Dunkerque (JP 🇯🇵: ダンケルク, CN 🇹🇼: 敦刻尔克)
Ship IDNo. 352Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull BattlecruiserRarityElite
NavyVichya DominionBuild Time04:05:00
AcquisitionEvent: Iris of Light and Dark
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENJune 27, 2019
KRMarch 27, 2019
CNJuly 26, 2018
JPJuly 26, 2018
Voice actressSayaka Harada
Dunkerque Description
Dunkerque-class battlecruiser – Dunkerque.
Summer Sucré Description
I've been waiting so long for summer... and it's so worth it - the sun, the sand, the waves, and everyone's laughter. Commander, why don't we take this opportunity to enjoy some crullers together?
Afternoon VenusDescription
Don't you simply adore the atmosphere in this place? It's one of my favorites. The desserts here are to die for. Would you like a taste?
HP1127 Reload60
Firepower67 Torpedo0
Evasion9 Anti-air42
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck35
HP5040 Reload115
Firepower180 Torpedo0
Evasion41 Anti-air161
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck37
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser150%/150%/150%/150%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun70%/70%/70%/70%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Quadruple 330mm Main Gun (Mle 1931)
Fleet Tech
T5 Battlecruiser: Dunkerque-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock24 +1
Max LimitBreak50
Lv.12038 +1
Frontal FireWhen this ship fires a Salvo: 20.0% (50%) chance to fire a special barrage. Barrage DMG and shell pattern is based on the skill's level.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description敦刻尔克级战列巡洋舰—敦刻尔克ダンケルク級巡洋戦艦ダンケルクDunkerque-class battlecruiser – Dunkerque.
Biography我是隶属于维希教廷第一线总队的敦刻尔克号。如你所知道的,我的舰历毫无光彩之处,我不会遮掩,因为这是事实。但如果你仍然愿意用我,我想,我不会让你失望ヴィシア聖座・第一戦線総隊に所属、ダンケルクよ。知っての通り、私のカンレキに特筆するところはないけど…それが紛れもない事実なのだから、隠すつもりはないわ。それでも私の力が必要というのなら――失望はさせないわI am Dunkerque, 1st Division of the Line of the Vichya Dominion. As you already know, there is no glory in my service history - there is no hiding this fact. However, if you are still willing to use me, I will not let you down.
Acquisition大家站在同一战线上的这一天终于来临了吗…你好,指挥官,我是敦刻尔克,请让我也为这支梦幻般的舰队出一份力吧同じ側で戦える日がついに来たのね…はじめまして、指揮官、私はダンケルクよ。あなたのこの素晴らしい艦隊に、私も参加させてちょうだいThe day when we can all stand together has come at last... It's an honor to be here, Commander. I am Dunkerque - please allow me to become a part of this magnificent fleet.
Login指挥官,休息得还好吗?指揮官、よく休めた?Commander, did you get enough rest?
Details马卡龙还是蒙布朗呢,真难选啊……啊,指挥官,你来的正好,来帮我挑今天做什么点心吧マカロンとモンブラン、どっちのほうがいいかしら……あら、指揮官、いいタイミングに来てくれたわ。今日はどんなお菓子を作ればいいか決めてちょうだいWhat should I make... Macarons, or Mont-Blanc? Oh my, Commander, you came at just the right time. Why don't you help me decide what confection to make?
Main世上确实有许多无可奈何的事,但这并不是放弃希望和追求美好事物的理由世の中にはどうすることも出来ないことがいくらでもあるけど、希望を捨てる理由にはならないわThere are things in this world that you might never be able to accomplish, but that is no reason to give up hope.
Main 2虽然呆在船坞里的感觉并不好受,不过代替我率领舰队的斯特拉斯堡一定更难受吧…要是陆军的孩子们再多坚持一下…唉ドックでじっとするのはいい居心地ではないわね。でも、私の代わりに艦隊を率いたストラスブールの方がずっと……あの時、陸軍の方がもう少し持ちこたえていたら…はあ……It's not nice to sit around idly in port, but... Strasbourg, who took my place in leading the fleet, must feel even worse about what happened... if only the Army was able to hold out a little longer... *sigh*
Main 3哈…甜食真是能让人感到幸福的东西呢……啊,指、指挥官,你听到了吗?あぁ…甘いものは本当に人を幸せにする存在ね……し、指揮官!?いまの聞こえた!?Ahh~ Sweets can really take a girl to heaven... C-Commander?! How long have you been here?!
Touch指挥官,一起来做甜点吗?我们国家的甜点可是世界闻名的哦指揮官、一緒にお菓子でも作ってみない?私の国のお菓子は結構有名なのよCommander, shall we make some confections together? My home country is world-famous for our sweets, you know?
Touch (Special)真是拿你没办法呢…しょうがないわね……What am I going to do with you...
Mission新的任务……还有不少呢,努力虽然是好事,可不要累着自己新しい任務……結構溜まっているのね。頑張るのはいいけど、あまり無理しないでねThere's no shortage of new missions for us to get through... Hard work is important and all, but let's not overwork ourselves.
Mission Complete嗯?啊,任务奖励发放了呢,指挥官,我去吧あら?なるほど、任務報酬ね。指揮官、私が取ってくるわHm? I see, the mission rewards are here. Commander, I'll go get them.
Mail指挥官,邮件分类好了,不要忘了查看指揮官、メールは仕分けておいたわよ。確認を忘れないでCommander, I've finished sorting your mail, so don't forget to take a look.
Return to Port指挥官,来尝一尝刚刚烘焙好的蛋糕吗?指揮官、焼き立てのケーキでもいかが?Commander, would you like to try my freshly baked gâteau?
Commission Complete哎呀,委托组回来了吗,正好请她们尝尝我刚做的点心吧あら、委託組が戻ってきたのね。新作のお菓子でも試食してもらおうかしらOh my, it looks like the commission fleet has returned. Perfect timing - I'll invite them to try my new confections.
Enhancement应该能稍微帮上忙吧少しは役に立てるかEvery little bit matters.
Flagship抱歉,对敌人我是不会手下留情的すまない、敵に手加減などできるはずがないわよApologies. I have no mercy to spare for my enemies.
Victory保持这个势头继续前进吧この調子でもっと進みましょうLet's keep up this pace.
Defeat没关系…这次的失败不代表结束結構…敗北など終わりを意味するものじゃないわT'en fais pas... a defeat here is not the end.
Skill和平常一样应该就好…いつもどおりで…!Let's do it just like we practiced...!
Low HP才刚刚开始呢…まだ……始まったばかりよI'm only getting warmed up...
Affinity (Upset)指挥官,好久不见,我过得很好,不劳费心指揮官、久しぶりね。こっちはこっちで上手くやっているので、お気になさらずÇa faisait longtemps, Commander. There's no need to worry about me; I've been doing fine.
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,你来了吗,稍等,甜点已经准备好了,我去泡茶,今天就来稍微聊聊天吧指揮官、来たのね。ちょっと待ってて。はい、お菓子はこっち、あとお茶をすぐ淹れてくるわ。今日は少し雑談でもしてみようかしらGlad you could make it, Commander. One moment please - the dessert is ready, I just have to make tea. Today, let's unwind and chat a little.
Affinity (Friendly)那个时候,大家都是身不由己…我完全没有责怪皇家各位的意思,倒不如说,如果这样能够让她们稍微原谅我的话,也是一件好事あの時のことは仕方なかったわ…ロイヤルのみんなを責めるつもりはないし、むしろその逆…こうしてみんなと一緒に戦えるのはあの子たちのおかげよBack then, none of us had a choice... so I don't blame the Royal Navy for what happened. Quite the contrary - if it wasn't for them, we might not be fighting together now.
Affinity (Like)指挥官你很喜欢跟我聊天呢,跟我聊天很有趣吗?呵呵,你的喜好我也都记住了,在那儿坐会儿吧,我这就把蛋糕端出来指揮官はおしゃべりが好きね。私とおしゃべりするのがそんなに面白いの?ふふ、とにかく、これで指揮官の好みもわかったわね。ケーキを持ってくるから、少し待っててちょうだいCommander, you're quite the conversationist. Do you find me interesting to talk to? Hehe, I make sure to remember all your preferences. Sit tight for a moment, and I'll bring some cake out for you.
Affinity (Love)真正的坚强,不应只是默默忍受苦难,也应包含依赖他人的勇气…所以指挥官,难过时就告诉我吧。我想哭的时候,也一定会毫不犹豫投入你的怀抱的我慢だけじゃなく、思いを人にぶつけるのも強さなのよ……私がそうしてきたのと同じように、辛かったら――泣きそうになったら私の胸に飛び込んでちょうだいTrue strength is not measured by our capacity to suffer in silence, but by our courage to open up to others. Commander, that's why... if you ever feel like crying, my bosom is always available for you.
Pledge正是过去的苦难,成就了当下的我,所以我不会说“如果早点与你相遇”之类的话。但是未来,希望能有你的怀抱给予我安心于温暖。指挥官,我能待在你的身边吗?今の私が在るのは過去の全てがあってのことよ。だから「早くあなたと出逢えばよかった」なんて言わないわ。……でも、あなたから温もりと安らぎを貰えるというのなら――指揮官、私、ずっと側に居ていいかしら?If I only was able to meet you in the present because of my suffering in the past, I won't say things like "I wish I had met you sooner." However, I do hope that in the future, I will always be able to find solace in your embrace. Commander, can I stay by your side forever?
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Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description久违的夏天…真是不错呢。阳光、沙滩和大海…还有大家的笑容。机会难得,要一起吃点甜甜圈吗,指挥官?久しぶりの夏……いい感じね。日差しに砂浜、海、そして皆の笑顔も。指揮官、せっかくだから、ドーナツでも一緒にいかがかしら?I've been waiting so long for summer... and it's so worth it - the sun, the sand, the waves, and everyone's laughter. Commander, why don't we take this opportunity to enjoy some crullers together?
Acquisition久违的夏天…真是不错呢。阳光、沙滩和大海…还有大家的笑容。机会难得,要一起吃点甜甜圈吗,指挥官?久しぶりの夏……いい感じね。日差しに砂浜、海、そして皆の笑顔も。指揮官、せっかくだから、ドーナツでも一緒にいかがかしら?I've been waiting so long for summer... and it's so worth it - the sun, the sand, the waves, and everyone's laughter. Commander, why don't we take this opportunity to enjoy some crullers together?
Login指挥官,泳装换好了么~?指揮官、水着にちゃんと着替えたかしら?Commander, are you done changing into your swimwear~?
Details看着大家其乐融融地在沙滩上一起游玩,没有比这更令人开心的事了みんなが楽しそうに……これ以上嬉しいことなんてないわEveryone looks like they're having so much fun... I couldn't ask for anything more.
Main冰淇淋做的甜品虽然好吃,但是太容易化了……看来要随身带个冰箱了アイスクリームのビュッフェは美味しそうだけど、溶けやすいのね……今度小型冷蔵庫でも持ってこようかしらIce-cream based desserts are delicious, but they melt too easily... I might have to bring a cooler with me next time...
Main 2像这样优哉游哉地坐在沙滩上看风景,感觉是很久没有过的体验了呢…こうしてゆるりと風景を眺めるのは結構久しぶりね…It's been a long time since I last was able to enjoy scenery like this without any worries...
Main 3指挥官,泳装换好了吗,妹妹们在招呼我们呢,一起过去玩一会儿吧指揮官、水着に着替えた?皆が呼んでいるわ。少し一緒に遊んでみてはどうかしらCommander, are you done changing? The others are calling for us, let's go play with them!
Touch指挥官要来一起看大海吗,心情会变得平静哦一緒に海でも眺めてみない?心が落ち着くわよWant to try gazing into the ocean horizon together? It always puts my mind at ease.
Return to Port指挥官想吃冰淇淋吗?有很多口味可以选哟指揮官、アイスクリームでもいかがかしら?シロップはいっぱい用意してるわよCommander, would you like some ice cream? I brought several different flavors of syrup.
Flagship敌人啊……真是煞风景呢敵……殺風景ねEnemies...? Way to spoil the scenery...
Victory大家吃甜甜圈吗?我做了很多呢みんな、ドーナツでもいかがかしら?…いっぱい作ったわよ……Who wants to have some crullers? I made more than enough for everyone~
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,这家店的氛围你喜欢吗?这是我很中意的一家店,甜点十分美味哦,要尝尝看吗?この店の雰囲気、どうかしら?実はここ、結構お気に入りなの。お菓子も美味しいから…そうだ、指揮官、一ついかがかしら?Don't you simply adore the atmosphere in this place? It's one of my favorites. The desserts here are to die for. Would you like a taste?
Acquisition指挥官,这家店的氛围你喜欢吗?这是我很中意的一家店,甜点十分美味哦,要尝尝看吗?この店の雰囲気、どうかしら?実はここ、結構お気に入りなの。お菓子も美味しいから…そうだ、指揮官、一ついかがかしら?Don't you simply adore the atmosphere in this place? It's one of my favorites. The desserts here are to die for. Would you like a taste?
Login指挥官,你来啦?嗯?没事的,我也是刚到没多久呢指揮官、いつ着いたのかしら?あら……ううん、大丈夫よ。私も来たばかりだからHere you are, Commander. Oh? Don't worry, I've only just arrived myself.
Details指挥官最喜欢我做的哪一种甜点呢?私の作ったお菓子、指揮官はどれが一番好きかしら?What's your favorite dessert? I can make it for you, Commander.
Main……官,指挥官!真是的,又在看着我发呆了,我就有那么好看吗,饮料的冰都要化了哦?……指揮官?またぼーっとしていて…もう、この格好にそんなに見惚れてくれたの…?飲み物の氷が融けてしまうわ?......der, Commander! Look at you, staring at me and spacing out again, am I really so captivating? Did the ice in your drink melt?
Main 2指挥官,等一会儿我们去稍微走走吧。难得的约会,光是坐着聊天稍微有些浪费呢指揮官、もうちょっとしたらお店を見に回らない?せっかくのデートだもの、こうして座ってるだけじゃもったいないわCommander, shall we go for a stroll? How often do we get to go out on a date? Let's not waste this one sitting around chatting.
Main 3像这样坐在这里,经常会不自觉地忘了自己舰船的身份……不过,为了这样的时光而奋斗,也是个不错的动力呢,对吧,指挥官?こうして何事もない時を過ごしていると、艦船としての自分の役目を忘れちゃいそうだわ……ううん、この平和のために頑張っているのもいいモチベーションになりそうね。指揮官もそう思わない?When I sit here like this, I sometimes forget I'm a warship... But, to fight for these little moments, that's not such a bad motivation, is it, Commander?
Touch指挥官,不要急,我们的时间还有很长,做什么都来得及指揮官、慌てなくていいわ。まだ時間があるから、やりたいことをやってちょうだいJust relax, Commander, we still have plenty of time.
Mission是紧急的任务吗?那我陪你一起去吧緊急の任務?私も行くわIs it a very important mission? Well then, I'll go with you.
Mission Complete指挥官,任务奖励发放了呢,要先返回办公室一趟吗?指揮官、任務報酬が届いたわ。執務室に一旦戻るのかしら?Commander, some mission rewards are available. Shall we head back to the office?
Mail是新的情报吗?不用顾虑我,赶快确认一下吧新しい情報かしら…私のことは気にしなくていいから、確認してちょうだい?We have new intelligence? Well, don't worry about me. Please, check it at once.
Return to Port不用这么急也没关系,指挥官,我会等你的指揮官、慌てなくても大丈夫よ。私はここで待っているわNo need to rush, Commander, I don't mind waiting for you.
Commission Complete指挥官,委托完成了哦……呵呵,无论何时何地,我首先都是你的秘书舰呢指揮官、委託が完了したわ。……いつでもどこでも、私が秘書艦ね。ふふふCommander, the commission is complete... Hehe, no matter the time or place, I suppose I'm still your secretary ship.
Affinity (Love)和煦的日光,安静的氛围,悠扬的音乐,和重要之人无忧无虑的聊天。如果这是梦,那我希望永远都不会醒来……暖かな日差し、穏やかな風、心を落ち着かせる音楽、大事な人とのんびり語り合える時間――これが夢だというのなら私、永遠に目覚めないことを願うわThe warm sunlight, the peaceful atmosphere, the soothing music, all embracing me as I relax and chat with one so dear to me. If this is a dream, I hope to never wake up...