Hindenburg (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P031Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityDecisive
NavyIronbloodBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1037 Reload64
Firepower59 Torpedo48
Evasion10 Anti-air43
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
HP4289 Reload122
Firepower220 Torpedo181
Evasion64 Anti-air164
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +253 | AA +11 | EVA +5 | Main Gun base +1 | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Unlock All Out Assault/All weapons' efficiency +2% | Limit Breaks to 4 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearns Siren Killer | Learns All Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Level 15HP +506 | AA +21 | Main Gun efficiency +10% | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20All weapons' efficiency +3% | Limit Breaks to 5 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeImproves Siren Killer | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Level 25HP +759 | AA +32 | EVA +10 | Unlocks playback for: Low HP
Level 30Improve All Out Assault/All weapons' efficiency +5% | Limit Breaks to 6 StarsImproves Siren Killer | Improves All Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +5% | Can equip Main Guns in third weapon slot
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: Hindenburg-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
The Most Dangerous GameIncreases this ship's FP by 5.0% and EVA and ACC by 5.0% (15.0%) . One of the following two effects apply based on what type of weapon this ship has equipped in her third weapon slot: 1): Main Gun: increases this ship's FP by 1.0% (10.0%) and DMG dealt by 5.0%. Shells fired from this ship's Main Guns ignore enemy shields. 2): AA Gun: increases this ship's EVA by 1.0% (10.0%) and decreases her DMG taken by 8.0%. When the battle starts, and every 30s: deploys 2 shields (last 15s; can each block up to 8 shells).???
Doombringer's Euphoria3s after the battle starts, and every 15s after that: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage that inflicts the Hunted debuff to enemies hit (DMG is based on the skill's level). Every 5s, if there are enemies with the Hunted debuff on the battlefield: performs a special attack.???
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Hindenburg once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description重巡洋舰—兴登堡重巡洋艦――ヒンデンブルクHeavy cruiser – Hindenburg.
Biography铁血巡洋舰,兴登堡。似乎像我这样的舰船被称为“特别计划舰”?无所谓。向我证明你的能力,填充我无聊的时光,我自会遵守与你的契约。鉄血巡洋艦ヒンデンブルク。どうやら私のような艦船は「特別計画艦」とでも呼称されているようだが…全くどうでもいいことだわ。力を証明して、退屈させないでいてくれる限り、あなたとの契約を守ってあげるわI am Iron Blood cruiser Hindenburg. Shipgirls such as I are apparently known as "blueprint ships"... a title I couldn't care less about. As long as you prove your might and don't bore me, I will obey the contract we've made.
Acquisition将我召唤至此的,就是你?凡人,你就是我的指挥官么?……行吧,我就姑且承认,这份“指挥官和舰船”的契约好了。私を呼び出したのはあなた?人間であるあなたが私の「指揮官」?……いいわ。「艦船と指揮官」の契約を一旦認めようWas it you who summoned me? You, a human, are my "Commander"? Very well. I'll temporarily allow this contract between shipgirl and human.
Login契约者啊,为日常奔波,就是你选择的命运么?日常のために奔走し続ける…契約者、これがあなたが選んだ運命?Forever toiling away for the sake of peace... Contract Binder, is this the fate you chose?
Details尾巴?翅膀?这些就如此值得关注么。有时候真是搞不懂你,契约者。翼?尻尾?そんなに気を引くようなものか?契約者、あなたの心象は時々解せないものねMy wings? My tail? Do they really enthrall you that much? The inner workings of your mind elude me sometimes, Contract Binder.
Main契约者,你与其它舰船又是靠什么维系的?信任?交易?……原来如此,有点意思。時に契約者、あなたとほかの艦船をつなぎとめるのは?信頼?取引?……そう。面白そうねIncidentally, what binds you and other shipgirls together? Is it trust? Money? ...Well, that's interesting.
Main 2无聊的时光总是充斥着生活。契约者,如果你不能想办法缓解我的乏闷,我就只能从你身上寻乐了。日常は退屈に満ちあふれている。契約者、紛らわせてくれないなら、あなたのその体を使わせてもらうわLife here is so staggeringly boring. Contract Binder, relieve my boredom or I'll do it myself with your body.
Main 3你说想喝点什么?哼,我并不讨厌别人投我所好。来点咖啡吧,不要太苦的。飲みたいものはないかって?気を使われるのは嫌いじゃないわ。…コーヒーよ。あまり苦すぎないやつねGet me something to drink? How considerate of you to ask. I'll have coffee. Not too bitter, thanks.
Touch趁我还对你要说什么感兴趣前,把话讲清楚。話しなさい。あなたへの興味がどこかに失せないうちにSpeak now, before my interest in you goes away.
Touch (Special)该让你长点记性了啊,契约者。そろそろ教訓をその体に叩き込ませてもらうわ。契約者I'm tempted to pound some decency into that body of yours, Contract Binder.
Touch (Headpat)角?要看随你喜欢。不过,敢摸的话,你是知道后果的。ツノ?好きなだけ見るといいわ。触ればどんな事象をもたらすか、あなたにとって既知の事柄のはずだがMy horns? Admire them all you want. Try to touch them, however, and I'm sure you already know what will happen.
Mission去完成你该完成的事吧,契约者。我当然指的是那些任务。すべきことをしなさい。契約者。…任された任務のことよDo what you must do, Contract Binder... I'm referring to your missions.
Mission Complete任务完成了。对着如此小事就盼望着对方有所回报,我记得并没有和这样的家伙签订契约吧?任務完了。ちっぽけな成果で見返りへの期待を高める、そんな者と契約した覚えはないはずだけど?Mission complete. I don't remember making a contract with a human who grows excited over measly rewards, and yet here you are.
Mail契约者,早点查看信箱。这种事情不该由人提醒你。契約者、手紙の確認は早いうちにしなさい。言われてからするものじゃないわRead your letter sooner rather than later, Contract Binder. I shouldn't have to point this out to you.
Return to Port契约者,还在想着刚刚的战斗?是有让你在意的对手,还是对我的表现有所不满?契約者、さっきの戦闘にまだ気を取られている?気になる敵でもいた?それとも私の戦いぶりに不満でも?Your last battle is still on your mind, no? Were the foes interesting? Or was my performance perhaps unsatisfactory?
Commission Complete委托的物资送到了?交给其他人去做吧。你没有时间做到任何事都亲力亲为。委託物資が届いた?ほかの人に任せなさい。自ら進んで全てをこなすなど、限りある時間がもったいないわCommission goods have arrived? Have someone else handle it. Doing everything by yourself is a waste of your limited time.
Enhancement也别忘了提升你自己,契约者。自らの精進を忘れないで。契約者Don't forget to pursue your own growth, Contract Binder.
Flagship勇气是你们的起点,亦是你们的末路。勇気、あなたたちの始発点にして終焉であるCourage was your beginning, and it shall also be your end.
Victory对图谋不轨者而言,痛苦是最好的课程。不届き者にとって、痛みこそが最高のレッスンよPain is the best teacher for the wretched.
Defeat哼,不错的对手。希望下次再交手时,也不会让我失望。歯応えのある相手ね。次相見えるときも私を失望させないでほしいわGritty adversaries we have. Come our next audience, please don't disappoint me again.
Skill向我俯首,虫子们!虫けらは頭を垂れなさいWorms should bow their heads.
Low HP能让我兴奋起来……哼,有两下子。少し乗り気にさせるとは……なかなかねSeems I got a little overeager... Well played.
Affinity (Upset)罢了,我就当这契约没存在过吧。我会记住你现在所做的一切,并在某一日悉数奉还。いいわ。契約なんてなかったことにする。あなたが今やっていること、いつかそのままやり返してあげるSo be it. Our contract is now null and void. And one day, you will taste undiminished retaliation for your actions.
Affinity (Stranger)有事找我?我以为你会因为畏惧我,对我避而不见。那就正好借这个机会,让我了解一下你吧,契约者。私に用?怖気づいてこっちを避けていると思っていたが。……まあいいわ。この機に乗じてあなたのことをもっと知れればYou wish to speak? Here I thought you were avoiding me out of fear... Very well. This is as good an opportunity as any to learn more about you.
Affinity (Friendly)特地叫我出来不是为了公务。那也就是说这个行为完全处于你作为个体的欲求吧。…很好,我也就不必拘泥于“指挥官的舰船”,而可以向你展示一下兴登堡这一个个体的本性了呢呼び出したのは公務のためではない、と。ならばこれはあなたという個体の欲求からくる行為と見ていいかしら。…そう。認めるならそれでいい。私も「指揮官の艦船」ではなく、ヒンデンブルクという個体を見せられるわSo my summoning wasn't an officiated ordeal. It seems, then, that this was done by you as an individual with desires... Yes, it's fine to admit it. This way, I can be not just a shipgirl under your command, but Hindenburg, an individual.
Affinity (Like)当你试图控制恶魔的时候,是否已经被恶魔所控制了呢?自己去寻找问题的答案吧,契约者,我在终点等着你。呵,我可不是什么蛊惑人心的存在,这是你自己选择的路。悪魔を操ろうとしていても、逆に操られている可能性も否定できない。答えを知りたければ探求しなさい。私はあなたがたどり着くその先で待っている。…心を惑わしているわけではないわ。これはあくまで契約者、あなた自身が選ぶ道よYou can try to manipulate a demon, but it's an undeniable possibility that the tables will turn on you. If you want the answer, seek it. I'll be waiting for you at the end of the line... No, I'm not daring you into anything. As the contract binder, this is your choice alone to make.
Affinity (Love)我很高兴你走到这一步,誓约者。过程无关紧要,重要的只有结果——那就是你已经被我支配的这个事实。怎么,心怀不甘么?屈服于我,又有什么不好的呢?ここまで至れるとは喜ばしいことね契約者。過程や方法などどうでもよく、この結果――あなたという個体は私の手中にあるという結果だけが全てよ。悔しい?膝を地につかせるのは、そう苦ではないはずだけど?How delightful you've made it this far, Contract Binder. How you did it is unimportant – all that matters is the end result, namely that you are now in my possession. Dismayed? Kneeling on the ground surely isn't THAT bad.
Pledge不满足于现有的契约,妄图用更进一步的手段将我束缚?契约者,你的胆子真的是越来越大了。好啊,我就如你所愿,答应你的请求。以及,接下来就做好随时被我吃掉的准备吧,呵呵呵~今の契約に満足するどころか、さらにその先に進もうとしていると?契約者、ますます傲慢になったようね。……あなたの願いを叶え、あなたが求めるものを授けよう。その体と魂、いつか貪られる覚悟ができているのならばOur current contract isn't enough for you, and you want to take it even further? How cocksure you've become, Contract Binder... I shall grant your wish and give you what you desire. That is, if your body and soul are ready for the indulgence that is to come.
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In battle with Roon你的身上有危险的气息啊。危険な匂いがするわね You smell of danger.
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Ship Description契约者,这里就只有你和我了,来一场尽兴的比赛,让我们尽情游乐吧……当然,败者,要接受今夜的惩罚呢~♡二人っきりになったわね、契約者。この場で興じられる「勝負」でとことん悦楽に耽けていきなさい……もちろん、敗北した者は今宵の「懲罰」を受けてもらうわ♡It's just the two of us now, Contract Binder. Come – play a game with me and immerse yourself in the pleasures this place offers. The loser of this game, of course, must accept a punishment tonight♡
Acquisition契约者,这里就只有你和我了,来一场尽兴的比赛,让我们尽情游乐吧……当然,败者,要接受今夜的惩罚呢~♡二人っきりになったわね、契約者。この場で興じられる「勝負」でとことん悦楽に耽けていきなさい……もちろん、敗北した者は今宵の「懲罰」を受けてもらうわ♡It's just the two of us now, Contract Binder. Come – play a game with me and immerse yourself in the pleasures this place offers. The loser of this game, of course, must accept a punishment tonight♡
Login来得真慢呢,契约者~等你的时候,我一个人喝了一点…呵呵,不过是这种程度而已,我又怎么会醉呢?不信的话看我走几圈……啊,摔到你身上了~遅かったわね、契約者。留守の間に少し飲んでたんだけど…ふふふ、この程度で酩酊するはずがないわ。信じられないと言うなら、今歩いて……ふっ。どうやら契約者の体に寄りかかってしまったようねYou're late, Contract Binder. I had a little to drink in your absence... Heehee. A few sips would never intoxicate me. Don't believe me? Watch me walk over to... Oof. It seems I've stumbled and bumped into you.
Details呵呵,看来契约者你很喜欢我这一身呢~居然能够毫不畏惧地盯着我。ふふふ、恐れも怖がりもせず凝視するとは、この格好を随分と気に入ったようねHeehee. Your fearless, unhesitant gaze tells me you must really like this outfit.
Main契约者要一起喝吗?…在这里哟?呵呵,来吧~契約者も飲む?…ここよ?ふふふ、さあ、来なさい♡Won't you drink, too, Contract Binder? Right here. Heehee. Come over♡
Main 2这张扑克?是契约者你刚才洗牌时不小心掉到这里的…所以,请你亲自拿下来吧~カード?これは先程あなたがシャッフルしたときに落とした一枚……あなた自身の手で取りなさいThis card? You dropped it earlier when you were shuffling the deck. Use your hand and take it yourself.
Main 3…我已经醉了?……呵呵,才没有呢,陪你喝多少都没关系♪……也向我展现出来吧,契约者你真正的样子~…私が酔っている?…ふん、そんなことはないわ。あなたと飲むことを思えば……さあ契約者、理性の一欠片もないあなたの本当の姿を見せなさい♡Drunk, you say? Hmph. I'm certainly not. I don't get drunk when I'm with you... Now, go on, show me what you're really like when you're at your wit's end♡
Touch呵呵,这么心急吗?我们的游戏还没结束呢。ふふふ、そんなに焦っているの?「勝負」はまだ終わっていないわHeehee. Why so stressed? The game isn't over yet.
Touch (Special)这样的奖赏…你满意么~♡……但,不要得意忘形了,契约者,我会把主动权赢回来的……今夜,我们兴尽方休哦?この程度で満足?んっ♡…浮かれている場合じゃないわ。あなたに主導権を握らせているのも今のうち…ふふふ、退屈になるまでこの「勝負」、終わらせるつもりなんてないわよ♡Are you satisfied now? Mmh♡ ...Don't celebrate prematurely. If you want to seize the lead, now is the time... Heehee. This game will not end until I've grown bored of it♡
Touch (Headpat)契约者,你碰到我的角了。只是摸了兔耳朵?居然还试图狡辩…乖乖接受惩罚吧~♡角に触ったのね、契約者。…うさ耳だけを触りたかった?未だにつまらぬ言い訳を並べるとは…大人しく「懲罰」を受けなさい♡You touched my horn, Contract Binder... You meant to touch my bunny ears, you say? Again with the lame excuses... Just hold still and accept your punishment♡
Mission任务…这种东西,你会很快解决好的对吧,契约者。任務…こんなものすぐにでも片付けられるのね。契約者Missions, missions... You can surely finish those in no time, Contract Binder.
Mission Complete红酒、扑克、筹码都已经准备好了,那就让我们继续开始吧。ワイン、カード、チップ、全て揃っているわ。「勝負」を続けなさいWine, cards, chips – everything is here. Resume the game.
Return to Port刚才的战况很惊险?嗯哼~♡契约者,比起绝对的实力碾压,跌宕起伏的胜负更·加·有·趣哦——中々危なっかしい戦いだった?ふふ、契約者、絶対的な力でねじ伏せるより、二転三転するいい勝負になったほうが…もっと愉悦に浸れるわよA precarious battle, was it? Heehee, Contract Binder, you should know that you'll find greater pleasure in an evenly-matched back-and-forth than a one-sided stomp.
Flagship呵呵~会是场无聊的游戏么?ふふふ、退屈な「勝負」になるのかしらHeehee. This game will be a boring one.
Victory契约者,接下来是我们的“对决”时间了~これからはあなたとの「勝負」に溺れる時間よ。契約者It's time to engross yourself in our little game, Contract Binder.
Defeat哼…要是觉得我会就此退让,可就大错特错了……このまま引くと思うなら、それはとんだ間違いねYou are sorely mistaken if you think I'm going to retreat.
Skill又是Roying flush,真无趣。ロイヤルフラッシュ、退屈ねRoyal flush. How boring.
Low HP这样的牌面……才有逆转的价值!この手札…逆転し甲斐があるわThis card here... can turn everything around.
Affinity (Love)契约者,你今晚的种种表现都让我感到心痒难耐,你越是挣扎我就越是…所以挣扎就到此为止吧,今晚的主动权,就让我夺回来好了……放心,会让你做个美梦的~くすぐってくれるわね。契約者。あなたの見せた反応、繰り出した行動、無駄な足掻き…もうやめなさい。主導権を握り、あなたを貪るのは私――心配することはないわ。いい夢を見せてあげる…♡You are a funny one, Contract Binder. You act, you react, and you struggle... Enough already. I will take the lead and eat you up. Don't you worry – I will ensure you have sweet dreams...♡
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login这么晚才来,你是刻意使我心痒难耐,想让我给你一点“惩罚”么?ここまで遅く待たせるとはね。よもや私を昂らせ、懲罰を下させるのが望み?I've been waiting ages for you. Don't tell me you WANTED to incur my wrath and make me discipline you?
Details再盯着我的尾巴看,就把你绑起来。反正,你也不讨厌这种的……还是说我弄错了?呵呵~尻尾の凝視を続けるというのなら、これであなたを縛り付けるまでよ。どうせあなた自身もそれを嫌がらないのだろうけど……私が認識を間違えた、とでも言うのかしら?If you're really going to keep staring at my tail, I will use it to restrain you. You'd probably enjoy that anyway... Unless you're saying I've misjudged your character?
Main与你的相处让我感到前所未有的愉悦……相比于诱惑了你的我,也许你才更像魅魔?あなたという個体と一緒にいて、かつてない悦楽を感じるわ。……私より、あなたのほうが人を惑わす魔性を有しているのかもねI've never before felt such pleasure as I do by your side... If anything, YOU may genuinely possess a devilish power to seduce others.
Main 2或许该稍微花点时间,让其她舰船们明白谁才是契约者的正位……要和平相处?也罢,看在你的面子上就忍忍好了。時間を多少費やしてでも、ほかの艦船に誰が契約者にとって正しい位置にいるかを識ってもらうべきね……仲良くしてって?そうね。契約者の顔に免じてそうするわMaybe I should spend some time teaching other shipgirls who truly belongs at your side... Get along, you say? Very well. Only out of respect for you, Contract Binder.
Main 3这苦涩如泥水一般的咖啡……究竟是?ドロミズのような渋い……このコーヒーは一体?Tastes like bitter mud water... Is this supposed to be coffee?
Touch有话就说……你知道吊我的胃口时,我会怎么做的。言いたいことがあるなら言いなさい。……焦らす行動がもたらす事象のこと、あなたがすでに識っているはずよIf you have something to say, out with it. You already know what's going to happen if you get on my nerves.
Touch (Special)如果你忘了上次最后是怎么求饶的,那就现在让我帮你想起来吧,契约者。許しの乞い方を忘れているというのなら、今それを思い出させるまでよ。契約者If you've forgotten how to plead for forgiveness, I'll just have to make you remember, Contract Binder.
Touch (Headpat)真是拿你没辙……只准这一次。仕方ないわね。……一度だけよIf there's no stopping you... Fine, just this once.
Mission去完成你该完成的事吧,契约者。你的时光不应该被这种琐事打扰。すべきことをしなさい。契約者。…訪れてくるあなたとの時間に瑣事が入り込む隙間はないわDo what you must do, Contract Binder... You cannot afford to let distractions get between yours and my time.
Mission Complete任务完成了。或许,我可以给你一点奖励……想要么?任務完了。契約者に褒美を与えるべきかもしれないけど……ほしいの?Mission complete. I suppose I should give you a reward... Do you want one?
Mail拿去,你的信……不想用手,所以用了尾巴,有什么问题么?あなたへの手紙よ。持っていきなさい。……手ではなく尻尾で渡したことに問題でも?A letter for you. Take it... Yes, I gave you it with my tail rather than my hands. And what of it?
Return to Port不管刚刚的战斗如何,一切都告一段落了。把目光专注在当下吧。さっきの戦闘がどんなものであろうと、一段落着いたわ。眼の前のことに集中しなさいRegardless of how your last battle went, now you can relax. Focus on what's in front of you.
Victory如果我满足了你的要求,接下来是不是该由你做些什么了?私があなたの望みを叶えたというのなら、次はあなたが何かしてくれるんでしょう?Supposing I were to grant your wish, what would you then do for me in return?
Defeat该撤了,誓约者。逃跑的屈辱,不及我爱之人安危的分毫。撤退の時間よ。契約者。敗走の屈辱は、気に入った個体の安全と比べれば些細なものねIt's time to retreat, Contract Binder. The shame of running away matters little compared to personal safety.
Affinity (Love)怎么了?明明是你做的决定,事到如今却退缩了?想想今天该怎么取悦我吧,一旦主动权到了我的手里,后面的事情就不由你说了算了,契约者。你明白我的意思吧?呵呵~どうかした?下した決定を今更覆すとでも?私の喜ばし方でも勘案なさい。一度主導権を渡したら最後、あなたという個体の意見は意味をなさない。この言葉の意味を理解できるわね?契約者?What is it? Thinking of rescinding your earlier decision? Since the moment you surrendered your leader privileges, your opinions as a person have had no weight. You understand what this means, yes, Contract Binder?