Hu Pen (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 624Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyDragon EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP315 Reload77
Firepower16 Torpedo45
Evasion63 Anti-air19
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW36 Luck25
HP1317 Reload148
Firepower44 Torpedo126
Evasion228 Anti-air71
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW92 Luck26
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault I | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Hu Pen-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Tiger Thrasher!Every 1s: performs a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special attack (DMG is based on the skill's level and this ship's FP stat). Every 5 times this attack hits an enemy: increases this ship's FP by 1.5% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times).???
Gourmet Delivery!1s after this ship fires her torpedoes: fires another wave of torpedoes (the torpedoes fired are the same as this ship's equipped torpedoes). Increases this ship's SPD and EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) and decreases her DMG taken by 15.0% (30.0%) .???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Hu Pen once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description弗尔铿船厂1000吨级鱼雷猎舰—虎贲フルカン・シュテッティン1000トン級雷装駆逐艦--虎賁Vulcan Stettin 1,000-ton torpedo destroyer – Hu Pen.
Biography吾乃虎贲,是东煌所属的龙武级驱逐舰的一员!不论多么细枝末节的事,都可以放松交给我!……嘿嘿,怎么样,有老虎的气势吧?我は虎賁、東煌所属の龍武級駆逐艦なり!どんなに細かいことでも、安心してこの虎ちゃんにお任せ!……えへへ~どうかな、虎の雰囲気をちゃんと出せてた?The name's Hu Pen, and I'm a member of the Dragon Empery's Lung Wu-class destroyers! This tiger can handle any task for you, no matter how trivial! ...Heehee~ What'd ya think? Did I come off as having the awesomeness of a tiger?
Acquisition早~上好,指挥官!东煌所属的虎贲,向您报道!——哇啊!疼疼疼……!踢、踢到脚指头了……!おーはよーしきかーん!東煌所属の虎賁だよー!あいたー!つ、つま先をぶつけちゃった……Gooooood morning, Commander! I am Hu Pen of the Dragon Empery! Yeoooowch! Gah, just stubbed my freakin' toe...
Login我悄悄地……呜哇!指、指挥官!早、早上好呀……!先说好,我可不是睡懒觉了哦?こそこそこそこそ……わわわ!?し、指揮官…お、おはよー!予め言っとくけど虎ちゃんが寝坊したわけじゃないからね?Quietly now, stealthily... Fwaaah! C-Commander, g-good morning! Just gettin' this out of the way, but I totally didn't oversleep, you hear?
Details超级喵喵拳,准备就绪~欸?此、此昵称已被占用?——居然还有和我的品味一样的人吗!スーパーニャンニャンパンチ、準備かんりょう!え?名前をもう使われてる?――同じセンスの子が虎ちゃん以外にもいるの??Kitty Kabam Punch, at the ready! Huuuh? That name's already taken? Seriously, there are girls here with the same naming sense as me??
Main嘎喔!虎啸山林!……欸?不像老虎,而且这里是竹林?哎呀,竹林也没关系啦!氛围到了就万事大吉!がおー!虎吠えれば山林震わす!……ん?虎っぽくないしここは竹林だって?竹林でも大丈夫!雰囲気さえあれば問題ないよ!Roooooar! When the tiger roars, forests shiver and mountains quake! ...Huh? I'm not a real tiger, and the only forest here is a few stalks of bamboo? Ehh, let's not sweat the small details. What matters most is the vibes!
Main 2龙武姐啊,有点太沉迷柴米油盐的事了呢,不如虎贲也去厨房帮帮忙吧……什么叫会帮倒忙啦!龍武姉ちゃん、ごはんのことにハマりすぎ~。虎賁も台所の手伝いをさせて…ありがた迷惑だって!?Lung Wu's a bit too obsessed with food, don'tcha think? Maybe I should go help give her a hand... Huh? What do you mean I'm too helpful for my own good?!
Main 3总之!计划就是,帮龙武姐迅速解决掉今天的工作,然后一起出去玩!指挥官也一起加入吧!とにかく!龍武姉ちゃんを手伝って今日の仕込みを終わらせて、一緒に遊びに出かける計画だよ!指揮官も手伝って!Anyways! Here's the plan: I'm gonna help Lung Wu finish up her dishes, and then we're gonna go outside and play! You help as well, Commander!
Main 4很在意为什么是“超级喵喵拳”?因为叫“超级虎虎拳”实在太拗口了嘛……「スーパーニャンニャンパンチ」って名付けた理由?うーん「スーパートラトラパンチ」だとすごく言いづらいんだもん…Why'd I go with Kitty Kabam Punch instead of Tiger Kabam Punch? Well, uhh, it doesn't roll off the tongue the same way...
Touch那、那个……我睡懒觉的事,求别告诉龙武姐姐——!不会?太好啦!最喜欢你了!あ、あの!…居眠りしてたのは龍武姉ちゃんに教えないでー!教えない?良かった!指揮官だいすきー!Oh, um, about that! Can you please keep that whole sleeping-in thing a secret from my sis? Thanks a million, Commander! You're the best~!
Touch (Special)呜哇……呜哇哇哇!!うわ!…わわわわ!Woooah! ...Woaaaooaaaaoaaah!
Touch (Headpat)摸摸老虎头,万事不用愁!嘿嘿~虎ちゃんの頭を撫でれば憂いなし!えへへ~Pat a tiger on the head, and nothin' but good fortune will follow you! Ehehe~
Mission马虎可不是虎哦!所以,任务不可以马虎应付,记得及时完成哦!馬虎は虎じゃないよ!だから任務に馬虎みたいな対応をしちゃだめ!締め切りには気をつけて!Horses might be respectable opponents, but there's nothin' respectable about horsing around on the job! That's why you've gotta finish your missions on time!
Mission Complete任务的奖励送到了!快去清点一下吧~任務報酬が届いた!早く確認して!The mission rewards are in! Hurry up and go take a look!
Mail指挥官,有你的邮件!指揮官へのメールがあるよ!I've got mail for you, Commander!
Return to Port欢迎回来~我给你开的小灶,快尝尝吧!おかえりー!指揮官だけのために作った虎賁の手料理…さあ、早く食べて!Welcome back~ I whipped up some snacks for you! Come on over and give 'em a taste!
Commission Complete委托的同伴回来了!我去通知厨房了哦!委託組のみんなが戻ってきたよ!台所に連絡してくる!The commission team is back! Time to call up the kitchen!
Enhancement虎虎生威!威風寅々だ!がおー!I'm freakin' awesome! Groooooar!
Flagship虎贲,开路先锋!虎賁、先鋒として道を切り開く!Hu Pen, charging straight ahead!
Victory我好厉害,嗯!虎ちゃんは強し!うん!This tiger is strong! Grooar!
Defeat抱歉,搞砸了……欸嘿~☆ごめん…やらかしちゃった……てへ☆Oopsies... Looks like I goofed up a little... Teehee~☆
Skill虎之一拳!虎ちゃんパンチ!Tiger Thrasher!
Low HP意、意外状况!あ、あくしでんと!Crap, that wasn't supposed to happen!
Affinity (Upset)哼!我才没有不高兴!绝对没有!……欸?送我的老虎玩偶?好诶!谢谢指挥官!ふん!別に機嫌は悪くなってない!なってないもん!…ん?虎ちゃんぬいぐるみをくれるの?やったー!ありがとう!Hmph! Who are you calling grumpy? I'm not grumpy! ...Eh? You'll give me a stuffed tiger doll? Hooray! Thanks, Commander!
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,你听说过么~?其实办公室钥匙的灰模,一直都在流通哦!我那天就看见……欸欸欸?隔、隔墙有耳?!指揮官聞いた?執務室の鍵の鋳型って普通に流通されてたりするんだって!実はつい最近それを……んんん~!?か、壁に耳があるって?!Commander, have you heard the news? Apparently, the mold for the key to your office has been going around for quite some time! The other day, I saw... Hwuuuuh? When'd the wall grow freakin' ears?!
Affinity (Friendly)哼哼…我还有许多有趣的小道消息呢~指挥官想先听哪个?就从虎贲搞砸厨房那次说起?好…………欸、欸——?!んふふふ、虎ちゃんは色々噂を知ってるよ~。指揮官は何を聞きたい?虎賁がキッチンをメチャクチャにした事件から?うんうん………え?ええええええ!?Mwahaha... I know about all sorts of rumors, Commander~ What do you wanna hear about first? That one time I made a total mess of the kitchen? Sure, you got it–– Eeehhhh? Ehhhhhh?!
Affinity (Like)“港区里有许多优秀的人”……这话是没错啦,不过我还是更想做我自己呢……嘿嘿,指挥官应该会支持我的吧?「母港には優秀な子がいっぱいいるから学んで」って?別にいいけど、虎ちゃんは虎ちゃんのままでいたいの…へへ、指揮官は応援してくれるよね?"There are lots of talented girls at this port, so I should try learning from them"? I mean, you're not wrong, but a tiger's gonna do as a tiger pleases! Hehe, I'm sure you'll support me, won't you?
Affinity (Love)港区有许多优秀的人……虎贲我也算其中一个呢!多谢指挥官一直以来的支持,虎贲,会继续前进~!母港の優秀な子……虎ちゃんもその一人だよね!指揮官、いつも応援ありがとう!虎賁、これからも頑張るよぉ!Speaking of talented girls at the port... I'm definitely one of them! Commander, thanks for believing in me and supporting me! I'll continue to work even harder from here on out!
Pledge嘿嘿,其实我是知道的哦,指挥官一直都在帮助我呢!愿意耐心地一遍遍教我的人,天下也就只有指挥官一个,所以,虎贲也会把指挥官当成天下最独一无二的人哦!えへへ、虎ちゃんは指揮官がいつも助けてくれてるって分かってるよ!じっくり何回も教えてくれるのも指揮官だけだし…虎ちゃんも指揮官のことをかけがえのない大切なヒトにする!Ehehe, I can tell that you're always helping me out! You're the only person who has the patience to sit down with me and teach me things over and over again... So that's why you're a super-important person to me!
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In battle with Lung Wu龙武姐,一起上啦!龍武姉ちゃん、一緒に行くよ! Lung Wu, let's do this together!
In battle with Chang Chun你是老虎,我也是老虎,嗯!白虎と虎ちゃんコンビね!うん! Twin tiger combo! Rooooar!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description锣鼓喧天,鞭炮齐鸣,虎贲祥瑞迎春节~怎么样,舞狮有趣吧?来嘛,指挥官,快说说我和龙武姐谁的舞狮更有气势吧!銅鑼轟き爆竹響く、祥瑞虎賁と迎えよう新春節~!どう?獅子舞は楽しいでしょ?しきかーん、虎ちゃんと龍武姉ちゃんどっちが勢いがあるか早く教えてよー!Let's usher in the New Year with the sound of gongs and firecrackers~! Whaddya think? Lion dances are pretty awesome, aren't they? So, Commander, who's got more oomph in their dance steps? Me, or Lung Wu? C'mon, hurry up and decide~!
Acquisition锣鼓喧天,鞭炮齐鸣,虎贲祥瑞迎春节~怎么样,舞狮有趣吧?来嘛,指挥官,快说说我和龙武姐谁的舞狮更有气势吧!銅鑼轟き爆竹響く、祥瑞虎賁と迎えよう新春節~!どう?獅子舞は楽しいでしょ?しきかーん、虎ちゃんと龍武姉ちゃんどっちが勢いがあるか早く教えてよー!Let's usher in the New Year with the sound of gongs and firecrackers~! Whaddya think? Lion dances are pretty awesome, aren't they? So, Commander, who's got more oomph in their dance steps? Me, or Lung Wu? C'mon, hurry up and decide~!
Login悄悄地……嘿嗨!怎么样~有没有被虎贲的舞狮形态震撼到?こそこそ……へへい!どう?虎賁の獅子舞モードにびっくりした?Quietly now, stealthily... Wahey! How was that? Starstruck by my mighty Lion Dance mode?
Main狮子,是消灾除害的瑞兽呢~不过,老虎也一样哦!新年和虎贲大人在一起,肯定会交好运的!獅子は災いをかき消す瑞獣だよ~。でも虎も同じだよ!お正月は虎ちゃんと一緒にいればきっと幸運になるの!The lion is a lucky beast that drowns out disasters~ But then, so is the tiger! If you spend your Lunar New Year with me, you're sure to have good luck!
Main 2唔,除了狮头,其实还需要狮尾呢……嗯!指挥官,要不要也来试试?あ!獅子舞には頭だけじゃなくてしっぽの方もあるよね…うん!指揮官、一緒にやってみない?To do a proper Lion Dance, you need both a head and a tail. Oh! Commander, wanna come join me?
Main 3左、右、左、右……嘿嘿,我们这不是很合拍嘛!来吧,我们和龙武姐斗一斗~左、右、左、右……えへへ!虎ちゃんたち息ぴったり~!よぉし、龍武姉ちゃんと競ってみよー!Left, right, left, right... Ehehe! You're in perfect sync with me~! All righty, let's go have a dance-off with Lung Wu!
Touch指挥官想做“狮头”?没问题哦!反正我们两个心有灵犀,怎么样都可以啦!指揮官は頭の方をやりたいの?いいよ!指揮官と虎ちゃんは心が通じてるからなんだっていいもん!Commander, you wanna be the head? Fine by me! We're basically in sync with each other without even having to say anything, so I know it'll work out!
Touch (Special)哇……!现、现在可是舞狮中哦?ひゃわわわ!…い、今は虎ちゃんたち獅子舞をやってるんだよー!Hwaaah! H-hey, I'm in the middle of the Lion Dance right now!
Return to Port啊!指挥官,你回来了!给,休息时买的小笼包~あ!指揮官おかえりー!はい!休憩で買ったシャオロンパオをどうぞ!Oh! Commander, you're back! Here, I bought some xiaolongbao while I was on break~
Victory嘿嘿,果然是我这边舞得更好看吧!えへへ~、やっぱり虎ちゃんのほうが上手いでしょ?Ehehe~ I'm a better dancer, aren't I?
Skill狮之一拳!ライオンパンチ!Lion Lasher!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login我悄悄地……哇哇!怎么直接睡在办公室啊!这样可不行哦!こそこそこそ……わああ!どうして執務室で寝てるの!こらーだめだってばー!Quietly now, stealthily... Woah! Why are you conked out in the office? Hey, you can't be doing that!
Details超级喵喵拳1号,准备就绪——那谁是2号?嘿嘿,虎贲也不知道哦~スーパーニャンニャンパンチ1号、準備かんりょう!――え?2号はあるのって?えへへ、虎ちゃんもしーらないっ!Kitty Kabam Punch, Rev I, at the ready! ––Huh? Is there a Rev II? Ehehe, no idea!
Main虎贲,现在已经是可靠的厨房助手啦!所以,指挥官以后也可以对我的厨艺更信任一些!虎ちゃんは頼れる台所のお手伝いさんだからね!もっと虎ちゃんの料理を信じていいよ~I'm a fully-fledged kitchen assistant now! You can place your trust in my cooking skills even more now~
Main 2哼哼,指挥官,我又想到了一个绝佳的计划哦!内容就是,虎贲当主厨,指挥官做我的助手,龙武姐不许入内~ふふん、指揮官、またすごい計画を思いついた!虎ちゃんが料理長、指揮官がお手伝いさん、それで龍武姉ちゃんは台所立ち入り禁止ってね!Heheh~ Commander, I've come up with another amazing plan! I'll be the head chef, you'll be my assistant, and Lung Wu won't be allowed inside the kitchen!
Main 3呜哇!投、投降啦!要学的菜品也太多了!虎贲不想当主厨啦!うわーん!こ、降参だー!作る品数が多すぎて手が回らないぃ!虎ちゃんもう料理作るのやめるー!Uwaaahh! I surrender, I surrender! There are way too many dishes to make, and I can't possibly keep up! I give up on cooking!
Touch哼哼,答应我好好改正,我就不把你偷偷熬夜的事捅出去啦!——嗯嗯,我们约好了哦!えへへ、もう徹夜するのをやめるって約束してくれたら昨日のことをバラさないであげる!――うんうん、交渉成立!Ehehe~ If you promise to change your bad habits, I won't spill the beans on you pulling an all-nighter yesterday! ––Mmhmm, negotiation complete!
Touch (Special)……哇哇!奇、奇怪的事也不会这样就变正常哦!……わわ!変なことは変なの!いつもやるからって普通にはならないってばー!...Woah, woah! Just because you do this stuff all the time doesn't mean it's the new normal!
Affinity (Love)港区有许多优秀的人……虎贲我也算其中一个呢!……我还有许多东西要学?嘿嘿,所以之后也要一直一直拜托指挥官了哦!母港の優秀な子……虎ちゃんもその一人だよね!……それでも色々学んでほしいって?えへへ、じゃあ指揮官、これからもずっとずっとよろしくね!There are lots of talented people all around the port... and I'm one of them, aren't I? ...I still have a lot left to learn? Ehehe~ In that case, I look forward to you teaching me a whole lot more stuff!