Minase Iori (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. C073Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyIdolm@sterBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Minase IoriDescription
HP1303 Reload55
Firepower80 Torpedo0
Evasion6 Anti-air72
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck77
HP5793 Reload105
Firepower209 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air263
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck81
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Iori Strike!Increases this ship's DMG dealt to Heavy Armor enemies by 5.0% (15.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (100%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
Iori Defense!At the start of the battle: randomly chooses 1 other ship in your fleet and decreases her DMG taken by 1.0% (10.0%) for 30s. Once this effect wears off: heals that ship for 1.0% (10.0%) HP.???
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Ship Description你好~!我叫水濑伊织!很高兴见到你~!…欸?不用勉强自己…?等下,你这是什么意思啦!こんにちは~!私、水瀬伊織って言います!よろしくお願いしま~す!……え?無理しなくていい……?ちょっとアンタ、それ、どういう意味よっ!Hello, hello~! My name is Iori Minase! It's such a pleasure to meet you! ...Huh? There's no need for me to force myself...? Hey, wait a second, what do you mean by that?!
Biography我是水濑伊织!目标当然是成为顶级偶像啦♪虽说只是暂时而已,但能和超级偶像伊织待在一起,你应该心怀感激才对!嘻嘻♪水瀬伊織よ!目指すは当然!トップアイドルよね♪一時的とはいえ、このスーパーアイドル伊織ちゃんと一緒に過ごせることに感謝しなさいよね、にひひっ♪My name is Iori Minase! My goal? Of course it's becoming a top idol♪ You should feel honored every second you're in the presence of the super idol, Iori! Heehee♪
Acquisition你好~!我叫水濑伊织!很高兴见到你~!…欸?不用勉强自己…?等下,你这是什么意思啦!こんにちは~!私、水瀬伊織って言います!よろしくお願いしま~す!……え?無理しなくていい……?ちょっとアンタ、それ、どういう意味よっ!Hello, hello~! My name is Iori Minase! It's such a pleasure to meet you! ...Huh? There's no need for me to force myself...? Hey, wait a second, what do you mean by that?!
Login早上好…什么嘛,一脸没精神的样子,不会还没睡醒吧?おはよう……って何よ、その情けない顔。寝ぼけてるんじゃないでしょうね?Good morning... Wait, what's with that pathetic look on your face? There's no way you're still half-asleep, right?
Details想进我房间?等一下,不要随便进来啊!私の部屋に入れて欲しいですって?ちょっと、勝手に入ってこないでよね!You want to come into my room? Hey, don't just casually walk in when I haven't even given you permission!
Main你的指挥室还不错嘛。不过,跟我的房间比起来还是差远了。この執務室、なかなか良いじゃない。私の部屋に比べたら、まだまだだけどThis office isn't bad at all. Still, when compared to my room, it needs work.
Main 2啾啾是指那些圆滚滚的小鸟吧,我还以为是什么点心呢。母港の子たちが「饅頭(まんじゅう)」って、あの丸い鳥の事だったのね。お菓子かと思ったじゃない"Manjuus" refers to those round birdies at the port, it seems. I thought everyone was referring to the snack.
Main 3你还有时间休息?难道你看不见这些堆积如山的工作吗?アンタに休憩してる暇なんてあるの?目の前の仕事の山が見えてないワケ?Do you really think you have time to rest? Can't you see the mountain of work piled up in front of you?
Touch有什么事?不要光杵在那里,说点什么啊!何か用?ぼーっとしてないで何か言いなさいよ!Can I help you? Don't just stare blankly, answer me!
Touch (Special)呀!……你这家伙突然在碰哪里啊!きゃっ!……いきなりどこ触ってるのよ!Eek! ...Where do you think you're touching!
Touch (Headpat)呀!……等下,能不能不要突然摸头!?きゃっ!……ちょっと、いきなり触らないでくれる!?Eek! ...Hey, can you not touch me out of the blue?!
Mission还有任务没完成?那就快点把它做完啊!まだ仕事が残ってたワケ?さっさと終わらせなさい!You still have work left to do? Hurry up and get it done!
Mission Complete任务终于完成了呢。做到这点不是理所当然的嘛。やっと終わったのね。これくらい、できて当然だけどYou're finally done. Though, considering the amount, it's only to be expected.
Mail你的邮件到了。难得我告诉你了,还不快点去确认!メールが来てるわよ。せっかく教えてあげたんだから、早く確認しなさい!There's some mail for you. Since I've gone out of my way to let you know, go and check it ASAP!
Return to Port哦,你回来了?正好来陪我喝个下午茶吧!あら、戻ったの?ちょうどいいわ、ティータイムに付き合いなさい!Oh, you're back? Perfect timing, it's time for you to accompany for tea time!
Commission Complete委托组的大家回来了呢。伊织会亲自去迎接她们的。あら、委託から帰って来たみたいね。伊織ちゃんが直々に出迎えてあげようかしらOh, it looks like they're back from commissions. I suppose I can go greet them in person.
Enhancement感觉还不赖。让我感谢一下你也不是不行…なかなか良い感じじゃない。感謝してあげてもいいわThat's pretty good. I guess I can thank you for this.
Flagship这些家伙够格做我的对手吗?私の相手が務まるのかしら?Are these guys even worthy of being my opponent?
Victory就这种程度还想做我的对手,太天真了!この程度で私の相手になろうなんて、甘いのよ!How naive of you to think that you'd be a match for me!
Defeat居然输了…等我加强练习,绝对不会再失败了!この私が……?もっとレッスンして、次は絶対負けないんだから!I, Iori Minase... lost? I'll take some more lessons, and I swear I won't lose next time!
Skill看我的厉害!私のこと、しっかり見てなさい!Make sure you keep your eyes on me!
Low HP这种程度,根本不算什么!これくらい、なんてことないんだから!This is nothing I can't handle!
Affinity (Upset)哦,原来你在的吗?あら。アンタ、いたの?Oh. So you were here all along?
Affinity (Stranger)好渴啊……这个橙汁是给我的?果汁含量100%!你很机灵嘛!喉が渇いたわね……えっ、このオレンジジュース、私にくれるの?しかも果汁100%のやつじゃない!アンタもなかなか気が利くわね!I'm thirsty... Huh, this orange juice is for me? And it's 100% orange juice to boot! You've got sense!
Affinity (Friendly)这是我从小就在一起的好朋友呢。对吧,小兔子?私には小さい頃からずっと一緒にいる親友がいるの。ね、うさちゃん?I have a close friend who's been with me all the way since my childhood. Isn't that right, Bunny-bun?
Affinity (Like)为了在舞台上更加耀眼,该怎么做才好呢……?把歌唱到极致?让表演变得华丽……?既然你在这里的话,机会难得,就听听你的意见吧。もっとステージで輝く為にはどうしたら良いのかしら……?歌を極める?パフォーマンスを派手にする?……そうね、せっかくだからアンタの意見も聞いてあげるわI wonder what I can do to shine more brilliantly on stage...? Sing harder? Make the performance flashier? ...Right, since you're here anyway, I'd like to hear what you think.
Affinity (Love)这里的景色真不错…呀!人在这里为什么不说话啦!……算了,我说你啊,也坐过来这边吧?ここの景色、とっても良い眺めね。…って、きゃあ!アンタ、いたならそう言いなさいよ!……まあいいわ。アンタも、こっちに来て座ったら?The view from here is so gorgeous... Eek! You! Say something if you're there! ...Well, it's fine. Why don't you come sit here and enjoy the view as well?
Pledge你这家伙,已经相当了解伊织了吧。所以以后要是你想把目光从伊织身上的光芒移开的话,我可是不会答应的!アンタもなかなか私のことが分かってきたじゃない。これからも伊織ちゃんの輝きから目を離したら、承知しないんだからね!You've come to understand me quite well, haven't you. If you take your eyes off of my brilliant presence in the future, I'll never forgive you!
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In battle with Futami Ami亚美,别玩了,该上了!亜美、遊んでないで行くわよ!Ami, stop playing around! Let's go!
In battle with Futami Mami这种程度的敌人可阻挡不了我!嘻嘻♪これくらい当然よ!にひひっ♪This much is nothing! Heehee♪
In battle with Miura Azusa梓姐,我们上吧!あずさ、行くわよ!Azusa, let's go!
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Ship Description荡秋千和吹泡泡…虽然多少感觉有点幼稚,不过偶尔尝试一下也不错就是了。ブランコにシャボン玉……ちょっと子供っぽい気もするけれど、こういうのもたまにはいいわよねBlowing bubbles while sitting on a swing... It might seem a bit childish, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying activities like these every so often.
Acquisition荡秋千和吹泡泡…虽然多少感觉有点幼稚,不过偶尔尝试一下也不错就是了。ブランコにシャボン玉……ちょっと子供っぽい気もするけれど、こういうのもたまにはいいわよねBlowing bubbles while sitting on a swing... It might seem a bit childish, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying activities like these every so often.
Login哦?来的正好。快,从秋千后面推我一下!あら、アンタ。ちょうどいいところに来たわね。後ろから、私の背中を押しなさい!Oh, it's you. You've come at the perfect time. Get behind me and give me a push!
Details要吹出更大的泡泡…就得慢慢地……轻轻地……呀!在这里的话你倒是出个声啊!もっと大きなシャボン玉を作るには……ゆっくり……そっと……って、きゃあ!アンタ、いたなら声かけなさいよ!In order to create even bigger bubbles... slowly... like this... Eek! Say something if you're there!
Main像这样和大家一起度假还挺不错呢。接下来要做什么?こうやってアンタたちと過ごすのも、結構悪くないわね。次は何をするのかしら?Spending time here with you all is actually pretty nice. What are we doing next?
Main 2既然来度假了,必须品尝一下这里的特产才行。你已经提前调查好了对吧!バカンスに来たからには、やっぱりここの名産品を食べておかないとね。アンタ、ちゃんと調べておいたでしょうね!Since we're here on vacation, we've just got to try some of the local cuisine. You've done your research, right?
Main 3喂,就算是度假时间你也太放松了吧?别睡午觉了,陪我去看海吧!ちょっと、バカンスだからって緩みすぎじゃないの?昼寝なんてしてないで、海を見に行くのに付き合いなさい!Hey, just because it's vacation doesn't mean you can slack off! Don't you even dream of napping. Come and accompany me to the beach!
Touch居然在戳泡泡,你也意外地有点幼稚呢。作ったシャボン玉を割ってくなんて、アンタも意外と子供っぽいところがあるのねPopping the bubbles? I didn't know you had a childish side to you.
Touch (Special)喂,住手!你这变态!大变态!变态大人!ちょっと、やめなさいよ!この変態っ!ド変態!変態大人っ!Hey, stop that! You creep! Degenerate! Absolute pervert!
Touch (Headpat)Eek! ...Hey, can you not touch me out of the blue?!
Return to Port既然回来了,就快来陪我啊。难得的假期,不好好享受的话就太可惜了!戻ったなら、私の相手をしなさいよ。せっかくのバカンス、楽しまないと勿体ないじゃない!Since you're back, come keep me company. It's not every day I get to take a vacation. It'd be such a waste not to enjoy it to the fullest!
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Login总算来了啊?居然让伊织等你这么久,胆子不小嘛!やっと来たのね?この私を待たせるなんて、いい度胸じゃない!You're finally here! You've got some nerve, making me wait like this!
Details你这家伙,又来了?…真拿你没办法,看你一脸疲倦的样子,就特别允许你在房间里休息好了。对伊织大人心怀感恩吧!アンタ、また来たの?……しょうがないわね、疲れてるみたいだし、特別に部屋で休んで行くことを許してあげるわ。感謝しなさいよね!What brings you here this time around? ...You look super tired, so I guess it can't be helped. I'll make a special exception for you this time and let you rest in my room. You should be grateful for my magnanimity!
Main伊织现在很无聊!别打瞌睡了,来跟我聊天啦!この伊織ちゃんを退屈させるなんて!ちょっと、居眠りなんてしてないで、私の話し相手になりなさいよね!How dare you leave me to be bored! Wait a second, don't just fall asleep on me! You're supposed to be talking with me!
Main 2港区餐厅里有世界各地的各种食物,很多都是以前没见过的。总觉得有种一次跑遍世界各地旅行的感觉呢!母港の食堂には世界の見たこともない食べ物がたくさん揃ってるわね。なんだかいろんな場所に、一度に旅行した気分だわ!The port canteen has so many kinds of food from all over the world, including ones I've never seen. It almost feels like I've just gone on a trip to many different countries!
Main 3好想喝橙汁啊~♪我说,既然你听到了就应该默不做声地帮我拿过来才对!オレンジジュースが飲みたいなぁ~♪……ちょっとアンタ、いいから黙って持ってきなさい!I'd sure love to be drinking some orange juice right now~♪ ... Hey, stop complaining and get me some!
Touch (Special)你…你在干什么啊!你这变态!大变态!なっ…何してるのよ、この変態っ!ド変態!Wh...What are you doing, you complete horndog! You absolute pervert!
Mission工作还没做完吗?那个……如果只是一点点工作的话,我也不是不能帮你哦?まだ終わってなかったの?その……ちょっとくらいなら、手伝ってあげても良いわよ?You're still not done? I wouldn't mind lending you a hand... you know?
Mission Complete工作完成了呢。偶、偶尔也表扬一下你吧。仕事が終わったのね。まぁ、たまには褒めてあげようかしらFinally done with your work? I have to admit, you do deserve some praise every now and then.
Flagship好好见识一下伊织的光芒吧!伊織ちゃんの輝き、見せつけてあげるんだから!I'll show you just how brightly I can shine!
Victory这就是伊织的实力!嘻嘻♪これが伊織ちゃんの実力よ!にひひっ♪Behold the true might of the super idol, Iori! Heehee♪
Affinity (Love)好啦,堂堂正正地挺起胸膛来!伊织能在这个地方发光闪耀,也是多亏了你哦。今后也要拜托你了,指挥官!嘻嘻♪ほら、堂々と胸を張りなさい。伊織ちゃんがこの場所でも輝いていられるのは、アンタのお陰でもあるんだから。……これからもよろしく頼んだわよ、指揮官!にひひっ♪Hey, puff up your chest with pride. You're part of the reason I'm able to shine so brightly over here as well. ...I'll be expecting great things from you in the future as well, Commander! Heehee~♪