Harbin (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P025Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityPriority
NavyDragon EmpireBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP624 Reload71
Firepower28 Torpedo69
Evasion61 Anti-air78
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW36 Luck0
HP2613 Reload136
Firepower107 Torpedo254
Evasion182 Anti-air284
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW91 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +152 | AA +19 | Torpedo base +1 | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ/Torpedo efficiency +5%/Torpedo preload +1 | Limit Breaks to 4 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearns Siren Killer | Learns All Out Assault I | Torpedo efficiency +5% | Torpedo preload +1
Level 15HP +305 | AA +38 | Torpedo efficiency +10% | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20Torpedo efficiency +10%/Main gun base +1 | Limit Breaks to 5 Stars | Main Gun base +1 | Unlocks playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeImproves Siren Killer | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +457 | AA +58 | Unlocks playback for: Low HP
Level 30Improves All Out Assault I/Torpedo efficiency +15%/Decreases the Spread of this ship's equipped Torpedoes | Limit Breaks to 6 StarsImproves Siren Killer | Improves All Out Assault I | Torpedo efficiency +15% | Decreases the Spread of this ship's equipped Torpedoes
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Impactful TorpedoesDecreases this ship's DMG taken from torpedoes by 10.0%; Increases DMG dealt against Heavy Armor enemies with this ship's equipped torpedoes by 10.0% (20.0%) , and increases the torpedo DMG dealt by Dragon Empery DDs by 4.5% (12.0%) . When this ship fires her torpedoes: creates a smokescreen for 3s that increases Evasion Rate by 15.0% (35.0%) and decreases DMG taken from enemy aircraft by 15.0% (35.0%) for all your ships inside it (this effect does not stack with "Smokescreen: Light Cruisers"); After 3s, 50.0% (100.0%) chance to launch an additional wave of torpedoes and trigger this smokescreen effect again.???
Blazing BattledanceEvery 20s: 50.0% (100.0%) chance to launch a special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). When this ship takes DMG: 20.0% chance to increase this ship's FP and AA by 1.0% (4.0%) and TRP by 1.5% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times).???
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Harbin once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired. ???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description轻巡洋舰—哈尔滨軽巡洋艦--ハルビンLight cruiser - Harbin.
Biography我是东煌的轻巡洋舰哈尔滨。怎么,觉得我的出现有点出乎意料?哈哈!生活总得需要点惊喜不是么?总而言之,我和我的火炮不会让你失望的!東煌所属の軽巡洋艦、ハルビンだ。なんだ?私がここにいるのに驚いたか?ははは、人生は驚喜が付きものだ。ともあれ、私と私の艦砲は指揮官をがっかりさせないさ!The name's Harbin, light cruiser from the Dragon Empery. What, didn't expect to see me here? Ahaha, well, life is full of surprises. In any case, I don't plan on letting you down, and neither do my guns!
Acquisition我是东煌的轻巡洋舰,哈尔滨。你就是这里的指挥官?嗯哼…精气神不错,体魄也不错,很好!以后你就跟我混吧!東煌の軽巡洋艦、ハルビンだ。あんたがここの指揮官か?ふむ…元気ハツラツでガタイもよし…いいだろう!これからは私が面倒見てやる!The name's Harbin, Dragon Empery light cruiser. You're the Commander of this joint? Hrmm... I like the look in your eyes, and your bod's not half-bad either... Good stuff! From now on, you're rollin' with me!
Login你好啊指挥官,今天有什么要帮忙的?尽管开口就行!おはよう指揮官。今日は手を貸せることはないか?そう気を使わんでいいから何でも言ってみなMornin', Commander. Need help with anything today? There's no need to be shy - just say the word!
Details指挥官,不用客气,有什么事情敞开了说就行,别整那些弯弯绕绕的!指揮官、変に気を遣わないで何かあったらそのまま話してみな。回りくどいのは勘弁だぞCommander, if there's anything on your mind, just lay 'em on me! Let's not beat around the bush.
Main指挥官,工作结束后,一起去整两瓶小酒怎么样?当然了,喝点别的也行。忙碌了一天,总得好好犒劳自己,不是么?指揮官、仕事から上がったらちょっと酒でもどうだ?もちろん、他の飲み物でもいいぜ。一日頑張った自分をちゃんと労わないと、な?Commander, want to cap off work with a bit of wine? Of course, you're free to drink something else. Gotta treat yourself right after a day of hard work, right?
Main 2海天总和我唠叨什么“食不厌精,脍不厌细”之类的,明明她自己放起辣椒来也不带眨眼的。要我说,最重要的还是量大管饱!「食(いい)は精(しらげ)を厭わず、膾(なます)は細きを厭わず」――海天のやつはそう小うるさく言ってくるし、実際あの子は唐辛子を自分で入れてるが全く平然としてしやがる…私にはごはんは腹いっぱい食えるかどうか、それが一番大事さHai Tien's always sayin' stuff like "you are what you eat," but she's always guzzling down those chilis like it's nobody's business. If you ask me, the best food is whatever fills your belly.
Main 3镇海喜欢谋而后动,任何事都得先思忖几分。至于我嘛……当然是先行动起来再说啦!計略を巡らしてから動じ、手を出す前に思慮を幾重も重ねるのは鎮海だが…私はまあ、その真逆だがな!はははChen Hai's out there doing divinations on the cosmos before she makes her move, but I'm the complete opposite. Hit first, ask questions later! Hahaha!
Touch要是闲得厉害,要不我给你整段相声?哈哈,除了打仗之外,我还是有些其他小特长的。暇で暇でしょうがないなら、私の持ち芸の漫才でも披露してやろうか?はは、戦闘以外にも芸をそこそこ持ってるクチだぜIf you have time to burn, wanna see one of my comedy skits? Hahaha, I've got quite a few little hobbies outside of fightin'.
Touch (Special)嚯?胆子挺肥啊,就不怕我揍你一顿?ほほう?いい度胸してんな。さてはぶん殴られる覚悟ができているのか?Oho? You've got guts. Real punchable guts.
Mission有新任务?包在我身上,看我帮你安排得明明白白!新しい任務か?任せろ、今しっかり手配してやるからなAnother job, huh? Just leave it to me. I'll have everything sorted out for you.
Mission Complete干得不赖嘛!接下来你只管休息就好,奖励的分配交给我吧。上出来だな~!報酬の分配は私に任せて、あんたはもう休んできなWell done! I'll hand out the rewards, so you just worry about getting rested up.
Mail顺手把你的邮件捎过来了,记得及时看哦!ついでにメールを持ってきたぜ。早めに確認してくれよな!I picked up the mail for you on the way here. Hurry up and take a look!
Return to Port出去忙了这么久,指挥官也累了吧?要不要我带你去放松放松?搓个澡还是按个摩什么的?ずっとバタバタしてて疲れたろ?あとで息抜きにどっか連れてってやろうか?風呂に入って背中流してもらったりマッサージしてもらったり…とかYou must be tired from all that running around, right? Want me to help you relax? I can draw the bathwater for you, or give you a massage... You in?
Commission Complete哦!看样子是远征的同伴们回来了!指挥官,这就安排一场接风宴吧!おっ、どうやら仲間たちが遠征から戻ってきたようだ!指揮官、ねぎらいの席でも用意してやりな!Oh, it looks like our friends are back from their commission! Perfect timing, Commander, let's throw a welcoming banquet!
Enhancement哈哈,有点手痒难耐了呢!ははは、ちょっとうずうずしてきたな!Hahaha! I'm itchin' for a fight!
Flagship大家跟我上!私の後に続け!Everyone, follow me!
Victory哼,太弱了,还不够给我搓背的。ふん、弱すぎる。私の背中流し役にすらなれまいHmph, absolutely pathetic. Not even worthy of being my playthings.
Defeat你们先走,这里交给我!私に任せて先に逃げな!Retreat now – I'll handle things over here!
Skill吃我一炮!これでも食らいな!See how you like this!
Low HP有本事就冲着我来!やれるもんならやってみな!If you think you've got what it takes, come at me!
Affinity (Upset)兵熊熊一个,将熊熊一窝,你可是指挥官,给我打起精神来!兵に能力がなくても一人だけの問題で済むが、将帥に能力がなければ全軍が終わってしまう。あんたは指揮官なんだからちゃんとしな!A soldier's failure dooms one, but a general's failure dooms the whole army. You're the Commander, so get your act together already!
Affinity (Stranger)有时间的话,陪我聊聊呗?不用害羞,敞开来聊就行,熟悉一个人最好的方式就是和他聊上一整天!暇なら私の世間話にでも付き合わないか?はは、なに恥ずかしがってんだ。おしゃべりってのは腹を割って話すもんだ。相手に近づくには膝を突き合わせて一日中じっくり話すのが一番だぞ?If you're not busy, want to step out for a chat? Haha, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. The best way to get to know someone is to have a nice, long chat with them, right?
Affinity (Friendly)你休息的时候会做什么?我的话…大概会拉上同伴出去吹吹风,顺便整点小酒小吃什么的,感觉可棒了!嗯嗯,择日不如撞日,不如我们现在就去吧!休日は何して過ごす?私は…仲間を連れ回して気分転換して、ついでに酒とつまみでも適当にな。スッキリできていい気分になるぞ!そうだ!せっかくだし今から実行しようか!What do you do on your days off? I... like going out with my friends, I guess. Get some good food and drinks. It's a great change of pace! Oh right, since we have free time today, let's go do that right now!
Affinity (Like)指挥官,走,我们出门兜风去!去哪?我想想…出去找找敌人揍一顿怎么样?欸?危险?哎呀没事的,有我在,你就放一万个心吧。指揮官、今から出かけようぜ!どこって、そうだな…敵でも探してぶん殴りに行かないか?うん?危ないじゃないかって?私がついてるからへーきへーき!Commander, c'mon, let's get going! Go where, you say? Lemme think... Oh yeah, how about looking for some enemies to beat the crap out of? It's dangerous? Hah, not when I'm by your side!
Affinity (Love)我说指挥官啊,你要不就从了我吧。以后我们刀山火海一起闯,荣华富贵一起享,要真碰上危险了还有我罩着你。所谓轰轰烈烈的爱情,不就应该是这样的么?哈哈!指揮官、もう私のものにならないか?針の山でも火の海でも一緒に突っ込んで、儲けも損も一緒だ、ピンチになったらもちろんこの私が守ってやる。波乱万丈の恋愛ってこういうもんだろ?ははは!I've been thinking, Commander. You should totally become mine. We'll go through heaven and hell together, get drunk off glory and riches together, and if you're ever in danger, I'll be there to protect you. Now that's what you call a whirlwind romance! Ahaha!
Pledge看来你已经想好了呢。只是现在这场面实在是有点冷清呢……等之后选个良辰吉日,办一场把所有同伴都请上的宴会好了。我要告诉所有人,你就是我哈尔滨的爱人!腹を括ったようだな。が、ここだとやっぱりちょっと寂しいな…今度は吉日でも選んで、仲間全員を招待して祝宴を設けようじゃないか。あんたがこのハルビンの相方だって全員に紹介しないとな!Looks like you've already made up your mind. But, this venue isn't lively enough... Let's find an auspicious day and invite all our friends over for a huge banquet. I'm gonna invite everyone, so you better yell my name out to the world!
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Ship Description呼——天气正好,海风吹着也很舒服。指挥官,都来到这了,就别惦记着你的指挥室和桌上的文件了,好好享受来之不易的海边时光吧!ふぅ――、いい天気に心地良い潮風。指揮官、せっかくここに来たんだ、一旦執務室とか書類とかのことは忘れたらどうだ!海を満喫してきな!Pheeew! I just love blue skies and a fair ocean breeze. Since you're already here, Commander, set aside all the boring paperwork and business stuff, and come enjoy the waves!
Acquisition呼——天气正好,海风吹着也很舒服。指挥官,都来到这了,就别惦记着你的指挥室和桌上的文件了,好好享受来之不易的海边时光吧!ふぅ――、いい天気に心地良い潮風。指揮官、せっかくここに来たんだ、一旦執務室とか書類とかのことは忘れたらどうだ!海を満喫してきな!Pheeew! I just love blue skies and a fair ocean breeze. Since you're already here, Commander, set aside all the boring paperwork and business stuff, and come enjoy the waves!
Login喂,指挥官!竟然让我等你这么久,胆子不小嘛。哈哈,说笑的,来了就好!こら指揮官!私をこんなに待たせるとは良い度胸してるな。…ははは!冗談だ!来てくれれば問題ないさ!Commander, you've got some damn nerve makin' me wait... Hah! Hahaha! Got you! Long as you're here, I don't care!
Details没关系,想看的话就大大方方地看,泳装穿出来不就是给指挥官你看的嘛!大丈夫、見たいなら正々堂々見な!それに、この水着姿は指揮官、あんたに見せるつもりのものだからな!It's cool. If you wanna look, go right ahead! I got this swimsuit just because I wanted you to see me in it, after all!
Main那边的是“四大金刚”吗?她们好像在合作堆沙堡……要不我们也来堆一个?あそこにいるのは「四天王」たちか?…なにやら砂のお城をみんなで作ってるみたいだが……私たちも作ってみないか?Are those the Four Unbreakables over there? Looks like they're buildin' a sand castle together... How about we make one of our own?
Main 2听说只要把薯条放在手上,海鸥们就会迫不及待地飞过来吃。对了,你有薯条么?试试?フライドポテトを手のひらに乗せると、カモメたちがそれを狙いに我先に飛んでくるらしい。そういえばフライドポテトがあったよな?試しにやってみないか?They say if you hold french fries on the beach, seagulls flock you. We brought french fries, right? Wanna give it a try?!
Main 3如果把这海滩包下来,就我们俩的话……嗯?会被其他同伴们盯上,不太好吗?这样啊……你也不容易呢。ビーチを貸し切りにして、あんたと二人っきりになるのは…うん?ほかの仲間から気づかれるのか?そうか…あんたは大変だなLook, I reserved this whole beach to be alone with you so that... Huh? The other girls will see? Damn... You've got it rough, bud.
Touch哦?要来打水仗吗?那我可就不让着你了啊!看招~おっ、水遊びがしたいのか?手加減しないぞ~!そら!Ooh, you wanna wrestle in the water? I'm not goin' easy on you! Take this!
Touch (Special)这光天化日之下的……不太好吧……あんた、こうも白昼堂々と……ちょっとないな……Look at you, goin' for it out in the open... Yikes.
Mission Complete任务的奖励……哦?居然还有冰镇西瓜?正好手头缺点降暑的东西,真是及时雨啊!任務の報酬か…おっ、冷やしたスイカまであるのか!ちょうど暑気払いのことを考えてたんだ、「及時雨」とはまさにこういうことだ!Mission rewards, huh? Aw damn, they gave us frozen watermelon! Now there's a stroke of luck. I was just thinkin' of how to cool down!
Return to Port待在澡堂里就想多泡一会,待在海里时就想游几下——人在的环境不同,动力也会随之改变呢。湯船に浸かれば伸びだってしたくなるし、海に入れば泳ぎたくもなる――ヒトは場所が変われば、心も動くものだTake a hot bath, and you wanna stay in there a bit longer. Go in the ocean, and you wanna start swimming. See what I mean? When people go places, it changes the way they feel.
Commission Complete委托的队伍好像回来了。不如把她们也邀请过来吧?多点人,热闹点好!委託チームが戻ってきたようだ。彼女たちも誘ったらどうだ?人数が多いほうが賑やかで楽しいぞ!The commission team just got back. How about we invite them along? The more, the merrier!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login你好啊指挥官,有好好吃饭没?嗯?胳膊靠的太近了?没事没事!咱俩都这关系了。おはよう指揮官。ちゃんと食ってるか?うん?腕を絡めたことか?なんでもないさ!ほら、私たちの仲だろ?Mornin', Commander. Did you eat already? Hmm? My arm's too close to you? Pfft, who cares? We're already an item, right?
Details指挥官,看你工作进展不顺的样子——来,我带了酒过来。有烦恼别憋着,跟我说说看吧?指揮官、仕事あまり捗ってなさそうだから、ほら――酒を持って来たぞ。悩みを溜め込まないで遠慮なく私に吐き出してみな?Commander, looks like work's not going too well right now – so, I brought some wine over. C'mon, tell me everything that's on your mind, alright?
Main早就听闻港区里很多能喝的高手,果然是名不虚传…指挥官,下次的宴饮你可不能缺席!母港に飲めるやつが多いと聞いたが、噂通りだな…指揮官、今度の飲み会には絶対参加するんだぞ!I've been hearing for the longest time about how there are a handful of girls here who can hold their liquor. Turns out, it wasn't just empty talk... Commander, you've gotta bring me to the next drinking party!
Main 2上回参观了下撒丁的宿舍,没想到她们那边居然有个大澡堂!她们还邀请了我一起泡澡,感觉真是挺不错的!この前サディア寮を見学したが、とんでもない広さの大浴場があったな…しかも誘われて一緒に浸ったんだが、いやぁ本当にすごかったな~I dropped by the Sardegnian dorms last time, and color me surprised when they showed me to a massive outdoor bath! They even invited me to bathe with them... Damn, that was awesome~
Main 3只要你有我这一身装备,我当然期待与你一起奋勇杀敌。不过你现在手无寸铁,还是老老实实被我罩着吧,哈哈!あんたも私みたいに艤装を装備できれば敵陣に突っ込めたものを…まあ、今は丸腰だから、大人しく私に守られていていいぞ?はははIf only you also had rigging like me, I'd totally look forward to fighting alongside you. But since you're defenseless, you've no choice but to stay behind me for protection! Ahaha!
Touch (Special)这么看来我还是有点魅力的嘛,哈哈哈!私にもあんたを惹き付けるものがあるってことか?はははは!Even a girl like me has her charms, huh? Hahaha!
Mission新任务来了。就当是放松,动一动如何?一直坐在办公桌前可是会生锈的。新しい任務だ。息抜きまでのワンセット、一緒にどうだ?あんたもデスクワークばかりじゃ錆びついちゃうもんなWe've got another job coming up. Why not treat it as some light exercise? You'll get rusty if you sit at your desk all day.
Mission Complete任务结束了。我跟指挥官很有默契呢。照着这个势头把报酬也确认了吧。任務完了っと。私と指揮官は息ぴったりだな。この調子で報酬も確認するぞAnother job done. The two of us make an unstoppable duo. Let's keep up the pace and pick up the rewards as well.
Return to Port辛苦了。我把你常去的店包下来了,总结完战斗之后一起去吧。啊,要不还是先洗个澡清爽下?お疲れ。あんたの行きつけの店、貸し切りにしてあるから振り返りが終わったら行こうぜ。あっ、それとも先に風呂入ってさっぱりしてからでもいいか?Welcome back. I made a reservation with the place you love going to, so let's head over once you're done. Ah, right, why don't you cool down in the shower first?
Commission Complete委托组回来了!我看看……好嘞!这下可以备点不错的下酒菜了。委託に出かけた仲間が戻ってきた!どれどれ…よし!これでいいおつまみを用意できそうだThe commission team is back. Let's take a look... Alrighty! I've got everything I need to make some tasty snacks!
Flagship我来打头阵!先陣は私がっ!I'll take up the front!
Victory大胜而归!回去就开一场庆功宴吧!圧倒的勝利!これは帰ったら祝宴だな!A crushing victory! Let's celebrate with a banquet when we get back home!
Defeat哼,就算今天我倒在这里,也别想动我同伴一根毫毛!くっ、ここでやられても仲間には指一本触れさせん!Heh... Even if I fall here, you're not laying a finger on my friends!
Affinity (Love)我听说那个叫什么“约会”的可以给两个人的感情升温……这样吧,你选个餐馆,我把它包下来,我们一起去那里吃香喝辣!……不太对?是我理解错了吗?我还参考了下那些小说……「でーと」とか何とかが関係をぐっと近づけるって聞いてな…こうしよう。あんたが気になった料理屋さんを選んで、私が貸し切りにしてもらう。そこで一緒に思いっきり飲み食いするのはどうだ?…違う?なんか間違えたかな?小説とか参考にしたのにな…I heard that a "date" is a great way for two people to learn more about each other. Well, you choose the restaurant then, and I'll cover the bill. Let's treat ourselves to some kick-ass food and liquor! ...That's not it? Did I misunderstand something? I thought that's what it said in one of those novels...