Guichen (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 603Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyIris LibreBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP638 Reload70
Firepower35 Torpedo56
Evasion30 Anti-air72
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW37 Luck50
HP2719 Reload135
Firepower97 Torpedo153
Evasion134 Anti-air263
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW94 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Guichen-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Shells or Sorcery?Increases this ship's SPD by 3, EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) , and Evasion Rate by 8.0%. When this ship fires her Main Guns 6 times, activates one of the following randomly chosen effects: 1) Fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level); 2) Uses this ship's Main Guns to fire 2 times.???
Prophetic WitchIncreases this ship's FP and AA by 5.0% (15.0%) ; further increases this ship's AA by 1.0% (5.0%) when an enemy aircraft is shot down within your AA Gun Range (can be stacked up to 5 times). When the battle starts: randomly chooses one of this ship's stats between FP, TRP, or ACC and increases it by 5.0% when this ship fires her torpedoes (can be stacked up to 3 times). When the battle starts, if there is another Iris Libre or Vichya Dominion ship in your fleet, when this effect activates: also sets the SPD of a random enemy to 0 for 2s.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Guichen once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description德·格拉斯级轻巡洋舰—吉尚ド・グラース級軽巡洋艦-ギシャンDe Grasse-class light cruiser – Guichen.
Biography我是德格拉斯级轻巡洋舰吉尚。如你所见,由于从未动工,我只是一个没有舰历的魔女。虽然没法为你派上什么大用场,但是既然给予了我一个家,我也会悠哉悠哉地尽一份力ド・グラース級軽巡洋艦のギシャンよ。ご覧の通り、未起工ゆえにカンレキも持たぬただの魔女。大したことはしてあげられないと思うけど、棲み家を頂いたからには、ぼちぼち頑張らせてもらうわI'm Guichen, a De Grasse-class anti-aircraft cruiser. As you can see, I'm just your average witch without any history to speak of. But now that I've been given this lovely new home, I'll do my very best to be worthy of it.
Acquisition我是轻巡洋舰吉尚。愿上天的庇佑与你同在——不过,我这么说也没什么用就是了。呵呵,总之,我只是鸢尾的一介魔女。指挥官,以后请多指教了。軽巡洋艦のギシャンよ。あなたに天のご加護がありますように――って、私が言ってもしょうがないわね。ふふ、というわけで、アイリス所属のしがない魔女よ。指揮官、よろしく頼むわI am anti-aircraft cruiser, Guichen. May heaven's blessings be upon you– Though, that doesn't mean much coming from me. Heehee, I am but a humble witch of the Iris Orthodoxy. It's a pleasure to work with you, Commander.
Login你对工作真热心。我要是也能这么投入钻研“魔法”研究就好了。呵呵仕事熱心ね。私もそれぐらい「マホウ」の研究に精を出せばいいんだろうけど。うふふYou're a steadfast worker. I wish I could put that much work into my magic research! Ahaha!
Details出色的技艺正宛若“魔法”,尊贵的人之奇迹有时亦享有“圣迹”之美称。这些与上天无关的人之伟业,不觉得也非常棒吗?優れた技術は「マホウ」に見えるけど、尊きヒトの奇跡もまた「秘蹟」として扱われちゃうことがあるわ。天ならぬヒトの御業、とても素晴らしく思わない?Sufficiently advanced technology may look like magic, but there are times when human miracles are treated as sacraments. Don't you find it wonderful that humans can perform such divine works?
Main虽然都是鸢尾所属,但并非每个人都有深厚的信仰。会这样认为,这种现象好像是叫……“刻板印象”对吧?アイリス出身者と言っても、別にみんながみんな信心深いわけじゃないの。そう思い込むのは確か…「すてれおたいぷ」って言うんだっけ?Not everyone from the Iris Orthodoxy is necessarily religious. What do they call that again? Stereotyping, right?
Main 2比起文书工作,我更擅长“魔法”。施放咒语,制作奇怪的药剂,骑着扫帚在天空飞行……啊呀,你真的信了啊…事務仕事よりは「マホウ」のほうが得意よ。おまじないをかけたり、不思議な薬を作ったり、ホウキに乗って空を飛んだり……あら、信じてくれるんだ…I'm a lot better at magic than office work. Casting spells, making dubious potions, riding brooms... Wait, you actually believe me?
Main 3无论是祈祷还是咒语,只要能让人感到幸福,就非荒唐无稽之说。倒不如说正因为用心去相信,人才能孕育出奇迹…对吧?祈りもおまじないも、心を満たしてくれたらデタラメじゃないわ。むしろ心で信じているからこそ、ヒトは奇跡を起こせたりして…ね?Prayer and spells aren't a waste of time if they touch your heart. If anything, aren't miracles only possible because they can be conceived of by human hearts?
Touch咨询?如果你不介意对象是我的话,倒是没问题…相談?私でよければ別に平気だけど…You need help with something? I don't mind, though I'm not sure I have much to offer...
Touch (Special)说起来,也有魔女袭击人的传说呢…你感兴趣吗?そういえば、魔女がヒトを襲う伝承もあるわね…興味ある?You know, there are legends about witches attacking hapless, ordinary people... Want to find out more firsthand?
Mission还有没完成的任务。如果放任不管的话,会在发觉之前消失的哦,真的没关系吗?未完了の任務があるわ。放っておいたらいつの間にか消えちゃうものもあるけど、本当にいいの?You have unfinished missions. Some of them might disappear if you ignore them for too long, so are you sure you don't want to give them a second look?
Mission Complete还有报酬没领取。不做什么的话,真的会溜走的哦?まだ受け取っていない報酬があるわ。放っておくと本当に逃げちゃうわよ?There are rewards here with your name on them. Leave them alone, and they might get away!
Mail有未查看的信件呢。难道是故意在摆架子?为什么?まだ確認していない手紙があるわ。もしかして勿体ぶってる?どうして?Your unread mail is stacking up. Are you trying to act like a big-shot? Why, exactly?
Return to Port辛苦了。先不论战果如何,有没有什么有趣的发现?ご苦労さま。戦果はともかく、なにか面白い発見でもあった?Excellent work. Let's not worry about the battle reports for now; more importantly, find anything interesting?
Commission Complete委托组的孩子们会带草药回来吗…?委託組の子たち、ハーブを持ち帰ってくれていたりなんてするかしら…?I wonder if the girls on commission duty will bring any herbs back for me...
Enhancement似乎比起咒语更有效呢,呵呵。おまじないよりは効きそうね。ふふふWorks better than a magic spell. Heehee.
Flagship没办法啊~就稍微努力一下吧?仕方ないわね~。少しだけよ?Oh, fine, if I must~ But only a little.
Victory哎呀,我是第一名?要是太偏袒我,我可是会被人嫉妒的呢♪あら、私が一位?あまり贔屓されちゃうと私、妬まれてしまうわ♪Oh, I'm in first place? Don't show too much favoritism toward me, or the others might get jealous♪
Defeat要是认真起来的话可就暴露了,所以差不多就这样吧~本気でやるとバレちゃうから、このくらいでね~I'll blow my cover if I go all-out, so this is all you get for now~
Skill是魔法还是舰炮呢?呵呵♪マホウか艦砲か。ふふふ♪Magic, or cannons? Heheheh♪
Low HP这可就有些麻烦了…これはちょっと困ったわね…Well, this is a bit of a problem...
Affinity (Upset)呵呵,如果是指挥官,这种程度的应该很快就能振作起来吧…?まあまあ、指揮官ならこれくらいすぐに持ち直せるでしょう…?Now, now. I'm sure you can recover from this blunder in no time, Commander.
Affinity (Stranger)如果说我是鸢尾的魔女…可能不太准确呢。我不过是舰船,也只是指挥官的一名部下罢了。呵呵♪アイリスの魔女…と言うとちょっと語弊があるわね。私はあくまで艦船で、それも指揮官にとっての部下の一人にすぎないわ。うふふ♪Calling myself a witch of the Iris Orthodoxy... may be a little misleading. I'm just a shipgirl, and one of your subordinates at that. Heehee~♪
Affinity (Friendly)关于我房间里有个奇怪大锅的传言…?嗯,确实有一个用来煮草药的大锅…不过,不知道引起传言的是哪一部分呢?是因为大锅,还是因为吉尚——呵呵,很在意吗?部屋に変な大鍋がある噂…?まあ、たしかにハーブを煮詰めるための大鍋はあるけれど…それがどうして噂になるのかしら?大鍋に何かあるのか、それともギシャンに何かあるのか――ふふふ、気になる?People are saying I have a weird cauldron in my room? Well, yes, I have one for boiling down herbs... Why would people spread rumors about that? Is it something about the cauldron, or is it something about me... Heehee. Curious, isn't it?
Affinity (Like)欢迎来到魔女的房间~比你想象的要普通?那是自然。毕竟指挥官也是把我当作一名伙伴,而不是魔女对待不是吗~还是说,想看我展示一些魔女特质?魔女の部屋へようこそ。思いのほか普通だった?それはそうね。だって指揮官も魔女というより仲間の一人として接してくれたじゃない。それとも魔女っぽいことを見せてほしいの?Welcome to the witch's abode. More normal than you expected? But of course. You treated me as a friend rather than a witch, after all. Or were you hoping to see something more... magical?
Affinity (Love)指挥官也知道的,魔女比起创造“奇迹”,更擅长迷惑“人心”。嗯,接下来,我会展示所谓的“爱的魔法”,让你品味一下它的精髓——指挥官的心,我就夺走啦♪指揮官も知っての通り、魔女は「奇跡」を作るよりも、「心」を惑わすのが得意よ。ええ、これより愛の「マホウ」というのがどんなものか、その神髄の一端を指揮官に見せるわ――指揮官の心、奪わせてもらってね♪As you know, we witches are better at deceiving human hearts than making miracles. In much the same way, I'm going to show you one essence of the magic that is love. Your heart is as good as mine, Commander♪
Pledge嗯?身体动不了?这是为什么呢~呵呵,这个状态没办法维持太久,所以趁现在按我说的来吧?看,吉尚准备的,和指挥官一对的戒指——戴上看看吧♪ん?体が動かない?なぜでしょう?うふふ、あまり長くは持たないから、今のうちに私の言う通りにして?ほら、ギシャンが用意した、指揮官とお揃いの指輪をつけてみて♪Hm? You can't move? I wonder why that might be? Heheheh, I won't keep you long, so just do as I say for now. Here... Put on this ring. I got matching ones for us!
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In battle with August von Parseval让我好好见识一下你的本领吧♪お手並み拝見といこうかしら♪ Why don't you show me what you've got?♪
In battle with Erebus, Béarn, L'Opiniâtre我也稍微拿出点真本事吧♪私もちょっぴり本気を出そうかな♪ It's about time I pulled out all the stops, too♪
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Ship Description出色的技艺正宛若“魔法”——这冰上的舞蹈也一样呢。指挥官,尽情享受这天降的圣迹吧♪優れた技術は「マホウ」に見える――それはこの氷上の舞も同じよ。指揮官、天から授かりしこの秘蹟の顕現を最後まで楽しんでいってちょうだい♪Advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic—and that goes for this icy stage, too. Commander, please enjoy this demonstration of our heaven-bestowed sacrament until the very end~♪
Acquisition出色的技艺正宛若“魔法”——这冰上的舞蹈也一样呢。指挥官,尽情享受这天降的圣迹吧♪優れた技術は「マホウ」に見える――それはこの氷上の舞も同じよ。指揮官、天から授かりしこの秘蹟の顕現を最後まで楽しんでいってちょうだい♪Advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic—and that goes for this icy stage, too. Commander, please enjoy this demonstration of our heaven-bestowed sacrament until the very end~♪
Login飘舞而来的冰上魔女——请欣赏这一艺术的奇迹吧。呵呵呵~舞い降りる氷上のソルシエール――芸術の秘蹟をご覧に入れましょう。ふふふThe gliding Sorcière on Ice... Witness the most artistic of sacraments. Heehee!
Main现在的我真是“冰上的魔女”吧。会不会有些得意忘形了呢♪今の私はさながら「氷上のソルシエール」というべきね。…ちょっと調子に乗りすぎたかしら♪Right now, you should be calling me the Sorcière on Ice. ...Too far?♪
Main 2接下来我要和撒丁的孩子们进行彩排,有没有什么建议呢?不能使用“魔法”?呵呵,那是什么意思呢?このあとはサディアの子とリハーサルするけど、なにかアドバイスとかある?「マホウ」を使っちゃダメ?ふふふ、それはどういうこと?I'm going to rehearse with girls from Sardegna later. Any advice? ...No using my magic? Heehee, what could you possibly mean by that?
Main 3练习滑冰的诀窍?嗯,把湖面冰冻上让夏天也能练习算不算呢?……开玩笑啦アイススケートを練習する秘訣?ふふふ、湖を凍らせて夏場でも練習できるようにすることかな?…なんて♪What's the secret to learning ice skating? Haha, all you have to do is freeze a lake so you can practice in all seasons! ...I'm kidding♪
Touch指挥官也…来,一起跳舞吧?指揮官も…ほら、一緒に踊らない?Commander... Come, dance with me.
Touch (Special)呵呵,被指挥官抓住了呢♪うふふ、指揮官に捕まっちゃったわ♪Heehee, you caught me, Commander~♪
Return to Port要再跳一次吗?指挥官希望的话,我随时都愿意再表演哦…毕竟不论多么精彩的表演,都必须有观众才能成立呢。もう一回踊ってみる?指揮官がお望みならいつでも付き合ってあげるわよ。…どんなに素晴らしいパフォーマンスでも、観客がいて始めて成立するものYou'd like another dance? I'm more than happy to join you, if that is what you want. No matter how wonderful a performance may be, it's nothing without an audience.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login今天感觉比平时状态要好?…嗯,这是为什么呢?呵呵♪今日はなんかいつもよりいい調子?…さあ?なんででしょうね?ふふふ♪Do I seem like I'm in a better mood than usual? Strange... I wonder why? Heehee♪
Details知道“爱的魔法”吗?那是…为了所爱之人,什么都能做到的奇迹。呵呵,指挥官也能使出这样美妙的“魔法”——只要对我满怀爱意…就可以哦?愛の「マホウ」を知っている?それはね…愛するヒトのためになんでもできちゃう奇跡のことよ。うふふ、指揮官もそんな素晴らしい「マホウ」を使えるわ――私のことを愛しく思ってくれるだけで…ね?Do you know about the magic of love? It's like... a miracle that makes it so you can do anything for the person you love. Haha, of course, even you can use this brand of magic... as long as you love me, that is?
Main鸢尾意外地有许多孩子都懂得变通,比如像贝亚恩这样的。你知道的?啊哈哈…不愧是指挥官,自然是知道的了。ベアルンもそうだけど、アイリスには意外と融通が利く子が多いわよ。知っていた?あはは…そりゃ指揮官だものね。当然と言えば当然かThe Iris has a lot of surprisingly flexible girls, like Béarn. Did you know that? Ahaha... Well, you are the Commander, after all. I guess that's natural.
Main 2虽然相信的力量很重要,但过度自信也不好。即使是我,也无法制造“涂在伤害我的武器上,伤口就会愈合”的药剂呢。信じる力も大事だけど、あまり過信するのも良くないわ。私だって、「怪我人に塗ると怪我が治る」ような薬は作れないわFaith is important, but you shouldn't go too far. Even I can't make potions that heal the wounded.
Touch恋爱咨询也可以找我哦?呵呵~恋愛相談だろうと受け付けるわよ?うふふIf you need help with love, I'm happy to oblige! Heehee.
Touch (Special)想被我“偷袭”?哪种我都可以哦♪襲ってほしいの?私はどっちでも構わないけど♪Want me to attack you? Either way, I don't mind♪
Return to Port我总是期待着指挥官回来呢。你看,不只是战果,指挥官还会分享有趣的见闻不是吗~♪指揮官の帰りをいつも楽しみにしているわよ?ほら、戦果のことだけじゃなく、興味深い土産話もしてくれるでしょ♪You know, Commander, I'm always so excited for you to come back. After all, you bring back both victory and delightful stories!
Commission Complete委托组的孩子们应该快回来了。正是补充材料的好时机呢。委託組の子たちがそろそろ帰ってくる時間よ。素材の補充にちょうどいいタイミングねIt's about time for the commission team to come back. They're just in time to replenish our materials.
Victory是依赖指挥官的偏袒我才得以获得第一,并不只靠我的“魔法”哦。呵呵指揮官の贔屓あっての一位よ。別に私の「マホウ」だけの力じゃないわ。ふふOh, I'm only MVP because of the Commander's favoritism. It wasn't just my magic at all, haha!
Affinity (Love)可怜的指挥官,被可疑的魔法夺去身体的自由,任由魔女摆布……这样的设定还挺可行的呢~呵呵,那么趁指挥官还不能动,我可以试试更多的花样吗?怪しいマホウでなすすべもなく体の自由を奪われ、魔女に体を弄ばれるかわいそうな指揮官……よくありそうな設定ね~。うふふ、じゃあ指揮官が動けないうちに、もっと色々試してもいいかしら?A poor Commander, robbed of bodily control by a devious witch's magic and doomed to be her plaything... It's a tale as old as time. Heehee, why don't I try a few more things while you're still immobile?