Émile Bertin (JP 🇯🇵: エミール・ベルタン, CN 🇹🇼: 埃米尔·贝尔汀)
Ship IDNo. 349Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavyIris LibreBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Iris of Light and Dark
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressReina Ueda
Émile Bertin Description
Light cruiser – Émile Bertin.
Côte d'Azur Description
Commander, does my swimsuit pique your fancy? I'm actually quite proud of my fashion sense. *Giggle* Now, let's enjoy midsummer together~
Maid FantastiqueDescription
I heard of this romantic concept of maid outfits, and thought I'd try one on to see how it feels~ What are your thoughts, Commander?
Émile Bertin (Retrofit) Description
Émile Bertin, retrofit complete! I feel like a completely new person! To show my gratitude, Commander, I'll perform a brand new dance for you!
HP548 Reload64
Firepower30 Torpedo51
Evasion30 Anti-air51
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW35 Luck67
HP2336 Reload122
Firepower82 Torpedo140
Evasion134 Anti-air192
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW89 Luck71
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Light Cruiser130%/132%/135%/140%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun90%/92%/95%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
2Triple 550mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T4 Light Cruiser: Émile Bertin-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock12 +1
Max LimitBreak24
Lv.12018 +1
Heart of IrisIncreases FP, TRP, and Accuracy by 5.0% (15.0%) for all Iris Libre and Vichya Dominion DDs in your fleet.
Destroyer SquadronIf your Vanguard consists of only this ship and DDs: increases this ship's Speed by 4 and increases the DMG it deals to enemy DDs and CLs by 5.0% (20.0%) .
Messenger of LoveWhen sortied with other DDs: increases this ship's AA, FP, and Accuracy by 5.0% (15.0%) . Once per battle, if one of your DDs' HP falls below 50.0%: fires a special barrage.
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Émile Bertin once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
Heart of Iris+When the battle starts, increases this ship's and your Iris Libre and Vichya Dominion DDs' FP, TRP, and ACC by 5.0% (15.0%) and deploys a shield around each of them (including this ship). These shields last until the end of the battle and can block up to 1.0% (4.0%) of the recipient's max HP in DMG; for each DD in your Vanguard, the shield's max blockable DMG is further increased by 1.0% (4.0%) of the recipient's max HP.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description自由鸢尾轻巡洋舰—埃米尔·贝尔汀軽巡洋艦エミール・ベルタンLight cruiser – Émile Bertin.
Biography我是自由鸢尾的埃米尔·贝尔汀~过去主要负责布雷…以及驱逐们的向导工作。在大战中运送过黄金,也参与过龙骑兵行动和其他一些任务…姑且算是安稳度过了…吧?自由アイリス教国所属、エミール・ベルタンよ~昔は機雷敷設と…駆逐艦の引率を頑張ったわ。あとは黄金の輸送と「ドラグーン」作戦、いくつかのほかの任務にも参加したけど、まあ無事にあの大戦を乗り越えた……かな?I'm Émile Bertin of Iris Libre~ In days of old, I worked hard laying mines... and leading destroyers. I also transported gold, took part in Operation Dragoon, and participated in a few other missions, so you could say I got through the war unscathed... I suppose?
AcquisitionBonjour~我是来自自由鸢尾的埃米尔·贝尔汀,叫我埃米尔就好啦,希望能和大家好好相处呢~Bonjour(ボンジュール)~自由アイリス教国所属、エミール・ベルタン、エミールって呼んでね~ここのみんなと仲良くやりたいわ~Bonjour~ I'm Émile Bertin of Iris Libre. You can just call me Émile~ I want to make friends with everyone here~
LoginBonjour~指挥官,开始工作之前,来一起做下热身运动吧Bonjour(ボンジュール)~指揮官、仕事の前に一緒にストレッチでもしましょ~Bonjour~ Commander, before we get to work, I say we do some stretches~
Details舞蹈能给大家带来欢乐,所以我喜欢跳舞~踊りはみんなを幸せに出来るから好きだわ♪I love dancing because it brings joy to people♪
Main黄金之国重樱!fantastique!有时间很想去看一看呢黄金の国・重桜!fantastique!いつか見てみたいわThe Land of Gold – the Sakura Empire! Fantastique! I do hope to see it one day!
Main 2和在法兰西堡的那两年相比,能在青空下自由舞蹈的感觉真是太美妙了フォール=ド=フランスのあの二年間と比べて…青空の下で自由に踊れるのは素晴らしいわね~Compared to those 2 years at Fort-de-France... it's wonderful to be able to dance freely beneath the blue sky~
Main 3指挥官,有什么需要我帮忙的吗?什~么都可以哦指揮官、私に手伝えることはない?どーんなことでもいいわよ?Commander, is there anything I can help you with? Whatever it is, I'd love to.
Touch指挥官,累了吗?那么,就来看我跳一支舞吧~指揮官、疲れた?私の人を元気にする踊り、一曲見てくれないかしら?Are you worn out, Commander? Shall I perform my energizing dance for you?
Touch (Special)指挥官,邀舞的话要更加绅士一点~指揮官、ダンスのお誘いなら、もっと紳士的にしないと~Commander, if you're asking me for a dance, you need to do it more courteously~!
Mission新的任务下达了吗?一鼓作气解决掉吧~新しい任務が伝達された?一気に片付けちゃお♪We've been relayed new missions? Then let's get them all done at once♪
Mission Complete哎呀,这不是任务完成的报告吗?指挥官,快确认一下あら、これって任務完了のお知らせ?指揮官、早く確認してねOh, was that the commission complete notification? You should give it a look, Commander.
Mail指挥官,有信件哦~指揮官、メールよ~♪Commander, here's your mail♪
Return to Port指挥官,养精蓄锐是很重要的,要好好休息哦指揮官、疲れたら休んで英気を養うことよ。休憩はちゃんとってねCommander, if you feel tired then some rest would do you good. Taking breaks is important.
Commission Complete指挥官,来看港口那边,好像是委托组的大家回来了呢指揮官、港の方を見て?委託に出かけたみんなが戻ってきたわよCommander, look towards the harbor! The commission team has returned.
Enhancement啊哈,感觉身体变得轻盈了一点~ふふ、ステップが軽やかになったわ~Ohoh, my steps feel lighter now~
Flagship让我来为你们跳一支舞吧!一曲踊っちゃうわ~Allow me to have this dance~
Victory谢幕鞠躬~感谢各位观众的欣赏~Merci pour tout (メルスィー プール トゥー)~ 見てくれてありがとう♪Merci pour tout~ Thank you for your time♪
Defeat哎呀……稍微有些走神了あらら……少し気が抜けちゃったのかしらOh, dear... Perhaps I left my guard too low.
Skill起舞吧!踊りましょう!Let us dance!
Low HP没有跟上战场的节奏呢……戦場のペースに付いていけていないようね……It seems I'm not in pace with the battlefield...
Affinity (Upset)从你的身上感受不到热情呢……指揮官から情熱が感じられないわ……I can't feel any passion coming from you, Commander...
Affinity (Stranger)都说我们自由鸢尾的人浪漫,但是我觉得呢,我们只是愿意去在意生活中的细节而已哦アイリスの人はロマンティックだとよく言われてるけど、私が思うにただ皆が細かいことにも気に配っているだけよI often hear people say that we of Iris Libre are romantics, but the way I see it, we simply focus on life's little details.
Affinity (Friendly)只有细心留意,才能发掘生活中的美。而珍惜这些细小的美好,我觉得,就是浪漫的本质哦細部に気を配ってこそ、日々の美しさを見いだせるわ。小さな美しさでも大切にするのが本物のロマンティスト――私はそう思うわBecause we focus on the details, we can see the beauty of everyday things. I believe a true romanticist values even the smallest of life's beautiful things.
Affinity (Like)啊,指挥官,浪漫呢,还要勇于去表达,就像我想跳舞时就会勇敢去跳,这是我对生活的热爱。我也——啾~就是这样~你呢?踊りたい時に踊る、それはすなわち人生を大胆に愛する勇気――指揮官、ロマンティックというのは時折、こういう勇気のあるアピールも必要だと思うわ。こんな風に――(チュッ)はい、指揮官はどうかしら?Dancing when one wants to – that is what's known as the courage to express one's love of life. Commander, I believe a romanticist must sometimes show courage and express their feelings in some way. Like this– *Kiss*... What do you believe, Commander?
Affinity (Love)昨天真是美妙呢。今天会发生什么呢?明天也令人充满期待呢!每一天,我都在想着这些。每一天,都变得更喜欢你了!美しく輝く昨日、期待に心踊る今日(こんにち)、希望に溢れる明日!毎日素晴らしい日!月日が流れる毎、あなたのことをもっと好きになれるわ!The gorgeous radiance of yesterday, the heart-throbbing excitement of today, the overflowing hopes of tomorrow! Every day is so wonderful! Each passing day, my love for you grows even stronger!
Pledge在这么幸福的时刻,只有热情的吻和舞蹈能够抒发我心中的情感了呢……指挥官,你不会拒绝的吧~?この幸せな瞬間、私の気持ちを表現する踊りと情熱的なくちづけ……指揮官、お相手してくださるかしら?I want to express my feelings in this joyous moment through a dance and a kiss... Commander, could you indulge me?
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Dislike Present
Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,我的泳装还不错吧?我对身材还是蛮有自信呢,嘻嘻~一起来享受夏日吧~指揮官、この水着姿は結構いい感じかしら?私、スタイルには結構自信あるわよ。うふふ♪一緒に真夏を楽しもう~Commander, does my swimsuit pique your fancy? I'm actually quite proud of my fashion sense. *Giggle* Now, let's enjoy midsummer together~
Acquisition指挥官,我的泳装还不错吧?我对身材还是蛮有自信呢,嘻嘻~一起来享受夏日吧~指揮官、この水着姿は結構いい感じかしら?私、スタイルには結構自信あるわよ。うふふ♪一緒に真夏を楽しもう~Commander, does my swimsuit pique your fancy? I'm actually quite proud of my fashion sense. *Giggle* Now, let's enjoy midsummer together~
Login指挥官,在下水之前,不要忘了先热身哦?指揮官、海に入る前のストレッチ、忘れないでね?Commander, don't forget to stretch before going into the ocean, okay?
Details指挥官,来玩沙滩排球吗?我很擅长哦~指揮官、ビーチバレーでもいかがかしら?実は私、こういうのは得意なのよ♪Commander, how about a game of beach volleyball? I actually happen to be quite good at it♪
Main指挥官,去海边的时候,防晒油能麻烦你吗?指揮官、今度ビーチに行ったら日焼け止めクリームをお願いできないかしら?Commander, could I ask you to apply sunscreen to my skin next time we go to the beach?
Main 2到了要游泳的时候长发就显得不是很方便呢…指挥官喜欢什么样的盘发发型呢?髪が長いと泳ぐ時には不便よね…指揮官はどんな髪のまとめ方がお気に入りかしら?Long hair is quite inconvenient when you're swimming... Which way of tying up my hair is your favorite, Commander?
Main 3指挥官~接下来要去沙滩的话,你也先换上泳装怎么样?我不介意的哦~指揮官~どうせビーチに行くから水着に着替えておいてはいかがかしら?いえいえ、私は指揮官の水着姿なんてぜーんぜん、気にしていないから~Oh, Commander~ Since we're going to the beach, why not change into your swim gear ahead of time? Oh, no, I definitely don't want to see how it looks on you, not at all~
Touch我可以先去海边?真是的,身为秘书舰,怎么会丢下指挥官呢,我会等你的~先に行っていいって?もう、秘書艦が指揮官を放って置くわけないでしょ?はい、ここで待っていてあげるからね♪Go on ahead without you? Why, a secretary can't just casually part from her Commander, can she? I'll be right here waiting for you♪
Touch (Special)到了夏天,指挥官也变得热情了起来呢夏になって、指揮官も情熱的になってるわね~It seems as summer comes forth, so too does your passion~
Return to Port指挥官斗志昂扬呢……果然也在期待着沙滩吧~指揮官すごくウキウキしてるわね♪ ビーチのことをやっぱり楽しみにしていたんだ~My, you're so excited, Commander♪ I knew you were looking forward to the beach~
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description我听说“女仆”好像有一种独特的浪漫,不过还是要实际穿上才能有所感受吧!指挥官,你觉得怎么样呢?「メイド」というロマンもあると聞いて、だからこの衣装に着替えて実際に感じてみることにしたわ~指揮官、いかがかしら?I heard of this romantic concept of maid outfits, and thought I'd try one on to see how it feels~ What are your thoughts, Commander?
Acquisition我听说“女仆”好像有一种独特的浪漫,不过还是要实际穿上才能有所感受吧!指挥官,你觉得怎么样呢?「メイド」というロマンもあると聞いて、だからこの衣装に着替えて実際に感じてみることにしたわ~指揮官、いかがかしら?I heard of this romantic concept of maid outfits, and thought I'd try one on to see how it feels~ What are your thoughts, Commander?
Login“欢迎回来,主人~”我看皇家的女仆们都是这么问好的呢~「おかえりなさいませ、ご主人サマ~」ロイヤルメイド隊はみんなこうして挨拶しているのね~"Welcome back, Master~" – Just like how all the Royal Maids do it~
Details无论衣装朴素亦或华丽,只要用心体会,就一定能发现其中独特的浪漫!質素な衣装も、豪華な衣装も、実際身につけてみれば、どんな衣装でもロマンを感じられるわ!Be they simple dresses or extravagant costumes, any outfit can be romantic once you actually put it on!
Main兔子先生和公鸡先生,要是能随着我的舞蹈动起来就好了呢。このぬいぐるみたちも一緒に踊ってくれるといいわね~Wouldn't it be lovely if these stuffed toys could join me for a dance~?
Main 2在梦里总是能见到很多奇怪而又浪漫的事情呢,指挥官,你做过什么有趣的梦吗?ヒトは夢を驚きとロマンに例えると聞くわ。指揮官はどんな面白い夢を見たことがあるのかしら?I've heard people describe their dreams as astonishing or romantic. I wonder, have you had any fascinating dreams like that, Commander?
Main 3比起安静舒适地坐在一旁,我还是喜欢挥洒自己的能量,用行动把热情传递给别人~座ったまま語るよりも、ちゃんと自分の情熱を行動で伝えるほうが好きよ~I'm more fond of imparting my passion to others through actions than through words while sitting down~
Touch那么,就由我给指挥官献上“女仆之舞”吧~ふふ、指揮官に一曲、「ダンス・オブ・メイド」の踊りを披露するわ~Hehe~ I will perform a little number called "The Maid's Dance" for you~
Touch (Special)这样的热情,可是不能称作是浪漫哦?こういう情熱はロマンと言わないわよ?This sort of lust is not what romance is about!
Return to Port这个时候……啊,我知道了,到了听取指挥官的烦恼,然后一鼓作气解决问题的时候了吧!こういうときは……うん♪指揮官の悩みを聞いて一気に片付けちゃお♪You know what comes next? Mhm! Tell me what's on your mind and your worries will all go away, Commander♪
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description虽然地方不大,不过还是个挺不错的小花园,对吧~?让我们随着这自然的气息一同起舞吧,指挥官~広くはないけど、こぢんまりとしたいいガーデンでしょう?指揮官、自然に囲まれながら、一曲踊りましょ~Modest though it may be, isn't this a lovely little garden? Come, Commander! Let us dance surrounded by Mother Nature~
Acquisition虽然地方不大,不过还是个挺不错的小花园,对吧~?让我们随着这自然的气息一同起舞吧,指挥官~広くはないけど、こぢんまりとしたいいガーデンでしょう?指揮官、自然に囲まれながら、一曲踊りましょ~Modest though it may be, isn't this a lovely little garden? Come, Commander! Let us dance surrounded by Mother Nature~
Login指挥官,你可是今天派对上的重要角色,不打起精神来可不行哦~今日のパーティーは指揮官が主役を務めるのでしょう?もっとしゃきっとしないと♪You're the guest of honor at today's party, remember? We can't have you looking like that!
Details并非只有鲜艳的花朵才能站在舞台的中心,挺拔的绿叶一样也能成为主角哦!美しい花だけで彩るパーティーではないわ。健やかな緑もきっと役目があるわよGorgeous flowers alone don't create a vibrant party. Leaves and greenery have a place, too.
Main贞德小姐,我觉得这朵花很适合你!一会派对的时候把它戴上吧~ジャンヌなら、このお花が絶対に似合うわ!…ふふ、パーティーの時に付けてみて♪These flowers would suit you perfectly, Jeanne! Take one and wear it for the party, I say. Heheh~
Main 2偶尔会有蜜蜂飞进小花园里采蜜呢。它们就像充满热情的小精灵一样,上下飞个不停~ここ、ミツバチさんたちが訪れてきているわ~情熱的な妖精さんみたい♪The bees are so drawn to this place. My, they're like passionate little fairies!
Main 3派对就是大家尽情挥洒热情的场所哦。一会派对的时候,指挥官只要尽情享受就好~情熱に満ち溢れるfantasitqueな場所、それがパーティーよ♪指揮官もいっぱい楽しんでちょうだい~A party is a fantastic occasion when the air fills with passion! Enjoy your time here to the fullest, Commander~
Touch想练习舞步?随时都可以哦~私とダンスの練習がしたいの?いつでもいいわよ~Do you wish to rehearse our dance? I'm ready whenever you are!
Touch (Special)指挥官,无论在哪里都要保持绅士风度才行哦。指揮官、どこにいても、ガランテリーには気をつけよう♪Commander, try to mind your manners, whatever the time or occasion!
Return to Port指挥官,听说花香能缓解疲劳哦?来~多吸收一点花朵的芬芳吧~疲労解消にいい素敵な香り~指揮官、深呼吸して、リラックスしてね♪Oh, this fragrance just dissolves all my fatigue~ Come, take a deep breath, and relax, Commander~
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description埃米尔·贝尔汀,改造完毕。感觉整个人焕然一新了呢。作为感谢,指挥官,让我现在为你跳一支新的舞蹈吧!エミール・ベルタン、改造終了よ~うふふ、なんだかスッキリした気持ちになるわね♪感謝の印として、指揮官のために一曲踊っちゃってもいい?Émile Bertin, retrofit complete! I feel like a completely new person! To show my gratitude, Commander, I'll perform a brand new dance for you!
Acquisition埃米尔·贝尔汀,改造完毕。感觉整个人焕然一新了呢。作为感谢,指挥官,让我现在为你跳一支新的舞蹈吧!エミール・ベルタン、改造終了よ~うふふ、なんだかスッキリした気持ちになるわね♪感謝の印として、指揮官のために一曲踊っちゃってもいい?Émile Bertin, retrofit complete! I feel like a completely new person! To show my gratitude, Commander, I'll perform a brand new dance for you!
Login今天也是美妙的一天呢,指挥官!指揮官、今日も素晴らしい一日ね~It's a wonderful day today as well, Commander!
Details现在的我,一定能为更多的人带去美妙的舞蹈今の私ならもっと素晴らしい踊りができるわ~うふふAs I am now, I'll surely be able to dance for you even more wonderfully!
Main指挥官,你知道吗,跳舞最重要的并不是技巧,而是自信,是“你所看到的我是最好的我”这样的自信哦!指揮官は知ってる?上手に踊るのに重要なのは技術ではなく、自信よ?そう、「最高の私を見せる」ことだわ!Commander, did you know that the most important thing in dance is not the technique, but rather the confidence? Yes, the confidence that "I am at my very best on stage!"
Main 2重樱的舞蹈,相比我的热情与自由,她们则注重仪式感,同样也是fantastique!重桜の踊りは情熱ではなく「ワビサビ」の心が大事のようね~fantastique!The dances of the Sakura Empire, in contrast to my passionate and free-flowing form, focus more on tradition. C'est magnifique!
Main 3最近,对舞蹈感兴趣的同伴们逐渐增加了呢,指挥官要不要也一起加入呢~?最近踊りを嗜んでいる仲間たちが増えてきているわ。指揮官もいかがかしら?Recently, more and more people have become interested in dance. Commander, you should join as well!
Touch遵从着自己的感觉动起来,这才是舞蹈的本质哦?所以,指挥官也一起来吧!allons danser!自分の心のままに動くのが踊り――はい、指揮官も一緒に!allons danser!The essence of dancing is to follow your own feelings. Come on, Commander! Allons danser!
Touch (Special)真是的,指挥官,跳舞的时候要认真一点哦?もう、指揮官、踊りは集中が肝心よ?Commander, you need to focus more when you're dancing!
Return to Port就让我用舞蹈来消除你的疲劳吧,指挥官この踊りで指揮官の疲れを癒やしてあげるわ♪Allow me to restore your energy with my dance, Commander!
Commission Complete就让我去港口为委托归来的人送上一支舞蹈吧~委託に出かけたみんなのために一曲踊ってくるわ~I'll head down to the docks to dance a little for the girls who are coming back~