Felix Schultz (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. P030Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityPriority
NavyIronbloodBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Felix SchultzDescription
HP550 Reload80
Firepower26 Torpedo66
Evasion75 Anti-air30
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW52 Luck0
HP2446 Reload153
Firepower97 Torpedo244
Evasion213 Anti-air114
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW128 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +134 | AA +7 | Torpedo base +1 | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Unlock All Out Assault I/Main gun efficiency +5% | Limit Breaks to 4 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearns Siren Killer | Learns All Out Assault I | Main Gun efficiency +5%
Level 15HP +269 | AA +15 | Main Gun efficiency +10% | Torpedo preload +1 | Unlocks playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20AA gun efficiency +10% | Limit Breaks to 5 Stars | Unlocks playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeImproves Siren Killer | AA Gun efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +403 | AA +22 | Unlocks playback for: Low HP
Level 30Improve All Out Assault/All weapons' efficiency +5% | Limit Breaks to 6 StarsImproves Siren Killer | Improves All Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +5% | Stats gained from Auxiliary gear +30%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Type 1938A-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Tormentor of the WeakIncreases this ship's Crit Rate by 1.0% (10.0%) and Crit DMG by 10.0% (20.0%) when attacking enemies below 50.0% HP. Every 20s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level); increases this ship's DMG dealt by 5.0% (15.0%) to enemies hit by this barrage (effect does not stack); if this ship has a CL Main Gun equipped: increases this ship's Main Gun efficiency by 1.0% (10.0%) and reduces the activation interval of this special barrage to 10s.???
Drown in the Abyss of DesireIncreases this ship's EVA by 8.0% (18.0%) and decreases her DMG taken by 8.0% (18.0%) . Decreases the speed of this ship's torpedoes by 1 and increases their DMG dealt by 10.0% (20.0%) . When the battle starts, and every 10: deploys a shield (lasts 5s; can block up to 5 shells); if this shield expires or is destroyed, increases this ship's Evasion Rate by 3.5% (8.0%) until this shield is deployed again. If this ship has an AP Main Gun equipped: increases this ship's DMG dealt to CLs and CAs by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Felix Schultz once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired. If this ship has a CL Main Gun equipped: reduces the shot requirement to 4.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description驱逐舰—菲利克斯·舒尔茨駆逐艦――フィリックス・シュルツDestroyer - Felix Schultz.
Biography菲利克斯·舒尔茨,铁血的特别计划舰之一。想让本小姐成为你的助力吗?很简单,让本小姐觉得开心就可以了。我没有说让你无条件服从之类的话,已经很大度了哦?フィリックス・シュルツ、鉄血の特別計画艦よ。このわたしの力がほしいわけ?簡単よ。その腐った脳みそでわたしを喜ばせてくれればいいわ。拝み倒させたり、無条件で服従させないだけありがたく思うがいいわI am Felix Schultz, Iron Blood blueprint ship. Oh, you crave my power? Easy. Just use that rotten brain of yours to please me. You should be grateful I'm even willing to allow you to worship me instead of forcing you to submit unconditionally.
Acquisition哦?你好呀,指挥官。大费周章地把我唤来此处,却又用这种小伎俩把我束缚住,真是难为你了呢。等着吧,本小姐马上就会让你这愚钝之人跪倒的哦あら、ごきげんよう指揮官。人間にしては大した労力をかけて呼び出した割に、これしきの手かせで束縛しようとするなんて、全く難儀な愚図ね。ええ、今すぐこのフィリックス・シュルツが跪かせてやるわMy, if it isn't the Commander. Good day. Though the fact that I've been summoned here by a human is a feat in itself, you will find that trying to bind me thusly is a foolish, Sisyphean endeavor. Indeed, I, Felix Schultz, shall make you kneel before me.
Login这么快就想我了?总不能只是因为杂事回来得这么早吧?わたしのことが恋しかったの?ふふふ、まさかそのくだらない雑用のためだけで来たんじゃないでしょうね?Did you miss me that badly? Heehee. Surely you didn't come all the way here just for some piddling chores?
Details本小姐喜欢吃苹果。特别是那种切得碎碎的,一口一块的那种。就像这样哦——啊~呜~你也想要吗?りんご、それもバラバラズッタズタに、一口で食べるのが好きよ。そうそう、こんな感じの――あーん、はむっ。指揮官も食べたいわけ?I enjoy apples, especially the kind that's been chopped up into nice little bite-sized pieces. Yes, yes, just like that– Ahhn~ Mmgh~ Want some as well, Commander?
Main明天是晴天吗?真可惜,少了个能让指挥官在这里守着本小姐的理由呢。明日は晴れ?残念ね。指揮官をわたしのそばに侍らせる理由が一つ減ったようでIt's gonna be sunny tomorrow? Welp, that sucks. One fewer excuse to keep the Commander by my side.
Main 2嗯?你说什么?本小姐没听清。能不能凑近一点呀?ふーん?何か言った?聞こえないわよ?もうちょっと近くで、大きな声を出してごらんなさいなHmm? Did you say something? Can't hear you. Come a bit closer, and enunciate more~
Main 3(在认真工作啊……想想有没有能让指挥官更加听我话的办法……)嗯?怎么了?什么事都没有哦~(真面目に働いているみたいね……もっと言うことを聞かせる方法はないかしら……)なにか用?わたしは別になにもないけど?(Hmm... Busy working again? ...There has to be some way of getting you to pay attention to me...) Hmm? Did you need something? I'm just minding my own business over here~?
Touch对本小姐好奇吗?这样啊,那就把你那无珠的眼睛睁大点看哦~(你能经得住我的诱惑吗?呼呼~)わたしのことが気になる?そうね、見たければその目をよーく開いて見てみなさいな~ふふふ、いつまで平気で見ていられるかしら?Got the hots for me? Sure, feast those beady little eyes of yours on me, as much as you want~ Heehee, I wonder how long you'll be able to keep ogling me~
Touch (Special)终于要承认自己的脑袋和猴子一样了?嘻嘻~所詮はサル程度の頭だって認めたわけ?ふふふ♪Are you finally admitting that you have the same cranial capacity as a chimp? Heehee~♪
Touch (Headpat)本小姐高贵的额头岂是你这种人可以随便触碰的?不过,这次就原谅你的无知好了~わたしの額をあなたごときが触れていいとでも思ったわけ?まあ、その無知蒙昧を憐れんで許してやるわYou deemed it appropriate for someone of your position to touch my forehead? Well, I suppose I'll take pity on your ignorance and forgive you.
Mission任务有点多?行吧,本小姐就大发慈悲帮帮你这可怜又愚蠢的家伙好了。不过,这人情后面可是要还的哦?任務が多い?ふん、能無しでかわいそうな指揮官をわたしが助けてやるわ。この借り、あとでちゃんと返すのよ?Too much stuff on your plate? Sigh, I suppose I can help this pitiful, impotent Commander. But, I do expect you to return this favor, okay?
Mission Complete嗯~哼——任务完成了。总算不是一个完全无能的家伙了呢,本小姐对你的好感度上升了哦。ふーん、任務をこなしたようね。まあ全くの無能ではないことは分かったわ。指揮官への好感度、ほんのちょっぴりだけ上がったわよ♪Ohh? You actually managed to do your job. I suppose you aren't completely impotent, then. That earns you a few extra points of affection from me, Commander~♪
Mail连信都要本小姐帮你取吗?算了,趁本小姐心情好,无偿帮你一回。手紙のことまで知らせなきゃならないわけ?まあいいわ。一度だけは見返りなしでしてあげるYou can't even get your own mail without me? Well, I suppose that's fine. I won't even ask you for repayment this one time.
Return to Port出击辛苦了哦,本小姐就勉为其难地好好戳一戳你那钝感的身体吧。(哼哼,你肯定经不住这招的~)出撃大変だったわね。このわたしがありがたくその鈍感なツボを突いてやろうじゃない――ふふふ、何回目で声を上げるかしら♪An acceptable job on your sortie. I suppose I wouldn't mind poking and prodding at the sensitive spots on your frail body– Ahaha, I wonder how soon you'll cry for mercy~♪
Commission Complete委托物资已经清点完了。本小姐姑且也是出了点力的,你要怎么补偿我呢?委託物資の集計が完了したようね。少し力を使って手伝ってやったんだけど、どう償ってくれる?The commission rewards have been collected and counted. So, how do you plan to repay me for using up my time and energy?
Enhancement嗯哼~本小姐现在心情不错~ふふん。晴れやかな気分ねEheh~ That put me in a pretty good mood.
Flagship那就给这些无礼者们一点教训好了。礼儀知らずは痛い目に遭わせてやるわFail to show me my due respect, and I shall make you suffer.
Victory区区蝼蚁也想赢本小姐?呵呵呵~たかがゴミクズの分際でわたしに勝てると思う?ふふThese worthless bottom-feeders thought they could defeat me? Heehee.
Defeat这,这次的失败是有深层而不可预知的因素在里面……你明白就行。は、敗北したのは予想外の深い訳が……ふふん、分かっているならよろしくてよTh-there were a multitude of unforeseeable variables that contributed to this defeat... Ahem! If you understand, then I'll leave the rest to you!
Skill不堪一击!話にならないわ!You're a waste of ammo!
Low HP你,你别光看着,快用你那废物脑子想想啊?見てないでその腐った脳みそを絞ったらどう?S-stop staring and use that rotten brain of yours to figure something out!
Affinity (Upset)什么啊,只是个没意思的灰尘而已。算了算了,本小姐对你没兴趣了,灰尘就要像灰尘一样在一边落着去啊ふーん、つまらないチリアクタ。いいわ。もう指揮官には興味がないの。クズはクズらしくその辺で転がってなさいHow boring- you're nothing more than dust on the windowsill. Ah, forget it, I'm not interested in you anymore. Hurry up and blow away in the wind already.
Affinity (Stranger)人不过也就是一种野兽罢了。本小姐要将你心中的野兽驱使出来,然后站在高处,看着你跪倒在地摇尾乞怜。哼哼~人間は所詮ケダモノよ。自らケダモノだと認めて、このわたしに跪いて尻尾振るようにしてみせるわ。ふふふ♪Humans are nothing more than uppity beasts. I shall make you understand this, and you will kneel before me and wag your tail. Heehee~♪
Affinity (Friendly)哦?居然对本小姐的诱惑不为所动,是在硬撑呢还是单纯的无能呢?(为什么效果不好?是我做得还不够吗?还是哪个环节出了问题?)ふーん、中々動じないわね。無理して強がっているのか、それともただの能無しなのかしら?…(なかなか強情ね…何か間違っているの?それともまだ十分じゃないわけ…)Hmm, are you still not giving in to your urges? Do you have that much self-control, or are you just impotent? ... (Having that said, this degree of stubbornness is unusual... Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just not doing enough...?)
Affinity (Like)(仔细想想,指挥官确实是个不错的家伙呢……不对,我在想什么呢。如果承认指挥官岂不就完蛋了。但……)欸?咳咳,没什么,本小姐在想什么与你无关吧?(よくよく考えたらたしかに中々いい人間ね……何を考えてるの?指揮官を認めてしまったらもうおしまいじゃない。でも……)ん?なんでもないわよ。わたしが何を考えてたって指揮官には関係ないけど?(Now that I think things through, the Commander's actually a pretty good person... Wait, what am I thinking? If I acknowledge the Commander, it's all over for me... But...) Hmm? What is it? And how exactly are my personal thoughts any of your business?
Affinity (Love)啊……是本小姐输了。没能征服指挥官,反倒差点就要承认你了。不过这样一来,本小姐就能更加不择手段地进攻了~要么屈服,要么彻底接受我。在这之前我是绝对不会停止的!はぁ……わたしの負けね。指揮官を跪かせるどころか認めることになるなんて。ふふふ、これからは手段を選ばないわ。跪くかフィリックス・シュルツを受け入れるか、あなたが折れるまで止まらないわよ*sigh*... I admit defeat. Not only did I fail to get you to kneel before me, I almost ended up acknowledging you. But... that only frees me up to go after you with any means necessary. Kneel before me, or become mine. I won't back down until you break.
Pledge真是美妙啊,这种被认同的感觉,比看着不知道哪来的杂鱼求饶还要美妙上一千倍……为什么本小姐没能早点注意到呢?你说是吧…指挥官,和菲利克斯一同坠入那梦幻而迷人的深渊吧~この誰かに認められる感じ、中々ね。ええ、どこの馬の骨ともわからないゴミクズに跪かれるよりは千倍マシ……ふふん、なんでそれが分からなかったのかしら?ねえ?…指揮官、わたしともっともっと深く深く堕ちましょー♪How beautiful... this feeling of being acknowledged and accepted. It is a thousand times better than forcing trash to kneel before me... Why didn't I realize this sooner? Tell me~ ...Commander, let's fall deeper and deeper into the abyss together, just the two of us~♪
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Ship Description哎呀,没想到还能醒着呢。不愧是指挥官,就连喝了菲利克斯·舒尔茨特制的饮料以后也没有倒下——不过也到此为止了。呵呵,抓到我偷懒可是你的不对。现在乖乖任我摆布吧♪あら、まだ起きていられるとはね。このフィリックス・シュルツ特製のドリンクを飲ませた程度じゃ倒れないなんて、さすが指揮官――だけどそれもここまで。ふふん、サボっていたところを見てしまったのが悪いの。もう大人しくわたしにいいようにされなさい♪My, my. I'm quite surprised you're still able to stay awake. As expected of the Commander– even a dose of Felix Schultz's special concoction isn't enough to put you under... but that ends here. It's your fault for peeping on me slacking off in the first place, so be nice and obedient and succumb to me already~♪
Acquisition哎呀,没想到还能醒着呢。不愧是指挥官,就连喝了菲利克斯·舒尔茨特制的饮料以后也没有倒下——不过也到此为止了。呵呵,抓到我偷懒可是你的不对。现在乖乖任我摆布吧♪あら、まだ起きていられるとはね。このフィリックス・シュルツ特製のドリンクを飲ませた程度じゃ倒れないなんて、さすが指揮官――だけどそれもここまで。ふふん、サボっていたところを見てしまったのが悪いの。もう大人しくわたしにいいようにされなさい♪My, my. I'm quite surprised you're still able to stay awake. As expected of the Commander– even a dose of Felix Schultz's special concoction isn't enough to put you under... but that ends here. It's your fault for peeping on me slacking off in the first place, so be nice and obedient and succumb to me already~♪
Login哦,居然还能发出声音~但看你这样,舌头也已经打结没法好好说话了吧?不如干脆帮你封上它——啾~へぇ、まだ声を出せるんだ~。でもその様子じゃあ舌もろくに回らないでしょ?なんならいっそ塞いでやって――ちゅっOho, you're still trying to talk~? But, it must be so hard for you, with how your tongue's already tied up like that~ Maybe I should just shut you up altogether–– *smooooch*
Details再怎么说,都是独自来到这里的指挥官不走运。如果你和其他伙伴在一起,就不会遇到这种情况,不过,也就不会遇到我了……想吃苹果吗?给~♡はーむっ。何と言っても指揮官が一人でここにやってきたのが運の尽きね。ほかの子と一緒にいたらこんな目に遭わないし、まあわたしに出会うこともないけど…りんご、食べたいの?はーむっ♡*munch*~ In any case, Commander, you were fortunate to have come here alone. If you brought friends with you, none of this would've happened. But, you also wouldn't be all tangled up with me either... Want an apple~? Mmmfgh~♡
Main问我给你喝了什么?只是普通的冰茶而已哦?哼,就用你那个被麻痹的聪明头脑,拼命思考吧♪何を飲ませたかって?ただのアイスティーって言ったら?ふん、その聡明な脳みそを使って、必死に考えてみなさいな♪What did I make you drink? What if I told you it was just regular iced tea? Think as hard as you can, with that ever-so-brilliant brain of yours turned to mush~
Main 2身体动不了?脑袋也感觉昏昏沉沉的?当然啦。(低语)那可是我,菲利克斯·舒尔茨的杰作哦。体が動かない?頭もなんかぼーっとしている?とーぜんよ。わたし、フィリックス・シュルツがそうさせたんだからYou can't move? And your head's all hazy? Why of course. (*croons*) I, Felix Schultz, did this to you.
Main 3想要我一边楚楚可怜地看着你一边侍奉你啊,有点太变态了吧?不过,我会满足你的~上目遣いで見られながらご奉仕してほしいんだ~?ちょっとヘンタイすぎない?まあ、してやるんだけど~You want me on my knees, serving you with upturned eyes? Don't you think that's a bit too pervy? Not that I mind, though~
Touch摸这里会觉得麻麻的吗?指挥官还真是敏感呢。ここ触られたら痺れちゃうの?指揮官ってなかなか敏感体質ねSo you go all numb when I touch you here? You're unexpectedly sensitive, Commander~
Touch (Special)来,我还有很多想做的呢♥ほぉら、わたしがしたいことがまだ残っているわよ♥C'mon, there's a loooot more stuff I still want to do with you~♥
Mission任务我来帮你,所以发生在这里的事情就请你保密啦。任務を手伝ってやってるんだから、ここでの出来事は他言無用でお願いねI'll help out with your work, so let's keep what happened here between the two of us~
Mission Complete想要我去领取报酬的话,你应该怎么做呢?……哈哈哈,你还记得很清楚呢♪報酬を受け取って欲しかったらどうすればいいと思う?…あは、よく覚えているじゃない♪What am I going to make you do in return for fetching the mission rewards? ...Ahaha, so you do remember after all~♪
Mail有新的信来了。想让我把吻痕留在哪里?新しい手紙よ。キスマーク、どこに残してほしいの?You've got new mail. Now then, where shall I leave the kiss mark?
Return to Port没错,什么都不用想才比较好哦?在这里我们都可以随心所欲地偷懒。累了的话就可以放松一下,口渴的话..……就咕嘟咕嘟……你懂的,对吧?そうそう、何も考えない方がいいでしょ?ここならあなたもわたしも思いっきりサボれるんだから。疲れたらそのまま力を抜いてもいいし、喉が渇いたら…ごくごくと…分かるわよね?Yes, that's right~ Doesn't it feel so much better to not have to think about anything? The two of us can slack off as much as we want here. If you're tired, you can relax however you want. If you're thirsty... then slurp it all down. You know what I mean, don't you~?
Commission Complete委托组回来了。是出门的时间了,指挥官♪委託組が戻ってきたわよ。お出かけの時間よ、指揮官♪The commission fleet has returned. It's time for our walk, Commander~♪
Flagship指挥官,醒醒,该去踩扁那些蠢货了。指揮官起きなさい、愚図どもを踏んづけるわよRise and shine, Commander. It's time to stamp out some pests.
Victory就算处在这种情况下,你还能有效地指挥啊?那……作为奖励,我就再让你多喝一点吧。啾~そんな様子でもちゃんと指揮が執れるんだ~。ご褒美にもうちょっとだけ飲ませてやるわ。はーむっSo despite your current condition, you're still able to command~? As a reward, I'll let you have a bit more to drink. Mmffgh~
Defeat呵呵,等指挥官恢复过来后,会怎么“惩罚”我……真令人期待♪ふふん。指揮官が回復したらどうオシオキしようか…楽しみ♪Heehee. Commander, I'm so looking forward to how you're going to... "correct" me after you get back on your feet~♪
Affinity (Love)呵呵,指挥官真是太大意了。难道你以为每个人都像俾斯麦她们那样讲究礼数吗?不过现在说这些你也没法好好思考了呢……没关系,那就趁现在尽情地告诉你,“最喜欢你了♥”ふふ、指揮官って本当に不用心ね。みんなビスマルクたちみたいに行儀正しいとでも思ってるわけ?ってもう考えられないかぁ…仕方ない。今のうちにたっぷり言ってやるわ。「大好きよ♥」Heehee. You know, Commander, you really are defenseless. Do you really think everyone's as well-behaved as Bismarck's bunch? Though, looks like you're in no position to answer me... Oh well. I guess I'll just have to use this opportunity to say this as much as I can– "I love you~♥"
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Login终于等到你回来了。让我听听,今天你对本小姐的第一个命令吧……“总之先从办公桌上下来?”呵呵♪あーあ。ようやく帰ってきたわね。最初の指示を言ってごらん?……「指揮官用の机から降りて?」ふふふ♪Ahhh, you've finally returned. What will your first order be for me? ..."Get off the desk"? Heehee~♪
Details想吃苹果吗?当然可以——啊,稍等一下。啊呜——好了,给你,拿去享用吧~(菲利克斯把咬了一口的苹果递了过来)りんごを食べたいの?いいわ――あ。ちょっと待ちなさい。あーむ――ふふふ、これでもかじってなさいな(一口かじったりんごを渡してきた)Want an apple? Here you go– Oh, gimme a sec– *chomp*~ Okay, here you go~
Main(又在认真工作啊……哎,明明我就在这里,为什么能那么专注——)欸?!突、突然进攻是犯规的啦……(まーた真面目に働いている…わたしがいるというのになんでそこまで――)っ!?急に話しかけてくるのはどうかと思うけど?……(Look at you, so hard at work again. Why are you putting yourself through that even though I'm here...?) H-huh?! Wh-why are you trying to chat me up all of a sudden?
Main 2你说本小姐脚上这双一直戳你的东西?很多东西只要适应了,就变成你的一部分了。就比如说现在的指挥官你也一样呢,呵呵呵~このとがったハキモノについてどう思うかって?慣れさえすれば体の一部みたいなものよ。今の指揮官のようにね。ふふふThe things on my feet keep poking you? It's said that certain things practically become a part of you once you've grown accustomed to them. I don't think you're any exception in this regard, Commander. Heehee~
Touch(是要对我出手了吗?)……欸?那个……没什么特别的事吗?哈啊——(そろそろ手を出してくる?)………ん?ええと……なにもないの?はぁ……(Are you finally going to put your hands all over me?) ......Hmm? Um... You're not going to do anything? *sigh*...
Touch (Special)呀~♥我就喜欢看你这么猴急的样子~あは♥サルのようにじれったくしてるの大好きよ♪Ahhn~♥ I love it when you give in to your primal urges like this~
Touch (Headpat)只有摸头?这样你就够了?我还完全没满足呢。額に触るだけ?この程度でもう十分なの?わたしは全然満足していないけど?Just a headpat? And you're satisfied with only that? Well, I'M not satisfied at all.
Mission嗯哼~不对我有所表示的话,我就不帮你做任务~♫ふふん、媚びてくれないと、任務を手伝ってやらないわよ♪Eheh~ Shower me with praise or I won't help with your mission~♪
Mission Complete嗯哼~不对我有所表示的话,我就不帮你拿任务奖励~♫ふふん、尻尾振ってくれないと、任務報酬も取ってやらないわ♪Eheh~ Wag your tail or I won't fetch the rewards for you~♪
Mail是新的信件哦~一封信一个吻,不过分吧?新しい手紙ね。手紙一通につきキス一回、これぐらいヘーキでしょ?You've got new mail... but each one will cost you one kiss. Pretty good deal, right~?
Return to Port你要是那么想本小姐的话的话,用你那贫弱的双手和后背把本小姐带在身上不就行了?这样我们就不论何时都在一起了哦~そんなにわたしのことが恋しいならその貧相な腕と背中を使ってわたしを運んで行けばいいじゃない。そしたらいつまでもそばにいてやるわ♪If you missed me so badly, use those noodly arms and wobbly back of yours to carry me. That way, the two of us will always be together~♪
Commission Complete委托的同伴们都回来了哦。去迎接吧?当然要和本小姐手挽着手去啦~委託組のコたちが戻ってきたわよ。出迎えに行ってきて。ふふ、もちろんわたしの手を握りしめながらねThe commission fleet has returned. Shall we go greet them? Naturally, the two of us will hold hands as we go, heehee~
Flagship等本小姐收拾掉这些家伙就回来哦,指挥官~片付けてくるわ。指揮官I'll go mop them up, Commander~
Victory区区蝼蚁,就别来打扰本小姐和指挥官了~虫けらの分際でわたしと指揮官にちょっかいを出さないことねWorms should know better than to get between me and the Commander.
Defeat假如本小姐是故意输掉的话,你会惩罚我吗?わたしがわざと負けたと言ったら…オシオキするのかしら?Would you be upset with me if I said I lost on purpose?
Affinity (Love)指挥官,明明都这个关系了,为什么你还是对本小姐无动于衷……本小姐可不能等到你被那帮大姐姐吃干抹净了再动手,这一次就不管那么多了~!もうわたしとこんな仲まで進んだのに、相変わらず目をそらしちゃって……ふん、大人のコに食われるのを座して待つわたしじゃないのっ。指揮官、もうどうなっても知らないわよ…!Commander, despite the profundity of our relationship, why are you still so indifferent towards me... Urgh, I can't just sit around until you get eaten up by one of those big sister types... You know what, I don't care what happens next...!