Guam (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 616Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Super CruiserRarityUltra Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1233 Reload62
Firepower55 Torpedo0
Evasion13 Anti-air87
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck51
HP5737 Reload119
Firepower151 Torpedo0
Evasion52 Anti-air312
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck54
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun efficiency +5% | Anti-air gun base +1
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Secondary Gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Super Cruiser: Alaska-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +1
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Battle Star FireworksIncreases this ship's AA and ACC by 5.0% (15.0%) . After every 2 attacks with this ship's Secondary Guns: increases this ship's AA by 1.0% (5.0%) (can stack up to 5 times); when this buff achieves its max stacks, all your ships with a lower AA stat than Guam gain 5.0% (15.0%) increased AA until the battle ends.???
Guest Incoming!Decreases this ship's aircraft DMG taken by 8.0% (20.0%) . When this ship attacks with large-caliber Main Guns: 1) Deploys a barrier (lasts 5s) able to negate up to 1.0% of this ship's max HP in DMG; 2) Performs a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special attack (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
On-Air Broadcast AssistanceEvery 15s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). When the battle starts, if the ship above your Flagship is a BB, BC, or BBV, when that ship fires her Main Guns: scans 1 enemy and inflicts Armor Break to them. For the first 5 battles fought by a fleet this ship is NOT in, while this ship is afloat, increases that fleet's Eagle Union ships' AA and ACC by 1.0% (10.0%) . Additionally, when an enemy comes within 65 units of your Flagship: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special supporting barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level; 5s cooldown between activations; can only activate up to 5 times per battle).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description阿拉斯加级大型巡洋舰—关岛,舷号CB-2アラスカ級大型巡洋艦-グアム CB-2Alaska-class large cruiser – Guam, Hull Number CB-2.
Biography我是阿拉斯加级大型巡洋舰的二号舰关岛,绰号还在考虑中!尽管在大战末期登场,但我可是发挥了出色的作用呢!是超级巡洋舰(Super Cruiser)?还是大型巡洋舰(Large Cruiser)?还是巡洋战舰?嗯,其实差别不大,随便哪个都可以吧?アラスカ級大型巡洋艦の二番艦グアム、二つ名はまだ考え中!かの大戦の終盤に登場しながらもキラキラと活躍したよ!超巡洋艦(スーパークルーザー)?大型巡洋艦(ラージクルーザー)?それとも巡洋戦艦?まあ別に大して変わらないから何でもいいやI'm Guam, 2nd ship of the Alaska class – still working on a nickname! I only made it for the tail end of the war, but I still dazzled everybody! Am I a super cruiser, a large cruiser, or a battlecruiser? Eh, they're all basically the same thing, so say whichever you want.
AcquisitionMorning Everybody,这里由白鹰CB-2关岛进行现场直播!啊,那位就是传闻中的指挥官呢~发表一下迎接新的美少女舰船的当下感言吧!啊哈哈,因为时间有限,请简洁一点哦♪Morning Everybody,こちらユニオン所属CB-2、グアムより中継しまぁす!あ、そこにいるのは噂の指揮官ね~。新しい美少女艦船タレントを迎えた今のフィーリングを一言!あは、短めにまとめてね♪Morning, everybody! This is Eagle Union CB-2, Guam, bringing you another report! Hey, you must be the famous Commander! Tell us how it feels to welcome a new and beautiful shipgirl presenter to your fleet! Ahah, try to keep it short♪
Login指挥官,你今天有什么计划吗?我可以跟着你吗?问我去哪儿,就是去指挥官要去的地方呀?指揮官の今日の予定は?あたしもついて行ってもいい?どこって指揮官が行く場所だけど?Whatcha got planned today? Can I tag along? ...Where? Wherever you're going, duh!
Details为了应对下次派对,你需要一个练习跳舞的搭档?也就是说,你想和我一起跳舞对吧!今度のパーティーの準備のためにダンスの練習相手がほしい?要するにあたしと踊りたいってことね!You need a dance partner for the upcoming banquet? So basically you wanna cut a rug with me – got it!
Main文件工作啊……说到底这只是成年人的把戏,只要随便应付一下就可以了,对吧?不行吗?指挥官你真是太认真了~書類仕事かぁ…要するに大人のごまかしだから適当にこなせばいいんじゃない?ダメ?指揮官ったら律儀すぎぃ~Ugh, paperwork... Can't you just half-ass it, since this is basically just a time sink for grownups? No? C'mon, don't be such a stick in the mud~
Main 2从啾啾摄影队的照片中挑选一张帅气的——啊!这不是指挥官吗!什么时候拍的?我都没注意到!カメラ饅頭チームが撮った写真からビシッと決まった一枚を…ってあ!これ指揮官じゃん!いつ写ってたの?あたし全然気づかなかった!Time to pick out the best pic the cameramanjuu crew took... Wait a sec, this is you, Commander! When'd they take this? It completely snuck under my radar!
Main 3哇哇,差不多到和圣地亚哥前辈的约定时间了……不过仔细一想,前辈根本不会按时来,所以我也可以悠闲一点♪わわ、そろそろサンディエゴパイセンと約束した時間だ……よくよく考えたらパイセン全然時間通りに来ないし、まあこっちもゆっくりでいいか♪Oh shoot, it's almost time for my meetup with Dandy Siego... Then again, she never shows up on time anyway, so I guess there's no rush♪
Main 4指挥官~♪啊哈哈,有反应了!那我们就一起偷个懒吧,毕竟你刚刚分心了哟♪しーきーかーん♪あはは、反応してくれた!んじゃあサボろうよ~。どうせ今ので集中切れたでしょ♪Commaaandeeer! Ahahah! Got your attention! C'mon, let's blow this joint~ You've lost your focus now anyway!
Main 5艺人就是要多才多艺才行☆要什么都会才能让指挥官和伙伴们多依赖我♪タレントは多芸がウリよ☆なんでもデキたら指揮官も仲間たちも色々任せてくれるから♪A presenter's gotta be multiskilled! 'Cause if I can do anything, people entrust me with more things!
Touch也就是说你想聊天对吧?哈哈哈,那就跟我说说指挥官你的事吧?要はおしゃべりがしたいってことでしょ?はは、指揮官のことを色々聞かせて?Basically, you wanna shoot the breeze? Hahah! Tell me all about yourself!
Touch (Special)啊哈哈哈♪指挥官,再努力一点,试着抓住我吧!あはは♪指揮官、もっと頑張って捕まえてみて!Ahahah♪ Try harder if you wanna catch me!
Touch (Headpat)欸嘿嘿,欸嘿嘿嘿嘿♪えへへ、えへへへへへ♪Heehee, heeheeheehee♪
Mission任务开始!赶紧出发吧!我会在这里宣传指挥官的出色表现!任務開始!さあ早く行って!あたしはここで指揮官の働きぶりを宣伝してあげる!Mission commencing! Now get going! I'll stay here and report on your performance!
Mission Complete任务结束!比我完成日常训练还要快,不愧是指挥官——♪任務完了!あたしが日課のレッスンをこなすよりも前に終わらせるとはさっすがー♪Mission complete! Wow, you got that done quicker than I could finish my daily lessons♪
Mail有・你・的・信!检查这些也相当不容易呢……お・て・が・み!これチェックするのも中々大変だよぉ…Letter for you! Gotta say, this one was a pretty hard read.
Return to Port这里是关岛,听说指挥官刚刚回来了!那么,让我们马上来分享一下指挥官刚刚在战场上经历的激烈战斗是怎样的——啊哈♪首先从测评指挥官带来的慰问品零食开始吧♪こちらグアム、ただいま指揮官が戻ってきたとのこと!さてどんな激戦が繰り広げられたのか早速――あは♪まずは差し入れのおやつのレビューから♪Guam here, I just received word that the Commander is back! Let's hear what fierce battles were fought... after a review of this breaktime snack! Ahah♪
Commission Complete啾啾摄影队,快跟我一起前往码头!Comission complete!カメラ饅頭チーム、あたしと一緒に埠頭へ急行せよ!Commission complete! Cameramanjuu crew, boogie on with me to the dock!
Enhancement关岛,报告强化成功!……指挥官,你已经看到了吗?グアム、強化成功のお知らせ!…指揮官、もう見た?Guam here with the news: I just powered up! ...You already knew that?
Flagship也就是说,把所有敌人打败就好,对吧?Gotcha♪要するに全部倒せばいいのよね?Gotcha♪Basically, I just gotta knock 'em all out, yeah? Gotcha♪
Victory也就是说,我是指挥官的No.1对吧?不对?才不可能呢~要するにあたしが指揮官のNo.1ってことでしょ?違う?違わないってば~Basically, I'm the Commander's number one, yeah? Am I wrong? C'mon, you know I'm right~
DefeatRetreat!战略性地改变方向,也就是跑路啦!Retreat!戦略的に転進、いや逃げるってことで!Retreat! Strategic reposition! Or let's just call it bailing out!
Skill虽然不太明白,但我会加油的♪よくわかんないけどやってやるよ♪I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I'm doing it!
Low HP我(消音)!?啊不对不对……ワッタ!?違った違った…What the–?! Now I've beefed it...
Affinity (Upset)接下来指挥官会怎么挽回名誉呢,敬请期待!就是这种感觉对吧?我懂了!こっから指揮官がどう巻き返すか、乞うご期待!って感じでしょ?分かるわよStay tuned to find out how the Commander makes things right! That's the idea, no? I get you.
Affinity (Stranger)啾啾摄影队,来一张标志性的——咔嚓!啊哈哈♪ 美少女战舰多栖艺人・关岛与亲爱的指挥官的合照!拍得太完美了!カメラ饅頭チーム、最高の一枚を――パシャ!あはは♪美少女艦船でマルチタレントのグアムと愛しの指揮官のツーショット!バッチリ決まったね!Cameramanjuu crew, cameras ready for this legendary pic – snap! Ahahah♪ Lookadat, a dual selfie of the beautiful journalistic sensation Guam and her dear Commander! Perfection!
Affinity (Friendly)艺人也有很多种类型哦?甜美型?酷帅型?或者成熟型之类的……我?我是……糟了!我只是随性而为,迄今为止貌似真的从来没有考虑过那些!?タレントってのも色々あるよ?あざとい系?クール系?大人系?とかなんとか…あたし?あたしは…ヤバッ!あたしは素でいるだけだから別に今までそんなの考えたことないっぽいかも!?There's all kinds of presenters, y'know. There's the dodgy type, the smooth type, the mature type, and so on... Which one am I? I'm, uh... Crap! I've always just been myself, so I've never really thought about it!
Affinity (Like)所以指挥官,你认为我的魅力点在哪方面呢?你觉得我能用哪方面吸引你呢?.……头脑方面嘛有点弱,身材上我倒是有自信,不过我只想展现给指挥官看,还有就是我坦率的部分了.……嗯?已经足够了吗?ということで指揮官、あたしのどこが魅力的だと思う?アピールできると思う?…頭は微妙、スタイルには自信あるけど指揮官にしかアピールする気ないし、あとは素直なところぐらい…?あれ?もう十分じゃない?So, Commander, whaddya think is attractive about me? Do you think I'm a head-turner? ...I'm not the brightest, and I think I have a good figure, but I can only really flaunt it to you, and lastly, I guess I always speak my mind... Huh? Is that all I need?
Affinity (Love)也就是说,只要指挥官能喜欢我就足够了,对吧?唉……我真的有点焦虑……我还在认真考虑今后该怎么做……不过,无论怎么犹豫,只要来见指挥官就都没问题了♪要するに指揮官さえ好きになってくれればもう十分ってことだよね?はあ…本当に焦ったよ…これからどうしたらいいかって本気で悩むところだった……まあ悩んだところで、指揮官に会いに来たら平気なんだけど♪Basically, all I need is for YOU to love me, is what you're saying? Phew... Thank god. I was literally about to have a freakout over what I'm gonna do in the future... Then again, even if I did, I'd be fine as soon as I'd see you♪
Pledge这、这是!?从指挥官这里得到的特别奖励……指挥官,我可以拿出来炫耀吗?就算你说不行,我还是想要展示出来~因为这是只属于我的特别奖励……(害羞)こ、これは!?指揮官から特別なご褒美もらっちゃった……指揮官、これみんなに見せびらかしていい?ダメって言われても見せたいもん!だってこれ、あたしだけの特別なご褒美だから…///Whoa, what?! You just gave me an extraordinary gift... You mind if I go flaunt this to everybody? I wanna show it off even if you say no! 'Cause this gift is mine and mine only, and it's something special... *blushes*
Present Like
Present Dislike
In battle with Scharnhorst, Gneisenau就当是我更强好了!あたしのほうが強いってことにしてあげる!Let's just all agree that I'm stronger!
In battle with Azuma抓住指挥官之心的新娘课程……那是什么!?指揮官のハートを掴むハナヨメレッスン…なにそれ!? A bridal lecture on how to steal the Commander's heart... You serious?
In battle with San Diego我也想成为No.1!あたしもNo.1になりたい! I wanna be number one too!
In battle with Alfredo Oriani, Aoba我不擅长写文章,所以战斗报告就拜托了!文章考えるのは苦手だから戦闘レポートよろしく!I'm no wordsmith, so I'll leave writing the battle report to you!
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Ship Description兔兔偶像登台啦♪指挥官~从现在开始我会展现最棒的表演,就放空脑袋只看我吧~!ウサウサアイドル・オン・ザ・ステージ♪指揮官~、今からとっておきのパフォーマンスをするから、もうバカになってあたしだけを見てよね~!Bunny idol, on the stage♪ Commander! You're in for a banger performance, so just forget about everything else and keep your eyes on me!
Acquisition兔兔偶像登台啦♪指挥官~从现在开始我会展现最棒的表演,就放空脑袋只看我吧~!ウサウサアイドル・オン・ザ・ステージ♪指揮官~、今からとっておきのパフォーマンスをするから、もうバカになってあたしだけを見てよね~!Bunny idol, on the stage♪ Commander! You're in for a banger performance, so just forget about everything else and keep your eyes on me!
Login这里是关岛,从舞台上向大家问候,晚上好~!指挥官,都已经到晚上了,你没注意到时间吗?啊哈☆只是舞台效果而已,我是开玩笑的啦♪こちらグアム、ステージよりこんばんは~!もう夜になってるのに指揮官は時間に気づかなかった?あは☆ただのセットの演出だから冗談だってば♪Guam here, wishing you a good evening from the stage! Did you not realize how late it is, Commander? Ahah☆ I'm joking, I'm joking – it's all just visual effects♪
Main穿着这身打扮,看起来比圣地亚哥前辈还要闪亮吗?啊哈☆この格好をしてるとサンディエゴパイセンより輝いているように見える?あは☆Don't I look better than Dandy Siego with this fit on? Ahah☆
Main 2哇哦……兔兔偶像……很不错呢!之后要去向拉菲她们道谢!うわあ…ウサウサアイドル…いけてる!あとでラフィーちゃんたちにお礼しないと!Whoa... This bunny idol thing is popping off! I need to thank Laffey for the idea later!
Main 3“在看哪儿~我在这里哦~♪”——啊哈哈,指挥官又移开视线了~「どこを見てるの~こっちだよぉー♪」――あはは、指揮官ったらまた目をそらして~"Where are you looking? I'm right over here~" Ahahah! Stop looking away, Commander~
Main 4啾啾摄影队,多拍拍大家——!指挥官,你可不许逃跑哦——!カメラ饅頭チーム、カメラをもっとみんなのほうにも回してー!指揮官、逃げちゃだめだからねー!Cameramanjuu crew, remember to get some shots of the audience, too! Don't you try to hide, Commander!
Main 5(哇啊!?这样跳下去的话可能会很危险……但指挥官在看着,我故意尝试跳下去好像也是个不错的选择……?!)(うわっ!?これ跳ぶと結構危ないかも…でも指揮官が見てるし、あえて跳んでみるのもあり…?!)(Crap! Jumping up here is pretty dangerous... But with the Commander watching, maybe it's worth the risk?)
Touch没错!指挥官!我最喜欢你了!接下来要轮到指挥官表白爱意了哦~!はい指揮官!大好きだよー!次は指揮官の愛の告白も聞かせてー!Yeah, Commander! I love you! Now say "I love you too," loud and clear!
Touch (Special)这种事要之后才能做哦?啊哈哈♪そういうのはまた後でだよ?あはは♪Save it for AFTER the show, okay? Ahahah♪
Return to Port一回来就能看到我的舞台表演很幸福吧?肯定很幸福啦!很幸福的话就不要去考虑那些复杂的事情啦♪帰還してすぐにあたしのステージを見られるのは幸せでしょ?幸せだよね!幸せだから難しいこと何も考えなくていいからね♪Aren'tcha happy you get to see me perform the moment you come back? I know you are! So forget all your troubles and be happy♪
Victory作为指挥官的No.1,拿下MVP简直小菜一碟!指揮官のNo.1だから、MVPも楽勝よ!It's so easy being the MVP when you're the Commander's number one!
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Login指挥官!早上好——!……你起得真早,为了赶上你,我可努力了呢!しきかーん!おっはよー!…もう朝起きるの早いから追いつくためにすっごい頑張ったんだよ?Commandeeer! Morning! You're such an early bird, I had to really push myself to catch up with you.
Details因为我得到了特别奖励,所以希望得到特殊对待也理所当然吧?比如一同迎来清晨,送我爱心便当,或者在战斗时交给我最多的任务……最后一条不行?哇……(害羞)特別なご褒美をもらったから特別扱いされて当然でしょ?例えば朝チュンされたり、弁当を差し入れてくれたり、戦いになったら一番多く任務を任せてくれたり…最後はダメ?わぉ…///I got your special gift, so it's only fair I get special treatment, too. You know, like getting morning cuddles, free lunches, and the most tasks during battle... You can't do that last one? Aww... *blushes*
Main算数什么的好难啊……用计算器也好麻烦……格奈森瑙,这里的数字是多少?哦,谢谢♪計算とかむっずかしいなあ…電卓叩くのも手間…グナイゼナウ、ここの数字は?お、サンキュー♪Doing math is sooo hard, and using a calculator takes too long... Gneisenau, what's the number here? Ah, appreciate it♪
Main 2衣服有点紧了……是最近吃太多了吗……毕竟总是在努力吃指挥官亲手做的料理和慰问品呢……(害羞)ちょっと服キッツー…最近食べすぎちゃったのかな…いやだってほら、指揮官の手料理とか差し入れとかいっつも食べてたし…///My clothes feel tight... Maybe I've been eating too much lately... What can I do, though? Your cooking and snacks are just too delish to pass up on, Commander... *blushes*
Main 3要什么时候才能像圣地亚哥前辈一样呢……嗯?我真的非常崇拜前辈哦?毕竟她拥有很多星星,又像星星一样闪亮,而且她本来就是港湾的明星不是吗?いつになったらサンディエゴパイセンみたいになれるんだろう…ん?パイセンに本気で憧れているよ?だってスターをたくさん持っているし、スターみたいに輝いてるし、母港のスターだしWonder when I'll become more like Dandy Siego... Hm? I DO genuinely admire her. I mean, she's got a ton of stars, she shines like a star, and she's the star of our port, period.
Main 4虽然学习不是我的强项,但为了指挥官我会努力学习一切!这也是我现在的座右铭!请好好期待吧♪お勉強は苦手だけど指揮官のためならなんでも身につけちゃう!ってのが今のモットーだよ!期待してて♪Studying is so not my thing, but I'll learn anything if you want me to! That's my motto from now on! Look forward to hearing it♪
Touch也就是说,指挥官想要偷懒对吧!那就一起……哇哇哇!啾啾摄影队,刚刚那个不用拍啦!要するに指揮官はサボろうとしているんだよね!じゃあ一緒に…はわわわ!カメラ饅頭チーム、今のは写さなくていいから!So basically, you wanna go have some fun, right? Alright, then I'll come with... Hey! Cameramanjuu crew! You don't need to snap photos of this!
Touch (Special)来吧,指挥官,再更加努力一点♪ほら指揮官、もっともっと頑張って♪C'mon, Commander, you can do better♪
Return to Port我说啾啾队,多拍拍指挥官!……虽然也可以拍我,但最好也是拍我和指挥官的合照——啊哈☆指挥官,欢迎回来~ちょっとカメラ饅頭チーム、もっと指揮官も入れて!…あたしを写してもいいけどせめて指揮官とのツーショットで――あは☆指揮官おっかえり~C'mon, cameramanjuu crew, get more shots of the Commander! Yeah, it's fine to get pics of me, but at least get both me and the Commander in frame... Ahah☆ Welcome home, Commander!
Commission Complete指挥官,委托组回来了!快去迎接她们啦!指揮官、委託組が戻ってきたよ!早く出迎えに行って!Commander, the commission team is back! Go tell 'em hi for me!
Flagship也就是说,这是只有我能完成的战斗对吧?交给我吧!要するにあたしにしかないできない作戦なんでしょ?まっかせて!Basically, I'm the only one fit to lead this operation? I gotchu covered!
Affinity (Love)沉浸在爱情中,无法思考太多也没关系,但如果不知道对方在想什么,那就亏大了对吧?.……嗯——那这样如何?指挥官和我都放空大脑!随性散步吃喝玩乐,然后——咦,我刚说到哪了?好きすぎで何も考えられなくなるのはいいけど、相手が何を考えているかわからなくなると損でしょ?…んー、だから多分こうしたらいいかな?指揮官もあたしもなーんにも考えない!気ままに歩いて食べて遊んであとは――あれ?今どこまで話したっけ?Being so in love your mind goes blank is nice, but doesn't it suck if you can't tell what your partner's thinking? Hmm... How about this – let's both not use a single one of our brain cells! No thoughts, head empty as we go on walks, eat, play, and... Huh? What were we talking about?