留まってやろうOho. What sort of interesting person would summon me? My name is Kala Ideas, and I am the chief of the Wave Tuner clan. Perhaps I shall sojourn in this world for a spell, just as you desired.
Biography欧兰族,奏波氏族的首领卡菈・伊迪亚斯。虽说来到这里是偶然,不过能看到历史和文化都是未知的世界,实在有趣。妾身很乐在其中哦。オーレン族、奏波氏族の長カラ・イデアス。ここに来たのは偶然じゃったが、歴史も文化も己の知識にない世界というのは、実に興味深いものじゃのう。なかなか楽しませてもらっておるぞI am Kala Ideas, chief of the Oren Songwave clan. The circumstances of my arrival may have been out of my hands, but a world with culture and history beyond my knowledge is fascinating indeed. I have been enjoying my time here.
Acquisition嗯,将妾身召唤了出来,看来这里存在着有趣的人类呢。妾身乃奏波氏族的首领卡菈・伊迪亚斯。应汝之愿,妾身会暂时停留在这个世界。ふむ。わらわを呼び出すとは、面白き人間がいたものじゃ。わらわは奏波氏族の長カラ・イデアス。お主の望みに応じ、しばしの間この世界に留まってやろうOho. What sort of interesting person would summon me? My name is Kala Ideas, and I am the chief of the Wave Tuner clan. Perhaps I shall sojourn in this world for a spell, just as you desired.
Login一来就开始工作,汝也很是认真呢来て早々仕事を始めるとは、お主も真面目じゃのうThose who set upon their work so diligently are a rare breed indeed. What an interesting one you are.
Details汝问妾身放在房间的古董是怎么回事?呵呵,那是妾身花了时间收集到的珍贵物品,每一样都饱含着妾身的想法在里面。部屋に置いてある古物はどうしたのか、じゃと?ふふ、これらは永い時をかけて蒐集した貴重な品でな。どれも思い入れがあるんじゃWhat's that? You're curious about the curios in my room? Heheh, they are all extremely valuable artifacts collected over the years. I'm quite attached to all of them.
Main这些家伙叫做“指挥喵”啊。是不存在于妾身世界的生物……不过真是可爱呢。ほう。こやつら、「オフニャ」と言うのか。わらわの世界には存在せぬ生き物じゃ……しかし、なんとも愛らしいのうAha. So these little creatures are called Meowfficers? I've seen nothing of the sort in my own world... but they are such adorable things.
Main 2港区汇聚了这世界的各种文化。听大家说着各种各样的事情,十分地有趣呢。母港にはこの世界のあらゆる文化が集まっておるのう。みなから語られる様々な話は、実に興味深いものじゃAll the world's cultures gather in this port. The stories shared by all are truly fascinating.
Main 3港区里有卖珍稀物品的店吗……是吗!那必须要去了。汝能带个路吗?母港には何か珍しい品を扱う店はあるのじゃろうか……なんと!ならば訪ねるしかあるまい。お主、案内してはくれぬか?Say, are there any dealers of rare curios in this port? Goodness! Then I must pay them a visit. Mind showing me the way, Commander?
Main 4呵呵,无法坦率的样子真是可爱。不过有时候不坦率是无法好好传达心意的哦?这是年长者的建议。ふふ、正直になれない様はなんとも可愛いのう。しかし時には素直にならねば伝わるものも伝わらぬぞ?年長者からのアドバイスじゃHah! How adorable it is to see someone who can't be true to her feelings. Take this advice from your elder: be sincere if you want your thoughts known.
Main 5守护众多人的大前辈吗……呵呵,总觉得跟汝很合得来。如何,一起喝茶聊聊吗?多くの者共を見守る大先輩か……ふふ、お主とはなにやら気が合いそうじゃ。どれ、茶でも飲みながら話さぬか?A superior who looks after many... Heheh, I think you and I will be good friends. Come, why don't we chat over tea?
Touch港区里有好多小姑娘啊。然后,谁是指挥官的……嗯,这个话题不能提?这样啊,汝也是很不容易呢。母港には多くの娘がおるのう。それで、誰が指揮官の……なに、その話題は禁止じゃと?……お主も難儀よなThis port is brimming with young ladies. Say, Commander, which is your... Oh? Is that topic taboo? Your life isn't an easy one, I see.
Touch (Special)妾身已于此世许久,这种程度自不会动摇……不过话虽如此,还是要对汝说教一番才行。長く生きておるが故、この程度のことでは動じぬ……が、それはそれとしてお説教じゃなI've lived long enough now that it'll take far from this to disturb me...but I think a tongue-lashing is in order.
Touch (Headpat)汝也把妾身当小孩子吗……刚好妾身身体也快生锈了,就来做汝的对手好了!お主もわらわを子供扱いするか……どれ、ちょうど体がなまっていたところじゃ。相手をしてやろう!So you wish to treat me like a child, too? Say... I suppose I could use some exercise. Have at you!
Mission好像还有没完成的任务呢……那么指挥官要怎么办呢?まだ終わっていない任務があるようじゃが……さて、指揮官はどうするかのうIt seems you have some unfinished missions. What will you do about them, I wonder?
Mission Complete看样子任务是顺利完成了。送来了许多报酬呢。無事任務を終わらせたようじゃな。報酬がたんまり届いておるぞThat mission must have been quite successful if these rewards are anything to go by.
Mail是给指挥官的信啊。是谁的情书呢……什么嘛,原来不是情书么。ほう、指揮官に手紙とな。さて、誰からの恋文か……なんじゃ、違うのかOho. Commander, you've got mail. A love letter, perhaps... What? It's not?
Return to Port那么……整理下出去时捡到的东西吧。さてと……出かけていた最中に拾った物でも整理するかのWell, then... Perhaps I ought to organize the things I found during our travels.
Commission Complete出差委托的人们回来了。很期待她们的途中见闻呢。使いに出ていた者たちが帰ってきたな。土産話が楽しみじゃYour errand girls have returned. How I yearn to hear their stories.
Enhancement没想到汝为妾身做了这么多。感激不尽,指挥官。わらわにここまで尽くすとは。礼を言うぞ、指揮官Few can put me to such good use. You have my thanks, Commander.
Flagship呵呵,下个对手是谁?ふふ、次は誰が相手じゃ?Heehee. Who wants to face me next, hmm?
Victory还真是一群有趣的家伙呢。なかなか面白いやつらじゃったのうQuaint little foes, wouldn't you say so?
Defeat……异世界的敌人也很能干嘛。看来先撤退比较好。……異界の敵もなかなかやりおるな。ここは退いたほうが良さそうじゃ...These otherworldly fiends put up a surprising fight. Retreat seems to be the best course of action.
Skill来,做好觉悟吧!そぅれ、覚悟せい!Hah! Prepare thyselves!
Low HP这样啊,那就久违地拿出真本事来吧……!なるほど、久しぶりに本気を出すとするか……!Oh ho. Perhaps it's finally time for me to get serious again!
Affinity (Upset)真是无趣的人呢……つまらんやつじゃ……You bore me...
Affinity (Stranger)嗯,那么今天也在港区转转看好了。指挥官,汝也来做个伴吧?ふむ、では今日も母港を色々見て回るとしよう。指揮官、お主も少し付き合わんか?Hrm. Suppose I ought to explore the port today. Commander, do you wish to join me?
Affinity (Friendly)差不多到吃午饭的时间了。指挥官,可否带妾身去能享受美味的地方?そろそろ昼飯時じゃな。指揮官、うまいものが食べられる場所へ連れて行ってくれぬか?The time is nigh to break our fast. Commander, why don't you take me somewhere I can sate my appetite?
Affinity (Like)来到别的世界时,自己的常识就会被颠覆粉碎……不过,这样也不坏就是。別の世界に来れば、己の常識が打ち砕かれるもの……しかし、それも存外悪くはないのうTraveling to another world seems to shatter one's "common sense." But oddly...that isn't so bad an experience.
Affinity (Love)呵呵,这里有趣的家伙真多,无论何时看着都不会觉得腻呢……啊,当然最有趣的还是指挥官哦?呵呵,放心了吧?ふふ、ここには面白いやつが多いのう。いつまで眺めていても飽きぬわ……ああ、もちろん一番興味深いのは指揮官じゃぞ?ふふ、安心したか?Heehee, this place is full of such interesting folk. I never tire of watching them... Oh, but of course, you are the most interesting of all. Heehee! Is it a relief to hear that?
Pledge如,如此精致……!原来如此,这就是汝的诚意是吧。妾身明白了,既然汝都这么说了,就算是妾身也无法拒绝。应汝所愿,妾身就再在这里停留一段时间,与汝一起见证这个世界的变迁吧。な、なんと精巧な……!なるほど、これがお主の誠意というやつじゃな。分かった、そこまで言われたらさすがのわらわも断れぬ。望み通りもうしばらくここに留まり、この世界の移ろいを見守ることにしようかのWh-what an exquisite item...! So this is a symbol of your sincerity? Very well. If it means so much to you, then I'm not one to refuse. As you wish, I will remain here and watch how this world changes for some time.
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In battle with Reisalin Stout莱莎是有趣的炼金术士呢。ライザは面白い錬金術士じゃな A most curious alchemist you are, Ryza.
In battle with Lila Decyrus不愧是白牙氏族,真可靠。さすがは白牙氏族、頼れるのう Impressive, Whitefang comrade. How reliable!
In battle with Serri Glaus妾身会为汝祈祷,希望汝能实现梦想,赛莉。お主の夢が叶うことを祈っておるぞ、セリ I pray that your dream becomes reality, Serri.
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Login醒了吗,指挥官。今天先休息下,为妾身介绍港区如何?汝偶尔也需要放松下吧。起きたか、指揮官。今日はしばし休息をとり、わらわに母港を案内するというのはどうかのう?お主もたまには息抜きが必要じゃろうHave you awoken, Commander? Why don't you take some time off and show me around the port? I'm sure that even you need time away from work.
Details嗯……来这里之后觉得很多东西都很新奇,收集的物品有些太多了……指挥官,稍微帮下妾身好吗?ふむ……ここに来てから色々なものが珍しくてな、物が増え過ぎてしまったようじゃ……指揮官、ちょっと手を貸してはくれぬか?Hmm... I've found so many rare and fascinating curios in this world that my stash has become unmanageable. Commander, could you lend me a hand?
Main怎么,有话想跟妾身说吗?……呵呵,那就别客气,过来坐在妾身身边吧。どうした、わらわと話したいことでもあるのか?……ふふ、ならば遠慮せずもっと寄るのじゃ。わらわの隣に座るとよいぞWhat's the matter? Would you like to chat with me? Heheh... No need to be shy. Come and sit next to me.
Main 2这个世界音乐的种类也很丰富呢。妾身尤其钟意那个叫“古典”的,听着它感觉心就会渐渐平静下来……この世界は音楽の種類も豊富じゃのう。特に「くらしっく」とやらは気に入った。聞いていると、心が次第に凪いでゆくようでな……The genres of music in this world are prolific indeed. I happen to like this so-called "Classical" type. Listening to it is like rocking my heart to sleep...
Main 3呵呵,说不定妾身也受了影响,染上了这个世界的风格呢。ふふ、わらわも随分この世界の風に染まってきているのかもしれぬなHehe, the ways of this world may be infecting me.
Main 4腓特烈大帝……这个曲调,和我们熟悉的音乐似是而非。不过,这是多么美丽激昂的曲子啊……フリードリヒ・デア・グローセ……この調べ、わらわたちに馴染みのある音色とは似て非なるものじゃな。しかし、なんと美しく激しい曲なのか……Friedrich der Große... Her lullaby is similar but different to the tones of our own world. But how beautiful and vigorous it is...
Main 5什么?是龙骧啊……哦哦,那是“龙”吗?不过,感觉跟妾身知道的龙氛围有点不同……也是,这里本就跟那个世界不同。なに?龍驤よ。…あれは「りゅう」とな?じゃが、わらわが知る竜とは少し雰囲気が違うような……まあ、ここはあの世界とは違う故、当然かYes, Ryuujou? Oh, is that a "dragon?" It's not exactly like the dragons I know... But I suppose one could say the same of this whole world, no?
Touch (Special)唉……汝这坏习惯还没改掉吗。真是令人无话可说……给我在那坐好了,年轻人。はあ…お主、まだその手癖が直っておらんのか。全く、呆れたやつじゃ……さて、そこに直れ、若者*sigh*... Commander, will you ever learn to keep your hands to yourself? You are a tiresome one... Sit down and think about what you've done, you rascal.
Mission妾身现在正闲得发慌……就是这么回事。妾身也来帮把手吧。わらわは今、暇を持て余しておる。……つまりはそういうことじゃ。どれ、わらわも手伝ってやろうI find myself with no shortage of free time... You know what that means. Why don't I help out with some of your missions?
Mission Complete任务完成了啊。那么作为奖励,妾身就来宠宠汝吧。任務を終えたか。では褒美に、わらわが甘やかしてやろうFinished your mission, have you? Then allow me to pamper you as reward.
Flagship所有人小心,不要受伤了。全員、怪我には気をつけるのじゃぞFolks, be careful not to get yourselves hurt!
Victory汝的指示也非常地出色。お主の指示も、見事なものじゃったMost spectacular leadership, Commander.
Affinity (Love)前些日子汝给妾身的水果真的非常美味!居然让妾身久违的激动了。不愧是指挥官,对妾身的事观察得相当仔细呢!先日お主がくれた果物はまっこと美味じゃった!あれは久々に胸が高鳴ったぞ。さすがは指揮官、わらわの事をよく見ておるな!The fruit you gave me the other day was marvelous! It's been a long time since my heart throbbed like that. You know me well, Commander! How could I expect any less?